The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1949
Page 15
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r THURSDAY, MAT 2«, 1949 BLYTHEVILI/K (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Hollywood Salad & First Course Last Minute Mixing Leaves Vegetables Iff Crisp, Appetizing They eat well In California. They eat their salads as a first course too, and every visitor returns determined to follow suit. Of Course, their appetizer salads nvoid the sweet whipped cream sort of thing. Probably the most f unions California nppctlzcr is called Hollywood Salad Bowl. It's a 'really exciting first course anc can actually be n main course for n luncheon. Here is on variation of the recipe: Hollywood Salad Bowl (Serves 6-8) Advance Preparations: Prepare] Hie garlic-flavored oil. Cut 3 or 4 cloves of garlic Into 1 cup olive oil. Let stand at room temperature for several hours before using. (Save nny unused garlic oil for your next salad.) Prepare about 2 cups crlss> croutons by cutting bread Into tiny cubes and toasting them In a slow oven until r.hey are thoroughly crisped and slightly browned. I.asl-Miimfr Mlsini;: About 3','j cin:\rts of mixed greens. Iceberg lettuce, romnine watercress chicory, etc.. broken into small pieces. l i cup garlic flavored oil. \? cup A^.son^oncd salad oil—corn, cot- Tonsccd. or peanut oil, 1 lablc- Kjxion Worcestershire sauce, sak pepper, '^ cup crated hard cheese, such a Ronianello. "i cup Roquefort type cheese. 14 teaspoon dry mn.stnrd, 1 uncooked egg. '0 cup lemon juice and pulp (2 or 3 1cm- ons>, 2 cups croutons. Put greens into a big salad bowl. Remove pieces of garlic from oil and pour V, cu of the oil and the unseasoned oil over the Worcestershire sauce, mustard, salt, pepper and grated cheese. Cruble on the Rorjuefort type cheese. Hreak the unbeaten, raw egg directly onto the greens. Pour on the lemon juice and pulp. Mix salad very thoroughly so that every lenf is coated with the egg. seasonings, and cheese. Dip the crisp croutons into the remaining garlic oil. and drain. Mix the croutons into the salad just at the instant of serving. How docs it sound? Take this writer's experienced word—it's wonderful! Cr earn Puffs Latest Party Fare for Bride It's tile month of brides, »nd amidst showering her with clfU, lusty cream puffs can be the Ideal refreshment. Cream puffs are actually quite simple to make, and shortened with lard they are rich ind flavorful, says Reba Staggs, home economist. Being versatile is another point in their favor. They can be large or midget size, and they »re equally delicious served as an appetizer, dessert or us the main fair. Either the liny cream puffs— the dough dropped by small tea- spoonfulls onto a greased baking sheet—or the larger conventional cream puffs can have widely varied cream fillings, for the main di-sh or for appetizers they can be filled with meat sallad or creamed meat. For dessert the filling can be sweetened whipped cream, chocolate cream, various flavored custards or even ke cream. Dusted with confectioner's sugar or tbinly coated with white or chocolate icing, cream puffs are given a different outside look. In joy tarty Spring Cabbage from Garden The sprint cabbage crop Is good. The Department of Agriculture (ood experts urge you to use * lot of it raw lor enjoyment and for good low-cost nutrition. Here are some of their iinuestlous: PeanuU It) coleslaw Hdd flavor and nourishment to HII old cabbage favorite. To coleslaw for six,/ add to 1 cup of chopixxt peaimU*. Vegetable and frull salads ot many types call for cabbage. Team cabbage, for Instance, with crushed or diced pineapple mixed with thick mayonnaise, 01 combine cabbage with ripe tomato. Cabbage offers just the right flavor and texture contrast lo such vegetables as beans and |»tatoes. Experts Soy Elephant Has the Best