The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 12, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY BIA'TIIEVILLE (ARK.) COUK1ER NEWS Four Men Killed As Airliner Falls Huge Transport Plane, On Training Mission, Falls Into Delaware Bay CAPE MAY, N. J, I,:ny 13. (UP) —Of^tiuis at Trims-World' Airlines paid ^Jliy thai (he Can<,i«!latian which plunged into Del.iwiue Kay killing its four crew member.* :\|>- i>»rrntly dipped a wing inlo I lie wnlcr while skimming (lie toy. The airline officials denial reports (lint the plane exp-oded in llisht. They said (he loi.i'-oneiiH'tl transport was Hying low under"simulated emergency conditions while training two student, ilyers for ocean Hying. The accident occurroti n'uou', 0 yesterday near the lirnndywin'! Shout light station ubmii 1C miles north of here. Those kidccl were Cupl. Patrick S. McKieman, E'oin- eioy. Wash., and Plight Eimineei Martin William Heller, Joplin, Mo., who were being trained lor orc-aii Hying: Capt. Robert 12. Weeks. Hock- ossln, Del., a veteran pilot, and Flight Engineer Luke Vollack, Jr Arlington, Va. "There was no indic.ukm o.' (he malfunctioning uf the aircraft or tlic engines prior to the time the plane went inlo the water." airline ofdeials reported after a preliminary investigation. "Tlu restricted area in which floating debris from the plane was loiaul and the position of the wreckage sighted tram the surface indicated tout, the plane did not disintegrate before it went into the water. There were no eye witnesses to the crash who have yet been located." Civil aeronautics im'estisntor.s also'uvcstigated the crash but made no KSJemcnt pending iurttar ttudy. Tw^kTicials said the piano had left K«V Castle, Del., alwut two hours previous to lha crash. Win Top Awards in Baby Contest Truman Visits His Mother in Granefvi'ew, Mo. WASHINGTON, May 12. (UP) —, President Truman was back at the While House today with nssiimnci's 1 ! that his nillni; molher, 94-yenr old' Mrs. Martini E. Trumnn, was pro-1 gresshiK sallsfueiorlly after a "Icmixirary s etb«ck." | Tile Presiilenl [low to Onmdvlew,| Mo., vo.stouUy for a -Molher's Day| visit with Mrs. Truman, whose recovery from a hip fuel lire was marred by a selbarfc Insl Kilday. He was keeping in close touch with her condition through Ilrh;. Gen. Wallace Graham, his personal physician. Graham was lo remain at Mrs, •iVuinnn's bedside lor a day or two. Mr. Triimini ninde the 2,000-mlle round trip aboard his-tonr-motoi ed plane, tli c Sacred Cow. lie was Rone from Washington about 12 hours. incliidniK three hours and five minutes .spent in Cinmdvlcw. Wins Prize Linda Lee Blankenshlp, five-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Hlankcuship, was named grand champion baby fitrl and Jotin bmdjcy Smothermon. nine-month eid son ol Mi. and Mrs. Jimmy Smothernion, Brand champion baby Hoy, in a city-wide baby contest li\st week sponsored by the American Legion. L.lnda Lee's mother, the former Mif-s Karlitie Sullivan, won a "grand rluun- jion baby" honor when she was a baby. —Courier News 1'liuto o $21; nixxl cows around $17.00 lo 119: common and medium beef cows IMCkl to $17; cnnncrs und cullers $10.50 lo $14,50; good heavy bulls $17 to »11.50. Too Late to Classify For Sale Anthropologists Get New Data On Inhabitants on N. America . ltvlllli> St.. I'M .? 1-inruKi. v lltT JI1IM Wanted to Rant Help Wanted . VKTKii.vx mi vorxn NOW! ANYONE CAN HAVE PLENTY OF HOT WATER QUICK.' By I'AUL F. ELLIS (United Press Science Wiiter) NEW YORK, May 12. (UP)—Ar.- thropoligists had new evidence Ic- day that man, as he now is known, lived on the North American continent at least 10,000 years ago. This new evidence is part of a human skeleton, now bein^ inspected at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. It was dug np near the village of Tepexpan. Mexico, last February 22 r.uci caused a stir among those seeking for traces of early man in America, Writing in the Magazine Science, Dr. Franz Wcidcnrcich, anthropologist of the start of the American Museum of Natural History, went along witli other scientists that the Tepcxpan man probably lived nt the end of the Pleistocene Age, or acial period. That woulti be about 0,000, perhaps 15,000 years ago. The Tepexpan man was discov- •ed by Dr. Helmut de Terra, of New ork, after a search ol -about two ears. He finally succeeded witli (lie elp of Dr. Hans Lundsber^. Tc- onto, famous geophysicist, who used lectrical devices—a modern dp.'ir.