The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 1, 2002 · Page 76
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 76

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 2002
Page 76
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ET_F_11_F11_LA_1_05-01-02_we_1_CMYK 2002:04:30:14:02:33 LOSANGELESTIMESWEDNESDAY,MAY1,2002 F11 TODAY ON TV INDEPENDENT THEATREGUIDE Program subject to change without notice ( ) *Bargain Matinee TimesShow Times for Today Only! BIANCHI PARAMOUNT II 7770 Rosecrans (562) 630-SHOW PANIC ROOM (R) (11:00-1:45-4:30) 7:15-10:00 THE SWEETEST THING (R) (11:00-1:20-3:40) 6:00-8:20-10:40 ICE AGE (PG) (11:00-1:15-3:30) 5:45-8:00-10:15 THE SCORPION KING (PG-13) (10:00-12:25-2:50) 5:15-7:40-10:05 THE SCORPION KING (PG-13) (11:00-1:20-3:40) 6:00-8:25-10:50 MURDER BY NUMBERS (R) (10:45-1:40-4:35) 7:30-10:25 JASON X (R) (12:00-2:30) 5:00-7:30-10:00 CHANGING LANES (R) (10:45-1:20-3:55) 6:30-9:05 CLOCKSTOPPERS (PG) (11:15-1:45-4:15) 6:45-9:15 LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT (PG-13) (11:15-1:55-4:35) 7:15-9:55 BLADE 2 (R) (11:45-2:30) 5:15-8:00-10:50 LOS FELIZ 3 THEATRES 1822 N. Vermont (323) 664-2169 ENIGMA 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:30 MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:30 PANIC ROOM 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:30 LOS ANGELES COUNTY ACADEMY6 CINEMAS 1003 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena (626) 229-9400 WORLD TRAVELER 1:30-4:00-6:30-8:30 HUMAN NATURE (R) 1:30-8:30 IN THE BEDROOM (R) 1:45-8:40 THE ENDURANCE (G) 11:10 ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS (R) 11:20-4:10-6:10 AMERICAN CHAI (R) 11:00-4:00-6:30 TEDDY BEARS PICNIC 11:20-4:40-8:55 CRUSH (R) 2:30-6:40 AMELIE (R) 1:20-3:45-6:20-8:40 TREMBLING BEFORE (G-D) 2:00-8:20 IRIS (R) 11:10-4:10-6:20 LAST ORDERS (R) 11:00 A.M. HIGHLAND 3 THEATRES 5604 N. Figueroa (323) 256-6383 BLADE 2 (R) (3:40) 7:55 Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN (R) (1:35-5:50) 9:50 BIGTROUBLE (R) (2:40-4:25) 8:15 FRAILTY (R) (2:25) 6:10-9:55 THE SCORPION KING (PG-13) (12:55-3:05-5:15) 7:25-9:30 VISTA THEATRES 4473 Sunset Dr. (323) 660-6639 Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:30 AERO THEATER 1328 Montana Ave. (310) 395-4990 DIVORCE: THE MUSICAL Sat.-Sun. 1:30-3:30-5;30-7:30-9:30 WHITTIER VILLAGESTADIUM 7038 Greenleaf (562) 907-3300 CLOCKSTOPPERS (PG) (12:00-2:05-4:10) 6:20-8:30-10:35 THE SCORPION KING (PG-13) (11:55-1:00-2:05-3:10-4:15-5:20) THE SCORPION KING (PG-13) 6:25-7:30-8:35-9:40-10:40 BLADE 2 (R) (1:45) 6:15-10:35 VAN WILDER (R) (11:40-4:05) 8:40 JASONX (R) (12:05-2:10-4:15) 6:20-8:25-10:30 CHANGING LANES (R) (11:35-1:45-3:55) 6:05-8:15-10:30 FRAILTY (R) (11:50-4:00) 8:20 THE ROOKIE (G) (11:45-2:25-5:05) 7:45-10:25 Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN (R) (1:50) 6:10-10:20 Flagship/UNIVERSITY VILLAGE 3 3323 S. Hoover at Jefferson, near USC (213) 748-6321 THE SCORPION KING (PG-13) (1:15-3:30) 5:45-8:00-10:15 MURDER BY NUMBERS (R) (1:45-4:30) 7:15-10:00 ICEAGE (PG) (2:05-4:10) 6:15-8:15-10:15 NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VAN WILDER (R) MIDNIGHT FRIDAY & SATURDAY SPIDER-MAN (PG-13) STARTS FRI. - ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE NOW! FOOTHILL CINEMA 10 854 E. Alosta Ave. (Corner of Alosta & Citrus) Azusa All Seats $3.00 (626) 334-6007 A WALK TO REMEMBER (PG) 5:30-7:45-9:55 WE WERE SOLDIERS (R) 1:00-4:00-7:00-9:45 