The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1931
Page 4
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(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THE BIATHRVILLE COUKIBU MOWS TUB COUTUKH NEWS CO., r<JUUSH£K3 0. R. BABCOCK. idftor U. W. H&INKS, Advertising Manager %1( National Advertising The Tiomas F. Clari Co. Inc., New York, j-'hlladclnhio, Atlanta, Dallss, Ball Antonio, Baa ?*aucbco. Chicago, Bt-. Louts. Published Every AIMnxxm Except Bunduy. Entered as- second class matter At the post office m •Elythevllle. Arkansas, under act ol Congress October 9, 1917. ecived by the United Press sunscniTTio.v KAI.-ES By carrier ID the clly of lilythcvlllo, lie per week or SO.SO per year In ndvnncc. By mall wltlitn a rsdluj of 64 mUcs, $3.00 per year, J1.50 for fix months, 85c for throe months; ay mail In postal rones txo to six. Inclusive, 1C SO c.r jv»f. in'iones seven i^d eight-, $10.00 per, payable In ertvanco. Dibunfyng Great Men It v.'oultl be interesting lo know just why the genera! run of miiiikiml is ill- ways fo cnger to see gr;al men toppled ofi' of their poiiestaK Uiojjiaplier.s hi reci'iil ye-ars li.ivu (Uscovorei! llutt such a:i c.'t.'i'onu.-s ex- i ipts, and have (;:];i, : n aclvimtujicj ol' it. .The most -itrikinjf current work in tin's 'lield is Kdr-inr Leo Hasicrs' lil'i: of Lincoln, in which the Civil War presi- drnt is pictui'Od as 1111 egotistic and s!:al!o\v politician, fumUlinj; and incompetent ; but tins book i.-; only one amonjr many. George Etiinger iimt-R J. C. N'eep recently wroto :t life of Britain's Admiral Nelson, depicting him as :t small man, mean, vain and disoliodi;ni. A popular biography uf President von Hindenbui'g last year displayed the famous German as a somewhat dull and pompous figurehead. Marshal Joflre of France has been given tin 1 , same (rcat- 'mtnl. The George Washington biographies of a few years ago are probably too well remembered to need discussion; • It is not especially to the point-in '. this connection to inmiire whether or not the attacks in these biographies . ar; justified by the evidence. The point,, is that the books v.-cre and are successful. People hurried to buy and read them. You car. always make a stir, and sell a lot of books, by discovering that r^ninc popular idol had feet of clay. Why should that bs? Pevhtip- it is clticlly because a great maM-^gyej^illx. one whose life is a jrenernfion' "or .~o removal from ii"— tend:; to [row unreal, to look lik? a figure out of an old-fashioned slate painting. \Ve see Washington, for example, r.ot as a human being liul as a dignilied and imposing de-ni-god, poi#ctl in a boat in the ice-stnwn Dolawaro or seated loftily ou a self-conscious horse. To lean: that he .swore like an angry artilleryman at the battle of Monmotilh, or tliat he was mildly fond of strong li(|iior and pretty ladies, is to put th? bboii of life into Ms vein?. We feel our own kinship with him strengthened. • Yet there seems to he nior.i to it than that; and part of it, perhaps, is a growing belief that men generally are somewhat less r.obk 1 and capable and \irUious than they are supposed to be. This age lias been badly disillusioned in scvcml. ways, ;i;id eynk-i.-m is inon; prevalent than i.vcr ln-foro. We havi: sten corruption, incompetence and petty scheming on the part of so many of our own public men that wo assume all lii'i'ow D|' Hie old day.