The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1934
Page 2
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PA<SE TWO BLYTHRVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 1934 Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Bob Wilks having Wednesday Bridge club. Tte Bible Study Class of UK Church of Christ will meet with Mrs. O. D. Grimes at 2:30. TliE American Legion will have their regular meeting tonight nt 7:45 at the Armory. THUKSUAY'S EVENTS Miss Minnie Iff Jones havlnc piano recital at high school audit orium, 8 P. M. Fldelis class of First Bapllsl church will have Bunco party !n the home of Mrs. U. W. Mill llns at 7:45. Thursday night. FRIDAY'S LVENTS . Miss Minnie Lee. Jones having recital at school auditorium » P. M. American Legion Auxiliary meets Friday afternoon with Mrs Roland Green. Mrs. c. G. Redman will be co-hostess. Bvijness Women Tianr.ict Business. M. with favor.s to lie in wllh the »;»• dinlnt; t 2 A ceplnij oom. . Antony those who will go from icre will be: Miss Mar;;ar.'t Ki'it. vith Fred Matthews. Miss Giacile Mcoro, of Cimilhcrsvlllc. with Osar Ilardaway. Waller Hi.rd, I,on- Smith and Mr. anil Mis. lel Bits oj News Mostly Personal Mr. ami Mis. ]1. llaiiicltc have as Biirsls Mrs. liar- nelle's nieces, Mlf-scs Lorraine Margaret MclJoui'.iil. of ,liui>ni:- villc, MlfS. Their mother. Mrs. John McUoujial. has relum.'d Iran? alter a week's stay. Thi 1 ,MI.V:L'-S McDoutjal nil! r.'iiuln lu-re wc'i'hs. Mrs. F. K. UumcltL' unel Miss lliillle Wllcoxson, 11! IMrauould It's Up lo I he Women i:v ,MI;S. I.-UANKI.IN u. KOOSKVKLT An IJni'iilTlal Hostess Democratic Aristocrats in All Walks of European Royalty Memfcsrs of the Business »n(l j sponl yc£U-rday IIHV. ' Professional Women's club had a Mrs. Lulher Williams, ot SI. supper party nt the Goll Hotel I Louis. who wns taken critically lust evening before taking up lhe|jn Saliiiilay iiflcinonn. is :;linhily monthly business meeting. The only guest was Dr. Eclrm tcltur to:lay. She Is at tlu- Mcm- Mies. Have' Mission Lesson. "Greater Stewardship' 1 was the theme of the mission lesson ul\en by Mrs. W. M. Williams for the *i members who allendrd the fnectlng of the Woman's Missionary union of the First Baptist church Monday afternoon at llu? church. Mrs. J. W. Bishop gave the devotional, taken fiom the las"l chapter of John on, "Love and Service". In discussing stewardship Mrs. • Williams commented on stewardship of calling, Influence, opportunity and lime. Mrs. John Ijiich- anan otlcrcel prayer. The hostcrscs, Mines. R. W. Simmons, R. L. Hccder, J. a Graham, Raymond Echmuck anel Ivy W. Crawford and Miss Cordelia Wllhite served cake and a: iced drink. Methodists Have Business Meeting. During the summer months the Woman's Missionary society of the First Methodist church will hold ' its Monday nfternon Hirelings al 3 p.m.. inslea<J_pf 2:30 o'clock, anil be omlUed during June, ''July anc August. Thea; plans were made in meeling Monday afternoon, at the church, attended by 31 members. ..Mrs. j. D. Barksdale conducted the devotional. Mrs. M. Fitzsimmons Given Surprise Luncheon. Mrs. M. Filzsimmons, retiring president of the Woman's Mission »ry society of the First Christian church, was given a surprise luncheon yesterday by other members of the group. The 20 present went to her home where a buffet luncheon menu was served al atlraclivcly decorated lables. The hostess' home was adorned with colorful garden Honors. In Ihe business meeting which followed these