The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1949
Page 6
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WM» BIX BLYTHEVILL1P <ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH I, 1S49 Work Is Started On Supermarket B«n T. Mays Plans $18,000 Structure at Kenwood and 21st St. Work got under way yesterday •Jternoon on an $18,000 grocery store building which will house the Ben T. Mays Supermarket at 21st Street and Kenwood Drive. Work on the brick nnd tile structure Is expected to be completed in about 90 days If weather permits, tit. Mays said. The building will have interior measurements of 43 by 80 feet. It will be constructed of miff-colored brick and will have plastered interior walls pointed n pastel pink. The new supermarket will have a solid glass front, Mr. Mays said. All shelves will be constructed of steel There will be three check-out stands and the store will be operated on a self-service basis, he snld. A gas heating system will be installed and flourcscent fixtures wil light the store. Flooring will be o tile. Mr. Mays at present operates i grocery store at 1919 West Main. Site 9! the market is the m David Acres subdivision west ot 1st Street and north of West Hlgh- vay 18 The suvdivLsion was open- d recently by E. B. David, Blythe- •llle realtor. The Mays Supermarket plus sev- n four-room houses to be built on East Cherry Street boosted to $82,Hie estimated cosls of plumed construction for which building )crniits were sought during the >ast week. I'lan $31,500 Project According to building permit RJ>- ilications appearing In files of City Snglnecr Joe Carney during the last week. -Max Logan, realtor, and •larold B. Wright, architect and contractor, plan construction -of seven small homes at a total cstl- ated cost of $31,500. The lioufos will be located at 426, 428, 600, «H, 512 and 616 East Cherry- They wil! bo frame houses containing kitchen, living room, bath and two bedrooms. Each is valiicc' A $4,500 on the building penult duplications. Applications for building permits also were filed during the pas' week by: Boyce Moore, for n Inline residence at 151C Chlckasnwba Avenue estimated cost. $5,COO. L Fowler, to rebuild and rcpali a frame building, which was dam aged by fire, on Cleveland Street estimated cost, $1,000. Oi-vill Cliisum, for a repair am paint shop on South 21sl Street $6,500 (Or Less) Home Here at Last- ?ut You've Got fo Revise Pre-War Dreams $ 2O,95O— GIVEN IN PRIZES Block 5 In H«ys Addition, »nd Lot* 10, »nd 1J in Block 3 ol Hays Addition to Leacbvllle, $100. Susan Moore to sylvaster and Beatrice Gains, Lot 24 in Block 7 of W. W. Hollpeter Second Addition, $200. Luther and W. P. Gray to Jlmmte nnd Louella Arnold, Bast 38 feet of West 7« feet of Lots 4 and 5 In Block 29 of Blythe Addition, $3,700. Chester and Ruth Caldwell to H. W. and Betty P. Mahan, East half This 565UU House In livansville, Ind., meets (he typical ••economy Home" Idemls of Howard Lcland Smith echnlcal dirci'lor of Hie FHA's Economy Housing Program. Us over-all dlmensloni are 2g by 24l/ 2 ; Us livin oom, 13 l/i by Ml/ 2 ; Us biggest bedroom it It feet 10 Inches by nine feet. plastering In the bathroom. There Carrying charges range from Is a fair chance It will have Insula- SM.50 on the Ypsilantl house to ft* More M fa w/iafyou pay. /More leisure everyday with EASY, SAFE, WOHDERFUL-TO-USE Wf «uy to win in the PKMTO COOUK "Quidtie" eont««t—juat jot down » two 5n»Sn*k tailing how PRHTTO Cooi bdp you prepare foodi. CONTM KNM MIDNIGHT HATCH 31,1949. G«t your •rtry in tod»jrt tu-f or* ix a Mf o For eeoUna |o» owl wrtinc &***** By S. HiirUin Heath NKA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (NBA) — Wherever you live, you oayht to l>e ahlc to buy a house for $0500 or less and pay for It at the rate of $43.50 n month, or That payment should cover interest and amorlUa- tlon, taxes, and bolh mortgage and hazard insurance. There is one hitch. You've got to revise your pre-war ideas of wlial a $5500 hoiiic is like. "There are no white rabbits to be pulled out of a hat." says Howard Lcland Smith, technical dirc:fcr ot the government's Economy Housing Program. "An economy house demands careful. Intelligent planning. It demands conservation of materials, with room dimensions that will permit use ot standard materials without much cutting on the jou and without wnste. It demands conservation ol labor." All over the United StaUs, from coast to coast, In big towns and small, in every type of climate, private builders have been providing small homes for than $6500. They havo done it on their own. without government help. Now. in an effort to cncouraxe the building of homes that the av- crge worker can afiord. the Housing and Home Finance Agency und tha Federal Housing Administration have studied the plans and figures on a lot ol such houses. NBA Service has ai.alyied the specifications. Prom these studies it is possible Co say. quite positively, what you can count on getting for $0500 or