The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Promoter Aflke Meroney-unveils his down play in wl . ., Naval Air Technical Training cen- Four Mat Stars To Vie Tonight Buresh and Knox Will , Seek Third Straight " Tag Match Victory A new wrestling record for the local American Legion arena In 1945 may.'be established tonight when Promo weekly v Seek match here. "Bad brilliant time 'iwitd Bin" Canny JimP'Jtoug)) ncd' ; Koberls • 'J<"p- -i.This quartet of nil-stars monopolizes the outstanding, program with a,,tng match of a 90-nilnutc time llrnlt, and a pair of Individual matches over the usual single-fall, 30- rninule time limit apiece, ."pairings for the., curtain raisers call for Knox and Canny lo oppose each other, with Buresh mid Roberts getting off their differences lii Hie other. ' Have Clashed Before ; All four of the .wrestlers have clashed but on different occasions. Buresh and Knox made their, debut as a tag team with a surprising and sensational straight fall defeat of Roberts and GUS Wisbnr.. Though Holding a weight deficit, Ihe winners won in convincing style and in comparatively short time us more than a thousand fans cheered their fine teamwork. •f.A week later they showed their vjclory was,hot oC the flash-m-the- pan type by emerging on lop of a bruising, battering brawl with Canny and Joe Wolfe, a spectacular youngster who played V lot of football with. Ohio Slate University. ?-Thls..card bears every Indication of providing fireworks and action in.wholesale lots, and may resolve itself to a survival of the fittest, the roughest and toughest. The customers, who are expected to Jam the email arena for thc probable brawl, can expect almost any and everything to emerge .from this Scrap. Records of both teams bear .out this prediction. Meahics, Nuff Scd : 'Whenever Roberts and Canny appear on the card and together the fails arc assured of an exciting session. This pair certainly does hot fail ,to provide them with something for their admission price. Usually, they come up with something extra special, such as tackling Referee Meroney, or engaging'in a post-match battle. In' the last match with Buresh and Knox, Canny elim- inated'all "chances for victory by rc- ' sorting ; to attack on the official. Had he .attended to his foes at this • particular lime the results ' might have turned- out differently. But . . . . , including Brogdon, waded Into the receiver and wilh such vim that lie was jarred loose from the mig- ;et. . . . Racing down at full speed Sccoy caught the ball ns it bounded from the Him leaned 's arm and . Canny and Roberts will prove loo rough and .; tough, i thanks to n de- elded weight advantage. Scaling well . we n suspense over the 200-mark apiece, Hed and ceipt of word thnt his , Bill will enjoy at least a 10-pound , since Buresh will. pull the Fairbank «' BLYTUEVILLB COURIER NEWS DOPE BUCKET •i j. r, ni*NjD "'•^ rrtv " ; > "'• i°> nc wns wounded Jan. 8, nf- s '.' ;„ 7.;" Account of that unusual touch- |er Having been In the European f nl \,. ^ „? i i* Jivn play In which Tom Sccoy fig- theatre only a short time. . . . IX, AI , r -„j *_ -r~i_i~_, t... *r.... r _ __.: i Tit/. i« n i,i A ..i . . . . __ . . Nnvnl Air rfplii' tips and were willing for a "price" (two blt.s.'on credit, lo be exact) to give out. . . . Al the beginning they corrected iny story about Tom. . . . The game was played here on Haley Field, instead of Jones- wro, and the stunt came on the , opening klckoff. Three Chicks, ,_,-,„„ *jn.)i; VI'it//. , , , Ebb Jf. Carson, who has two sons, Nat and Rugc, in the service, gave me a copy of the "C.B.I. Roundup", which one or (lie boys from India sent Nat.. • . . Tech Sergt. Nat has been ro- iirned to the Stales after almost three years with General Chcn- •mult's Plylng'Tlgcrs. . . .He now is dliin't have to check his stride. He easily went over. Brogdon, nn extra point specialist who holds thc unofficial world's prop drop kicking record with nine consecutive conversions In one game against CXsccola, missed this time. . . . Slated to win by at least, five touchdowns, Joncsboro rallied long enough to score and earn a 6-C tie. STOPS BATTLE "There was never ii dull moment that year", B. F. and J. W. recalled wilh subtle chuckles. . . . "There wns something eternally coining up to keep- us in stitches, were a .bunch of comics, We had a lot of fun out of the game," B. P. started mil. . . . "To give nn idea what a bunch of screwballs, we even got some fun out of