The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1947
Page 7
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_SATURDAY, MAY 10, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE" (ARK;) COURIER NEWS 9c CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 'ition**** Pt * UA * tg f WB ** eQt *M la \ MJteltuuta Oh*[>t 6<v tint* y« r Un, _II"""I" I_'" 16• llmei yer lla» yvc AAV i-> 3 limes par llii» p«r <Uj Mcutb per lino 90c Count five Averix* words to the line. A3 ordered for tbree or elx time,* «ud e opped lerore expiration wLU be charged for the nurutor of 11 rue a the «A »y "farcri and arUustiaeut of bill made. I ^lA'L S IasfiUled AtiverliBluK coyy »ub- I muted MjAjersona residiujt outside of tho I city u^Km ftccompaHlad by cash. Hates 1 uisy be ft^ly computed from tlie abota I .< A^oitlslun order for IrrefuUr luser- I 11 cms takes tho one time raU, I No leMjJonslblllty wkU b- taken for | more thau 0110 Incorrect ln««rtlo» of aay ssifled ad. For Sale ntt.'il .] rrujin him-ii> iiii;i> itn.l vvat.T h.-Jttc il luirjiin" ln>!ii.*r. tlo» Hollv Ml. C,iU 'JOIJil. JliAHY CHICKS |Qna<lrii|>lo A $13.75 per kundr<d. .l|m Hrown .Store. 316-ck ~ IIJARY CHICKS ll'roin certified flocks. Fast Rrnwlni; Min.l l,-iy,-rs. Custom ImtclimK. Urtler OW, Illaloflc llalrhory, NorUi Gl lliahwny. 1'bono 3172. 4111-ck-t For Salt PAGE SEVEN, 'urnituro for Ihrce rooms. Including rlociric n'frigi-rMor and btovo K .1. Srailli. Marii". Ark. S'l) -|,k-l3 MBKCIIAN'JH an slvo you (ami u<! la to dvllvcrj 01: duuble duly ni^nt caseA in atiy Juittbi. Also Lave beverage cuylers. w«lk ir rffriyemtorK, utid Joeji trcoie t-;ibi- ) nHs. Itul.-lntr smv].liD«. AUn Mills Coiiiprtssors. I'hono Dell Scott. li'Jfii). Cheek Coccitliosis with Cox- ilro) in (lie m:isli. Cc.sts 1-2 cent a chit'k. We have <.'o\- • ilrol, a Or. Hess [>ro<lii'.-l.' Woods Or UK Store. 221 \V.! Alain. I'b. !>(I7. 10-i-k-l-l: ROADS •/<? Highway Safely 1 30, 4o&r>2 allon Norg electric heaters arc now availiililc at- Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements are available for any power lines. 4-21-ek-tf k and Trftik-r t»ril* InR.l,' lo order. MK vv in Kh'i-k. npnrv \V<-st ook's Slit>|i 22S X. Kirsl SI.. |,liim . formerly Dan Stout's Kli»l'. ' POWER LAWN MOWERS. See the last word in a powir lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height anil under any conditions, lilvtheville Machine Shojx 4-3'i-ck-tf One five to:: ciilorpillitr true-; lor. Compli'li.'iy overhauled at selling nrifu. Also one j Home tlouWe disc. New. | used three v/celcs. (JuitlitiK farming this full. Call :!27(>. \ Hlythevillt-,. or .1 :i F12 Steele, Mo. ' in-pk-17i .TPLUMBING-HEATING" j HATH K1XTUHKK. KITIM1KN SINKS WATKll IIKATKHS 1)1,,-!.;.: and AiiKiiivilic Oil SKI'TIC 'JMXKS '\vcr Tile, Cast Iron jiipe anil fitt- , t,'Al v ''L'>i z <-' l l. l>lnck nrnl copiivr pilio fittings. ATTIC ,t WINDOW FANS ORSBURN'S PLUMBING & HEATING 918 W. Main Thorpe 67. r , Services ' 1 ' 1 ,;,", "" ll a:icni.'ii;i)". wuii, 1 Unlfl.-.l iVnuiu, .Sfrvlro. 1701 Id i. '""'"• :'•"- .ir.Mpk-r.i2l) Check Your Car! Check Accidents!, MONfiY TO LOAN I)o you need a Umn lo YepnJr or remodel? No down pay men I, no mortgage, no )tn (•l>e. 1'UA ippruveil rate 6*. Ask ftv detrtils*. M»i Ix>x»n, Htaltor, phone 2034. Lynch lildg., lUythutille. PHILLIPS OUT FRONT llllllrtvnll M !1 Osccola Millj. ?