The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1949
Page 17
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THURSDAY, MAY 26,1949 BI/VTHEVrLT.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PARE SEVENTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BUT PERSONAL F1SHIN 1 TAKES VOOR ATTENTION AWAV FROM SO MANY OTHER FINE THINGS OF SUMMER IS GONE TOO OUKX IF SOU'RE TOO BUSY TO NOTICE 'EM/ SURE, I SEE TH IDEA.' THE FISH BITES AND TH 1 ROCK FAUIA AND ITS WEIGHT PULLS THe FISH UP" BUT I PREFER TO FISH IN PERSON.' Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PLA*ilO i^C AlR-VWNt HOCK' 6TER9 Ifc AS rtOeLE AS CUSTtR'S STAhiD/ 6l)T "THe OUO6E VOmJJ ^ 000KS AT VOO *i S&7S OF >!£/-**- VMV DOr^T t &A FlUt »D6A tKSfrAE PIGEONHOLE A RATHEC. BLEAK CAWVA^S OPtWE SITUATION MVS6LF.' -^><e£F> TALKir\JG,OCD coofiseL ALWAYS notos GRErVr vOeiewt SMITH ME, YOU KKk>N*>~~ HA^-k'A-FF | Scientists Say Neodymium's i In Your Future Tf~ By Vr-Ank Carey suocialed PrtM Science Reporter WASHINGTON — W— There I may be some neodymluni In your future— or even dldymluin or lun- | thamum. These are three of a group of 14 metals— called "rare earths" — I which occur in nature In association with various minerals. Hilher- 1 t" little has been known about them. They are difficult to extract from I ores containing them, and their I atomic structure makes It difficult to separate one from another. But Atomic Eenergy Commission scientists, employing delicate chemical separation methods developed I for A-bomb work, have now succeed- I ed in producing "limited amounts lot rare earths of a purity and I quantity previously unnttnlned." I They believe these metals may have bright commercial future "as I alloy metals tn the manufacture of I high-temiMM-atiire structural maler- | ials and other specialized products.' We've been using one of the mos' I common of the rare earths in every- I day life for some time. This 1: I cerium. It is used to make a "mis al"— from whicll sparkins of cigaret lighters, miners (lamps and welding torches I made. Pure cerium also Is used lo (certain types of radio lubes a [non-iron alloys. But scientists hope that othe I metals in the rare earth series ina I find practical use as soon as suffi Icient quantities are produced. S< I keep your eye on praeseodymium 1 samarium, gadolinium, ytterbium | and yttrium. Your kids may have to learn t< I spell them! COfYIICMT IT HUGH LAW It w si mime n w* stivKf. IHC 1'IIK STORY i Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices Hcrriaforc, Hftrdlvc would hfcoMr •!* brid*. K«w SMIwell. a Hvvir prodHcrr; <; combe, bU aidt; M«IHc I Noaa HcUair*. «cir*«ir». n »alp«tfck*d ifcrr*. Il» hat fi*H( Imtormt* Ib* a*w ar hai thcj ar* rsp««lr^ «* f ILLY 'We XI W A Ft REN would get complained, i bunch of ornpany when it's my luru lo do lie housework and cooking! Anv- ivay I'm glad the two men got set- led in that shed near the barn. And say, Bea, did you notice how grumpy Fred SiLlwell is?" "How could anyone miss it?" "He's not used to doing without iquor. That's all ails him." "It might be one thing ails him," Bea corrected. "He's not always like that. He c-an be gay and jolly as. the next one. But he needs whiskey." "You knew him in Los Angeles?" "I knew of him," Lilly admitted "Harding would miss it eventually. Besides I don't even know where it's stored-" "1 do," IJlly »aid. "And you could take a bottle or 30 out of a bottom ease. It wouldn't be missed lor a long time so nobody'd know you look it," "So that's whirt you and Nona McGuire were talking about this morning?" "You don't miss much," Lilly drum bled. "Hut it's the truth. She was telling me how irritable fred sets." "I'd like to help you out, Lilly," Bea said. "But why should I slick rny^neck out for SillwellV* Mr s. W a r i en ey cd her sf >ecu - latively, "It could mean some- ling—but never mind. I can lian- le it myself. At least I suppose can count on you not lo blab?" 