The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 1934 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS JHl COURUR NEWS CO, POBUSHBU 0. R- BABCOOK. Mltor H. W. HAJMB8, Admitting U*&K«r Bole MiUotul AdveruuDt RepruenUtlYes: ArUoiu D»Uk8, Inc., New York, Chicago, OetrUt St Louil, D»UM, liarnw Cily.UemphU, Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered «s second olnss mnUer flt It* post ufTicc at B:yUievllle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, Oc- toter a, 1917. Ecrvca DV ilie Urmea PICKS SUBSCHUTION RATEK By carrier in tne cuy o: invlhcvUlo, 16c per week or »6.50 per year 111 advance, By mall within a radius of 60 miles, »3.00 per year >1 W lor MX monlfc, 85c for lljee months; hy msll In po&tfU zones two to six. Inclusive, »6.50 per year, In zones seven am 1 eight, *10.UO per year, payable In advance, The Legal Prq/ession \Vilh bar nssofiiilions of Tennessee and Arkansas in .ic-ssion, the news- jKipcrs liisl week save freiiuonl mention to the lUiloi'inination of lawyers to rid llieir profession of unscruiuilous anil mercenary individuals who, if i'e- lioiiit are to bo believed, proslilulu their high culling to sellish and evil ends. .Hffoi-t on Ilic part of lawyers to riil their ranks of scoundrels merits public 'approval. Any worthwhile accomplishment in that direction will reap u just reward in pounhir applause and in increased confidence in the profession. What tlie public interest really requires of the lawyers, however, is something more than a mere imrgini;. of the rolls. There are crook.s and shysters in every line of work. Perhaps the loyal profession oll'ers llieir activities tin especially proliUiljle lield and for thai reason lias attracted more than its just proiiorlion of them, but that is doubtful. In any event they are not I lie major cause of what to the layman is the chief evil besetting the profession of law. It is desirable to get rid of them, but it is doubly desirable to achieve for the profession in general u new point of view toward its work. There are quacks and scoundrels among itodors of medicine, but by and large the' profession is sincerely dcvol- ' ccl to life preservation of health and life. IsMhe legal profession similarly devoted to the preservation of justice and obedience to law? Don't ask silly questions. Shysters aside, the sorry fact remains thai to' a large part of the legal profession, including men of honor and reputation, a case at law is not an impersonal effort to arrive at justice under the law, but a game to be won. The other day, after Luke l.ea had finally been lodged in prison, the North Carolina prosecutor who handled the CM--C against him gave an excellent illustration of the professional point of view, lie made a public statement in which he complimented Lea and his attorneys on the wonderful fight they had made, declaring that never in his experience had he been connected with a case in which such able use was marie of every conceivable loophole for positioning or "voiding tliu penally for crime. He even intimated iliat Ilia respect 1'or sucli iiu able antagonist was such that, now that the light WHS over, lie might give his support lo an appeal for clemency. 01' course the gentleman's puriwsu probably was to pay an indiml compliment to his own skill in bringing the prosecution lo a .successful conclusion. Hut it remains a good illustration of Ihe point of this editorial. Our courtrooms, or most of them, are so many fields of play in which skillril antagonists strive for victory. Complicated rules of procedure and evidence govern the play. The contestant who, within the rules, scores the most points, receives the crown of victory. If jus- lice is done, that is gratifying, though often .seemingly incidniliil. 