The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 17, 2002 · Page 71
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 71

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, July 17, 2002
Page 71
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ET_F_13_F13_LA_1_07-17-02_we_1_CMYK 2002:07:16:14:51:24 TODAY ON TV B aseball took center stage in prime time last week, though its batting average was decidedly mixed, with strong ratings by cable standards for ESPN’s coverage of the “Home Run Derby” but record-low viewing of the All- Star Game on Fox, based on viewing estimates issued Tuesdayby Nielsen Media Research. Even with a lower slugging percentage—sliding 9% below last year—the All-Star Game topped all programs. Meanwhile, “Home Run Derby” averaged 7.7 million viewers to lead cable fare, which would have placed it No. 33 among programs on the broadcast networks last week. CBS’ “Big Brother 3,” meanwhile, opened to a respectable audience last Wednesday— beating Fox’s “American Idol” in head-to-head competition—then dropped sharply on Thursday and Saturday. Viewing of the three-times-a- week unscripted series has tended to fluctuate—especially on weekends. HBO’s Robin Williams special and TNT’s movie “Door to Door,” starring William H. Macy, also attracted significant audiences Sunday. NBC cashed in with a Saturday telecast of “Men in Black”—timed to the sequel’s release—while ABC corralled its largest Monday night movie summer audience in three years with “The Horse Whisperer.” Brian Lowry Baseball Dips, but It Scores National Nielsen Viewership Here are the rankings for national prime- time network television last week (July 8-14) as compiled by Nielsen Media Research. They are based on the average num- ber of people who watched a program from start to finish. Nielsen estimates there are 269 million potential viewers in the U.S. age 2and older. Viewership is listed in millions. Program Network View- ersProgram Network Viewers 1 All-Star Game FOX14.65 2 CSICBS13.04 3 All-Star Pregame ShowFOX12.43 4 Everybody Loves RaymondCBS11.64 5 Law & OrderNBC11.34 6 “The Horse Whisperer”ABC10.91 7 60 MinutesCBS10.80 8 48 Hours (Mon.)CBS10.24 9 BeckerCBS10.17 10 Dog Eats DogNBC10.10 11 “Men in Black”NBC9.39 12 Big Brother 3 (Wed.)CBS9.19 13 Fear FactorNBC8.99 14 American Idol (Wed.)FOX8.96 15 Crime & PunishmentNBC8.81 16 Law & Order: Criminal IntentNBC8.80 17 “Holy Joe”CBS8.73 18 Law & Order: SVUNBC8.65 19 60 Minutes IICBS8.38 20 Dateline NBC (Tue.)NBC8.36 21 Primetime ThursdayABC8.34 22 “Tonight/10th Anniversary”NBC8.01 23 20/20 (Fri.)ABC8.00 FriendsNBC8.00 25 My Wife & KidsABC7.95 26 Yes, DearCBS7.77 27 The West WingNBC7.73 28 FrasierNBC7.67 29 Will & GraceNBC7.59 Big Brother 3 (Thu.)CBS7.59 31 JAGCBS7.58 32 Judging AmyCBS7.57 33 King of QueensCBS7.53 34 Price Is Right: Coast GuardCBS7.47 35 “Jerry Maguire”FOX7.46 36 Crossing JordanNBC7.42 37 Mole II: The Next BetrayalABC7.30 38 The GuardianCBS7.23 39 The AgencyCBS7.12 40 Spy TV (8:30 p.m.)NBC7.06 41 Touched by an Angel (Sun.)CBS7.04 America Fights BackFOX7.04 43 48 HoursCBS6.98 ScrubsNBC6.98 45 Just Shoot MeNBC6.82 46 State v.ABC6.71 