Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 11, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1896
Page 6
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BUSHING BUSINESS A Teteran of the Late War Adds One More Name to the List of Striking Cures by Pink Pills in Michigan. IN OLD-FiSHED, URGE Fill? OF TWEES ClilLBifl From the Couricr-Ifi A few years 350 a wave of Ln Grippe «wept over the hiuil and brought ihotiMimla of it-M victims to tlie ^t'ltvo. Others \vho escaped tin? tiite limliin in sorrow iiml stillftr- lin" broken in henltli iiml spirit. Ten-idle ivs was tlie disoiiso. its after effects •were yet more uppulling, ns it, sought nitt tilt! "woiifctit'sses of the eonshnition uiul led tliou- jsanii.s shuitL'ivfl wrooks of tlio.ir foniu't* solves. A few iliiys it.fo a Cau-rier-Jfcra/il representative, while tit the thrivimj lidlc tmvn of _A.kron, .\fioli., met Joha L. Smith, a vetet'itti •of the. mdustriit.1 tinny, on whose 11.1/1 House and -Senate Send Through 2 Big Gritt of Bills. •Money Appropriated for Exposition a Omaha, Neb.— Aldrich Given Seat in the House. papers reported euros of 'cases simitar to mine i'H«;'tecl • liy Or. Williams' Pink Pills imil tlipiiir'H I would try ilieni. 1 bought n liox niul continued I heir iisc wil.ii gooiJ results. 1 soon IH'L;IHI lo .rain in strength imd health anil full the j;ouil ell'ect of the Pills. "They were the first tilings tiint had been nhle to give me relict', bent-fir, to me uw! I ey huve been ol' ':i:i strongly recom- nu'inl them lo aiiyonti Millbviiig piiralysis." Tin? en.«e of nnntlier velernn has come to ithcdisensc htid fiille*. uiul he lieunl him" li-ll I the intention of ihisj'iipemml it is here j_-iven: !Jio«- he had sulFurcd mid whut hud given When, in IStil, tlio tiite of mtr Union hung &im relief. treiiihiiiii; in the Imlimee, mid President • We cuu flo no hotter thiin riuoic his own •words, which lire us follows: "Almui. .seven years ago I was token clown with t.hc "'Grip,' nml it fustuned on me very Imrfl. Tor about iinlf the winter I was so l>tuf thnt I •could not leave the house. 1'wns chilly all *the time, and could not Ret w:inn. I ft It i\s •<5f I WHS frozen solid, and could only breathe •with (trout tliflU'ulty. "This condition alternated with sweatinc; ^spells of ^rent violence. There mis :in nl- most continuous 'piiin, anil it would shoot from one purl of ray body to another; with Teat suddenness, mid enuso me intense siif- int; Lincoln teers to Ids liinious fidl for volun- o to the front iiml fii;liL t!>r its prea- ei'vniion,' mi imineili.-ite ri'.-punse swept over the North like ii tiihil 1 wiive, ami redment lifter regiment or hrnvc hoys in hlne qiuckly sprang up from every qtmrter. Unmindful of.the privations of n soldier's -life, nml the liorror.4 of war, they shouldered their muskets nml marched to the front to battle for their country. Summit; tlielirst tonnswcr the call was E. G. Muttlicn's, who ctdistcd us a memlicr of Company D, 103d Ohio Infantry, and who fought bravely until the close of the great „. Sometimes it was in my hips, then ! -struggle. Mr. Matthews now lives with his an my legs, and ngitin it would go to my j wife Iiml family of six children and grund- Iheojl and pain me in the eyes. It was so in- children on his farm near Akron, Tnscola •' ' ' County, Michigan. While in the rauks ho contracted inflammatory .rheumatism and this developed into a trouble that remained with him for over thirty years. He finally became cured of-it and to a representative of the Courier-Herald ho spoke of his case Itenso that, it even affected my sight. "I called in medical assistance, hut tin's •wns fruitless, us I received no benefit from physicians. From then on I' tried various preparations that were recommended to me, 'tut they