The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1934
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Served b United Prtn VOL. XXXI—NO. G8 IATHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THl DOUDIAJiT NtWBPAVKR OP NOHTH»A 8T ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEAJBT MISTOOK! HOMEEDHTON Dtilj riewi BlythertUe CruiMr p* Valley Leader Blylhtvllle Hertld HI.YTIIKVII.i.K, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY. JUNIO 5, 103-1 SINGLE COPIES FIVF CENTS' OF THREATS BY OFFICE SEEKER Starl Journey Down River In 12-Foot Craft Gobs Fiml Their "LnndJjLogs" on Fifth Avenue Embassy Supporting Prop- pganrla m United States, . Is Charge. WASHINGTON. June 5. lllPl-- ' CVinr-.s]>nnili-nct! "itr-:i!i;i]('il (n .ilinw .a direct connection lictween the Ccrnwii embassy and distribution of Nn/1 propaganda in the United Slates was placed loduy before n speclnl house hivcsiigaiiiii; coui- mitlec. ,-•• A lelter written by the Rev. Francis Gross of Perth Amboy. N. i J.. lo John nadri. a Hobokcn. N. : J.. publisher, was placed In evidence. It purported to reveal a connection between Dr. Hans Luther, German ambassador, and distribution of n Nazi pamphlet entitled, "Justice to Hungary." writ- tcji by The letter said in part: "Conccrnlni; documents --correspondence in my nos.sp.vslnn by which HIV proof is established, that in publishing my book Ambnssa- cior Luther was the sponsor, finan- eial backer, and piomotcr of my liook—permit me lo stale if these documents would be used in further discussion, repcrcu.'.sinns and sni.salions ' in HIP 'American nnd world i>re*.s inlslil evc-n recall Ui. Luthcr--and the friendly relationships Ijetween our country nnd Germany might IK elmuled for a !on(i while." Gross, a Hungarian by birth but a citizen of the United States for the last 55 years, told the committee that he wrote Uvo letters to the German embassy in Washington asking snppnil for_ his Emljarkins 1" a 12-fool duck boat at Barficltl yesterday inorn- n 1 . iv. o niyllicvilli! youths start.'•d a venturesome journey down the MKsittlpnl Driver as fur us the •ji rrfjii and ih'i-ir own efforts can :•!:<• (lit m Uimc- ilit i ml of two Carl Gaml;e nnd J. w. Cudi- V III 1 JlllllllS M'l-kllli; UllVI- V :y (invi-lin^ down the trenclierons r.ver in llu-ir liny craft. liolh uv i-niployrd h.'ie but securid i liiir \.irulinm at the .siimu lime o they could make tlie' Irip lo- ;t-llKr. Jolm limneUiy-' unolliti' o.:il joLtn, .saji there would have been tlnc^ on the trip Had the :oal bcMi capable of carrying hi::i The two l:onlmen li::ve a mon- :hs p'ovHons with llicin. They hope lo get i,s far as Vicksuur; before the <n:l of Iheir vacation lOrccs ih.m lo ()uit Ihe rivvr. -Body of CarutheriviUe River Victim Is Found t *° 3mt Am <" > "w- Fermf's exper I alian's Discovery May Haw Far Reaching Consequences. ROME, .lime 5. (UP)—Science was offered ilio possibility today that throuuh disinflation of the atom the. world might be rejuvenated nnd mtiv be offered n de Ftrnctive force of terrifying proportions . Senator Mario Corblno reported to the Roval Academy on experi- ments'made by Prof. Enrico Fermi, phvsidsc and member of the NOllHlll BEBTJEF1T W I Piiy Nolhin<{ Pending: Conference, Nole I o Wasliinglon .Siiys. WrtKlllK'TON. .lium fi illl'l- '*r lit llilliilr. liM ul tin: di-blor nuCojis 13 undeiliiki' payment of VTSI funds Lnniiivnl In Him- of war. joined (In- drfaiill..|V l:lo.