The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 20, 1949
Page 8
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EIGHT BIA'TKEVIU.E (AUK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 194t THE NATION TODAY Radio Stations to Seek Ruling On Legality oi Order by FCC Banning Give-Away Programs By Jamrs Marluw WASHINGTON, Aug. 20. <iPj—Your favorite radio and tele-vision tire-away programs probably will slay an Die air lung ndrr Oct. 1. Trial's the date when a Ffdeial Coiimnmii'alions Commission order would bar all, or most, of them from further broadi-usus: The FCC issued the Ol'der yesterday or] Ihest utoundsi .That the give-away or jutkpot programs are louenc-s or "gill enterprises" and so are 'contrary to a law governing radio. The radio people say this KCC inirrim-tathm is wrnni;. They'll light it in court to federal judges tan decide, who's right. people almo.-l+ And the radio . surely will get a conn order ufr- mitting the shows lo continue til! there is a court decision. Thai will be a good while alter Ocl. 1. The case revolves around this pan o( the law: There can be no broadcasting m ••any advertisement of or information concerning any lottery, Bill enterprise, or similar scheme, offering prizes dependent in whole or In part upon lot or chance, or any list of the pri/es drawn or awarded by means ot any such lot- terv gift enterprise, or schei'." ( whether said list contains any part or all of such prizes-" The FCC said a radio lottery is jtenerally one involving a imM, awarded ss a result of lot m- chwx'e, where the contestant jomethinit of value, or is reiimred to be listening or viewing the program over a receiver. Legal definitions of a lottery include three points: a prize, chance, and a •consideration." If you bought a ilcKet in some neighborhood lottery from a peddler on the street, the three local points of a lottery would be fulfilled: you were buying H« ticket to win 'a prize; there was a chance of winning it: and the money you paid was your "consideration. But is il a "consideration all you do is listen to without spending a penny hope you can answer a question if the master of ceremonies calls vour telephone number? ' The FCC thinks it is. It believes the lime you give lo listening. "• order to win a prize. Is eration.' The FCC salct: "Where such a scheme is designed to induced members of the public lo listen to the program and to be at home available for selection as a winner or possible winner, there results detriment to tho-e who are so induced to listen when they are under no duty to ilo so. - This interpretation of "consideration 1 has never been established in a court, government attorneys say here. And one member ol the -fCC itself. Miss Frieda Hemlock, who disagreed with the majority i of her fellow-commissioners, said: I "Tins is the ttrsi instance in! which a scheme has been called a lottery when the sole consideration supporting 11 is nominal or other than payment ol something of value." Gifts Taxable But the FCC order, going beyond lust the word "lottery." bans from the air any "gift enterprise, or similar scheme." That's broad enough to cover a \vitle variety of give-away programs. Suppose yon dn answer the ttues- • lo you've rained it and von must puy tax on the pti/.e VOL: KCI. If it's 11 cash pn/c. th'- .as Is easy to fipne. If it's a pme in goods-, yon Ime to |iay a tax equivalent to the value of the pr:/.e. Obituaries when radio, in the '•conoid- Lula Sharp Dies; Rites to Be Tofiiorrow Funeral .sorvict'.s for Mis. Lulu Sharp. wi(e of W. C. Sharp, will be inmiclt'd at '.