Mind BANGKOK (lf> — The four sal. around n table .sloping lime squnsh- c.s and rating animals according to The quartet are collecting elf- plmits, birds and vailed animals (ur return to Hie United Stales. There will be sent to louts Oobel's animal farm tor use in films and also lo clrcu.H'.'i, to Cal.ilinii Island ami iu utht'r unimal siHits In the U.S. NOTICK TO Pursuant to Sccllon 1 of Ad 297 of 1SH5. notice Is hereby given Hint Letters o[ Adminislration on the Ksliile of Kaymond Knullsh, deceased, were Issued lo the muter* signed by the Judge of Hie Probate Coin! «f Mississippi county, In the State ol Arkansas, on Ihe lOlh (lay of Muy. l(l«». All persons having claims asalnst sulcl estate are therefore notified lo exhibit the siimr lo the undersigned, properly aulhentlrak. within six months from da.e ol IHililiciitlon ol this notice or they stiall be precluded from any bene- fit in SHld estate, l-foiie EiiitllMi, Lynn, r>. I eomud UIIRO, Allnroi!)', Wulnul nidge, Arkansas. NOTK'K Of SAM! NolliT Is hereby glvi'ii Hint Hie undersigned, Commissioner Iu Cliani'cry, will, pur.simnl lo Hie ruder of Ihe Clmni'i'ry Court of the CluVkasuwlw District of Mississippi County, AiKiiusHs, ii'iulnt'ct on Ihe S5lh day ol April, 1049. In a cause thi-rcln peudlim. wherein Universal t;. 1. T. credit Company Is plulntlff mid Mrs. n. K. "Maude" Tollvur. el al are dcteniianls, on the S'llli day of June, 19-13. offer [or sale at public auction at the east door of the County Court House iu' .llyllu-vlllc In the highest and best ulildcr Hie following per&onnl properly In wll: Ouc 1947 Chrysler 8 Cylinder New Voiker sedan, moior No. C3D35493. llccnw 24U-9.2. Suit! sHlf will be licld between the !l<mrs ot 9 D'clork in thn forinuicm inu] 3 o'clorlc hi the iifttrnooti of Ihe iliUe iifme.viUf. upon > crrdk of llu'ce months. The pmclmscr at suld sale will be required in give bond, with approved wrnriiy, lo secure (lie payment of llic pim'lmsi 1 price, and a lien will l>e retidnrd on said piope'ly lo furthi'r Becure such purclmsc mwii\v. Witness my hand Ibis Mill day uf Muy, 111 10. Harvry MOLT!?.. Cnumds.sloiu'r In Chanci'iy. 'llie alar In the little dipper wlilfli we call the pole Star li merely a transient oi.'ciipant of the post. One culled Alderairilti, In (tie con-tellatlon Cepheua, will lx>come Ilio Pole Sim ulioul 7BOQ A. IX. and Vega, III Lyra, nboul M.OOO A. IX HEALTH & ECONOMY IN EVERY PACKAGE NONFAT DRT MUK iOtIO') A German Skipper h Projecting "War Trip" HER UN —4,-V,— Is war just i round the corner? A Gcrnmn skijv r In the port of Bremen believes ojjle think so. He offers to bring passangcrs to .some safe place .somewhere In the vorH in of war"—if they |>ny .000 Deutsche marks ($ROD> fare. But applicants must hurry to get reservation. His freighter ir rather !ny—450 tons, and cnn accomudnte •illy 25 passengers. Jap Is Impressed With Gen. MacArthur ™ TOKYO <;F>—Of the 400.000 fan letters received by Gen. Douglas MncAHhlr from the, a»u stands out. It is from Masahige Takahaslii He approved the Allied occupation commiinrler'.s work so enthusiastically that he wound up asking Mac* Arthur to become his brother. There Is no record of MacArthur's reply. Tliey had 10 years or more ol work wltli anlmnts bi'hlnil Ihein. I'.ere ts the order, »s prp.senled by George Kmer.son, Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer wild animal trainer who came lo Bangkok to take home i Ixmllond ot animals: 1. The elpphnt. 2. The greul ape fa mil v gorilla,, or utans and Kibbon). 