The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 7, 2003 · Page 92
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 92

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, May 7, 2003
Page 92
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E T_E_14_E14_LA_1_05-07-03_we_2_CMYK 2003:05:06:15:49:04 By Janet Saidi Special to The Times Bill Gates sightings on television have been few, far between and somewhat contradictory. For insights into the character of the world’s richest human, viewers have had to settle for the likes of rehearsed TV commercials, a cameo appearance on “Frasier” and the occasional puff-piece interview. One exception was a “Late Night With David Letterman” appearance in 1995in which Gates teased Dave about having too many assistants and not having a computer. In 1999 (during the government’s antitrust case against Microsoft), an ABC News reporter, angry at the elusiveness of his subject, described Gates as a“cutthroat businessman, harshly critical boss, high- tech intellectual contemptuous of those he considers out of the loop.” The Bill Gates who makes an appearance Friday night on “Now With Bill Moyers” comes across as an average, earnest guy who happens to be worth $40.7 billion. Having decided that leaving behind avast fortune is a terrible thing to do to his children (“I haven’t asked ’em their opinion yet,” he jokes), he is giving away 95% of it, largely forvaccine research. He is therefore relaxed, though guarded, and eager to share what’s on his mind. And what Gates has on his mind is statistics. One that jumped out at him came from the World Development Report of 1993, in an article reporting that rotavirus kills more than half a million children per year. “I said to myself, that can’t be true,” an incredulous Gates tells Moyers in the broadcast. “Why isn’t it being covered? You know, and there’s a mother and a father behind every one of these deaths.” In a recent phone interview after taping the broadcast, Moyers said he and his staff were struck by how easily Gates passes for an ordinary guy, though with a scary memory for numbers. “I think if you can look at a percentage and see the human reality behind it, there’s something powerful there,” said Moyers. “Gates is a man who has the empathy to be struck by a statistic.” Gates, who Forbes magazine recently reported gives away $1 billion annually, also comes across as a very concerned citizen, though more neurotic. The SARS outbreak has opened a window of interest in global health issues, and Moyers said he and his team jumped at the chance to report on health issues. “Every time over my 30 years [as a journalist] that I’ve tried to do something on public health — about hunger, just anything about public health — I can hear the remote controls going click, click, click, click. It’s not that people don’t care, they just ...have compassion fatigue.” Taped in front of a live audience at Columbia University’s MailmanSchool of Public Health, this interview is a departure from the hard-edged news delivery of “Now.” Moyers is visibly enthralled by his guest, and there’s little of the evenhanded probing Moyers has employed with guests such as Sen.John McCain, radical historian Howard Zinn or journalist provocateur Christopher Hitchens. But if anyone can draw out the personal stories from a cagey billionaire, it’s Moyers. In anice personal revelation, Gates admits to having carried around about 10 issues of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for months. Gates’ encounter with health stats seems to have radicalized the billionaire somewhat, although it’s a problem he takes on with a results- oriented, gee-let’s- fix-it energy reminiscent of the Car- negies, the Rockefellers, the Mellons and the Fords. “If we took the world and we just [rearranged] each neighborhood to be randomly mixed up,” Gates tells Moyers, “then this whole thing would get solved. Because you’d look out your window and you’d say, ‘You know, there’s a mother over there whose child is dying. You know, let’s — let’s go help that person.’” PBS finds Gates in mood to talk of health issues Ron Wurzer Getty Images GUEST: Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corp. Associated Press HOST: Bill Moyers of newsmagazine show on PBS. TELEVISION & RADIO E14 WEDNESDAY,MAY7,2003 , CALENDAR LOSANGELESTIMES SANTA MONICA CIVIC AUDITORIUM.MAIN ST. + PICO BLVD. 