> tomorrow :it the Cobb Fiit-eral Cnapel by the Rev. P. H. .fernlKan, paMor o! Ihe Ca-vary H;ipti.-t Church. Mi> Sii:.vj>. 52, tiic-ri at 1 p.m. ye.stecdp.y :*Iter an illm-.^ of about .seven nion'iis. She died at her home, 19f!fi West Syc-iimoie. Survhors beside Her husband and mother. Mrs. Jos:e Conley, In- chule uvo sons, William Shi-.rp of Ulyihevillc. Vcrriie Davidson of Banner. Art;., and two dauphura, . r |_'L •• Mrs. Ciunalcta Cordell of Ft. Sheri-| tXnlDIl dun. 111., and Mrs. Geneva F.vaus of j r'l I Matlhi'VS. Mo.; K sister. Mrs. Flor- i | Q gg Filmed ence Clark of pacliickah. Ky. six 1 brothers. Ben York of Klisa. Henry, and Fred York of RayiiiondJ-ville. Mo.. Elvis and AKin York of New York and Joe York of Houston. Tex. Burial will be In the Doijwooil Rrl^e CVmcU'ry. Btlford Ciwi'oy. C?rl Wallace. Oeor»e Curts. Murl Bi'RUon. Bon Mays and Eugene 'Keedooxle' Originator Devises New Marketing Process: the 'Zizz-Buzz' dBMJ'HlK. Temi., Atlg 2l> ',T'i— A super dtlilcj- grocery salesman, who made millions with the Pi^ly- Wiggly stores, lia.s come up with a new idea for family marketing— the ZiKK-Biizz. Clarence .Saundets, who says he i> the originator of the sell-service grocery store, has disclosed plans for the Zizz-Bu//. At the Keedoozk 1 , operated wit! koy.s'aml a conveyor belt to fill your market basket, is on the way out. The Keectool/e was "loo uuich ! for the average mind to compre- • fteiid," .said Kaundcr.s. "H wns too I far in advance of public thhikin; Saunders closed hjs Keedocizlc iicre July 15. and planned lo reopen it later, but instead he's ready now with the 7.i7./.-Km::. Unlike the Keeiioo/h', the liizz-Buz/. ha> no automatic key for -clrcllni! your wi'occries. no conveyor l>elt, and no automatic totaling. You just punch a button ami yet your goods. Saunders s;iid Keedotile franciscs held in oilier cities v.i)l nnl be alietlcd by the Kecdoiwle closing here. His asstic-ialion with the Pig- p\y- Wiygly chain was severed sev- | cral years ayo. ACE GETS THE POINT. NOW- The next time Ace, a 2-year- old boxer. [o:ims the woods uerir his UVst Branch, Mich., home, he'll steer clear of thoso harmless-looking little animals Dial humans call ixjrcupmos He made a pass at one recently with the result seen above—his face nlntosl completely obscured by tlie pore's sharp quills. Dr. Robert Ken. who is it-moving them, says Ace will live—u sadder and wiser pup. States' Rights Delegates To National Committee Meeting Get Instructions JACKSON. Ml«s.. fug. 20. I/I 1 )— Mississippi's Democratic Parly delegates, minus invitations to the national cotnmlltee session next Wednesday, have strict orders what U.S. Population Rising At 200,000-a-Month Rat* WASHINGTON. AUR. 20. I/Pi — The United States population 1* Growing at the rale of 200.0W • month and may reach 150,000,000 by November 1. This report Irom the Census Bureau snid that, the estimated population was 149,215,000 on July The bureau also estimated