The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1936
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imUEVIIJLECOURIER NEWS VOL. XXXI11—NO. 125 BOUTHBASV M18SOUK1 VMU, _«U'THKVU,LK, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, AUGUST 11, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ARKANSAS DEMOCRATS CAST RECORD VOTE JOE DILLAHUNTY Life Threatened, Says Candidate; Reports of Incident 'Conflict. An altercation at llic Wilson polling place Ihls morning between Joe S. Dillalnmty, candidate for sheriff, and J. jr. Grain manager of the Lee Wilson Co' which ended In the departure of Mr. Dillahunty from Wilsoii and In llie circulation of stories that lie had been "kidnaped," wns the only disorder attendant upon the Democratic primary In Mississippi county reported here up until 3 o'clock tliis afternoon. Conflicting stories of what happened al Wilson O wcre received here. Dillahunty. Who went to Joiner from Wilson, telephoned friends and supporters here that he had been cursed by Grain and ordered to leave and that when he refused to go he was set upon by 25 or 30 men who forced him to leave and threatened him with violence. He said that lie appealed unsuccessfully to a ilcputysher- iff for protection. He was accompanied by his son, Sam Dillahunty, anil a nephew, John Donnelly, of Memphis. Handbills telling of the incident were put in circulation here by supporters of Dlllahunly at about noon loday and laler in Ihe afternoon an airplane new over town, dropping large numbers of the bills. Charges Inlerferenue Wilh Kledion W. F. "Hy" Wilson lold llie Courier News by telephone from Wilson lhat Dillahunty and his ..companions were ordered lo leave by_Craiy afler they had failed to , pai><attenlion to repealed lequests '•not toMnlferfere with the orderly .—conduct of the election. Wilson denied thai there had been any assault or threal of assault upon Dillahunty. ' , "Mr. Diliahunly had been at the Wilson polling place for some time und there would have been • no objection to his remaining if he and his companions had not made nuisances of themselves by repeatedly seeking to interfere with 'he conduct of the election and violating the law against campaigning at polling places," Wilson said. "Finally Jim crain ordered him to leave and he left That was all there was to it He was not set upon by any crowd and no violence was used against Sees Political Sclieme Hale Jackson. Dillalnmly's opponent in the race for sheriff said that Information reaching him of the circumslanccs leading up to the affair led him to believe that Dillahunty went lo Wilson wilh Ihe deliberate Intention of provoking trouble for the sake or possible political' benefit. He said he wns sorry the incident occurred but lhat he believed Dilia- hunly was at least as much to blame for it as anyone at the Wilson box. =1 Handbills put in circulation here by Dillaliunly's supporters shortly after Ihe affair were headed "Joe S.' Dlllahunly kidnaped by Hale Jackson supporters' and contained the statement that Grain and "about thirty \ helpers" put Dillahunty In a car and "took him away." Dillalumty's own statement, telephoned to supporlers here and at Osceola after he had gone from Wilson to Joiner, did not indicate lhat he had ' been kidnaped but rather that he had been evicted from the town under threats of violence. Casl Light Morning Ballot Blytheville voters, as usual, cast a light ballot this morning but were nocking to the polls in IncrcyrVg numbers this afternoon lo vole in the stale-wide Demo- crallc primary. A fair and hot day was provided for llie election but friends ,of the many candidates were more than glad to transport voters lo and from llie polls. Al 2:30 