- icd.iy s\Slh ntilllii itiion to ihK ;ovfiimicnt tlKtt nu .htnc l. r i !l will not pay inilliinis tlui 1 the tr^r-.snry. 'I'lie llrllhh d bt nut,' reiti-rntcd Illf vlilV I'XplTSM ll \K lliun|!is French Say Arms Parley Is at an End GENEVA.-June !> lUl'l — mini wcrld nuns tuiifirt'iicc !.< flnlsh- d. Hie iTeiH'h declined unlay ] iltor it healed exckiitiiKe of n 1 - ^riiiiliuilltins IjciuTrn Ailtmr Ilun- [UMiii i:f Cir'al Hrluihi, ijrc.sltl.1il if HID I'diift'ii'i.c; 1 . nnd 1'uri'U: .I'liiMi'i- Louis Harihiui of l-'ruiiLT. M it luri'tlni ill tin' Hl.'.'rlui; •i iiluiltli-.' Hind LMm iiie.M iiifd :i U''Olulk]l, Mi|]|:tiil<d by MoillKtl: -avji ut ilu 1 Uiiltul f^^--. which OFBLACW \\r. Hiii' c J ,<< ri'iu-4 lml,.|li | .-]) .vlill. 1 lin I'llurl Is iniide u.- |:cr- .until.' Gc.maiij' lo uHiirn. II provided fcr dividing llu- oik, tin full (.onfer^nee sludy- ni ill.Miinminr nt t-fforis. - as cii 1 - ;u'd liy lliltnlii and (lie Unlltd Sink's, nnd Hiv political coinmls- "Cjinnol bo revival without dl,-!slon ^udylnj; seuiJiily. dfinantled Prance and Russia. "A snappy porad;." commented M»£or La Ouardia...,And tr^ore, llian^^a halt million. New. York^vs-mlr- rored this thoxight as they cheered' 5.0no men of' tliie riavy in "a cblo'rful parade lip smart Fifth Ave :pefiments CARUTHEnsvILLE. Mo.-The " s '"' ! the rel ' tr » as a projectile body of Clara Lucille McGuire. 29.i l ° bombard and disintegrate the line. In the city's greatest naval parad? since the World Wnr. the sailors are here shown pnwing ill Involved rcvlcwlnsj slnnil al Madison Square Park. Two thon .and soMicis fiom nearljy forts Joined Ihc proc.-ssion \vho wa.s drowned in the MissLs- .sippi river near Chute 10 about midnight Saturday, was found at 10;30 this morning by Tom Bush, fisherman. Search was continuing lor the body of William Tidweil. 19, who lost his life In an un- Micccssful attempt to rescue Mrs. .\!cGu:r:. Mrs. McGuire's body had noal- c<l about n mile downstream. II was lodged against the fifth dike when found by Bush, who has recovered the bodies of a number nuclei of the honvy elements. Senator Corblno said that Fermi discovered a new element, number 93 in (he Mendelieff scale. It Is heavier than uranium, which Is number 29 and heretofore the heaviest clement known. Practical consequences of the discovery, Coibino said, are of ex- ceptona! value. He argued that man might be able to generate almVt unlimited quantities of electric power and in a few mln- \ Relieve i!les achieve transformations which. lxcllc ^ HALF A BILLION A Roosevelt Up In Arms FniiiL'p lejucted tho rewihillon .ind was accused by Ilenileisoii ol causing the confer ncc lo lull Henderson Ihrcatenul rr.slijn Cabinet Officer , Takes ness Slum! a I Disbiir.- mciil Trial ti \j of the Inlp-ltir lliinild levies icol: ll:e w' .stnnd Hi dls- barini'iil luocreilliH-.s ii<jnln.'.t two Oliliui;n lawyers lotlny mill .tnkl :ii Marlllii!! iti'Ull of iillfijcil nl- iompl's in ijliirhmnll lilm into nu- lulniiiK political nppolntinenti. Icltcs flatly accused Lucius J. Malmln. former federal jucije d( (hi: Virgin Island. 