11 may be argued that under the lawn and rules which govern our courts the matching of legal wits in Iliu courtroom is Ihe best way of arriving at just verdicts. Thai is nun- sense. In criminal practice, particularly, it is Ihe custom for defense counsel to lake advantage of any technicality (o hamper the prosecution. Faulty wording of ;in indictment has often bcui enough lo free a felnn. Samuel Insull today is seeking freedom not on grounds of innocensc of the charges ogainsl hin\ but tin the allegation thai proper legal formalities were not fulfilled in securing his return lo this country. If the months of eifort and thousands of dollars of expense involved in bringing Sam back can be set at naught by this plea it will be a splendid victory for bis lawyers, but another blow to public confidence in the legal profession and the courts. Every criminal is entitled to his day in court, and lo representation there by able counsel. Bui until the time comes when no reputable lawyer will seek for .liis client more than bis simple deserts the profession will fall far short of fulfilling its true obligations. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO rnm tk« Me* •* Ike BtytfeortUi Thursday, June 5, 1924. Dell, eight miles west of Bly- thcvlllc, suffered a big fire Wednesday, the Ihree business buildings of J. W. Hubbard being entirely consumed. Tommy Little acted a chief of the bucket brigade. Tommy say.s all he lost mis about 20 tubs and buckets which flew away after Ihe smoke cleared. VhRil Greene of Osceola, union;; !hc latest to enroll in Ihc Courier's Safe Drivers club, is not only displaying his membership plate 311 the front of his car, but lie Is a real booster for the club. "I ratify and endorse the Safe Drivers club rules and subscribe to the same," says Mr. Greene. "I can't help worrying about Willie; he always catches cold when he goes out in the rain like this." Complete Change Desirable, but Don't Overdo Vacation Preliminary steixs toward oifian izalion of a county chamber of :ommcrce were taken Wednesday it a. meeting here. Those in at- '.eudanee were: Virgil Greene and Bruce Ivy, Osceola; J. A. Rush ind Dr. Wilkins. Lnxora; J. c. Cul- .om, Wilson; E. 11. Talwr and A. ttusscll, Lcachville; A. O. Little, r. J. Mahan. John Neal Campbell. I. Roscnlhal, O. Shonyo, C. W. Hogan. J. Moll, B. A. Lwnch. A. C, Lange and J. Mell Brooks, Blylhcville. Turks Plan to Make Istanbul Harbor Popular ISTANBUL (UP)—The Turkish S This is the ILLS! of a series nf siv that he can forgel it completely articles by I>r. Morris Fistihcin in while ot] a vacation is not in the which he tells you how. In grl tin: I right business. best rclaxalion and ciijuymenl out of your vacation. Government is taking steps to revive the popularity of Istanbul .larbor. This port has suffered through the competition of the Greek port of Piraeus. Between 1929 and 1933 the tonnage movemenl for Istanbul dropped by 39 per cent, and the |»rt receipts declined by §1,000.000. ! )^|:| Import figures have dropped 59 cent from the 1929 total, and per coal THIS CURIOUS .WORLD CEDAR. RUSr CAN EXIST ONLY AS LONG AS ir I5A81E IO SPEND EVERY OTHER. VEAft ON AN APPLE DESERT IS NOT AN ANCIENT SEA DEPOSIT/ IT IS FORMED RIGHT IN THE DESERr 6V HEAT, COtO, AND WIND. CONSTANT CONTRACTION AND EXPANSION, DUE TO COLO NIGHTS AND HOT DAYS, BREAKS OP THE ROCKS'... AND THE WIND GRINDS' IrlSM INTO SAND. 0 193* BY hCA SERVICE. I«.C t,-S MOON DOES NOT RISE. £V£KY DAY 1HE L.UNAK. DAY IS LONGER. THAN FOUR, HOURS', FORE, IF THE Rises jusr BEFOR: MIDN!GHr ON A TUESDAY, n WIU.NC RISE ACAIN Ut.'ML STAR- NI Cedar msl is a pavsisil: of the cedars, uut due lo its p-cntar cycle, ii will die oul unless there are trees ot Ihe apple iamily ncsii where it's spores esin alight and develop tlirough each