less in iv house ol your own. Selling prices, carrying charges nnd other details vary. The houses look a bit different on the outside and. at fust glance, the arrangement of rooms seems different. But through them all, from $3995 in Ypsilnnti, Mich., to $6000 in Baltimore or $6500 in Evansvillc. Ind, .here'Is an astonishing sameness to hat you can gel in this minimum- rice good house. It will huve lour rooms. Probably will be on one floor—though tha 4300 ho\tss at Smlthtown. L. I., lias attic that might be finished ter into a couple or small rooms: id . the Baltimore house,' by mnges that would add under 1000, could probably be given anther room upstairs. It will be a frame house, conven- orml in' appearance, built on the te. It will have an asphalt root in olid or blended color, fire resist- nt and economical. Exterior walls will consist of gypsum board or vood sheathing over wood studs vith either asbestos or wood sid- ng. Probably the interior walls wil be of gypsum board, except lor som Laurie Logan, 40 acres In Section 20-15N-10E, $6,382. Henry J. Qrlmmelsman, Bishop ol the Catholic Diocese of Evansville, Ind., and sole trustee of St Vincent Orphanage of Vincennese, Ind., and Clarence F. Witting to J. C. Ellis. Sr. and Mattle H. Ellis, 273.89 acres In three tracts In Section 30-15N-12E, $79,428.10. G. W. Faught to Elnora Austin, correction of a previous deed covering 5.82 acres In Lot 12, Section lion In the ceiling and walls. $43.50 In Tuscon. The heating system will depend on climate, but in most cases it will be there, burning oil. There will be a gas or cleclric water heater with 20- or 30-gallon tank. Piping may be copper, steel or galvanized, and fixtures will be of enameled iron. There will be no refrigerator or range In the purchase price. This is not a theoretical picture ol a $4000 a $6500 liouse. It Is composite picture of what private builders actually provided during the late months ol 1948 In the cities mentioned, plus Tucson. Ariz., Columbia, S. C.; Jackson, Tcnn.; South Whittle!-, Calif. A remarkable feature of the study te the genuine similarity of the floor plans used Independently by the eight contractors—none of whom had been brieled, so lar as can be learned, by anybody or had talked it over with any of the others. By coincidence, this basic Iloor plan is almost Identical with one that Smith had worked out as a theoretical ideal, to give the most hoitse for the least money. The economy house is 24 feet wide and 24 to 28 feet long, a simple box divided into living room two bedrooms, kitchen and bath. Ii climates where heating is neccsary there is a utility room, stolen from and hot Asbestos Cement Siding Lasts for Life of Dwelling Builders declare tn'at high quality siding Is a "must" for a well constructed house, since no material has greater bearing on the exterior appearance and weather pro- .ection of a home. Various types of siding materials are available nowadays. One that is being used more extensively than ever before, both in new construction and in remodeling of old homes, is asbestos cement siding. . Fireproof and weatherproof, It lasts the life of a house with little or no maintenance, ft is manufactured in t\vo types, one with the exposed surface textured in wood grain or tapered line designs and the other with a smooth surface. Either type may be obtained with straight or wavy exixxsed butt lines. The textured type also is available with a staggered butt line. When applied, this style of siding resembles shingles nailed in the thatch method, Asbestos siding is made in variety of pleasing colors. of Section n-UN-11, E, 320 acres, $70,000. Asa and 8. A., Eva Mae ami Lucille Morris to F. G. Lewis, Sp of the SE.4 of the SE.4 of Section 24, and N.2 of Section 14-9E, 100 acres, $18000. W. C. and Anna Gates to Elbert and Lovie Jones, Ixit 16 of Block 5 of the Elliott Addition to Blythe- vllle, $300. Maggie Reed, nee Carter and Zebedee Reed to W. J. need, plot 137 1|2 feet by 50 feet to Lot 7 Block 2, Kays Addition to Leach- vllle, $1 and other consideration. W. J. and Loralne Reed to Zebedee and Macele Heed, plot CO feet by 137 1|2 feet in Lot 7 Block of the Hays Addition to Leachville, $1 and oilier consideration. W. J. and Bonnie S. Rodgcrs to John Dlllard and Alma Dillard part of Lot 24 In the replat of J P. Pride and Gateway Subdivision $90. M. J. and Ruby Koehler la Cobe Bowers, a one-third interest in Lo 1. Block R of Sparks Addition to Dell, a one-third Interest in al cottong gin machinery, drier, seal houses, seed houses, cotlon house and all scales on property, $10.000 6. W. Buck to Max and Annl 2-12N-11E, $1 and other consideration. Susan Moore to Alton Metcalf and Lula Mae Metcalf, Lot 28, Block 8 of the W. W. Hollipeter Second Aidltion. $200. Ida B. Crockett and T. A. Crock- tt to A. T. Earls. Lot 3 in Block of the Davis Addition to Blythe- llle, $1 and exchange of property. A. T. Earls and Mar; Earls to Phillips Investment Company. Lot 3 In Block 7 of