1 !, mill C. W. LJIISCII. former' a. i :slslniil corpoia- iion counsel of Chicago, of at- Icinpllni! to Intimidate him Into arrnmjlni; Mfthmn's " upnotntniont. us governor of the Islands. Undei; iiucslioiiliH; by Fr:dcrlclt Mnrx. Ills nttoiney. Scerclnry Ickcs President and Congress; Plan Prompt Action to! of other river victims in reccnl|wiien they occur spontaneously, ' '-ike thousands of years, thus rejuvenating the universe and giving 'o every form of life formidable years. r»Srs. McGuire, who was separated from her hustnnd, leaves two children, a liny. 6. and a s'rl. 8. impclus and new 'forms and standards now undreamed of. New York Cotton NEW YOHK. June 5 lUP) Cotlon closed steady. ot>en high low close July HG4 lias Ilia 1192 Cci llllli 1218 1185 121C Dec 1108 12:?!) HOC 1220 Jan 1203 1231 1201 1231 March 1212 1244 1209 May 1221 1251 1210 Spots closed steady at. 1210 25. Wins ,$3,500 Judment for Accident Injuries government todav was i > pour a life saving! WASHINGTON. June 5. (UP) — ; The f"deral creparin<» to fund of half a billion dollars or 1 more into the drouth devastated regions of the west. | The flood of government dollars j was the answer of President Roosevelt and congress to graiihu;! telecrams describing Ihe drouth . as the worst America has ever I seen nml a disaster of national. OSCEOLA, Ark.. June 5—Mrs. j ,,,-n, wrl i 0 | W j Dorothy Abshcr, nurse, of Marked] The president met today with Tree, was awarded a judgment for'representatives and senators from Cloning Stock Price* NEW YORK. June 5 <UP1 — A steady buying movement which, in the second hour,' resulted in (he best activity in more than a week, served to send prices up- v.ard fractions lo more than two points on the slock exchange to- tiay. A. T. nnd T 115 1-2 Anaconda Copper ".... 145-8 Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service ... Gen. Am. Tank . Gen. Electric 19 7-8 Ccn. Motors 31 1-2 Int. Harvester 32 Mid-west Utilities 1-fl —• Montgomery Ward 2G N. Y. Central 28 3-8 Packard .^ 37-8 Phillips Pet :.... 19 Radio 73-3 Simmons nods 161-2 Standard of N. J 43 1-8 Texas Co 24 3-8 U. S. Sleel 40 3-4 0. S. Smelting lin wreck Mrs. Bryant last summer. pressure, will be rushed Administration spokesmen estt- Mean:. llr.liHnck ilclil il-iault cm S a |irnljlrm which ha-> )!;iyued Hie v/oi'ld Miic: 1 the \vnr .oes. Into dciidloel: wlilvh ma, oiu prevail. 'Ihi' di'' or.jirliiv iipjuMi.s o Lf a u. iK'ial cimiiii nre Ui nd- iiisi Ilu' $r2.nni).i,.i».{,(Ki nhilnmiuu uivarced by iht> United Kl.iles ili-.'ii our allies liiitl iln-lf lini;!::, 0 tlie v.nll. This cnvrninu-til ir- !et-(s tin. 1 lit'ir-iu! i-^nfr-u'iire idru. rberc: Is no Intention in Wush- ir^lon nf piTinlflin:; thi- Unlleil. Slnlrs lo |R> "|;;iu::c'il" by II, ih-buns. l-'lnlnnd aloni! of all Ihc war lime borrowers will pay the snnl-l tiiiinml Instiillmenl, due next week. Con(;jTs:;lnMal lenders np]>ciircd to welcome the debt showdrnvn preclpllalcd by Great llrltnln dc.s- liite Mr. Ucosrvi'U's plua iliat deb- lori make. Mib-lanlliil sncrlljce In meet' Ihclr obll^allons. llillaln's Firs't -llrfniill 1 The oninlon wna .cxprf.sscd hero Ihat (his wns Ihc 'firsl 'llmu In .he hlsioiy of Ihe Hrfflsli" c'm'pTre v.hen [hat tiovci nmeiit had tlc- fniilted on ohllt;nllons owed lo another nution. "His 'majesty's government," the British note said, "are facetl with n choice between only Uvo alternatives, viz., 10 pay in full the sum of S2G2.000.000 us s?l forth In the communication from Ihc United States tren.Miiy. dnletl May 25, -...., „ D ..