practices. . . . One of thc funniest Incidences torrid afternoon in the middle of a rough and slam-bain scrimmage. . . . Conch Ben Lincoln was giving us 'the "works" on this particular occasion. . . . He threw the scrubs against the first stringers and It developed into n scrimmage that .rates in my book as rough as any game we ever played. . . . We ivcro going at it hammer anj long, just as we had been for some time, when Max suddenly raised up out of a big mlxup, hoisted his hand like a (raffle cop and blurted, "wait a minute." . . . J. W., taking up where B. P. left off, continued, "I thought he wns hurt. . . . And presume several others thought the same thing. . . . Afax began looking at the ground, poking around ns if h e were searching for a four-leaf clover. . . . For that's Canny all over, not to* forget a Wom'ent I (nought hc was goofy his redheaded.partner. ' from a blow on the head. . Buresh and Knax, a smooth work ing, clever pair with a fine tag tcnn finesse, will enter the ring as under >.wiu « uiww uu inu iieau. . . . iiui "'i^. c^>uivi rxnuus, m. i, Leacti- t . he cleared up HID mailer with the vlllo. 1ms been graduated from the m explanation. "Wait a minute, fel- AAP Training Command's aircraft •»».»«, mu i-mci LUG img KM mmcr- lUli'^. 1>vc Iost rl| V S |:m !" ... (I radio mechanic; school at Tranx dogs. It is a general opinion that ? • s " ly to ' Ilcar lf and vheu he Field, Madison, Wis., where Ir CannV nnd -RnlwrKc win nrftun tnn fOl'nd jt.J _ _ _ Studied IllP SAI-L'il'illir nf v-wli. 'COVERED UI' Alter held in suspense since re- for hc was wnim/l/.,l inn « ,,r Tllc lwo G « lllltlls °f Mid-South hnvL "Ll'T^l^.'J.'..!'/; Service Camp basketball will mcet p. m., when thcj thrills. The NATTC qulnlct, victors over Smyrna, Tom., last week by a 15-42 score, have won 25 consecutive games [his season ami have not i'Ct been defeated. Tile Bombers, while participating in fewer contests, have won all ol " Washington, hospital. . . . . working In (he Byrd Winner In Texas Open Golf Tourney SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Jan. 29 (u.I.) —- A former New York Yankee outfielder, Sammy Dyrd Is Ihe new 11 tic holder of the Texas Open Ciolf Tournament, Byrd camo from behind yesterday to edge Byron Nelson, Hie prc- lournainent favorite. The former big league star trailed Nelson IhrouKhout the 72-holc ceptlon of. a loss to Smyrna, whom they later defeated decisively. Now far ahead In the MM South Service I-eaKue, Ihcy have advanced lo the semi-finals of Die Eastern FlyiiiK Training Command Basketball Tournament. event, until they went Into final nine holes, At this point Byrd fired birdies on seven holes to five take Lord Byron by one stroke. Sammy's 2<J8 tola! was worth $1000 in War Bonds. Nelson coilecled $700 for his three days ,work. Hi'.rold "Jug" McSpaden, who finished third with n 270 total walked off with $550 in War Bonds. Up With The Men In Service Pvt. J. C. Founts, husband of Mrs. Esther FovuUs, nt. i, Leach- brother was back in England and in - an n advantage apiece, possibly more th e hospital, Earl Buckley this week ._ learned the details which sent him d to the infirmary. . .. . A shell ex- . just aijll.ttle; qyer«ith'e 190-pound <<> 'he infirmary. . .. . ,\ shell ext ark. jljut fBure^hl'n'ndj Knox have Ptoded nearby and partially- buricc *ed. in' -their fayor, are Just as a group pf American soldiers, Pan than the usual interest, especially as it will be recalled in the other matches that they put on some bitter baUlihs. Roberts beat'Buresh before, but. Canny lost lo Knox by disqualification. Bolh were brutally rough, indicating a repetition California's first telephone cx- .change opened Prancisco. in 187T in Snn :d among' them. •. . . irTnd'iiilloiV to sc.vere .sliril shock, Pmil received a )>l* k ^nWry,.;-;v ':,;.' ,He -. hri.5 been awarded "the purple heart. . . PSWCHIO— Scrgt. Dick Burns was only kidding but foretold his re- , studied thc servicing of radio quipment Used on U. s. bombers ml lighter planes. • • • Technical Sergt. Floyd R. Aaron on of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Aaron, Leachville, has been nwarded the Air Medal for "meritorious achieve nenl" while participating In sus nincd operations over enemy oc- cent battle wound. During . . . . furlough here to visit his mother, Mrs. Bertie Burns, and brother, Robert, after serving three years In the Aleutians, Dick predicted that he likely would be sent overseas again and added, "it will just about be my luck to stop a bullet before getting started good." . . . Apparently, that Is what hnpncn- WRESTLING Leg/on Hut, Monday; Jan. 29, 8:15 p. m. Lowest Admission ol any Wrestling Arena hi America. t 36 ?Jr *?