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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 12, 1947
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BIYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS TO* DOU1NANT NEWSPAPER OF NCWtTVKA «T ARKANBA8 AND 8OUTHEABT UI88OURI VOL. XI,IV—NO. 43 BljrthevlUe Dallj Nrw» BljrUieTUle Courier Blytheville Herald Mississippi V«U«y Lwdtr BLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAY 12, I!)I7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Supreme Court Upholds Move to Cut Freight Rates ICC Order issued in 1945 Upheld in 7 to 2 Decision by Tribunal WASHINGTON, May 12. (UP) — The U. S. Supreme Court today upheld the Interstate Commerce Commission's .sweeping freight rate equalization order ol 1945. Justice William O. Douglas delivered the court's 7 to 2 decision. Justices Felix Frankfurter and Robert H. Jackson dissented. The rate order, applying to so- called "class" rates, was vehemently contested by nine Northern slates, the six 'New England gover- ners and 3 western railroads. ^ The order-aimed at uniform freight costs--directed a 10 per cent increase in rates in stater, lying Northeast of Hie Ohio. Potomac and Mississippi rivers. It cut class rates 10 per cent elsewhere cx'.'cpt West of lhe : "Rocky Mc-un- tains. The government contended that the old c,tas s rates were unduly favorable to the Northeast and blocked expansion of trade ami industry in the South and West, old rates were' called an out- ried "patchwork quilt." Northeastern states fought tc changes as unfair tc Northern manufacturers. They said the order was illegal because the ICC failed to make findings thai the railroads needed the increase or the old rates were unfair. Applies to Factories Output Ttic Western railorads argue; Mint the new rates were conflsca- tory. Class rates apply chiefly to man urnctiircrt goods. Thev cover onl: about four per cent of the nation' rail freii'ht. New York, Delaware. Indians Pennsylvania. Maryland, Michigar New Jersey, Ohio and Wiscorisi were the Northeastern states con tcslinp the order. ' "If the commission were powerless to increase rates to a reason- 1 able minimum in order to eliminate an unlawful discrimination." Doimlas said in a 20,000-word majority opinion, "it would in some cases be ixnverlcss to prescribe the remedy for unlawful practices. "The mesent case is a good, illustration." • .,.-.. Dome's said a fate reduction '-" the South and West "would remove onlv^art of the discrimination." HelRiid the discrimination in favor oi the Northeast "would continue to thrive" if the ICC were allowed to raise rates in that area only if necessary adequately to compensate the railroads. ' Great Britain's j Royal Family Back In England PORTSMOUTH, England, May 12. (UP)—Britain's roynl family set foot on its homeland today ending its three months' visit to South Africa to the cheers of thousand;, ol Mib- Jects who lined the :,lreets nnd thronged the dockjUiv at this ancient naval port. The return ol the royal party coincided 'with the lOlti anniversary of the coronation uf King Gtoigc VI. When the roj'al fannly arrived yesterday aboard the HMS Vanguard, Britain's mightiest battleship which carried the family to South Africa and back, they received tin ovation from an estimated crowd of 500.000. The royal paily did ml come ashore until today. Arabs and JeWS Blytheyille Man is Elected n L iimij . District Legion Commander Clash at UN Meet Over Holy Lands Acheson to Leave State Department President Appoints Robert A. Lovctt as New Undersecretary Controversy Centers Over Independence For Palestine State 12. WASHINGTON. May 12. (UP) — President Truman today accepted :he resignation of Dean Acheson as .mdersecretary of state. The White rlouse said that Robert A. Lovctt, former assistant secretary of war will be nominated to succeed Achc- ,on. The long-forecast resignation of' Acheson becomes effective June 30.1 The nomination of Lovett will' be sent to the Senate soon, the White House said. Mr, Truman accepted Acheson's resignation uith reluctance and the realization that he could not again usk him to put aside his desire to return to private life. Mr. Truman paid tribute to Acheson In a letter accepting Acheson's resignation. He recalled that Acheson expressed a desire to resign in April, 1946, and also in 1945. "In response to my urging in both instances, you held in abeyance your plans to retire,'' the President wrote Acheson. "Again, when you renewed last December your wish to relinquish your post we a- grced tentatively that you should leave office on Jan. 10. 