officers were clecl- ed for the new church year: Mrs. Edith. McCool, president; Mrs. E K. Latimer, vice president; Mrs W. \V. Shaver, secretary; Mrs. M. )his Metlindlst where she vas taken aunday in an iiniliu- .incc. A blood tran^fualeni svus Iveii yesterday nnd it is highly wohiilile thai ollu'i.s will l:e ncc- Mrs. W. S. Laicilon and Mrs. Garland Morgan, her sh- cr, who accompanleel her down, returned home last nlsht. Mr. IVIlllams and her mother, Mrs: John Wnlelen. who alM> accompanied Ivjr down, lemaii'.ed with icr. II 1:; Ix.-coinlni; ijn:i*':i;.ini;ly rvi- t:m- cuf Ihe i;iual Irjiiclils which lent thai what mic h;i-- niaUiis should conn.' lo u.s wild advinii- IHl!r; whul one Is iiuan.-, lhal one uu: years is Ihc realization Ihu'. can iialher aronnel oiu-'.-. Ml those alu-i all unylhlir; \vr vcally want who '.slah lo see real pi-dplc v.r,h- Ki do can t» ace-oiupllshcd. e:ul regard to anythum i::<r::-pl e'li- . OIK- 'may have lo exert a lill! 1 . 1 }u>ab!.' relationship:, ;inu iviil |K-r- mor" energy than usual; one muy fonalily. h:uv ID lake 1 a lilllc more rr- Tlils kind of we'll 1 !}- I.., of ronrs'i 1 , .'[icnslblllly atone than one wishr'l | •.'lu.ler fur cjlelCT ju-cipl. 1 in m-]n-.-\r. to Uik;; but 11 oiu* "really v.'an:-> 1 rciiii'iiiSe-r very well in my yoinh :-.omcihmg oar elders should shiu' C'.'rUnn .itioni/lnn nioinriil:; wlii'ii i;s Ihut il can In- accomplished I It'll thai Krmi-lhiii'; hati muic 1 with comparative 1 c:i^e and th;it ATUII;; with my domr-ur nrraiw- (an 1 drvael of meeting sonic n:".v wills, anel 1 was I lien-alter brand- .filiation is really a lear lefl over jcl a. 1 , a iw.ii- and in.ulriiiuli- hoii^- from our ehildhoud when cvery- The-n (Jin- day an olile-r tiling new we lik'd was an uu- Mild a lidlitT llippinu. known iulvc?nlme iinlil we Iwd a. 1 - whlch M a \ t- uu <|inli> :i roniplLshcd It. il point ut view. She re 1 - ; Homely lo-clny mi'ans Ihc ln^ marked liial nil Hi:- \voilel Imnl society of all men anel women and; • lhey:euch one of us in our own littb rs on sphere may have real society if much we cultivate making friend? and better they dlil I'vcrylhins! If j'JH, drawing around us congenial pco- urrr feeling t-vnsiiliv and have PIT-' ])!e. Tin mots; kinds of people we pelrntcd some s«u-i:i! faux pas. jiK know, the mure inte.'rc6llng will rcniniilxT lhi:j lillli 1 .saying uf an mir lives he. And the younger v.c older wuiimn ami iv.ili/-.- Unit after discover llils and bring up our nil U Is Ihe almev.phcie' of the' children in an atmosphere uf party and the people we meet, and Irieniiliness and In a habit ol uu- nol whul we ral o;- lio\v it is derslandiiu; and longcniallly with varied inlere-sis and conditions hi a pou.- holisc could ahvay. 1 ; pal llirui^el the 1 linck nnd iliink Imw rcrvi'd (hat irally matlc'rs. • One ol Hie lii'st hiKevM's I know life, Ihe more vital will be our Dr. R. a. Cooper, prrMiicnt of|cocifc-; anil serve's her oiin dliiiu-rs, home's and the bcllir tralnlr Mississippi Synodical college- al • - Holly Springs, Miss., is .•.pending L'veral days here in Ilic interest ol (he school. Mrs. w. N. Williams nn;l Miss Bob Williams si>cnl yesterday In Memphis. W. S. Crowder I:, cillically ill al Ihe Blytheville; hospital. Charles CrigKer, Jr., and J. Smolherman altenelcci to luisiness In Wilson yesterday. Mrs. Unncrofl 'IViry has returned' from WaiTi'iv-lurK, Mo., where shu spent the pa:;', two weoks with Mr. 