The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1953 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1953
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLI'THEVILLE (AKK.) COUK.1KK NKWS TUKSDAY, JAN. 20, 1953 Presidential Silk Topptr— Ike May End 'Long Ovals' Reign, Hatmaker Says By LEONARD RUI'PKRT NBA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK — <NEA> — With Dwlght D. Elsenhower- as President, the reign of "long ovals" may be ended. Martin Loeb ttiinks so, and with Martin it's an Important matter. That's because he's general manager of the M. Fluegleman Hat Co., the man who supplies the high silk toppers worn by Presidents-elect on their inauguration day. Flueeleman's hats have been standard equipment at Inaugural rites since Teddy Roosevelt's time. It began when the late Maxfmlllian Fluegleman sent T. II. one as a gift. Roosevelt accepted and so has every Chief Executive since then. Ike's model Is now.resting in a glass case at the factory, an ancient two-story bulldl"? In mid- Manhattan. It hasn't been official ly accepted yet, but !/>eb is sure it will be. He hears that Ike has l>een busy. » » • The stie fc 1%. That makes Ike's the third smallest . skull of the nine Presidents Fluegleman's luv fittc'd. The smallest were Wilson's «nd Coblldgc's. Bolli were 754. The biggest was William Howard Tail's, a king-sized 7*4. The. others fell In between, alt of them still pretty large. Hoover was a full 7V4. 'me Hoosevelts, Truman and Harding were tied at 1%. Ike's big chance to shatter precedent comes in the .shape department. The fashion in Presidential skulls, at least for the last nine Presidents, has been a noil-waver- ing "long oval" shape. Ike may be the first "round oval' to Inhabit (he White House In decades — to Loeb a distinct Innovation. At least that's' the suspicion at Flueglemnn's. But Loeb isn't willing to commit himself until Eisenhower answers • his letter. How Ike wears the topper will x closely observed by its donor*. Max always Vised to say," recalls Locb, "that he remembered a pub- figure not tio much by what h» did. but by how lie wore his hat. feel the same way. To me K'a nost important." • • • l-'lueglcman's ali-tltno champion Presidential high hat wearer was,. ,he Juanty Franklin D. Roosevelt. "Now there's a man who really did Justice to ono," Locb beams. He always wore It well down over )Js hend like you're supposed to do. 'Of course," he adds, "FDR had -he most practice. We send a new for every Inauguration and, with four, he had quite a caflec- on," Loeb hasn't much comment about ;he other Flueglcman-hattcd presidents, except that Harding was fair, "though he never got quite the right angle," and that the saddest of the lot was Coolldge. "Cal y//e of Army General Saved Pacific HIGH HAT I'A HADE — Lad to right: Presf- dcnti Wilson, Coolidge, Roosevelt, Truman and Elsenhower. Ike doesn't have his topper yet the artist tried thU one.on lor size. showed too much forehead," he explains, "Just like a farmer." Ex-habcrdasher Harry Truman wns ''better than average." Pliienelman's Is billed as the largest silk hattery In the world, although it's only ono small floor. The craft is dying out, Once the Silk Hat Finishers Onion had more than 600 members in New York. Now FltiegeUnan's employs (ho entire union, 12 to 15 workers, and the members «re all over CO. Illirh hat making is done by hand. No v,-ay of turning them out by machine has been developed. there are fewer than 100 experts In the nation and peak production is 10 to 12 dozens a day. Locb patiently points out that the name "high hat" is an error, as a topper Is really not high. "The correct name in ft silk or opera hat," he says, "and the crown is only 5}; inches tall. That's the same as an ordinary felt, but the glitter and stiffness fool people." In return for the gifts, the Flue- geljnan battery boosts a collection of thank-yon letters from the White House and pictures of the silk hats ID action. Fluegelman's Is proud of them all. But the favorite momento Is one that was not recorded, a conversation between founder Max and Woodrow Wilson. , Wilson called by telephone one day to report that his skimmer was too large. Max couldn't roslai commenting with n chuckle tha maybe the President's head had shrunk. "Impossible," retorted Wilson "Presidents' heads never ge smaller—If anything, they alway: get bigger." NOTICE Proposed Budget of Expenditures Totelher wllh Tax Levy for Flscn ; Tear Beginning July 1, 1054, to and Including June 30, 1955 :.Tlie Board of Directors of Wilson School District No. 25 of Mlsstatpp County, Arkansas '.In compliance with the requirements of Act 403 o 1951 arid of Amendment 40 lo tho Constitution of the State' of Arkan»as, have prepared, approved, and hereby nmke public the proposed budget of expenditures together Tfitli the tnx rate as follows: General Control, $7800; instruction, $157,000; Operation of School Buildings, $29,000; Maintenance of School Plant and Equipment, $10.000; Auxiliary Agencies (Including ^transportation), $16,000; Fixed 'charges, $3000; Capital Outlay, $1000; Debt Service, $22,000. To provide for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures the Board of Directors proposes a tiix levy of 45 mills. This tax levy Includes the present contl.mnng levy for the retirement of present indebtedness. GIVEN this 13th day of January, 1953. « BOARD OP DIRECTORS, Wilson School District No. 25 of Mississippi County, Arkansas J. H. Grain, President J. E. Grain, Secretary Twisted Skeiton Found in Denmark Believed that of 18th Century Woman CONTROVERSIAL SCARF- Scottish Nationalist Wendy Wood, above, wears one of the souvenir coronation scarves imprinted with tlie legend "Elizabeth 1 Queen of Scots," which has touched off controversy in Scotland. Nationalists claim that union of the crowns of England and Scotland occurred after tho rule of tho llrst Elizabeth. Wendy wore the scarf deep In "enemy_" territory when she appeared at a Nationalist meeting in London. Does that tell tale look" on your face say change of life? A Kioal many women suETer "Mianrc of life" after toctf. Ther tire easily, J.nvc "nerves", ali-cji poorly, are hanl la live with. Their cycj RncJ face Kct Dial "criAnBC." lauV. Cnrilul lias lielpcil Uiomnnd.1 of women to lose Hint "cIiaUKc" loofc. Cnrjut &cU to (1) hiij.rovo npneliU'. (2] thun linllil COPENHAGEN, Dcnmnrk Wl — A rnolderlng skull silll covered with blonde hair was sent to a nborntory today for tests to prove hat Oiertrud BlrirKte DodenJio;/— 3ne of 18th-century Europe's richest women—really was hurled alive, then killed by grave robbers 155 years ago. * The skull and a convulsively wlsted skeleton wera found yes- erdny niter 10 days of digging, scraping and brushing In a caved- 11 vault In Copenhagen's Asslstons Cemetery. Medical experts said hey almost certainly were the re- nnlns of Hie rich benuly. Q.Ierlrml'a dentli Is tlie suljjec! of an old horror story thai has sent •shivers up and down generations of Danish spines. The ancient tale claims that she wns burled In a stnte of suspended animation—by mistake after an overdose of narcotics—and later slain by grave robbers who sought to steal her Jewelry. . The almost intact skull, uncovered by Police Constable Theodor A. Binneballe, an amateur archeol- oelst, had a jaw. Contemporary paintings Indicate that Olertrud's jaw was a bit that way. Surgeons and dentists who slithered down Into (he vault agreed the skull belonged to a woman about 19 years old at the time of her death. Oiertrud was 19 when she was burled. The position of the skull and the skeleton indicated that she really nad been murdered In her coffin. The skeleton was partly turned over and the thigh bones and spine bent convulsively back ns If the young woman had been writhing In agony at the time of death. The skull was found face downward, although undoubtedly the womnn had been burled on her back. Tliere nlso wns n distinct dent In (he brow as If it were hit by some sharp Instrument. The old tale clnlms tlint Ofertrud was awakened by pain when one of the grave robbers yanked violently at an earring she was wenr- . She sat up in her coffin beg- be started today, will furnfeh Hnal proof of Gierlrud's after burial murder. Tapioca, popular thickening fo fniil pies, soups and puddings, i made from the roots of the cas sava plant, a native of troplca America, but now widely grow] In southeastern Asia. SAN FRANCISCO W>j— Mrs. Alys "3. Trapneli, 46, Identified by the Army >is the. wife of Brig. Qen. Thomas J. II. Trapneli, was rescued torn the Pacific Ocean here last night. Patrolman Paul McOoran said It was a suicide attempt, but the woman's mother, Mrs. Hulda N. Snow, discounted that possibility, saying: 'I think she must have fainted on the beach. She often goes for walks there." Mrs. Snow added that Mrs. Trap- neli, who returned only two months ago from Indochina, where Trapneli Is stationed, was "depressed because the general must remain overseas another year." Trapnell Is stationed at Saigon, Indochina, with the U. 8. military mission. He Is a survivor of the Bataan death march and of the Japanese prisoner of war camp at Mukden, Manchuria. Physicians