did me no good, and my condition "was as bad and pain fa 1 as it was before I "tried tiicm. "Finally, I saw nn advertisement of Dr. •Williams' Pink Pills for Pule People, and I !?oad -with much interest of the wonderful -cures that they had effected in so many ••cases. I had tried so many proprietary preparations that I had no fai y propnct .ith in it, ns follows: but tried "During the late war I was a member of Compmry J>, I&'id Ohio IniJuitry, mid performed all the duties incident to a soldier's life from 1SC2 to 1605. While at, the front owing to the privations of our soldier life, I contracted intlammatory rheumatism, and this finally developed into a permanent form :it, as Ifoadeo many other things, to see if: of rheumatism, that hits always troubled me wereof any use. since that time. Viien I was mustered out Jilbey were of any "Ono.day when I was feeling as bad as tusual, I got a box of Pink Pills, and shortly Ifoofore gome to bed I took one pill. 1 cannot :tell .-you wnat a surprised man I was next imortiiag. Then I put on my shoes with ease, «'tiling that I had not done for forty years. A little while after this I was so well that I drove to Bay City, Miuliizan, » distance of _i_-.. _!__ i I -_._.,... .._.,! ...... -. _ L .... _M *.'-.-., twenty-three 'miles, and not at all tired xwhen I got there. '" I am now seventy-six years of age and '.Unusually active for a man of my years. I •vork on my forty-acre farm and experience • -EC ' oir'.'e from "the work. I want to say a •,'gouu won! for Pink Pills, as they helped me Where all else did no good whatever. Since .-any illness and cure n number of myneigh- i-bors have used them, and say that they have 'Jbeen greatly benefited." • Mrs. Smith, the veteran's wife, who sat ••near by, conDrmcd the words that her Inis Oband hud spoken and added her testimony gnn to a-ppear, and my U'ouMe for over thirty to the good-that the pills hud been to the i years' standing began to lie cured, (took family. The worthy couple are old and re- j four boxes more and then felt BO well that 1 spccted residents of Tiiseol! 1 . County, where •i«-»«»'"'" '(they have lived for thirty years. Mr. Smith is a sturdy pioneer, ancl cleared np n -'00=acre farm near Akror.. He yet lives there, eurrouncled by twelve of his thirteen children. Tlmuks to Pink Pills, lie lias « prospect of many years of usefulness. Another sufferer with the same malady was 3Jcil Raymond 1 , n prosperous and lending •farmer,' residing near Colum'biavillc, 'Lapeor •Co., Michigan. Speaking to a representative /of The Courier-Herald, itr. Kayir.ond said: .. . -"Three years ago lust June, one nipht 1 suf-! forms of 'weakness arising from a watery rjpn- - '..,= . ...,.._-.. i , . ._ T j;,;, H , O f {],,; Mood or shattered nerves. Tlie "pills arc sold by nil dealers, or will be sent post paid on receipt of price, 50 cents a box or six boxes fur S2.;;0, (they tire never sold in. docforcd'for'about six months,' with but liule i hulk or by the 100), by addressingPr. WU- relief. For some time I had scea iu tlie j hams' Medicine Co., Schencctudy, N. Y. in 18G3 I went back to Ohio to the place where I enlisted and was laid up there in bed for 12 weeks. I then got out for a short time and was again laid up fora long spell. Since than I have ,been a victim of these attacks and they have laid me up for much of the time. "My case was also complicated by severe kidney troubles and other discuses that Imf- Ilcd the best medical skill. I .have tried mini}- physicians and also proprietary articles of all kinds that were suid to be.good for such troubles as mine. Jii'iny search for health 1 spent hundreds of dollars, but it seemed to be ull in vain, arid nothing seemed to reach my trouble and give mo relief. About avoir into a friend advised me