47 Scrubs (8:30 p.m.)NBC6.67 48 Houston MedicalABC6.51 49 Datline NBC (Fri.)NBC6.37 50 Spy TV (8 p.m.)NBC6.32 51 Cops (8:30 p.m.)FOX6.24 52 ERNBC6.12 53 Funniest Home VideosABC6.06 54 According to Jim (8:30 p.m.)ABC6.02 55 According to Jim (8 p.m.)ABC5.93 56 48 Hours (Wed.)CBS5.79 57 Weakest Link (Sun.)NBC5.62 58 WWE Smackdown!UPN5.50 59 Beyond Belief: Factor or Fiction FOX5.35 60 The Drew Carey ShowABC5.33 61 Big Brother 3 (Sat.)CBS5.32 62 CopsFOX5.27 63 Bernie Mac (8:30 p.m.)FOX5.16 64 Bernie Mac Show (8 p.m.)FOX5.04 65 The DistrictCBS4.90 66 Whose Line (Fri., 9:30 p.m.)ABC4.81 PulseFOX4.81 68 “Cadet Kelly”ABC4.79 69 Drew Carey Show (Wed., 9:30 p.m.) ABC4.69 70 Dateline NBC (Sun.)NBC4.56 71 Whose Line? (Fri., 9 p.m.)ABC4.38 72 The PracticeABC4.20 73 “Star Trek: First Contact”ABC4.18 74 “You Only Live Twice”ABC4.12 75 The Agency (Sat.)CBS3.94 76 Boston PublicFOX3.90 77 Invasion:/Cameras (8 p.m.)FOX3.78 78 “Marc Anthony: I’ve Got You”CBS3.76 79 Invasion: Hidden Cameras (8:30 p.m.) FOX3.70 80 SmallvilleWB3.51 81 AliasABC3.42 82 Dog Eat Dog (Sat.)NBC3.19 83 Gilmore GirlsWB3.18 84 The ParkersUPN3.16 85 One on OneUPN3.07 86 GirlfriendUPN2.96 87 Reba (Thu.)WB2.60 88 “Three to Tango”WB2.59 89 The HughleysUPN2.55 90 RebaWB2.52 91 7th HeavenWB2.49 92 Raising DadWB2.45 93 Ally McBealFOX2.42 94 The X-FilesFOX2.40 95 Smallville (Mon.)WB2.34 96 Sabrina, the Teenage WitchWB1.98 97 Buffy the Vampire SlayerUPN1.82 98 Charmed (Sun.)WB1.79 99 Jamie Kennedy (8:30 p.m.)WB1.72 100 EnterpriseUPN1.71 101 Jamie Kennedy (9 p.m.)WB1.66 102 Maybe It’s MeWB1.56 103 Off CentreWB1.50 104 Code Name Phoenix UPN1.49 105 AngelWB1.46 106 Buffy/Vampire Slayer (Wed.)UPN1.45 107 Under One RoomUPN1.41 108 For Your Love (7:30 p.m.)WB1.39 109 For Your Love (7 p.m.)WB1.34 Network Averages Here is the number of viewers (in millions) that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. Network Last week Season To date CBS7.7311.58 NBC7.6412.58 FOX7.208.60 ABC6.239.01 UPN2.634.03 WB2.253.53 LOSANGELESTIMESWEDNESDAY,JULY17,2002 F13 ©2002 Feld Entertainment Buyticketsat TicketCentersor call (213) 480-3232 TICKET PRICES: $13 - $16 - $21 - $35 VIP (Service chargesand handling feesmayapply; no service charge atArena BoxOffice.) OPENSTONIGHT! JULY18 7:30 PM JULY19 11:00 AM 7:30 PM JULY20 11:30 AM 3:30 PM 7:30 PM JULY21 1:30 PM* 5:30 PM Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun. Meetthe animalsup close atthe Animal Open House SM . Getautographs and clown around atthe Three Ring Adventure ® . The fun begins90 minutes before showtime – AllFREEwith your ticket. JULY24-AUG. 4 Also Appearing: For Information call(213) 748-6131  Groups(866) LA-GROUP, (909) 988-9859 *Bilingual Performance presented locallyby LA SPORTS ARENA Wed. 