The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1945
Page 3
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JUONDAY, JANUARY 2<UMG ;' Clinic Planned For Livestock Specialists To Hold Disease and Parasite Control Program A Livestock Disease mid Parasite Control Clinic will be hold in tlic Vocational Building at Wilson to, morrow at 1:20 p. in., according to v". V. Maloch, county agent of South ; Mississippi Comity. Loss to livestock growers, in Mississippi County in 1014 WHS extremely large, and us n rule, the loll is heavy oach year, to make (his clinic of wide interest, it was pointed out. The following men will nssist willi the meeting: Dr. J. S. Campbell slate vcteriniirlnn, assisted by C I,' Campbell from Lederlee's Laboratories, both of whom will have charge of the discussion on disease control. These men will stress symptoms nnd control of such disease ns Bang's, anthrax, blackleg, and cholera. There were n few eases of anthrax in the county last year and swine diseases 'were very prevalent it lins been pointed out. Dr Campbell will be in position to discuss various diseases and control measures in relation to Mississippi County. '' The life history and liabit.s O f parasites, which cause much loss in livestock production, will be discussed by Dr. Charles Lincoln, extension entomologist. Programs of treatment and control will b« outlined by both Dr. Lincoln and Dr Campbell. Outlook information will be discussed by M. w. Multlrow extension animal husbandman. A few of the points that Mr. Muldrow will likely cover are as follows: maximum gains wilh minimum feeds killing condition as it relates lo marketing, culling present herds and pastures. Livestock production in Mississippi County will continue lo increase provided the and parasite hazards arc minimized, it is said. To make the livestock program successful rcciuii-cs careful sludy. and the supplemental income will pay good dividends with successful programs, according to extension agents. There is an urgent need for as large n volume of meat as possible from the number of available animals in this county, with food production quotas to be hard to meet wilh the present labor supplv believed. SLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS TOON X WASHINGTON it is Temperatures Atlanta . Augusta . Birmingham Charleston . Charlotte . Chattanooga Chicago . Cincinnati . Denver •. *'. Detroit Jacksonville . Tallahassee Kansas City . Macon Memphis . Miami Montgomery . New Orleans New .York San Antonio Savannah . Tampa Washington . Dallas . ...... Houston . .. Jackson . ... Little Rock . Elirovcport . Hi Low 81 ... C3 ... 03 ... 57 ...62 ... 55 ...20 ... 1G .. . 14 .. . 68 ...35 . .. G3 ... 14 ...75 ....CO ... 85 ... .14 ...53 ... 63 ...75 ... •!! ...45 ... 60' ...60 ...42 ...52 Swan Song of The 1000 Club HV I'KTKU KDSON NKA \VaNhinglon Correspondent WASHINGTON, D. C., Jan. 20- You might ns well know Hie full slory on the 1000 Club payoff, and how Its 2B1 members bowed themselves out .of the political picture la bin blowout al Washington's new Statler hotel, marking (he wlndup of the Fourth term Inauguration lack-of-ccrenionics. Appro.vmifitely 275 out of the 291 paid up members of Hie 1000 Club came to Washington for the inauguration, and though they had collet-tod only about a third 'of the million dollars the club founders had hoped