that In April this year there were 38.5:«,000 families in the U.S.. as compared with 32,166,000 in 19W. BLVTHEVILLES ONLY All WHITE_JTHEATJ>£-. and Sunday: i»iut (rum l:»*> pJn. Saturday (DOliBLK FEATURE) "GUN LAW" with Ceorge O'Kriru and Kit* Ochmcn 1IKKO Ul'lirxi) I1AKS—John to ilo if vho. c^n tya.sli HIP Rate, j jail at. Imuwr.aiwvHs, li^cL, whevc he is Tlie Slj>' DPiiincniiic Executive j Hulfiilo. CuiithMty arfmseci uftci- he Corniniitcc, which .sjppi swuily ve j Missi.s- chnlls i above' siis in the county held on a U-cieval charge tilert iu saved a boy from drowning led Aberdeen-Angus into the States' Rights col- last November, cave the in/^ LJ f^ ^ structions to J. fl. Snider of Bay Owner Has Interest st Louis aiui Mrs M( , mK . s oautiei- In Station at Newport : of |3 i>scja!!ouia. [ They were told that they would Harold Sudbnrv. owner and op- : f° '" Washin e Um without authority -.uor of ra.iio station KLCN and !° Il "' ow tlle State bl>llulri thc " nt - LCN-FM in Blvthcville. i. one of j '°" ; l l ' ?""' s chok ' e for P''«ident. ' i as a fugitive. (AP i Moviny pit• made cjunn^ ; an.siis Di.stin t !jit Blyihevilk 1 nes iti color will h*^ ihe N(irthc;ist Ark- Fair 10 lie- concluded September ^0-'2 j KLC ; the ownrrr.s of suit ion KNHY, sclu-- | tluloil ID beysn uuUo operations in ' Ncv-purt, Oi loljcr 1. ( The 1,000 uau-station, Iu he and tile Infant Brown Dies rit-e.s for Otirry Stewart Brown. tYiree-riny-nUl son nf Mr. and Mrs G. W. Brown, will lie conducteti at '2:30 tomm-row after- nooti at the Holt Piincrnl Home Chapel, by the Rev. Russel Duffer, iv,tslov of Ihe Ne\v Liberty Church. The child died this morning at Walls HnsniiaJ. Burial' -.vill he in Memorial Park Ceim'tcry, Two Missco Men Serve Aboard USS Rendova John L, Nash, fire man in the j UuiU'tl Stwie;- Nwvy. and son of ' Mr. and Mrs \V. ' A. Nash, and! 1st F. Srhmicli. raciiotnan. of 1113" HE-UUI Su-e.-t. sive !UtrtL-h*-»i ui the'ort aircraft canter UflS Ri-nnova, winch Jia.s just been iiwarrierl the Buttle Kffifjiency Pennant and "EJ" for iieaernl excellence. The Rendova i.s iioi\ ope rat- hiK out of Ss\» Diego, Calif. The nKivhvs to he muck 1 as a pArt [ hmisfd in a new brick ! of the An^u.s -Sho-.v are lo demon- • builditiy. alrondy is under con.sirhe- ' birale ihe .shift to a livestock- j tioji. find will operate on an as.sigii- ! diver.sifk'ci Sum hern agriculture, 'AC- • p d hefjucnry of 12HO ktlocycle.s. ipoi'ding to A. M. ROJUT.S and Hud-I A.vociatcd with Mr. Sudbvry in I .son Wren of Wilson, who are in < ihe ownei'ship of station KNBY is I churtie ol the- Angus event. | Charles \V, Craft of Bono. ] 'Ihe film, they explained will be j The station wi'.i confine aulivitic.s j nj^cie by Lloyd Miller, pnbliciiy j to dny-time operations under the I ijiruc-toi- of Uie Aineri:an Aberdeen i tentative pians. Angus Asioctation, and will be usc'd in cdiicLiUoiiaL work LhruugUoitt the _. :: .._.,. --—g~^-— nation. Mr. Miller may be .m- by Frank Richards, secretary of ihe American Aberdeen-Arrgus As- I .socintion. Bill MrSnaddcn. i eastern field man for the a.s-ocia- ! turn. IK also ex pitted to attend. | Judging will he handled by j FUhbswk, Aii'ius bieedei* of Vev- Ky, Also, the two national committee mc-jnbefs recofrnixfri by the stale