o'clock this afternoon a total of approximately 685 votes had been cost, 80 at thu Dcnton building box. 275 nt the cily hall, 270 at the Gee building and GO at the third ward box In a vacant building near Bentluys store. Spanky Rates, < Live Stand-In A dummy once was ujsd as Spanky McFarland's "stand-in." But now Spanky is a star anil, accordingly, lie rates a real live stand-in: lie's Joe Strauch, of Chicago, who looks very much like Ihe famous liltlc -actor. Here are all three—Joe, at top the discarded dummy, and Spanky, . : 4 Further Outbreaks Feared in North Woods If Dry Weather Continues. •""• ttiujii Aug. 11 (UP)-Twenty-four thousand exhausted men anil youths, recruited from city streets and federal re- hef projects, fought today to hold Ihclr lines against fi™ In the north central forests until R. Harmon, dislrict supervisor of the Superior National Forest, in Minnesota, warned that if dry weather continues for two more clays fires which are parttal- v controlled now will blaze again Evacuation of towns and farm ". «.....^ .uiu mnn . rs. (l^lncls in the Wisconsin, Mlnne- B nrbcr, left shortly after iilan- sola a w ' ... "' ." "• "* vllt; ll: ^ /.one •••& for his cousin, Charles Hnr- c lies Minnesota WPA officials rell. at Etowah. at the lime Sun dispatched 3,100 relief workers to day he visited Mrs Dn" ilia Ha" U l e .. fire M »?.. while CCC work-1 re", wife of the late Mr. Barrel!, Wife Called as Means Forbids Operation LEAVENWOimi. Ktms., Aug. 11 (UP)—Mrs. Gaslon B. Means rushed here loday to seo her husband, who refused lo permit an emergency operation to save -his life. Means, who is serving a sentence for swindling Mrs Evelyn ilsh McLean, Washington society woman, out of $104,000 In Ihe Lindbergh baby kidnaping, •as stricken with a. call bladder attack Saturday night. Physicians urged an Immediate operation. Menus refused to per- , mil it niid the Justice department _, informed his wife that her husband was critically ill and ad- ed her to come. Her consent would lie needed If Ihe operalioi ' performed. Tt-iivis Ellis. Clear Lake Farmer, Brings Earliest 1936 Cotton tn Town. Blyliieville's first ba|e of i93ii- cro|> (i(',toi! grown by Tra.vis n»s en land owned by J i> Miller in Clear lake township! Eoirlhwist of here, will |>s put up at auclion by the 'Board of Trade in front of Uorum's Drug store al 11 o'clock Wednesday morning. The hale, ginned by Meyers Brothers, was placed on display m front of Borum's at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon It is th" earliest first bale in the history of the Chlckasawba district cotton men believe, although' they recall that in 1925 a, bale picked al Wilson was brought here and Put on display on August 10. ' The 'bale, cf • "thevHalf' an,il Half variety; weighs 415 "pound's. It classes . mulctling, 31-32 ' Inch . "'Hi ui-ui. Illtll staple, and is unusually dry and white for a first baie! The cot- Ion was picked from an 18-acre Held. Mr. Ellis said that he still has some open cotton In the field though not enough for another bale. Last year the first bale, grown by Steve Cockersham, wns ginned on August 24. In 1030, when the crop was exceptionally early because of the drouth, the firs' It was was ginned on August 13 grown by Ben Darby. « n<J ' is visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. ..... ..-jii.ij.ikii, minltt;- • ~..mnj .1111:1 1JIUIIS ^UlnC 01 lllf> OlWnrvnl-c ilini.rrl. and Michigan fire zones re- wcrc m »<<e for obtaining' a rail- they saw In IL m B -<i threat to human life. ' ra <» "'rough here and he never fi? tormina Ion of n " ?"?