The Minneapolis Star from Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 23, 1971 · Page 26
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The Minneapolis Star from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 26

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 23, 1971
Page 26
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a. i 55 Jjg ! Mjs-' sank S3 Jim Haft Win 1 off has turned on Pitaer, the 41- ear-old golf superstar admits his endurance ebbing. 2C THE MINNEAPOLIS irirho ';. Arthur (Shorty) Barrett, former College of St. Thomas .athlete and coach, remembers the late Joe Brandy Sr. ' . well. BRANDY FAME LASTED e) and coaching at St. coaching. "SL Thomas hired Brandv fStaid Barrett. "His last season playing quarterback under the late Knute Rockne was 1920, and he took over at St. ST Thomas in 1921. J "They gave him a contract for either $4,000 or $4,500 year, and in those days that was very good money. But ampere was a stipulation in the contract that he had to Poach basketball too even though he did not care about SSthat" Brandy is known to have lockne, a firey football coach who knew his business. luse Brandy also was just gjpayers at St. Thomas loved Brandy was so popular at 3 raiders" at the time in the Twin Cities area were push-g for him to become the football coach at the University of Minnesota. M But after the 1926 season at St. Thomas, Brandy left football and returned to upper New York state to enter "Jusiness fr rest f tnis working life. His 1925 and 1926 teams at St. Thomas were his two !! frost outstanding. Among his star players with the Tom-' Varies were Walt Kiesling, a Hall of Fame man, Jack Mur-'fay, George Conroy and Bill Houle. '.: "Brandy always went back to Notre ;HBame to see at least one football game J jaVery fall while he was coaching at St. ?, ''Thomas," said Barrett. "One year Joe snowed Rockne a new pass play he had been thinking about while the two were visiting and talking football at South Bend, Ind. "That play will never work," Rockne told the young coach and his former pup- J Brandy C il. 1925 photo I "But in the next game Rockne used the play, and I Notre Dame scored the winning touchdown on it." Brandy was a quarterback and punt return man on Notre Dame's teams from 1918-1920. On punt returns in- stead of going straight up the field, Joe became noted for his zig-zag returns when they needed to kill time on the clock. Houle was one of Brandy's favorites. He went on to coach football at St. John's University. When Brandy re- turned for a reunion of former St. Thomas football play-l ers in St. Paul in 1950, Houle and Downey accompanied i Brandy to a football game in the then new I O'Shaughnessy stadium against St. Ambrose, then ; coached by Moon Mullins, former Notre Dame fullback. I Gerald Mullins, another former Tommy under Brandy, J state senator at the time and former president of the 'Minneapolis Gas Co., was toastmaster for an accompany- 3ng dinner honoring Brandy. Carpentier meet ; English sensation Billy Robinson meets Eduoard Carpentier in one of the feature events on Saturday's pro wrestling card at the Minneapolis Auditorium. Another of the bouts that start at 9 p.m. finds GET EXACTLY THE CAR YOU WANT NEW Wl BUIOtS SPECIAL SALE OF JULY SHIPMENT 325 FACTORY FRESH CARS BIG SELECTION OF MODELS & COLORS YOUR PRESENT CAR NEVER WORTH H0RE YOU CAN'T WIN BY WAITING ra & tarn w.. IAM0US FOR BETTER BUICK DEALS t I oiPff turns on Palmer skipped the British and Western Opens the past two weeks but charged back to shoot an eight-under par 64 Thursday, taking the first round STAR FrL, July 23, 1971 "Brandy followed me as the head basketball coach at the college," said Barrett. Brandy, who died Tuesday at his summer home on the St. Lawrence River near Ogdenburg, N.Y., was better known for his football playing (at Notre Thomas than