to (jet, Uicy found they still had some $3-100 in the treasury. When party leaders suggested the money be turned Into (he Democratic National Committee to keep the parly machine running till 1948, the club leaders said nothing doing. They had been told (hat thev were going to throw a lot of weight around, and by golly they were going to make a splurge If they had (o pay for it themselves. So the 291 member 1000 Club decided to give themselves a banquet and to see what'a real 1000 Club would look- like if they had one, they decided In invite every celebrity and near celebrity they could rope, lie or otherwise lay hands on, to the number of 1000. No tickets would be sold, the food would be free, ami lliey would build up a lot of good will. •run CHECK: SGIS;; By actual count, there were ill tickets put out. The breast of guinea hen dinner cosl 55 a plate, o $5555, plus $375 for Ihc President!:) banquet room and S175 for the Congressional banquet room adjoining. Sum total, $8155. The programs were the size of r news magazine, though not so thick At, Ibat, these menu "cards" were IB pages plus a four-page brislle- board cover. 1'rintcd in blue and Bold ((he club colors?) and bounc by a red-wliite-and-bhie cord, (he) must have cost at least half a buck apiece imd that line, "This book was printed in compliance wilh wartime regulations on paper conservation," was conspicuously absent. Thai wasn't the only thing con- pro"Dis- inJs the spicuously absent about this gram. A whole raft of the tinguished Guests" whose .. and stations were printed in program was also conspicuously absent. Nine columns of mcmbershil list revealed only about a dozer names of national prominence. Mis. Roosevelt was there anc General and Mrs. Marshall. The nciv Vice-President was there ami on his very iirst day and night in office got broken in on his long four years of being distinguished ;uest and a maker of brief remarks at banquets. 'Henry Wallace for a change had his first night, off 14 J and how he must have enjoyed it 'i j But the Honorable Justices of the Supreme Court stayed away en masse, the Navy was represented by Ihc mere Commandant of thccoas't Guard ad Secretary of Agriculture Claude Wickard, bless his Hoosier heart, was the only cabinet member w loyal or so innocent that he didn't join those ulio stayed away. George Jcssel presided as master-of ceremonies, und said he-en- IN MEMORY of Mack D. Brvcnns who passed this life. January 20. 101.1. We have missed your loving advice and your lender smile, but God kneiv best when he took you home to rest. In the Bible we arc told of a city built of gold: God prepared it for his children here. In that home (here is no night for the Savior is (lie liqht. We shall meet you there, my dear. Wife and children. Cmitler News Want Ada. ?rvlrop3 in each nogtril ojiwi clogged nose, you 'brcatho freer. Caution: Uso oaly as -lirootcd. PEHETflO NOSE DROPS PILES May Often Lead toJISTULfl rKEE BOOK — Explains Causes, Effects and Trcalmcnt Thousands of sufferers could save themselves from much humiliation and prevent serious illness by taking proper treatment in time. Write loday for a copy of a 40- page FREE BOOK which explains Piles, Fistula, other rectal ailments and associated colon and stomach conditions.' It. may saye you time and trouble. Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 1372, 92G McGcc St., Kansas City, Mo. NOW LOCATED 107 West Main (Xc.\l Door To Cily Super Market) Foster's Liquor Store WHISKIES—WINES—MQUERS Phone 21Z7 GUARANTEED TIHE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing «nd Tire Repair WAD£ GOAL co. N. II«7. 61 CEIUNG PRICES Phone 2291 G OATS FSELD SEEDS — GARDEN SEEDS SPEAR Poultry, Dairy and Hog Feeds Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main St. , -Blytheville, Phone 856 joyed Ihc dinner bemuse ho had been to the white House for lunch mid never had so few chickens got mixed >i|> with so much celery, Mrs. Roosevelt toppeil (Hal one later i>y saying she was^lart to know there hud been any chicken at all in Hint salad because by the lime she mill Mrs. Truman sat down for a bl'.c after (he .thousands of hu'ltcd plnlc luncheon guests had left, she couldn't find anything but celery. NO'SINATHA Prank Sinatra was another celebrity who was supposed (o be there but wasn't. Weather— not do^s -kept him from flying in but it was no low because (he 37L'n<! Infantry glee club sanij war .songs and the fatar-Spanglcd Haniier much betier than Prankie could ever have done If somebody has started a swoon at that $1000 i;ulnen-hcn-in-the-rou«h atmosphere, there's u u telling what might have happened. There still remains the little matter of finances. If tl lr irjtKi Club li<->ri only a $3-100 surplus lo begin with and this aflair cost approximately double that, somewhere. somehow, somebody must have du'4 MacArthur Untangles Rope Shortage With Recapture Of Phillippines Fields down to foot the difference transit gloria 1000 Club and escat in pace 291 suckers Sic Arkansas DAR Will Sponsor Music Contest Arkansas musicians Inive been invited to enter a contest sponsored by the state chapter or the Daughters of (he American Revolution, to set lo music a poem composed by Miss Mary A. Kluinan of Pine lilulf. winner of a recent poem contest sponsored by the same organization. Miss Klnman's poem, for which slie received a prize of $100 concerns the state of Arkansas, nnd Hie contest now open offers tho same cash award for the best music for the poem. The contest, open to anyone in the state, closes Fob 17 Anyone desiring a copy of Hie poem io set to music, may obtain it either from Mrs. F. I). Joyncr, chairman of the project for the local Charlevoix Chapter, or from Mrs. R. Perm, regent of this chapter. Luxora Exceeds Quota LUXORA, Ark., Jan, 20.—Roy L. liouck, chairman of Luxora ' ln~ [anisic Paralysis drive, announced Saturday that Luwira's quota of S250 has been exceeded by a substantial amount. «y N'I'M Service NEW VOKK.-Most war scarce of nil vital commodities, abaca, known commonly as manlla hemp may soon be off th,. short supply llsl. MarAi Hun's men move foi'wnrd hi the Philippines Ihey nre free- 1113 lands on which this crltlenl liber is grown nnd with them are .^xpi'iis who aiv arranging for Ihc ••ti'ljiping an ( i shipping o / U )L . com- Used for a mv , lt | ( | O r ninrhif ,asKs, the fiber has been scarce -ihicc llir- ,iii|i s seized the Philip- Pines. Over iio pc;- oent of all abaca «as grown in lhi> islands before Ihe war. Nearly all the manlla hemp . •'<•» Into (hi- united states goes Into the iiuiimfaelinv of ropes and cables for , s ),|p s . „ ls )m , lcll . liifly ucll .Milled f(, r (|,i s ,, so hnv . ni8 (i high degree of resistance to sea waler: (tin-ability n , H | t( , n ., cUy . Su nhienl did ibe .shortage of the em-d ; , n e lib,, | )m)mc nfu>| . lhc i»u til 111*011. ili.