E.T. (PG) 12:30-3:00-5:30-8:00 RETURN TO NEVERLAND (G) 12:00-1:45-3:30 BLACK HAWK DOWN (R) 1:00-4:00-7:00-9:45 RESIDENT EVIL (R) 2:30-7:00-9:15 HARRY POTTER (PG-13) 2:00 MONSTERS, INC. (G) 12:15-2:15-4:15-6:15-8:15 BIG FAT LIAR (PG-13) 12:30-2:30-4:30 TIMEMACHINE(PG) 1:00-3:00-5:45-7:30-9:30 SHOWTIME (PG) 12:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 I AM SAM (PG-13) 12:00-4:30 DEATH TO SMOOCHY (R) 5:45 COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (PG-13) 12:30-3:00-8:00 40 DAYS 40 NIGHTS 6:30-8:30 LAGUNA HILLS MALL CINEMAS El Toro Road at 5 Fwy (949)768-6611 THE SCORPION KING (PG-13) (12:25-2:35-4:45) 7:30-9:35 CHANGING LANES (R) (12:30-2:40-5:00) 7:15-9:25 MONSTER’S BALL (R) (1:00-3:00-5:00) 7:00 ORANGE COUNTY 3691047 0430 television los angeles raymond everybody loves TONIGHT 6&7:30PM findoutwhy... A combination of nostalgia and voices from beyond unearthed another ratings win for CBS, as the miniseries “Living With the Dead” and a pair of Carol Burnett specials buoyed the network’s performance over the weekend, based on viewing estimates issued Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. ABC, meanwhile, opened the four-week rating sweeps that officially began Thursday with stellar numbers from “The Bachelor.” The two-hour conclusion of the unscripted series took its toll on competitors, dropping “Friends” to its lowest rating in a year and “Survivor: Marquesas” to its worst performance during the current edition of that franchise. Burnett, meanwhile, again ruled Saturday night for CBS as host of “CBS: 50 Years From TV City,” while a repeat of “Carol Burnett Show Stoppers”—the surprise hit of a few months ago that helped fuel the current wave of reunion specials—also won its time slot. Not surprisingly, those specials skewed to a somewhat older audience. ABC’s sweeps charge was led by Bruce Willis, as the network scored respectable ratings with a rerun of “Armageddon,” while “The Sixth Sense” built steadily Sunday but proved no match for CBS’ similarly themed exercise in talking with the dead. ABC fared less well last week with the special “Contact: Talking With the Dead,” though the show did exceed “Once and Again’s” average in that hour. Brian Lowry Burnett, Miniseries Lift CBS National Nielsen Viewership Here are the rankings for national prime- time network television last week (April 2228) as compiled by Nielsen Media Research. They are based on the average num- ber of people who watched a program from start to finish. Nielsen estimates there are 269 million potential viewers in the U.S. age 2and older. Viewership is listed in millions. Program Network View- ersProgram Network Viewers 1 ERNBC23.78 2 CSICBS23.50 3 FriendsNBC22.24 4 Survivor: MarquesasCBS19.42 5 Law & OrderNBC19.15 6 The Bachelor (Thu.)ABC18.19 7 Friends (8:30 p.m.)NBC17.80 8 “Raymond: First Six Years”CBS16.32 9 60 MinutesCBS16.12 10 “Living With the Dead” Pt. 1CBS16.00 11 Will & GraceNBC15.67 12 The West WingNBC15.65 13 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (10 p.m.) NBC15.34 14 Everybody Loves RaymondCBS14.84 15 Law & Order: SVUNBC14.46 16 Law & Order: Criminal IntentNBC13.44 17 The SimpsonsFOX13.38 18 Judging AmyCBS13.36 19 The BachelorABC13.14 20 Malcolm in the MiddleFOX13.12 21 Just Shoot MeNBC13.08 22 BeckerCBS12.89 23 “Survivor: A Closer Look”CBS12.54 24 “The Carol Burnett Show”CBS11.53 25 FrasierNBC11.50 26 Third WatchNBC11.47 27 Fear FactorNBC11.41 28 Primetime ThursdayABC11.32 29 “CBS: 50 Years From TV City”CBS11.19 30 Yes, DearCBS11.06 31 Baby BobCBS10.82 32 “Bachelor: Women Tell All”ABC10.80 33 Dateline NBC (Fri.)NBC10.60 34 Cops (9:30 p.m.)FOX10.37 35 ProvidenceNBC10.09 36 “The Sixth Sense”ABC10.08 37 The DistrictCBS10.02 38 The AgencyCBS10.00 39 JAGCBS9.96 40 Crossing JordanNBC9.95 41 Cops (9 p.m.)FOX9.79 42 The X-FilesFOX9.68 43 Boston PublicFOX9.63 44 “Diagnosis Murder: Without Warning” CBS9.59 45 Amazing Grace 2CBS9.56 46 King of the HillFOX9.36 47 Dateline NBC (Tue.)NBC9.33 48 Fun. Home VideosABC9.27 49 ScrubsNBC9.24 50 First MondayCBS9.10 51 20/20 (Fri.)ABC8.83 52 The GuardianCBS8.75 53 “Contact: Talking to the Dead” ABC8.65 54 NBA Playoffs (Sun.)NBC8.55 55 EdNBC8.53 56 CopsFOX8.51 57 My Wife and KidsABC8.50 58 24FOX8.49 59 According to JimABC8.45 60 “Armageddon”ABC8.23 61 Ally McBealFOX8.14 62 PhillyABC8.12 63 DowntownABC8.06 64 Philly (9 p.m.)ABC7.97 65 The Simpsons (7 p.m.)FOX7.73 66 Frasier (8 p.m.)NBC7.66 67 Fun. Home Videos (Fri.)ABC7.63 68 Weakest Link (Sun.)NBC7.45 69 That ’70s ShowFOX7.42 70 The Drew Carey ShowABC7.34 71 Spin CityABC7.25 72 “Best Commercials Never Seen 9” ABC7.23 73 The Bernie Mac ShowFOX7.05 74 Watching EllieFOX6.90 75 7th HeavenWB6.87 76 The JobABC6.47 77 Dharma & GregABC6.46 78 “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back” FOX6.30 79 Andy Richter FOX6.04 80 “The Thomas Crown Affair”NBC5.80 81 “When Animals Invade Your Home” FOX5.73 82 WWF Smackdown!UPN5.55 83 SmallvilleWB5.48 84 Greg the BunnyFOX5.37 85 Grounded for LifeFOX5.30 86 “Before They Were Stars!”ABC5.26 87 Dark AngelFOX5.12 88 That ’80s ShowFOX4.95 89 EnterpriseUPN4.88 90 Gilmore GirlsWB4.62 91 AngelWB4.39 92 CharmedWB4.18 93 Dateline NBC (Sat.)NBC4.07 94 RebaWB3.97 95 “Lethal Weapon 4”WB3.70 96 The ParkersUPN3.51 97 Dawson’s CreekWB3.46 98 GirlfriendsUPN3.38 99 “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” UPN3.11 100 FelicityWB3.10 101 RoswellUPN2.97 102 Wolf Lake UPN2.96 103 Sabrina, the Teenage WitchWB2.67 104 Buffy the Vampire SlayerUPN2.66 105 One on OneUPN2.62 106 The HughleysUPN2.55 107 Maybe It’s MeWB2.49 108 Jamie KennedyWB2.33 109 “’N Sync Concert”WB2.09 110 Raising DadWB2.07 Network Averages Here is the number of viewers (in millions) that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. Network Last week Season To date CBS12.6612.24 NBC11.7813.46 ABC9.169.75 FOX7.769.33 WB3.863.71 UPN3.684.31 Morning 7:30 a.m. - KCOP The Legend of Tarzan 2 KSCI Suzuran ; Cooking (7:50) 8 KVCR Time to Grow H KTBN Marilyn Hickey R KOCE Wai Lana Yoga Z KLCS Barney & Friends (TVY) DISN Stanley (TVY) E! E! News Live 673642 ESPN2 Spanish Fly FAM Digimon: Digital Monsters FSN The Best Damn Sports Show HGTV Room by Room LIFE Denise Austin’s Daily Workout NICK Rocket Power 331401 TLC NiNi’s Treehouse (TVY) TMC ✔✔✔ ‘‘Black Beauty’’ ’94 (G) 1hr25 4860028 (7:35) 8:00 a.m. ) KCAL Family Feud - KCOP Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (TVG) 85178 2 KSCI Kiss, Kiss, Kiss 45178 8 KVCR Ethics in America < KCET Dragon Tales 10420 H KTBN Kenneth Copeland N KFTR Luz Clarita R KOCE Simply Painting Around the World Z KLCS Between the Lions (TVY) AMC ✔✔✔ ‘‘The Front Page’’ ’74 (PG) 2hr 237492 A&E Magnum, P.I. (TVPG) BRVO Antiques Roadshow COM ✔✔ ‘‘In the Mood’’ ’87 (PG- 13) 2hr 6956333 DISN The Book of Pooh (TVY) E! E! News Live 674246 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Run for the Roses FAM Power Rangers Time Force FNC Fox News Live FX Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TVPG) HGTV TIPical Mary Ellen HIST 20th Century (TVPG) LIFE Designing Women (TVPG-D) MTV Music Videos (TVPG) NICK Hey Arnold! 