The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1936 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1936
Page 9
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MONDAY, AUGUST io, HLYTH13VILr,E, (AUK.) COU1UEK NEWS Hou can GET WHAT YOU WANT /w/w /^ WANT AD5 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION l>ai;y rale per line for eon»«eu- Ive Insertions: lino time pel Tine ............ !0o itvo times per line per d»y .. Wo toilh rate per line ........ «0o Minimum cnarge 60s iliree times per Hue p,n d»y . Blx times per line per da? . . Aa* otfltreo. K>r tnres or times and stopped before expiration will be charged [or the num ber of times the ad appeared Mid ••Jjuslrnent of bill made. Ail cmssineo. Advertising copy Mtaultted by persons residing o'lit- ilde ot Hie city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be iwlly computed trim above tfcble. Aavrrtis'ms ordered lor irregular insertions take the one time rate No iMponabmty will t>e taken' tor more than one incorrect lu- wrlion of any classified ad. 06t . OSc Business Directory Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN Lost Two white faced Red Hcrford COWS. Uucral reward. C. 11. Whistle. Chicago Mill farm. 10-kl-i shin i>y J. W. I'AKKKK- TKIICK UNt Dependable Daily. Service to and From Memphis Keep Freight Money al IIon1 ?,, Call 127 809 W. Ad! St. Complete course in typing, shorthand, bookc'eiiing. Also review shorthand class. Prices ra 'y ."'P'": sonablc; All's. I,. M. Burnett o 'all 824 W. r Personal \ff GET VIGOR AT ONCE! New O'llrcx Tonic Tablets coiilain raw oyster invif- orulors and other stimulants One (lose peps n]> organs, glands Jf not delighted, maker refunds ' few cents paid. Call, write Klrbi Uros. Drug Store. AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced — Confidential PAYMENTS liKDOnED No co-s'ujnc'rs. J'ust Bring car an registration card along. U. W. MULLINS ."'^biiry Dldff. I'lionc 435 id the benefit of summer prices. Fill Up Now My Coal Is Black But I Treat Yon \Vhlte' LOCAL HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN— I'lIONB 107 Mrs J. J. Davis—Spene«r Corscllcrc Call 421-W lor appointments FRESH R'Elri.FOOT CRAPME ;!5c Per Order- SALESPERSON Wanted: One wlio 1ms had truln- with a national sales orenn- zatlon, with travellnB experience ircferi'ed. No preference as to , or whether- man or woman but. MUST be experienced and .indeistaiid priuciiiles of salesmanship; _ willing to follow Inslruc .ions and have a good hanclwrlt- . To call on ;\U local residences business houses and earn $30.00 weekly. quired. Will advance $12.00 a week. Steady employment. Apply in own handwriting •;lallnu experience. P. o. Box :nu utylhc- vllle. LOW PRICES Make !%e Values Kvt'i'y one of Ihi'so cnrs liricnl low enough to sent CiMtuinc Hni'Biiliis. Sec 'I'livm inul Try Them Out Tdcliiy! i!>33 ciir.vitoi.i:'!' co A on'. IHaek Oulor. IWIloon Tires. Looks :inil llnns^ (iooil. Only ............ I^t35 1' COACH S«25 193-1 l-'OltI) TtmOK 5JW offices. Coil No air re- 1930 OAK I, A NO SEU'AN. , A Ki'iil liny S 1!) South Africa Builds Reserve Flying Force OAI'CTOWN. (Ul>)-Ohc ilion- s»ml students arc Io bo greeted from tlu- universities of South Africa 1 for (ruining for Hie new Air FOITO Reserve which t'ne deptn'l- nu'iil of defense of the Union Clov- vrnmein lias tU'i'Uied to form. The pilots ure to be trained nil llw rule o( 200 a year, ivml Iho I\B- purtment will iiltllirc the services of tlie lig'nt |ilimu clubs for build- in;; u]) tills reserve. It Is considered Hint the scheme will not only provide the govern, iiidit with an 'Air Force Reserve, bul that It will encourage.the cs- InbllslimetH of Jlylnif clubs In towns where they do not exist now. A 1 Hungarian scientist, working In ll;uubur h '. Germany, hus (Icmiin- »trnlc(1 thai benzol, mixed with water, will produce sloivnv at a lom- IxraUiro so much l)rlo\v ordinary water thai Ciennn.ny could ellect a coal saving of 4050,000,000 u year In generation of steam, The level of the oceans would have, to i>e lowered 10,000 feH to bring back an even dlstrltnillpn of territory for marine and land lid KI.KCTRU) A AcKTVtKNK~ Though II Ims irioro Ulan 3,000,000 acres of woodland, Oreal Brit- nln, BI'OW'S only about G per cent of (lie linnbei' It uses. A nie of H.OO foreign staiuliirds, speellkatlonv and related material Is kept-in the American SUiudnrds Association library. ronn rit:K-vji' TIU'JCK S300 I/tort Gas 10.8C I'er Gallon HARRY At the Arch Sl'iifc' tine Eggs, Poultry BABY cTllCKS-Iiiood Tested Barred Rocks, White Rocks, II. I Reds, White Leghorns, $7 per hundred, Postpaid. FRANKLIN COUNTY HATCHERY, Union, Mo. DECOR AXING. Expert Floor Sanding and Finishing'. JOHN W.-ritJRTON, E;ist Ark Builders Supr Mimic Z9 IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA .DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Trie GcoVgia State Savings Association of Savannah, a corporation, ami Henry J3lun, Trustee, Plaintiffs,' Vs. W. H. Btovall, ct al, Defendants. WAltNINO ORDHR. The defendant H. P. Burns and his wife, Mrs. H. F. Burns, are warned to appear iii the chancery Court for the cliickasawbn District of Mississippi! Comily, Arkansas, within (liirly days and answer complaint of the iilainllfl herein. Witness my hand as clerk of said Court and the seal thereof oil this the 201U day of July, 1030. • H. M. CRAIG, Clerk. Uy A. F. SMITH, D. C. 7-20-27-3-10 c.'iu:vi:oi,i'T TKUCIv TON Liberal trade mid Thi-onjfli the Conceal I'lnu. terms Mi>li>rs Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices 1 For Eggs & Poultry ail E. Main TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room «rt. Pianos $1 up. PHONE 964 TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO; I'HONK (133 WrccVe'r Service '- <!»» Ol'ICN AFJ, NIGHT pnir.Lii'S SXUVICH CKNTER Phones 7V7 - 810 WELWNfi \T BEST PRTCEi 'HOMPT SUIlVfOI larksdale Mfg. Co. An English society FklCkeOnt Wall Batteries BETTER BATraRY SBEVICB CallJ. B. Clune ftt Tom Jackson's Service Station Position Wanted EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHER and Bookkceucr wants position. rjood references. Eleanor Smi.h, 1315 W. Main. Cail 1936 PATTERNS LOWEST PRICES- THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. cartlicd some obsolete laws which