at Park Emergency Hospital said Mrs. Trapnell was suffering from an overdose of barbl- tuata;, immersion and shock. She was transferred to the Army's Let- tcrmnn Hospital, where her'condi- tion was listed as critical. Trapnell formerly commanded the 181th Airborne Regimental Combat Team in Korea and participated In restoring order among rebellious Communist prisoners of war on Koje Island. Mrs. Trapnell returned to the Canada's C of C Wants Open Door For Immigrants OTTAWA (if)— CANADA'S Chamber of Commerce urged the government today to open th« nation's doors wide enough to rmmlgranU to give Canada a population of 30 million by 1975. But the Chamber also urged the Cabinet to continue its "selective" policy of trying to get more settlers from Britain, France and the United States. Canada's population now !s estimated at 14 million persons. SCHOOLS REPORT MORE ABSENTEES IN GROWING EPIDEMIC OF COLDS Watch For Symptoms In Your Child EVERYDAY MORE CHILDREN are becoming victims of epidemic colds, so don't take chances with your child. See that your child gets plenty of rest, eats moderately, gets plenty of fresh air, avoids overcrowded, overheated places. If he docs develop cold's" symptoms of coughing, sneezing, muscular aches and pains, feverlshness, put your child to bed and call your doctor. And even before the doctor comes, it's sensible to give your 213 'Plotters' Nabbed in Egypt CAIRO. Egypt ij?>— A roundup of suspected plotters against the government of Premier Maj. Gen. Mohammed Naeulb'has netted 213 persons, including 49 Communists, an Egyptian Cabinet minister an- United States from Saigon Nov. !• and had been staying here with her mother, Mrs. Hulda N. Snow. KIDNEY FUNCTION Subnormal kidney function WM improved, Bladder pain fcnd di*comfort reduced in [nost observed cases after drinking Mountain Valley Waier, ered right lo ja ntain RICHARDSON'S Super Market Ul \\. Main Phone 9613 iusnesd-sleep WlU-r. l.el triple-action ul ln-'lrt you feel better, look bctltr unit ur normal-^ chwrful tclf nitniii. del MONTHLY CRAMPS CHANGE OF lirt n MAIL COUPON TODAY— , >AVE 530°° I Regular $59.50 Value I MONARCH REBUILT PORTABLE Et. F. CTRIC SEW1MG MACHINE • HEW MOTOR "NEW SEW UGHT • iSEW CARRYING CASE '- fOOT CONTROL MAIL This Coupon Today Offer EXpire» Jan 23 I I I I ^MONARCH SEWING • MONARCH SEWING CEHTER, OEPft 696 Madison Avenue, Memphis, Tcnn. ! would like a Ire* home demoruUaUon of your fully guar- anlt*d rebuilt Singer Sewir.g Machine al no obligation to me- U K. T. D. Addrtu—JMtaw Stud Specific your good judgment tn giving St Joseph Aspirin' For Children. Joseph Aspirin For Children. Just Ho knows that it quickly checks directed like millions eases muscle aches other mothers do. Your child will and pains, reduce [lite these pleasant, orange-flavored this day opass without mrylng the tableta. Bach one contains epidemic cold misery may strike amount of a regular adult tablet, so you don t have to break or cut them your child this very night! Be \vise. glilg for help, but the ghouls rauecl for accurate dosage. When the doc- be ready with this proved her ami clubbed her with a spade. tor comes, he'll probably commend SL Joseph Aspirin For Children. Surgeons hope (hat X-ray Jtlptdjrot TOIU- J^Jer',. A Clntrol Mniorl I'otu Reason Good Enough for MP SEOUL (JP)—A military pollc«m»n .topped at Puerto Rtcan Je«p driver >Mhe 65th Regiment. The authorization etip for the }«ep was blank. "Why Isn't It filled In?" th» M,P. nuked. JThe driver spoke for five minutes In fluent Spanish, "All I want to know is why the trip ticket Isn't tilled in, 1 ' the bar- ried MP. cut in. The driver's buddy answere in Eriglish: "He says he doesn't hav« a pencil." nounced Ust night. Puad Galal. minister of national guidance, said that 39 others of those seized were suspected of having relation! with foreign powers "which have the interest of creating agitation In Egypt." The foreign countries were not specified. Read Courier News Classified Adi. •«r rou four covtKW Barrel Of Trouble The barrel' U temporary covering — but for real protection YOU need adequate Insurance. A survey of YOUR policies will uncover any, errors, gaps or duplicate coverage. It may save you money, but will cost you nothing. Just give us a call. RAYMOND ZACHRY MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY 111 North.l'u-st, St. - Phon» 8815 Blytheville, Arkansas FUEL OIL G.O.POETZOILCO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Off ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land TIME-PROVED ADVANTAGE... 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