1347 "Realizing that all these deferrals hav e meant great financial sacrifice, I appreciate all the more .your magnanimous action in.stand- ing at your post for- another months." Accented With Regret Thus, the President said, he had no choice except to accept the resignation with "great regret-" Lovett since leaving the War DC partment, where he served as as sistant secretary of war for air, ha been in the New York banking bu- LAKE SUCCKH3. N. Y., MHV (U. I'. I — Arab i nd Jewish Fpo men clashed bitterly in the United Nations t/xlay with the Arabs threatening IAJ walk out ii Palestine doesn't fr;l inoeiivnui'i'cc and (he Jews clwfti'i,j (hit U:c independence issue was "loading the dice" against them. Syrian DoKiati.' Paris El -K hour! flatlv told tho Oenc-'al Assembly's Political Commit: ec (hut 'the Syr- Ian government is unable to acquiesce in any other solution" except (o i:i-lrui:t '-he UN Palestine Cnmmlsvon to study Immediate indeuciuVnco. EI-Khouri folajlecl Zionism as n "fatal dream" :<nc» slonncd t!;:,l the Arabs w'll "never pi'rniU it to succeed." Jewish Agency spoke, man Mer- she Shertok, In E'. '-tatemen'.. r.:e- parcd for dcj'.vury to the Political Committee, .;atd [hit for UN to Include the i:MepeirU'-i ~-c :ssue In. its Palestine Inquiry 'loads the dice heavily n^.xiii'it the jews.' Ehcrtok dem'vided Uial UN Great Britain Irorn the Pal.-sline Inquiry Commission nnd i-.rimit an Arab stale only If the Jews also are given n'p'OMMitaiion en he body. The Jewish Is stalcmcnl attack -in \rab couimittc J. M. Cleveland of Hlylhevlllc. i illsirlct vice commander tor the past year, yesterday moved ur> lo i the posl of commander of the Fifth District of the American Lo- gion, Department of Arkansas, .it a convention here of the 21 Pos^s in Ihc district. • ; Elected district vice president yesterday was J. F. Dobbins of Marked Tree. D. E. fatten of Jonesboio was named dlslrlct ex- crnllvc commltlceman and • Pied Taylor a'. Osceoln was selected district representative to the. national convention. E. D. McOowan of Jonesbovo WHS named alternate, convention representative. A new district adjutant, named by the dislrlet commander accord- Ing lo Legion procedure, will he picked in Ihc near future, ,Mr. Cleveland snid. The new officers will be installed nl the conclusion of the legion's stale convention at Little Rock hi Julv. •Mr. C'evclanrl served n s commander nl Dud Cason Post 24 during the 11)45-10 term of office. He long been active in Legion .work and is manager of the Slate Employment Service office here. Stale Cnmmamler Speaks As pdncinal speaker at, the convention, J. Wesley Sampler of Rogers, slate Legion commander, urged thai legionnaires develop an Interest in Ihe work of the organization that wil Ibccomc a "passion for do r ' Ine good." J I •Mr. Sampier asked the group's in child welfare activities ind lauded the Lesion's Amcrlcan- sm work for youth, pointing out the Junior Baseball program. Boy's Obstructionist Charge Hurled At Democrats Ncbroskan Irked By Opposition to Senate Labor Measure J. M. <:iuvelitiul A(;f:ncy >:i Pale.M.lnc wiih (i:c iicrd of llic the grand liil.ltl if Jerusalem, r.c a nnn "directly nvolvcd during lhc war in Hie policy of t!.n extermination of Exiropean Ji,\vs." Russian .Move Assailed Shcrtok aL'.'icked Mie Russian- led move for UN U) consider im- mediale ind'jnfiiul<::> •<» \-.\\tine as a clcvi'.oyiment w'i:cl tears the problem cut ct Its ica context. The whole issue Is vitiated ii advance" by ,-on5i<!'!_v.!i')n cf in dependence nov.' Sherlok mid. He charged that "practical co operation" he'.w.'cn Ar.-hs and Jewcs in Palestine Is "h-imp-Ted by political conflict ovc- tho country's'Ijitiir*; 1 '™-.-.,.-..-:?;-,, :-',-,.•, •-— th ^'^^^l«i^»^.