\S miles on Ili^'liwtv 4U. lociin 1 M.t eotnes niliirallr. " ' - ,terv j'rrk'otl: ,ver Hlor(,. I119-ck-5ll9 luinlif-r. All kinds of ilimensic. ei have heen reilueed In [«nn mine af^er it. O. S. Uollisim. Camp Monllrie. I'hone :I:109. FARM T.AND |\Ve have several cash huyers who failed to get located last fall. WiU buy now subject to possession Jan 1st, 1948. |lf you' want to sell or trade your farm, see, write, o: call: Riales Laml Company Phone 3322 |0ffice across from City Hal in Halo Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. —Broker— Russell E. Riales —Salesmen— |«en D. Hamner & R. M. Beck 29 pk 15 | r lavc snindKinp roll don't nr-eil! Triulo or sell tftf! P"'a:i Shop, 401 K >t»in. Phone >m 4130-ck-lf lomple'te stock of soflkil! etjuipment, infludinji flashy colored uniforms. Price Price S6.<15, Sli.!)5, 38.95. Planters Hardware, Inc. 5 5 ck If WAR EXCUSES . . . Let us sharpen nnd repair your lawn mower, regardless of luiid or size. Got yours ready now, and avoid tlu« rush. \Ve pick up and deliver. Itlytheville Machine Shop, 211. S. 2nd St., plume 2828. 4-,1-ck-lf I'AINTIMI lislrr !;i"l If ,1,'Mr. I - ...... iuirmil ..... I. .Ml ....... )• 1,.,-l 1 r, 1:1 [nr In .. itliiiinlloi with eil .lour* in !• ,],,,, ri ill living n ..... Ii.'aler. Slee]is 1. Kxrol ilimrs. Kiulil lily tin' I'liTkeil >»>- Cilii's Servii lit Sonlli. For Rent llcilroorns. Phone 952. Nice bed room, close m. 'J10 \Vjiliml._ :i-roonl furnished aiKirtmeni. three North ,.n Hwy. Ct. -Mrs. Zoa Tlnni e for tnnlea lie SCO. horses ntul CRltlt 1 . 4|2»-pk-li]2U PHILLIPS r MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453 3715 Wanted to Rent 1 or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dli-U WANTED Mnn v.-a,,i,.] |, llnv.l-),:li K L-»iifi1y. l:'.l) ?» fnrA II von L -(-: start Win. "llarlun ,it].- Ark. ,,l, |rvvo cane porch rockers. In good condition. Call 27S6. o-G dh tf iEM innltry ji'tnltry t,-,-il. .\ruior.-l 111! CO. l.i ml n = eil trnlvnni/e.l ,-. Jr. I'lii.iie 122. Tom -ek-lS Kilclirn privilrgL-B. 817^ Ijlc room. Call 2075. -.1 h.nisr. For Rent or Lease Kmnll ho Blylhc- Smilli'5 slu •. rii. fid i. Female Help Wanted ,- Vninifii] :l rni •' riiinn liotivf 1 in r r i y slim j.rii-fil f»r quick I J,,,,,, I'lioiu- S17 Ciriilvn SI. PrLcli- 'nlo. Owner leaving ->r nin»ly at 'J210, ailililion. S|S i.k-lfi Wanted: Commercial sales man for well -est:tblishcc' local tire firm. Ocncroiif salary and commission. Vet eran's Training availnhlc Experience necessary. Tel all first letter. I5ox "A" c-o Courier News. Our employees know of this ad. fora for table 3 hedroom house, adjoining school si'ounds. Possession June 1st. See or call Max Logan Realtor, Lynch Bltlg.. Phone 2034. I room modern house. Will sell completely furnished. Immediate possession. Eas- il>v,financert. See or call Mflfc Logan Realtor, Lynch" Hldg., I'h. 203-1. S-ck-12 -Sclvnol Parade Pictures ( nine t'» P<(t,'f'IL'^ III KI-C V"l!r I nr.