The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1945
Page 5
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, JA^UARY29, 1945 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line rar consecutive nsertions: Minimum Charge 60c J™ Per line I 5c times per line per day i 2c i times per line per day 9 C | times per line per day 7c ••2 times per line per day 6c • Month per line 00c Ads ordered for three or six times ma stopped before expiration will « charged for the number of times ;Jic ad appeared and 'adjustment of ,'itl made. All Classified Advertising copy •ubrnnted by persons residing out- •'oe of the city must be riccom- liinled by cash. Rates may be eSsily •ompulftl from the above'table- Advertising ordered lor Irregular nsertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will be taken for nore than one Incorrect Insertion if any classified ad •" —•— v~—~w For Sale Three pool tables in A-Tcon~dition K. E, Gallop, lAixora. IWe-pk-xi ream of mules; cultivator; bcddci- breaking plow and 1,000 bn corn' C. o. Powell, Manila, Ark Rt Furnished Cherry. 1C14 West Ij24-iik-31 80 acres good land, two good houses Desire to sell mules, com and tool to renter. Write Box 186, Htiyll Wanted to Buy Table electric wishing machine Plume 23G8. l|24-nk-3 Small trnctor of nny makoTSv ~F ' Lunsford, Blyllieville, m No Box TC - l25-- Soybeans, hay and corn7~Blythc- ville Drain & Elevator Co. _ - ]|17-ck-t Before /you sell yoirr fur, soe~Joc Htster and Son for highest prices Dealers In raw fur. Joe Hester's Grocery, N. Highway 01, Phone J^ 2 - _ __ 12|l- p k-2-l Will pay -cash for $10,00(1 \vorih of good used funil- turc, Wade Furniture Co. -M Farmall on rubber with ecmii nieiitv. 1 w. O. Allfs-Clialmcra 01 rubber with equipment, 1 B. Join Deere on rubber with equipment All late models and priced to sell Roy Mnnley, Senalh, Mo. Phone 1!27 ilk- 9' 00 gal. Butane tank. Geo. W Bar '"""• ._ _ l|25-pk-2il •2 volt Deico ; cabinet rndio. Periec condition. C. C. Eagau, 615 Cliick- " aWbt1 ' ______ 1127 ' pk - 2 l : Jhiijcse.Chow puppy, 4 months old subject to registration, with harness, leash and feeding bowl $25 Plione B84. I'27-ck-2j3 5.2 H. P. Sea King outboard motor w.kc new condition. See D.wev Rice, Manila, Ark.. l|27-pk-2i~3 •'ompiete furnishings for four room house. 319 Noiih Fifth St. l!2G-pk-30 93S Four Door Ford Sedan. Good motor, 1115 Chickasnwba. l!26-pk-lj30 010 5-pnssengcr Plymouth coupe- radio and heater; good tli-es J'lione 3297. l|24-uk-3l iath tubs no\v available "if you arc eligible to fi] c a jiriorify form. Come In Montgomery Ward office lor iiifornmlion. Ask Cm- Mr. Ciemmons.' l-2G-ck-l2 tate Certified, Cercsnn-treatttl Dcl- tapine (DPU 14 cottonseed SO 25 Per 100 !bs., 5120.00 ton ;tatc-CcrtifiK Ccresan-trcatcd Del- tapme (DPi) 12 cottonscetl (1943 crop) $4.00 per loo Jbs. 575.00 ton tate-Certlfied Ralsoy (Improved ArksoyJ Soybeans $3.00 bushel, 100 bu. $2.90 p er bushel, ielta i Prolific Seed Corn $350 bn lurclette Plantation, Burdette, Ark.,' Phone 782 l|22-ck-« •iilly equipped small dairy Barpcin For full details call 2C77. war ulj bay horse mules _-- 3200 pounds, sound and good Located 4 mi. west of Bly- thevile. on gravel road. Max Whatley. Ii25-pk-2|i :ombine, Oliver lolra'ctor with nil equipment except planter. F M Meaney, 3 miles east, turn south J_ nille, inquire at TO O. Carter's l(26-pk-30 racouitlvntor. breaking plow. Chcslie Avitts % Phone an,-?""' Po " a t'«'ille, 'MO. Phone 301J. l[23-pk-30 31 Oldsmobilc business'coupe new tires, motor fair condition. 