The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1934
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 1934 BLYTHEVILI^, (ARK.) COUHTER NEWS PAGE THREE THIOT inn 10 FM PEIPLE Hitler Anns Program Has Lessened Danger of -Revolution John D. Comes Briskly Home . ill This Is Ilic lust of a sei-ii's nl tlirce articles on |) K ' situation In Fiance, confronted wilh a rearming Oerniany ami striving ilrspcr- alely lu bring oilier powers lu her .olnl of view on armaments. II is the- sixth series written by William Pliilip Simms on lib lour of | (lit- uorhl for Courier News anil. ulhrr N'KA new s|ia|H-^. T1Y WIII.IAM PIIII.I1> SIMMS <Copyrl;hl, in:H. NKA Service. Ino PARIS.—Is France facing vevo- hitlon? In (.iermuny I heard she was. Or at knisl a paralysing political fnul economic upheaval. HUli'riles arc ceilalnly counihi^ on Priiiuv's domi-stlr diHicukiei. i to tie her hands—to make her, nfralfl lo Hike nny diastic metis- j me.s lo ;.to;> (ieintiiiiy In.m re-, aiming. i Thai Fiance was on Ihe brink! ol revolution last February [here 1 inn not be the slightest doubt. Prime Minister Caston rJouiiiciKiic himself admit.-; ihe dancer has not yet blown over. But one" thins is certain. The one thine ihat would unify Frnncc us nothing else could possibly do j would Ix? for Germany lo play her hand. I have talked wilh ditch-diners here initl diplomats, waiters in cafes, members of ihe Chamber nf Deputies, laxi-dri\ers, professional inf.'il and former premiers. They all siy the .same thing. Chicagoans Hail Zephyr That; Blew in Like a Gale Points Danger of Kconomu: Nationalism In Address ID (InuliMli's. FA YETI'KVI I.LE. Ark.— T h c Sonlh is plonecihiK it.s way through c'cle.s nf cimd times mill bad In 11 day ol such commercial, i ricnllnral mid Industrial splendor as U hits nol known before, Ijohn Temple Graves II, editor of jllc lliinihmhani. Ala.. A^c-IIer- I Four Receive Degrees I : onr iTsidcnls of Mississippi t-oiiniy wcie among the Uni- ver.Mly of Arkansas Mrartiiftlcs who iTCL'lvcd Ihclr degrees yus- ;i-ulay. John I). Hlshtowcr, Lux- jia. ivn Iv -d Ihc deuiee of Hachi'lor in Ails from Hie col- tee ol nit.s mid sciences. Anim MaiiimvL Wood, of l.nxora re- e.KMl i In- decree Cjf Itiich'.'tor ji Kc!i nee In kdiiciillon. Mlsincr D. Brail. Wilson nml Jiimes R Tcmpkiii!:. Jr.. Ihndcllc. recclv- . d 111.' dcgrre of I)n;]ip!or i;f Ki•!••!•(o in Agriculture. A i:. »• rli:i|>lrr in lailnwd history was rccnrdi'd I (In 1 Miu-lln;;loiiS Micaiullnc. trulii. Hie Hephyr. arrived (here nl (lie end of u »ni Id record InTakliv; non-stop inn from IVnvrr. 'I'll.' new .sliced klnij of llu' rails, pictured hcio on exhibition ill Ihe World's Fair Just iift.-i us arrival, covered Uiu distance ol 1.017 miles m lliiicl i>t tin- coii(liunl) In 13 hours, or In one-half llic IIMI:I| running time. Avcr.iK- hi:i ii s|M'cd o[ 7H nines ml lin'.sr. ilu> Zephyr ;ii limes Iiuvclcd 112 inllrs mi lunir. of i of romance, ol mllily of spirit. "Go nhcad. here's a good chance." John D. Rockefeller jovially lo'il over- i photographers us h? .sU'p]>ed oif the tiaiti at Pi'incelon, N. J.. niter 'i loi.r-mctuli vacation lit his Ormoiicl Beach. Fla.. home. Appearing in ojeMluit he.ilih r.urt eoe:l spirits, the Sl-ytar-uld millionaire is shown ilefu as he, was e.scorti'd lo Ji waiting auloinoblle. United by GcVrhan Menace Eut for Gcnnany, France loflny would probably Ix; in turmoil. As it is. France is iimv prrpnrccl lo other, ljul xs well. not only fiuht I Ihc oilier Hi Premier Giuirclcc! in Yokio Scandal nld. told l!ie graduating clas.s nl the University of Arkansas In Ills address nr. ihc Mill animal corii- fueneenienl oxcreist-.s here- last night. The Alabama editor addressed the hircm yi adiialtns; In the ^ history of the University of Av:an:;as on tile importance of be.