The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1944
Page 3
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\ '. < MONDAY, .JU'lA' S. (AfcK.) COUSffifc VICTORY MATEHJAI. , Tile United Slates is winning a war for humanity in 1944 (is a direct result of what our pioneer tin- wstors did in me. This nation lias had 108 years of freedohi, Its cili- ^ns ills 'flgliter's abroad and Its workers nt home) possess 168 years of exjwrience at minding Inch own business and taking cave of themselves under a system of free enterprise, it's a great asset. 1 wish every child in America, at about u>e sixth grade, where serious study of. synonyms and antonyms begins, could be impressed that liberty is the op|x>slte of shivery—Impressed so deeply they couldn't forget. 1 am nfrald words thtit menu freedom have grown poetical anc abstract to all of us. To our colonial forebears, don't forget, liberty meant escape from something strictly mv- ful. Pardonable Pride • Bragging about ancestors nevei was.a habit of mine but today, a- lo.tig with; millions of other citizen; of-the United. States, I am glad my grandfather's great-grandfntiici was u free mim. Do you wondei what he: ever did' for me that did me any good? Just this: He taught niy grandfather's grandfather to love liberty, and the Idea gained strength • until I picked It up from niy dad. (>t course this freedom would have' but. little value if it were exclusive to the Bensoris,, but il's not. ',Th'efe were 16 young men back In '1776, who could ijuallfy as my grandfather's great-grandfather, and .they .have.,a lot ,q posterity by. now. Besides, they al had liberty - loving , friends thai year, comrades in arms perhaps who .laid the foundation ' Of tin w6rU" s greatest nation. : ,: ' <V; Our Way Is Best L'-vilfeillnjj used to civil liber Is T takes time, perhaps as much'Umi. as getting used to slavery. Usually it' takes • a liberated nation lorigc than one,., man's life-span to be come adjusted to freedom. But on freedom came six generations ag urid it's certainly being usefu now, The U. S., now making hal the world's war. material, lias don more in three years than our en emies did in 23 years. Raising, training and equippln. a : hUBe army for a fast-moving wa ha.H been Germany's everyday (as since World War I officially ended The Japs have been prowling avoun civilized countries marking the so! spots longer than that. Meanwhil Buy Invasion Bonds Spend whar you save using Shibley's Best Flour. $' Dieppe —City of Tragic Memory 'S;p- ; fpfll|j^^ ;. : i •'»* '&«£$&) SlKfSiHSttt'% W/'' *~' "?* vv^ F. ?;?'; H*?*^ *>< ^.S-'S^?' - £<W^^^^^ : . ! ' ' ^ •'••••'^.:j$|,SS frv^S'!!^^ •'•.: ,:.'•... .Me'. '^^fi.iVi.iiiMK^Xiii. ¥S -S:i'.;t!^>' •.', tHnH,'j®!,y&f<tei* .1 j ; 5?*5sBai^ sludlecl all idiuses of Anny administration Mid gained iictual experience for Hvo-dny pci'lods of us- Mgimmu to every position frorti commandlne otncer of >. unit, to Dial of messenger. H«»n ()oiiaK6n DUNOAN, Oklkv (UP)"X:Dun- CI'.M bank tins ngfoed 'o doimte one ton of, \M\tft to the, scrnp rmlwr dilvp-Ou 0116 condition. The bhllk vniits to bumllo the mass of old records into n lljln bale rin<i deltvef It' to His freight car , Furthermore, the bank wants , a j)!«cl8(! froiri drive officials that no 1'i-jlng cjcs ftllt open tli e bundle, 'llio' jirlvac? Stipulation was readily, ngrccd upon. Head Courier News want Ao» Minnows minute. breathe ISO , , 11$ ' The alrview above shows Dieppe, whose beach was the scene o( the disastrous Allied raid of [ [..August, 1942.^TodayjUiesJii the path of another Allied invasion—tliis time ope that^promises dls- I • aster,for. the Germans./' 'Oressing U{>' f pr Freedom Completes Course ' WAD Ucnt. Nntnlle Yiilos/former assistant post adjutant dt.lhc'BAAF, has returned to.duly at'the UlHhe-, vlllc sliilloji .nftci 1 .completing nil' eifht-weeks course at this 1 ' Aujii- tanl General's School at Fort Washington, Mil. She has beciV assigned Assistant Station Air Inspector,'v\d- inihlstnuivc. ' . , : ' While attending the school at Port Washington,' Lieutenant Vales Riding in the family farrti wagon. D French mother nnd her little girl arrive behind Allied 'lines',irr Normandy, Uiklng nclvnntayc, enroute, of their first few : rrilnntes of shrety to spruce up a bit. America all but forgot the other war nnd went ahead learning and building, buying and selling ft'lth'• nmllte toward none. ^ On Being Prepared .' Hitler figured the Germans, a :Sturdy and warlike ptople, could conquer the world If they all 'had his objective. As a ruler he disciplined them to obey him, but he is making them fall. Obedience-is important but Htiler knows- now that it's no substitute for wits. This is a war. of iron-rod discipline, against personal liberty . and the personal ability that grows out of liberty. Who's winning? . Free, enterprise is military ...preparedness. In the "dictator'coun- tries" people forgot hmv to 1 think because their centralized governments think for them. 