to try T)r. Williams' "Pink Pills, and although I .had no faith in them, 2 bought a box and began to take them. After I had bcfnin on tho third'box n great change in my condition be- ppeaf, and my'trouble for overthirtj .landing began to lie cured. I took _;os more and tl ' ""• discontinued tlieir.nse. "fam now able to work on my farm and have no fear of the old trouble coming back as long us I can get a box of Pink Pills'. My case iras n particularly deep seated one, of long standing, and so I want to let others who are afflicted as 1 .was, know the beneht that these Pint Pills for Pale People have hcen to me." • Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People arc now given to the .public as an unfailing hlood builder and nerve restorer, curing all Washing-ton, June 10.—Mr.. Kem (pop., ?Jcb.) was absent, from his p of duty when ; thu house met at . ten o'clock Wednesday inprniug- in furthe continuation of the legislative day o Saturday, nn;l although there were les. than 50 members present, several ineas ures were disposed of without objec ticn, among- them the following 1 : A resolution offered Ijy Mr. C. \V. Stoni (rep., Pa.) that the secretary of the treas ury be requested to communicate- to thi house at the commencement of the r.ex session such Information as he'may haw or may be able to obtain meantime as u the comparative merits and advantages o pure nlcl-.el, nlcke! alloy, aluminum, combined or alloyed with other metals, am or copper bronze as material tor our minor coins, and for the purpose of making Much Information as full and complete a3 possible the secretary of the treasury Is, authorized to have struct srxh _ experimental minor co'.r.s of the Tnetais mentioned, pure and jn combiniUlJr. wiLh other metals, as lie may duem necessary nru proper, and Is requested to communicate to the house the results und conclusions derived from such experimental coinaKC. A resolution offered by Mr. Moody (rep. Mass.) authorizing elections commlttoe No. 1 to take further cvlc'.i-nce In the contested election case of Hon., U'" vs. Kendall, from the Tenth Kentiic: j district, as to the election In Clark coti'.-.y Mr. Shafroth (rep., Col.) moved to suspend the rules nnd jjnssa bill providing- for 1lie punishment of persons who willfully sct'flru to timber on the public: domain. It met the serious olrjeeti of Mr, Little (.dem., Ark.), but the objection was withdrawn and the bill On motion of'Mr. 3'fondnll '(rep.. Wye.) siMitite concurrent resolution was agreed to directing thc\ secretary of the interior to resume the woi'U of issniiig- patents to the Union Paeifu 1 Enilroa-j c-ompKiiy i'or lands sold by it to bona^fide jmrehiiscrs. •According' to thje list supplied by the company. This w<jrk was suspended a year ufj'O, and oliout, a.jO^.OOU acres of hind and 25,000 purchasers are affected. ' The following wore also passed under suspension of tile rules: Senate-bill maViiif; 1 Santa Uarbara, Cnl,. n sub-port of entry. House bill making Erie. Pa,, a port of ent.ry mid transportation. Upon the consideration oi a resolution reported from The. oommii.tt«e on printing 1 by Mr, Kielmrdson (clem.. TL'im.), providing- for tin* printing' of ,1,000 copies of the bankruptcy bill. Mr. Allen (dem.. Miss.) mndi> his ttsntil i IK speech ;it the close of a c.on- nroiii)}- for ;m i:.\-|XiHltlon. The house passed the senate'tail! appropriating $:3;iO,0(!0 to aid and eneonr- age tilt-. Trails-Mississippi .iind Intcrnii- •fercd nn" attack" of paralysis, brought on, J ;think, by overwork and as an after pflcet of •3agrippe. After a week my condition was «o und that I-summoned a-physician and FOR TERRESTRIAL BLISS '. . . READ LIFE OUT EVERY TUESDAY ABSOLUTELY PURE -/ r* Quiets Pain. Checks Bleeding, Reduces Inflammation, Is the Bicycler's Necessity. Files, Sores, /T*T T T> Iff C Rheumatism, Burns, Colds, \-s U IvJIL, O Sore Throat, Hoarseness, Catarrh, Chilblains, Inflamed Eyes, Wounds, Bruises, Sprains, Headache, Toothache. Use PONHS EXTRACT after Shaving-No Irritation \ £ t ^S^£^S!