The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1939
Page 6
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BLYTHEVJUJB, (AKK.) COUK1KK N13WS UKITY U«$ THE WANT-A W ' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uaily rule per line for consccu- vc iiisiTlioiis: ne lime per line.......' : . ..iOc «'o times per line per' ijay...'..08p lii'co (lines |ici- line )')cr'Vlay...t)Ce. 'i times per line per d»y'.'. I.05J :onth rale'per line. :..'.''.HOC | ards of Thanks.... SDc : &~ Minimum charge O0c : • • Adi ordered for three or six mcs imd ' storied Wforc ; cxpira- oii will be charged for trie nuin- ;r of limes (he mid appeared anil Iju.slment of bill made. • All Classified Advertising-, copy itoinilted by'persons residing out- dc of the city imisl'lje ncc'om- uiied 1))' cash. Rates mny.lje eas- r. computed .from a'jovc' table... Advertising, ordered -for .Irrc-guliir ijfrlions takes'the one.time. rate. Tvo responsibility, will lie taken ir more than one incurred inscr- on of any classified ail. PAGE SEVER •Foi- Rent Io<ler 11 hoiise.. BiiiH-in fcaliir Newly painted. Apply 112 licrry. - 2?-l) Vo liirgc bedracins for rent, Mrs. Nolcii. 310 W. ' Walnut. 24ck room unfurnished apnrlmont and tinth, licwiy decorated. 412 Chick- sawlra. Call (ilo-W. 23-ck-ll room furnished apartment, Mrs. C. I!. Wheeler, 603 Henrn. 23ck30 room furnished or unfurnished. 210 W. Cherry, 2'3-pk-27 or 3 roo inrnrnishcil apartment. TOO W. Walnul. 22-ck-tf unfurnished 'rooms. Light, anil water. 510 Uhickas.iivh.i. 20-pk-av ^foom furnished house. Ri-iiso -ft'ble. Call between 4 and 7 ;>.M. 113 W. Main. M-ck-27 omfortable bedroom. 025 \V Main Phone 277-J. 15-ck-(i-15 tore biiiltling and residence combined. Goad location for grocery :icl meat market! 640 Lake St. Sec t. .1. A. Saliba. Phone 410 or 418. l'J-ck-G-12 (tractive front bedroom. Beauly- rcst mattress. G03 W. Main, Ph. U. ' lO-ck-lf room furnished apartment, downstairs. (315 W. Main 51. 9-ck-tr 'DC fr-^it. bedrooiii. Twin beds. 1000 W. .Asii. Cali 4-15-W. 3-c'ktf room •>- furnisnort • apartmenti-and 2 soiilli bedrooms. hone -jus. .':... .,••.- 102 Davis, -. . -i-ck-ir urnishcd room entering into balh. Bcautyresl Mattress. Will jive 2 meals a day. 818 Chickn- fWba, phone G3G. , 1-cla tHicc rooms, Sudbury Building. See Graham Sudbury. 2'IU For Swie V'or Sille .hlnni-rs. 1'i cents each. Crayfish ICc tloxcii. Luther Thompson. ':'(lie out on East Mam. 25-pk-i iflod milk cow. Fresh. Sec R. II. liood, HI. l, 2'.i miles north a! )wn. 25-))k-30 1'or llnil (ncco Bungalow, linnlwucd Moors. Kent S35. Possession Jnup. 1st. i(( K. IJnvis. room Modern Bungalow. Nice fcMTsmfs (jimrlcrs. llcnt 535. 113 i'. Kcnhicky. 25ck2D THOMAS i;AN» CO. '09 electric raii(;p. Used 4 months. $» cash. Cull M. I). Tiillos rtt, 61. Personal MIJSTHEM MKN OLD AT 40! GET I'KP New Oslrex Tonic Tablets coulntn raw . tiei) Value $1.00. Special price 89e Cull •write Kirljy Bros. Dr.n B and all good drug stores. .oytfer Inv l3 oratci,'and ol*r" ,£ *W la,",03 'and "Z" S?-.,°,X C ££.?'".<' «.* W- }*»"tital RcgnLiloii No W etl^S- live July 10, 1931. Mrs. T. W. (Camlc) Eskridse. Profit in Herring Scales Greater Than for Fish DEER ISLAND, N. H. (U)>>_ Fishermen here are felling more for Ihc ash scales than they arc for l)«j. rtsh. Many fishermen arc engaged In Arouse Slujflsti | ; u- CY ., work oil flic Inle, to rid; yourself of conslt- palion. gas' pams and thai .sour punk feeling. Take one box of . KmiiY's ACTIVE' MVEK I'lI.l.S 2Sc at nil Ktrtiy stores Jtoom and Board Cpinfoi table rooms. Rcasoiiiuiie rates. 112 E., phone <j(K. _. .