-il substitutes, KCH- <T»I >' inferior in ibe Philippine product, had („ i,,, uswl Oll 1,^,,,, «n« merchant s |,ip s . Seventeen plants pti.dneliig ineffictenl European-type \ mn]> wm . ,. oas!nK . (t , ( | by Ihe cjoveinmeni. in tho midwest, ihi-sc prodni'i.s. hoivm-r, proved iimntlsfactory for marine cordage Read Courier News Want /\tls. Get copy of II! • The ring of American stool is growing tighter round Japan ... But just where n're tho places our men are so bitterly fighting for? Follow the,news on-Esso War Map III". .. Close-up of tho Jap- 'anese' Island's, Philippines, Eastern Russia and China . „ C colors, 33"x 22". ..Free! See your Esso Dealer today for your free copy! l-ia cxperlmenlnl plantations of abaca were sun-led by the United l-nill Company in central America. Previous experimentation India I ho i, liu . h Kasl 1|U||CS •inn (In- Alnlay states had failed In C'-ntral Amorica, much lo to surprise of cordage experts, however Plnnl flourished nnd j.rciv. Abaca planting was kepi to a small "•'"Ic in Latin America because of greater cost of the fiber there npai-pd with dial O f Hie Philippine product. Wilh the mil of Mln- (iniino largesl producing Lslnnd, ;:«''!>' u 1S.I2, ln ,i itnrv nu ihorH!es ecu cstcil the United Fruit C o.n;a- »> lo begin extensive plantings '» i annum. Costa nieii, Honduras nnd iJiiatenial.'i. This ye.-n-'s crop Is es- I'cctcd io amount to 05.000,000 pounds, iipproxlmately two-lhitds 'mill nnport.s from the Phil- Abaca plnntins succeeded In Ccn- liai Ameiicii, ncconlini; to scient- «ls b..r:nise t|, e c ,| tlm(c ihm , s iiniiir lo that of the Philippines niKlbimitise nlnnliiig was done from su:k«!i-f. rntlici- than seeds. The djacn plant is very similar to the biiiiaim piam fouml througlimit Central America. __VVhcn Japan ionkjhc Philippine., RE PIZEPARRD toi-olicvorijWs'acliy muscle's, Boro Ilironf with .,(. .los.-i,|, Aaplrin. world'., fciii'rnt- 111.'. No uspirni ran do more for you. Visit Uu In Our NEW BUILDING Located nt J21 E. Main St. T. I, SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Paris & Service I'll K. Main Phone Jim C'lionsc Vanr VALENTINES Wliilo slacks complete! arc new anil i'riccil 10 C to SI The Gift Shop Modern & Ar.tlqne Glfti MOSS BRYAN S U R P L AT PRIVATE SALE! Having leased the Sam Edrington Farm near Butler, Ark., I offer the following Farm Equipment at Private Sale. This property can be seen at the Edringfon Farm. 1 Model A Jnbn Dfcre Tr.irtor 1 Model II. Farmall Tractor 1 F-20 Farmall Tractor 3 Scls Tractor Cultivators 2 Scls Traclor Blisters I Farmall Tractor llisc.s 1 Farmall I'oisomnr; ,1[ a cliinc I John Deere Tractor Slower I I'armall Tractor Mower 1 Farmall Cullipachcr I Farmall May Baler 1 John Deere Combine, II-A 1 John Dccrc Trailer 1 New Trauler 1 Join, llccrc Hammer Slill 2 John Dccrc 2 bottom Tractor Vlows 2 Dig Wagon licils 8 Wagons 6 Small Wagon Ucds 20 Mulc.s 12 Mule Cultivators • 1 Section Harrow 1 Mule Mower 13 Sttilc one-row Planters 12 Nlilr: JirMkiiiR 1'lows 0 Mule Middle Busters fi Mule Double Shovels 1 Hump Kakc I .Siilc Drlivcry It.