alternate y mwm -Mr. Tugwell proposes to abolish representative government and set up in Us place u dictatorship of the brain trust, —Senator Arthur R. Robinson of Indiana. * * * Japan is determined (o fulfill her iTS|K>nslbil- illes fully and successfully as the principal stabilizing Inlhtcucc in Eastern Asia. —Hirosl baito, Japanese ambassador lo the United Stales. * * * We ought to (ace the fuel thai |>cuplc do not think. They do nol have to. H they did, we wonltl be more miserable. --Pro!. E. T. Cell, California Institute of Technology. t t » WhiU's the dlfli'iTiicc whether a man's n screen slur at 52.MO a week or a ditch digger lit 30 cents an hour, provided he gets his share of laughs every day? —Wallace IJccry. » * * War is a racket. I know because I've been in it for 35 years mid I'm out now to rou.s? the American jnople to put sin end to this racket. —MaJ.-Oen. Smcriley D. Ilisllcr. * * V I've done everything in the theater except marry a property man. —Fannic lirice. CHURCH EXCUSES B; Geo. W. Bariiam iranshipment business by 67 cent. The fact tlrfit Turkish is being sold cheaper at Piraeus NEXT: Is the Klondike in Alaska? considerable factor in the decline' in ti:e use of the latter [jort. • The government is alKiul to en- ' 1'u ps Played With Hauler THE DALLES, Ore. UJPI — J Walter Wasson was horrified find her three-ycar-okl son, Jc force new rates which will equalize | , vit ' h nls lwo |)Ups . piayi,,,, Vil Ihe price of coal lo steamers at I rattlesnake in the vard. The si than at Istanbul Is regarded as a!port. Istanbul, and by this mean ho;icd to stop the "rot" in it is . was s'.rikin 'he. mips, wit t ' aging them. at the s :c liitle boy RY I)K. MOHKIS FISMHKIN Filitnr, Journal nf the AnirritMtl Irdlcal Association, and uf Uy- the Health Maguhu; j There seems to be ;in idea lliat! lyone who suffers from ne:vuiis| nhaustion cir nervous breakdown j ill be benefited by a ssa voyage. Such voyages do have the adva:i- Jim, thalVmy-lmsband. came lyc of taking people away fro;n I home very iniicli excited. II w;is leir usual surroundings. Bui cer- j something lie had heard some tiiu precautions must be taken. • other men talking about, and tt If depression U a prominent' was about a week before I could ymn'.om. the Intervals between eel enmigh out of him to even »rls shoirt:! be short. People who ' sncss •••' -•' '•'- -~ --••>--<- what had him so workedi melancholic become more and "]>. At nr?t I thought It was more depressed by the sight of: something about our.-, church, and j lOthlng but water for several days, loi course I Ihought he had found] •co])le who have been ill ;ind get out that we could set our letters iiasick easily should not take a out of (he busted hank or if not [ ,ea voyage for convalescence. thai, we could join without the j ' lcUcls or K 0 ' 1 '* through the trou- OUT OUR WAY" By Williams YES, WES, THET'S \ A MONUMENT TO x 6I<5 ICK'S INDUSTRY. YOU SEE-TH'HIQHER HE GOT, TH'SMALLER TH' ROCKS GIT— THEM BIG ONES IN THERE IS WHERE TH'BOSS HAPPENED ALONG DON'T 10 PAT, MIST WES | DEM COW BOVS BRUNG ME DG ROCKS- DEM BIG ONES IS DEY BRUNS FUST THING ISi DE NAWNIKJS, AN D LITTLE ONES DE A person who has had a nervous iirakjltiwn never should travel alone. Allcr all. ihc choice of a vaca- lon ii :\ relatively simple matter if you are reasonable, bill it docs demand u Bootl deal of foresight. A good vacation is one during which yon enjoy yourself thoroughly, in which you arc rested when yen return, and in which yuuv mind selects a new groove. A good vacation is one without undue exposure to the Sim. Ihc rain, or the cold, or bad weather generally, particularly If you suffer from coughs or colds, hiiyfever or asllitna. A £0od vacation is one in which the persons who surround you are GO congenial that