faction if not the nnlionnl group. ucrc told to oppose in any form ef- forli to promote passage in Cou- ^re.s.s of ci\ r il rinh'.s laws. I The great omperor penguin erows to a Ueieht of tnore. than j four feet and weighs as much as \ a 10-year-old boy. NOIIf'F. OI GKANTSNG OF UQI.'OU l'i;i£.MJI' Not'co i- lu-rchy given ihut the of the revenues of the Stale of Arkansas has Ls,sued a pci- nnL No ?11 to A i-morel Dnis Company, Eilw^rd M. Regenold to sell ant' di-v.jK'n>e vinous or spiritucus ' liquors =or bpvfraqe at retail on the ; i)i-eiii:.^f.T divci'iljed r..s I Main Street, ' Anno-, el. A: Uan.-ii.s. j This permit is-ueri on tlic 1st day nf Jv;l\' lli-i!) ami expires on the 30th clay ol June 1950. ARMOREL DRUG CO. M. G 13-20 Approaches Open WEST MEMPHIS, ilk. All". 20- APJ— The f.vo \ve.stbovmcl lanc.s of \r- n ",v Aik^r-.'ia.s approach to die li.-.-^s'.ii'.v. River bs-idge Tioar here t-re open to traffic Unlay while Tjrk on the ea.stbound lane.s con- "STAGE STRUCK" uilli K^ne Richmond and Audrey Lon^ Serial: "Son of the Guardsman* No. ri; Also Carloun Kcail Courier News \Vant Ads. Saturday O»'l Show 11 p.m. "CORNERED" Kith Dick ronrll and Waller Slczak ial: "Myslerious Mr. M" No. I Sunday & Monday (DOUBLE FKATUBE) "MIRACLE OF THE BELLS" Reds Like Shakespeare MOSCOW — .-I 1 '— continues to be a popular HUihor amonj; the peoples of Central AM:I. The P.ipt'i ^Soviet Alt " dint Hanilei hsd been put ;ii UxbeV: Theatre of Dm ma tinn when the radio program, which you've been listening, culls i ^'i, 0 "*,^^,^. 01 ™,, 0 *"'',, 5 '""/'™;: Overheated Oil Stove Damages Negro Home An overheated oi! cook .stove Milled in fnc rlnmnye. to the oE the home of I.. V. Robinson. Ntv uro. at 1018 South Franklin Street yesleniiiy afternoon. Five Cbirf Roy Head .said t;he fire "a- leMnrleci to the kiuh- you nnv,vcT tV.r phone; LMI but lh;U thr Jour oiher rv^plns rieht tliat wins! nl the hoi the right an.swer a <>ift? .Not according to the FCC. And not according to the internal rev- emie brvfau which coHroto income taxe5. Under the income tax law, if you receive a s^ift for which you've done nothing at all, it's tR.v free. But if \vith ihe the prize, the revenue people snvUmuke. SKY Beautiful Floors "VARIETY TIME" wiln Leon Krrol and Ed£;ir Kciinedy lso Carloon and Late ^\'orlri News Vunr hritne can be marie so tun re Lovelv 1 ivith beautiful flnnrs. Cliarles \Vnod otters you cxpcrl workmanship at Irniy reasonnhle prices . in re finishing vnur present Moors or in laying new (vuu*l. :is|ili:ilt or rnbber lile, or Inhthl nnnlcnni. CaH 22 Free Kslimales Drive Anywhere You Please DRIVE-IN THEATER Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Charles V/ood Office Ojicns at 7:00 Arkansas Paint Co. I'hunc 2272 i OITti'i! Opens nt ^ Week .SMslils Show Starts Lit 7::'.0 .Millinee .Satltritay .V- Slllld'lT 'i ])-"'. u-ith cr>riti[intjus slinwiiip In MU.H;OV.- when the (ifiictli an- iversary of the [o;nidinp of cow Art Theatre was full, a yronp of actors from tJ a! A.