'I'ciTy. Mrs. W. C. Wall, formerly of Arniorcl and now uf C'ollk'ivlllo, Teiin.. who has bcrn critically ill al the Memphis Methudisl hor,- nilnl, ,i.s,,uo*\v iiaic-n Improved and hii^iiu;. visilers. " '' Mrs. L. W. Gesmrll, who lias been ill lor lievcinl days, is Memphis today consiiltliiE phyjician. ' Mrs. MIIV.V Hteaihnan has turned lo her home in Hfl Tonn.. aflcr several works visit with her ton.'J. R. Sloailmau. :iiicl Mrj. Stcadman. at (heir Armor but .she Ls always iinrulllccl and ii' place for Ihe children whom we inylliing not-s wroisi:. .ihe lakes it must eventually shove out uf the i a Joke and HI Ihinj;.-, rarely ni'sl. i'in wrong In IHT gin-Ms, i Older people should I;.- able to! Tnmorruw: Occupations fur \ ve 1 yuungcr pi'ople- a sense: of' : mm. viilites and make Ilicm realize • iCnpyrlghl, 193:!. by Anna Eleanor what really mailers and what elcxv; Rootm-ll: distributed by United nut mailer in social relations, and; la'alurc Syndicate. Inc.) From their leisurely gait, simple attire and democrats air you'd gu ess these women were plain city folk, wouldn't yon? Well, they're all famous aristocrats from the first royal families of three nations, and were caught by an alert cameraman in London in these .striking f,'| r.tntlics. AL luft is (he former Queen of Spain. Walking smiling to gcihcr (center) are the former Kaiser's 17-ycar-olri grand daughter. Princess Frcderica (right), and her mother, the Duchess o f Brunswick. Al (he extreme right Is the Queen of Norway. ''Stars'' Appear In Premiere Tonight At Kit/ Theatre nnd children relmnul yesterday I from Wiishinciun, D. c., where Ihey vl.sli?el relatives o[ Mr. Hughes I for tun day.;. While there I hey! multireel to :.e'veral oilier points' W. J. Wunderllch jr.. is ill from ' an infccte-i! i-ar. | Walter Dowcll jr., .spent the' week c'lid at Walnut HIclRc. Ark. j have taken the Ik,."' Mill,.,- Hparl'-] uieiil funiK-rly ivoipial by Mr. an<! ' Mrs. Lloyd Ktickmon whu have' moved (« iheiv home across the street on (tie corner which they a-cently pill-chitted. Mr. mid Mrs. Mull Monanhan and daughter, Barbara, visited friends in Enrlc, Ark.. Humlay Mr. nml Mrs. Dwiylu n'owcn Excel Is Miss Jiinnila Crnnlord, of Ilayll. Mo., was the Riusl of MIT. Lny Slsk over the week-end. Jack Applebauin is in St. Loiils on a buying trip. He KC- compnnieil by B. ,M. Jalfee, u f Ofccola. and Mrs. E. C. Coullcr, who will visit rcl:i!ivi.s. Mr. and New York I Mrs. Walit Mrs. Halllc Kern, city, were guests neiscnllml loelay . . , Fitzshnmons, (reasurcr; Mrs. \"ffI»C through the city. T. Barnett, World Call secretary; Mrs. John C. McHansy, llbrarlnn. These were installed by the Rev. Mr. Latimer. Mrs. J. C. Ellis conducted the devotional on the theme 'The Multitude—Give Ye Them to Eat," Mark 6:34 Hidden qucslions and answers from Ihe World Call book v.-erc used. Son Born. A son was born yeilcrday altcr- noon to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest mi- eell at their home on Division street. The baby, who has not yet been named, weighs eight pounds and ten ounces. Daughter Eorr. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Ingram parents of a daughter born Sunday morning at tl, 3 Blytheville. .