«j practical^, all <*hey 'V/iraTritrd so State and the Legion-sponsored or- Jaycees to Elect Officers Tonight Eight Directors and Two Honorary Members Arc to Be Selected CMmnxlnK iwo wceks ol hes ctimpnlj;nlnf;, Ihe nmuml election o olfleers nnd directors or Ihe Junlo alorical contest us examples. Hc also reviewed the -Legion's work toward obtaining veterans' benefits followini: bolh World Wars. Slressiim the need for the Uni- <lc1 "' vicc-pre: versal Military Training program.!,,, r ,™ s ',"', c l' "'? Mr. Sampler reviewed highlights of the Legion's plan for UMT embodied in legislation now bcfore Congress. Chandler of Connneree will he tonight at the .semi-monthly niccl- ln« at 7:30 In the Jnycce chin u.-nms. In addition to limiting a pi'csl- vicc-presldcnt. sccrclary and Jaycres will vote lo fill eight seals on lhc club's Uoitrd ol Directors Two honorary members or the Junior Chamber will also be mimed with "This plan Is calculated lo work military Iralnlng Into the lives, of youths at a point which brings a minimum of disruption to their educational and economical I'ves"". lie pointed out. ; : ". Touch Foreign Polky Lauded In a talk following Mr. SamnierM address.TJharles Q. Kelley ot Little Rock, past national vice connnand- er. lauded Secretary of Stale Georee Marshall's "tough foreign pollc ^ith JUiiU" -» >«i- »»^——^ >•— ''t^&&,ti&L&£i£^z®&gi •"This should have bcen"oof'-<•>- ,, -H (t ie'«" P9" 1 "? lol *K **°." he ~»W'M r the legitimacy or the ..mtioU'l as I ^' <leCri ° (I tho Usc of '******"- pirations of ;<.>iolhur people," Sher- tok said. Urging again lhat Palestine be rtok Doitclas said the ICC's _f hiding gincss .He is expected to return here rates discrimi-t to work for a timl , w n n the South and We'it b c f ore the present undei 1 - by that the old rates discriminated against was "abundantly supported" evidence. Another Case Pending Tn a seiiarate case that probably will not be decided for another two years the high court, through a special Master Lloyd K. Garrison, is hearing a suit brought bv Former Gov. Ellis Arnall of Georgia altarking the basis on which railroad rates are .set. Arnall's attack is broader than the ICC class rate decision. Douglas rejected the contention of croups challenging the ICC order that class rates arc so little used I hut they "have largely become piper rales." "That lakes too narrow a view of the problem confronting the i-jjt,-miss ion." he said. • "-The commission's over-all conclusion was that the classifications jn force and the class rates computed from them harbor inequities which ItfsuU in unlawful discrim- inationSrMn favor of Uhe Northeast) and against the other territories. ••The fact, that relatively small amounts of freight move by class rates proves not that the regional and territorial discrimination i5 sliclit. but that the rate structure as constituted holds no promise of affording the various regions or (errilorie., that parity of treatment which territorial conditions warrant." Jackson said in his dissenting opinion that the ICC order levies n surtax on the Northeast without "sufficient proof of any specific discrimination." He said the area will be burdened with an extra. $15.000,000 a year in ..hipping bills, without any evidence lhat the railroads need new revenues. Aehc.sori idersecrctary leaves the government. .Acheson will return to the practice of law here. Acheson bei:an his State Department career Feb. 1, 1041. when he was appointed assistant secretary of state. He served as tmder-secretary oi the treasury from may to No- veinher, 1933. Achcson was promoted to undersecretary of slalc on Aug. 16, 1045- Since then. h c actually hiis been acting secretary of slate a good part of the time. Former Secretary of state James F. Byrnes turned over the operation of the department to him during Big Fo\]r con- E'aris, London ferenccs in Moscow, and New' York. Achcsou also served as acting secretary while secretary of Slate Oeorge C. Marshall attended the recent Moscow Big Pour meeting. Acheson. 54. is a native of Middletown, Conn. Is (rone, opened to European Jews, Shi said: It is true that H jut not anti-S :iuitks. He v.-as the aroduct. not r'.e E.iurre. or Grr- in Germany ri.-,d in many (Uher )arts of Em-ope is n:e as ever :<n<l potentially nJiita.-t fierce." Shertok's icmnr'a :i.boul enti- Semitism wevj ir. answer lo a, lueslion frorn Indian Del. sale Asar AM as 10 why J-'wJs'i minces did not want '.) scltlc in Gcrin.iny. Despite honrs 7nr an r >riy,'!