458517 SCI-FI Land of the Giants (TVG) SUND ✔✔ ‘‘Postman Blues’’ ’97 1hr50 872554 TBS Little House on the Prairie TCM ✔✔ ‘‘Ransom’’ ’56 1hr41 4161159 TLC Salty’s Lighthouse (TVY) TNT Lois & Clark (TVPG) USA Veronica’s Closet (TVPG) 8:30 a.m. ) KCAL Inside Edition 35159 - KCOP Sabrina, the Animated Series (TVG) 84449 < KCET Arthur (TVY) 19791 > KPXN Life Today With James Robison H KTBN Father Michael Manning R KOCE Barney & Friends (TVY) 967333 Z KLCS Cursive Handwriting; Phonics in Context (8:45) CMAX ✔ ‘‘Love Stinks’’ ’99 (R) 1hr30 6798623 DISN PB&J Otter (TVY) E! E! News Live 673517 ESPN2 Run for the Roses FAM Medabots (TVY7-FV) 657826 HBO ✔✔ ‘‘The Perfect Storm’’ ’00 (PG-13) 2hr09 51356604 HGTV Smart Solutions IFC ✔✔✔ ‘‘Eat Drink Man Woman’’ ’94 2hr03 48026081 (8:45) LIFE Designing Women (TVPG-D) NICK SpongeBob SquarePants SHOW ✔✔ ‘‘The Land That Time Forgot’’ ’75 (PG) 1hr31 479333 TLC NiNi’s Treehouse (TVY) USA ✔✔ ‘‘Terror in the Family’’ ’96 2hr 641951 9:00 a.m. " KCBS Martha Stewart 86159 % KTLA Sally 40371 ' KABC # KEYT J KESQ Live With Regis and Kelly 42739 ) KCAL Judge Joe Brown + KTTV I Love Lucy - KCOP Maury 15623 6 KWHY Dragon Ball Z 8 KVCR Mister Rogers 60401 < KCET Clifford the Big Red Dog (TVY) 33371 H KTBN Dr. Cherry N KFTR Cambio de Piel R KOCE Instructional TV X KDOC Life in the Word Z KLCS Geometry in My World A&E Murder, She Wrote (TVG) BET BET Start BRVO Hill Street Blues CNBC Power Lunch 341401 CNN CNN Live DSC Assignment Discovery (TVG) DISN Out of the Box (TVY) E! FashionTelevision ESPN Baseball Tonight ESPN2 NBA Inside Stuff 2918710 FAM It’s Itsy Bitsy Time! (TVY) FNC Fox News Live FX MASH (TVPG) HGTV Appraisal Fair HIST Sworn to Secrecy (TVG) LIFE Golden Girls (TVPG-D) NICK Bob the Builder 471468 SCI-FI Sightings (TVPG) TBS Matlock (TVPG) TLC A Baby Story (TVPG) TMC ✔✔✔ ‘‘The Right Stuff’’ ’83 (PG) 3hr13 68384913 (9:05) TNN Judge Mills Lane (TVPG) TNT ER (TV14) 9:30 a.m. ) KCAL Judge Joe Brown + KTTV I Love Lucy 6 KWHY Los de al Lado 8 KVCR Jay Jay the Jet Plane < KCET Barney (TVY) 52994 H KTBN Lifestyle Magazine X KDOC Benny Hinn Z KLCS Turn on to Geometry DISN Rolie Polie Olie (TVY) E! F.Y.E! (TVPG) ESPN2 NHL 2Night FAM Living the Life FSN2 Southern California Sports FX MASH (TVPG) HGTV Appraise It! LIFE Golden Girls (TVPG-D) NICK Franklin 176401 TLC A Baby Story (TVPG) TNN Judge Mills Lane (TVPG) 10:00 a.m. " KCBS The Price Is Right (TVG) # KEYT Voice of Santa Barbara $ KNBC Rosie O’Donnell 42975 % KTLA Sally 63587 ' KABC J KESQ The View (TV14) 91265 ) KCAL Judge Mathis + KTTV Good Day Live 48197 - KCOP Montel Williams 48975 6 KWHY De Buen Humor con Omar 8 KVCR Sesame Street 66246 < KCET Caillou (TVY) 82710 B KMEX Marta Susana D KMIR Judge Joe Brown H KTBN Behind the Scenes N KFTR Isabella Mujer Enamorada T KVEA ‘‘30’’ ’92 1hr30 774246 X KDOC Rockford Files (TVPG-V) Z KLCS My Beautiful House AMC ✔✔ ‘‘We’re No Angels’’ ’55 2hr 543159 A&E Murder, She Wrote (TVG) BET Videolink BRVO St. Elsewhere CMAX ✔✔ ‘‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’’ ’00 (PG-13) 19172178 (10:05) COM The Daily Show 6959420 DSC Lynette Jennings Design (TVG) DISN Stanley (TVY) E! The E! True Hollywood Story (TVPG) ‘‘Dean Martin’’ 319807 ESPN SportsCentury: Mark Fidrych ESPN2 NBA 2Night FAM The 700 Club FNC Fox News Live FSN2 Best