The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1967 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1967
Page 9
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BlythevlTle (Ark.) Courier News - Monday, November «, 19«7 - Page Mne Class Remarks Are Not Clues k AND RtUIN MORE By The Reading Laboratory Excerpted from the World Publishing Company book, "Study Faster and Retain More," Illustrations By Roy Doty. General books — on history, philosophy or religion, for example — can also help you better understand the material in a course you are taking. They provide you with much more information than a textbook can They often'have a point of view. They do more than present the facts — they interpret them. Reading fc descover. a point of view, to find a generalization supported by facts, will go far in turning you into a thinking student. Can you take a hint? It's just this: of your teachers mentions a book in;.a passing, one unfamiliar to you, jot it down. You can be certain that it is. important for tha course, and that it is on the teacher's mind. .'.' • . As soon as you get a chance, take it out of the library arid Fiction, including poetry and look through it until you can see plays, and general nonfiction, including biographies, can be taken from the library because they are the kinds of books that people use to check a random fact quickly. They. don't need to be available in the library for everyone to use. So these books are on the shelves for you to borrow. We've said that fiction is arranged on the shelves alphabetically, according to author. Biographies . are usually arranged together, alphabetically according to the last name of the person written about. General books can be found by using the Dewey Decimal System we discussed in the last chapter. But why, you suddenly ask, might you want to read a book that wasn't even assigned? The obvious, answer is that reading is fun; it is like meeting new people, having new and unusual experiences, or seeing familiar experiences in a new light. As a bonus, your ability to make judgments and to 'Understand the world around you why your teacher thought is de- will. mind serving ar/ special mention. Take notes if you wish.' Then, in class or on an exam, slip in an opinion of your own about what's in the book, and your teacher, will have proof positive that you were-not only paying attention but laso took some initiative. So remember,, making a habit of borrowing and reading books from the library that are related to your courses increases your knowledge stimulates your * Forecast * By CARROLL RIGHTER- classwork in - To determine jour forecast, nott. paragraph opposite dates wbicb • Include your birth date. . TUESDAY-' •.-: :',': GENERAL TENDENCIES: The early part of. the cay is perfect for 'almost anything you, wish to do and particularly where unexpected beneficial interests arise to bring you the opportunity -to- make .spme : drastic changes, in your activities. The afternoon finds you likely to make a mistake in some fashion that takes from your success. Use care. " ,:: ". CARIES (Mar. 21 tq; Apr.' 19) Find a. more.idealistic way to meet the : public get ahead' faster and better. A close tie could-be quite disappointing. .You have some ambition that could be/easily realized just at' this 'time. TAURUS,(Apr. May 20) You have an. excellent opportunity in. get ahead with the aid.of new contacts, but the latter part' of the day .can ;be harder han'you realize early. Have interviews with higher-ups They help you to advance. v GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) During AiM. you can come to a far better understanding with associates, but in the afternqon you can clear up rather difficult problems. You have soijie excellent idea early: Follow through on it, especially as to detail. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) . You' must come through with promises you have made to partners if you want their full cooperation later. Do anything -else that will please them, also. Forget any dull work Be happy. . .LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Look to those interesting personalities to perk up your spirits with their inspired ideas. Persons you have known for a long time can be McNaujht syndicate Ine, respite from worry and sorrow. These can be like medicine for and curiosity will be stimulated, general, makes you a better stu- And that's what education is dent. ; " " all about. (Next: The Reference Section) "Study Faster". •:< V.I c/o Blytheville Courier News : Dept. 733. . . . P. O. Box 489 . Radio City Station New York, N.Y. 10019 Please semi copy (copies ot STUDY FASTER AND RETAIN MORE at S1.95 each to: NAME CITY -. STATE 2IP Make checks payable to "Study Faster" Allow 3 weeks for delivery. most cooperative. Accept in perfect grace, with charm. ..VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Delve early into those fuhdamen them 'quickly, -and then be aware of what associate truly expects from you. The evening could be somewhat unfavorable for you, so take it easy. ..LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) See. what -must be done to achieve greater harmony with kin in A.M. Then you- can step out 1 for fun that is not expensive. Handle