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Then again, a few of those who do take part tend to get carried away, leading during the past few years to internal feuds in which anonymous letters have circulated among board members. At times, these shenanigans have been more entertaining than most of the sitcoms in Emmy contention, but they may also have fed a perception that getting involved might be more trouble than it’s worth. Another major question mark hovers over who will televise the Emmys and how much they’ll pay for those rights. An agreement under which the four leading broadcast networks share the show on a rotating basis expires this year, and sources say preliminary talks about a new deal began this week. Academy officials—citing the $50-million and $20-million annual fees, respectively, reaped by the Oscars and Grammys—have stated a desire to significantly increase the $3 million or so the Em- mys earn, which provides more than a quarter of the group’s revenue. Unfortunately, going for the gold comes with a risk. In the past, the academy has raised its fee by striking exclusive deals with a single network, but doing so alienated rival broadcasters, who threatened to boycott the ceremony. Academy negotiators thus find themselves between the proverbial rock and hard place. Sure, the networks love being honored with awards, but tight-fisted executives aren’t of a mind to spend more for anything as their stock prices tumble. Yet seeking a more lucrative deal elsewhere—perhaps even at a cable network—would not only deny some viewers access to the show but also undermine it as a unified celebration of television’s best. For all these headaches, the academy does considerable good that shouldn’t be overlooked. Its charitable foundation oversees college internships and awards as well as the Archive of American Television—a noble endeavor that remembers the industry’s pioneers (even if current TV executives have forgotten) by conducting and preserving lengthy interviews with them. Moreover, though fans often quibble over choices and oversights—including a historic stodginess when it comes to recognizing new talent—the Emmys can at least point to a relatively pristine voting process and telecast, setting them apart in notable ways from other TV awards. That includes the People’s Choice and TV Guide Awards—where winners are tipped off in advance to ensure their attendance—or the Golden Globes, which despite gaining prestige since moving to NBC still seem to correlate strongly with the size of stars’ “Q” popularity scores and studio gift baskets. Installing a president empowered to implement goals and bring continuity to the organization would certainly be a step in the right direction, as would securing a TV deal providing a respectable bump in pay that doesn’t require shifting the Emmy telecast to the Outdoor Life Network. So load up the coffeemaker and set the alarm for before dawn if you’re desperate to know who’s up for an Emmy. If you’re awaiting answers regarding the academy’s behind-the-scenes dramas, however, you might just want to stay in bed. Brian Lowry’s column appears Wednesdays. He can be reached at Lowry: Many Answers Missing for Academy Continued from F1 Tips for Today 1-2 p.m.—To the Point : “Blueprint for National Security,” KCRW-FM (89.9). 9-9:30 p.m., 2-2:30 a.m.—Have Gun, Will Travel : Paladin (John Dehner) investigates reports of a monster in the mountains (originally broadcast March 8, 1959), KNX (1070). 10-11 p.m.