Damn Sports Show FX MASH (TVPG) HGTV A Place to Call Home HIST Great Blunders in History LIFE Mad About You (TVPG-D) NICK Blue’s Clues 613517 SCI-FI Dark Shadows 4166604 SHOW ✔✔ ‘‘Money Talks’’ ’72 (PG) 1hr25 848449 SUND ✔✔✔ ‘‘L’Avventura’’ ’60 2hr35 211975 TBS Hunter (TV14-D) TCM ✔✔ ‘‘It Started With a Kiss’’ ’59 1hr44 7405468 TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TNN Kids Say the Darndest Things TNT ER (TV14) VH1 Fresh (TVPG) 10:30 a.m. ) KCAL Judge Mathis < KCET Between the Lions (TVY) H KTBN R.W. Schambach Z KLCS Chemistry COM Win Ben Stein’s Money DISN PB&J Otter (TVY) ESPN2 RPM 2Night FX MASH (TVPG) HBO ✔ ‘‘Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home’’ ’85 (PG-13) 1hr36 12165623 (10:45) HGTV The Good Life HIST The Wrath of God (TVG) LIFE Mad About You (TVPG-DL) NICK Oswald SCI-FI Dark Shadows 2796456 TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TNN Kids Say the Darndest Things USA ✔✔ ‘‘Skeletons in the Closet’’ ’00 (R) 2hr 605130 11:00 a.m. " KCBS The Young and the Restless (TV14-D) 60371 # KEYT Port Charles 9710 $ KNBC News % KTLA Ananda Lewis 86333 ' KABC News ) KCAL Crossing Over 82994 + KTTV Divorce Court - KCOP Jenny Jones 68739 8 KVCR Breaking Bread < KCET Teletubbies (TVY) 64178 B KMEX Mujer Casos de la Vida Real D KMIR News H KTBN James Robison J KESQ Montel Williams 88884 N KFTR Mujer Secreta X KDOC Perry Mason (TVPG-V) Z KLCS Miller Shorts A&E The Unexplained (TVPG) BET Countdown BRVO Moonlighting COM Whose Line Is It Anyway? CSPN U.S. House of Representatives DSC Lynette Jennings Design DISN The Book of Pooh (TVY) ESPN Softball– MLB All-Stars and Celebrity Game. 700517 ESPN2 Yachting– Volvo Ocean Race, Leg 5. 5304791 FAM It’s Itsy Bitsy Time! (TVY) FNC Fox News Live FSN EX TV FX The Practice (TV14) HGTV The Carol Duvall Show HIST In Search Of ... (TVG) IFC ✔✔✔ ‘‘Nosferatu the Vampyre’’ ’79 (PG) 1hr47 8741555 LIFE Unsolved Mysteries (TVPG) NICK Dora the Explorer 211913 SCI-FI Forever Knight TBS ✔✔ ‘‘Dragnet’’ ’87 (PG-13) 2hr 465130 TLC A Personal Story (TVPG) TNN Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper TNT NYPD Blue (TV14-L) VH1 Divas (TVPG) 662536 11:30 a.m. # KEYT News ' KABC Port Charles (TVPG-L) 38159 ) KCAL Crossing Over 83623 + KTTV Judge Hatchett (TVPG) 2 KSCI Taiwan News 8 KVCR Quilt Central < KCET Jay Jay the Jet Plane (TVY) 65807 H KTBN Benny Hinn T KVEA Noticiero Z KLCS Third Planet BET 106 & Park: BET’s Top 10 Live CMAX ✔✔ ‘‘An Innocent Man’’ ’89 (R) 1hr53 814165 COM Beat the Geeks (TVPG) DSC Lynette Jennings Design DISN Bear in the Big Blue House (TVY); Playhouse Short (11:55) ESPN2 Soccer– UEFA Champions League: FC Barcelona at Real Madrid CF. 7931710 FAM It’s Itsy Bitsy Time! (TVY) FSN EX TV HGTV Simply Quilts HIST History’s Crimes & Trials NICK Dora the Explorer 212642 SHOW ✔ ‘‘Mom, Can I Keep Her?’’ ’98 (PG) 1hr27 1805246 TCM ✔✔ ‘‘Advance to the Rear’’ ’64 1hr37 10191604 (11:45) TLC A Personal Story (TVPG) TNN Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper (TVG) Afternoon Noon " KCBS News $ KNBC The Other Half 88604 % KTLA 7th Heaven (TVG) ' KABC # KEYT All My Children (TVPG) 37994 ) KCAL News + KTTV Divorce Court - KCOP Ricki Lake 17265 2 KSCI Mandarin Drama 6 KWHY El Show del Pueblo 8 KVCR Scheewe Art Workshop < KCET Sesame Street 42517 B KMEX María Rosa, Búscame una Esposa D KMIR Ananda Lewis Show H KTBN The 700 Club J KESQ News N KFTR El Escándalo del Mediodía T KVEA Cotorreando 20371 X KDOC Ironside (TVPG-V) Z KLCS In Focus AMC ✔✔✔ ‘‘Rio Bravo’’ ’59 2hr30 968371 A&E Law & Order (TVPG) BRVO Antiques Roadshow CNBC Closing Bell CNN TalkBack Live 739994 COM Saturday Night Live (TVPG) DSC Home Matters (TVG) DISN Rolie Polie Olie (TVY) E! Celebrity Profile (TVPG-S) ESPN Baseball– Phillies at Giants. 