the fundamental in the morning. Do not take any risks of any sort. , .SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Showing others that you are truly devoted increases good will just at this time. Delve intb those amusements that bring cast (name of newspaper), Box 629, Hollywood 28, California. Anti-Vietnam Group Leaves to Singing BOONE, N.C (AP)- A visiting anti-Vietnam war student group withdrew from the campus .'of Appalachian State University in haste Friday after several hundred shouting students protested their presence. Seven members of the Southern Student Coordinating Committee were escorted off the campus by Dr. 0. K. Webb dean of student affairs, who ear Her had given them permission to speak. He hustled them through the crowd as the Appalachian students sang "God Bless America." you.:. .SAGITTARIUS .(Nov. 22 .to d •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• *• WILSON NEWS • fit*«***->*«>***"v» MRS. W. A. BOGAN, Jr. Dec. 21) A.M. is ideal for. handling monetary affairs wisely, Be sure to get any reports; etc., cor;re.cted so that all is just right Making those improvements to home that wilf increase its value, comfort, beauty is wise. . .CAPRICORN (pec. 22 to Jan 20) A.M. is best'time to advance in those outlets that you most prefer but be sure tonight that you are economical. SoeiabiUy is fine, though. Plan future/affairs as well, counting the cost. .AQUARIUS (Jan. 2i to .'Feb. | 19) ;Look'to experts for advice just how to straighten out those puzzling problems that are vexing; Later, do. whatever irnpro good looks and^Health. Strive for more physical prowess. ..PISCES (Feb.:20 .to Mar. 120) Impress on others are a true friend and others-will, quickly respond to your charms so that you have a delightful time in A.M. Evening is'best-fir, dull work. Assist those who are in 'difficulty. • '.-.IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TO DAY' he, or she, will be one of those charming youngsters who seems to be already grown' up when almost knee-high to a grasshopper, as were, and very tractable. But later in life the nature changes, to a very dynamic one and the principles of things are .more important than the mere'details. Success -corhes early here. "The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of you life is largely up to YOU! .' Carroll Righter's individual Forecast for your sign for December is now ready. For your copy send your birthdate and $1.00 to Carroll Righter Fore- 0. E. Sadler spent'Friday, andj Saturday in Hot Springs attending the annual 25-year, club meeting of the Arkansas Power & Light Company. Mr. Sadler is a member ot this club. Mrs. Horace Moore Sr.,,Mrs. Ed Bell, Mrs. A. S. Catching Sr. and Mrs. : Charles Stockley of Marion spent several .days this past.week at the Red Apple Inn at Eden Isle,'Heber Springs. Mrs. J. E. Crain Sr. went'to Pine Bluff Tuesday to pick up her granddaughter, Edie Railsback, who is spending the rest is spending some time with her son and his family, Mr. and] Mrs. W. A. Linsay. Mr. and-Mrs. W.. C, Getchell of Pine Bluff spent from Monday through Friday of last week with then, daughter, Mrs. Owens Sadler and family. Miss Mary Snipes of Jonesboro was the week-end houseguest of Mr. an Mrs. W. A. Hogan an' family. Mrs. F .S. Reese entertained the South Mississippi County Bridge Club Friday afternoon of the week with her. Edie'siat her home'. parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Glenn Preceding. games a dessert Railsback HI; AyilLattend homecoming festivities at' the Uni: versity of Arkansas while Edie .is here with her grandmother. course was served. Winners at bridge were Mrs. E. B. Chiles Jr. high, Mrs. R. H. Nelson second high an Mrs. Mrs. C. J; Lowrance Jr., Mrs.; Hudson Wren was' bridge win- C.-J. Lowrance III and daughter, Miss Jennye Lee, Lowrance, left Wednesday for a five-day stuffed mushrooms, marinated Wilson Methodist Church m e; green beans,' 'congealed fruit salad, hot rolls, and relishes. She served orange chantilly for dessert., • • Bronze and purple chrysanthemums were used for decorating the game room and living room. In games Mrs, McKinnon was high scorer, Mrs. Ohiendorf second high and;Mrs. Regenold was bridgo winner. Hail damages at least $25 million worth of property and costs from $150 to $200 million in lost crops every year. British royal princes and princesses do not have 'surnames. PIPES'. : -, PREVENT FREEZING IN BRIEF COLD SNAPS FIBERGLASS INSULATION. Fondren & Sons HARDWARE - GIFTS PLUMBING 311 W. Main — PO 3-4520 FREE PARKING IN REAR POSSIBILITIES become PROBABILITIES When you know that MFA Security Service is ready to help finance your new car> boat or mobile home. SEE YOUR MFA INSURANCE AGENT'.;'' Buell Carter, Agent , Ph. PO t-IM WAYNE DAGGKT1V Af ea< Ph. IX> t-Ull "THE FUGITIVE KIND" ANNA MAGNANI . MARLON BRANDO * JOANNE WOODWARD 8 f\f\ Two love*$t«ved women in a delta town clash over IUU the attention! of a guitar playing wanderer, trip to New York City. They Mrs. Brent Jacobs of Jonesboro returned home Sunday af- accompanied a group from Os-! ter spening a few days with ceola to New York. | ler parents,-Mr, and Mrs. . . ': . Ralph Robinson. Mrs. Robinson Mrs. .E. M. Regenold of Ar-1 returned to Jonesboro witb her morel was the house guest of'for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. her. sister and husband,,'Mr. |Terry Robinson and .children and Mrs. Ralph Robinson, over j and the Jacobs, the weekend. Mrs. J. R. Cullom Jr. entertained with a bridge - luncheon Friday afternoon at her home. Guests included Mrs. Harold Ohlendorf, Mrs. : Searcy Mears; Mrs.