-ikc 1 Hay Loader Z Miilr 2-row John Dccrc Tin nlcr.s 300 Plow Points, all sires. Soy Deans, 200 bushels, more or less Cnllo:i ,Sccd, ahoiil \i (oils Corn, about 2000 liusbcls I Wheelbarrow Hccilcr Alfalfa Hay, as tons Cotton Poison, -1000 pounds I Tractnr .Sl.ilk Culler, two ,UH II Hereford Heifers, Springers 1 Hereford Bull, registered I Milk Cows 4 Yearling Steers 121 Hogs, some will) Tigs 1 Pump Grease Gun \iinieioiis oilier ilcms. W. E. WALLACE OWNKll \Var-sninr iiiiinlla licmp li:is lii-on i-cii.i|iliiri><l hi tin- l'lilli[i|ilni> s . Is thylux an i;ick\ inilviilr n .| ; ,, iniijiir soiirci- nf ™iilii|jp-tlliiT i himse. Ja;is cnnl she knew she wus culling off din supply of th[. yiiiij eurdjigo filjer. She bad planned for (his oven before Pear) Hiirbm-. More limn half of Mindanao's pcipulatlon wn.s ,lup- nniwaiut nearly nil the plantations were In Jap linnds. The Japs have broadcast claims Ihnl abacn Ilelds have in jjrcal Vets May Seek Business Loans Agency Is Set Up For Applications Under Gl Bill of Rights . The necessary machinery for pro- i'sslng applications by vetcrun.s «'[ World wnr u for Imslness loans' under Ihe Servircnicn's ReaOJiisl-1 nl Act of 1914 |a. I. 1)111 ol ,;bls) has been set up in the 1,11- tle Hock Loan Agency of Ihe He- coiistriictlun Finance Corporation, J. W. Jnrrclt, mnnnger of the local agency, announced lodny. Mr. Jarrell's stalement followed an announcement from Washington. D. a, ihiit Hie vclerniis Ad- i lH-f, m l| u W! , |):irt hiM'M iv|iliinli-(l willi dtlu ci'«|»:,-, Jripiui's siipply of cordn lllin- bi-liU 1 , KiiflU'lcnl. 'Hi,, cxtciil wlilrli (lil.s hiis liooii tliim; Is in iis yi'l iiM't-ihiliM-d, Iti'iinris Iro I cytc. llihtl lui'y.i'M prudiircr (if II lil'cr, iniiliit^ln, liiiwi'Vi'r, [In iilinni fields I lion; tiro in I;IHX| onl, iiitnlslruMniilins di-slsnuli-,! tin- lir fiinslrui.tlou Kiniiiii'O Coi'])i,rullini i mi Aiicncy In review i!|>]>llcnl|<ms I liunlis l)v vi'lcrniin ;oi' tin; jinii ly »I liiislni'ss limns, umu-r U) |)ro;:i-jiiii, HFC will I'l'TOiiiiiic'iKl t Wllnle sole your wnrn fniit»'c:tr for U'tuln anil ubttitti sliinlv ivcl reslslliid snliTs, Krviilly Ii:n«ihi;n- IniT Uu: shut's life. Of all the Long Distance calls \\\a\ go over our lines these days, none bring morn joy Jhon "Hello, Moml It's me!" So please do everything you can to keep the wires clear for returning servicemen, and for those In. camps, especially from 7 to 10 oath night. SOUTHWESTERN BEU TELEPHONE CO.I? Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECfAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS? BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2Q11 'X'xifZiZZKseFssamcmF PAGE;THREE he iipDroDridiu office of tlic Acl» liilslnilor ot Vclwmw Af/nlri ilt lev. Hint office should npprove or illsn|>provc sucli nmillcatlons, l-oiuis nppiU'it fommy be used 'in IHircliiislne finy busliui, tupplleV |'<l» 1'inc-nt mwhliiM-y or lools to be MI by (he vc-lci-,,,/1,, puMiilng » H rul occupallon, T )ic Oovlri,- ' "i H mny Hiinnini . kmtu !„ Ule m,\. L y l0 "" b ink,.,? 7"'' w - f 7 , ""' of f<> I istnnc,,. SM 00; e g lmr - ly ., llmlied lo $'.,000, I,, l ot ,m of Sr, ni" 1 V*, 00 ' mininnit'i-s hnir; niiis. li, „ eily nnim " its repayment of > ° r to M.OOO. Jlo from his , the g lmr - .!. If Ihc votora,, | S lmn ,,| 0 i , Theruqulrcmeiits of the Law arc Wtlic veteran nn ist be found qualified by training or experience' iJL'W,' 11 lh <> ^PO of business for which lie seeks n loan, p, e property sought lobe acquired I/rea- so mbe lu price and suited to its •n"?