• • • v fl-ck-u Redecorated .south Iwdrooni dou- ple nrpferrttl. Phone KB. 2-ekll WaiiJotf Useifi or 8 foot glass "showcase" Must l>c in condition Phone 24 : J; ' 25-ck-2» Copies of the Courier Nc\vs~of April :) and 13. 5c paid for oaeh paper of the dales slated. Courier News office. _Hdp Wauled Posilloi) open for yoling lady svllii onice training. Stenographic experience required. Montgomery ' Dairy ?.->li-,f?.ctory nunlliy and service • In Dairy products. Cattle free ol Band's Disease, in of physK-Hl •nndlllon. Call Mrs. Grace Lowcry W2-J. for Tialscll's Gmdc A Raw Milk. Cream, Country Butter But termilk, extra or holiday orders, (nsiicction encouraged anytime. Hiilscll's Dairy Promised Land, Home 2 NOTICI-: OF nuNcTni' CATION TOR UQU011 Notice is hereby given that lhe mi.-lerelgiird has nied w i(h the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or .spirituous liquors for beverage at. retail I on the premises described as 400 SUi * Walmil N. Gth Sheet, Ulylheville, Ark- .' Application is for irermil to be he nrs dav'or u • n, ?i f ',o 5> , ' on Die JOlli day of ' " <lcman(1 cxisls i jUZCC Mo whc ,. c tw lf .. n . ,r —' * w.iiiv., ijvi6vy, iMy rJ \\neie l) 19-IO as iircscilbnl by Bulletin J factories are situated. The "scalm" ubtiiln Ihc hcrrlnjj scales froin ivrlrnivn and scliu-rs In exchange (or luboi iierlorincd In (he (lipping of the llsh from lhe Kclnes ami ii 1( . scooping or them aliosird thu larisc sardhie carriers. Tlie sealers get. 3 cenls a psnnd PBE-SUMMER USED CAR SALE ';{t TciTapliinc Coupe 'M Chevrolet'Tudor. . "M Ford V-8 . .15115 ..5129 .-SIS6 '35 Ford V-8 Tudor.. 7 Ford Def.tixi: Tudor §117!) "A'l Font 1'iclf-Up SI 12 'IM Ford !'k-k-Ui>......§i:s» M Chevrolet Pick-Up. .?2-ll '3(i Chevrolet I'anel. .. .?2S!) *3<l Chcvrolcl 1 V, Ton PRESCRTPfrONS PreshesJ Slock Guaranteed Kcr.l Prices Kirby Drug Stores for tlitso s'.'ulrs-imvc • limes Uio vu hie prr pound 0 [ lliu Jk|, , u , )rc . rritr I!,,™ We.irs lllli I'ASADKNA. Ciil. (Uf) ~ Mrs, nlripin Mm', owiu-r of pite winning Juimn- Hoy Von Unki's\V(iUl, u , *luiBKy Salni Umiiird, drrxsrs Iliv FOR SALE 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers $80 Each Delta Implements, Inc. :il2 South 2nd Phone S()2 '37 Ford 1 «/ 2 Ton L.W.B. §;jsi SCK Us First for Die ]}jjj. Tnide-in Allowance!' PflSLLIPS MOTOR CO. i^WflSTED TO BUY SURPLUS 'BOTTOM SEED & SOYBEASS Full Market Prices Bring to Our Illythevillc or Gosnell Gin R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. LAWN MOWERS Sharpcntd, faclory nictliod, cd oiled—Picked uj) & deliivrcd $1 ATKINS Machine Shop & Giiraiic nn s. 2nd K in our big new churn Just iiistalUM. It's Delicious! Di'livi'rcil Daily CUAKi'S DAHiY I'lioiio 7J lo wash the lilbs tlinn lo k<ie\t rlcitn ihc shnssy ccnl, oi Jtinlr/i' lio.v, wiiosft lubio tnuiii nrc nut miy bciivr lliun ihosi; of ilosa who, 1 me nut prl/.c winners. jiue of liwuilifnl, JCIctlric WEST1NGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 K<>, Sri-iinil 1'linne 311 Now Located ill 1U1 KnHli Sfi'iind ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON IIinVAUIlS, rrniirldiir All Makes nf KdiiiiU Typewriters, Ailillug iUncliliirx C'jilciilalors—Koiiiiirlii(;—I'.uls—Ulhliniis ill 5,000,000 and Ihls col-' , nds o( lhe HumboUt Cui- (.'linlw'i l,. Caldwdl In«rani lll.lir. Blylhcvllle, AHK,\N'SAS ami MlSSOllllI TITI.IC Ol'IMONS. TITI.K INSUHANCK. COVKHAGU, J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only (iradnate Ojitonic- Irlst la lityllutvlllo. (ilnssrs I'llli'd Correctly SEED CORN Sovevnl busliol.s of hybrid ud <ioni grown in New Waddtl CouiiLy, Mo., lowu Ul vnricly, pric«'il lo close out, •it Also per bushel Hcvorjil huslicb of Soybcnns ]icr litishel $1 PAULBYRUM 122 K. aiiiiii SI. HOW LONG SINCI: VQUR CAR' HAD AN Approved rwd Lubrication?