-r.w- down lhal would guiii'-uUcc a windup or thu sp.:cii'.l assembly meeting this v;cek, some key delegates anticipa'.ed at least two nr three days more .Icbate in Ihe committee on the two big points of controversy. because appeasement leads to war. and war to destruction." Mr. Kellcy called for a "disciplined people and a disciplined youlh' as he pointed out that "America is in a state of revolution that could turn the country upside down In a at tonight's election. Homrary day." He asserted lhat "internal America, must be sound." Spciking on farming opporliml- I ties for veterans, Mr, Kellcy said Hint the ideal form ol training lay In working small farms of from 40 o 160 acres. ,'ic.e Bureau and Roscoc Lcc of the ,'ice Burca uand Roscoe Lee of the Velerans Administration In Littlo "lack spoke on lhc activities of .heir organizations. Resolutions Presented Two resolutions were submitted mid adopted by the dlsrtict convention and a third was sent back members arc men over 35 years of age who are selected because of their civic inlcresls and acllvilif.s. The new officers will be Installed and the honorary members Introduced at an Installation banquet and dance .nine 0. In the race tor the Jaycee presidency are Bill Wyatt and Jimmlc Edwards. Other candidates are Sanford Hhellon and L. G. Thompson, for vloe-praUdeni; ,..<iJUlMH'V and Larry KMU, . . . and OKll OrnM^ Jaek''Overa, for tma&nf e<in<~lf!ntt"; for posts on the B of Dircclors arc Harold Anderson Utho finrncs. Roland Bishop. San- } ford noonc. Tim Estcs. Arlle French. Albeit Gilbert. D. B. Gooflman, James Guard, George Hubbard, Jr., Erwln Jones. Harry Lcvltch. Jim Sniotheimon. E. M. (Ruddy) Terry. Lagronnu Whittle and Hill Young. WASHINGTON. May 12. (Ul'i — A Hepiiblican senntor loday accused "a sennit group of Democratic obstructionists' 1 of delaying .Sennlc assuj;..' of a Inbor 1)111. Sen. Hugh liuller, Neb., voiced ic- chunies In connection with the roiip's attempt lo sulwlnnle » mild leiisure fov 111* Kepubllc.ln-sprjn oivd hill. Hen. cinuct', 1 Pepper. 1)., l-'ln ouiilered with a charm 1 Hint llu iOP bill would luereasV- strikes am llscovd lie accused Iho lie-publt- IIIIK of trying I" wcakv:i labui inionti and achieve Industrial pviu-i reducing living standards o 'I'min workers and. th.'ir trun h.'s. The exchange eame as Hepuull run leaders drove for a vole (hi week on Iheli' bill, There was In nu tulk o[ a presidential vet< Itcpnhllcnns were conftden they could override u veto If Ihe can hold ihc support of ITi Demo cnil.s expected lo vole lor i In; IK) bill. Oilier congressional developments Veterans—Octi. Omar N. Ilnulle veterans administrator, npposi Kiivcriiiucnl, gills or miloinuwlcs I armless and blinded veterans World War II anil legless ex-se vlecmen of oilier wars, lint he n cnmimvtdi'd extension or, the prrsci p|-o«rn:n lo provide cars lor Wor War II veterans who undcrwe leg amputations above (he mikl 'I'rmpcraicc l»» Offered Mcpior—Fines and Jnl| terms ] publishers, broadcasters or <llstl crs whn aeeeiH or place lUnior « wero demanded today nro«p"of churchmen; senators i" mperancc leadern. They Manila to Let Contracts for Water System A conlnicl for approximately $120,000 worth of extensions and Improvements of Manila 1 '* waterworks and sewerage nytitems will be let June 3, Mayor I. D. Shcdd d todny. Taking of bids for till.) conslmc- n will close at 2 p.m. Juno 3. The Is will be opened Immediately and e contend awarded. The scwcrflKe fiyslem will he ex- idcd to Include two bl-^CKS whlcl ve Iweii added to the town since K Installation of the present, sye- u In 103.1, Mayor dhcdil said. 't'lu 1 present watcrwoilcs syslen II be enlarged and a liltoi urn ilnrinalur' added. PLiin.l also cal the Installation of 10 now Hi ngs, he slated. Wui'k on these syslcms Is cxpectei > .stni't nlKiut July 1 tuul It Is luipei u> roiiHlfut:tlon will be coinplele ot later than Octolwr, the mnyii ild. efore a senate commltlcn on a I Ben. Arthur Capper. K . Km bar such ii'lvcrUsliij; In Inle ale commerce. Atomic —Knl Irlnis Tjndej-sccreli f state Demi Acheson said Ame an ufllclnls sl.ll| hope for a United atlons acreemelil for worldwide loiule controls. He leslifled lictore closed session of the Joint con- resslonal Aton'.le. Energy Commll- Beekeepers Plan ixhibits at Fair Northeast Arkansas Apiary Owners Hold Conference in City S. Fund Solicitors In School Drive To Meet Tuesday A special meeting of all drive workers and solicitation teams in the (^ipaign to raise $50.000 for the purchase of a new high school silo will be held at 7:30 tomorrow night ln tlle Chamber of Commerce office In City Hall. Reports of drive workers will be heard to determine the progress of the campaign lo date. Girl's Complaint Leads To Arrest of Two Boys Two Scnath. Mo., youths. Bobby Gene Riggs. 