^S- Use PONUS EXTRACT after Exercising—No Lameness cretionary with the judge,'was agreed tiomil exposition 1C be Neb., in JSDS. At 1:55 o'clock <he house took a re- '«>ss 'iintil three o'clock. Alclriuli Li Si'iitcU. Late Tuesday uttenioon, after 6% hours' clcbii*.-. by a vote of 110 to 10" the house deeidud the election case oi I. H. Aldrich (rep.) versus Osoar AY Underwood (dew.), from theXintliAhi' biinia district, in favor of the former contestant. Tho VViishiiigrton, .Tune 10.—In the senate Wednesday a partial conference report en the sundry civil appropriation bil \\-iw presented and agreed to, 'nnd u further conference ordered,' The item in reg-ard. to the Brussels international .exposition in 1807 is agreed to, appropriating:'$5,000. Senator Allison (rep., 'In:), in making t-he ' report, said that tho only remain Ing' disagreements between the twc houses were as to pn'orif buildinps that'on one of theni-the house had receded, and that he thought there would be no trouble in. dealing with the re ui Hinder. Ifon.se bill to iirlopt reg-ul.itions foi preventing- collisions at sea was reported by Senator Vest (dem., Mo.) from the committee on eo.mmeree and wa: passed. . Senator Hill (dem,, N. Y.) moved to proceed with .the consideration of the bill as to contempts of court (arisir.- out of the Debs case). . An appeal was made to him*y Senator Mitchell (rep, Ore.) not to press the nmtiou, but tc permit the consideration.of the house joint resolution looking- to the reor- ganisation of the Northern Pacific Railroad company. SenatorHJll listened to Senator Mitch ell's appeal, but persisted, nevertheless, in his motion. The contempt of court bill was ther taken up and Senator Porter (pop., Kan.) addressed the senate upon it, expressing his satisfaction with the bill. Senator Butler (pop., N. C.).followed in support of the bill. Senator Tlatt (rep., Conn.) protested against the consideration of such an important bill during the. last days of congress. While he agreed that a judge should not have unlimited, autocratic power to punish.for contempt, .the -pending bill was revolutionary, and should have more mature consideration. Contempt of Court BUI Fais'ed. Senator Hill' made a strong appeal in favor, of the 'passag-e of the contempt ,of court bill: The amendment oSered tempts committed d'.iringr the sitting of tho court, 'or of a judgt In ehnmbc'o, arc direct contempts, all others lire Indirect. A direct contempt iri;ty be punished summai- lly. In tiic case of indirect contempt, a reasonable opportunity Is lo be'given the accused 'to jiurs* himself of such contempt and to httvu u trln! by jury. A judgment of conviction for Indirect contempt may be reviewed upon direct appeal, or by writ of error from the supreme court and may bu atllrnw.l, reversed or modified. • EGYPTIANS OUTDONE. THE LAST CONCERT GIVEN. Saongurfittt \Vllt Concluilu Itn MccHiiRr with it 1'ixraUc mid 1'lvnlc. Pittsburgh, Pa., June 10.—In point of numbers the present suengerfest, is disappointing, us no indication is yet given of the iiiuiicnsc crowds Hint are usually one of the predominating- features o£ the tests. The down-town streets are only somewhat more orowd- .ed thau usual, Thursday's attractions of piu-udc -.aid picnic will probably chang'e this condition, as all the railroads will run special excursion trains. The concluding concerts of Uic sacn- gerfest were held Wednesday afternoon and evening. -. For these festivals probably Hie finest programmes of the week were arranged and, all of the famous soloists