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Nielsen estimates there are 272.04 million potential viewers in the U.S. age 2 and older. Viewership is listed in millions. Program Network View- ersProgram Network Viewers 1 CSICBS22.67 2 American Idol (Tue.)FOX20.37 3 American Idol (Wed.)FOX20.16 4 ERNBC19.55 5 FriendsNBC19.03 --------------------------------------------6 Law & OrderNBC18.09 7 Everybody Loves Raymond CBS17.92 8 Survivor: AmazonCBS17.65 9 CSI: MiamiCBS17.18 Friends (8:30 p.m.)NBC17.18 --------------------------------------------11 Will & GraceNBC17.14 12 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (10 p.m.) NBC14.46 13 Still StandingCBS14.41 14 Law & Order: Criminal Intent NBC14.29 15 Law & Order: SVUNBC13.97 --------------------------------------------16 Bernie MacFOX13.77 17 JAGCBS13.63 18 The BachelorABC13.28 19 The West WingNBC13.18 20 Judging AmyCBS13.15 --------------------------------------------21 “Lucy”CBS12.91 22 Third WatchNBC12.76 23 Without a TraceCBS12.64 24 The Simpsons (8:30 p.m.) FOX12.45 25 Yes, DearCBS12.42 --------------------------------------------26 Fear FactorNBC12.21 27 Malcolm in the MiddleFOX12.11 28 The GuardianCBS12.05 24FOX12.05 30 60 MinutesCBS11.88 --------------------------------------------31 King of QueensCBS11.72 32 The SimpsonsFOX11.59 33 NYPD BlueABC11.42 34 “Tim Allen Presents”ABC11.33 35 Extreme Makeover (Wed.) ABC11.32 --------------------------------------------36 Wanda at LargeFOX11.27 37 FrasierNBC11.08 38 AliasABC10.10 39 Crossing JordanNBC10.09 40 America’s Most Talented Kid NBC10.07 --------------------------------------------41 Funniest Home Videos (9 p.m.) ABC9.93 42 Law & Order: SVU (Sat.)NBC9.91 43 20/20 (Fri.)ABC9.41 44 60 Minutes IICBS9.32 45 “Oliver Beene”FOX9.25 --------------------------------------------46 Funniest Home Videos (8 p.m.) ABC9.22 47 American DreamsNBC9.12 48 “ABC 50th Anniversary Bloopers” ABC9.10 49 Watching EllieNBC8.68 Dateline NBC (Tue.)NBC8.68 --------------------------------------------51 The DistrictCBS8.51 52 According to Jim (9 p.m.)ABC8.34 53 George Lopez ABC8.33 54 CSI: MiamiCBS8.32 55 My Wife and KidsABC8.31 --------------------------------------------56 48 Hours InvestigatesCBS8.25 57 8 Simple Rules ...ABC8.23 58 “The Price Is Right: Million 4” CBS8.18 59 HackCBS7.94 60 According to JimABC7.85 --------------------------------------------61 Mr. PersonalityFOX7.68 62 Boston PublicFOX7.55 Dateline NBC (Sun.)NBC7.55 64 Star Search (Wed.)CBS7.47 65 King of the HillFOX7.32 --------------------------------------------66 America’s Most WantedFOX7.26 67 Dateline NBC (Wed.)NBC7.20 68 “ESPN’s Blunderful World of Sports” ABC7.19 69 Primetime ThursdayABC7.15 70 Star SearchCBS7.14 --------------------------------------------71 “Charlie’s Angels”ABC7.00 72 The AgencyCBS6.56 73 Less Than PerfectABC6.54 74 SmallvilleWB6.50 75 7th HeavenWB6.47 --------------------------------------------76 “Gladiator”ABC6.44 77 Law & Order (Sat.)NBC6.37 78 Cops (8:30 p.m.)FOX6.22 79 HunterNBC5.98 80 “Big Momma’s House”FOX5.88 --------------------------------------------81 My Wife and Kids (Tue.)ABC5.75 82 “NBC’s Funniest Outtakes 2” NBC5.49 83 CopsFOX5.41 84 King of the Hill (7 p.m.)FOX5.17 85 CharmedWB4.99 --------------------------------------------86 Gilmore GirlsWB4.83 87 “Cops: Caught Red-Handed” FOX4.81 88 WWE Smackdown!UPN4.80 89 EverwoodWB4.49 90 EnterpriseUPN4.08 --------------------------------------------91 Half and HalfUPN4.06 92 GirlfriendsUPN4.05 93 AngelWB4.04 94 One on OneUPN3.87 95 RebaWB3.85 --------------------------------------------96 Dawson’s CreekWB3.80 97 Jamie Kennedy Experiment WB3.62 98 Buffy the Vampire SlayerUPN3.60 99 “Brad Gluckman” WB3.18 100 The ParkersUPN3.15 --------------------------------------------101 Grounded for LifeWB2.97 102 Gilmore Girls: BeginningsWB2.66 103 Charmed (9 p.m.)WB2.62 104 What I Like About YouWB2.60 105 The Twilight ZoneUPN2.52 --------------------------------------------106 Greetings From TucsonWB2.26 107 PlatinumUPN2.24 Network averages Here is the number of viewers (in millions) that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. Network Last week Season to date CBS11.8012.50 -------------------------------------------- NBC11.4111.66 -------------------------------------------- FOX9.749.82 -------------------------------------------- ABC8.6610.04 -------------------------------------------- WB4.104.07 -------------------------------------------- UPN3.353.53 The May rating sweeps are breaking down into a two-tiered race, with little suspense about CBS’ status as the most- watched network but a