- ig rod—to locale the spot where he ancient fossils were buried. Dr. De Terra, also writing ip. Kci- nce today, said: "Without this geophysical survey, he fossil could not have been 10- ated, since the ground oll'ercd n lues other than ihe presence o everal buried mammoth remains. He said that to nis knowledge i vas the first time a geophysical de- hiid been used in the scare] for early man. Dr. De Terra dug Uj) n grcr.t pal I of the skeleton, includes :aps, collar bones, wrists, finger ;ones and part of the skull with .eclh. • • The skeleton was buried in snil identified as deposited aller the ctKi of Ihe glacial period. The skeleton is the nldc«t ever ?*.ig up in Norlh America, art! irobably the oldest ev^r foimd in the Western F Hcmispherc. Dr. Weidenreich said that, the "general character of ;hc tones in- dicjttcs that tiie individual belongs to the recent human type," as homo sapiens—or man as he is 1 known today. From a study of the bones. Dr. AVeidenreich said there was no evidence to contradict that the man lived at the end of the j>hi::iul period. He recalled that 'ill the skeletons of upper Paleolithic man known from Europe, Asia and Africa already show ''the features characteristic of recent mankind." The Tcpexpfui man. according lo Dr. De Terra, probably was killed jy accident. The body buv doubled ip with legs drawn up to the chest. 'ace downward, he said. He expressed the po.s:.ibililv thai Tcpexpan man have neen trampled a herd of mammoths. Manila Aviation Enthusiasts Fly To Martin, Tenn. The Manila Breakfast, Club made Is first flight yesterday morning, leaving Manila air|X>rl at 7 o'clock for GUI Dove 'Airport. Martin, rcnn., where the fliers were greeted by members of thai club, who were hosts al a breakfast. This newly organized club plans to make flights each Sunday morn- Editors Nominate Huff For Legislative Council MTTlir, HOCK. Ark.. May 12 (UP—mils Huff of Newport, 'president of Iho 'Arkansas Press Association, and W. P. l.ove of Warren, third vice-president, have been recommended lor membership on the newly-formed 'Arkansas LcBisla- live Council. Full membership of the council, set up by the SGlh General Assembly. will be announced after Ihc governor has received recommentTa- lions from other statewide organizations. Several groups. Including the Sherlll's Association, the State Medical Society and the Farm Bureau Federation, Imvc not yet submltlec their recommcndalions. Kredertck Woltnui:i. staff writer for the New Yolk Worlil TeletiF.m. lias been n.uiieil winner ol a I'ulHr.iT Prl/e lo: "distlu;iuli.ln'd xample o( rcni'i'lc-'s work Ominu lie year."—(NBA Tolopliolo.; Quitman Child Killed QUITMAN. Ark., May 12. (UP) — Funeral services were held in Quit- to various towns within a 150 mnil y cs i mill .. Inr ntlly .,„„ Trn mile ratlins of Manila and will be w i ck who wfts k m c( | S! ,t un i lly i,, n have highway nceidcnt on the Nortl pl.ot edgp o( QuUma,,. Tlie 20-year-old hosts lo others when plans been completed. 'Any licensed who wishes lo Join may contact Fleoman's Flying Service, Manila. Among Ihose who made the trip youth was thi son of Mr. and Mrs. B. d. Trnwlck He was wltli four other youths li yesterday were Mayor I. D. Shcdcl,l n ln|ck w | lich ovc ,- t> ,r.ied at a sinal Mississippi Cc.mty .Rep E. c. Flee- brl[ , , [(1|| , n|o R crcck 1K man. CAA Inspector Johnny FielcK, fl , )cnciltll tl!c vehlcl( , nm This Paratrooper Heeds To Sleep With His 'Chute TOKYO. Mly 12. 