appeared. The riisb lor scuts for the final concerts is said to have been unprecedented iu f:lio 'history of the .sacngr.T- bund, and even standing privilege tickets were at a premium. Notwithstanding the fact that the expenses of-the fest will approximate $05,000, it is not. thought it will be necessary to ea.ll for a dollar of tliu guarantee fund. In 1S09 the old snengerbund flag- will probably go back to Cincinnati, from where it started with the first saengcrbuncl in 1849.This will doubtless be the action cf the bund's meeting on Friday; Pittsburgh is exerting- every effort to capture Jor itself thr*?ieadquarters of the permanent bund, which will be organized at Fridny's meeting, and it is now thought probable that Pittsburgh will get all that may be asked from her guests. HIS GOLDEN JUBILEE. Toledo (O.) Undertaker Who Bobs Up as an EixOalmor. POND'S EXTRACT^OINTMENT is simply-;a marvel. How finstantly it cures Piles. What relief from excru dating pain. 50 cts. JSuy GENUINE Pentf'i Extract fornnuirie c.urts. Buy imitations forimitationatrtl * POND'S EXTRACT CS., 76 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW VORfc. fLUSINE K"*s WSMTJLY A3 ROACHES+BEDBUGStMOTHS.;ANTS'ETC- to and ; the bill as amended/was passed. Senator AJlison- (rep., la.) presented the report of the conferees, on the sundry civil bill, announcing" further dis : •agreement on the item of public buildings. He moved ,the seiiate fttrtheiiiri- sist .on its/amendment, : which . -was ag-reed to.. ' '".'.'..'.": ..-••.. '• : . Provisions of tho.ilJUli'•'".'. ".'.•-. The'', contempt/ of;, court '.,b'HV|pas»cd';by CrapoKln^ ceroiiionlpH ut Cincinnati In Honor of ArchUlslioy JKliK'i 1 . C'ii!cinn;itj, June 10.—There was a frcat crush oil people at the'entrance o St. Peter's cathedral early \Vedni?s- lay-morning, >jll anxious to witness the cerempnicK pertaining 1 to the cele- jration of" Archbishop liidcr's-. golden Hibilee. The interior decorations of the cathedral were elaborate. The tall jiillni-s were hidden, uiidiir'buntings'of •cd, white, blue and yellow. At 0:30 I'clotk the proccssinn left the cathe- Irnl residence :incl moved along the icrtli side of the cathedral. As the procession entered the cathedral :md iilod down the main nisle the choir sang "Knee Sacerdos," by Rens- enxehn. At ten o'clock mass was be- TLin by Archbishop Elder. Father "iessonJes spoke on behalf 'of the vutehe'/ diotes 1 . 1 , whence Archbishop iltlcr crime, .'ind Father Albrunk rc- •d on. behalf of the Cincinnati i?. Thon followed the regular ;ul- iress by C'nrdinal Gibbons. It . em- ritci'jd n sketch'of Archbishop Elder's LI-.>C?:- and ninny words of congratula- 011 and iove I'or the Cincinnati prelate. HoulUi oniccru in Convention. Chicago, .rune '10.—The llth nnniMl national coin-onfion of tl:e st.'itc' boards cf luniit'ii wns called 10 order in tlw soutli parlor of the Audi Inriiim Wcdncs day r.f \ielcomo were delivered by C!ov. Allgeld and ilnyor Swift tind responded to'by President Taylor. The convention will be in session two dtiys. Ills Proceiin Said to Procluco Rcnultn Thnt Would HavoCiuiHod Ancient Dwcllen of tho Mlo to Turn CrccD with ICnvy. Toledo scieiniilc ini-n ancl the local medical profession are a.11 agog over a successful experiment of Karl Mathcis, a Toledo undertake];, in preserving 1 a dead body. The undertaker claims tlin-. he has outdone the ancient Egyptians in the art of. embalming and mummifying- n corpse.und the resultgoes to prove his assertion. Six weeks ago, Albc C. Weeks, a Warren (N. II.) consumptive, died suddenly on an incoming Wnbash train. The remains were turned over ro Matheis alid the latter \va« instructed by relatives to prepare the body for burial. lie first embalmed the body, then suspended it on a lattice work cot-, which he hung