'That's something » school- eac-her learns early in life," Miss Cosgrove said. Al dinner that evening Sill- evasively. know he has the •cputation of being a good spender. As a matter of [act 1 may have been in the same night club where he was throwing a party—back in the days when 1 used to step out. "You knew Nona McGuire, too?' "That one? No. I never knew her." "AH right. Whal are you lead ing up lo?" "I'm just trying to figure out a way to make things more pleas ant. Maybe it won't be long be fore Hemy gets the radio fixed, bu I don j t sec why things shouldrT be as pleasant as possible mean while. And you're in charge supplies this week." "I get it. You want me to stea some whiskey?" "Why not? You can do U. without anybody noticing. I'll see he gets it and he doesn't even have Lo know you had anything to do with it." well's glumness was replaced by a vivacity which told of both accomplishment and not too strict rationing. Ben Cosgrove was nol positive it was an improvement. *"PHE third morning after the •*- wreck uf the Gullwing, Bea and George Bascombe walked along the trail lo Fisherman's Beach. George stumbled over a rock. "As il wasn't bad enough, being stuck ori this dirlpile with a hunch of freaks, but to lose all my glasses!" "Thanks," Bea said. "Present company always ex- eluded/' he grumbled. "But when you think of the six spare pair of spectacles I had, you'd think I might have put one spare in my pocket!" "You're lucky to be alive," she pointed out. George Bascombe snorted. "Just after I got out of the water, felt the solid beach sand, I'd have agreed with you. Now I'm fed, ever considered the life of a pura- sile?" "Are you miking about your past or present lite?" IJea asked. "Now be careful. We're coming to the steep part of the trail." "The steep part! My toes ;ue already pushed through Ihc front end of these borrowed shoes. Lei's stop here. The others salvaged all the loose wreckng« from the Gull- win« yesterday. AiuJ no glasses!" "Harding thought thut Hllle blow last night might have broken up your boat." "1 suppose that guy never makes mistakes?" Bnscombe asked. "Yes," Bea Cos^rnve sni<t, "You put some feeling into that word. 1 ' * • • «\V^ATCH where you're golngl" Bea snapped. "Now, down this way—and there's the beach." A moment Inter she added, "And (or your edification, it is now covered with wreckage." "All right. You win! He wins! You're both wonderful and clever. Now if you'll just find a green case!" George Bascombc walked slowly up and down the bench, in ami out of the timbers and boxes, bent over so h is ey es we re within a few feet o( the ground, ' But Bea found a am nil green case, opened it, took out an unbroken pair of thick-lensed classes nnd handed them to him. "Try those on for size." He look llietn eagerly, slipped them on. He .snatched Ihem off, polished their lenses on the tail of his shirt and gave a great sigh of relief as (he nose piece ftl into the deep groove on the cartilage of hie nose. "My savior!" He kissed her. "I'm a new man!" Hea laughed- "The olri one was quieter," George stepped back a pace and stared at her. "My wonder girl'. And si beauty! You've uenmiful when you laugh. Ynu'it noX a bit like I imagined. And they told me f-2t Corn, m* ir Nil irnvici. tNC 1, M mo, u. t. I-M. oir. FKKCKLKS ANO HIS KR1ENDS BY MERKILL BLOS8ER Ul'sThtnk About It "I can't nsk my wife to keep the bills down—she ntwnys brings up that $250 I lost in the stock market twenly years ago!" LAMD SMrW.' MOW QAJtt you WCAR 6OOTS SOCKS I KNIT1CO ^/OONT )C YOKR. SlUKCE vvty-.