-hospital. The baby, who weighs six pounds, has not yet been named. Before her marriage Mrs Ingram was Miss Magdalene Me. Kinnon. spec H»s A Bttsinfcss Mcelir j Reports of officers and ial committees featured the tus Ineis session of the Woman's Aux Illary of Ihe First Presbytata church Monday afternoon in tat: ing up plans for summer activitle. Mrs. R. S. Molt opened th meeting with prayer. Reservations Made F«r DMKC At J»mstx>ro. A large number of outslandh: people throughout northeast Ar kancK-lwvt made reservations to 1 Ihe dance at Jonesboro Wcdne . ; day evening when the Hotel Noble MW dining room "El Patio" w: . J be opened. The room, remodeled In Spai Wt design with grilles, a ba co«y, a green tile fountain at special lighting effects, win the letting for the dinner danc beginning at 10 o'clock, wllh m ^'•> |lte by Clyde McCejy »id his fr, piece orchestra with tiirte girl e : ,-, terUiners, a 12 act floor show \ mMBtght, and a' bufTet Bupp I,:. The Itrnedleliiie sisters ot (he Immaeulalc Conception sehuol have ijenic la Joiir-c;lx>ro where they will :,p.:ud the summer. Mr. ji-id Mis. L. L. Wart! and run. Llo.f.l, at iheir Cunip Kit, Vista Mimmcr Hiircly. spent. Monday ... Mrs. llaker Wilson "has arc spcndini: llu- Homcrville, Teiin.. fo lo Mrs. N. Mnilhew. of St. Ixjnis. ho spends a pail uf her tlnie- •c with her daught'jr, Mrs. j. IJaly. anel Mr. Daly, is rcciip- ating from an operation for n oval of a cyst from her hanel. Sidney Harris, of Tupelo, Miss.. i:nt Ihe weekend here as tlici lest ol Miss Mary Blanche' Ciny.l J. L. Thompson jr., of Memphis, I atteneling lo business here. I Misses lluth and Marsurrilc' atthews ,si>enl yesterday In Mein- his. Miss Eve Harwell Is vlsltln;: her stcr in Memphis. Kussell Gill, of Dell, has gone to unic.-i. Miss., where he will be mploycd nt the Standard Oil relatives of Mr. Wilson Hi; will join he'i later. UHly Wilain. .son of Mi Mrs. UakiT Wilson, has gun Mcmphh to spend" the 5111 with relatives. With entries closed, the Bitr. theater I!IIG completetl all preparallnu; for the first "Hollywood Premiere" eve? held in ulylhevlllc. announced fur tonight and Wednesday niiiht-s. The "stars" will be presented in front of (he theater al 7:30 o'clo.-k and will apiieur <jn Hie sla^e al D:00. Elaborate plans l:avc been made lor all appearances. Wilh HID pV.clos ol aoa gi'eal Hollywoo:! .stars a',3isl in making the setcctimi ot u- impersonators |iossible. movie us who are present in from ol ie Ril* tonight and Wednesday •eniih; will see Ilic result of Icon.; preparation lo make ti:e Bly- icville stars apj>ear just like (he moiis ariuinnls. TIIO , ml cosinelics wr>rk of Nells licants hO|> is largely responsible for the Mitclu'll Johns, son of Mis. N Jhons the lale Mr. Jhons made (he highest average of any if a Iwo weeks of tin- .la sinciputs in this graeiualing ctasT ol th» city hlg] schonl [hiring (lie four yeais. Ills nnd'record was one o! (he to ever maeic in Ihc school. •" u ' r . lie also won tho Matiiein.itlex I this year and I'.ie s-nlo: went :i major niX Methodist hos])ll:il. aliou ul- the She c; now itsting very K oel at her home in Ihe Ward apartment;; on Waltiui si reel. Billy ApiK'Iby. son ut -Mr. nnd Mrs. J. u. Appelhy. has guns In J.ickr.on. Teiin.. lor an extended visit with relatives. i ialin^ from junior Jiiyh M-hoo .io alsa valcelictoriiui. Town Hants Ilayli Society — Personal i. M]c clll ., u , r ompany for the r.mmncr while- w,th "col,^"""" Ul ' ntUol ' rt .g his home with his sister. | j. u . Cuniiin S ham Is il! , Us. Udell, and Mr. Ncw- , ircil ., y °Mr. nnd^lr, Fred mdhcrtord j J!'''cin^ane^t, fS urd. ail «[ Memphis, and Mr.,, rer.c llradford and children sprnl Saturday ni»ht wilh Mr. and Mr.,. Tom Uasem and family. Mrs. Carrie Grlssom and son. ml ron, Fred jr.. plan (o leave he last of Ihe week for St. Louis -here. Ihey