for his basket- rieht out of Notre Dame," been a great favorite with that, Barrett said, "au nis him. ' St. Thomas that some of the Billy Robinson unbeatens Nick Bockwin-kel drawing Hercules Cor-tez. Other matches have Larry Hennig and Lars Anderson teaming against Bull Bullinski and a partner to be named later, Red Bastien vs. Ray Stevens and Kay Noble against Vivian Vachon. . lead in the $250,000 Westchester Golf Classic. "I can't play five, six, seven tournaments in a row like I used to," said Palmer after his round at the 6.700-yard par 72 course near New York City. "I tried to earlier this year and it took too much out of me." Maybe Palmer was trying to tell Lae Treviao Trevino, playing in his 15th consecutive tournament this year, shot a 71. "I'm bushed, I just getting punchy tired," said this year's winner of the U.S. Canadian and British Opens. "I'm making mistakes out there my wife wouldn't make and she's a 12 handkapper." One stroke back of Palmer was unknown Larry Wood with Ken Still and Western Open winner Bruce Crampton, two shots back . . . sports BASEBALL PROFESSIONAL AMIRICAN ASSOCIATION Omaha 10. Evonsville 4. Oklahoma O'v 7. Denver 3. Wichita 11 Tulsa I Iowa 7 Indianapolis 2. INTERNATIONAL IIAOUI Charleston 3. Sviacuie 1. Louisville 6. Winmpeq 2. Rochester I . Richmond 0. Toledo 9. Tidewater 8. PACIFIC COAST IIAOUI Sookane II. Salt loke 3. Tucson 7-6. Euaene 5-13. Portland 6. Hawaii 4. Tacoma 8. Phoenix 5. OIXII ASSOCIATION Amorillo 2-1. Memphis 10. Albjauerau 1-8. Birmingham 04. AshevMIe 10, Savannahs. San Antonio at Shreveport, wet grounds. Dallas-Fort Worth 7. Arkansas 6. Momoomerv 2 Columbus I. Charlotte 4-2. JicksonvilleJ AMERICAN LEGION SOUTH HIMNfPIN Edina 7. Minetonka 0. Blooming ton Gold 3, Hopkins 0. Mound 3. Wovtata 0. NSP-Bainbrido 9. Novy-MariM 2. Firm DHrttrr Northsid 2. Richfield Blue 1. nine Fire and Police 12, Hellenic 3. Falldm 5. Gopher-Pott Office 1. AMATEUR WIIOHT COUNTY Cokato S, Rockford 3, innings. Monticello 4, Delano Gold 0. FIRST DISTRICT Austin S 1, Grand Meadow 0. CONNII MACK Richfield 13. Edina I. Golden Vcrllev A. Richfield 3. ITRO COUMIATI Grain Belt 4. Gophers 2, 10 innings. HOCKEY JUNIOR OLYMPICS Duffs 5, Country Club Morket 2. Foley Manufacturing 7 Steohen's Buick 6. RAIMA IIAOUI Black Hawks 7. Rangers 7. tie Maole leafs 7, North Stars 5. SOCCER MINNESOTA ASSOC. Ulronions 7, Minneapolis Kickers 2. GOLF STATE AMATIUI Dave Haberle. Interlachen 67-74 141 Dick Heise. Olympic Hills. 74-68142 Dick Blooston. Olymoic Hills 72-71143 Dick Kielty. Hiawatha ... 70-73143 Jim Hmiker Hoitimji ... 76-68 144 Jack Blesener. Hiawatha.. 74-72146 Fermovle. H.awntha. 71-76147 Bob Wermck. Oak Ridge 76-72148 George Cliff Mankoto... 73-75148 Dennis Barr, Hiawatha .. 76-73 149 Ted Stork. Edino 73-76149 George Hallin. Wayzata.. 72-77149 Steve Johnson, North Branch 75-74149 Mik Ska, Root River.. 73-76149 Whitev Windahl. MGC... 76-73-149 John Miller. Edina 76-74150 Dr. Don Richard:, Golden Valley 70-80150 John Ccirr. Univeni'y .. 73-77150 Jack Adams. Olympic Hills 71-79150 Gene Christensen, Hazeltine 77-73150 Robbin Harris. University . 74-74 150 Bill Warvan. Midland Hills 75-75150 Bruce Haslerud Southview 74-76 150 Huah Hanson. MCC 75-76151 Dave Oiola. Lost Spur ... 76-75 151 Gary Barton, Ridgeview . 78-73 1 51 Dennis Kowolski, Hiawatha 78-73151 Bob Finsem. Kenyon .. 76-75 151 Bill Reichordt, Rochester.. 80-71151 les fields. Rochester ... 75-74151 Ricnord Graen Rochester.. 79-72 151 Don Johnson. Tom Lee. Gross 75-76151 Jerry Gruidl. Rolling Green 79-72151 Meodowbrook 77-74151 Tom Murphy Rochester 72-79151 lorry Johnson. Interlachen 75-77 152 Steve Howe. Hiawatha .. 76-76 152 Don Mosher, Honeywell.. 73-79152 Tom Burton, Rochester... 77-75 152 Greg Ralston, Rochester... 75-77 152 Ace Gilbertson. Galls 77-75152 Jack Becker. Broemar 75-77152 Peter Cook, North Oaks 79-73152 Don Cassidy, Wirth 79-74153 Carson Herron, Wavzato.. 