fiercer battle in the age 18-49 demographic most closely monitored by advertisers, based on viewing estimates issued Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. By the second measure, NBC and Fox — the latter buoyed by “American Idol” — are neck-and- neck for first place, while CBS (which generally attracts an older audience) and ABC tied for third last week and are also deadlocked for the season. In total viewership, Disney- owned ABC has settled for fourth place 11 of the last 12 weeks (the other featured the Academy Awards telecast) and now leads Fox by just 240,000 viewers for the season. While there’s not enough time to make up that deficit before the 2002-03 campaign officially ends May 21, the “American Idol” finale could make things uncomfortably close — especially considering that ABC’s average was boosted by the Super Bowl in January. CBS’ three-hour Sunday movie biography, “Lucy,” about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, held its own against “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and the season finale of “Alias,” which enjoyed a better-than-usual lead-in audience thanks to a “Home Improvement” special. ABC’s “The Bachelor” has also continued a slow if steady build, last week edging NBC’s “The West Wing” and the average for Fox’s tandem of “Bernie Mac” (which, following “Idol,” posted its biggest audience yet) and “Wanda at Large.” —Brian Lowry NBC, Fox battle for 18-49 set TIPS FOR TODAY 9 a.m.-noon—Morning Becomes Eclectic: Richard Warren (“Echoboy”) guests (11:15 a.m.-noon), KCRW-FM (89.9). 2-3 p.m.—Cost-Conscious Classix: Brahms (String Sextet No. 1 in B–flat, Op. 18, Yehudi Menuhin and Friends), KCSN- FM (88.5). 2:30-3 p.m.—The Treatment: Actor- director John Malkovich (“The Dancer Upstairs”), KCRW-FM (89.9). 4-8 p.m.—Duffy and Co.: “Pastor of the Week” (4:45-5 p.m.); “Israel and Palestine” (5:15-5:45 p.m.): “California Budget” (66:30 p.m.), KKLA-FM (99.5). 6:30-9 p.m.—Pro Basketball: NBA Playoffs: Lakers at San Antonio Spurs, KLAC (570). 7-8 p.m.—Symphony at 7: Schumann (1st Symphony, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra), KMZT-FM (105.1). 10-10:30 p.m., 2-2:30 a.m.—The Third Man: The allied army sends Harry (Orson Welles) on a secret mission (originally broadcast Dec. 7, 1951), KNX (1070). NEWS, COMMENTARY Continuous News— KFWB (980), KNX (1070). 2-9 a.m.—Morning Edition, KPCC-FM (89.3); also, 3-9 a.m., KCRW-FM (89.9). 8:55-9 a.m., 11:45 a.m.-noon, 7-7:05 p.m.—Paul Harvey, KABC (790). Radio Prime-Time TV Rankings By Lynne Heffley Times Staff Writer Disgusting, exhausting and alarmingly life-changing — that’s how parenthood strikes a pair of 17-year-olds when they become the part-time, stand-in parents of a baby boy for two days. If watching the experience makes young viewers give serious thought to the potential consequences of sexual activity, then “Teen Parent,” tonight at 9 p.m., has done its job. Part of the “A Walk in Your Shoes” series on the N,Noggin’s nighttime network for teens, this is old-school reality TV, with a pointed, albeit earnest message created for this year’s National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. The series, which has teenagers of contrasting life experiences trade places with an aim toward broadening horizons and encouraging empathy and understanding, focuses tonight on New Jersey teens Sivan and TJ, both 17, who have been going together for many months, and on Kaitlyn and Justin, also 17, who are going to school, working and, though living apart, raising their 18-month-old son together. Sivan and TJ, pairing off with the young parents for the first day, are quickly appalled. Diaper-changing comes as a shock, as does what goes into a diaper bag just for a trip to the store, and how “everything is for the baby,” including virtually every minute of the day and on into the night. On the second day, Sivan and TJ reluctantly take over, a hidden camera capturing their fatigue and disillusionment with the whole set-up. That set-up, which is crafted with little sense of spontaneity, has the ring of truth by the end, when it’s clear that temporary parenthood has made the idea of being “just a kid” seem powerfully appealing. Kaitlyn and Justin, who seem to be handling their unplanned parenthood with an exceptional sense of responsibility and commitment, offer understated testimony to the limitations of their lives. When Sivan and TJ are worn out and craving freedom after two short days, the tired teen mom says they don’t