The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 17, 1951
Page 12
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MONDAY, SEPTEMfi $ n IT, BtlTHBVJLLR (ARK.) COVRTE* KFW1 PAOB Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams EGAD. JAK6/YOUR BRASS RECALLS -me KNJOBS OF THOSE OLt> BEDS V4E SLEPT tfJ A* 80V6 •*** >£>U POP O4 l>5 'A* AIRV AlOO COrt- AS A TV ACRO- 8/ST, AK>O MAHe /4O 6rtow 01= WAY OR PIND- eMPLOYAieWT / WEON6 ueee IN POCXIT t SOT THE MOST ipeA eve« IKNEMT6D ELECTRICITY/-**- I'M WELL OJ MY WAY TO A'MILLION* DON'T K*J£>W WHO OV« THEM--HA O HAT 15 IT.CfAKE A MEW POTATO PEELER PITCH ? BOEN THIETY YEARS TOO SOOW Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 6, 1951 For Mayor DAN A. BEXDDGETT "I'm going to town", the woman said, Tc buy a loaf of Meyer's Bread, It's always fresh and good to eat,. And keeps so nice and soft and sweet. ••T faoBkr. Tke fl»l I* Ch vtrl frit nd> Clro CKMAJBU, who ••?• »h« hHow» I 4I4»'1 kill kin. TkvM !Th«rH«'* brother Rmrmtt, wk« hn» threatened rrprUal, • •* , * th«c Just What The Doctor Ordered! 225 N. FIRST Phone 4161 MACHINE WORK (All Tjpea) f LAWN MOWERS ll Kind mowers and mower cn- {* repaired. • WELDING (Any Type! • Bicycle Repair (Complete line of parts) A nth prized Service A Parts for Clinton Engines. See as! WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP VII 5 HERMAN did not stop •*"* until he had reached Cleo Cansino. He yanked her from the chair, slapped her so hard she flew out of his grasp. He had held her by her. blouse, and nea/ly the whole front of H tore off in his hand as she fell. She whimpered, looked appealingly up at me, then self-consciously drew her skirt 'down to her knees. Herman turned to me, grinning in anticipation. I thought of telling him what Cleo had told me, that'she knew I hadn't killed his brother. I didn't think it would make any difference. Ramie probably knew I hadn't He w'w here with a muscle man to beat me' up and mark me up 90 that everybody would know he had avenged his brother's murder. Continuing to grin, he moved toward me, and Babe Tussig moved in at the same time. 1 took a couple of quick steps back to the* bar, grabbed the bourbon bottle and crashed the neck off on the edge of the bar. I swung the bottle around, spraying whiskey I missed Tussig but 1 got Berman in the eyes. He swore. Momentum , carried Tussig into me as I use< ; the broken neck ol the' bottl«. " In the army they had given n: a sinidge of judo, but I'd taken a post-graduate course" in rough house fighting, growing up in the resort business. When you had a drunken bum to attend to you didn't give him a chance to sta .a free-for-all. You got him the quickest way you could, and if you ruined him, H was too bad. I pretty nearly ruined Babe 'ussig. He screamed and clutched is throat as he reeled backwards. hoped I hadn't cut his jugular ein as I turned toward Herman. He was wiping the .vhiskey out f his reddened eyes. It was too asy, I threw away the bottle. Two fast jabs that Berman took >n the neck stopped him cold. He wung a roundhouse right that ] ,ad to take on my left elbow, bul caught his jaw with a right.hook He was going away and trying to •over up when I got through with another jab. I followed with -a took to his solar plexus that ben' him forward. I lifted an uppercut from the ioor, and h* wen 1 over so hard that his head bouncec !rom the