declared. II-illcijnl to make mime pie, have a cHristums dinner of more than three courses, smoke clgarcl in the streets, or play bil- j (Heal) Hards on Sunday. ALLvnToftv IN THE CHANCERY COUUT VOli THE CH1CKASAWUA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Home Owners Loan Corporation, Plnlntiff, vs. NO. G23J ,\fnttic Mac Knlylil, ct al., De- fr-nrinnl.s, \VAHN1XO OltDKK Mattio Mac Kniuht and U. ,C. Knlliht, (Icfciidsvnls herein, arc warned Io appear in this conrl within thirty days and mister the complaint- of tile plaihtiir. WITNESS my hand as Clc-rK . oi. said Court 'and Hie seal thereof this 1st day ot August, 1OTU. ONE STOP- SBKV1CB STATION 'FOK S'OUIl CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND LUmuCATION WKKCKEIt SKKVICIC Day I'liiiiic Night I'lionc vSSS ' SSI 1 . —BATTUKY SF.UVICE —HAD1ATOU RKPAIK —iionv WOKK —l-'IiNDirrt WOKK. —GLASS INSTALLEU —AUTO VAUTS W. T. BARNETt AUTO SALES PHONE 10 Dr$, Wert A Wert OPTOMF.TRISTS Over Joe [saau' Elor* "WB MAKE 'BM SeB" rhona 6*0 The tlnce castcin. provinces of Artutcliut'lii-. are said to i e.oiilalrt 30000.000 ton:, of anthracite, 'l.- 792000,000 toiih of bltumlnoui,, aiul- "2fi,oo5,0l)tl Ions of llsnllo c6al. RADIO REPAIRING A Compleln Un» at tobn and Put* tiUBBARfi TIRE « MATTU'ir CO. rHONI ill Now Located «t 101 North ADDING MACHINE &. TYPEWFfrER SERVICE BUREAU D<»( EI)WAKlf)S, iWprietw or rebuilt Typowrltcrs, Adding Maculae* cul* la r»—Kc pal rl nf—I'urlt—K Ibbohi ing Fall See Blyth eville Blyiheville Co- Afk. PHONE 40" '»A\VN mowers shaVpcned the 1 Meal way on the Ideal 1 Mower grinding machine. Guaranteed job only $1. Bljllicvillc Maciilnc Shop For Sale Good Used Trucks 193-1-V8, J",-i ton truck 103-1 Chevrolet I'.-i ton truck 1A3 Intcriiiitionul I'll ton truck & trailer 1C35 International IVi ton truck & trailer 'f. Ion International Pick Up TERMS Delta liripletoierits, Inc. Keep KooJ With Hunter Eleclric Fans ' ; Hiibbard Hdw, Co, ICB COM) WATBKMELONS AHKMO ICE l'5,AN r r_ Khcinlander 3-tloor Porcelain rc,- frigcrator Reasonable. ' H. J. Klcindienst, 107 Sixth. 3-c-l:-la GROCERY and trade. Leaving Courier. Market. Good slate. Bos 10, •ip kll WANTED — AM. . KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to; $5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4V4c. Ib. Coppc- Wire, 4c to 6c IB. Radiators, 4%c "ft. HIDES & FURS v WOLF PHONE 176 128 E'. MAIN Real Estate For Sale: Comer lot E. Kentucky near Park. TERMS.' P. T, Elder % Dell Cafe, West Memphis, Ark. ANTIQUE soda fonntain. Mrs. W. B. McNwllin, 6'ja W. Main I-tf f Slightly used FACTORY BOAT and late model Johnson Sea Horse 12 U. 1>. OUTBOARD MOTOR, S°od shape, $100 cash. Paul ISyrum. a-clt-lt FOR SALE B room house, hath- I>-""E C lot Across from lii'eh and grade schools.' Chcaiicst taxes in town. Could be made inlo apartment. BOD Chickasawb , dh U FOR SAL! Several Ihousarid acres soutlie'ast Missouri rich alluvial. colto.n A: cbrn lands. Arty sizfc tract..TERMS LIKE RENT. Everett H. Gee. Dodge ,t rtymoath Dealer II. M. CRAIG, Clerk, . liy Eli/iibelh Uoddy, D. C., A URKAK I'LL JUS' SLIP UP THERE 1. AM' HAVE A LOOK - WELLj WHADVA KMOW ABOUT