you never lose your tcrniwr. A good vsicallon is one In which your heallti Is hcne- flted, as determined by its effects on your digestion, your blood pressure, your ciri nervous system. A good vacation is one taken in a place where there is pure water, pure milk, and a good food supply. A ficcxl vacation is one in which the muscles nre exercised, but nol ble. ol gcltiny religion again. Jim, Ihal's-iny-husliand, ib i cully a sunn I man when he gets his mind working. I have always fell lhat. lie had an exceptional- y larse brain, as he is sometimes slow getting started, Mill I have heard it, raid lhat Issrge s move slowly, and 1 often tell him ibai if I was as slow gutting started as he is 1 never would have developed into the wonderful soloist, that T am, we ofu-ti start doing something and I nut half through before he is hardly slartcd. Now for one tiling 1 can work two whole rows in the Burden before he can rind his hoc, nnd I tell him It Is due to my dis- IMSilloii lhat we are Hi: congenial couple lhal we arc thought lo be. (Copyrighted.) EUl* IIKIIF. TODAY Dff.VNA liAnilli:!., clrcui vcr- lentirr. fall* from Ike trapeze nod !» Inlntril. To pltjMe fcer fanner. M.M)i:i.l\E SIUUAL. Dona* COCI (• Mndellme*« kome lo recuperate. pretendlne; t« be the »1hcr cltl. She t* aahnwed ot la{>» deception bNi keep* It aip, evea Y¥kr« Ull.b »ll)l)A!.. Madelines con^ln. n.k> her to Marry aim. ABIIIS SI1J- I1AI.. Mndellae'a araadmiker nao on*» the (nriM. U bllari. III1S. I'l.A.M'Cn. houiiekeriirr ill>- ehanted by llonnn. [• ber eacmj. I>oana nnd Hill are married, i Mennirhlle Rladrlloe bn« rMnrrlcd ! CON DAVID, elrrm trnin. er. aad tabea |>ncl I* the aalniul art. Amn^ Siddal hr>i a .<rokc. In A>»» llrlran* Mailrlinr K«e« Inlo thr rn^e ivilh Ihe llencnl IlKrr anil I* klllril. Cun i» Mx- ••hnrficd. Ua.iblc to jset ivork, he drriilo lo no tn the Slrtdnl Inrm. From the aenrlij tona he Aend* • Miili. ti> Danan. she nirreea lo Mierr hlai the aext Hfleraonn. ^o^v <;o ON WITH Tin: STOUT CHAPTER XXXV j\.rUS. PLANTER'S head was in *• * si whirl. She had just nncov- treil the choicest hit of scandal it had ever been her luck to come ICl'OSS. At tirst Mr?, rianler was uncertain Jrst how lo make use of Ler Information. She had visions ot the envelope into IK» w» hand. Then Mrs. Planter ?-ecl through a crack in rho swini door and eaw tho envelope hands. Knowing tliat Hie BI she hat] placed on it insured arrival at ^destination, slia 1 I tho cooM»f—piling polatces. onions and carrots, opening cans of. beans and »*as, end slicing the bread. Always at noon tlie Commercial House offered roaat beet, roast pork and a choice of two kinds of pie. but on tlio da- afler Thanksgiving Ihero was cold lurkcy and mince med "Having - Grace" imdcri pie left, and Mrs. I'laulcr's tasks breath ami conllnnod to ilhv' were light, - u, G , 00 ,i ,^1, a ZCEt ll!lt , lnj . Slie was no nearer the solution licr assistant. : of her problem when Darter came it happened Iliat Lem Ilolded into Hie kilchcu to sco if tlie meal i promised a irioud lo drive him' were ready. "There's a crowd in I the country whan lie went on lliere," lie said. "Holler fry lip'. delivery and stint the friend steak, in case the turkey runs ; [aycil him almost 15 minutes. A Hint, Ijeins lalo already. I.esn following Ilic couple and sure, your circulation, and your Waterfowl Hunters Must Buy Federal Stamp WASHINGTON (UP)— Everyone u'Uhizig to hum, migratory waterfowl hereafter will be required Lo lolling Madeline what s3:c thought of her. Slie soon dismissed tins thought ns too trivial a revenge for a terrihle insult. sho had been at liberty for afternoon she could have lo the polnV of exhaustion or dan- carry a SI federal hunting stamp ger of the tLwnc beyond repair. 