'UP1 Private Steve J. Chisum forgot one of Lht cardinal rules of the paratrooper? —never jump without a parachute Today the 18-year-old paratrooper from Hemphill, Tex., is recovering from injuries he received when '~ic stepped through the Ihird floor window of bis barracks while walking in bis sleep. He suffered a brain concussion and a fractured skull. L. I,. Woodruff, J. W. Whistle, Grovcr Snider, Louis TownsenO, "Max Walters. Buddy Forrest, ilar- bert Griffith. Wayne McCulloug'n, Herman Vast binder. Bob Parsley. Constable Arthur Smith and Olcnn Ray Farmer all ol •Manila, and W. It. Crawlord of Blvlbevillc. It was the first trip for Mr. Fanner after receiving his pilot's license. Airline becks Charter LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Kay 12. <UP)—The Arkansas Public service Commission has scheduled n hearing May 27 on an application of the Hot Springs Airways, Inc., for a permanent certificate, to operate in the state. . . The line is owned by Hot Springs.' Mayor Earl Ricks, .(ohn stover. Van Lycll and Virgil East, all of Hot Springs. It has been operating on a temporary permit since last November. The firm operates five schedules a clay between Liltlc Rock and Hot Springs. pl [lied Instantly. Surviving are three brothers. his parents an( Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL HTOCK- YAKUS, III., May 12. CUP]—IUSUA) — Livestock: HOBS 17,200; salable 10,500; nneven: weights 2-10 Ibs. down Ll'i to 'iOc lower thnu Friday's average. Heavier wetuhls and Kowy, mostly slendy. Bulk ijooct and choice 110 lo 250 Ibs. $2:1.75 to $24; top $24.25 rather sparingly. 250 lo 270 Ibs., $23.25 to $23.76; 270 to 300 Ibs.. $22,50 to $23.25; 130 10 15 Ibs., $21.75 to $23 50; 100 lo 120 Ib. pins' Jlfl to $21: good 210 to 500-11). sows 51,150 to Jlfl.M; few $19.1!i; heavier weights $17.50 to $111.25; sinus mostly $15 to H7. I Cattle 4,(iOO; salable 1,500; cnlves 1,'IOD. all salable; rccelply moderate In volume and demand active on all classes with general undertone lii'in. About 45 loads of steers ol- Icrcd. Mostly lop medium to average tfnod In flesh. One load aver- aye choice medium wciuhi slcLvs S^;; with average medium Lo nverniic goncl steers $22.uo lu j^4.2(>; I'.ood heifers and mixed yearling $22 to $23; with choice mixed yenr- linys $25; luedlmn lo low tiood flS Stone, Hurled at Play, Inflicts Fatal Injuries HARRISON. -Alk., May 12. (UP) — Funeral services were conductor yesterday for Thomas Gordon Salmon. 12. who died in a Harrisoi hospital Saturday from injuries suffered when be was struck with a rook. Young Salmon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Salmon, was playing near a creek bank with neighbors when he was hit. He walked a quarter of a mile to a relative's' house and was taken to the hospital where he died. Lumberman Dies HELENA, Ark., Mny 12. <UP> — Funeral services will be held this afternoon for B2-ycar-old Ed llof- for<l of West Acres, foreman t>f the Chicago Mill and Lwnlier (Jo. In West Helena. He died of o heart attack yesterday while sitting In a car wailing- for a fishing companion. He Is survived by his wife and otic daughter. Accused as Robber NOTICK Notice Is hereby slvcn that Ihe undersigned will wlthlu the lime fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of licvenues of Ihe State of Arkansas for a permit, Ui sell beer al, rclnll at 400 No. Cfn 3L, lllylUc- vllle. Mississippi County. i The undersigned .slales lhal. he Is n citizen i>T Arkansiio, ol good moral character, Unit he ha.s never been convielcd of a felony 01 other crime involving moral tuiplludc; Ihfil no license to sell beer by the undersigned hns heen revoked wlihln five I years last past; and thai the undersigned has never been convicted o: violating the laws of tills stale, or any other stale, relating to the sale of alcoholic lirptor.s. Mrs. Cjirrie EslU'idge. Kliy.abclh Mason BENTONVILLE, Ark.. May 12. - (SealI Notnry Public. (UP)—Robert Finch ot Joplin, Mo., 1 My commission exphc.s 1-28-50. today is en route to California to .Surviving are his parents, brothers and four sisters. five Read Courier Mews Want Arts. face charges of connection with aroicd robbery in the slickup of a Western Union office In San .'Bernardino. Finch wa s released lo Sheriff K. F. Carter of San TJcrnaidhio yesterday alter bcin^' arrc.slcd in I5cn- tnnvlllc on charges of stealing a at Rogers. 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