—Arts in Review : Cast members from Tennessee Williams’ “Lament for the Moths” (Laurelgrove Theatre) perform Williams’ poetry, KPFK-FM (90.7). Drama-Comedy-Family 9:30-10 p.m., 2:30-3 a.m.—X-Minus 1 : A man from the future goes back in time to shoot a dinosaur (originally broadcast March 7, 1956), KNX (1070). Classical 10-11 a.m.—Morning Symphony : O’Connor (“The Fiddle Concerto,” Concordia Orchestra), KCSN-FM (88.5). 11 a.m.-3 p.m.—Charles Andrews : Dvorák (8th Symphony, Herbert von Karajan conducts Vienna Philharmonic) (11:20 a.m.- noon), KUSC-FM (91.5). 7-8 p.m.—Symphony at 7 : Beethoven (6th Symphony, Chamber Symphony of New York), KMZT-FM (105.1). 8-10 p.m.—Evening Concert : Thomas (“Mignon: Overture,” American Promenade Orchestra), KMZT-FM (105.1). Country-Folk-Jazz-Pop 7:30-10 p.m.—Metropolis : Guest DJs, the Crystal Method (8-9 p.m.), Tim “Love” Lee (910 p.m.), KCRW-FM (89.9). Sports 7-10 p.m.—Baseball : San Diego Padres at Dodgers, KXTA (1150), KWKW (1330). 7-10 p.m.—Baseball : Angels at Oakland A’s, KLAC (570), XPRS (1090). Talk-Interview 9-11 a.m.—Bill O’Reilly , KABC (790). 9-11 a.m.—Larry Mantle’s Airtalk : “Cadiz Water Project” (10-10:30 a.m.), KPCC-FM (89.3). 9a.m.-noon—Rush Limbaugh , KFI (640). 9a.m.-noon—Michael Jackson , KLAC (570). 9a.m.-noon, 7-9 p.m.—Dennis Prager , KRLA (870). 9a.m.-noon—Laura Ingraham , KPLS (830). 11-11:45 a.m.—Allred & Taylor , KABC (790). 11 a.m.-noon—Sam Rubin , KLSX-FM (97.1). 11 a.m.-1 p.m.—Talk of the Nation , KPCC- FM (89.3). Noon-1 p.m.—Jim Cramer , KLAC (570). Noon-1 p.m.—George Putnam , KPLS (830). Noon-3 p.m.—Sean Hannity , KABC (790). Noon-3 p.m.—Laura Schlessinger , KFI (640). Noon-3 p.m.—Michael Medved , KRLA (870). Noon-3 p.m.—Frosty, Heidi and Frank , KLSX-FM (97.1). 1-2 p.m.—Dean Edell , KLAC (570). 1-2:30 p.m.—Talk of the City With Kitty Felde , KPCC-FM (89.3). 2-5 p.m.—Clark Howard , KLAC (570). 3-7 p.m.—Larry Elder , KABC (790). 3-7 p.m.—John & Ken , KFI (640). 3-7 p.m.—Hugh Hewitt , KRLA (870). 3-8 p.m.—Tom Leykis , KLSX-FM (97.1). 4-5 p.m.—Marc Cooper , KPFK-FM (90.7). 4-7 p.m.—Michael Savage , KPLS (830). 4-8 p.m.—Duffy and Co. , KKLA-FM (99.5). 5-7 p.m.—Leslie Marshall , KLAC (570). 7-10 p.m.—Phil Hendrie , KFI (640). RADIO Morning 8:30 a.m. ) KCAL Inside Edition 66291 - KCOP Sabrina, the Animated Series (TVG) 38843 8 KVCR ... U.S. History to 1877 < KCET Arthur (TVY) 48475 > KPXN James Robison. 60611 H KTBN Father Michael Manning R KOCE Barney & Friends (TVY) Z KLCS Cursive Handwriting; Phonics in Context (8:45) A&E NewsRadio (TVPG) DISN PB&J Otter (TVY) E! Behind the Scenes (TVPG) ESPN2 Sportsman’s Quest FAM Medabots (TVY7-FV) 146562 HGTV Smart Solutions LIFE Designing Women (TVPG-D) NICK SpongeBob SquarePants TLC NiNi’s Treehouse (TVY) USA ✔✔ ‘‘Dead in the Water’’ ’91 (PG-13) 2hr 801253 9:00 a.m. " KCBS Martha Stewart 11340 % KTLA Sally (TVPG) 53340 ' KABC # KEYT J KESQ Live With Regis and Kelly 88036 ) KCAL Judge Joe Brown + KTTV I Love Lucy - KCOP Maury 40814 6 KWHY Dragon Ball Z 8 KVCR Mister Rogers (TVY) < KCET Clifford the Big Red Dog H KTBN Dr. Cherry N KFTR Hoy Te Vi R KOCE Portrait of a Family X KDOC Life in the Word Z KLCS Turn on to Geometry A&E