-: must have: beun of li;e fnma >tripu. It i.s hard for us to unilcrslaml an era that could demand lender* of a loftier kii:il; so,, by liolitllinir legendary ({realises.-;, we make past liistory understandable. —Bruce CJtttoji. Lot's Quit Bcilyachiiu; I I)'-:-: 1 , in em;, .nticti <;1 Aikaira:. (Sur- lily the b't Ih:;ty c'.'iy.-: :i;:ii have checked from first-hand kur.v/lixlgi 1 cuiull:!ons. 1 know how you farmers art f:'.c!irj thlnsjs. I know that (here is more l.-nd \>'.m. t-d and ready for crops at this time of year th;m any year In ii:iiny. I l:i:cv. !:iii r . i^:.rdin^ nr-: out. fccil cropo lux 1 belli;; planted, fcnc;' tuv.H ckancd rind 'urai biili'.ani;.'; repaired man 1 than ever kcfc/ic. 1 know that a iv.i'.jcrity cl" ynn f.-ilor>'j li.iv. 1 yo:ir faces to ihc rl«iiii: :.un inxi v..ili run:'ivc".l hi.p 1 ^ are fjolnrj abxui'. pl.inni:i:: iii:d liopinf; and piinl- ing fcr' nnotl'.i i- yt-ir. Bui I alfo l:nuv: i:i ;. ::ir ii'.id-t ariion;; li.r (iry coods phiio" upiv :'-• <>\ .vjine ot" y^in- I;,.,!!, tlicrc ar: :i la of ij':i;. .'t::! rs. A lol o. ii:::-:-i would like tn sit hack anil let the govci!!i::iMi! _THURSDAY, MARCH C, 1931 SlDIi GLANClilS ]3y George Clark j^_" "^^^_ ._.--- i J tj cr some good agency t.'ie rc-;t of their lives. !a!:c cave of llieai for Some of yon fellows h.ivi' (alien ilov.u on the Job. You've tried la p:;y yc:;r bills, sciioul ycur children, make your living and keep Hie \vc;; from (he door with twenty acics of cotton and nothing else. You |:I:CTV batter. Why do.i't yon do better? .V, ,y. ,-,-, Let any fanner In '.hi.- ycr.r 1031 hn;i.; his head In sluiini; and adinii that he is no! worthy nt the name of farmer If he falis in pioviaing liict this yea.- ;cc:l for Die home and feet! for the livestock. Heaven forbiil that the time will ever ccmc ajjaiii whan Arksii'ns fanners will have to risk the people cf tho nation to con- irltmte sn that they may be fed. Many of yon fellows are no; to blame for the system that has t.a-n fastened r.pan •• OH. Fcv: o' yen are in any way r;s;:oiislblc for the financial rlcbaclc which tied up osir credit and prevented these who inicht have helped tliem- silvcs from doing it. Dill, by all tha f , is liiuh nr.t! lioiy. \vc can sv.'cav ;.s cltLem to charge thst sy:,tcm ;ind chan^o tiio.s: conditions ^o the future Vi-lil net find a rep:titicn of it. Let's quit bellyaching. L=fs take tht; lesion to heart nnd biiiid more soundly for she future. — Stanley Andrews In Arknims Fanner. fe:--^: 1 '/ /'. f '' ' 4 ' •!.-*, '^.i-'.V' s .* j 10, Never wear very licavy ui clothln;; or ctcst protectors, in winter, uso woolen underclothin in s:;mmcr, ordinary ccltc'i u»f-*1' clothing. ..... ll.lyjt, your [-hoes u c stiut. air' warm in winti-r and wear warm • v.colen tocks by all means, Woolen sucks nv night arc cft?n •, (jrc-at. comfort. In winter, a llinac'l shirt, Is much ina-'s comfortable I Ilitn anything eke. When sllthv . out in winter, have an extra .v;r-"'> neaiby. ; 12. II you gel overheated nna perspire, change your t'.ollifng and rub dry. ! '13. A healthy condition of Ih'j £k!n is most iiiipjriaiit. A warm baili once or twice n wcsk if ordered by your physician is ajvis- . nLle ami a coo! sponge b.:t!i or tub bath in the inarnins !: yo-i:- <Ic.c'.or iwrmits ii. l(c::io::i'cer thiii ['.'