630325 FAM Growing Pains FNC Fox News Live FSN Golf– Las Vegas Celebrity Classic. 44975 FSN2 Baseball– Reds at Dodgers. 997772 FX ✔ ‘‘Chain Reaction’’ ’96 (PG-13) 2hr 9202371 HGTV Decorating With Style HIST Black Sheep Squadron (TVPG) LIFE Unsolved Mysteries (TVPG-V) MTV MTV Soul NICK Little Bill 451604 SCI-FI The Twilight Zone (TVPG) TLC A Makeover Story (TVG) TMC ✔ ‘‘True Blood’’ ’89 (R) 1hr37 15939951 (12:20) TNN Diff’rent Strokes (TVG) TNT ✔✔ ‘‘One Good Cop’’ ’91 (R) 2hr 217975 VH1 Behind the Music (TVPG) 12:30 p.m. " KCBS The Bold and the Beautiful (TV14-D) 74401 + KTTV Judge Hatchett 8 KVCR Charlie Rose 831246 R KOCE Right on the Money Z KLCS Reading Rainbow (TVY) DISN Out of the Box (TVY) FAM Step by Step (TVPG) HBO Spider-Man: HBO First Look HGTV Kitty Bartholomew ... IFC ✔✔✔ ‘‘Central Station’’ ’98 (R) 1hr50 1835791 (12:45) MTV Music Videos (TVPG) NICK Blue’s Clues 187517 SCI-FI The Twilight Zone (TVPG) SUND Anatomy of a Scene: The Cat’s Meow (TV14) 558081 TLC A Makeover Story (TVG) TNN Diff’rent Strokes (TVG) USA Nash Bridges (TVPG) 1:00 p.m. " KCBS As the World Turns (TV14-D) 26064 $ KNBC D KMIR Days of Our Lives (TV14) 97352 % KTLA Sister, Sister (TVG) ' KABC # KEYT J KESQ One Life to Live (TVPG) 46642 ) KCAL The People’s Court + KTTV Texas Justice - KCOP A Different World < KCET Mister Rogers 97130 > KPXN Remington Steele B KMEX Milagros (TVPG) H KTBN John Hagee R KOCE Simply Painting Around the World T KVEA Maritere (TVPG) X KDOC Streets of San Francisco Z KLCS The Story of Read-Alee- Deed-Alee; Club Write (1:15) A&E The View (TV14) BET Cita’s World BRVO ✔✔✔ ‘‘Ironweed’’ ’87 (R) 3hr 364420 CNBC Closing Bell CNN Inside Politics 748642 COM Saturday Night Live (TVPG) DSC Home Matters (TVG) DISN Madeline (TVY); E! Mysteries & Scandals FAM ✔✔ ‘‘Moms on Strike’’ ’02 2hr 801710 FNC Your World With Neil Cavuto FSN Golf the West HBO ✔✔ ‘‘Carpool’’ ’96 (PG) 1hr32 170352 HGTV Decorating Cents HIST The NYC Subway (TVG) LIFE ✔ ‘‘Requiem for Murder’’ ’98 (PG-13) 2hr 814284 NICK Maggie and the Ferocious Beast 351265 SCI-FI Outer Limits (TVPG) SHOW ✔✔ ‘‘Captive Hearts’’ ’87 (PG) 1hr41 72182468 (1:15) SUND ✔✔ ‘‘Trans’’ ’98 1hr20 163062 TBS Mama’s Family (TVPG) TLC A Dating Story (TVG) TNN Three’s Company (TVPG) VH1 Music Videos (TVPG) 1:30 p.m. % KTLA Full House (TVG) + KTTV Texas Justice - KCOP Moesha (TVPG) 2 KSCI Tea Time 8 KVCR Oceanus < KCET Zoboomafoo 55081 H KTBN Rod Parsley R KOCE This Old House Z KLCS Early Americans in History; Natureworks (1:45) CMAX ✔✔ ‘‘The Wedding Planner’’ ’01 (PG-13) 2809623 DISN Winnie the Pooh (TVY) E! Mysteries & Scandals (TVPG-V) FSN Hooked on Golf HGTV from Martha’s garden NICK Bob the Builder 186888 TBS Mama’s Family (TVPG) TCM ✔✔ ‘‘The Rounders’’ ’65 1hr25 4355438 TLC A Dating Story (TVG) TNN Three’s Company (TVPG) USA Walker, Texas Ranger (TV14-V) 2:00 p.m. " KCBS Guiding Light (TV14-D) 34468 $ KNBC D KMIR Passions (TV14) 29536 % KTLA Clueless (TVG) ' KABC # KEYT J KESQ General Hospital (TVPG) 78826 ) KCAL News + KTTV Cops (TV14-V) - KCOP The Steve Harvey Show 6 KWHY Todo Puede Pasar 8 KVCR Oceanus < KCET Zoom (TVY) 99474 > KPXN Bonanza (TVPG) B KMEX Sin Pecado Concebido H KTBN