Magnum, P.I. (TVPG) BET BET Start BRVO Hill Street Blues CMAX ✔ ‘‘Iron Will’’ ’94 (PG) 1hr48 9695140 CNBC Power Lunch 854727 CNN CNN Live DSC Interior Motives (TVG) DISN Out of the Box (TVY) E! The E! True Hollywood Story ESPN Baseball Tonight ESPN2 NBA Inside Stuff 6636920 FAM It’s Itsy Bitsy Time! (TVY) FNC Fox News Live FX MASH (TVPG) HGTV Appraisal Fair HIST The Century: America’s Time IFC ✔✔✔ ‘‘Longtime Companion’’ ’90 (R) 1hr40 38922949 (9:15) LIFE Golden Girls (TVPG-D) MSNBC Curtis & Kuby 1802497 MTV TRL (TVPG) NICK Rugrats 953814 SCI-FI Sightings (TVPG) SHOW ✔✔✔ ‘‘The Woman in the Window’’ ’44 54147415 (9:05) TBS Matlock (TVPG) TCM ✔✔✔ ‘‘The Mayor of Hell’’ ’33 1hr25 20442982 (9:15) TLC A Baby Story (TVPG) TNN Judge Mills Lane (TVPG) TNT ER (TV14-L) 9:30 a.m. ) KCAL Judge Joe Brown + KTTV I Love Lucy 6 KWHY Los de al Lado 8 KVCR Jay Jay the Jet Plane < KCET Barney & Friends (TVY) 74388 H KTBN Lifestyle Magazine R KOCE Portrait of a Family X KDOC Benny Hinn Z KLCS Turn on to Geometry AMC ✔✔✔ ‘‘Rio Bravo’’ ’59 2hr30 701340 DISN Rolie Polie Olie (TVY) ESPN2 Air and Sea Show FAM Living the Life FSN2 Southern California Sports FX MASH (TVPG) HBO The Road to Perdition: HBO First Look (TVPG) 825271 HGTV Appraise It! LIFE Golden Girls (TVPG-D) NICK Hey Arnold! 698475 SUND ✔✔✔ ‘‘Lone Star’’ ’96 (R) 2hr17 709982 TLC A Baby Story (TVPG) TMC ✔ ‘‘Blood and Lace’’ ’71 (PG) 1hr27 567253 TNN Judge Mills Lane (TVPG) 10:00 a.m. " KCBS The Price Is Right (TVG) # KEYT Voice of Santa Barbara $ KNBC Rosie O’Donnell 71659 % KTLA Sally 11291 ' KABC J KESQ The View 13659 ) KCAL Judge Mathis (TVPG) + KTTV Good Day Live 46901 - KCOP Montel Williams 86630 6 KWHY De Buen Humor con Omar 8 KVCR Sesame Street 88630 < KCET Caillou (TVY) 17384 B KMEX Marta Susana H KTBN Behind the Scenes N KFTR Isabella Mujer Enamorada R KOCE Portrait of a Family T KVEA Solterita y a la Orden X KDOC Rockford Files (TVPG-V) Z KLCS My Beautiful House A&E Murder, She Wrote (TVG) BET Videolink BRVO St. Elsewhere COM The Daily Show 8686272 DSC Lynette Jennings Design DISN Stanley (TVY) ESPN SportsCentury: Isiah Thomas FAM The 700 Club FNC Fox News Live FSN2 Best Damn Sports Show FX MASH (TVPG) HBO ✔ ‘‘American Outlaws’’ ’01 (PG-13) 1hr33 9902678 HGTV A Place to Call Home HIST History’s Lost & Found (TVG) LIFE Mad About You (TVPG-L) MTV Making the Video (TVPG) NICK Blue’s Clues 102253 SCI-FI Dark Shadows 3280122 TBS Hunter (TV14) TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TNN Diff’rent Strokes (TVG) TNT ER (TVPG) VH1 Rock Across America Top 20 10:30 a.m. ) KCAL Judge Mathis (TVPG) < KCET Between the Lions (TVY) 28611 D KMIR Judge Joe Brown H KTBN R.W. Schambach R KOCE Portrait of a Family Z KLCS Chemistry CMAX MAX on Set (TVPG) (10:50) COM Win Ben Stein’s Money DISN PB&J Otter (TVY) ESPN2 RPM 2Night FSN Bicycle Racing– Tour de France. 