16. and Earnest Allison, n. were arrested Friday morning by Sheriff William Bcrryman on the charges of carnal aTTuse. Ihe sheriff's office announced today. A warrant has been Issued for lhc arrest of a third yo^h. Junior Carter. 18. a sailor believed to be sla- tfoncd at San Diego, calif.. wUo. is alleged to have criminally assulted Oma Lcc McOraw, 13. of Arbyrd, Mo, Thursday night, near Leach- villr. the sheriff's office reported. Riggs and Alison were ordered by Municipal Judge Graham Sudbury, held under $2500 bonds to await action by the circut court, at their preliminary hearing Saturday. The sheriff's office stated that it had filed official charges of rape against Carter and his arrest is expected soon. The three youths arc alleged to have picked the McGraw girl up in Senalh Thursday night and carried her lo Leachvillc. Realtors to Meet Members ot the Blythcville Real Estate Board will hold their monthly meeting at 7 o'clock tomorrow night- al the Hotel Noble, Music and entertainment will be provided at this meeting, H. C. Campbell, president of the Board, said today. N. Y. Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Belli Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Bcpublic Steel 24 I -2 Radio 8 1-4 Mar. Socony Vacuum 153-8 May Studebakcr 18 7-8 July .. 164 1-2 ..67 .. 36 1-4 .. 83 5-8 .. 100 3-4 . . Hfl .. 34 .. 56 7-8 .. 14 1-8 .. 82 0-8 .. 83-8 Suspecf Ordered Held for Trial on Robbery Charge Willis Ford. 26, of 502 Lumcratc, was ordered held under »1503 bond to await aclion by the Circuit Count on charges of robbery, at his preliminary hearing Saturday in •Municipal Court. Ford is alleged to have stolen $453 from the pockels of trousers belonging to Milton McCandless also of Biyllieville, while hc slept at Ford's home Thursday night. According to a statement made by McCandlcss, Ford and a woman who was not identified, cncountcrec him at Twin Gables night club Thursday night, and asked him to go home with them lor a card game. Hc stated that after hc ha played cards for a few hours, h became sleepy and Ford told him 1 to go .to bed. Upon arising, McCandlcss missed his billford containing the $450 from his Irouscr pockets anrt immediately notified city police. Ci'.y authorities arvested Ford at his home Friday morning, but when questioned, hc said hc knew nothing of lhc incident, police said. Cily and county officials investigated the charges and arrested a woman that was seen with Foul at the night spot Thursday night. Upon questioning the woman, police state that she revealed how Forrt had planned lo get the money from McCandlcss. According to a statement made Welfare Unit Records 'Out' As Evidence I.ITI'LE ROCK. Ark.. Mny la. (UP)—Tiic record compiled by Ihc Stale Welfare ncpnrlnienL In In- vtjKLiKnlion or Jnvunile cases ciin- not he arlnuttcd :is evidence In n lo the vnrions posts for approval nr """''• of record, tlie Arkansas Sn- rcjci-lion. Adopted were rcsolnlions t"-cin<! Court held loilny. previously approved by the Blylbc- Tll ° '-onrl, rcvorscd n -Saline vlllc Post, asking Hint llic Arki.n- ClrculL Court, decision and nave sns-Tonncssce bridcc near Mcniplils custody of four minor clillilrcn l'> be named Memorial • Bridge nn-l thclr fatl'er. Clem Trnmiiim. The that special labor Icgislalion be <'ircnil court, had affirmed nn car- by the General AsscmKy '^r juvenile court decree. Associate Justice R. W. Robins said the narrative report of welfare workers is "hcrcsay" aiul should noL have been adnillled :>s evidence. "Certainly n man's children ought not lo be Inkcn away from The resolution lavored him on unsworn stalemenl.s mntle oul of court," the opinion said. The children were placed In, a foster home In rural I'uluskl County after an invesliuatlon by three welfare workors, MiiiKniel B Ocorgc, Mrs. DcsMc Koniniel ant Warren BuiiiKnrden. Robins sal< tlie record revealed lhat Tran num. a war veteran, \va.s a hard working miner, lhat lie had no been cruel to tho children, am lliat