over a furnace. For six weeks, the remains have been subject to heat ranging from 70 to 90 degrees. The body is now mummified and yet retains all its individuality. The skin is like leather and the flesh, muscles nnd internal organs Lave become like stone. Not an offensive odor Ivis resulted from the experiment. The mummy ivill be shipped to New Hamp-; .shire iii a few days. Scientific men say| that the experiment has been a perfect, success and that neither; light nor air will affect the body. One peculiar' feature is that the human'eye can loot through different parts of tbe anatomy: and the bones, joints and. muscles can: be plainly seen through their covering of hardener! skin and flesh, *• day by the president, I>r. ,T. X. Taylor, of CrawfordsvillR, Incl. Addresses of THE MARKETS. tiniln, Prov/flions, Ktc, 1 • Chlcnuo, June 10. FLOUR—Quiet and'unchanged. Quotable .'is follows: Winter—Patents, J3.CO@' 8.SO: straights. $3.2ri(«i3.uO; clears, S2.SOCi3.10; seconds, $2.005:2,10; low. R-raOes, ?1.7."Si",00. Spring—Patents, JS.OOWS.CIJ: straights, J2.C5 J?2 aa: baiters', J2.10if!)2.33; low grades. SI.CO© 1.75; Red Dos:, Jl,2r,Jfl.-IO; Rye, $2.10<if2.30. \Vl-.!EAT—Active and unsettled and low-. er, June, 67@.iS%c; July, C7V;@SS- r ;lic; September, , r /7%ifti>!)%c. CORN — Steady. No, 2, 27Vi(S"7",ic: No. 2 Yellow, 27'!S®>2Sc; .June, 27'/ic; July, 27%i&) 25c: September, ^K,@20c; October, SSliQ) a%c. OATS—Steady, with moderate trading. June, 17Vjc; July, IT'HilpT%c; September, 13 (aUSVic. Samples easy. No. 3, n'/iC^SVJc; No. 3 White. lSV 4 ®W%e; No. 2, WKSjaSc; No. 2 White, 19K©20c. RYE—Market dull; less speculative demand; prices lower. No. 2 cash, 33c. July delivery, 33c; September, 3J%c, sellers. BARLEY—Dull; buyers are only Barley because It is cheap. Their actual wants arc small. Thin quotable at 23!AfiJ 24e- fair weight, but off color, 2EJj)27c. Good color, fair to good, weight, 27ffi2i)c; choice, 3C@32o; fancy a shade over. MESS PORK—Offerings rather liberal and demand active. Prices' irregular. Quotations ranged at S7.00JP7.10 for cash: J7.00@7,05 for June; $G.90(S'7.25 for July; 57.02& ©7.-10 for September. LARD—Demand moderate and offerings free Prices easier. Quotations ranged c.t $410@4.12& for cash; $4.07yj@i.lO for June; J4.10®4.1a for July, and *i.25©4.32^-for Sop-, tembcr. . BUTTER — 'Quiet and steady, rather tamo. Creameries, 10@14'/jc; Dairies, 0@12c. LIVE POULTRY — Only, moderate demand. Turkeys, C©Sc; Chickens, 7(g7Vic; Ducks, 9©0&c per pound; Geese, per dozen, TO TRY AN OCEAN TOW. Lake FrelRlit .'Mctlio<l» to 1:0 Toted on tlio Atlantic. The Sta-ndaTii Oil company du-ing the early summer months will make aai attempt (o tow a b:i>vyc ncross the At- la-ntic ocean from either New York or Philadelphia to some English port, probably Liverpool. This is a common method in the freight carrj'ijig business on tho greut ]n!ves. but it will be the first attempt ever made to send freight in that manner across the ocean. Tho StiiudnrO Oil company has l*?cn considering the nra<;ticabi]ity of th<; scheme for about J'our years. It is led to ma!;e the attempt by tJ:o success oi two of its ocean going barges in the ' coast trade. One of these, Xo. IS, \vil 1 bu sent ;icross the ocean. The bn.rg-e is 250 feet long, about 40 feet beam, and (5raws lO'/L- feet of water. It is fitted with ]S tanlcs, each separated, so, that if MCC! be 32 different oil products might be carried. Kadi of these t::nl'.s will hold ubout 1.2JO barrels,giving 1 for tie whole barge a carrying capacity of 15,000 barrels, which would make a toial of 700,000 gallons. The tank steamship "Lackawanna 'will tow the barge, and itself will have a capacity of 1,800,000 gallons. 