'Thinkers get scarce while the masses, grow torpid from being bullied. In America, free minds whetted daily in open competition get brighter and more competent. The American sys tern qualifies people to live in pence and plenty, and in safety because alert people can meet emergencies. SPECIAL For A Few'Days 1 CASE COCAiCOtAi-; ; And 75c Bottle Phillips 66 Furniture Polish—Both 1.39 Bring foar Empty Bodies POTTER'S STATELINE SERVICE, STATION Out of'every 100 marriages in, the United States, 12 are childless. Four hundred species of trees have been found in an area only three miles square in Brazil. Dr. J. L Guard Optometmt at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main SUE SUCKS YOUR BLOOD and leaves LIVING DEATH! Stop h«r boforo iha biles . . . with FLIT I Flit ii ludden death to all moiquitocs. Yes! 1 Even the dread Anophelei ... the mosquito that carries malaria from a sick man to you . . . the mosquito you can tell, because it itandt on Hi hcttd ... U easy to kill with Flit. Buy »n «mpl« jupply of Flit, todayl « FLIT Will flies, Mits, mothi, bedbugs «nd all mosquitoes. BE SURE IT'S FLIT! tSt tOI 'X! rfltOWCOHUINfl WIIH IHt tl»Clt HHOI \ WEDDING FLOWERS Our expert florlsls will handle decorations for weddings, parties and other occasions. Call us for an estimate. FLOWER SHOP F.T.D. Service " We Deliver Anywhere Fh, iSl Mrs. J. Hf. (Mae) Williams, owner Glencoe Bldg. It DOES Make a Difference W/io Serves as Your Next U. S, Senator/ M HINK 1. imitiot 1UACHI9 sometimes tio llus 10 cottons and linens because ihciraciion is imnulrtlttil. " * 2. PIAIH WASHING mcanslots more rutting to get things while. Thji) also is very liard on fabiic's.' "" 3. WITH »U«IX you cio ; avoiiiboi!n!an£ers.Use(l as directed, Purcx wljit- cns^f^//j p —witlif£>fl/rw/fi/ . .action. Safer thin"infe-' liorblcaches'oYextra rubbing. Linens list tw&ut. PUREX PUIIX HAS CONTKOLIID ACTION<»N«LI 10 COTTONS AND UNINI ,' AT TO 1)8 GlbcEi'S: ', '.' \ BEFORE YOU DECIDE Get the Facts about Each of the •' Senatorial Candidates ; Before You Vote ' 4 * i - r ' ^| Did He Inherit WeaJth-or Come Up the Hard Way? v,v -^ • Through industry, determination knd unilatiftl rtblllty BARTON is out- f6reWort • business kader. His position in the business world Is real, not inheiited, «nd not a notion. U He a ThecHst-pf a Man of Practical Cortimon Sense? ;> WATER IS ALRIGHT TO UIVE IN BUT FORA BEVERAGE GIVE PR. PEPPER "The people Me weary of tax-supported social experiments, moat of thorn admitted' fnlluies, and are eftger to turh the immurement of government affairs over to , practical and tenlisttc men and oijt of the hands of prpfesslonal politiclatij, Col- Icge pbfessora ahd 'intHlectual crack-pots." ^ _, J]lj3 {Pine Stuff CortiMftcify *',, ';' , . ,' s> r, Does He Have Any Embarrassing Endorsements? • x Barton has not received a "pat on the back" by any pressure group Whose a^o^ved j V purpose IS to control both the legislative and the executive branches of theigoverji- 1 , ( nient. ^ Barton's support Comes from individuals who know him and belifeve tri>h(nu Is He Free to'Serve You-or Does He Owe Political Debts? ' BartonJs N01\a JwlitlolSn; he owes no political debts.'HO will not toTa "rubber ''^ ^ atamp'J for.any individual,or any grodp. Barton is free to serve ALL the b«ople ~\ " of Arkansas to the best of his ability, without reservation or obligation to the v '. politicians.- ' ' ? What About His War Record? Did He Volunteer to Serve His CourftrV? : rr r~ — ; "V* ~t jif: 4hf> /i/H* f Af f fy wVtan Wnrl/l \l/o»» T \\vn]*f* ,*.*.(• T)n u i A » «*,l!™i«J _„ _ L. 1 Li At the a^d/rJ?', when World War I broke out, Barton enlisted as a He had a Wife-arid two children at the time. Baiton served hi* country throughout World iVa^' ' HOTEL NOBLE —featuring the piano music of Miss Cornelia Adair of Boston, Mass. REQUEST PROGRAMS during luncheon and dinner. Does He Squarely Face.the Issue of Negro Voting? You.chuoj/s know where Barton stands on any public issue. No "fence-straddling"—no "soft-pedaling"—no "pussy-footing." Barton believes the DemncratTi Partyvmust'be ke'pfc "* \vhite man's party." He has called for action—th^ politicians have'failed'to face this big issue. What Has the Candidate Actually DONE to Develop Arkansas? " :. Barton's peraonalleadershlp in the development of the state's Oil Industry, th« Livestock Industry, the securing and operation of the Ozark Ordnance Plant and leadership in scores of enterprises for the betterment of the state are FACTS— not fiction. THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS '^ ARE THE REASONS WHY *••> There's a Sfate-wide Swing to Colonel 7. H. ,-., BARTON for Oar Next U. S, Senator Barton-for-Senator Campaitm Comtnittet ,

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