lie was ninklni; KOrxl wa^es. Tlie opinion said lhc case co<il< have l>ccn reversed on lhc lechni cal fact that the welfare ret-on Merchant Senme'iV—the War 1)r- artnicnt went on record against ilvlng wartime merchant, seamen he sinne educational benefits granted members or the armed services under lhc G.T. bill or rights. Greek -Turkish Aid —The Senate Wised to accept minor House n- icndmcnls lo the Oreek-Turklsh Id bill and sent Ihe measure to jnrereiicc- Avlatlon—U. S. ah lines opposed ttliiB steamship lines and rall- oads participate In ^iir transporta- Thcy 'told Congress such » love could load lo monopolies In le entire lriins]X)rlalion Industry nd that nvlntlnn would sutler. Tax Cut Kxprctrd Taxes - - nesnilc scattered o|i|>o- tlon. the House was expected lo o along with the Senalo Finance lommltleo nnd itiukc projxised In- r>me lax reductions efrer.llvn July Inslead of retroncllve to Jan. 1. 'hr 5->nale hns not acted on Mie ommlttee bill but both ncpubll- ans and Dcmf>orals tnrcllcled It vould go through without major chniiL'e. National lottery — Hep. Adolph . .Snhalh. D,. f! itrodnoc wilhln giving the governor power lo take over and operate strike-bound utilities. ! Returned to tlie posts to be pawed on was a resolution asking Congress Ibat any government aid or subsidies given Arkansas schools unrestricted government aid but asked that U be given without rcquirinK any specific conditions lo be met. If tins resolution is passed by it majority of the Posts in the district, it will be considered as having received district approval. Blythcvillc Mortician Attends State Meeting E. M. Holt, of Holt Funeral Hume rc, will lie installed n.* second vie/ ircsldcnt of the Arkansas Funeral Directors Association, flic., li.mor- •ow in Litllc Rock. He i.s altemiing .lie 46th annual convention of lhal Jroup. The convention ougan today ind will continue tlirough lomor- "OW. today by a county official. Ihe arresting of ford probably will clear up several similar robberies that have 1 occurred in lliis vicinity ill the past few months. N. Y. Cotton Standard of N Texas Corp Packard . J 70 3-4 61 5 7-3 Oct. nee. OTK.J1 . 276'. . 3645 3429 2932 2831 high low close 2790 2761 27C 3664 3630 3639 3422 2919 288:7 2825 SSB Official Plans Visit A rcprcscntalive of the Joiirsb'iro Social Security office wlil bo al H>e Arkansas State Employmeui Service office here at 10 o'clock morning to advise Mississippi Cnim- ty residents who wish to file claim.; for old-age and survivors ir.sui.'- benefits, it was announced tar^.y SiKits close 3090, down 29. Snyt/cr Invited to Meet With Tax Committee WASHINGTON, May 12. tUP' — The House Ways and 'Means .Coin- mitlec today invited Secretary "I Treasury John W. Snyrter to be v ;i< first witness next Mondaj- when i starts an overall review of Hie fe<l- cval tax slruclure. Treasury expei'ts arc studying " lc presenl lax slruclure to draft ' rt> ommendalions for lhc cotumi't CCi should not have been admitted, bit pointed out that such a revcrsr would have been a temporary na lure. In oilier action, the Suprem Court affirmed a Pnlaski Chancnr Court decision upholding the ' tie Itock City Council in closing alley crassing properly owned b the Catholic Diocese of Arkans,;. C'oley of Osccula was d ehnlvninu nnd Hay M«• of Ulylhevllli' secretary of Commiltee of tile Northea^l Aiknnsns Beekeepers Ass-juliitlcn (^on-nieetinf: of tna commlt- ;*. Salurday, whon pinns fm pai'tlcipallon of apiarist* In Norlheust Arkansas District. Fiilr Ing SMO will be awarded beekeepers entering tils plays In the apiary exhibit al thi fair, lo be held the week of Sepl 22 at the Fairgrounds here, It announced at the rnceliriK- A new feature of the apiary hiblt this year will i>e awards to polllni/atlon achievements. As example of tills work, the commit lee was lold of an orchaKltst i Wynne whoso apple orchard hflc bearing no fi'tilt for seven ycm bore n heavy set of apples uTtur IX) llnlmllon by several bcc, coignlcs educational Kettturrs Flanned Premiums will l»e awnrdod for e) hlblts such as Indivlduai apiary dl pluyA, bulk, coi^ib honey, eKUfeett "•hllc and umber honuy, comb hom hi s[?clionfl mid lu frames. Itec.s- wax nnd home-made, hives and Other premiums will r.o swarded for bread, rolls, cakes iinci camly made with honey. Four-It Club members with tiTt: best