.f water shuutii bo i-jol. b::: no: - :co cold. If yon do not have a prj >- er reaction oit;r your bJl feil cliilly cr are fcluo, Use v:v.r: i; too cu'.d. Ask ycur doctor c'jout i(. ;K:.! llixt .vein- i-cc::i cr baihrcosn ' ; wherever yon tr.kc yo-n- lxtt;i j wumi. 3! >U RE YOU'RE :kt o ?• .< •>•• v**^* • - J'-HITii^"** 1 ^^"" "^FT*» ¥;^. .':,: /^S^rrrst^Sfi J fKrS i•-•' - ^ '-*4* y '•$ • ff.if'fi -•. \^f!£iy~:Jt-,.\ ''•i.'-f '',;t jajirr"— , C3?ii '-',;-**«•---rlt^ L--iV«i > rirsl ste i tolvivc bee;i built bn tVu]i.tau ai 1903. Bui " James l2uv«eu,saJlsd. svj^f. crai\ oil jMe' v&a'-s "before. "JVovr remember, you v.on't like Ihis tloctor so much, at first. He won't act us if he thinUs van are in a very bad shape." B1HTII 1 !S-i, Antonio Al;CM Italian ]iain-! t'T. was bo:-n at C'^n-pcgio a tw.n r.:ar Mcile-i-. from which tho iramter rcccired liis name. I 'ft- was the fir?; among t!ip n:cd- cms w|. 0 dlspiayet! tliat grace portness or oflect and that com- excellence o[ design, color! mnetl CHURCH EXCUSES A, WASHINGTON i-t^- n -s e — l^V^ • — TT-n FRfflf !*! A ' mcst tefor ' 3 1:c llild SMII the /I ^ i- 1 f J- LJ 5N « (U 5 (T^ CU'-ir m- f f*.~ 1.. , (Copyrighted by Blytliavllle. Ark.) Biirlinm. will admit that my Cnurch is no'.. ' quite what it was Jifteen years ago. Almn-:' :,->fv>r, iii II 1CDks li::t nirnin S a Church ;s ar.d they a^rsed with me. But when nimosv Dcforc he had seen the almost as miieli Ivoubb L-Ecarae a ma;-'a big busings. When the li\v nnk- In n cilbir, ol any sort you can rirps-nci itpsn a Gcolchnii;!! to sit tljliti ' ROHNTV DUTC'.IKR Nl£;\ l-i'r\irc Writer WASIiKiGTO::. March 5.— Th.i l-.'.i;5e d'^c!-; :.!tyj:ic3i;:c-'.U is on- f "..•r? !i:r--.i:[>. 1 .'!n tliiun-:. It is b'-:r 11 itct !:uu tlio Constitiiltoii .sr.-n- •:;• ?at::', [Icrpii.:- tho 'ace it -;- agnin in the latest session tec.: 1 : '.!:o Sonntc met ILsnse cciiUl •:• ^.T? ar, to v;]iEti'.cr the toconil ;•> •'.'n c- r Cor.:.res5 chduli be unl::i::: i In cnntlou cr l;j kept clew. • " 'lin nnuntlr-ir.-.:. bringing Coiv;.\-- intl (lie admlnirtiB'.ien into al":vj • r .rv!e; in (he January fol! S'ciicn, has iK'jn vr.F.soil by i.-iy ' 3 overwhelininj; :'i:nt:y. '" r»eor^o \V. Xorrir. o' m~:tcrs, 1: I il-o 'J!,,,l'> le "r 1 ! I; S mvn - Ilc lvas f 1 " L-.'gin ID appoint t the founder of what is called by and tl-cy ='-rt Invcsu-a during the last r; 1 ^ tlio Par™ school of paint- j calling in witncsse?, "like as running; you consider t' \ve have avera^- commute ho . new Picaclipr a year you could expect a Church to grow very much. Then too, nearly everyone of these Preachers \«rc headstrong, C!i;\mini;iK>. ncccr.uini: .0 a damn. inn. Uu tocth. That objection, however, can Le c.v-ily brn3l:cd aside. The boy \vlio.-3 proud moilier raid. "You'll l;?ar from him ^oiue tiny," i-: r.ov; crc^iiing bTlluri:; o\cr the r.idio. A man In I'rmisylviunr. wr.s c.uiRht singing hymns as he vcbbcd a store. 7>Iaybc he thought this the proper procedure while nialiin:; a. collection. Twin llnrrs been r,nd C<oii!ig ; '. And we'll he wctc in C^Vs boat. v.!i::h four lave r.clu- The s::!c:-,:i:::eniE r-iiicc tho:o. ivii:ch io'.lcv.-.d the Civil War havjj tcun the 16th, nutlici iz'.ng Congress' c ; CRK. (-JP)- -Tv: !i'.i:nb=r f": C3:)it3 thr'nchou: th- Board, but if they do thev will G[ resolutions •('. v.T-i^h v. on lave tc-en i '"• snadcvat limit byi uf Church :nanac v/ouxi have ilmileil the r,.