37369 FX MASH (TVPG) HGTV Designing for the Sexes HIST The Wrath of God (TVG) LIFE Mad About You (TVPG) MTV Wannabes NICK Oswald SCI-FI Dark Shadows 5784659 TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TNN Diff’rent Strokes (TVG) USA ✔✔✔ ‘‘Courage Under Fire’’ ’96 (R) 2hr30 912494 11:00 a.m. " KCBS The Young and the Restless (TV14-D) 66727 $ KNBC News % KTLA The Ananda Lewis Show 56217 ' KABC News ) KCAL Crossing Over 49340 + KTTV Divorce Court (TVPG) - KCOP Jenny Jones 57974 8 KVCR Culinary Travels < KCET Teletubbies (TVY) 79272 B KMEX Mujer Casos de la Vida Real D KMIR News H KTBN James Robison J KESQ Montel Williams 22098 N KFTR La Oreja R KOCE The Human Condition T KVEA Mi Pequeña Mamá X KDOC Perry Mason (TVPG-V) Z KLCS Shakespeare Shorts A&E Murder, She Wrote (TVG) BET Countdown BRVO Moonlighting CMAX ✔✔✔ ‘‘Moulin Rouge’’ ’01 (PG-13) 2hr06 98235340 (11:05) CNN Live From ... COM Whose Line Is It Anyway? CSPN U.S. House of Representatives DSC Lynette Jennings Design DISN The Book of Pooh (TVY) E! Revealed With Jules Asner (TVPG) Carnie Wilson. 772982 ESPN Basketball– NBA Summer Hoops: Hawks vs. Bucks. 114123 ESPN2 Wire to Wire FAM It’s Itsy Bitsy Time! (TVY) FNC Fox News Live FSN EX TV FX The Practice (TV14) HGTV The Carol Duvall Show HIST In Search Of ... (TVG) IFC ✔✔ ‘‘The Winter Guest’’ ’97 (R) 1hr46 4018611 LIFE Any Day Now (TV14-D) MSNBC Buchanan & Press 2241901 MTV Beat Seekers (TVPG) NICK Dora the Explorer 717949 SCI-FI Forever Knight (TVPG) SHOW ✔✔✔ ‘‘Rock-a-Bye Baby’’ ’58 1hr43 7403982 TBS ✔✔ ‘‘Above the Law’’ ’88 (R) 2hr 498776 TCM ✔✔✔ ‘‘Picture Snatcher’’ ’33 1hr17 5839348 TLC A Personal Story (TVPG) TMC ✔✔ ‘‘Kiss Me, Guido’’ ’97 (R) 1hr26 359456 TNN Three’s Company (TVPG) TNT NYPD Blue (TV14-DLV) VH1 Hot Couples (TVPG) 785456 11:30 a.m. ' KABC # KEYT Port Charles 90681 ) KCAL Crossing Over 57369 + KTTV Judge Hatchett (TVPG) 2 KSCI Taiwan News 8 KVCR Kaye’s Quilting Friends < KCET Jay Jay the Jet Plane H KTBN Benny Hinn R KOCE The Human Condition T KVEA Noticiero Z KLCS Third Planet BET 106 & Park: BET’s Top 10 Live COM Beat the Geeks (TVPG) DSC Lynette Jennings Design DISN The Wiggles ESPN2 Rodeo– PRCA Tour. 1195123 FAM It’s Itsy Bitsy Time! 787833 FSN EX TV HBO ✔✔ ‘‘After the Shock’’ ’90 (PG) 1hr36 77236982 (11:45) HGTV Simply Quilts HIST Haunted History (TVG) NICK Little Bill 718678 TLC A Personal Story (TVPG) TNN Three’s Company (TVPG) Afternoon Noon " KCBS News $ KNBC The Other Half 77659 % KTLA 7th Heaven (TVG) ' KABC # KEYT All My Children 22123 ) KCAL News + KTTV Divorce Court (TVPG) - KCOP Ricki Lake 22369 2 KSCI Mandarin Drama 6 KWHY El Show del Pueblo 8 KVCR Terry Madden’s Watercolor Workshop < KCET Sesame Street 57611 B KMEX María Celina D KMIR Ananda Lewis Show H KTBN The 700 Club J KESQ News N KFTR El Escándalo del Mediodía R KOCE Instructional TV T KVEA Pobre Pablo X KDOC Ironside (TVPG-V) Z KLCS On Common Ground AMC ✔✔✔ ‘‘The Getaway’’ ’72 (PG) 2hr10 69777562 A&E The View Actress BRVO Antiques Roadshow CNBC Closing Bell CNN TalkBack Live 228630 COM Saturday Night Live (TVPG) DSC Home Matters (TVG) DISN Rolie Polie Olie (TVY) E! Celebrity Profile (TVPG) FAM Growing Pains FNC Fox News Live FSN This Is the PGA Tour FSN2 Bluetorch TV FX ✔✔ ‘‘Taps’’ ’81 (PG) 5670384 HGTV Decorating With Style HIST History’s Mysteries (TVPG) LIFE Unsolved Mysteries (TVPG) MTV The Real World Chicago Reunion (TVPG) 853340 NICK Summer Pick Nick 973678 SCI-FI The