- innrfhinc^.1 Thursday's parnili-. O'STKEN'S STUDIO" 1 "'"'' riiiK. llpnnlifu FiirrnnniU-il by li sol'l. S'JOO. Write sun-veil 0. Kirknian. nn uln in S<intli Dunklin fnmilies. I' sill.I 1,1 i.jipnrlnnily. We help <1. Write Hnivlrii;lrs Di-pt. .Meint.liis Tenn,.or M— r 010 [,llh- St l!ly:l,i'- ' r, 9-|ik i:i Wanted to Bur Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiway 61 Phone 3785. 3 27 pk 5 27 For Complete Protection Against All I HSU R ABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Gtcncoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. CHIROPRACTOR "Health is something ihac comes from within. The ci'^nUir pn'. within your body ami mine all the elements of health. When your nervous system ir> in tuns wilh nature's forces, you will be well. Consult n chiropractor about your health proolcms.'' Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Neurocalometer Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist Guard Bldg. Rlytheville, Ark. . , , Uli.-.l 1,111, | r - .,„(! Maul,,.!. r>.i),liiV« cti'lli--- \S'ii:i,i Itrlh. (iiven II IJ S 1,1-1.'' M V.I |,k f.'l louse Moving. I.') years experience. Plenty of equipment. Ueferences. Leveling- foimdiiliiin repftirin^ Virgil Knley, plume ;,2():? 5 '2 pk (> U f fiiii-li hi.Mi.hy. li|;l,l .mill "ll.I I.l.ui'..!» Ill-Ill,; lu 7IMI Chil sirri'i. I 1 } niiT'.i. :.|::-i-l, titi Hcfp Wanted ri'frii;eration salesman. Kxoellent oppnr (unity for you if you cai sell refri'gt'i ulion equip niciil. Immediate delivery Poole Alolor Co., Rteele Mo. 5 r> ck K For Hire A4olc Hc'p WE HAVE A FULL CREW OF MEN WHS.L TRAINED IN THE SERVICE THEY RENDER YOU . . . WHETHER MOTOR TUN£~U f P or COMPLETE OVERHAUL BRAKE ADJUSTMENT or RELINING JOB WHEEL ALIGNMENT or FRAME STRAIGHTENED BODY and FENDER REPAIR ••' or COMPLETE REPAINTING' S P K C I A I. O r F E R ! SERVICE SAVER PLAN ' A plan Ili:il saves ymi I'D [HT cent on your luliriraliun exjU'iiKC- phis free insliccl ions. Let uo show you this plan now! WE HAVE THE EQUIPMENT AND THE KNOW - HOW And A (lenuine Desire and Promise TO MAKE OUR CUSTOMERS OUR FRIENDS KB * B>IBnB * l ""'n»*>*>«»HHWMn«KH«HMM>v*--«H>B»BKHHH«MHK>H>BIHHMBIHB«MMHI •••••••••• 'To Be FSrsS 5n Service We Musi Puf Service First' ^AI.KSMAN - MAX WITH AMU3TIO - A;:e "I li. :i'i. N'.i i>ri-vliiu-; e\periel nen^Kurv Ct.Vi'r l.ii-nl lerrit.iry. Druw 111); iirri.iii^.^ k-».»l elinnre for il.Kall'i" Snn|i;linl If '|,i>.>ilili-. lleferi-nceJ. llm IWH. u!o <-..nrii r Neil's. -Il2:i eli ll TIOXACO PHONIC :V l)ny and ^Vl•c^'lH'|• SKIHIOItLINC TI11KS HOI WALNUT ST. _ Panama Hnts Cleaned & deblocked The Johns Shop S03 AV. It yon Hvod mi tin- miion, .ynir<l F,I:C the i-iirlli -111 time's l)rli!lUi-t than you now st-u ttie mo«». PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed liesl Prices |Kii&l>y Drug Stores BLADDER IRRITATION Thousand:; l\\\\v. rounil [CclirT In Hit- Mountain \ r alloy Mineral \V;il'.*r from fumons Hut Springs, Avkimsn:;. A I>I:LV, M^ithln aid In teHevin*- irrlLatiou of these di'lkat;- iniinns. hvlp ful in JitiinnlaHiij^ kidney nriion ntirl rllmhinliii;: sy.s tciiiit: wfi.slcs. L3odors have proscribi'd f.liii iili'irui wnlcr lor over fifty years. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M;ihi »n<] Division lllyllievlllt-. Ark F.irj.- I>tir».Tlu'rm heater. AUi l.nro oil i,i''in snili 1 lniinsf Ciinir. i lntfo;i:i ri ,,.i.,r -irr.Tsiiinnl --linir. Ki.ii,.