will vlnil rclaiivcs anel vlll probably motor to Chicago or the fair. Mr. and Mrs. 13. G. Gill, of Dell, pent Sunday in Tunica. Miss., a', he guest of their daughter. Mrs. Udell Newsom. and Mr. Ncwsom. Miss Lois Hooper has returned rom a visit in Kcd Banks, Miss Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Smith nd son. Mis. M. G. Goodwin and Mir,-, Irene Crowder spent (hi; weekend nl Havenden S Ark. i« Hulh Bud will arrive home :o day lro:u Sophie Hewcomb col- «ge, Kcw OrleaiL'. wheec she nl- tends school. She will be accom- anied by two fvienels who will be licr gup.sis for a few day:;. They are motoring. Mrs. Minnie E. Bower, who had i heart allack Sunday, is now I'.-.-: roving. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCulchen spent yoslrcday In Memphis. Miss Belly McCutcltcn has returned from a visit in Charleston Mo. She was accompanied homi James, s;;ont last week wllh Mrx "iri.ssoin's mol!>er, Mrs. Norrid. at N"umb?r Eight. Lester and Busier Bradford accompanied Mrs. Lester Bradford children (o Manila. Ark.. Sun- liiy. where Mr.s |u rents. Bradtoid visiu-d |>"~ N . Wnoclrow and l):in H.ilton and '''''' Kliuo Deciiuilcy of Number Nine Mice! Mi\s Florence Cunninghaiii Sunday altcii:oon. Rev. p. A. Stockton of [.III Hock. Ark., who has b::cn lie:;, to two weeks a.v-ir-lins in a nviva al the Hapiisl church, left Km day alteinoon for Lonokc. Ark whcio he will assist In a nut-tin there. Oil.-. Ball'. o( WrM Mciiipiu,, hcic this week vlsilinz hLs t.nhc D. A. Mai], and brother, Eel. Mr.-. Hay Limbaugh and GO Kay jr. who motored to Faycll Mo., lor Mrs. Limbaugh's lor. ML,S Anna Beth, who ha been attending Central collcg s'etiiinrd Friday. Mi'., Lama bell Alsup u ron fmcel to her room (his wee:-: ransformalioiii. Thoss taking p:irl re: Marx Brolhere. Slepin Fclchil lyrna ! ceH-ry, 1 hard cooked cr;; j nalse, lettuce. KITCHEN BY MAIiV t. XKA Scrviee Stall \Vri(fr It is ainiisini; to note how completely the idea of F.ilnd has con-: qiierecl (he hardiest and most, ncomfiil American man. in nianv e.vchLslvPly masculine realauranU ttosc clays, you will come upon pntrons at hinchlinic making an L'lilirc meal of salad, with a bit of br:ad anei buller on the side. Al home', Icn. tlie salad has ccascel to be rcscrveei for feminine consumption and nil sorts of appetizing combinations grace ihe lamily board. To te quite perfect, (he pre, - i fenvd gre'cn must. l>e thoiounhVy Loy. jnan Bennett, Kay | fmM .„„, t . ri , „,,,, , cn . e() ai cis. / r asu Pills. Mae West W j lhoul „ u . acc o( „..„„ c]il , rinv lurk Gali,e. .lea,, narlow. nine; , o i(a surfat . c . A u; , u . ry £;lt ad is ,rosby.^K:U= Simtb, Una Mcrke-l.) nn! . u ,,i y , m i nvi ti,, 1; , ml . a!so 11UK .,, Ilavoi 1 i:; li>.sl. ro watch thi- p : Combine ham, potatoes, and celery, tossing lightly with a fork. Add mayonnaise to make molsl and serve on crisp lettuce. Garnish with slices of hard cookeel egg anel serve. rotato. Salad a la Two cups diced iralalues, 1-2 teaspoon grated onion, 1-2 cup eliccel pickled beets, 4 sardines, 1 hard cooked eggs, mayonnaise, lettuce. Use small new potatoes. Scrub anel boil in salted water until Icn- j "'^""nvo der. Pci:l as :;oon a.s cool enough j (h| " mayon -j Lions Club Members ! Tell About Their Jobs i;| lal ,LoI?oy. Jem Darling, Rhythm loys, ,Mm Dvorak. Paul Muni, das' Cooper, Lu;ie Velez. Colleen Icoro. Joan Crawford. Frances }ee, Sclmoz/.lc iv.irantc. titan L.IU- cl. Oliver Hardy and la clhers. The imperron:i!!e>ii5 of Ihc