-L;r.:i- : Xonis tn Gel SiriMifi Is like!. 1 : 10 l;j one 01 ;!:•: :«.-•. of ihc next Connr.xr., i;i , !h ]i:T!'.inirh;y! !•. (irniiivtc liv Hnv. cr.d the iikliVicrfi i!l SHfflris'ii! -•• •i7 r.n.::i(imL'iit tl:c pericd cne man n.- cue or tvo tciii^ of f&ur yeais each 715^.' a^le term i:f anyv.-herc frc.°m' s-lffjr tc i>:;;'!it :,-:!•. = . N'rnc- et fli"E2! ; e-.c. 1 f: r ji anyv.hcrr-, although 'the; (-.''••"era'!:' p'^forni i:f 1!)12 rccom-i ^f^r.' nu'ndcd -\ one-tevni limit. | acrj -Uiniy Other I'rnnosals j hic'.i =• -•' «:• i'i-.-n. L":>iv,:ts has uc;nj un- Rei'in:; nLi::o=?.!:; i::m its nieir.- o eiiii:ov?r ii, uy :n!:cnu!n:nt,| :'--\ r:::fi;:i:' ly.'-.rrlage Knd di-j :..-.• for i!.' ri:'j:ilry. ,11 has: ci i!:ii:n pnfygsinyi icual nivi ornent, UiQujh I! ucad Cnuricr Newi Want Ans ^3 to I'niitod se?-io pcnr.i'. a rn^al! gn-u A publiFhing ho;3sc Lr.on to npcn in New Verk wiil I?M:? boo!:-'; without tl;i> n.inic--. r,t tl:c autlior.v Thir, untlcubfrdiy v. ill writers cfintcinplatin^ racy h:'>;jv;ipii'.:^ of M'.c rjrcat. 1 .:! ^'hlch vvi!! ivrs. ns:;:-!ly lie •: iu 1 •* ir. i n d rn L~ the aiiparcnt '.-.:-. object ( ; :;:-.-: cc::^ t ; 1 1 .' l :er-n uv.c! lh;t; ;hi: c &:-s.-ia:. • '-.ijl '^o Into : lift] .i-.M 1 :;:!)!:,- mnnt — ::: n'.l I ho n - ,n;- rc-iirlr 1 ..'rc;l I'.a :rv :|..-- :!. tc vilfy i jci;;v v,-,tcs of Hi/.' it • :v? ft:!-.-:.-,.; th ; - ; ];.•:.- r...r;nf. lyiu-h:-.:. to .... -i-.i!- : tin- pwcf ::! C;;r-.>: Ic iV'' 1 :". 1 .' ;'iiv< w::r in f:i\or of prj'.:: ':• hrrr. I'l-U.r^c nf the ^r.atc. OUT OUR WAY SEE. —VOU'RE ~f\-\' AM \-\f\\-\ ? AM' WOU GOT v-UK-'i P-IXtD •so ^/oo CM CLAP HIS Trt' FEATHtP ovj T" TTCv<Ui uAvjCiH f\T IliuLs for T Shown yi.jii.- ura Di your . r.. T, '.•••.:•.:• ;!:• ;>•!;.].! is n:- d.'.cii-r. . 'ir ]V.: .ib :.: ix'.'il: 1 . 1 ;•, TV) n,-.: tnko rratiin; n::;t:cr : j UUic. Siinlrs ami l.r.:.i-i',r :n.- r.ct. in n rested i r: • '-vhrn tired. o( IV,: ] .cp citc'.ic.. t'j lie A OME -blOHD MEASURED IN Suppose for a moment chat advertising' didn't exist —that there were no trado-Riarked goods —that every thing-you bought had looks or feel or.taste. • to be judged solely by its imagine youioelf setting' out to do the morning's ahoppins- under such conditions.You'd drive down the street, looking in windows lor the articles you needed - the blouses for Johnny, the half-dozen bath towels, the toilet soap, the ginger ale for tomorrow's picnic, iou'd stop, ask Questions, examine the towels, smell me soap, wondei if here was your money's worth or if you might find something better farther on. And (hough you followed this procedure mile after weary mile, you could never be sure. Computed simply in terms of gasoline and tires and shoe-leather, advertising saves you a startling sum every year. And if you add the value of your time, the amount is vastly increased. When you buy a product that is advertised you know in adVance what you will get, how much it costs and where you can obtain it. That is why, in millions of modern homes, the newspaper advertising columns are a daily guide to purchases. Read the advertisements, decide what -.-±±.::'| then buy with assurance. you need, Let udvcrlising save ?/o« iinic and money ISS^S^^^^^

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