-? 0 ™' 15c - R«*rrrd Scats, IZc, Taj 3c-To- 5o. Children'* Seals 12o, Ta 3c, Tofal, I5c. Reserved Seats On Sale al the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on TAG MATCH Buresh & Knox VS. Canny & Roberts 2 30-Minufe Preliminaries Stan Buresh Buddy Knox ' ' vs Bill Canny Red Roberts ":• ..!'•<:• MONDAY, JANUARY 29, 1045 Navy CagS Team MacPhail, Builder of Broken C/i/bs, Aims To Plav Toniflhf ^° Out ^ ucceecl Succe $ s Wif/i Yankees ing care of the "nut" as they say Bombers Will Oppose Memphis Aggregation At Recreation Hall • Ily 1IARHY CKAYSON .... .. NKA Sports Editor In thc fight, racket. NEW YOU1C.- The Yankees will lose nuicli of their dignity under | I.elmid Stanford MacPhail, but there will never be a dull moment. nynamic Larry MacPhall, builder ol broken clubs, will rattle around In big shoes- In Yankee Stadium, .•an hardly miss out-succeeding SUC- 1'e.SS. in association with Capt, Dan Topping,'tin plate heir and banker, and Del Webb, millionaire constructional engineer of Phoenix, the roaring redhead of Grand Rapids finally has found a spot that can keep up with his prodigious spending and lavishncss in and out of baseball. MacPhall would have bought thc Brooklyn club, but Ebbcts Field wusnl big enough to support a club and himself on the scale in | which he operates. I heir names the single ex- Pomcgrnnnlc flowers yield a Jelly to Moroccans, who add this to tliei.- native porridge dtsh, obtaining a delightful flavor. Head Courier News Want Ads. cupicd continental Europe, it : rc- coiUly was announced by the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force. * « • Pfc. Cnrl L, Dlxoii • of .Bragg City, Mo., recently . received • hU wings us. aci'ia.l gunner with the AAF at thc field at Harltngen, Texas. * • « : Corporal Troy W. Smith, of Rt. 3, Lcachvillc, ha.v been n warded a. Letter of Commendation for oul- stnmline services ns a motor mechanic with an Infantry battalion headquarters company. Corporal Smith is with the Army In South Pacific. '" I — — the American Association with a financially-deficient Columbus franchise, MacPhall built the present Columbus park before thc departing to put the Keds on their pins. It was with night baseball that he got the players, and the pennant-winning Redlegs of 1939-40 were on the field when MacPhail left to rid a bank of thc debt-rld- dcu Dodgers anj put the club back in the hands of thc stockholders, which hc also did wilh the aid of the bulbs. Because the seating capacity was loo limited to suit him, Col. Mae- Phall was finished in Flatbnsh when he entered the Army In September, 1942. He will not be dis I charged from the Army until Feb. 10, so lost no time in stirring up what he will do with excitement. The baseball writers greatest break New York baseball has had since the late Col. Jacob Rupnert entered the picture in 1925. Thc Yankees and their chain, comprised of the Newark, Kansas City, Blnghamton and Norfolk dubs, were n pick up at 52,000,000. The transaction gives MacPhall and Ills partners 465 ball players and, In addition to Yankee Stadium, which does well in football rentals, parks In Newark and Kansas city. Federal lax on the Rnppert estate hastened thc consummation of Ihe deal. Thc transaction also lilts one of the contemplated new professional football leagues, for Captain Topping's Brooklyn Tigers of Ihe Na- Ilonal, virtually kicked out of Ebbels Field by Branch Rickey, are expected to play in Yankee Stadium, which was counted upon ns anchor by the Trans-America. nislit baseball and showmanship nt Yankee Stadium, where 80,000 can on. be accommodated easier than 38,000 , can be Jammed into Ebbets Field. In good seasons the Yankees have drawn 1,000,000 at home nncl the same number on the road. When both clubs won In 1941, the Dodgers, with 1.200,000 paid admissions, oiit- drcw the Yankees at home. Bel Harrow would have nothing to <lo with night baseball, but you can bet your last sou that the lights will KO. on. In Yankee Stadium as quickly as MacPhail can obtain the finest equipment. MacPhail, who introduced the ares to the majors in Cincinnati in 1935, is committed to a limit of seven nocturnal engagements, but they will go a long way toward tak- Prescription Filled Over 15 Million Times Kccomnicmlcc) to do just toothings: relieve constipation and castOn the stomach. This'successful prescription is now put up under the name of ADLERIICA. Get a bottle of Adlerika next time you stop at your druggist's and sea for yourself now quickly gas is relieved and gentle but thorough bowel action follows. Good for old and young. Caution, use only as directed. . Get AJlertka from your drag girt today. KIKBY BHOS. DUUG STORES RECAPPING - '•••wii-.and VULCANIZING All Recapping Striclly Guaranteed. Quick service. In Any Size Passenger Car Tire. Our Molds Will Handle Up to Size 700x16 Tires. ALL SIZES of RECAPPED PASSENGER CAR TIRES FOR SALE— , RATION FREE! 