32G No Fltth - l!26-pk-30 orn, oats, chops, hay, dairy mid poultry feeds, Custom feed "rind ing. Blythevllle Grain & Elevator •. l|17-ck-tf 000 Bros., Charleston, McT actor stalk cutlcrsT Machine Shop. Blythevllle l|l-ck-tf ectfir arid Tottery Radios. Hardaii-av Appliance Co. iO-16-ch-lf. Will pay SOc-pordoz. [or wire coal Hudson Cleaners. ^f, -w*v—~^j-t---—^. Form Needs Bring us your poultry, hog mid stock health problems. We earn a complete, fresh stock of. Lederli serums, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drui Stoic, Main & Railroad. '^--r^**^>~j~~t^^jv*^j*j^ J ^^s~*~*s^v*^~-?^ ™ Wanted to Kent 40 or 50 acres to rent or share crop have large family. Near Blylhe- ville or Osceola. Write P. L, Gattis, Hornereville, Mo. li27-pk-3l 10 to 20 acres, close to town Cash rent. Phone 2350. l|25-ck-l|l Permanent, resident desires"" small unfurnished house or duplex. Ph. A. H. Boyd, % Goodyear Service. l|27-ck-31 JVfafd to work approximately 5~hrs per day. Good wages. Phone 2415 __ ______ Reliable active man, Uidy or high school student to collect 150 accounts on a liberal basis with privilege of selling given. Bond required. Write to Periodical Publishers' Bureau, 1035 Starts Bide Louisville, Ky. _ l|25-ck-30 Experienced cooks and waitresses Apply Hotel Noble. 10-ck-tl _ _ _ Services DON'T WAIT Until Spring to have your trnctor repaired. Avoid delays and valuable farming hours by having us check and repair your tractor now We also specialize In steam cleaning and painting machinery PAUL BYEUM, AUIs-Chalmcre dealer. l|24-ck-2|1 Federal and state income tax ra- turns prepared. 320 Chlckasawba p "' 2808 USED CARS FOR SALE At Ceiling Prices •* -Terms, tbo!- JSIJlCK 2 Door Sedan. 1938 BUICK SEDANETTE—Just Like New. * 1937 FORD TUDOR SEDAN—Dependable. * 1938 DeSOTO 4-bbor SEDAN—A Good Car 1938 CHRYSLER "6" SEbAN-A-1 CohdU tion. vt- ....... , , »• See PHILLIPS abbur a g66d car or truck If riot in stock,. PHILLIPS will find one for ybii * at ceiling price and on time, too. « Buy With Confidence. I PH I L Llfs: MOTOR .COMPANY - TeL 453 ($$$$$$$$ '•:.', -i i . .'. Wnlnat at 5th $ 3 COLD WEATHER SERVltE —We install AUTO GLASS, new FLOOR SEAT CpyEUS, an,, REPAIR ,„/ F B i . ..p. Comer Second & Ash Sis. SERVICE STATION «,.« Lost One white nnd liver female Folnle Bird Dog; wearing old collar. An swers to (lie name of "Kate " Wll pay $3.00 reward for recovery o dog.,Call R. L. Wade, Wade.Fur niture Co, or phone 3285, nighlj ~ __J^Sk-t Situation Wanted I|23-pk3i Tafcen Up Jersey heifer cnlf, nboTrF~jT" old Mny have same'by paying ml feed ball and damages. M. A. Silk GOSnC "' ~—~_ 1 i 27 -P k - 3 S frayed Dark red, tmiley headed Jersey cow Kewnrd. Gnssie Sanders, 114 East Cleveland. l|27-pk-2' ood or coal circulator heater Night phone 3309. O. S. Rolllson ~__, Wanted o rlciers going fo Los Angeles Phone 2177 L l:2fl-)A-30 e meat rabbits. Mo-Ark Rabbit Breeders Assn. Phone 2G09, l!15-pk-2|15 "J'm slaying here—Hie trip isn't necessary!" J. LOUIS CHERRY .| n i,Rcprtsen(lng NEW YOR EIFE INSURANCE CO. Ut. Ark. DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATH 1C PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCER OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 CJimc 514 Main Blythevllle, Ark. Phono 2921 Until You Gist Oyr Price! We Pay fop Ceiling Price And We Need 50 Ccrs Now AiithoHzed Stiidebaker Parb & Service CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ash & R.R, sis. Lex CliamliliFi mil Chamblin Dr. W. A. Taylor Veterinarian I'hone 453 See Al I'hllllnk Motor Co. PAGZi' EWJ3 »«,« .. j^y mire- War 8 THE.FUHNITIJKE K NOT USING; r»r c «iu aUtrad.