honny-pro- lucllon records will also r^ccjve Sailors Seriously Hurt in Accident Near Steele, Mo. Two Men Injured in Motorcycle Mishap; Both Still Unconscious Two sailorH. Jasper • N. Howard, 25, and Raymond Bagby, 18, l>eli<!vcd to be on leave from tho Naval Aviation TtichnicAl Training Ceu- lor uL Memphis, were seriously injured early this morning when the motorcycle on which they were rid- iiiK, turned over several times ncur Holland; Mo. The extent of their injuries w:is not- learned at noon today »s neither sailor liad regained conscious- ess AllcmlanUs at Walls hospital, here the boys were curried fol- wliiK the accident, stated that ijuries seemed to be restricted to head and arms. It could not determined whether there were ny Iriiolures us their 'condition otild not warrant a thorough cx- nlnallon, they said, Home addresses of the two youths ere not learned, hospital. attcny auls slalcd, as leave papers fioih ic Navnl Base were the only form r Identification. Few details ot the accident were vallable at, noon today. It was be- icvcd lhat a motorist picked u|> ho Injured youths and brought hem lo tho hospital here. ir- — Hep, said he wrok a bill lo l Intlnrv which nnlos will put Sy.500,OCKi,(inO yonr In'o thf tniasury',s coffers sjiitl II, would be it "painless WHY" to cut tiixr.s and rediire Lhn debt r»L t.ho .same time. ivp.s — The House Un- Aineiic;u\ AcUvltle.s commillft; wa? Ihe tnuutliiVlon for hill-ilresi public hrnriiKTs on nllt'K^d Co^iuui nisi inflltraMon into Hollvw'xu! The; .sr:opn of Ihe hearings will be dotonninrd by the fiiic'ln^s of siierhi] snbcotuiulttco now on lhc* wrsi ronst. K^crss Spenders — Chnlr Htylc.s nridKCK, n.. N ff.. of HIP Senate Anproprlntions CommUloi u-arnod nil govcmmrnl n^fncie. 1 ; thr»L their days of dcfirlenoy .spending are nbont over. Hy next ye.^ .sbo snid, any offloiaLs who spend iwirn t!ini\ Congress h;is npprojiri- atod will fare prosecution tindiT Ihr antl-dcficlp]ir,y law. Tf pro' fcle.s niininnim pruallics of $100 fine or nno month in jail for such violations. More Telephone Workers on Job Strike Continues, However, in Six States In tho Southwest. WASHINGTON,'May 12. (UP) — More, than 22,000 telephone workers In five Western states streamed back to their jobs today and the covnrnmcnt stepped up its efforts to break the .remaining deadlocks In the 3fi-day telephone strike. ' Th>"Wc4t -Coist lack- to'work". inovem6hl Involved S.IX10 women OP- eralors in Southern California and more linn 13.003 O1O sympathy strikers In Northern California, Nevada. Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Thousands of other .West. Coast- workers affiliated with National Federation of Telephone Workers unions continued to hold out, however, but the back of Ihe strike Numerous ediicnllonal fcalures will be added lo this year's apliny there appeared to be broken, ixhlblt. It was announced. I The Southern California women Vaughn Wilson of Dothesda was Icclcd a member ol tho Fair Com-' ilttee to represent the Batcsvllle iroa. OthcrH attending tin: meeting .vere C. L. 'Jhnxton of Blytheville, ircsldcnl of the Bcekcciwrs Asso- :iatlon; George Bsslg of PRragould. John Tl. Varner of Ljikc Cily, anJ Irvln Trcvuthlnn of Ollniore. Rites Conducted Near Stecic, Mo., For William Via Funeral services were hr ; l<l 'his morning. 10 a. m., at G.t'son Huyou Church of Cl:rlst .Steele. Mo., fo,' William Via. who lied Saturday In (he homu of his dinluhter. Mr.^. I5ud Crnli;, cast o Blytheville. Ho was Sir. fUles were condiH'lftl by Ihi llev. E. F. 3!iar-ie. p.v.tor. Mi( burial was in M.ipli: Uiove Ccnic tery. Mr. Via hnJ 'Ivrl iv:i.' jjly thcvllle since IP13 i:n:l before r m ing here, mado I'.l;: *io:nc in Site! for several yc'irs. Hc Is survived by four taw Mlllard via of .\llamo, Tcnn O. Via of alvt'ievillc nnd HcrniM nnd O. U. VI i of Sleelr, Mo. three daughters Mri. Cr.Vu. Mrs Glenn Alexander, i.lso uf ulyl villc, and Mrs. J.mies Mollls c, Hickman. Ky. Ifolt Fun^"M Home was charge. Temperatures Go Higher Hfiihcr terniicTai.urc.s ovir II week-end ended lh,. unseasonable cool si>ell tlvit prevailed wcrk as the mercur; 1 yost^rday clnuLcd to 82 degrees, nrco \linj In Rolx-rt E. Blaylock. oti:(.'rnl wv.tlhdr oli- .server. Low last 'lisnl was 57 cicgreis. Saturday's liinlic st t" >)'•-•••! i-'re was 70 degrees and lhc low during that night was 50 ilcgrc-js. Weather ARKANSAS—Mostly cloudy with scattered thundcrsnowcrs in \V-"st nnd Central portions loday and in East ix>rtlon tonight. Tucsc':>y partly cloudy. No impciiliinl lenipr.rti- lurc change. Post Office to Award Contract for Sub-Station Rids for conducting postal business at the Air Field Branch of thr lncr>l post oflicc. located at l!i£ housiiiK area of Blythevillc Municipal Air Port, will be accepted through Thursday, Postmaster Koss S. Stevens, said loday. The new contract will be for the rnnnart term July 1, 1947 lo June 30. 