THAT/TH' PiWOSAURS MAVE OOP AW HIS PARTY ,r^.ifo a-' QM TVI' OTHr ; R HAMD, I ALMOST 60T TO-ITS COMIKJ DARK PRETTY QUICK ClKJCH/HOWyTHATl CAM'T FOLLOW OOPS TRAIL TILL THO'SE CRITTERS MOUE _OM- MAVBE I CAM CIRCLE V EM AW' PICK UP -fM' TRAIL OM TH' OTHER SID& OF 'EM, WOTCU OR TWO ROK>K>\M /VLV. vooo OY.N.E*.SERVICE, IJiC.. T. M. BED. U. S. PAT. OFF. _ BOO'!'S Male r'or Rent HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO OWN a' cbfKe agency netting yon U]i to $-15 first week? I'll send cv- e'rylhlng you need on. 30-day No. Moncy-H'isk Trial. Nc\v FoM S6- — da'n given as bonus: ' Details Ircc. Albert Mills, 320 Monmoulh, Cincinnati, o. FURNISHED ROOMS, llione 8HJ Hire. Ted Green. 7-pk-13 For Rent—Furnished Apartment. 108 W. Ky., Phone 683, Elva Poc 4-p-k-ll APARTME'NT—5 rooms, bath. 1st class condition. S22!50. Mrs. Matt Monachal!. Phone 468 J. 3-c-k-tf MAN. rcliaVjlc, to become an automobile and accident data! adjuster In your territory. Insurance experience unnecessary. No' selling. Write Associated Adjusters, Milwaukee, \Vis. WASH TURKS Furn. Apartment In Shane anplex at 1114 W. Ash. Call WT or duplex npnrtmenls. Bess Hall. Phone 280. loam & bath imturnished apartment, 125 W. Kentucky. Newly decorated. Phone 764. I 1 '. Sinlon. S room lurnlsherl B|»vlwei\t, 645 Filth St. Call 142. 21-c-k-tf 4 Room Furnished Apartment. 1011 W. Ash. Vacant Aug. 1. .Call 4«W. Mrs. M. O. Goodwill. 226 ktf bedrooms for permanent transient gnesU. Bess Hali*-611 w STEADY WORK—GOOD PAY RELIABLE MAN WANTED' to call on tanners in Mississippi County. No expedience or capital needed. Write today, McNESS CO., Dept. K., Frccport, Illinois. I-I CAN'T HELP IT, SONNY. ITMINPtR, 'GtTS ME, I AIN'T HAD NOBOOV AST P£R A PATE IN-6UlP-T\VEMT</ 4EiRS, AM' THEN AN'ELEGAMr SENT UKE MR, HOUI5 VV.M.115 COMES A.IONG AN- IF- VOU WROTE TKAT NOTE-IF THIS tsbWE O 1 VOUR BUM JohcK -J u MURDER VEl ' i,ui,u i5i;i,i,r; GETS_SKKIOUS! (GLOW BE? THIS PANS THING'S > G1TTIN 1 WE ALL A'FLUTTER.. X By Cram VCUWG LADV, I WANT£R BUV ME A GOWM- NOT A N1GKTGOWN,BUT ONE ER THEM PLUFFV THIN6S-FER, PARTIES. AMD |F VE SO MUCH AS SMILE/I'LL SMACK. . VER SILLV ' ~ FACE. .OPPORTUNITY Good crops aiid prices assure Wat- khis Dealers In rural sections MR moiioy I'nfs fall, openins now in N. 'Mississippi county for reliable uiiin wllh car \ylio can furnish references. Write Sale's Mnnagsi' Keens; % Tlie J. R. Waftlns Company, Memphis. Tenn. . , Wanted WANTED: Party jrt ea'stern Artan- sis to invest 1600 In new line o'l candy business. Sure money maker. Write or come to we me. W. J. FRECKLES AND i HIS FKIENOS MORE THAN THAT, PERHAPS! Cook, 3378 Powell, Memphis. Tenn. 10-pk-H THOSE MEM V/HO PaLLOV/ED MJU 1)4 THAT OUTBOARD WILL CROSS YOUR COURSE AGAW.. -THEY'RE THE BABIES I aWFISCATIKIG THE ELTS IS OWLV ART OF MY JOB I AIM TO ATCH THE MEM WHO ARE AFTER ^it>U TAKE THE "PELTS' COMIWG ABOARD WITH us? 'V/E BE TO' OW'OURTPIP? .. Yfep.'THEy PROBABLVi \V ILL GO DO//N THE [ RtVER AVJ' NVAfT FOR THIS BOAT-THEN! IS WHEN WE'LL I GEE/IWS TRIP PROMISES TO BE MORE GOSH, I BET Eyeu BE MORE excrr- IWGTHAH WE THOUGHT'WE THOUGHT 1 .!

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