The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1931
Page 6
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_ BI,Y'f JIKV1U.B.' (ARK.) COIJIUEIt NKWK California Boy Anxious fo; Defend Laurels As'Tast-l cst Human" BY CLAIRE BURCKY : • XEA Service S)iorlb Writer j The kid who won his fir>t rare; a Sunday school plcntc a feu-, .ars ago Is leady to defend 1:1; > "'.ims to the title of "\vcrlriS f .- human." And while liu's miNi • increase his sprinting lainvls In • •* coming season, Jie is looking .-ward lo having his year . • 19U2 \vlifii the Olympic games '1 be stayed aiiiiDH in his u\vn . ni yard. .Yank Wykoff is the lad. To fc:nc .:: is known as trie Glendale gri-y- md. He is working cm regularly ; :se afternoons on Bavard llr!.' •-•.ier the blazing Southern Cali. .nia sun. . - A'r.cther it bs firing the sla:'.im; i or snapping the stop-v.'atcii al : end of t brisk dash. l):Tii! . niK'ell. Southern California Hack c!i. Ls there 10 s-je thit Wykoll .'. s just the risht amount <:\ (hi: .- .i the right amount of that in 1 ; preliminary training. Cromwell ' Jens a perfect rrcor:! for his flyo: -, season—something he narrow- missed last year. a * » 'ihat outing with his Sunday •col mates gave Wykoff l)ls (kit tc ot racing competition. He won :. s dash lor youngsters of his cwr , • and nnislie;! thir<l In the o;>c:i npetitlon. Later he won the : ..'int championship of his sram- -'••r school, TO thai Ills reputation : speed preceeded Ills cnroliinciil • Glendale Higli. "Jnder Normsl Huyhurst. Glen•' !a mentor. Wykcd became the • loolboy sensation you remember • .m the 1028 Olympics and tli? 'al events preceding that affair. i'ernl times he ivns caught In C ' : -'i seconds, but (his was IMS K .'. rlbutcd to the- inaccuracies of i- 3'n school timers and not mill In '••.d detented Charley Paddock ir. :•::; Olympic, (rials was he nctuMI :ognized as a prospective chain- m. Tile Glcndale boy went to tlv • .st in 32 races last year. Of thcs: ! won 20, tied for first In one an; • .lished second In the other. Hi: : awcst time for the century was • 4-5 seconds. Twice he ran in tlv •-Tarld's record lime of 9 2-5 second: . Hec Dyer, the lanky Slanfcr ''• printer, gave WykofT his only b;at- .'..)E of the year early last Ai rl) .;:yer beat the Southern Calitornian •3 the the century In 0 3-5 •r.cconds. An hour laler they hoekec ip in a dead heat In t*.c "finals o: •he 220-yard dash, nhlch went in .'1 2-5 seconds. * * + : A horse.which apparently odd •"lot realise the value to this conn- . l .ry of Wykofi's slender legs kkk" J aim last summer, injuring" his anile. It was the same leg WykDlI ha- brokeh when as an adventuresome youth lie fell out of a tree. For .1 lime it was feared that this i .. injury would lessen the Tro an star's speed, but ha recently c! n ed this up In rigorous tests whlf proved the injured pedal as fit as ever. Wykoff is proud of his reco c.. 1 He hopes he won't lose a race this year. "I can't aflord to get- beat no-, for I've got a reputation to uphold, he told friends recently. "I sup^os every other sprinter in the co'un is looking forward to the Olympic . cames, too, but they'll have to run . pretty fact lo beat me because I've got a hunch that I'll be at my p-^ . in 1932." And if we believe ths young man it means that we probably will' h?ai cf some more speed records behv broken. Giants and Senators Work Oat With I\'ew Bali INFIELD IS BIG THURSDAY, MARCH 6, J931 Leads Boston Troupe "Far, Far Away" MIAMI. Fla.—They had finlsht dinner. Primo baa eaten his fin half dozen of bananas and hls'Ia tremendous handful ofriuts and tl party moved to the living room ' the S300-a-mon!h mansbn hsr: h whicli Camera, his manager Leai See and his entourage whiled av.a the hours waiting for the bout v/it Jim Maloney.' Leon See was talking. Leon ca • talk very well indeed. Words coir to him like water comes to j;ia»ar Falls. His conversation is enchant 1ngly musical, southing, rhjthmica Leon See is little and Primo very big. When Primo walks aboi the mansion of many rooms at M ami, the floors groan. It Is a wel built house, but when the big fellow goes up or down the stairs the steps seem to bend with the man He wears soft patent-leather shoes .that do not scratch the beautiful •; floors, but the floors seem to give . a little when he walks. . Leon See glides silently from place to place in their palm-stir- Tounded pilace. Leon is so quK that you might never knew where ; lie was at a (riven moment. Acromofily! My, My! .: But we were savins something about dinner being' finished and . Leon Ssc talking. :•' ''You understand, of course," Lc- !But Sliono Collins Says His Job at Least Be Belter- Than Minor Post. ! 