^ . - ... cr to suspend nil Interim pay-i sale freedom to Inmnles of the ilc lnl<l mc »'hat- a great-mun ments iicndlng a linnl revision of -pcnltrntlary. They were Taylor, ' ' x! " n " rt Mltl l would make n tlie suilliment. which hns been "servlnf, n life sentence for murder trm sccrc lnfy. He sold he'wfuS" tlclayed by nvciils beyond the and robbery. Curl Pentecost, nlong n frlcl '« °< mine and that- he termer senlenced for shooting n kllnw ' was-close to the president. Nashville detective, nnd Jnek " Hc told me he WRS nnxloiL 1 ! to unless Frame Mtbiiills an nltmi.1-l lol<1 of llls UrBl conversation with Mnlinin In Washington. '•['(•nine Into my rrc.eiUion room lr:m my prlvnt/- oltieV' he sulil, "iitul loiintl Malmln silling liierb, He handed me n card. I -Ijtid iiu-t lilm 5.rme Urne before. He- con^ialuialctl me on my a. point*' mcnl us secretary anil said: ^ "I'm i;nlni; in bo gnvnvrior of the Vliuhi islands! ' "i coinmlulatcd him, aUhoufjh I hud no Information r^ardlng such nn apjyjlntmcnl. Met A t :iln at While House "1 met Malmln n;jaln wlien I was going into the . White Itmise lo keep an a|>polntnicnl. I 'had en(:r«(l Colonel Mclnlyre's office and lound MalinUi (here. He asked lo see me.. laler in the ; day. but "I told him Iv'cfflild' not 'm __ > 11." '... V:.'- •'••''. ^ A »,^5, Tcrfn.. 4tfnc S.'- • }&$*. ln H r j f.freed;.l.o wo_.^al- —TOUi lhi;!r' 'ring '^letiltr ""IvV- hloJjjfUiitc oflitt?, h*itKU ? .v ttiifnV' 'Taylor,'' "rVo'to>Fous Krioji"-!'fled,"b<it 'h«d 'ttPO-otsbrttntg 1 lii(N_ vllte criminal.' shot through Ihe " l>ittll! to '^"T^nr (he conversa-" leg. uarrlcnded convicts In Hie llon - '' " ; Tennessee slate iwnilcnllaiy sur- "Wlx>' was In the bflte with \Viio]esa!e Delivery At- lernpf at Tennessee-Pen- itpntiary Fails. rendered at 7:IS this morning. W. C. Smith, a guard who was held by [lie mutlnrms prisoners since 10:nn last night, harmed. yon?" Mnrx asked. "So far n» Malrriln coiild sec,' icio I wns alone," Icke'j- replied,--"but'; wns nn- I-onls-I. GlavK personal" I ftcnographer were hidden In-the:. Iliree prisoners englnccrcrl the rcom inullny. Oesl«ncd to give whole-' " Wr - Mnlniln • But- at 'iny control of Ihe two government!;. "Deeply 'as Ihcy rcrjrct the clr- cumftnncrs which have forced'Raines, middle Tennessee bank l)c nntwl'it'rt Governor of'the Vu> them to take such a' decision, his I robber, also serving a life fen-j i;!n I5lrlri t i s. He said all that' mnjesly's govcnimenl feel that tence. necesspry was for me • lo take" Shortly after more than 100 Biiards and Nashville |X)llcc organ- '" crl! him to the president and soyV my good friend, Judge hey could nol assume Ihc rcsixin- Mbiliiy of adopting a course \vhlch n - ~ , ~~ ^. 0 -.. would revive ihe whole systnn Isail thlr. morning lo rush tlie cell. Mnlm1 "' of Chicago'," of inlcr-sovernmenlal war debts block In which more than 500 con- " He nskcrt mc to mttlcc an ftp- payments, vicls are housed, n prisoner, J. l»lnlmcnt with the president. I "As already pointed out, rcsump- Mnddln. came from the wing car-j lo!<1 hlm ' would nol. He then lion of full payment to the united ryln; a note from Taylor. |* nl(l ne nnd been • silling in Mc- States would necessitate a cor-' Taylor's note said he was shot I»t>re's office and that Mclntyrc responding demand by his majesty's: about midnight, as he peeped lm . d "f' 15 "! him nn appointment. -. government from their own war around the corner of the cell, and' '..'