rug. Then h* 1 lay very ;tilL Then Cleo screamed, [ WHIRLED. Bab* Tussig stil - 1 clutched his throat with his ieft hand, but his right held thi xrftle I had thrown away. H<_ altered toward me. 1 kicked the bottle out of his hand. He whim sered. I almost felt sorry for him [ knew that I hadn't cut his jugu lar vein. He wouldn't have been on his feet if I had. A push woult fiave floored him, but I turned tc Cleo. She. had pulled herself up She eyed the sleeping Berman am the bleeding Tussig. She shook her head. "Now you're in for H. Kee the blinds drawn at night, Jim mer." Berman stirred. He'got up 6 i elbow. His breathing wa troubling him. He dragged him self to his feet, seeing me out o the corner of his eye but not look Ing at me. "Come on, Cleo, Get going!" Cleo gave, me a look that sni could lake care of herse t was still worried about me Sht went out. Berman followe b\i* !ler her and Tussij moved be- ind Berman. Tussig's sports iirt was soaked from his bleeding eck. An engine raced oulfide nd tires spun in gravel, and they ere gone. I went back and tried the phone gain, wanting to tell Gene Sawer what had happened.- It was point with me to convince my wn lawyer that I wasn't guilty f Charlie Berman's murder. But he phone service was definitely ut off. I thought ol driving back to the il and picking up my stuff. B*Wes, it was in order to go back nd accept congratulations from my fellow inmates and to say oodby. But of the five men in he jail, four were out of town haracters who meant nothing to ne. Only Hal Hover had been an acquaintance, and he was all set 0 be released a minute after midnight. I gave up the idea ot driving back to the jail. The sleepless nights were beginning to tell on me, and 1 dropped onto a davenport. It was nearly 8 when I woke up. * • • T DRESSED and wen, outside. The *- air was warm but pleasant, and :he water was a liquid mirror. Already the neon lights were on at -he resort on Queen Point. My father had been proud of those neon lights. He claimed there was mile.of tubing, and I imagine that H was a great exaggeration, there was a lot of tubing, and [ had hired a neon man just to seep it in repair. I hadn't been on the premises since the Hermans had taken over.- Now that Gene Sawyer told me I was going to get the place back, 1 felt an urge to look it over and see what Charlie and Earnie Ber- man.had done with it. I walked back to the house, passing the sand trap that had alttfost Sent me to the electric chair. Those tell-tale slugs thai had matched the bullets taken from Charlie German's body had been dug from that sand trap. They cashed a check at the filling station where I'd always bought my ga.s, and I parked adjacent to the-resort property. (T» Be Continued) FK1CKLE1 AND HIS FRIEND* By MERRILL BLOMU < It'i a Meal "Dad says the whole country it irresponsible—we can try that as an excuse if we admit we broke hit window!" Yl-KG: ) QUIT GRIPIW'/TWINU OF AUL IS / THE Can YOU SAVED ON . LOST.//AU-THESE VE6ETABUS.' PRISCILLA'S POP The Failure BY AL VERMBER Shipping Space Short From Britain to Canada WINNIPEG (ff) — Shortage of shipping space is delaying departure v* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culrtrts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. 