1940. In addition to the service usually afforded at a contract station the bidder must provide space and equipment, for handling the unit and facilities for handling the mai lo and from lhc station and the main post oiflcc. Poslal service expected lo be provided by the successful bidder New Storms Injure Five In Texas and Oklahoma (By ITnilfd I'rrvO A series of tornadoes >wept acros. Western Texas and Southwest Ok lahoma, leaving five persons ser: ously Injured today. The slorms struck towns hundrec of miles apart as they moved through Ihe region in a northcflsl- ernly direction Sunday night. The village of Lcngrah. In Western Tcxns, was most seriously damaged. All six of Vlic houses in Hie lown were flaltencd and the village school was damaged. The slorms flattened oil derricks and power lines noar Odessa, Tex.; fences and farm buildings near Ack- rrly and Knotl. Tex., and farm houses, barns and |x>wer and Iclc- phonc Hues near El Dorado, Okla. Witnesses said hall stones as big as Ca.seballs fell near Odessa. operators accepted wage increases ; from »3 to t* weekly and wevc • nthorlzcd to return to work over xlstlng picket lines. The CIO un- m snld the hTPTW's strike front . ,ad ''broken down" and that its ympalhy strike WES being called ft to "maintain the security" of. ; own members. In Washington, officials of Wcs- cin Electric Company and two Iriking unions resumed discussions tier falling lo reach agreement in wo Sunday sessions. 'Negotiations also continued in St. Louis between Southwestern Bell 'clcphone. Company and spokesmen or Us 42.000 striking employes in iijc stales. The vmlon last night icalcd its wage demand down to .ibout $6 a week and abandoned all but 20 ot its 8,1 original demands. Talks also were in progress in Denver to settle wage demands of 6,000 workers In the Rocky •Mountain Stales. Two BlytheviHe Art Pupils Win National Honors Two BlylhcvlPc High Sci.oal students havr; won national honors In the 1047 Scholastic Ail Award.-, conduclcd by Scholastic Magazines. An oil pain: Ing 1-7 Agnes Bradley, daughter of Mrs. U. L. Hruc'.- ley. won thi Collier Award of $100. Three o'.hcr art nitrws ly Miss Bradley, including in oil painting, water color rvvtd a coloicd Ink drawing, won places in Ihc "National High School Art oxhibi- lion, Carnegis Institute. I'itisburBh. Harry FrlUins. son 3f Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Fri'ziiis, won first prize in the pVioto<;tij..Hs dlvl;irn with his sports phntdgraph. In r>,lo:;ion. he won the coveted Ai'.scu Award. Both won honirs r.t the ro5'.'.mal cxhibillon in l,it!.h Rock, cpo'^or- cd by M. M. Pn-in Company. Their cnlrlcs were forwuraed to Carnegie Institute for r.atlwal jm'.ginf. AH paintings anC olhpr art pieces receiving nallonnl Iv.nors went on display in the 20th tn- nual National Hifih School A!: Exhibition In the Finn Arts Gallaries of Carnegie InsUUttt! Council Session Tuesday Night in City Hall Tlie City Council will hold Us monthly meeting at 7:30 tomorrow includes money order, registry, par- night In the Municipal Courtroom eel post (ordinary, insured nnd C. In City Hall. No special Issues are O. n.1. sale of all necessary postal slated for discussion or action. Ma- supplies ixiui general delivery. yor E. II. Jackson said tod^y. yesterday anrt will remain on c'ls- play until jir.iu 1. N.imas of win-, jiers and rcproductlors of many of lhc prize wln-iini; pieces .will appear In the Student Achievement Issue of acholastii; M.i;ttt- zincs May 19. Twenty-two pralissVnitl artists, and art cduciifrs s<jjrye<i as j of the work by th.i i^iplls. Miss Bradliv's Collier Awarrt painting- miy be one ft eight winners to be 'catureii' In tiwMsy 31st issue ot Collier's MaiMlnc.

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