^ Cullom's mother, Mrs. Betty Nell Starr of .Osceola; Mrs. C. J. Lowrance Jr. of Driver, Mrs. R. L., McKinnon of Manila; Mrs'. .Cullom's • daughter, Mrs. Sam Moore of Co- rona'Island, Mrs. E. M. Hege- son, Scott; and Mrs. Elva Amundson ot Kennebcc, S. p., spent several days last week witb Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Furman. Mis. Cole is Mr. Furmans sister and Mrs, Amundson is his mother. All members were present last Tuesday night when Mrs. Gus Hogan entertained her bridge club. Proceeding games oatmeal cake and coffee were served. Winners at bridge were Mrs. Wallace Thompson high, Mrs. Joe Gwyn second high and Mrs. Hogan was brigo winner. Robblns of Osceola left Monday for a week in New York City. Mr, and Mrs. Wallace Jacobs visited friends and relatives in Frceport, 111., and Monroe, Wisconsin last week. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Nash spent the weekend in Jonesboro with Mr. and Mrs. James Nash. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Ballon and Rebecca drove to Maryell Sunday where they were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles?, ! Ford, Edwin and Gwen. Grain),. Ballon, Tim Hogan, and DavidV Alexander returned home with •_ them after being house guests;" of the Fords for the weekend.- -•' Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Linsay Mr. and Mrs. Owens Sadler- drove to Brinkley Friday after- j were special guesls Friday night noon where they met th e i r j when Mr. and Mrs. T. J; Mc- daughter, Mary Flo, who spent <: Afee Jr. were hosts to their . the weekend at homo.. Accom-1 bridge club. ""?"• panying them to Brinkley were Proceeding games a dessert:. Tim Hogan, Crain Baiton and course was serve. Mr. and Mrs. Elvi nElrod of met there by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ford of Marvell. Tim, Crain and David were week-end house guests of the Fords and helped Edwin Ford celebrate his birthday. Among the new hooks for adults recently put on thej shelves of the Wilson Branch Library are: The best seller, "The Chosen" by Chaim Potpk: "Topaz," a new novel by the author of "Exodus," Leon Uris; "Doctor With a Mission" by Elizabeth Seifert; "Lemon in the Basket" by Charlotte Armstrong; Winners at bridge were Mftr. i Sadler and Mrs. Gus Hogan. ^...V., Mrs. Jack Trammel was-.a-.-special guest Monday nigiU.Y. when Mrs. Lev! Cissell enter- ".'•. tained Club 10 Canasta mem- 1 -'' 1 bers.. . ? ' ; "".''' Preceding games apple pie : " with ice cream and coffee were • ; served. --. -/ Winners in games were MrsV- Russell Nash high, Mrs. Gar- : land Trammel second high ancl -.. Mrs. R. H. Cummings tliird. ." ' Sunday guests of Mr. Wilson celebrated their Golden .. when a,e Was Good" by Mrs Wallace Jacobs were Her ' "' " ' Roth; "A Key to Many. Doors" | brother and his wife, ..Mr., and: Wedding Anniversary Oct. 14 at their home in Wilson. Mrs, Elrod is the former Miss Millie LaRue, of Tupelo, Miss. Mr. Elrod is a native of Arkansas, having been t«rn at Bassett. He has lived in Wilson for the past 21 years. They have four children, Mrs. George Blaylock of Wilson; Mrs. Robert Gibbs ol. West Mem- nold of Armorel and.Mrs. Ralph .j phj s; Mrs. Tracey Porter of La- Robinson of Wilson. . |Porte, Ind., and James Elrod A Halloween color scheme O f Wilson. They also have eigh was carried out -in decorations. Centering- the dining room' table was an arrangement of gourds, pumpkins and corn with individual orange place mats and napkins and pumpkin - shaped candles at each 'place. Her menu consisted of Chinese chicken, teen grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren. Mrs, F. S. Reese spent Tuesday in Blytheville with her aunt Mrs. J. W. Adams, Sr. The Women's Society of the Monday night, Oct. 30, at 7 p.m. in observance of "A Call to Prayer and Self - Denial" week. Mrs. Jake Baiton presented the program, "At The D o o r, A Knock." She was assisted by Mrs. E. D. Beall, and Mrs. Hudson Wren. During the meeting refreshments of cake and coffee were served to the 14 members attending. Mrs. Al Lindsay of Newport Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cole and by Emily Loring; "Wit and Wisdom of Billy Graham" edited by Bill Alder; and two by (he surefire authors, Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart — "King of tl;e Castle" and Hounds." "Gabriel T,he 9th grade music class, of Wilson High School attended (he Memphis Symphony Youth Concert at - Ellis Auditorium Monday, Get: 23, Accompanying the group were Mrs. H. P. Cash and John Dresbach of t h e School Music Department. Forty-three students made the trip. Mrs. J. E. Crain Sr.; Mrs. John Crain Jr. and Mrs. Earl Mrs. E. E. Cocrell o£ Memphis. . '• ..'•-' Mr. and Mrs. John Beall of St. Louis spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrj, E. D. Beall an Mr. an Mrs) Harold Jones of Osceola. 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