conven- e-!;ilh l^cint and always allow (ime ])iepare the crorn properly to to handle;. Cut inlo neal dic= and | chill. Remove skin and bones from sardines and separate Into small Hakes. Cut cgijs in slicc-s. Combine materials lightly with mayonnaise anel serve on crisp lettuce. Short talks by Jack Homer anel Earl Armstrong on "What You Don'l Know About -My Job" featured the regular weekly luncheon session of Ihe Lions dub at the Nobel Hotel today. Norman Spalding was in charge of the program. Bill Wunderlich and Jimmy Bell were honoreel as keymembers of the club for their success in se- ncw members each for lub. Some other good combinations arc (he following: Tuna fish, celery, hard cooked eggs, mayonnaise ami lellnce. Salmon and peas combined with shredded lettuce and served on a bed of roniain? with mayonnaise. Veal, diced carrots, ccl'ery anel diced pineapple combined with mayonnaise anel served on a bed of endive. Jack Kobinson. U. O. Hedman and Adolph Crafton were visitors. A committee was named to plan with Ihe Rolary club for a basket supper at tbo-country, club after the Lion-Rotary golf lonrney F '" day afternoon. Golf matches w start between 1 and 3 o'clock. . wiro salnd baskets nre most vrnietil, l»it if yon lie the c,ie:nr, Ico.rly in a bic siiuarc of ch?c L c- and SWIM; it Tomurniiv's Menu BREAKFAST — Orange Juice, ton- i ccn -;,i rrcilm . waglcs with marmalade, milk, coffee. LUNCUKOM — Tomalo Iwuillon. Vinncrs photo-, will be lake,, by 11::Belts MiKtio and sent lo (he llol-1 jaded nppelU,'.-. Nalurallv (His ywoo<l studios lor scli'ction "t i iyi:e of .salad never should Ve sub- screen te.*. "Hollywood I'remicre"i s-lanlial and must be verv pimiant lo IK yrc;-e'i)lcd in real Holly- However, authorities on' just wood style. The Mars arc to hejlo do things seem to bu ar taken (o the thcatrr in new D*l S r.s: (hat the proper plac? for the • and I'lyiiiDiitV..; fuinislirc! by Ihc w. course; Ls followm" the T. narnetl Anlo Sales Cn. Tli-r; | C cii, w i,, ()„. ,|i m ,er n-.-nu will be n spec::.] [: s hMn 7 : irra,u;o- ir,.;,,-t y Fil ] r ,ds are wclronr mcnt in o! (he theater lo a^d : Sunday nl D lit s. err, and'noon to (he atlrarivi-ii-w ot Ihc- -vent, luuthcons. The enmbinalion of 'lr.; is e-xcelicn'j (he following salads arc nour- „ .. ,. " n ncl ctpiiomical cx.nnplcs of - Harry Ifcvcncr. direclcr of the. this type of salad. Hollywood I'li-micrc. Mules lie is' very well plca.-cd with Ihe; (alent 'Chf Trout I'mlcr Sieleivalk SHEPHERDSTOWN. M. Vn. IUI') —Bob Davis, has a new kind of i n sidew trout. A mountain stream I Hows throiigh the lown nnd part Lnllypop Ban Souftrt ' SPOKANF. Wa.5h. (Ul 1 ) — city ! ccmmissioners were asked to pass j a law a^ain^t lollypops following j (he death of three-year-old Msl- ' vlu Yabsley, who choked on one. How One Man Lost 22 Pounds! Mr. Herman Runkis of Detroit writes: "A lew lines of thanks from a rheumatism sufferer—My boille ul Kruschen Salts took nil of the aches anel .swelling': out of my joinls—with my first botllc I went on a diet and lost 22 paunch and now feel like a new man." i To lose fat sulely and quickly ? lake one- half lea&poonful of Km- >| Echen Sills in a gliiss of hot water before breakfast every mornhvj an Rnn botllc: lasts 4 weeks—Get il at nny drnr; store in America. :it |of its cours: is through a viaduct j If not joyfully satisfied alter llu I under the street. • jj! first bo'.tle—money back. —Adv.: lor i . * Ihc 3 1 . Mu:;ic will he Ihe altruclinn in front! meat of Ihe theater [nan 7:00 imlil after: tr.c arrival o! the "stars." in Blytlicvill.' far above the Mnm Salad Onu and one-half CUIK diced It is veiy I;ODI! and i cold boiled ham, 1 1-2 curt; diced average, hi: said. Purchase Culler Home Mr. and Mrs. I-red Rulhcrfoid have piire-hiu-cd thr former D. M Culler home- on tlie Barficlel road past ol Ihi; cily. I cold boiled (.olaturs. I cup diced Why Let Your Skin /I fire i Protect your .