know the half of it. “I wouldn’t consider it a complete walk in my shoes,” is her wry wrap-up. Parents and young viewers can go to to read journal entries from the four teens involved in the show. A parent discussion guide is also available. TUNED IN Courtesy of the N HELLO, BABY: Mom Kaitlyn, left, and baby Sean get to know Sivan. Both girls are 17. Harsh reality of the diaper life By Elizabeth Jensen Times Staff Writer NEW YORK — The “point- counterpoint” face-off between former President Bill Clinton and former Senate Majority LeaderBob Dole on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” was announced as a10-week deal, and it’s looking like the deal may end there. The two-minute segments, which are unusual in bringing a former U.S. president to a regular slot on television, launched to great media attention March 9. Executive producer Don Hewitt expressed hopes then that the feature could become a regular presence on the program, reviving a format made famous by Shana Alexander and James Kilpatrick in the 1970s. After an almost genteel start, Clinton and Dole have gotten edgier in the seven exchanges that have aired so far, and seem more comfortable with their debating roles. Nonetheless, there is a feeling among some CBS News insiders that the segments aren’t working out as hoped, with perhaps too civilized a tone. They have covered tax cuts, the U.N., criticism of the military’s Iraqi war plan and, last Sunday, reality TV. The war in Iraq knocked the exchange off one week; no “Clinton/Dole” debate aired the week of April 27, either. With a “60 Minutes” 35th anniversary special also coming up May 18, it’s likely two of the initial 10 segments will be pushed into late May or early June, when the show traditionally starts to transition to summer repeats. Hewitt declined to comment on the future of the segments. CBS News President Andrew Heyward said “there has been no discussion about anything beyond the 10 we committed to, and I guess when we’ve done the 10 we’ll certainly take a look.” Future for Clinton-Dole on CBS dims SERIES Good day for good? Asenior prank goes awry and Fez is threatened with deportation on “That ’70s Show” (8 p.m. Fox). Early contact: Apair of cybernetic aliens found buried in the Arctic Circle are Borg drones. The “Enterprise” (8 p.m. UPN) is sent to investigate. Into the deep: Scientists and engineers using underwater machines to explore the deepest depths of the worlds oceans are featured on “Extreme Machines” (8 and 11 p.m. TLC). SPECIALS Million-dollar trooper: Clint Eastwood takes viewers behind the scenes in Hollywood’s golden age for an inside look at one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in “Gary Cooper: American Life, American Legend” (11:30 a.m. TCM). MOVIES O brother: Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake star in writer-director Preston Sturges’ 1941 social comedy “Sullivan’s Travels” (6:35 a.m. AMC). SPORTS Hockey: The Philadelphia Flyers are at the Ottawa Senators for Game 7 of their playoff series (4 p.m. ESPN2). Baseball: The Dodgers are in New York for a game against the Mets (4 p.m. FSN2), and the Cleveland Indians visit the Angels (7 p.m. FSN). Today’s Highlights The Early Show Caroline Kennedy. 7 a.m. KCBS Today Vanessa Redgrave and Brian Dennehy; Bob and Linda Hope. 7 a.m. KNBC KTLA Morning News Musician Kathleen Edwards. 7 a.m. KTLA Good Morning America David Hyde Pierce. 7 a.m. KABC Live With Regis and Kelly Hugh Jackman; actor Paul Rudd (“The Shape of Things”). 9a.m. KABC Good Day Live Bernie Mac. 9 a.m. KTTV The View Matt Dillon. 10 a.m. KABC The Wayne Brady Show David Boreanaz; Kelly Hu (“X2”); musician Billy Gilman. 10 a.m. KCAL Oprah Winfrey Husbands discuss being physically male and psychologically female. 3 p.m. KABC Dr. Phil Conflict over household chores. 4 p.m. KNBC Life & Times Anti-discrimination legislation to protect transgenders; threat of tsunamis. 7 and 11 p.m. KCET Late Show With David Letterman David Hyde Pierce; Ziggy Marley. 11:35 p.m. KCBS The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Dr. Phil McGraw; India.Arie. 11:35 p.m. KNBC The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn Actor James Marsden; Alex Kingston; comic John Caparulo. 12:35 a.m. KCBS Late Night With Conan O’Brien Steve Zahn; comic Andy Blitz; Jim Belushi. 12:35 a.m. KNBC Today’s Talk Shows What: “Health, Wealth and Bill Gates” When: 9-10 p.m. Friday on KCET ‘Now With Bill Moyers’

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