'RlTixed lo his stale license, or to A good vacalion is one in which I a certificate furnished by his you think of your business, bul Postmaster. do not worry aboul U. A man who thinks so little of liis business ANNOUNCEMENTS The Couner Nc*'s has been authorized to (mriounct the following ».< candidates for public office, sub- Jtct to the Democratic prim»rj 'tJ.t August: For Rcpresentalive IVY W. CRAWTOHD For Countj JndRc liAL B. HARRISON- GEORGE W. BARHAM lor Member of Consrcsj CLINTON' L. CALDWELtj t'nr Slwrlfr »nd Collect** CLARENCE H. ' WU£ON For Re-election for Sccor.;! Term For CMnty Trtmsnrcr JOE S. D1LLAHUNTT ROLAND OREEN for Circuit Court Clrrk HUGH CRAIG ADDISON SMITH H. B. (SKECT) STOUT I'or Coonty Court Clerk FnED FLKEMAN V'or Ue-Elcctlon for 2nd Term For Assessor R. L. (BILLYi GAfNES G. C. (IKE) HUDSON , Fot Constable ol Chlrk.vsjwha Towuibip JACK RODERTSON Stamps will be sold at posl offices In ail towns; of more than 2,500 population. Revenue derived from their snie is cxpccled lo lo- ta 1 $600.000, or $1.000.000 annually and will be used to lease, or purchase "inviolate" refugees for disck, geese and other waterfowl. Collectors of birds for scientific piiriio-sr.^ also will be required to have the stamps. out. Cot cnoi'sh pie?" "Yes." Clerks from Ihe ilniK .store. Bb- ney who was Ilic lawyer and Denip- i-ideil lo wait until the 2:25 t arrived. Thus tho letter or nielli not have broi early train liled inlo the room. Mr.s. Planter was busy stcr, the iiosliiiasltir. ticaidrs some: JHH Jnlo r, c | i:mon am i to t j lc C( ilrummers who hnd nrrlycrt on nu j tory was not delivered nt tin ilal farm until after tltice o'cl dishing up food for Muhcl's tray?, nnd momentarily put Madeline and ISill Siddal out of her thought*;. It was the waitress who brought them bacfc njjiiin. -i'Murry up. Mis' Planlcr." she .snid. "Lem llolden's ! hrtil linn;; up the i - plmiic tcccivur feeling utt trapped. Slowly it was h forced niK)ii tier Hint Con Pi was nol the in:m Flic harl l;ofic H lllG spread the news to a few cronies who could, he trusted lo see that [ U would kimlJo and flame, like a forest fire before 24" hours passed, hcroming tho chief subject ot con- Tcrsntiun at Lebanon dinner tables. Kill Mrs. Planter knew only too well that the person most concerned tn the affair might never hear tills scandal, Madeline might aicot her lo^er over and over again and everyone in town ho a ware of it without Till! Siddal learning wlnt wns Roing on. Hadn't Doc Freeman'^ wife hccn traipsing around w'ith their hoarder since last June? Everybody lor miles around V;ucw about it, but Doc didn't. Poor fool! Mrs. Planter recalled, with righteous pride, lhat when Ihc circle of llic church bad held in there and he's anxious lo going oti his delivery." Lem Iloldcn was the rural postman. He delivered mail to the Siddal farm. If Mr?. Planter wrote a letter' lo TJill and save it to I-eni. it would be delivered before Madeline went lo meet Con David! Of course there was a chance the letter would fall into Madeline's hand?, hut sho did not know Mrs, Planter's writ In? and the older woman knew also lhat Madeline never opened her husband's mail. "Jnnic." Mrs. Planter mum hied, her voice thick with excitement. ll dish up a minute, will you? 1 gotta go opslair?," her "rheumatics. Chilli lo IK». and that Crannfath money was what had brought lo Lebanon. There had heeri n ing of the lover in the lone nf v he had used, nothing lhat indi ed a Inetnlly desire to sco again. Unquestionably ho believed wanted Grandfather Kiddal';- mo and. jiiPt ns surely, he would • at nolhhiE to circumvent any he fancied she might have on t Only Hie fear that he would c> to tho farm [n drni.nid an a cnce with Cnuidfallipr Stdrial made her promise lo meet Con. Once the promi=o ha.d be-on cl- sho cotild-r.ot