**' nservation officers estimated ™ tunicd '"'«' '">* visit. Mr. and e part of nowS HnU °'i ^hfre^someV'r* """ are Mra - Barbcr ' s *- «^'» ^vr^™ssK ^r'r^terr^ } He f was a young man, work- S^W-an^is't'u, ^ HE for life r*/inpl» «ii i__ T- r-ii-j> nt it j" fare of the entire film Industry. Mud-Slinging, He Di I'ects Altorneys in Sensational Custody-Trial..' LON ANGELES, Aug, 11. '(UP) I" a sudilen decision In which In 1 chastised attorneys for 'both side* for imul-sllnging, Superior Judge Goodwin' Knight, hearing llie aise of Mary Aslor vs. Dr. •Yanklyn Thorpe, her divorced hus- - "ijil l1IUI [If, JlL'l IUV011CU ItUS- --'--•" -•• .in- .^./.lllt Ul l[]U 1' band, today called a halt 111 tlic ni111 other 'American properly In •SUElStltloiln I mYumiirtiiinu until o » ... .......i i sensational proceedings until 2p!m. Heporls dial a settlement of the case might be cllccted were current utter the court's denunciation of attorneys' previous tactlc.s. SJi-nds Lawyers la Offices '• Judge Knight issued an ulll- iiialiini lo Ally. Joseph Anderson of Dr. Thai-lie's counsel and H. It. Woolley, attorney for Miss'Ax- tor, as t\ packed courtroom awuil- c<l resumption of Ihe spicy testimony .'••'•• colony, "Go back to your offices and prepare this case us a child custody case and not a retrial of Ihe divorce of Ihe two particl-. punts." said Judge Knight: "Prepare 11 so that the mallei- can'bc cleaned up in a day and a half or lln-ee days al (he most. : 'Yon arc wasting too much time." Jmigc Knight Informed ' the attorneys. "Tnis case has |me on entirely too long. All inese extraneous mailers and mud-slinging have . direct bearing on hl.v the con duct of the principals 111 this case has nilected the welfare- of Marylyn. who after all Is more Important In ibis case than cither ol the principals. ••• ( -"During all of yesterday's - Ids^ timony only, three or four small bits of actual evidence were received and all the rest had no important bearing. "After all this Is only a child custody case and not a divorce and should be concluded much more rapidly." Settlement Hinted Judge Knight's remarks hart an immediate affect upon the attorneys. Woolley said he expected call only three witnesses for Miss Astor, while Anderson said he would call about the same number. "This trial is costing Ihe taxpayers S1V5 a day and so far has gone longer fhan any such case ever tried in this county," Judge concluded. Petitioner for First Railroad Finally R. A. Bond signed the pennon to have the Frisco railroad pass "m, Bl : tuiiem renu<";lp ( i th,. nt Wloe^iT"! b 'i l '" """''' '°''" e> * '° '""'" ™ < h ^ "' "la..T l ",J ai " a '' "":' S "»- ms ."" d "edde Which issues will removing all unnecessary resist- ances." Judge Knight requested the at- Mrs. be touched upon c TI . ..„:...».... _, .' " --,-„.. Mitnii^ Ihp cc- inanider of the hearing. Some of Ihe observers thought were called off their -projects to t the fires. The Minnesota national guard by for emergency duty. stood 10. Saved by Shilling SYDNEY (UP)—Harold Harris, R railwayman, owes his life to a shilling. A gunman fired at him. The bullet struck a shilling piece ^ and Inflicted only a flesh wound. Beasts Lent lo Zoo TOLEDO (UP) — Surplus rare animals of Ulngting Brothers and Bnnuitn and Bailey's Combined Circus and Ihe American Circus corporalton will be lent to the Toledo Zoological park, lne pnljl too In America to be so {rusted. Legion Post Will Hold Election Party Tonight Instead of the usual weekly business meeting of the Dud Cas>n posl of the American Legion there will be a stag party tonight at the hut for its members. It will begin at 7 o'clock with a radio broadcast of the election rclums ns a feature of the entertainment. Next Tuesday night Ihe annual election of officers will be held. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Aug. 11 (UP)—Hogs: recelpls 6,500 Top 11.30 170-230 Ibs. 11.15-11.30 140-160 Ibs. 8.00-9.65 Bulk sows 8.50-9.25 Caltle: recelpls 4,500 Steers 7.50-8.00 Slaughter steers 4.75-9.00 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.50-8.00 Slaughter heifers 4.50-8.85 Beef cows 4.00-5.00 Cutters and low cutlers 3.00-3.15 Chicago Corn open high low close Scp 104 105 1-2 103 103 7-8 Dec 92 1-4 61 1-2 92 93 1-4 ID!" [for Ihe first lime since he the county. Mr. and Mrs. Bond, who now live at Bolton College. Tenn., have been married 57 years and during lhat time there has only been one death In their ' " Chevrolet Dealer Offers Outdoor Picture Program Several feature pictures will be shown at an outdoor parly lo be elvcn tomorrow night by the Tom —«j i/ttn xvtuuiiuw iiigni oy uic lai families. They Litlle Chevrolet company at S md dauhtrs coman' I grandchildren. and" New York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 1! (UP) Collon closed sleady. Oct Dec Jan March May July open 1173 1177 1178 1184 1180 1182 high low- close 1178 1181 1182 1184 1191 1185 1170 1173 im 1181 1183 1179 Spots closed steady at 1242, 1177 1180 1182 118S 1189 1185 UP ..... „,, »nvn M vr 1LJI — • — .«.. uii b j,v\i 01 kg ILL i y in my iiv- regular theater-lype equipment cr(1 S <;s totia y with volume shurp- with n professional operator. They '>' reduced from the recent pace, will include news reels, novelty A two-cent, drop In wheat and SllOriS flln! "I r>t-il1ore " T*I,n. f~_ n m*it-n fVn fit inn n I n ,!,.„,,^« I.. ~ ~ " IL " uinuiTs. ine lea- IL «><•«.• irrvcuonai auvancc in Ulrcs " ro "Field Day" and "Stcc- corn'as the aftermath of a sen- pe Chase" and In addition the sationally reduced crop report is- DlCtUrC '' Wltlrf \trnlnw A.I^ I trv. _**_., C.ll*rl nTInc 11»« ^1^-_ i i_.. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 11 (UP)The cotton market developed a belter tone today and closed with advances ranging to ten polnls. Offerings were small but a moderate amount of buying was encouraged by the drouth and high temperatures In Oklahoma. open high Io\v close Oct Dec Jan March May July 1170 1172 1111 1183 fl83 1174 1177 1171 1181 1187 1105 1108 1171 1180 1180 1171 1176 1176b H85b 1187 1183b Ihe Railroad company's used car lot : ner of Walnut and streets. The performanc onen to the at 8 p.m. The films are all talking pi, lures and will ' .^.v, ui. i-,., ICCW, 11UV VI shorts and "thrillers." Tiie fe — ••••<* in tiuuuiuji m 1 picture "Wind. Water and Wheels. 1 Conl'iscaled hy Spanish Reds Heporls of thu seizure of Itio workers, have been confirmed in rd Motor Couipuny ,,|,,, lt (.,| n , w . nnr<:clonn, Kpiiln. by „ S ovle; „• reports lo Hie Klalc di>p : irlm,'i,l. He's Bigger'n Two Governors Alabama' Patrolmen Join Search for Negro Who Sought to Seize Baby. ANNISTON, Alii., Aug. 11. (UP) —Sheriff's deputies and stnte highway patrolmen loday look up Ihe search for a negro., suspected of ntliiiupllng lo kidnap n while Infant, after three white men were injured when they sought to search the home of oil Bush, ne- gro, near here last night. :/flic condition of one of (he ounded men, rat. Hicks, was given as "crlticnl" by hospital nil- JJiorlltes loday. Forney. Martin another of those Injured, Was In a "fair" condition'and J. A.'Hicks, Hie third mini, was dismissed from tlic hospital after treatment Jor •• wound In the knee. The men were members of n posse who Joined In n search lor n negro who Mrs. U. IT. V/illlams, of -Lloyd's Chape!, about eight miles from here, said tried lo take her two-inonths-old baby from n bed In her home Inte yesterday. When Ihe men ajpreaclied llie lioust of lliish lo search It only one of them went lrislde ; While this man was In the house an unseen