. oltl ' llm ' T 11011 you're rait of debtors. u would lie a rccrca- wanted lo surrender \vllh his col- ^'^ • ' ' lion of Hie conditions which oxlsl- leagues. Guards enterinc, (he cell' Ick " lllpn tol<1 how Mnunln al- prior to Hi- world crisis nnd lljlock found all other prisoners. Inllmldalc -him by 11. D. Douglas, negro, whose carimati"! the relief needs at about collided with the car driven by ''.'W 000.000. unless conditions con- I Mrs. Bryant on a curve tn High-itlnnc to grow worse. Senator President, Roosevelt, who had come lo Groton (Mass.) school. Ills I Owen EniS Returned way fil near Frenchman's Bayou, | Rhi»v;tead i Farmer-Labor. Minn.), own Alma MaWr, to altend graduation exercises of his fourth son.! umcu were in a large measure responslole e.xcetit Tuylor, Pentecost for 11. Rnlnes, in their cells. "Such procedure would throw a' bombshell into Ihe European areni. which would have financial and Lloyd's CcaSC Quoting economic repercussions over all, live continents and would iiostponc | itiriennijely ihe chances of wo:l;l| •ecovery." n " n ,l tliiratcning lo institute dLstar- menl proccedin;;s against him In. connection with' fees Ickes had received In an estale sclllemenl. Rates on . r I LONDON. June 5 (DPI— Lloyd's.] Insurance unncnvrlters, at (he re-' ] quest of the American Bovrrn- jDrum and Bofle Will Herald Fish Fry The drum and bugle corps of.'tlw Dud Cason post, American Legion, which | were tried Jointly, .were repre-i scntccl by Bnice Ivy. J. T. Coston r lnrvri m and distribution of the food to destitute families.! • nct U ' Frc(l Taylor sr., counsel fori me;!l "- — ••-- - •- : c. 111 • , 32 5 - 8 i the defendanls. announced Inteii-l 2 -* wide.sprend work program lo,J)t ee l Industry Labor ilion (o appeal Jdw farmers a chance lo earn „ J „ ^ . . • Court conllnucd this morning m ™ c >' wlwrc "" " ope ° f CTOpS '-"' Situation Still SeriOtlS, 40 2 1-2 37 showing John covering up as his father takes it in with a anile. ,.,«•, Hajti farmer, last September, src'r-'ciolni? a proniatlc business In ' .. ' ........... here early Inisi vrlting [policies indemifyinj appli- ,lns[X?r, Ala., by cr.nts anaii:st harm befallhig the i Deputy SherlfT Bob Ownby and rresltlenl. There were three rates, with the Irial of cases against Ihc Drown Conslniction company, brought by Gene Stulu. n white' p man, and Arthur Edinburg. a ne-' STO. each seeklnj $3.000 lor ner- e onal Injuries -sustained while in the employ of the conjunction :ompany. lost. 3—Distribution of livestock feed nnd seed. ; L S. Asks $500,000 for Lightship's Loss rein/lied ns from will parade here Thursday night on as a reminder lo war veterans local post is holding a iCxt Tuesday night for the Blytheville Tigers i, sponsored by the post. :orps will also parade at (he Osceola b«ll park Sunday af- (crnoon preliminary to the ball j Constable Morlcy Kemp. 'one. ngalml the president's death 5tll<lv Hours and WagtS Chicago Wheat open high low close July 95 :-2 101 1-8 95 1-2 100 3-4 Sept SI 1-4 102 96 1-2 101 7-8 Chicago Corn Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 5 (UP)~ Colton fulures showed pronounced Mrength lodsy In sympathy with rising grain and stock prices and closed nearly a dollar and a half higher. open high low clo^ 1163 1192 1101 1190 1185 1215 1181 1212 1196 122 1192 1224 July Oct Dec Jan March close I May open high low July 54 1-8 57 1-4 53 3-8 M 5-8 S«pt 55 7-8 59 3-8 55 3-8 58 3-4 28 1200 12280 • 12M 1211 1239 1245 1250 1245 1258b Spots closed steady at 1200, up i WASHINGTON. June S <UP>—• NEW YORK. June 5 tUP) — | Gen. Huph S. Johnson was iifgot-jThe federal BOvernmcnt todav filed game . between the Blytheville Tigers and Osceola Engineers. The coolrs of the local legion post will Fnis was arrested tit Jasper, his I in office by assassination or acci-ibc carried in the parade. former home, about a week ago.'dcnl. 5 per cent; two, against! . Papers for his extradition to Mis--drain in office from ordinary! Pr'lish tn See OntUw Hones smiri were signed Saturday. caiifes. 