Praise the Lord N KFTR Mónica R KOCE Quilt Central T KVEA Sala de Parejas X KDOC Matlock (TVPG-V) Z KLCS Eddie Files A&E Magnum, P.I. (TVPG) CNBC Business Center CNN Wolf Blitzer Reports COM Kids in the Hall (TVPG) DSC The Christopher Lowell Show DISN Doug (TVY) E! Fashion File (TVPG) ESPN2 Kentucky Derby Post Position Draw FNC The Big Story With John Gibson FSN You Gotta See This! FX Beverly Hills, 90210 (TVPG) HGTV Garden Architecture HIST 20th Century (TVPG) MSNBC ...America at War MTV Vice NICK The Wild Thornberrys (TVY) SCI-FI Earth: Final Conflict (TVPG) TBS Full House (TVG) TLC A Baby Story (TVPG) TMC ✔✔ ‘‘Joyride’’ ’77 (R) 1hr32 56665710 (2:05) TNN Real TV (TVPG) TNT In the Heat of the Night VH1 Behind the Music (TVPG) 2:30 p.m. % KTLA City Guys 5284 + KTTV Cops (TV14-V) - KCOP A Different World 8 KVCR Dragon Tales 93081 < KCET Cyberchase (TVY) 40913 R KOCE Jacques Pepin Celebrates! Z KLCS Introduction to Spanish AMC ✔✔ ‘‘Death Hunt’’ ’81 (R) 1hr30 443710 COM ✔✔✔ ‘‘Ghostbusters II’’ ’89 (PG) 2hr30 1611389 DISN Pepper Ann E! Talk Soup (TVPG-D) 796772 FSN NASCAR Tech 42371 HBO ✔✔ ‘‘Gleaming the Cube’’ ’88 (PG-13) 1hr46 857062 HGTV Homes Across America IFC ✔✔✔ ‘‘Eat Drink Man Woman’’ ’94 2hr03 22989371 (2:45) MTV The Real World (TVPG) NICK The Wild Thornberrys (TVY) SUND ✔✔ ‘‘The Swindle’’ ’97 1hr45 840772 TBS Full House (TVG) TLC A Baby Story (TVPG) TNN Real TV (TVPG) USA ✔✔ ‘‘One Eight Seven’’ ’97 (R) 2hr30 134352 3:00 p.m. " KCBS Entertainment Tonight 5772 $ KNBC Weakest Link % KTLA Rescue Heroes: Global Response Team (TVY) 2178 ' KABC Oprah Winfrey 32975 ) KCAL News + KTTV Montel Williams 89807 - KCOP Maury (TVPG) 34371 6 KWHY Acción Extrema < KCET The Celestial Empire > KPXN Promised Land (TVPG) B KMEX Secreto de Amor (TVPG) N KFTR Mi Pequeña Traviesa R KOCE Cyberchase 275739 T KVEA La Corte de Familia X KDOC Hawaii Five-0 (TVPG-V) Z KLCS 8 KVCR Arthur (TVY) A&E Murder, She Wrote (TVG) BET Hits From the Street CMAX ✔✔✔ ‘‘Dick Tracy’’ ’90 (PG) 1hr45 25663975 (3:15) CNN Lou Dobbs Moneyline 830062 DSC The Christopher Lowell Show DISN Honey, I Shrunk the Kids E! Celebrity Profile (TVPG) ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Inside Drag Racing FAM Growing Pains FNC Special Report FSN Motor Sports Weekly 61081 FSN2 Trackside Live!– Hollywood Park. 695587 FX MASH (TVPG) HGTV Surprise Gardener HIST Sworn to Secrecy (TVG) LIFE ✔✔ ‘‘Midwives’’ ’01 2hr 499505 MSNBC Abrams Report 4461265 MTV The Real World (TVPG) NICK CatDog 184456 SCI-FI First Wave (TV14) SHOW ✔ ‘‘Far North’’ ’88 (PG-13) 1hr30 563246 TBS The Cosby Show (TVPG) TCM ✔✔ ‘‘The Last Challenge’’ ’67 1hr45 6666791 TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TNN Miami Vice (TVPG) TNT Tour of Duty (TV14-V) VH1 Behind the Music (TVPG) 3:30 p.m. " KCBS Shipmates (TVPG) $ KNBC Weakest Link % KTLA Yu-Gi-Oh! (TVY7-FV) ) KCAL Inside Edition 1541 2 KSCI Valiente < KCET Adventure Divas 12130 R KOCE Dragon Tales 902371 T KVEA La Corte del Pueblo Z KLCS Cyberchase 56536 ESPN2 RPM 2Night FAM Two of a Kind (TVG) FX MASH (TVPG) HGTV Gardening by the Yard MTV TRL (TVPG) NICK Hey Arnold! 