Twilight Zone (TVPG) SUND ✔✔✔ ‘‘The Turandot Project’’ ’00 1hr27 927524 TLC A Makeover Story (TVG) TNN MAD TV (TVPG) TNT ‘‘Her Deadly Rival’’ ’95 2hr 450123 VH1 Driven (TVPG) 12:30 p.m. " KCBS The Bold and the Beautiful (TV14-D) 63456 + KTTV Judge Hatchett (TVPG) 8 KVCR American Cinema R KOCE Right on the Money Z KLCS Reading Rainbow (TVY) DISN Winnie the Pooh (TVY) ESPN2 Running of the Bulls FAM Step by Step (TVPG) HGTV Kitty Bartholomew ... IFC Monaco 37574681 (12:45) NICK Summer Pick Nick 692291 SCI-FI The Twilight Zone (TVPG) SHOW ✔✔ ‘‘Autumn in New York’’ ’00 (PG-13) 31700475 (12:45) TCM ✔✔✔ ‘‘G-Men’’ ’35 1hr25 4785253 TLC A Makeover Story (TVG) TMC ✔✔✔ ‘‘The Freshman’’ ’90 (PG) 1hr43 3522340 TNN MAD TV (TVPG) 1:00 p.m. " KCBS As the World Turns (TV14-D) 51611 $ KNBC D KMIR Days of Ou r Lives (TV14) 86307 % KTLA Sister, Sister (TVG) ' KABC # KEYT J KESQ One Life to Live 72253 ) KCAL The People’s Court + KTTV Texas Justice - KCOP A Different World < KCET Mister Rogers (TVY) 19524 > KPXN Encounters With the Unexplained (TVPG) B KMEX Milagros (TVPG) H KTBN John Hagee R KOCE Simply Painting Around the World T KVEA Cotorreando 35475 X KDOC Streets of San Francisco (TVPG-V) Z KLCS The Story of Read-Alee- Deed-Alee ; Club Write (1:15) A&E Law & Order (TVPG) BET Cita’s World BRVO Bravo Profiles (TVPG) CMAX ✔✔✔ ‘‘Gladiator’’ ’00 (R) 2hr34 54284384 (1:15) CNBC Closing Bell CNN Inside Politics 244678 COM Saturday Night Live (TVPG) DSC Home Matters (TVG) DISN ✔✔ ‘‘The Other Me’’ ’00 1hr30 597366 E! Mysteries & Scandals (TVPG-V) ESPN Off Course FAM ✔✔ ‘‘Meteorites!’’ ’98 (PG- 13) 2hr 390456 FNC Your World With Neil Cavuto 2950302 FSN MuscleSport USA FSN2 Basketball– USC vs. Arizona. 624746 HGTV Decorating Cents HIST Modern Marvels (TVG) Los Angeles/ Orange County " KCBS (CBS) 02 $ KNBC (NBC) 04 % KTLA (WB) 05 ' KABC (ABC) 07 ) KCAL (Ind.) 09 + KTTV (Fox) 11 - KCOP (UPN) 13 2 KSCI (Ind.) 18 6 KWHY (Ind.) 22 < KCET (PBS) 28 > KPXN (PAX) 30 B KMEX (Uni.) 14 H KTBN (Ind.) 40 N KFTR (Futr.) 26 R KOCE (PBS) 50 T KVEA (Tele.) 23 X KDOC (Ind.) 56 Y KJLA (Ind.) 25 Z KLCS (Edu.) 17 Palm Springs D KMIR (NBC) 04 J KESQ 7, 25 Santa Barbara # KEYT (ABC) 07 San Bernardino 8 KVCR (PBS) 24 A&E 39 AMC 35 BET 57 BRVO 54 CNBC 31 COM 79 CSPN 29 CMAX 45 CNN 42 DSC 37 DISN 53 E! 63 ESPN 34 ESPN2 84 FAM 47 FNC 91 FSN 27 FSN2 59 FX 89 HBO 33 HIST 30 HGTV 80 IFC 21 LIFE 46 MSNBC 90 MTV 48 NICK 38 SCI-FI 87 SHOW 41 SUND 36 TBS 43 TCM 88 TLC 51 TMC 58 TNN 49 TNT 52 USA 44 VH1 62 Cable Services Use numbers after call letters to set VCR Plus. Where there are two numbers, repeat the procedure. (R) in the grid, denotes a repeat program. Movie Ratings ✔✔✔✔ A CLASSIC ✔✔✔ FIRST RATE ✔✔ FLAWED: HAS MOMENTS ✔ DESPERATION TIME TV RATINGS (TVY)All Children (TVY7)Directed to Older Children (TVY7-FV)Directed to Older Children; Fantasy/Violence (TVG)General Audience (TVPG)Parental Guidance (TV14)Parents Strongly Cautioned (TVMA)Mature Audiences Only (D)Suggestive Dialogue (L)Coarse Language (S)Sex (V)Violence CHANNELS Continued on next page To donate time or money to Reading by 9,call

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