sniper opened fire on the posse from some point outside the house.' The posse relumed the fire but, lacking a target, their shots were incffcclivc so far s could be learned. iTlils outbreak of violence, llie fifth of such a nature In lew lliau a month, led Mayor' W. S. Coleman of Anniston to apjieai for state highway patrolmen. They arrived today and 'Immediately Joined forces with the sheriffs office in an attempt lo locale llic negro. Services Wednesday Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock for Mrs. Beaula Alldred who died Sunday afternoon at the Blylheville hospital. The Rev. w. o. Slngletcrry, 1>tlstcr of F "» will officiate at the services lo be held at the church on Lily street. Interment will be made Maple Grove cemclcry. The Cobb Funeral Homo Is in charge of funeral arrangements. Stock Prices ....; |nc- NEW YORK, Aug. II (UP) — be shown with Stocks sagged slightly In Ihe av- m$re fractional advance In after the close yesterday ,.—«.v ,,„,„. W aier and wneeis." 5 " c " auer me close yesterday a picture of the proving ground,' mt> y have had some Influence will be shown. I on Ihe stock market Move Inlo New Home Mr. and Mrs. William Berryman aril two daughters have moved into Ihelr new house, at 105 B. Cherry street, which was recently finished. Their six room house was almost, completely demolished by a fire. In rebuilding the structure they made a five room house, which lias all oak floors ami modern features In the kitchen). The . house is papered throughout. Chicago Wheat ----- open high low clos° Spols closed sleady at 1225, up sep 109 1-2 110 1-8 108 1-4 108 1-4 '• Dec 109 - '- - Dec 109 3-8 lifl '1-3 108 108 l-» A T and T 176 1-2 Anaconda Copper 395-8 Bethlehem Steel 60 Chrysler 119 1-4 Cities Service 41-4 Coca Cola U7 General American Tank 58 7-8 General Eleclrlc 47 3-8 General Molors 68 5-8 Internalfonal Harvester 82 1-2 McKcsson-Robblns 95-8 Montgomery Ward 45 5-S Ne\v York Central 42 Packard 103-8 Phillips Petroleum 41 1-2 Paillo Corp u St. Louis-San Francisco 2 1-8 FJmmons Bed 37 1-4 Standard of N J 61 3-4 Texas Co .., 38 3-4 U S Smelting ;.. 76 3-4 U S Steel 66 7-8 Warner Bros 123-4 Zonltc 71-8 CIov, Henry Homer ol Illinois led. mid Gov. James V. Allred of Texas nre rated bin men in politics, but when n, Py mcl nl llic Texas Centennial, they were dwarfed by Governor Homer's "bodyguard," Roberl Wadlow of Alton, 111. The ceiling is low, so a clear view can he ob- lained of ."Big Boy" Wadlow whom 17 is «,feel 5 inches tall.' Alleges Conspiracy With American lo Obtain U. S. Naval Se:;rels. WASHINGTON, Aug. 11 (UP)— Naming Ivvo Japanese naval officers as co-consphalors. a district grand Jury loday handed down a new Indictment charg- Jnj John S. Farnsworth with attempting lo sell American naval sccrels to Japan. The two Japanese were not indicted by tlic grand jury but merely were named as having conspired with Farnsworth. a former American naval Lieulcn- aiit Commander, in efforts to transmit information to tlic Japanese government. Both Japanese were understood to have left this country less than a month ago. They are Yosiyuql. Illmly.i, a Javanese commander, and Lieutenant Commander Oklra Ymaki, The indictment charged that Farnsworth had obtained certain Informi\ on. — code books, signal book sketches, photographs, blue prints, plans, maps and models during visits to the navy de- parlmenl headquarters here and lo the naval academy at An- IlriclEcs to Balk Suicides SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—First make San Francisco's new bay bridges "suicide proof." This will consist of an Investigation of all safetf provisions on large bridges on llie Atlantic seaboard. California Au(o Toll Up SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—California's death toll from automobile accidents averaged seven a day for Ihe first six months of the year. This Is an Increase of 9 per cent over the same period last year. Election Returns to Go on Air Tonight Election returns will li.