7 1-3 per cent: three,j CHEYENNE, Wyo. lUP) — The rai:tiouslv todav. seekinc "i a $500.0.10 llbei action against the I Enis. who disappeared the day against the president's Incapacita- pick of the West's top hands and _ — .. .,.,] | rasis for settlement ot the stcrljWhlt" £tnr liner Olympic as alof Ihe fatal shooting of Faulkner.. (Inn. 12 3-5 per cent. l.tcrr.e of the uorst outlaw hp-ses in Lotion ItXtllC BlulS strike threat. [result cf (he sinking of the light- Is expected to plead self defense.. ll-ncwn are on their way to Eng! The NRA administrator, who had ! !hi P Nantncket. wllh a loss of sev-l •—• j"_ . _. land, (here to astound the alolld WASHINGTON. June 5 <TJPl-. a lengthy conference with PreM-1" 1 »««. on the morning of Mtyl jKainS find Ihreat of N'RA will exert pressure lo reduce Idem William V/. In-in of the U.! 15 ; horrs and wages In 1h3. S. Steel company yesterday, was The libel action, under ndmlral- Taxpayers Board Will Elect New Chairman cotton textll Industry If studies j expected to announce Ihe"'(rend l l' I™'- n " s tno effect of a licni Elect New prove these measures nre war- of development late today. l on tlle 46.000-ton vcss-^l. which ranted, Administrator Hugh S. Johnfon said today. •"•" Studies of hours, waces, production were part of the strike i settlement terms agreed upon Sat-; iirday. and they have been under-' taken bv NRA's research and plan-. ning division. i The growing seriousness of lhej m In New York this cven-j OSCEOI.A, Ark., Jur.e 5.—A sue- Drouth Hereabouts Britishers with their darln? and (rick riding. The party mimbeii arout fifty. Tivo-th!rds of an inch of rain I lust night, followed by more today,] jr (o the late R. E. Lee Wl!-, brought relief lo ,the mlncLi of I WEATHER Lslrke thrcal was emphasized by', ~^ ,,„ ,__ . ... The aciio: ni..„„!-•• ~ ----iniunu,.... i—rr- ,• . Nffmphis and vicinity—Partly uijmpic. i T1)e nfw chairman will he chos-l. The rain was sufficient to give cloudy tonight thundershowers to- The United States district court i Fn f r0 m the following members the ground a thorough soaking. n i.|,> , nt i \v«dnesdav Tas asked to direct ihe Olympic's! of , hf executive board: J. L. Wil- While crops here were in no im-j ' owners to talisfy this claim. [iiams and J. T Coston. Osceola; mediate need of additional mois- Tlie maximum temperature her« •—— |j. w. Spnnn, Luxora; L. G. By-.ture, lawns and gardens will bene-1ye^lerc'ny wxs .91, minimum 68, A merchant saM—"I lose money j" SPOKANE. Wash. (UP)— Dingicrley. Leachville; C. C. Langston. fit and corn Is freed of the dan-.clear, with .65 of, an inch raln- .lomfr | Crosby, Hollywood crooner, is an Number Nine: C. G. Smith, Bly-,ger of damage which would have,fall last night, according to Som- HnHrtwfk Best for Oreiron VAI.E. Ore. IUP>— The iiblciult- ous hollyhock was selected as the flower best suited to grow in this fall lo have every Vale rcsidenlj. said to him, "If I lose my jnb luncle'twicc, Twin girls werc^bornlthcvllie: Chauncey Dcnlon, \Vlilt-jresultcd had the hot, dry weatlwr|uel P. Norris, official weather ob- grow a bloom. —ron'll lose my trade." to his brother Ted's wife. ton. 'lasted nutoh longer.

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