* yrs! TUCK, is n dirrerciice it lubilcalloiis Evejy place doei not lime Die sumo standards • . . nor can they give you the special Ford Lubricants mada especially for Fold cars. Get tho following: SI'HCt/U. CHASSIS UJHKICATfON AiNJ) \VllKKl, 1'ACKING (I'or 30 O.iys Only) COMI^KTH CHASSIS lAMJIUCATION TiesMiie Gun Clicase In nil ptcs- surc Cilia fillings. Springs, Howl tnclngs, Door • Striker IVates waxed, Dooi lllnBcs Uibileated, Spcilnl Oica=e'> In Unlvcisal Joinln, Kprcinl lubrlciint in slccr- I»U near nnd distributor cain. I'ACK FltONT WHKBLiS Wash out hub anil pack with special I^'ord Short Flbei Sodliini Soap gic>us. Ad- JIIM wheel bciirlngs. \\\ Above Service IJouglit In Combination. Only $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. FRENCH LANDMARK 'ne 5-room house. George M. Leo. Phone 32fl. I0-ck-lt '.ceonditioncrt motors. Ford S3fl.5C, j Chevrolet, $57.50, with cxchaDRc j I old motor. D. W. Cranforci, Uell, | .rk. :(-pk-C-3 Lawn. Mo\vcrs BARGAINS IN' Used,.' ,/• Lawn Mowers DME IN 'jiXCEtfcEiN'T' CONDITION' •'•' SHOUSE-HENRY IIARHWARK CO. . Tlionc 35 Ice !C£-iCE Phone 187 IIOtU/ONTAt, 1 famous tower in Paris. G This is M years old. 12 Duet. 13 Saline solution. J5 Native mclal. 1C Earth, 18 Thick slices. lifl Sun deity. 21 Tent. 23 Street (abbr.) 25 Kinglet. 27 I5y way of. ', 30 Idant. 31 Crock Idler. i!H Sea eagle. 34 Folding bed. 35 Pressed grape' r-kins. M Conducted.:' :<7!louv (obbr.) 39 Flying •10 Track of a wild animal. •13 Throbs, •nitoad (abbr.) Answer to Previous W H is named after ils designer (Pi.) r>l Grain (nbbr.J 52Kivor in France. 54 Fuel, 55 Bird'of prey, 57 Brother. 58 Morsels. CO Hind. • A 1 Stopped. 02 Toasting device. VERTICAL 2 notion. 3 Ermine. •1 Hccnuse, 5 Pound. C Money factory. TAssauH. 8Norllrcasl. fl Mounds. JOKpoch. 11 Tips. 14 Second note. i H come Minnows For Sale tinnpWs and fis'lilng canes. 300 E. Main. Phone SCO. G. C. Hawks. .- 24-ck-5-25 ^ f' Goldfish 'Minnows _F- Krogdon, 310 Donga" :i.\i\OWS & COCtC ROACUKS arl Damon. Cor. Railroad &,iiy. For Sale or Trade 133 Plymouth four-door BCrian. Call 534 after five P. M. 23cl>27 BY FHBD HARMAN sj COME crJ WITH THAI ^^O WANT BEVJIL CAT--VOU OM' ROCE--MC LIKS AUTUWM LEAF / TrfROW IT HERE/ OMH1TCH TH' MOSSES FKOfA'fM'SUCK- BOARD ANB PUSH vr OVER. HERE---1VJANT THAT CAGE.' SOL) S'OLlNO, N\E,WAw CLOUD,ouD, GOT ME. WO FOOL — THAT WVW ME. OLD ,' GET 0ACK.1M QUICK/ , HY V. T. HAMHP OUR PHANTOM AP6 WILL PROBABLY TURK) OUT BE SOME , , , ,„_,. AW, MOST UKELY VER MADE oME LOCO DEAR REAPER; Tfie characters h this stow as \vell as tlte pfares, 3f£- enbirdy fictitious. HOOTS AND HKR . . VOW •>••• 1 COOVO ViCE-P "^Ht WASH TUIlliS BY'ROY'CKAMK COME, SWEHDOLVM DBAR. E\e(lT/1 KIM V ^O'CLOCK. TIME FOR BED.W IWWESS \ " WVSELF, HOHEST!/ 7HAMK.600DWESS! AT LEAST I WADE 'EM THIUK 1 WA6 A 61(21. FOR ONE •'HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS •S BY JIERRILL THERE ! \ - . BOSS—WE M5SED ir; AINT NO MORE TILL TOMORROW t MERE COME DE POLICE, MISTUK OEY'LL FIX HIM SHO MUFF ( 'M WE VE _ GOT TO ' GET~GOW<3 AND CATCH '•n S A TRAIN See THAT CLOUD Up THERE ? THEY'LL FlflOMlEN HIM, AIL form everywhere to see it. 18 Ovule. 19 H was loffiest known. 22 Pray thee. 24 Scepters. 26 Pierces wilh n knilc. 28 Anger. ZOvYosly. 32 Heavenly body. 38 Uncommon. •12 Uni!. n Gionl king. •14 Inflexible. 45 To i 4G Hussiaii rulers. •".8 Handy. HO Wood demon 5! Mcrrimenl, S3 Deity of w, 5G Obtained. 58 Common verb. 53 Therefore.

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