61 Hlw.j 8». of many immigrants from Britain o Canada, according to M. Bowlfi', superindent of British emmigra- :ion lor the Canadian National Railways. He said here that some •ho applied last May will not be able to leave until late In the year. "My good deed for today, lady, is to tell people in Blytkeville about the friendly loan service at GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" ' Moris Cameras Flash Cameras Box Came raj WASH \S SO HEAVY) I WISH 1 HAD A-SKED WALDO TO HANG CLOTHES FOR ME! AW, MRS. NUTCHELL! HANGING CLOTHES'* YES... BUT I WISH IT WERE MY HUSBAND! SOMETIMES I WONDER PEOPLE REALLY LI MY SERMONS! BY MIOHAKT, O'MALI.EY and RALPH LANS The Trail Is Warm 5UR&. I RECO&NIZE THIS MAN/ H&'* A &U&&T OF OURS — MR. 6HA.KESPEAR& THEY DROVE OPF IN MR. LBN*' CONVERT AAR*. S A &PI_eNDID WOMAN—*HE'* WORTH MILUOH9/ DO YOU M^J. MAKE REMEMBER\~ A TH6 UCeN*e) POINT *NUMBER?)—-&.F NO-TINS EVERY GUEST* LICENSE NUMBER, rr* X-4,794. WEANWHILft. IN THft CTTY... IXL OROF» YOU AT' ANO >O«/U. YOUR HOWE, MONORIA, I DIN» WITH AND 6O TO A HOTELy Mft TO-* CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER It'H (he Killikakst ORSIILLE 1. KALUK&K~OWE UWDWIDEP eH*RE IN PA SEYMOUR BMHIW SUIT WEIL.SOM.OUR UTOg THE DEIAY IS AWUOV1NG, MV BCW_ BUT THIS \5 THE TVPE OP CHM1EWGE I REIISH! AM IMUE&rUEMT OF OVER A MILUON 1 MOD I'M NOT G0IWS TO 8E BALKED NON- ONW TEN SHORT OF I*V GOAL J. . AU WO GOTTA DO WOW l» FIUD HOW TO SET IN TOUCH WITH W TEU HEIRS WHO INHERITED IT FROM tETSSEE... THAT MAKES W.I9O SHARE'S Of STOCK KJ1VUE ALCEADV SOUGHT TO GET COUTROL Of TIT SEVMOUC PLANT. LEAH BACK *»' WORK 1NIP 01K8RNN! STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. BUGS BUNNY That Covers It Alh Ph*n> MM Friendly SUdebaker Dealer ALL I* NOT UOST / AN IN*r«NTION TH 1 BA.NP IS KEAPV \ I A/VS T START W\RCH1N' I P«*OAN' fOU FEKGET /L<KT«{> CYMBAL'S / ^/ 91 JVW AS0ENT WH*TT'<; GOT INTA TH FELINE 7 Prices Are Born Here And Raised Elsewhere 1942 FORD BY V. T. HAMLIN V-8 l!4-Ton Tmck with new '48 motor, 825x20 (Ires . . . bargain ,) NEITHER CANT I CAN'T UNDER- S aUT DON'T WORRY STAND WHAT'S ) OOOLA, I'LL GET THIS HAPPENED TO / STRAIGHTENED OUT DARE6UGGEST[ IF VWANT MY6LAWATOR THATI.GENERAL V YOU'LL HAFTA6ET... /"TWS RIGHT... SOANSCXTUS,ENTER 1 AN 1 THIS IS WONLY/SO CUTOUT INTO A WAGER WITH \CHANCE YOU'LL XTN'ROUSH ALOW-BORN,LOUSY\ SET.' J STUf F! IT LIEUTENANT! DUE TO ONE OF THE TIME-MACHINE'S UNEXPLAINED QUIRKS. ALLEY OOP WOUND UP IN ROME.WHER6 HHS INSTANT SUCCESS flS A GLADIATOR MADE IT EXPEDIENT FOR HIM TO HIDE IN THE UNIFORM OF A COLON EL...WHILE "LIEUTENANT" FOOZX AC TING AS HI6 MANAGER, NEGOTIATES. • 1947 fORD H-Ton Pirkop that'l a mlRhty tood bay...... WW/T6ETCHA NOWHERE: • 1947 CHEVROLET money on thin extra food i^-Ton Pickup Truck • 1949 FORD H-Ton Plcknp ... here's a perfect irack for yoo • 1949 DODGE M'-Ton Pickup! $895 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Just Lik« That BY EDGAR MARTIN \M o>» TO covvi&i' • 1949 Studcbaker Ton' 11 atrree (his 'i-Ton Plcknp li Jmt like new • 1949 Studebaker Here's,* heavier, Plcknp that's bargain iMosl of (hese trucks are equipped with a radio and healer! STUDEBAKER RENT A CAMERA The Inexpensive Waj to Preserve Important Occasions BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 Real Service Whatever kind of car TOO drive, voa're Invited l» bring It to ns for expert, dollar-savin* »enlce. Trr us, T. !. SEAY MOTOR CO. ChrjslM-Plymouth Dealer Ml E. Main Phone zm

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