- triu 1 in sell. In the cnsc of lilts Kconiimic NatlnnallMii : "Tin- nalloiuil attention \vhlrh 1 was uuniiiK Uiwaul Hie Kimlh before ibe dep;c.sslon 1:; bound In turn .'.mill siRiitn iiml in even i:renter miMMiii'. in a IIHMMIIC i.inihl by '.in' depression it Hi in ci/n- sldft this .'cetlon'.s MiiX'Uur ud- VIllllaMi-s, ils clluuile, Us lower llv- iii'i costs. Its unili'Vclupcd markct.s ami ir-:ources. its transiioiialicin lMi;. l :li.lilies, ils ad]arclice to Ihe e.n-al iiiinki'ls of Hiiiilli and Celi- irnl Ai:vTlc:i. il.s cnoiir.ous liiH-nt P'.ii'.-u..-SMI: power, ils still pioneer - hii' ;>;ri:." Mr. fh.iv'.s d"clnred. In the lasl liic ycais people luivr u:un;'d jonii ihni;> alxmt eco- noniii-s ami libcily.'ihe sjjcakcr d out. U has been found balance of |',o!it mil ol wcnllh ainonu men. o.v.'.rnl la-.k Is In ihii'iid this "We h.ive leariKd lhai ihe na- dilleic-nllal. Ihls eheaper lulior, in llonalLMii which Is U-lni; lalkcil MI nnler tluil .Southern Industiy may loudly m .Mime Aiuera-nn iinniicrs iciiialii u i;olnn concern mid Ihul today, t!ie rconomlc :.i'll-.'.ulllclen- ihe Innncduile ilejlriii'llcn nfmiieh .Soiilhcin invi >tmi n! ii'.enl iniiy lie avoided. ' "We have leal lied, too, or Humid 1 Icinn, thin In loniici 1 prnspfcl our task is ihe ^tailual inul .sclenlllle tnl nml Norllii'i'n eoiii;:cl!lors wilh the imllcy which burdens thin sec- \,vy. We' hfive leu j ed (hut our .Uon ullh frcl|;hl, rales which urn • ••• not fulr and which lmpo<T.i Imon our steel buyers an arbitrary find uiH'C.nnoinlc iiddlllimal Ellin over wlml b paid In Ihc Eiist." Ann rconouiU 1 mid l"<.';itli'i: UN r.,11. Hlon ol i-vciv iii'iiny of war ili-'jts. ihe loi- liiddlni; lurlll fta'l-. - Ilial Ihes. 1 thiiiKS arc in) Ililk for Soulhein- er.i Uvauu' they thiciilen our ei'ii- noinle .slninciiliillon." drcliircd Ihe .Snutlu-in cdilor. "ni'iii'iulcnl nixiu forciun lands for Ihe consumption c^'j of over half our coilnn. ncurly w | linlf our tobacco, nnd RIVIII i]iian- lo Itllcs of our other n.iluiiil pnxl- 5 iiry.""Aiiil.""llhiiiiy,'"wp'lmv« Veimi--|8 llll "«»' 1 '' 1 nets, we infill Indi'id IK- worlh ,. ( | lhlll t j, n colonialism iij-ulnsi' nollihu; but u nall< 1 park If v ,, ll(:]l Uu . AM ,erlciin colonies -"-' ' way. i-lllllloy- i Id-nil Cnnvlcr NI-WK \Vnnl Ads rlliiilnallon of tlic Ihc InteiesU of lower wanes ! nn liiL'icase<l' "Stomach Pains So 1 Could Hardly Work" Says C. H. dross: "After tnkln'i o | l>i. Emll's Adbi Tablets tho pains void 'ilic very" sl'limiYon said «'c UO'"' "»<' ' eat-anythlnf." Try make the lower wages nrees- Atlln Irciilmcnt on our money back - Khhy Urns. Drug Co. —Adv. Ml Hie natinnallsls lind llu'li 1 Armed organizations are : } ey;x;;<{S «ess arms. Some ol $|%5^? .Most Arc Most of j their leaders fore il;e cnjinnh.slon • which inves-. limited Uiu rVbmaiy -lilootlslied ilial since Llii-y \\vn- nn-d on they tiav'c advi-.ed ilu-ir nn inhei's In •uirfihaM- wi-apon.s. liese men weio Ihe siK-arliead of the February upheaval. Hul \vhal made them dangerous was that practically all France was hehind them. That is why. if they had had a leader, they conlfl easilv have overthrown the He- niblic. What makes them far lc.=-s dan- ierou.s r.O'.v is that tin 1 French pco- p!c bflievc ihe Nationul Ltiiinn ^ovrrnment of Premier noumcr'-jue ni'.d his all-star, all-party cabinet will giv-.' tlu-t!) a new deal. They also believe lie will keep i Germany lioin iu'.adlnu i-'iaiu-e i i^ain. And tills is one of the bte- ;est iniifyiivr factors of nil. run: I:NII) polnii thai ihc fanner f^'l th' 1 cnn.snin- er mi' very iui|iii:lant fellows,that thci _ SO ,, 1C . ,r l0 has Premlei- <:Ast?