> broadcast ns rapidly u s [hoy can be obtained by (he news Biilherhnj facilities of the Con- •i"r News In n siieclnl election broadcast ton;i;;u over Itndlo Sta.-on KI.ON of Ihls cily. The broiidunst will .start nl B o'clock with returns being detailed as .sooii as received, The broadcast, from Ihe Ilor- inn Uruu store sludlo of KL- CN, will be continuous throimli lliu nluhl except for an hour fmm ulioiil 2 to ;i o'clock lo- moiTow morning when Ki,CN must go oil (lie air IKCIUISO of lest programs Vicing conducted by other slallons. Ucturns miiy nlso be obtained by telephoning No. 300 or No. 307, the Courier News office. 5ICTEIT5.KILLER Alabama Men Kill Broth- er-i'n-Law ns fie Walks loward Courtrooip. n''U.I,AS. Auir. II (UP)—Two brothers surrendered to Sheriff Prank Coucj, for (he vengeance slaying today of their brollier- III-LIHV. as he wns being taken from the Jnll lo the court house lo lu> Irlcd for the brutal murder of his wife. Stepping behind some shrubbery, Worth ' and Vlnson Uvowii fired six shots at llnrry p. Howe as Shcriir Couch,and< three'depu- ties were . bdn'cliig him lo the court house. , Five builds struck Howe,, killing'lilrxi. Instantly'.. '- Tlic nrOK : ti v br6\licrs : surrendered immediately ,nt)d^ were placed lii'lhc Pai\b|hi( cflnhiy JSil. ahci'- Ifl Couch- did not charge them however. ........ The shooting look place 'in llie publie square at Die: rear ol Ihe court house. The sheriff snld h'orc [him 2,000 persons ullrnct- ed by a scheduled campaign speech by U. S. p Sciuilor Richard B. liusscll jr., and the opening of Howe's trial were In Ihe square at Ihe lltnc. E-iierlff Couch said he and Ihrce deputies, .1. Cl. Camp, Newt Williams and CHIT Leg-jell, were accompanying Howe across the square when Worth and Vinson Brown slopped out from behind llic slmitbery in the court house yard. Without a word, he said, Ihcy opened fire. Barcelona Rebel Leader Is Sentenced to Death BARCELONA. Spain, Aug. 11. (UP)—Gen. Manuel Coded, one of the most distinguished of Spanish generals, ami his aide, General Burriel were sentenced to death by a court mar Hal. They led the revolt in Catalonia which was suppressed by Ihe Cat- alonlan government. Today's Village Smithy Operates Oil Station ROCHESTER, N. Y. (UP)—The village smithy of yesteryear Is thi gasoline station proprietor of today. Ask Col. Jim Eskcw's cowboys. The cowpunchers—members of a Wild Weil show—searched this city for a week before finding a blacksinllh to shoe 12 cow ponies. The smithy, however, operates a gasoline station as well as a blacksmith shop. Jiocs Blnir Police KINGSTON, N. J. (UP) — A swarm of bees took a rest on a sidewalk here, making it impossible for pedestrians lo pass by •ajl presenting police wlUi n problem. Nothing was done, however, until the bees decided to move of their own volition. PLUS ]M IN Manageis of All Ca'n'di- clales Continue to Pie- dicl Election Vicloiy Linn; HOCK, Aug u WPI— A iccoid ciowd of volcis welit to the polls today in the stale's 2.1C2 iiuclncls lo \ote In Ihe Demccjnlle primary. Thai I ho heaviest \olc In'Ihe slalc'i hKloiy wab being cast 'was scon In bcallcicd reports from Mena, Jonesboro, El Doiado, Fort Smith -and Fayctlevillc, \\here long llni'o of poll tn\ receipt holdcis \\altcd lo cist their ballot;, In roncil City a split In the Gubernatorial race wns repoited with many St nancls county Icadm chopping Ally Oen. Call > E. Ilailcj and Instiitcllng their folio nut& to \oto foi Secietary of State Fd McDonald H was Indicated .that . McDonald would cany the county while Bailey suppoitcrs eoil\ loday had fjlveu ii|) hope of Cm land county for Ihe attorney ijcneial < ' Judge R A cook was reported-.