11ic.fcn.rg-e does not Jook.mnch like the common, broad uosed, shaliow wooden boats used i for towing- in the harbor, but it is itself a ra.thcr handsome looking 1 ship. It .is calculated that in. case of necessity its sails could cany it to a place, of safety. Jt is fitted with steam .steering gear, windlass, and hoisted, and will carry a crew of about 11 men. A new device will be employed in the towing gear aimed to lessen the strain on the cubic. INDIANS AT A WHITE FUNERAL. BtjnawH Uowl When tho Choir Sines and u Fowwow Is Held. A 'fc\v Jays ago a dance \vas given at Eucklioru school-house, in the Os.ig3 .nation, in Oklahoma. During the progress of the hop Theodore Iluyward and Sam rersch attempted to ride their horses into tlie house. A riot followed, ancl l-Iay\vard was slugged, receiving injuries from which .he died ou Friday, •(hi Saturday his funeral was held near- Blackburn. Unyward was a half-breed Osagc, and full-blood IndiansfromHom- iny, Grey Horse and Pawhnska attended the funeral, which was conducted by whites, llev. J. W. McCarncy. n. white preacher of Blackburn, corj- (hictccl the services. It was the first time the Indians ever saw a white burial, and when the choir commenced to sing the squaws set up a terrific howl and attempted to get at tic remains. Quiet was finally restored, and after the services the bucks congregated a short distance from the grave and held a poV-wow, Rev. McCarncy was curi- 'ous to know what they were saying, and asked Interpreter Jack Mosier, who said the Indians thought the white man's way of burial was "pretty good." The Osag'es bury their dead by placing- them on top of the ground in a sitting posture and then pile rocks over them until they are completely covered. IRRESISTIBLE POWER OF ICE. THE TRIUMPH OF LOVfi IS n.VPPV, FXBITFCI* Every Ulnu \Vtio Would Know the Gravel' TriilliB, the Plain FncU, tlt« New Discoveries of ?!cdlcnl Science e* Applied to 3!iu-rli.-d l.S!e, V.'So \Vo:i!J Alone for I'usc Errorn na>,I . .•-vc'.J r=t:iro Pkfnllpt, Should Sscnrv- tlie V/utiutrrful Little I?obk Called " C'c::Tpleio Manhood, n«<I How to At- " ilcri; r.t last f.i informal ion from a-bl=b. ir.altal source Hint miisv work loaders with llns ccucniiion of men." 'Hie bouk fully describes a method by which ' to aitnin I'ull vigor ami manly iwver. A method by which to cad all tn s on I ho s VY> (•"••o servonsiess, lack «f cClT-cosf.-o!, -Joc;' J '::j-.-:u-y, &o,. '; oi'xrlumrre a 3^]ec3 anil n-oi-a nnt-jro fir C'lccf >riKhtnces, bnoynccynn'l ]?o-.vcr. -, o c^re forever effects of excesses,ovcrvreri. r. : v, ttc. 'I'D p ivufullstrcnrtl:, development nr.«l tone ioi •••.!•;.• poi-ticnand orpanof ibcbotly, ASU 1:0 bnrricr. Failure inpo£5ib]c. T^'o ^^."'.-•nud references. Mm book ia purely mc<]icnl r.?):l pi:icntl:!o.. ur-'lofrilocuriosityscekcrs, isvalva'j'.oioECU I.:;-,'v,-lic,_ueedit. A •Jcniairlns Juan, who had. .ijp'.ic. 1 . to «3, i,:'-i i-f:erwrote: " . \~v:i, I v.-U rcu ttat firnt d=.y is one I'll r.r-T f.irsct. I Jnst bv.bbkil with joy. I 5 "1 lo h«R everybody Bud tell tliommy » .- t had died yesterday, nndir.y now self \ • .,.:;•!] to-dav. Why dida't you tell i=e v.-:. -. i first wrote ihut 1 v.'oukl flndittbis v, :iy:'And .inotlicr thus: "If you duinpert a cart load cf gcl'i .-.tray fr-cLit \vould not bring Buch Kladaess iaio inf | lijo .-is vour method has done." i -|;;c!!ot)>e ERIE MEDJCAL COMPANY, :;-"'-;o, TJ. V., and osk for the little book ••:,..! "COMPLETE MANHOOD." Refer to ] ••.:.