-lu »11<,»» OC , for rurniluKs on new. Alvln Hardy Furn, Co. Kl * uln Phone, i'ry.Our ','Owii Made" ICECREAM Ok Hickory Inn Across From High School Shvo 50% On TRUSSES Sleel and. kliisiic STEWART'S 0 rug Store Nnin & Luke huiiib .23 Dr. J. L. Guard Optomctrlitt at Jewelry 209 W Mai WE,Pill AI,L DOCTOR* PRESCRIPTIONS A,vi), SAvi roil HONP.T STEWARt'S , Dr u g Store IVUld 4.Lake., V.hoiwi tLLEY OO fi your car stancttrig [die much otthd time under cjas rationing? Does ft cost you more to keep if In trim than H payk back In transportation? Why riot turn mto money-good money? Sell H to uj-and let Urn* war worker have the d|Jpbr- bnlty | 0 gel vitally needed baKsporrcttiori! BRING y0UR CAR Tti US,.. . 1M IIISCAMPAI6M TPfsDE K1NGGU7. OUT OF HIS NVXG1C BELT. ALLEY COP BECAME KIWG OF LGM...TO STREWGTH-j POKUSED APRDlWTED HIS OtD VE^GEE.' : •'• FRIEND FOOZV PRIME MIWISTEC, AMD THAT AUTOMATICALLY MADE HIM AGITIZEM-OI- LEM...A D1STCESSIMG &ITUKT|OM TDFOO2Y.' NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may he ruining your property. Call me to check up without cost or obligation. HATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP ' : ''.'.h 1 : 309 E. Kentucky „;-., ^ HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1,5 Pictured • 1 Bend ! U. S. Capilol 2 Too , architect 3Newg no{icc | ^Vriling tool 4 p erioc ] 0 Musical 5 Girl's name ! , sound ,. 6 Slight bow 'libver (contr.) 7 Tidy 13 Finish 14 British 1524 hours 16 Skill 17 Ccntirrictca ' 18 Like : 20 Beverage . 22 Sodium ; ; (symbol) 23 Tellurium (symbol) 25 Type of ship 28 Tropical palm 31 Against 32 Press down 33 Sugary 34 Customary 36 Therefore 37 Electrical engineer (ab.) 38 Donkey 41 Behold? 43 Bone H Strike lightly 46 Likely 48 Turn 51 Every 53 Also 53 Sea £agle' B4 Pedal digit 65Double ..... K Frozen rain O 1 LEM, MY EVt= ! FOOZYS P >AGOOD^^oc^flA^l, -/ ._>v -.'?.?_ ^\ OU -'iJ^jj^ IT, tllDWT MO PUMT'MG.' IT AIN'T. r-W FAULT GUI,. V SEE IT'S I^IOXUS 1 ' FKECKLES AND HIS F«!kjvl>- LiST£N, MEATBALL,'ARE VOU CONfJA R.V6R FOR IT Be SAID OF LARD MITH T(-IAT HE W STUBBORN// HE'S SUPPOSED to BLlTMRS-VOGEL INSISTS fHAr HF STAV HOMS AND MIMDJLJM10E-- •:,-AND IF HE QUITS HIS JOB, \ '(zjh • •— m w^ ^ ! i^^teatoito .... /_. ,; ', ,, • '—r—-- •--', i;;' ;)i>- t;)A!-'.-l- m^^ .lust to Jlnkc Sure i t'RO-_l!5E NO H.\ lEI-BJ-CHl AJJDTriiN'C ' £6 ,TKIMDE.R , wt'tu />fK)LJ;SD Tb SEE.WAT- UTILE HS.'SMER I55AF WASH TUBES Come Out of f( g)OV»l TOOOOO FIECT, CASY HG1IT5 DBTO OATEIY TO LEVEL OFF /...b25 MI1ES AH IIOUI?.'. / BETTER SORT 0' EASE OUT ( NOW...NIP$HAVfDiSAPPE/ \ UH! COtlTROlS SEEM TO V 6E FkOZfeN,' 2 — m>>..,.•>.*%. EASY BLACKS OUT, AND FOR 21 Winglike part 35 Permit 22 Short letters 39 Was seated 24 Eradicate ^f peck 42 Stove, part ti FIHAUY FEElSTilf CO.'IIROIS C1VE A , .EUVEH.SECOMpS THAT SEEM LIKE ITTlt AMD HIS PlftllE RESPOIID... .. HOURS, HE IS TOTALLY I BLAZES.' I THAT'S —XBETTER- 17 He is In 27 Individual 44 Scheme charge of 29 Australian 45 Beverage statuary in bird .... 47Pull... 30 Certified pub-49 Erbium , lie accountant ,- (syinbol), . . ; 50 Abstract being 51 Dined BY EDGAR MARTIN, DON EDWARDS "Tlie Typewriter Man" ROYAL, GMTTH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET . V PHONE (Every Transaction Musi Be Satisfactory) Architect 8 By ' 16 Paid notices the U. S. 19 He arranges for to be , (ab.) shown 33 Ocean

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