-^v ^W^\V ,f'< ^ ' -v,S^ ^ • ~'&if.o$ N.'N ' > //**-• M «l >«^ r!lISCll.l,A'S l'()l p The (.'ootl NvigMmr HY M, VHItlMKKR T5 KEALLV A PIT* NUTOIELV. >OLI PAVING RENT WHEN VOU OULD Bt BUVtNG YOUK HOME AtX RIGHT SO IHEY'RC HIG WHAT rto vou CAR a?.' ALL TV TAKES 15 A LITTLE COURAGE TO MAKE THE LEAP.' YOU'RE RIGHT, eons/ I'M GOIMG TO •5AVE REAL IIARO ANt> GET A PLACP 01= MY OWN/ LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU MOVE... MY BROTHER'S LOOKING FOR A RENTAL / VIC FLINT One Wild Moment HY MU'HAKI, O'MAM.KY mid KAU'H LANE you were ; "I don't choolleacherl" think I'd like lo he inm^inecl," M iss "Shall we K«t lo work and set what we can sal- something you Cosgrove saici. rested and fairly comiorlable. 1 vage?" can entertain doubts. Have you I Be Continued) Factory xperts to -Train »d Serve You! DHEIFIS llmfiH . . . Wear Diamond Are Cordially Invited to Visit Save , • Time • Money < Labor 1 , The j Accessory Shop! Feminine Apparel J Mabel Hogan Jessie SriteJ Hotel Noble Bid*. \ Blylheville, Ark. ' All Work Guaranteed Nine big dams or the TVA stair- step the Tennessee River In its 650 mile course from Knoxville lo its mouth on the Ohio River at Paducah, Ky. In ISR3, on ft hunting trip to the Badlands of North Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt helped trail, capture nnd transport to jail three thieves "Here's a tip for you, Sonny ... if you need a loan, go to the GENERAL CONTRACT PUR- CHASF CORPORATION.'" Plant Sinkers ACID-DELINTED • Cotton Seed I L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. • Cherry It Rallrnad Phone 4493 > FOR SALE Cnncrrl* culverts. 12 Inch to 4ft inch, plain nr recnrorced. Also Concrete Building Illocks cheaper than lumber for hams, chicken, houses, nump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call UK fnr free estimate . . . Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. /WHV, 1HI5 IS A CONFESSION I TO 1WE MUHDIH OF JAKE A CAR IN fROKIT THE PONDS'HOUSE. WOMOtR WHO'S CALLING. BUT HOW--VVIIV DID SIGN THIS ? OOIL, SIGNED BV FOG CHANNEL. BRIGHT GIRL.' WITH THAT VOU COUtD HANG ME. LET'S HAVE IT.' WASH TUU1JS •Mike a Slejidv Mim 1!Y LKSUK TURNER MY KIN FOLKS WN't \KE MU51 SE GHHN'UP IN VfMIS, N DA FOOUOOS6 KIND. \ORVIILE...ftFTEK PU11IU' IU •!•! UV...1HCV SIICk'5 PURIVI Of 'CM 61 TH' S'ftlfi f'CMl^y CLO61 ID IHEIE OWW j~~ ROOSTS. BUI J GUE5S UMCLf JMCE PUT li DA MOST 11ME ftT PLIXCE.^^ BR-iAa « li*<? Q^ -2=gf-- I 6'POCE HE'S SOR-TAP/UIFFEW THERE IS FftMBW BLftCKSHEEP... \ A, WHITE SHCCP HIM RW UUCLE WHEN I SEEM IU IK TAPER THATOtE Jl PILCHER. WAS BEIW SPKUHS TODAV...W MAV8E M's FftMBLV PEIDE, IUV. 8IJTI (VAW1 TO BE OU UM10 VVHEU 1HEV TJRU& 'W tOO&E BUGS HUNNY The Ni'i-vc of Thai Cat Renl a Camera for Color Pictures The ideal way (o rrmember Kprciril nccasion&. Also «thcr types of can- eras for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3647 H C D m OB > K _,STUDEBAKE R^"»™"™ Phone 888 I'hone 888 CHOOSE FROM THE FINEST • In Value • In Price 19-18 Studebaker Land Cruiser, has overdrive, heater, and only 15,000 miles. 1940 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, completely overhauled and has new paint. 1938 Chevrolet 2-door . . . lots of service left in this car. 1936 Chevrolet '1-door, good snind body and A-l mechanically. 1948 Studebaker Vi-Ton Truck, in really excellent Condition. 1941 Chevrolet '/2-Ton, x good serviceable pickup 1939 Dodge '/j-Ton, clean and in good shape. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone RSH STUDEBAKER' THERE'S THW BUM, SYLVESTER PUSSYCAT/ HE'S Ax V/ORSE. A SAUCER o' MILK ONLV COSTS A DIME.' I KNOW, GUV'NOR, BUT TODAY'S MV BIRTHDA.V OON'T YOU WA»NT ME. A. TO HA.VE A.NV ? \\ sr/J m ALLBV OOP Oli, Yes! BY V. T. HAMMN HEKE5 A CREW 5EETTIN& UP TEST... LET'S WATCH IT.' AMOUNT OF FU USUA-LUV EXPENDED A. ROCKET INTO THE HOOTS AND IIKR HUDDIKS Tlie SiKiilcr liY KDGAR MARTIN NOO '. 1 . •«' 's.-±^M o\\ ,vio\ ^\_(\v\H.\ ?,o?PoiS. \ COOIO COMl CWVR AO VOaS HOOyt .906 - Tow. ^.w fs vx^xv.^. ovo -i r &OOO oo

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