77-76 153-Tom Herzan, Highland ... 77-74153 Bobby Deem, Faribault ., 76-77153 Bud Chanmnn, MGC . ... 72-81153 Tom Dunwell, University.. 77-74 153 George Green, Hiawatha.. 78-75 153 Jon Stephenson. University 78-75 153 Jim Ihnot, Grass 74-80154 Walter Jones. Gross .... 79-75154 Pete Klass. Lafayette ... 78-76154 innmai. FOR 66 YEARS Palmer's putter SPORTS BRIEFS AM. in the final staaes of trainina for his Monday night fight .with Jtway Etfs, took We time off for a little clowning. Sparring with Rev. Ray Martin, a former boxer, AU hammed it up. "Say your prayers reverend. Hope the angels are in your corner," said Ali before the two went into a furious mock punch out. Finally Ali took a dive and had to be "helped" back to his corner. Then he results I Doug Nelson. St. Cloud... 70 84154 Connie Freeman, Alexandria 77-77154 Mike Clelond. luverne ... 77-77154 Richie Anderson. Olympic Hills 80-74154 Claude Glatzmuier, Rochester 78-76154 Chuck Heikenen. Interlachen 76-78 154 Al Sheldon Meodowbrook 77-77154 WUTCHISTII CLASSIC Arnold Palmer 31-3364 Larry Wood 33-3245 Bruce Crampton 32-34 66 Ken Still 34-3264 Gibbv Gilbert 33-3447 oeorae Bouteil Don Biet Bob Smith J. C. Goosie Ray .-loyd Bob Stone 35-3348 35-3348 35-3348 . 33-3568 36-3248 34-3448 John Lotz 34-3468 Rod funteth 34-3468 R. H. Sitae 34 34 68 Bert Greene 34-34 68 Doug Sanders 33-35 68 Chuck Courtney 34-3569 Bill Collins, 35-3449 Rick Rhoods 35-3469 Jerry Heard 35-3469 Ren Cerruda 35.3469 Jt'tv Dill 34-3569 Steve Melnvk 33-3669 Bobby Greenwood 35-34 69 Frank Beard 36-3369 Johnny Miller 35-3469 Homero Blancas 35-34 69 OTHIRS Rolf Demina 35-3873 Howie Johnson 37-3673 Joel Goldstrond 40-3676 Bob Barbarosa 40-4080 BOXING SUDBURY. Canada Nilsen. Toronto, knocked out fronkie Bullard. Toronto. 2 heavyweights; Colin Fraser, Toronto, stopped Al Ekbar, Montreal, 5. middleweiahts. TOKYO. Japan Beaver Kaiimoto. 112. Japan, outpointed On Oh-tai III'.. South Korea. 10. PORTLAND. Maine Skip Yeaton. 158. Portland, outpointed Al Romano. 150. North Adams. Mass.. 10. TENNIS . AQUATINNIAl FINALS 12 year old boys Peter Norton def. Jim Yoss. 6-4. 6-2. Norton and Mark Burton def. Yoss and Bruce Helgewn 7-5, 3-6, 6-3. 12 year old girls Kari Sandvia def. Margaret Schrimpf. 6-3. 4 4. Katie Adorns and Schrimpf def. Sandvig and Cgthy Brennan 7-5, 4-3. 14 year old boys Mark Nammocber def. Kent Helge- . son. 4-4, 6-2. Mark Wheaton and Pesses def K. Helaeson and Lyon, 4-6. 4-2. 7-5. 14 year old girls Noncy Cadwell def. lizanne Gal-braith 6-2. 6-2. Cadwell and Galbroth def lanigan and I Abbe. 6-0, 7-5. 16 year old bovs Mike Brennan def. Steve Benson, 6-4, 6- 4. Brennan and Benson def. Tom Griffith and Brian Parr. 6-3. 6-4. 16 year old airls Holly Gillim def. Mamie Wheaton, 7- 6 6-0. Gillim and Hope Miller def. Marcy Bernotz and Ann Waters 7 4. 7-6. 18 year old bovs Bill Stark def. Chris Borden, 7-6. 6-2. Barden and Dixon Dahlberg def. Ted Tamey and Gil Ovalement 7-5- 6-2. 18 year old qirls Peggy Borden def. Nancy Thayer, 4-3. 4-4. Chris Sandvia and Leslie Watson def. Brendon and Wneoton 6-3. 6-3. Pfckaw Trartao 8 dfiVS OL V Traibrland's Trailorload SrjeuH.or Sno-Llobib S&G! 71 QOA SKI ("Tho Gharraor") DMrttfteiiilftrTlky errrten !. (Mm MaMiactm Mate-lu art tmhiMi) ONE TQUCKLOAD OF 65 ONLY Cheek these prion 1 HVI Villi 1 ) with ( ) ELECT. START ( jumped up and ran to his dressing room . . . O. J. Sisaptaa suited up in a Buffalo Bills uniform for the first since his knee injury and said he felt fine. No so fine was former Oakland Raider linebacker Chip OUver who spent a year in a hippie commune last season. He packed his bags and left the Raiders camp. NFL Qxnmisskmer Peter RoaaOa said Los Angeles must compensate Boston for Phil Olsen with the Rams' No. 1 draft choice in 1972 plus undetermined players or draft choices based on Olsen'i