>n I)ounicrRii» . . . franco sees hhn as bnj- ?50 Fine Assessed' for Liquor Possession "We have learned ihat the cheap brai born anuln In the uulliid'j ' Into:-, the .'O-called mitf dlfleien- of ccrlaln absentee owners tci- llal of lower WIIRC uprm whlcli winds Ihe. Sc.ulh unil West. In Ihe nn cnDrmfiu.s dllleicncc mn::l of .Southern Industry has nntlon on the purl of some S'urlh- thc class incinlwis, he s;iid It is belwu-n lannblliiK on Ihe dilute been biilll, Is Miiui-lhlni; njxin eriieis and Kasteinrrs ihnl U Is : Amercan self, n Rouihern self, nnd iiiielllyciilly miilclpatiiiK the which Noilhern economists unil more blessed for Ihe So'.illi and ' self In which there lives a Ira- fiiime. an<l thai Ih is a ccr- Iniiiuinllarlans look with dlsappra-. West lo Blvc than to iccelve, In EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Ily Horace Waketlcld Phillips Motor Co. clean Center Leaves the mildest leaves As a rcsiiU of (be cr ( ir, JiijuMi ciiusKl b) n Tr<-a^ll.'y scandiil. finned bave been assiKtleil lo protect j f'refaler Sailo Uibnvel follort'liig llireats of ussussilialiori. Charles Sirnin was nin-il JSCi | in a charge ol illegal .posses- I Von of ii toxicatin^ li(jn> r by i Municipal .Iud?e C. A. Ciimiinx-! ham ycslerday. Toll Dclauvy v,-a.'i fiiu-d S10 0:1 ' Chief Fire En;iue. Driver charge of dMiirttng ihe peace, i NAUGATUCK, Conn. (UP)--Bor- O. D. Taliy was fined sit) on " j oush Olivers appointed Milton Ga:\'in make pretty much any kind or sacrifice to maintain her strength in the face of what she, at leas regards us the German menace. "Beyond ciucslion," a French deputy told me, "we were clo^c to revolution back in February at the time of tile Stavlsky scandal." "All thai was needed." anothi-i French eye, .said, "was leadership— someone lo direct- the revolutionary forces liien in full play." To this everytxidy seems apreetl. But everybody is also agreed that the great, moment when a "man on horseback" michl have lakcn Paris has come and fjonc. At present-, it is a question whether .such opportunity will ever come avjiin. Opposition Still Siren; Not thnt the opponents of the -iisting regime have gone out of Winess. On the contrary, they re said actually to have Rained in, jnuubers since, and as a rcsuli of. the February riots. The strongest organized movement against the government Is the Action Francnlre. willi .several h'imdred thousand members and n storm Iroop section alxmt 100.000 strong, called the Camelots of the King ICaniclots dii Roi>. Next, perhaps, come Ihe Young ' Patriots (Jcnnesses Palriotcsl. with n membership of approximately 240.000. Olhcr Groups Powerful The Soliclarite organ- i7crt by Coly. newspnijer owner and perfume king, lo fight Communism las were the Young Patriotsi numbers in the neighborhood oi 200000. The Croix rlc Feu (Fiery Cross) gro'.ip originally wns compered of cx-senire men, but now Is made up of impetuous youths generally, organized along army lines, u liar a large membership. The F-x-Combatants Federation has about 4,000.000 members. At firft non-political. It is now distinctly the contrary, with leftish IrndencSw— all save about 900.000 .which loan towards the right. These arc all extremely nationalistic. Then there nre the Com- mnniits and Socialists, both In Ittnatlonalist and fairly *har£?e of riistiu'liin? ihe peace. rour men \vjre finnd oji public '• "jmnkemicss cliai^'s. or.e line w.i.s ; itiipciided and of anoti'.er A S25 bond posted by C. W. Calo on a charge • of rec!:less Irivini; was ordered forfeited when hrj failed to appear lo answer 10 iic charge. A sifj bonti polled by E. W. Knfalin mi jharge was lorfeited reason. Cue dollar fines for faiiui 1 ' .vc.rk streets or pay street cr.icf of tl'-e fire department and then named him a driver of arjparatui .so he could draw a salary. The chief's job carries no pny. Now he'll receive SI 87 a year. No'.icc is hereby glvc-n that the undersigned, a.s artminlslrator ol the eslat'i of C. H. Buir.s. drceas- ii:. will apply to the Mississippi disLuii/an.