^. lo l<i polling heavy voles In Pi|%4» InsU, SeUci, Bcnton ami Union ,• counties Campaign manager's^ for the live yubcnmlorial candidates tally (his afternoon Mere predicting viclorles foi their ic- S|)C(.tlve men as slate employes, absent from jobs, Joined hands with counly inkers In mglne llic people to come otil and vote In the lace Joi nomlna'iQ.i for tlic United Stales senate, Senator Joe T Robinson, incumbent appeared to be piling up an earlj lead although no actual llgiire^ on th<j /•,'QUng could*\ Le obtained ^ *•/ ' ^ ~-*\ ' :ihe ofccyorf, . ljie» otiite's first"'* under llic pure election law pas- " fed In 1935, Is, being watched for flaws. Estimates of .the' number'"of votes nltimnleh to be cast ranged from 240.MI) to 300.505, which icprcsenls 'the.. total ' number .of poll lax recelpls In Ihe 76" counties. Pulnskl counly, with a lota! of 21,675 receipts, is expected to lead the state in llie number of votes cast with estimates, ranging from 18,000 to 20,000. . Garland connty and Hoi Springs, with the .second largest number of receipts'. Is estimated lo cast the second largest vole. Tavi Radio Barred SYDNEY (UP)—What drinking Is supposed to do to American automobile drivers, radio sets are supposed to do W laxl drivers. The cily government has abolished all radio sets In (axis. They arc accused of diverting tha at- tuiticn of (he chauffeur from safe driving. William T. Baker, 65, Dies at His Home Here William Theodore Baker, C5, a resident of this community for more limn 25 years, 'died at' 4 o'clock Ibis morning at his h'oiiic, 1918 West Main street. Funeral services will be held at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon" with the Rev. Alfred Carpenter of the First Baptist church officiating, interment will be made at Eimwood cemetery. Jimmy Ford, Tray Mayo. '• Pete Bo'hey, John Hargetl, Frank Carvol- arid Dwight I3entlcy will, be pallbearers. ' Mr. Baker is survived by his widow', Afrs. Fannie. Baiter, a daughter, Mrs. Charles, Bright,, two brothers, Kyle Baker of; Oblon. Tenn, and Tillman Baker, of this city, and a sister, Mrs. John Henson of Union Cily, Tenn. The Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge of funeral arrangemenls. Five Marriages Revealed As Pacifying Indians SAN FRANCISCO (UP) —Research workers on the Federal j Wrilers' Project who are prepar- Ung a guide book to Ihe Uniled. States have discovered lhat the principal qualificalton for Ihe apr poinlment of John D 'Savage in 1840 as the first United .States Indian agent In California was the fact that he had married five squaws, each the daughter of an Indian chief.) His tribal connections enabled him to establish peace imong California Indians under the regime of Col. John C. Fremont. Scholars Gel More Aid BERKELEY, Cal. (UP)—Graduate scholarships and fellowships to the cxlent of $104,617 have been granted by well wishers of Ihe University of California for Ihe next academic year. Of the grand total, $59.745 is in under- graduale scholarships and $44,872 In grartuale scholarships and fellowships. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy , tonight. Wednesday unsettled, -not qulle so warm hi northwest portion Memphis and Vicinity —Partly. cloudy -tonight nnd Wednesday.' Not much ^change'In temperature. The maximum temperature here' yesterday viiis 96, minimum 74, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls, official wealher observer.

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