>y .^hap- nl vafiily willi skirl i\n-l ^l-iss top. ^ inMi- " lam {'*, ft"i"-sli •!f wji;,(r.ot. -Tf,^~~i''i~^' 1 '' I''*" 1 " 1 2072. TV.l Krrrn- i^TT^irinc Kifh" Hi; l>,iil^e I ton I'irlillp Iriirl--. Ap.irnx- iiml.-lv - 4 , r ' (trt milenire. l.ik" nev. Mile l,,innl- r nml Irnili-r liilcli. li.i-i.Mui W. li l)y.-s«. I'lione 3F2I. l.usnrn " T rl -rr ^i-ivini: lnr.eliiiie. I.ieyrle. a Sim- n^n- l»il<, 1 o.l I Ir.-^ynr. r.ilnr .li.-sl. FCini; '1 llenl C-IA' r.e.iler. 1 ,|ivnn * rli.iir. nfj S. Lilly '•'" ! '' i '' K ''. ior.- hnii; nnd l«l <vrll IneMe.l. s-.-i-k -V ^^Mires nl ini-oice, iv^-. st-ir" fc fivl.ire^. \VT!V,MI|. inelurt in; «l.i,-V n1 invniee. lluil.liiiK renls fur *0'1 Her lilonlli. .,irvrv S-rr-r."! hnm.v 1 1^ lilni-V" frill! A!.Tin ^^ Mill $2.onn en^i r V.,iii :i"'l I'i'li tin.ip.. iv.-ll Infuleil nn , ,,,-. ...... •>!. ?n ?.-0. |,-,,il : r-:l I'll will- 1 "null renln! l,e-ises rl nl r m. 1'rir-eil rhean. Small down invrn-'iit. l.-ilnnre e;isv. rrent- "n Hwy. <'•'. ' '•! miles sonlli. r<i(Tern <iir,urliin liome. U inilci rj»*t nf city Smnll aereaKO. Priced lo Fell. Geiil r- i rnis. T.iilher nr»J-. HenKy. Ph. 1SS TUri Itis* Rile«ninn Ph, r.:">n^ Of vvi'h \v. M Williams ins. Aery. I'll, 37-.1 Coolair ... Plus Cooling You flick n switch and -.1 cooling breeze comes flooding through every room in your home! FrcUi, healthful outside air Is drawn In through doors and windows and up through an attractive ceiling grille or automatic shutter into a suction box In the attic. The COOLAIR FAN, mounted in the box, blows the air outdoors :iguin through attic exhaust openings. See the COOL/un PAN In our store; you'll want it for your home. Terms can be ariangcd. But don't wait, h:t weather Is ]ust around the cornerl Coolair ... Made in the South For Southern Climate! Going Somewhere? Consult our free reliable tourist service when you stop at our .service station . , ( . Let us put your car on the road 1o safety and you on tha right roiul to your destination. Get Ready! . . . for that weekend fishing jaunt in a well-primed car . . one that gets you there easily, comfortably and safely! For dc comfortably and -safely! For dependable, low cost, efficient service call on us today! Dial 555 For Real Service! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typci Txccpt Cancer) DRS. HIES & N1ES Clinic 514 Main, Biyflirville, Ark., '?lnne 20'JI Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Paris for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Butteries Tires end Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 AHENTION FARMERS!! We have received our shipment of Hoosier-Crott^ and Super-Crosr Hybrids for immodiata delivery. Arrange now to call for tho corn you ordered. W« suggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of teed corn as the supply is limited. SEE US AT ONCE. BSytheviSte Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 RICH-LA'S POI 1 On the I.evol Gv AL VERMEEI d// right-1 give up/ Vouve got me' (I did it! ) ( i did in I beat Pop! I've never seen him so delighted, Waldo, i't was sweet of you to let him win. , ' That's just the L trouble—I didn't let him!

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