3. The tlos. 4 The horso. With Emerson were DavU! Mobley, who would vnther talk nboul hi.s bir<!5 at Californin's CiUnllim Tsliind: Ncrl Rascf«lt. Far E'l-st color for the CataHna Wild Ufo r xoeditlnn; and Mfthout Sawart, a llamci-e flenhant boy and the only eal youngster In the group. The trouble with waiting for something to turn up is that In the meantime you may be turned down. Woman Overboard! Read Courier Mews Wstnt Ads "Jusl one look a( my wasliline," says Mrs. Win. HetUerly, 2165 Maple wood Rd., Cleveland, "and I went, overboard for New Perk. I'd been looking at Riay washes for 90 long. I never dreamed a soap could get my clothes so clean, so daz/ling white. But New Perk gets them white, winter than ever lx:forc. No wonder Perk's my wasliday 'steady' from now on," {.ike Mrs, llenleriy. why don't vo* Mart seeing wl^iter waalies with New Perk? Only New Perk Soap coatatm Annocel. HTC miracle ingredient llvat take? gray ness onl, puts new whiteness I'M.' Get Perk today. CLOTHES ARE EXPENSIVE MAKE YOURS LAST You ctn'l find * Safer 8l«.chlhinKUTTYHUNK Bluing. It doe* not con- Uin SODIUM HYPO- CHLORITE or my other chemical that may " • nd w«all<n the fabric of your CMh« . - . KUTTY- HUNK i« • Sa'fe, Natural bllach that will not hurl «ny fatric Ui»i water it- iclf wil not htrm. A S.UVSII tin E FOR MCAI MACARONI'SPAGHETTI PURE KG(V NOODLES MWft COKNCK. Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper or CECIL LOWE NOW OFFERS A COMPLETE BARBECUE and DELICATESSEN Service We are proud to offer this most complete and convenient service to Blytheville residents. We have installed four large'and specially equipped ovens to serve you with the finest barbecue and other ready-to-serve foods. Let. us do the work for you. Phone 597 today'and give us your order for these delicious, specially prepared foods. • Barbecued Ribs • Barbecued Chicken • Home Baked Hams • Baked Beans • Potato Salad We Are Prepared to Serve All Private Parties Up to 100 People These and many other delicacies delivered Piping Hot to your home or private party on 24-hour notice. All Kinds of Picnic Supplies Cecil Lowe's Grocery & Mkt. Fresh Meats 532 No. 6th St. Fresh Vegetables Groceries Phone 597 Tomato Juice. 46 oz. can 20c •**U\.\9-** \Jt\Mf VI, I VppOI VI SEVEN-UP case 89C Your favorite brand Long White Fresh EAR CORN .. ea. 4k Iceberg, large heads LETTUCE.. 2 lor 25c CIGARETTES ... cm $2.07 Pure White Sunkist, 490 size LEMONS... daz 29c CANE SUGAR.IQib.bag93c Folgcrs or Maxwell House COFFEE . . . . Ib can55c Premier crushed PINEAPPLE.. No. 2 can 33c Eagle TOMATO SAUCE.. 2 cans 9c Heinz CATSUP . 14 oz. bottle 25c Charmin TISSUE .... 4rolls35c Shredded COCOANUT . . 2pkgs.35c Firm, fresh PURE LARD ... lb.17c For better cooking WESSON OIL ... q». 63c Church's GRAPE JUICE. . . ql. 40c AH delicious flavors JELLO 3for25c Hi-Life DOG FOOD . . 3 cans 22c Liberty Cash Grocery s MEAL OF THE WEEK .1 .ill „,.!. ll.ii r,,.,l Marble Cake /.• May It, I'll'J \ *'t uMnpnnnl '< *"r ''" Mil k 1 oipTl ","',',1,1,. I ' ',"":'"",.:.;\ •l'»»n I ,.V. 1 ,,,,l,r.t.« ,,„ ),Er I >50° !•'.). (ir-,u« Cl medium lan'f pniv Mix nieltej iliKrirninf;, cocoa am! *vir/j> <v.ifcr. .Sift Hour into bowl *illi >u ? .ir, KikinK powdrr »n,t mlt. Ad.t io("l ifiorirtiing and '/> of n mixture of milt, w.ncr .incl vnnill-. 2 mitliile^ vith ipoon or elcccric Eie.KCr «t mejium »pced. Add rcntniiiinH ', t of rnillc mixture niul cgK. Drat 2 minute* longer. Pour n[>oul ?j of l'.i[. t#r into grr.itc.{ pan. Slir jodn into COCOA mixutrc. into reinniniuR ' i of lialter. Spoon over lijilu brtltcr. C^ic tlirough li.utrr in HR-iaR paircrn wjlh tnil'r. IS.iU W> minutri, or until ciU ihrinlct from ijilt* of pnn. Cool. Spread with* ftoituif(. rf <1«- r,.N rin .Vrr-ii Pet Milk, can 13c CakeFlour.pkg 19c Cocoa, pkg ... 23c lleil HIHIK! SLICEDBACON lb 37 C Superior liianil OLEOMARGARINE 17 C 1'iiMon's COTTAGE CHEESE 24 'IVii-l'iitind Hiix AMERICAN CHEESE 63 'I'eudi'i', .Inicy CLUB STEAK lh 57 C WsiKner lirand IMirc PORK SAUSAGE 29 Sailorman HOMINY No. 2Yi can IOC Standard TOMATOES 2 ~V 19< PET MILK 3 Snow White Shortening Snowdrift 3 ib. can

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