break it. much as regretted it Donna wa? tnrn twccn "tho devil and the detv $» •ould not fordve a i • C OXSIDKRINC her "rheu she showed ama/hi? a she sprinted up Ihe slairs to the!"' 1111 Co11 lf nc learned ah third floor room Mie occupied with TVIabel. It was when she t*nt down to wrile that it occurred to her tbat. for her own safety, It would be belter not lo Eisa the letter. She •would rtsk Maltel lo give U to Lem. ^ Al manac*! presented at English, courb AS ambassador. Taces army oF socieby women wlio their a meeting In discuss the advisability ot lolling Dot Freeman he Elioulcl keep a closer watch on his wife, she linrt voted against ft. That she hnd voted thus because Ihc minister's Rife was opposed to meddling did no.! rob Mrs. Planter of tcoiing tlint she was a kimlly, generous soul. T1UT no rncelinK to ilelcrminc -** whellier or not Bill should be kept In IgDOr.inco nccil be lichl. In the first place, nelllicr Mnrteline nor mil attended the same church as Mrs. Planter. In tho second. Mrs. Planter Inlendcd lo get Hie Information to Rill In rome man- ner—nnd with proof that coald nol be doubted. To telephone htm would bs out ot the question. She knew Bill' habits too well to believe he might bti la Ihe farmhouse to answer the phone himself. If his wife answered she would tee to II that he did not get n>? mof'age. Studying over the problem. Ehe went alxiut preparations for Ibe nocn da-r mtal. Janls Saber, one of tbe chambermaids, assisted with Mabel to remember She had a goo'' csciis?. n.' she was not supposed to po Salo tha dining room anyway. It ni:c.-Uo;i3 con corning the letter arn;e lucr ^ would be the one rpi«' was too stupitl even :he incident after a thy or sn. At l«?t Mrs. Piauin-'s harihvrl: in? was a scrawl. XOTV !ier Ii^r.i shook so lhat tii« Iciirrs wero a] awry act! blots of [U'K si:iud;cil i!: paper. "Dear Mr. Si" 'As a friend I n'.;t v. i Xeilhcr would he forRlvo hr.r en tinner! deception wlien slie hart hr ample oiiportutiity to confess. Why hadn't she told him II whole stnry; Oh. why hadn't si lo!d it all lo him after llieir nia ria;e? Hill won!<l have ovorlnoXi a cre.1t deal (lion lhat ho could n overlook im-v. S=npp.i;c he. tn! slimild believe thai money l« pl.nycrl .1 vilnl mrt in the prlic-ni-- And her siionr,. atmiit Ihe re! Malic-line's dc.illi rcen-.ed c v ei WOVfO. ! One moment rhc w.-.s rc-.ndy I riiii mil to Ihn h.irn r.hcie Hill wrj hiuy with son:o bilr,- laailis an , toll him cverylhinu-. Kpnrins noil!-,''' wrnle.' ''(••.*c!f anr tl.o (load. The nc-Ni r.;'. ihis 10 ! """"- Fll:> wns 'lolorminc-d at you. Maybe you w:-;it ili;mk inc i l "' 1?lp ^ 'Sefcurl hc-r hnppincss miy now but snme das- y ; >ii t\M| Your '' necer.Eary. m lie in the face wife is a ivouna. |( y n u want ; n " cvldeiid 1 . proof bo at the lli;.;i-i church | Some CXCIIFO (o get Into tnu£| ccmcicry lo<!ay. Kri-hy ^7, at three | " n ' fi 1>0 Invented. What o'clock. She Is foin= to meet an ! rccm piausihle wiien drandlath<! old sweothc.m whn u;cii to travel | Kns so 111 Ihot only aft hour at I wlih the cirru?. H; 5 male (3 Con ' they had despaired of his llviTi| David. He is strpp-n.; ,-it. the Com- I Ihroiisli Ihe day? No excuse merclal HO:;;P nna and rarae lo -heller thao a poor oae. Perhai| Lebanon to foe her—Your Well ; something would lake Bill out Wisher." (he hou?o alier and she mx-f .Mabel wa; plump, hart a bip ap-' ">' nothing at nil. With a won! petlle and an mcodinjly sweet, j Ir.-s prayer In her heart, n hi tooth. \Vhl:-pc:in5 tb^i f!ie would watched iier hustond as h-> Save an f-str* y.eof nf mtnc& p[e;a"r--?s thf 1 snciw-r.o^erf-d fit!, for htr if she T^iid gu t tbe Iti- ca^ti toward the house, i ler lo Lcm, Hri Planter slipptd ! <To He Continued)

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