-iia put nn a ?cf nr from : Taming ot the ;' unlive Shakespeare's phtys are in in«ny of the national of the "people-is ol Use USSR--und of course in Russian also— in Mo.s- • •ou ami S<ilurd;<y OF A BAD MAN" •i .Mill's .Viirlh ill Klytlicvill Box Oflii-o Olions al G:J5 Short Slsrls 7:30 Sal ii I'd;, v "SUNSET CARSON RIDES AGAIN" with Snnsrl Carson Serial: Chanlcr U "I •IIIK LOST .IUSG1.K" "MARSHAL OF CRIPPLE CREEK" with Allnt l,;inc as "KeH Kytlor." uml Knbby S;ilunl;ty Mii!ni};lit Show "JUNGLE PATROL" vilh Krisline Aliller Vrlliur Fran/. Saturday 5!idnighl Show Starts V0:lii \i.»n. Huoks intended to supply inti fnr thr t-oinn-ion printed ir; France, KucycNipccIia Brilantnt-a "LAW OF THE BARBARY COAST" PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Alitlniuht Show JUDY GARLAND VAN JOHNSON — You will on.ioy using Phitc Glass full length Door Mirrors. . .• and they've pi-iced much less than you \vutild think at THE MAN WITH NINE LIVES" with Rnris Karl.ift Joan S:IVITS fllnrhi llpnry Ste|)hcn Dunn Ol sure you that when you pie.senl a ptc^cripllon ordci Co us, it will tif- expertly compounded fivjin fresh, pure drills Vnt can be sure at Rothrnrk's & Monday "IT HAPPENED IN BROOKLYN" BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. 'BLOOD ON THE MOON' uilh UolK-rt Mil and Ii.ul,.i[.i llrl C.nld IN THE GOOD OLD \\':inipr Vi'us .V Serin t'hapt. It «< "Balmaii .V Knli W. II. Tease J. Wilson Henry mith lltaav 61 Thonr. 2 DRUG STORE Technicolor ! DRIVE-IN THEATER MONDAY IS ''BUCK NIGHT" FOR ALL NASH OWNERS All Nosh Owners Admitted for Just $1 s. i " t SOK81 i. O.;i£1<d by Product tr ROBERr /. UONAfiD • IOC PASTEFKAK ftfilie^ for '.tit 'iutt* br AlBFRf MACNfTT. FS4NCES nC'OD^ICH ,n1 IVAN IOFS from > Sutin Plij ty SAMSOH RAFHftlSOX trt , Hi, ty VIKtOS IASKO A «fI»rCOlOAYN MM[R CIClUBf NEW Kt.v Opens \>'et'k Days 7:[llt p.m. .Mulinrr Sattnday ,v. Sundays .M.d.-^uti. I p.m. Cinil. Shmvin Monila, Ark. Shnus KVKIIV NK'.llT Monday Night Feature "BLOOD ON THE MOON" Robert Mitchum and Barbara Bel Geddet 2 Miles North of Blythevillc — Regular Admission 50c Box Office Opens at 6:45 — Show Starts af 7:30 BUT SHOF. REPAIR COSTS LK3S Ib.u's why you'll sa»'K vuin <;ril mnnv o rtolinr bv navin^ \"'nn slKici- re- pal roil oy onr export workmen Next. Unit, try us KflLTCRS S;ilur(l:iy "TENTING TONIGHT ON THE OLD CAMP GROUND" RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. I.asl r>:<ie lotlay "THE RUSTLERS" witl\ 'lira Unit Cartoon & Serial with Brown 'Also Shnrls Siitiinlxy Owl Slinw "FORCE OF EVIL" uitti John r.^rfirld Also Shorls Siindiiv & .Montluy "RED CANYON" nilh Ann Blyth AK.i .shurls Saturday Owl Show 'FORGOTTEN WOMEN" \\ilh I'lysc Kimv and Kdwaril Norris Also C'arloon FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN INSURANCE Call 3361 AiEtnmoliilr Business i n (err upturns Myers it Clc;i»rrs rxlcniicO Cnvenigf: Fire Gcucrnl I.i-il.iMty Marhie (all forms) Pcrson:tI Trniirrly Pl.Ue Kc^itlcnce l.iahililj Turnatln Truck t'urgo Winds lorn* Workmen's Compe W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Cuslum vvorh Tot gins, allulf;, mills, oil milts Cnstora Shearing up to 1/4 inrh thickness < Fronk Simmons Tin Shoo in South Kroad-way I'hnn* 2*51 Sumlny, Slonilay Sr Tuesday ! ^"ADVENTURE IN BALTIMORE" «iih Robert ^'ounir, Shirley Teinrle. and .lolin Asar \V.irnor Nens A- Short "PICTURES YOU WILL LIKE" Vulir s.ili.sf AT linn absurcd on nil pliutosr^phSf work, including and portrait. FAUGHTS STUDIO "- NiRhl I'hone Phoiw **11

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