•< p'i;)er, and tho company promises to Bend t;. : Oook, in senlcd envelope, without any I -i;s,ff-xd entirely free, until it ia well intro- F The COAST LINE to MACKINACj TAKETHE-t—f- TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steame The Greottit Perfection yet attained In I Conatructloo—Luiorious Equipment, Artlati Furniihinu, Decoration and Emcltnt Service,! insuring the highest degree of r COnFORT., SPEED AND SAFETY.I FOUR TRIPS PER WEEK BETWEEN Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinj PETOSKEY, ''THE soo," MARCJUETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATE5 to Picturesque Mackfaic « Return. Including Heal* and Berthi. Fran Cleveland, JiS; from Toledt, Si J; from f EVERY EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Earliest Train for all points East, South and Southwest and ad Detroit for alt points North nnd KorthwejL • Sundiy Trips June, July, August and Scptomfctr ( EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay,,, Scad for Illustrated Pamphlet. Addresa A. A. SCHANTZ, a. w. A.. DETROIT. I TUc Detroit and cieveJaud steam Hay. I ONE-HALF SEE OF OOX WHISKY—Steady on tho basis of $1.21 for hlghwlnes. Now York, June 10, FLOUR—State and western steady; mod- erata demand, unchanged. . WHEAT—No. 2 rod flrm, fairly active. July, 04%©C5c; September, 64ff(M%c; December, 65 B-1CSPOC14C. . . CORN—No, 2 quiet, easier. July,-33Ts© 84c; September, W%@35c; No. 2, S3@34i4c. OATS—Dull, steady. Western, June, 2W t c; July. 22% c nomiral. BEEF—DullJ steady. Extra mess, tfl.OO® 7,00;'family;'?3.50©9.00. • PORK—Steady. New .mess, J8.75@9.00; old mess, »8.25@8,SO. •' ' LARD—Dull, nominal; steam-rendered, BUTTER—Fancy fairly active, steady. live Stock. Chlca'eo, June 10. CATTLE—Market steady to shade hleh- >r Fair to beat beevea,'*3,50©4.25; stockers and feeders, $2.10@3:SO; mixed cows', and bulls, -|1.3G®3.60; Texas,t2.MI(3>S.70. ... IIOGB: :— Market weak and. ICc.lower, [jl&'bt $3WC J 345; rough pa'cklrig, 1 J2.80@2.0i5j' mixed and butchers',. ja.CO®3.35; -heavy.. Troen Dprootcd by a Mlnlfttnr«,GIaeleron Lake WlnneboRO' A strong- east wind and a heavy spring- rain acting upon the hard, frozen surface pf Lake Winncbago in Wisconsin have afforded a striking example .of nature's power. The ice becoming broken In the center of the lake, immense fields were driven before the wind with irresistible force, nnd now along- the west shore of .the lake there is a barricade of Ipe in some places 20 feet high. Trees were upr.ootcd and huge bowlders moved like pebbles. Boathouses- and ill structures along the edge of the shore were wrecked. In Oshkosfc North pork suffered much. '-„: Animal" «» Bloopers. The majority of herbivorous anjinajs are light sleepers, while cold-blooded and carnivoms animals are those whose sleep is most deep. , prltlnh Patent Medicines. . .Nearly X 1,000,000 jrprth. ''of paten t medlcfces are exported from the United each year,; POZZOiNI'S 'COMPLEXION POWDER! (has been the standard for forty yean and* . U mans popular 10*07 than ever before, POZZOiVI'S I Is L^O tdcM complexion powdcr~beau&lfyuur,| • — - -iinK, clcnnly, hMlthfnl and lmniileu,T »i^ t ItwlMWo protection to the foca. i Wlihevcr> boxofPOZZOXFSninar nlflernt SrovlU'M GOLD PUFF BOX l» Riven Irco ot cliarg*. 1 AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES.' Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully entoy all of Ita dell if you take one of the IAKE MICHIGAir A»D LAKE SPPERIi TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHII Sailings between Chicago and Macklnac ] Island four tlmea every week. Tl:e new Btcol ••.•»Mt!X palace.. Travels 'twlxt_CSI :i>«rtevolx, H«rbor Spring*. Island, etc. Write for our. readab reading matter, froo, aslc your v neoresl; em i Address Jos. Bcrolzhe G. P. A. LAKE MICH. AND 1 SVFEBIOB.TAANS.4 RuthindN.WtterSL. thk Families ioi the Country Shonld always keep Brazilian B»lm-« h«nd. It i» the doctor in th« ;3 always ready and reliable.. j coughs, croup, catarrh, aBtim. rheumatism, conBtipation, female tro And all kinds ot fevers it nctn like and sayes many a doctor's biU .•long »ickjie8ii; •'

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