11V JOHN F. (SHONO) COLLINS, Hunger, llnsion Ked Sox [ Miinnsiiie -a major league ball i riul) niicht he considered some- 1 ll'rli)'! ntw for me but my personal! .'.V'!i!i':n is (hat It will be easier' t lhan pllollnis a minor league club.' ut which I have had no little cx-i |:(-rltnci. I run Inckllug this R,?d| I fi'jx proposition knowing that base-' bill, whether it be major or minor,' , is played much the same every- : 1 r.m fcrtuniile In having played 'n '.01113 ot the greatest teams in j the American League—teams that ' «r,n pumnnts and worrd's cham- ; iiicnships. With lhat sort of back-. : erniind, I ought to have a fairly! i;or>d idea of what to e.\pect from major league players. ; I-'ive years experience in the management of league teams nlvuii me nn insight in the li.indllng and development of : cmig players. I ex]«cl this to assist me n lot in working with the Red Sox Wilh all the older players on the Ren Sox team. I am fairly well acquainted, but by taking the U, ri 3 ,,i. Chief Bender,: ^nc^ VSifrS^^ ^ raw, and rravls Jackson,: r,:ck un borne pointers 'on them '.vo o! the stronscsl-lookinvr major league cluDs !>.t this aliiE? uf the training season, the Giants nd the Senators, have :i Icok nt Ihe new ball. In the top picture, left Hants' coach. Davy Bancroft, second In command lo Manager John McGra ;:ir shortstop, have a Icok at a whole boxful of tte new "apples." And clnrencr Mitchcl. ilghl, - hal will enable me to decide what • .spilball pitcher of the Giants, gives yo;; an Idea of what he plans to do with the raised-sea in • ' K ' 5 l " ljc a ° nc wlt " tncm to 'ocins all. At Ulloxl. Mis.';., a new ball also is In rvidcnce in the camp of Ihe Senators, but It happens to ,S, P o ntst0 Amerlcan L "gue re- a medicine ball Hint Pitchers Walter Tauschcr, a. rookie, and Lloyd Drown aud Irving (Bump) • ' ... Hartley, lower photo, lefi tc rljjht. are pushing around. Flash on Cinder Path •jr-?-^ T"~: OT/a*,M/ ^ y «£* r f M # W \> j' V , t) ' •> i>* JJI'X*' J<& X r fo t& iv*$-V t sV~> 'ft. *: 9 Second Half of (lily Cage Race To Begin Tonit , Blytheville Chicks Draw Bye In First Round and i Meet Harrisburg Friday. i ' 1 The annual Fcurth District senior high basketball louninmen ojieiis al Ti-umann today with twenty-five teams scheduled to participate in ihe tournev. The Hlyihevllle hiijh Chickasaw^ drew a bye In the first round to I:: played ofl today anj will not*^ 1 acticn until they tackle llarrishur; tomorrow morning. Coach Henr/ Hudson and his so.uad of Chicl:: : will leave here late this afternco i for Trumatm. Memb^i.s of the Oil:?'.', squad are Craig, Tlpton. Chri5lia : i. i McAfee. Colston, Holland. Bu. 1 : _ and Webb. j The Jotiesboro Hurricane and t 1 .:. 1 I Trumanii team arc rat:d as prj- itournament favorites. Luxora, Hi- 'Mississippi county champion, an.! • Leachville. runner-up in the rec^nv ' county tourney, will clash in lii? first round of play. More (earns \vi.l participate in the tourney this ytav than ever before, according to district officials. The tch;du!e for the first roun.l of games is as follows: Whlttcn—bye. Corning vs. Trumann. Lake City—bye. Earle vs. Wilson. Harrisburg—bye. Blytheville—bye. Marked Tree vs. Central hlsli. Marion—bye. Luxora vs. Leachville. i Tyronza vs. Weiner. i Shawnee—bye. Monette vs. Marniaduke. i Turiell vs. Crawfordsvlllc. Ecno vs. Osceola. I . Thus far, Ihere has not been i '.niter nor any baseball ni'<n that ! l have spoken with who has not told me we have a; good, if not a better, pitching stnfl than any club in the league. If that Is truo, it