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BUY WORE WAR BONDS • * • Hflf SPKO THE FIRST IN SERVICE The , ind 10 world championships In 24 •ears, and may be even tougher lo Jeat under MacPhail, who not, only mows how to find and develop ath- etes, but also has rare judgment in obtaining finished product.'; by purchase and In trades. The coming of MacPhail is the . will not want for a story from now Yankees, won 14 pennants Read Courier News Want Ads. CHEST COLD TIGHTNESS -of chiliren quickly loosened up by Pcnclro—Grandma's ol(i- jimo mutton suet idea developed by modcru science inlo a coun- ter-!rritanl,voporizin6&.ilvofor . -^ Quick relief. 25c,doublojsizo35e, Ufti PENETRD BASE KICK III MUIION SUET 301 W. Walnut Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. -• Blytheville, Ark Pepsi-Cola Cor.ipany, Lony Island City, N. Y -...-_._ * •" vj^-vri—•* I'ranchised KoUlcr: Pepsi-Cola Holding C'o. of Hlytheville Full Stocks of DODGE & PLYMOUTH AUTO PARTS and DODGE TRUCK PARTS- We have a completely equipped service department and efficient mechanics. We service any make car or truck. BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 11!) W. Ash Earl Stone, Service Mgr. I'll one 423 YOUR looks'better groomed with'' U A ID Morol '"°"»l r Tonic,Keew' HAIR unruly hair in place *l W»v« G 'y cs Iui £ r ?-, Bi S bottle!' ALnATS omy 25c. Sold everywhere 1 Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Monday Night ONE SHOW ONLY 'Show Business'; «Hh Eddie Cantor, George Murphy and Joan Davis raramount News Short Tuesday j PAL NITE •[: 'Block Busters'! with . .. :.'.'• I The East Side Kids j ALSO SERIAL: "Adventures of (]/ Flying Cadets" • | R1TZ THEATRE Maniia, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Boi Office Opens 7:15—Show 8l»« at 7:30, [ SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS > Boi Offiwi Opens I '-, ; j Show Start* 1:18 i Last Time Today "THE HAIRY APE" with William Bendix and Susan Wayward HKO News and Comedy Phone 578 EMERGENCY! Th? Navy Dept. has called upon Arkansas people la construct the inoal 1 important United State* . . . NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT Tuesday & Wednesday . Tuesday Night Is OPPORTUNIT NITE "I LIVE ON DANGER" wilh Jean Parker & Chester Morri KKO NEWS AND COMEDX AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Production of newly developed and very essential weapon of World War 2 ... TO SAVE OUR BOYS' LIVES! Enroll NOW! WINSTON, HAGLIN,.MISSOURI VALLEY AND SOLLITT (Prime Contractors) .GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time »nd half for overtime. Food and lodging available on tho job for workers at $1,00 per day. Excellent working conditions . . . Help build thii plant so vitally needed by our fighting forcei. . Hiring on the Spot and Free Transportation Furnishe'd at Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE • OFFICE IN ARKANSAS 7** »r» now ttifittt la »« lUM acUvll? it jam I •km. <o not apply. Men under 21 must liav« minor's release form iitaned by parent! which can b» ob&incil at ~~ went Office. 1| ROCKETS WILL SAVE LIVES! CHICKASAW West Main Near Zlst St. Sal. slarls 12:45; Sun. starts 1:4! Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Coniinuoiis shows Sat. and Sun. Last Time Today "HAPPY GO LUCKY" (In Technicolor). with '.'.' " Mary Martin & Dick : Powell j Universal News Comedy Tuesday'*;•;•.;•-. BUDDY NITE Two tickets for thc price of on "THE FALCON AND THE COEDS" with . Tom Coinvay and, Jean Brooks! Comedy NewTheatei 'Mom/a's Finest j What have you done today th. ; somc_mother's son should die ll BONDS— Last 'fimc Today" v "ARSENIC AND OLD LACE" with Cary Grant mid Raymond Stasscy Fox News & Short Tuesday COLUMBIA PRESENTS "DANCING IN MANHATTAN" ' and Short '

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