performances this year . . . It may become known as the "Sardine Olympics" after the U.S. team headed for the Pan American Games in Call, Colombia found out they are to be quartered 14 to a room . . . Mario Andrettl and Jo Siffert will join the Can- De Laittre team By JIM BYRNE MtaiiMPOllf. Star Staff Writer For a Who's Who in Northwestern Lawn Tennis Association one good directory is the top entries for the annual father and son tournament starting t o n i g h t and continuing 'through Sunday at the Lafayette Club. Heading those entries are the Carter De Laittres, senior and junior. They are defending champions and seeded No. 1. De Laittre, Jr., was still going in the Public Parks Qualifying Tournament which reaches the quarterfinals tonight at the Nicollet Tennis Center. Other leading entries for the father's and son's which has drawn 38 pairs are John and Dave Barnes, Henry and Bruce Mikkel- HOW ano MVI whHt IkaHee cjintHHet Intl nxAMmst. OTHCa fCSHl, TOO, ALL PRICID CSCTf Am racing circuit at Wat-kins Glen this weekend . . . Off Drysiali and Tom Okkar, the Not. 1-2 seeds won straight set victories in the Pro Tennis Classic at Louisville, Ky The Houston Rockets of the NBA sold Toby Kkn-bal to Milwaukee . . . State Babe Ruth title at stake Double elimination playoffs for the state champion of Senior Babe Ruth (16-18) will continue Saturday afternoon at Os-seo. Irondale and Crystal, both losers last night, will meet at 1:30 pan. and winners Fridley and Brooklyn Center meet at 4 pjn. Another game, between competitors determined by the afternoon action, win take place at 7 p.m. tomorrow, with the final game Sunday at 1 p.m. won, Don and John King, Dan and Tom Brennan, Mark and Bob Van Hoef, Paul and Dave Peterson, Ken and Bob Allen and Bob and Brian Mahin. Peggy Barden of St. Cloud came out with the most honors as 16 champion ships in the junior Aquatennial Tournament for boys and girls were determined at the University of Minnesota dburts Thursday. Miss Barden, a 17-year-old, defeated Nancy Thayer. 6-3, 6-4 for the 18-year-old girls title. Miss Brenden was also named winner of the tournament's third annual Nancy Countryman Sportsmen-ship award. Mrs. Countryman is a prime mover in the junior development movement by the NWLTA. I 2G3C.C. I 10II.P. I 3 I 1 ife gHL MIKE BRENNAN SWINGS AGAIN top net Peter Norton won the 12-year-old boys title and then teamed with Mark Burton to win the doubles. Mike Brennan defeated Steve Benson 6-4, 6-4 for the boys 16 crown. First -seeded Jerry Noyce and Bill Kuross advanced to the quarterfinals of the Public Parks Tournament last night. Noyce defeated Chuck Pu-leston 6-2, 6-4 while Kuross downed Tim Butorau 6-4, 6-1. Paul Krause and Bill Kennan had their match each won one set. It was halted by darkness after to be resumed today be ATrEirnon imSTUIIG FAIJS! SAT. IIITE, JULY 24, 9 P.M. At Ths CUrapdis Audit. Hercules Cortez Ths Two Top Undefeated Ccnteixhrs Cattle It Out! 2IJD tlAHJ EVENT! iknscticnd English Wrestler BILLY ROBINSON VERSUS EDUARDO CARPENTIER 2 ef the Oreetest Ixpenents ef Scientific Wresriing! HUS SPECIAL TAG TEAH COOT! LARRY "Pretty Boy" HENNIG And "LusctKJS" LARS ANDERSON Versus "Call" BULLINSKI And? Mystery Partner PLUS Wtit Coast Star RAY STEVENS w. RED BASTIEN . HUS Tkt SHtw d Itad e. n4 lutsW VhImm VIVIAM VACH0NE Vtrwi KAY NOBLE The 1 UesHm CMtonhn f S .Thelgles'TIHe i MuSfAR COUTI Gflfl HIS Kx Minneapolis Star Photo by Russell Bull seed fore the q u a r t e r f i n a 1 round. L All CUumm mud Street sftocit SATURDAY Tim TRIALS :S0 KUmiiutttoiManiii tw. TWIN CITY DRAGSTR 3JW at ISta Ave. N (mm I v? MAIN EVENT Nick Bockwinkel Versus IN AU! II U Uii pfcCHHTY AT EAST KNEWN Ottwi's frft end at (Will lit. Rett, H n HW'gl"J aagiacsacsa n ei ... . e Mat-JtMii . 1 mmwimwirKm.MB ,11 m mrmC. -wEkmirt

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