means considerable to us. Per; ally. I think MncFayden, MorL_, _ . _... .... i Dm ham. Gaslon Russell arc. llurt !ast !al1 . "Bob Reeves played as' !cft-hander. . of the new East Texas oil field. A pitchers. . | K°°d as any player in, that position. Besides Oliver. Webb and Scar- year ago Parker took a flyer in oil LONGVTEW, Tex., (UP) — Svril Person-! olsr >n, who is most highly touted.'and Minneapolis, undoubtedly will Parker, ciiy editor'of the Long- Morris, ; T •'•'» t° !;i that when Regan was! help our pitching. Brillheart is a view News, has the saddest storv In Warstler and Rhvne \ve have rltt. v.'o have outfielders McSwain, leases, obtaining .the rights Ilie Gas Hounds, first hall win- tiicw iicrf will tackle Ihe M-rchanti HUlntet tonight more than we cx[jcct. Our outfield is not at all bad. I sec It, Is (o whip tr,,, r, , i ,f ° ""N^"' «>• Wg job, ^, , ,,„ „, .., <u „,„„ cam, first half runner-uy, plays j ,,., inf ,, 1( | lnto 5 , ml)c tlmt will ev _ he Company M aggregation. The f ,Hually lie of major league caliber. hrzt ctnmti r^.itnK. ...Ifll _i 1 _. J "o"v- ^-* first name tonight 7:15 o'clock. wltll start nt Order of tne games tonijht is as foll(.v:s: Company M vs. Hubbard. Frisco vs. Dixie Fliers, Merchants j vs. Gas Hounds, and Apes vs. Hi- i Jackers. i Third nase presents a problem. I Tom Winsett. leases sold for 590.COO. For this tMiilion we have Otis Mil- j Anyhow, we have plenty of ma- "i Ier p.nd Al Marquardt. v, r ho was tcrial to wcrk on. It is my idea to purchased frcm Nashville. We also! Sive the boys plenty of work and will try to make n. finished third'let them decide their own futures, the posi-! tcntion to what they do and how j they d-j St. tion. I know very little about Sweeney b'.it I am told that he is an aggressive, hur.tltng first baseman — one whoi likes to win. | Wiley (Cy) Mcore and Brillheart. [ The Bishop of London receives a At second base we Imvc Marvin I who were drafted from St. Paul' salary of about S50.003 a; year. ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK Electric and Gas Weldlns don= at OSBRON BLACKSMITH SHOP 115 X. Frunklin St. A non-breakable mirror of Mcod lias been invented by a German scientist. The wood Is sor.kect in a caustic alkali after which it is put throv.jli a process of immcr-1 ."ion into metals and chemical.?. Th:! v.'OJd then Is dried ai:d rubbeJ \vi;li a Fincot.'i piece of lead, tin or zinc, until it is brilliantly polished. The running form of Frank WykofT ' k practically perfect, enabling him to speed over the cinders with n minimum of effort. The top photo above shows Wykofi leaving his marks, body bent fcnvarct and arms used to pull himrclf forward. The lov; shows the Trojan in full stride, and it Ls a stride. pholo ORDINANCE NO. 373. AN OliDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE LICENSING OF R3I,- LHRS OP GOODS. WARES AND MERCHANDISE BY AUCTION SALES: PROVIDING PEKALTY FOR VIOLATION OF SAID ORDINANCE AND FOR OTHER. PURPOSES. 13E IT ORDAINED 3Y THE CITY COUNCIL OF CITY OP BI-iY- THEVTLLF, ARKANSAS: Section I., It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to cr.g:me in the business of' selling or offering for sals wit'.iin ihe City cf lilytheville any goods, wares cr merchandise by auction sale; without first liavins procured the license herein provided for; en was s,iyiiv?. "\vhal a proY.Cin I When ;>. Mo-r swears by his nave with Primo. I am aware of ':. j '-card he may lie (rested to kf:p iants of his sort have not enough , his word. calcium In their bones. That is why ; loncy, even thougli Primo may los: his trcken rib has failed tD heal '. b y It a great deal." as swifdv as I would lik? for Ws "T!iumj>, thump, thv.inii." went l?!it with Maloney. I thin!; the • tho pir.i'.o. jhvsidanj call it 'acromei-alv." The son c Just then Primo rumbled sbw- explain: Jy into (he room vrhere Ler.n S:'. 1 • "p[r-' s n'nvi is talking to your correspon-lent.' -j-] lc ,.: a ' n! The ladio was "on 1 and no fewer! tlun tl:iee ftaticn.