« ' LT 1 "? c ' and """ the v"»- ttUB Js likely to succeed. ''Since the Act docs not provide lomirl n, lo run busl "c**s the cnilcr wll want lo Jcnow whether c velernnlwssumcleiiHundVfor -TO 050 - ns wfli M no""*. dependability, business' experience «ml business chnrnclcr, to nssurne ' 1 >» ' contemplated 'operations will be successful. The lender w III n so want to knov.- whether the vc" "•nn has ),e e :i m mh business be fore ciHOHiiK t! >o service and the of hlkerrtce eXcn'ce and ndylKcd' to bo or ab- • careful O f ex- •• •• '-''t' (m 7±T" s ™ C , •? n ?l"' sl id proposition., CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE KNlH Na 31. IO U . STIU'IBT FUND ,' 513,1'II. ^^^.Certinciue-of-muebMneL;:::: OF novEiiNoiis nr'i'v UNixs: ^''I'V 11A I.I, CITY I'AltK CITY HOSlMTAIj".!!'."'.;"' Ad Valorem Tux Collected •-•• Ad Valorem Tux Collected 3.313,27' 1,927.43 2,'17-l.ia 1,177.08 Oncnil Me.eme. Automobile 1,[tense Hnc.s.and Costs Civil Pees '.[["_] S'cllmleou^clmeclio^ 1 ''" °'? """ ' s{ '^ '«««»' - -'- by of liiilxir . Has and on ,' \' fU'pnlrs und Supplies Hired Consli-iicllon .....'!'." I'OMC'K DEl'AR'I'MENT •Siiluife.s- .lull Hoiird ...[.'.'. Gas and oil , llcpnlrs nnd Biipiijie's .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.[ VIIIK OKPAltTMEINT Kniaries and U'ngcs Clns and oil ' iwlis und Sii]ip|les .......".' OKNI3RAL ADMINISTRATION Salaries . s Llghls . ...'. Waler ]'_'_[ Telephone and Tclci-riiiih Insurance . . ' ; rnlcrest und, Exchange ,' '.''''' I'rlnling and Advertising ' liciinlrti nml Supplies . . Fuel ',_,_ '_[ J Health unit Siinltnllon ] !''•' : V,"!'•''"' Miscellaneous '. ; • • ,••'..•;......,! MUNICIPAL COURT EXPENSE CITY HOSPITAL (Hrd. of Governor.) Vlainlonatice and Repair Insurance nnd Tuxes' Transferred lo Cily Hospital' Siliklnc"Fumf. '.'.'.'.'. DONI3ED INDEBTEDNESS PAID City Hospital (Balance outstanding 518,000 benr- hig 'Hi^ Interest) City Hull (llalancfi oiiUtandlng $eiobb"lwaihi B •l-'iCr, llllCl-CSl) " ,'lty Pin-k (Balnncc outstamling"$2!),bi)()"bcnrlnK y.'i interest) 10.MD.12 l.TOLBl 1,033.71 '1,0-17.05 3(i3,00 . !)71,8B 030.40 a.iss.n 100.14 327.0J 0,719.3-! •1,019,57 27,220.55 1,028.58 7,74'l,82 : 32.055.71 21.801.75 5.M2.75 21,916.15 100.00 504.00 940.00 2,392.33 1,000.00 9,080.02 l.GOO.OO 135,159,59 23,-lCl,C9 16,75C.10 9,585.38 7C3.B8 1,281.77 35.84 2014'! 1,261.05 738.37 - 720.00 . .1, '201.50 225.10 100.25 •150,00 2,000.00 2,000.00 2,000.00 20,456.55 1,350.00 '' i ' 865.4-1 BONDED INDEBTEDNESS: ... ;ily Park . :APITAL INVESTMENT^ •'ire DciKirdneiit ........ Street Department ' oa ccounls payable l-I-ll ccounls accrued 12-31-14 ...I....] :i\SH IN SINKING FUNDS, Dec 31 1911""" Hall 1,810.51 1,969.45 6,000.00 7,078.78 5,414.24 -158.81 10,384.63 2,463.14 32,442.49 ' ' - $135,159.59 E. R. JACKSON, Mayor A. G.; HALL, Auditor llcst: KliANK WH1TWORTH, Cily Clerk. ^ , ily Hosiiltnl I Board of Governors A /c) '. ASH AND 1JOND December 31 1914 iENEJMl, FUND .' 1970855 •TRKET FUND ' a'73394 •,',1 U. S. Ccrtiticalc of Indebtedness'...'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.' 10,'coo.OO SEE... CALL.;. or WRITE me for your STONEVILLE COTTONSEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . . Also Seed Sacks J. L TERRELL rV. • , Ph. Z831 111 S.

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