776265 TBS Roseanne (TVPG-D) TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TMC ✔ ‘‘Passion of Mind’’ ’00 (PG-13) 1hr45 82579994 (3:45) 4:00 p.m. " KCBS D KMIR Judge Judy $ KNBC News % KTLA Pokemon (TVY) 6536 ' KABC News ) KCAL News + KTTV The Steve Harvey Show - KCOP Jenny Jones 20178 2 KSCI Saksi 6 KWHY Noticias < KCET Charlie Rose 48130 > KPXN Scarecrow/Mrs. King B KMEX El Gordo y la Flaca H KTBN Religious Special N KFTR Esmeralda R KOCE 8 KVCR Clifford the Big Red Dog (TVY) 998178 T KVEA Laura 17246 X KDOC Saved by the Bell (TVY) Z KLCS Standard Deviants TV AMC The Three Stooges A&E Murder, She Wrote (TVG) BET Rap City: Tha Bassment BRVO Hill Street Blues CNBC Capital Report CNN Crossfire 859197 DSC Great Chefs (TVG) DISN The Jersey E! The E! True Hollywood Story ESPN Baseball– Angels at Indians. 637159 ESPN2 Mother’s Car Show FAM Totally Spies (TVY7) FNC The Fox Report FSN EX TV FX World’s Wildest Police Videos HGTV This Old House Classics HIST Great Blunders in History MSNBC Chris Matthews 4440772 NICK Rugrats 755772 SCI-FI Quantum Leap (TVPG) TBS Friends (TVPG-DL) TLC Trading Spaces (TVG) TNN A-Team (TVPG) TNT Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (TVPG-V) VH1 Behind the Music (TVPG) 4:30 p.m. " KCBS D KMIR Judge Judy # KEYT Access Hollywood 8 % KTLA Jackie Chan Adventures (TVY7-FV) 5420 + KTTV Moesha (TVPG) 2 KSCI Vietnamese American Broadcasting 6 KWHY Noticias R KOCE Arthur (TVY) 987062 X KDOC Saved by the Bell: The College Years (TVY) Z KLCS Homework Hotline DSC Great Chefs of the World DISN Famous Jett Jackson (TVG) ESPN2 Action Sports and Music Awards FAM S Club 7 in Miami FSN EX TV HBO ✔ ‘‘Iron Will’’ ’94 (PG) 1hr48 606352 HGTV Before & After HIST The Wrath of God (TVG) MTV Dismissed NICK U-Pick SHOW ✔ ‘‘Romantic Comedy’’ ’83 (PG) 1hr43 4443623 SUND ✔✔✔ ‘‘House of Games’’ ’87 (R) 1hr42 699062 TBS Roseanne (TVPG-D) 5:00 p.m. " KCBS News # KEYT News $ KNBC News % KTLA Sabrina (TVG) ' KABC News ) KCAL The 5th Wheel + KTTV Home Improvement (TVPG) - KCOP Ricki Lake (TVPG) 8826 2 KSCI May Ngan News 6 KWHY La Corte Familiar 8 KVCR Between the Lions < KCET Journal > KPXN Cosby (TVG) B KMEX Primer Impacto H KTBN Behind the Scenes N KFTR Carita Pintada R KOCE The Human Condition T KVEA ¡Al Rojo Vivo! 68807 X KDOC 21 Jump Street (TVPG-V) AMC ✔ ‘‘Force 10 From Navarone’’ ’78 (PG) 2hr15 9145352 Los Angeles/ Orange County " KCBS (CBS) 02 $ KNBC (NBC) 04 % KTLA (WB) 05 ' KABC (ABC) 07 ) KCAL (Ind.) 09 + KTTV (Fox) 11 - KCOP (UPN) 13 2 KSCI (Ind.) 18 6 KWHY (Ind.) 22 < KCET (PBS) 28 > KPXN (PAX) 30 B KMEX (Uni.) 14 H KTBN (Ind.) 40 N KFTR (Futr.) 26 R KOCE (PBS) 50 T KVEA (Tele.) 23 X KDOC (Ind.) 56 Y KJLA (Ind.) 25 Z KLCS (Edu.) 17 Æ KRCA (Ind.) 20 Palm Springs D KMIR (NBC) 04 J KESQ 7, 25 Santa Barbara # KEYT (ABC) 07 San Bernardino 8 KVCR (PBS) 24 A&E 39 AMC 35 BET 57 BRVO 54 CNBC 31 COM 79 CSPN 29 CMAX 45 CNN 42 DSC 37 DISN 53 E! 63 ESPN 34 ESPN2 84 FAM 47 FNC 91 FSN 27 FSN2 59 FX 89 HBO 33 HIST 30 HGTV 80 IFC 21 LIFE 46 MSNBC 90 MTV 48 NICK 38 SCI-FI 87 SHOW 41 SUND 36 TBS 43 TCM 88 TLC 51 TMC 58 TNN 49 TNT 52 USA 44 VH1 62 Cable Services Use numbers after call letters to set VCR Plus. Where there are two numbers, repeat the procedure. (R) in the grid, denotes a repeat program. Movie Ratings ✔✔✔✔ A CLASSIC ✔✔✔ FIRST RATE ✔✔ FLAWED: HAS MOMENTS ✔ DESPERATION TIME TV RATINGS (TVY)All Children (TVY7)Directed to Older Children (TVY7-FV)Directed to Older Children; Fantasy/Violence (TVG)General Audience (TVPG)Parental Guidance (TV14)Parents Strongly Cautioned (TVMA)Mature Audiences Only (D)Suggestive Dialogue (L)Coarse Language (S)Sex (V)Violence CHANNELS Continued on next page Get street smart at home. If you're not already enjoying the convenience of home delivery, call 1-800-426-3232.

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