-, wrro l:?hi' re-; i n nib'ivr veJ. but Primo wanted a Hills I wovi-"i= e'^' music of his own. The bench i as he sat at the piano. See turned lo 3- ; con-.cs next, with S2. tl--n Jnpcin. • with 67. and Great Britain fourth ! with 58. provided the llceiisc herein provided for the privilege of selling -- j cr offering for sale goods, wares . and merchandise by auction sales f ' shall bo in addition to the license i provided for merchants by Section , ' 2 c' Ordinance No. 243 of the Ciiv J - j of niytlnville. , Section 2. Before any person, i firm or corporation shall sell or i oiler to sell any goods, wares or! »;crc:i;r.;t:se by euc!!on in said city. [ • Ihe perton. firm or corporation shall, I first procure from (he City Clerk I I cf Blytheville a license to do so.! l which licciue shall be Issued lor I | each day end for which said ap-1 pllcruit shall pay and the city Makeshift Methods Can Produce Only Makeshift Results not YARDSTICK receive, the sum of twenty- 1 Vcdco and Hocpailoap The g;;uit began to hit one r.o;-! IH THE ciiANCEHY flvc {lon Section 3. at a time. He used one finger the piano shook. '•Do-rc-mi. mi-re-do, cio-rc-jr.:- rc-mi-re-do" crhc2d the piam. Locn See kept tn'.king. The c.i!> fc:ni?. boxing CD:r.mirs:cii wns tub subject for the momiiu. If tli.i; fi;.ht mth Chevalier was HC; >;'.ric'- ly hones;, why had lh? CD^mur.siin pr-.i.l Pr::.iD in full? To t: ;;;r.~ there hp.d been a great el cor.- fusion when somo Ic:!ov: ii:i:n-:d P<ny tossed in the towc!. b'lt iln: was no .-iflair of Lccn See's. Th-y had ]v,!,1 Primo th; r.cxt day. m\ : . way, and if the bcut wore dishonest wculd they havs paid him. Prime continued his pumshn,i~:it of the piano. As he piinKled. J'r;.- 18-vcar-oU; sun of Leon die lis.; four sonsi came into the rosm an.1 jslocd over Prhua's shculder. i TH Any prr.son. nrni or| COURT OI' corpcralion viDlaling the provisions! RIrT ;of this Ordinance shall be dccnic;! THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT! o ,, lls rlnnnce shall be dccnic;l OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY AR ' B " - v of n misdemtnnor and upon | KANSAS. ' ' ! rc »viction thereof fined in any; n0t less l!mn onc """drcci Ilor mcro ,„.,„ nve hundred Nice Guy, Bruen "Frank Bruen. of ccurse." Leon .was saying, "is such a fine genlle- G. B. Segravcs. man that I have decided we shall Attorney, go through with this fight with Ma- !,. S. Mitchell, and J. I,. DCJ:I. Trustee, Plaintiffs, No. 4513 vs. J. P. Tcmkim. Rutl; C. Tompkins. his wife, and Alab2ma Firh p.nd Oyster Company, a CDv;?o:.vli.:n. DefeirJants. _ WARNING ORDKII The defendant. Alabama Fish end Oyster Company, cf Mobile. Alabama. Is hereby warnc-. to app:ar i:i this Court within ihiity day 1 ; and answer the complaint Iil:d hrreln by the plalniic... or flic ssine vrill be taken as confessed. WITNIJSS my hand and ffal as Clerk of the Chanceiy Court cf Mississippi Count'.'. Arka!!F,'.s. This Feb. 13. 1931. R. L. GAIXES. clerk, By Harvey Mornr. D. C. =0-5-12-17 dollars for each violation of said pr.ris of Ordinances in ccnfiic; h-rcwith arc hereby repealed; thai large crowds attend such sales and it 1.; necessary to provide police protection, that it is ncces-. snry ;o re<;i!a'_e p.nd supervise such' auction s.ilR,, this Ordinance Is receMary for the Immediate preservation o! tiie public peace, health and saie'y. an emergency ts declared 10 exist and this Ordinance shall take fftcr.t and be In fore:! from and ;ificr its passage. i Pa;:?d February 10, 1931. : APPROVED: NEILL REED, | Mayor, i ATTEST: S. C. Crais. City Clerk. The rarest Stradivarius violin, vibrant with melody, would yield only discord if played with a yardstick, all the efforts of the musician notwithstanding-. Similarly, the advertiser who uses slip-shod methods and a "fair" medium can never hope to bring the happy tune of increased business out of his market. There is only one method ... one medium . . . deserving of such an important job: the best. In the Blytheville trading area, with a daily coverage of 4,500 buying families, the Courier News has been accepted as the proven best medium by over 87 successful advertisers. Let Courier News space sell your market! COURIER NEWS 12-19-20-5

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