the Davis Addition, $9.500. H. R. and Willie Mae Alken to Solomon Williamson and Elza Williamson. Lot 9 in Block 1 of the H. R, Aikcn Subdivision in Section 15-15N-11E, $300. A. T. Earls and Mary E. Earls to Mrs. Ida. N. Crockett Lot 3 of the Punk Willis Subdivision, Section 33-16N-11E, $450. J, Nick and Anna Thomas of Hookinsville, Christian County. Ky., to Mrs. J. C. Henriques. Jr., of New Orleans. La., Lot 1*. Block 4 of the Divis Third Addition. $10 and other consideration. R. D. Taylor and Agnes Taylor to Boyce Moore. Lot II of the J. P. Pride and Gateway Subdivision, re- plat of SE(4 of Section 17-15N-11E, $875. Blytheville Developement Com- pany to Roy »nd I. V. Smllh, LoJ 3 and Lot 4 [of Block 6, WlUi Third Addition, »700. Holly Development Corporation! lo Dick and Ntncy Whit* Lot 24 ofl the Jackson Second Division! 111,600. C. G. and Ina Smith to C. H, ; Irene Whistle, NE part of the N of Section 4-14N-UE, containing 31.33 acres, reserving right of usq of sales barn, « residence, 2-roorr blacksmith shop, until Oct. 15. 19491 and rest of sale to he effective April 15 or Mny 15, 1949, $60,000. the kitchen, for healing water plants. Kitchen and bathroom are back- lo-back to save plumbing costs. Each builder seemed to find space for two close closets and one for linen. The living rooms average 1314 feet by 12 leel eight Inches; kitchens average 9',i feet by nine feet seven Inches; bedrooms average 10 feet, nlne inches by 11 feet three inches. * All were built in groups, ranging from 13 in Evniisville to 503 in Tucson. Neither location, size of development nor climate seems to measure the price. TK NUDW1UL MSUUIKE COMPANT OF UBKA The Sign Of BETTER PLUMBING! I Just tcUphon* 2731 er drop in at 109 N. 1st Real Estate Transfers (Chlckaswba District) Susan Moore to Cooper and Ida Childs, Lots 19 and 20 In Block of the W. N. Holllpcter Second Aditlon, S400. D. M. and Susan Moore to Boyce and Mrs. Grace Moore and Mertls Moore Alford, West 23 feet of Lot G of the Original Survey of Blytheville, $10 and other consideration. E. L. King to Grace and Melba Jean King. Lots 23 and 24 In Block "I" of Smiths Addition, Lots 5, estimated cost. $2.030. David T. Cooley, for a one-room tile-construction cabinet shop o North Frnnklin Street; estimate cost, $3.000. J. L. Wisdom, for a 12 bv IS-foo cafe building on south Elm Stree estimated cost. $500. W. A. Sharp, for a four and on half room frame residence at and Clark Streets; estimated co, $600. H L. Cook, for a frame iTM in Wilson Addition; estimated cos $850. AS SAFfc ASA DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION Arkansas Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. has been appointed an IT COSTS LESS TO HEAT AN INSULATED HOME. Let us apply co (ton or rock wool insulation in your attic so that you may get full benefit of money spent for fuel. It makes your house cooler in summer, too. Phone 551. 10% down — 3 years to pay. "Friendly Building Service" E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. YOUR RED CROSS NEEDS YOU WALLPAPERS You can rest assured that any electrical wiving or repair work done by Chaley's Electric Shop will be expertly handled, « necessary thing to prevent outbreak of fire caused by electrical shorts. Expert work helps protect your home... make it safe from one common fire hazard. Next time 'tall 2993 for the finest repair work hi Blytheville. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 11Z South 5th. Phone 2(193 America'* Netvesl, Finest and Molt Complete Lit\e of Wallpaper* Featuring RARCY WU ft EN'S Tft? Wo*f Rftaltttionary Decoration' Adtanc* in Wallpnper History For Ihe firjt lime — h*re it a wallpaper isletlor planned by a woman — lo help a ^ women quickly and ioiity iclccl nS» "right" pattern* for any and every room in rhe homt. S*« h«w Nancy Worren'i temalional n«w method of iclection eliminate! "guesswork" — hetpi you create per- ftclly harmonized interiors from the lotejl and lovelieit watl faihiom. In addition fo tht "Slyl« Sefector" Money NVarven efferi hundred* of other I949-W50 itylei to chooi* from in the "Signature Group" and "Comto Selection!* 1 sample boofci. Among theie fine cot- Itctioni of "color harmonised" deiigni you will find everything you dtiire available — priced lor •very punt andj purpose. Nancy Warren Wallpaperi are guaranteed Waihoble and Fadeproof — ore macfe by the world'i lorgeit manufacturer of fine wallpaper*. Arkansas Faint, Glass, & Wallpaper Co. 105 East Main Phont 2272 TO BIND THE NATION'S WOUNDS Whenever disaster strikes, the Red Cross rushes aid to the scene. Wherever a veteran needs help, the lied Cross stands ready to assist , him. Though disaster relief and veterans' welfare arc two of Us most important services to the nation, the Red Cross performs many others of great value. Your support makes these vital gervices possible. Blytheville Water Co.) "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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