-i; .(>.i;nty iChicl-.asawlia District! for a shin! ir-' Probate Court on lite 10th day of ,.ninc. l!>-4. tor anihonty lo sell loj'jie following lands lu'longinj! to tax ! said estate, or so much thereof as •\cn assessed noainst the follow- mav be ntcaibury. to-wit: North ng: Georgo Hum. Taft rarntaiik. hr.lf of Lots Nine ar.:l Ten, ir .icrman Ariair. J. B. Lancaster. Block "B" of Morris Addition to Jury Heain. Leonard lloll. Gain .BlyiheAille, Arkansas. Hancock. Ehr.'jr Howard. J. L. Said .sain is made for Ihc pur- Ukins. V'. C. Kfiiris. .). I-;, nixnn piM- of paying Dm drbt.s of said mil n. H. MnKu-ari. f.stale. W. If. Stovall. .5-1S-22-29-C-5 Administrator Badger State Man Held Corner on Leg Market IJAV. MACMIIXKUV rOK Scaled bids will be received 'lie ofl'ic:' of the Uivre Board WcM M:mphis, Arkansas, unli 'N'ron, Jur.c 7. 193i. and then pub iiclr oix-ned for the it «ht.le cr in part of Ihe machin cry. implements and cqiilpmen by his account b:ota. acquired re- ^^J*™^?,^™ ccntly by a centennial group here. "•"'"" "'"' 5 »'•«• ..nruas am Sale o[ artificial limlK to many prominent |>er.=ons in tlie United WAUKKSHA. Wi.S. IUP1 — The only maker of wooden and cork artificial limbs in the United ', Stater, in ISiiO, was a man named Bart!e!t, who lived in Lisbon. WaifKesha County, it was indicated :] States and abroad was recorded. Among the moc.l f.imous customers listed was General Santa Ana. Mexican leader in t.-,e border warfare with Texas w^o directed the Alamo garrison tnarsacrc. The old "fire-cater." recorded as the purchaser of two wexxlen legs from Bavtblt. losl his firsl prop In a battle with American troops. wli::c l'-e sccoixl is preserved in the Illinois slate museum. Tile price lislcd for one Irs was SI.500. He is reputed lo have paid up in silver, however, which llirllelt was said to have melted aid recast Into spoons. liarvcsling hay on the levee. Certi tied check for 10'.; of amount bi must accompany each bid. Th Beard icscrves the rteht to re icct any and all bids. Information will lie furnished up nn applicnlion lo n. N. Pharr Chief Engineer, West Memphis Arkansas. W. M. Smith. President. Si. Francis t/ivcc Bonrd. lrj-22-M-F Indian n^uip si( C Jlarkcil CHEYENNE. \Vyo. (UPi-Crow- heart Butte, scent; of a trrnfi-; baltlc belwecn Ehoshone nnrl Bnn- nock Indians on one fi'lc aivj Ciows on the olhor, in I66S. was marksd recently with a b:on7C marker by the Slate Department nnmcr-lof Commerce. Factory Anllinrirc'd FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Genuine Frlgidalre Paris Factory Trained Mechanics Reasonable Charges Day C7 -Phone- Night 414 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 407 Main SI., Blythevllle MILDEST LEAVES ity cHK-'sn'tjusc h:ip|ien — lor we use only Ike I'lcaneentir leaves! Only the cbm center leave 1 ;—for the center leaves arc the mildest leaves—they cost more—they usti-better. Then— 'It s toasted V Ltickies nrc all-was^ tint! to your throat As •vou can see from tliis picture- "Tt'stoMted"-for throat protection. Luckies' fine, smootli tobaccoqtial- And every Lvicky is fully packed with these choice tobaccos—made round and firm — free from loose ends —that's why I .uckies "keep in condition"—do not dry out. 1 .uckiesare iilwaysinall-w:ivskiiu!toycitirthro:it. f l j '\| Otily tlw Center Leaves-time are the Mildest Leaves J 7%

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