-kin with this new ! wonelrrful Fae'C 1 Powder anel let '• | MtLLO-CiLO give you that youth- j They plan to remodel the resi- ' ful h!oom - M »de by a new French : elcncr br-Hirc movinn there about' froces:- slays on longer, prevents August I. " :lai?e pores, beautifies your com- :plc.xion. Does nol irritate the skin j cr give a pasty look. Purest face !|>o«rier made. Try MELLO-GLO : and you'll love it. 50c and SI. - —Adv. 5 I Cleveland Seeks Air Hares CLEVELAND lUPi—An appeal citizens ami businc-.w interest.-. b Ilrn.-,lier and father. I. II. . accompanied Mrs. I.-.'liaii undorwrilr 2."i p» r cent of the cc.n 'of the m-i National Air Races has been mad? in an effort n Tonight « Tomorrow RITZ THEATRE GRA^D HOLLYWOOD PREMIERE 35 — STAKS — 35 Will Arrive In front nf Thcahc at 7:30 STAR S Will Appear on £lage a( !»:00 Doing Songs, Dancei; and Dialogues According to Their ImpcrsonnlionF;. No Advance In i'riccs—Come Early - Sec II All! 1'iiee- m-ri danghtcr. Mary Vn^mia. ,u:d :'•;:. ,ti m nne Hail, of \ cioli. Kv. a-s (ar as Wyrllff. Monti, iv ii-.m-nhic. where Mrs. Price and el.ikiirn made conncrlinns to c.'iiini'.i'- ihrir journey licmc. Mi.v. r.nlinr- iiuic o( (Jli-.ii les- >"u. Mn.. i^ h'-rs this week Mating Mi- IVnlile Co :i iix;re. \Vriie.rll Hall Icfl last wrck for l-.,idly m-edcd al the of-; 41 . 1 ' l-c'-n:-. where he will be om- Red Cross in Appeal ior Worn Clolhiiifj Old cloUilng. e.-pecialiy for chil- eiien. Is l-,n|i v nredcd al the office ol Use local lied Cross. Calls' P'oycd. aic icrrivrd from p.M-enU v.ho have no motley . .... to buy rlolhin s ieir ihcir children I or ihcnwlvcs and many are abb to by ..Misses Virginia Brown aiid! uirltlt ' < » ln lc- cloihing. home because 01 j ho'.irs 1'liil.i. Miy lirstsler Ciimlinls I'lllL.MJKLi'lllA. lUl'i - K. -Is«( a'.l rrimlnaU \Mllr.u jj Jean Dark, of Charleston, who will' Anyone having Mich articles nre spend the rest 01' Ihc week he;T. i^sked tj take (hem to the Red Mr. and Mrs. Rcss D. 7Iughc.>!Cross office at the court house. a!lor they anive in PUila- S'incr:meiir!»n: Joseph 1^ '»c "'• a n-.e'.hod o; checking thoir activities w::lle in the cltv. brinj llu- lancl. I,. ar.- cla;.<-:c hark to W. C.rrvr. r.irc coinmit- (ce preMdenl, ij. hacking; Hie drive. Read Courier Nnws Want Ad.--. DRUG! f^Ancl Carefully "unnwiuidcd rc.H'i ijilions arc Our S|K-rlal(ics. -Ask Your Doctor. Fowler Drug Co. K. ,\. Hill - i. . Jl. 1'oulcr Kcgislcrcd rharnnclsls Spend Your Vacation And Meet Your Friends ;it Ward's .Summer Itcstrl, lieantiful Camp Rio Vista Lotatcd in the Ozarks, '"Ilic l.;itul of a Alillinn Smiles" Itio Vi.,|a h built in a natural forest on (ho l^nk: ot Spring River, consisting of 32 acres v.ilh thirty furnlolifd coltagcs. Running wa- l;v. cicctric lights, fuel and linen furnished wilh each collage. Tw> bathing beaches. meitor boals. canoes. lar:c double tennis court, spacious dancing pavilion, excellent cafe, cool mplits, no mosquitoes. For Lite-niturc ami Reservations Write or Call Camp Rio Vista, Hardy, Ark,

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