The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1967 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1967
Page 5
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(Ark.) Cwirter WBWI — Monday, N«v«mb«r 8, 1WT — ?iv« Social Security Question Box (This column answers some of the most frequently asked Social Security questions. Reader's questions should be sent to "Social Security Administration, P. 0. Box 467, Bjyiheville) Q. I did vevy \itt\e work under Social Security and have been dependent on my wife for several years because I am disabled. When she retires next month, will I be eligible for benefits on her account? A. Yes, .if you are at least 62 years old. If you are not yet 62, you should file a certificate of support at rSie time your wife applies for benefits. Dependent husband's benefits are payable at age 62 if the husband is receiving at last one- half of his support from h i s wife at the time she qualifies for benefits. Q. During the early 1950's, I worked for the railroad for about 3 years. I nave been toW tftat I will not qualify for a railroad pension. Is there.any way social security could give me credit for this work? Yes. When you file a claim for social security, the wages you were paid by your railroad employer will be transferred to your social security account. Q. T7h«m eas T get further detailed information about Medicare? A. Read your "Medicare Handbook," or get in touch with your social security office. Q. My father was in a hospital for over 90 days and used all of his hospital insurance entitlement under medicare. When will he be entitled again? A. He will be entitled to the hospital insurance again as soon as he has been out of a hospital | or an extended care facility lor 60 consecutive days. Q. I had surgery and have received a doctor bill of over $300. I can't pay this amount but have full medicare protection. What should I do? A. Medical insurance benefits may be paid to the doctor if he accepts assignment or to the patient if he has paid the doctor. If you are unable to p?v the doctor you should discus? i the matter with him. The meth- [ ods of payment are discussed on pages 16 and 17 of your medicare handbook. Boollteei Beat -*» max Pecans, the Bootheel's annual pocket money crop, is now being harvested. The report is that the crop of nuts is short this year, but orices are up from last year. One buyer said he was paying 28 cents a pound for ordinary pecans compared with around 14 cents last year. Special large sizes like the Stewart's will bring from 35 to 40 cents a pound, he said. C. W. Reed III of Hayti, who Olive Branches Awarded for Efforts PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The city Human Relations Commission presented olive branches Friday to 80 persons credited with helping keep their neigh' ! horhoods calm during the past i summer while other major cities underwent rioting. November, 1967 THERE'S NO LIMIT TO THE COST OF GETTING WELL Sometimes the cost of getting -well isn't too much, other times, it's expensive. For instance, we paid $6,099.90 for one member's hospital and doctor care last month. Of course, not everyone's bill will be that much — but you never know. That's why more Jbrkansans belong to Blue Cross-Blue Shield . . . because you always get the help, you need. WHAT'S THE BEST HELP AVAILABLE? 17,863 Blue Cross-Blue Shield members will tell you it's the help they received last month for paying their hospital and doctor bills. Giving the best help available is our only job! FIEST AID TIP . . . medical authorities now say, the best treatment for minor burns is cold water. It not only relieves the pain, but cold water may help to reduce scarring and promote healing. To be extra safe always see your doctor. 11,295,265.33 Was Paid In Member Benefits Last Month . . . Our 10th Consecutive Million Dollar Month! 0000 0 0 0 t_tt_»t TO ARKANSAS? Welcome to the land of opportunity! If you have a Blue Cross-Blue Shield membership from an- other'state, you'll be glad to know you may transfer your membership to Arkansas Blue Cross- Blue Shield. FOR FREE INFORMATION JBOUI MEMBERSHIP, CALL OR MAIL COUPON TODAY PlMia «n</ ms tofermafiott about Slut Crp«-Bf«» ! Shield, the but plus milibll for plying hoipitll ind aoctwbllS. -MEW ADDRESS- tw—. at one lime had a 30-acre pecan orchard, said he received a call from a buyer a few days ago who was in the market for 100,000 pounds of the nuts. Reed now has cut his orchard down to 15 acres, mainly with Stewart trees, and he has plans of eliminating this, too, since the trees seem to bear only every other year, and even with premium prices he has been unable to produce much profit from the orchard. He says he can ecme eut better moneywlse by using the land for other crops. Rccd says his experience in trying to grow pecans for profit has been that too much of the crop, when there is one, is lost to "stealage." i "Too many people seem to I think that it is no crime or sin to help themselves to pecan? from trees they don't own," he explained. "I've just had enough of it, so I'm going to bulldoze down the rest of my trees and use the ground for some other crop." Remember Pay Your Paper Boy News of Men In Service Storekeeper Third Class Robert E. Jacques Jr., USN, son of whose wife, Helen, Is the daugh- .ter of Mr. and Mrs Wilburn JHanna of Luxora, has received the Distinguished Flying Cross for outstanding service in Vietnam. The major, who also holds six Air Medals, was commended for obtaining valuable intelligence data on a reconnais- Mr. and Mrs Robert E Jaques Sa6nce mission nvcr he;lvi|y dc . Sr of 405 Lhly. is voting Hong [ , cmlc[1 arcas wWe smin > as Kong as a crewman aboard the j an fjf , ph to „ ajrcraft USS Conquest which recently completed a patrol as a unit of "Operation Market Time," a combined effort of the U. S and South Vietnamese navies to slop the flow of enemy supplies and personnel into South Vietnam. Maj. Douglas L Thomas, QUICK QUIZ Q — How often is the Oberammergau Passion Play presented in Bavaria? A — The Play is a decennial celebration. Originating in 1633 there have been few interruptions. Q — Which planet approaches nearest to the earth? A — Venus. At intervals ft approaches within 26 million miles of the earth. Q — When and where was nuclear power first used to operate a lightuouse? A — Baltimore Lighthouse, Chesapeake Bay, Md., in .1964. Q — Which constitutional amendment bars quartering at soldiers in private homes during peace time without the consent of the owner? A—The Third Amendment SAFEWAY WIN 1000 CASH! 12 NEW GAMES! WIN Y ST«Sr13 MILLION STAMPS! TB Join Thij Crowing Litft HEAP BI6 WINNERS! $1000 WINNER Mrs - W - H - C°°P er < H <* Springs, Ark. $100 WINNERS Mrs. Sue Birda Turner Greenville, Miss. Zelleaner Thomas Blytheville, Ark. Louise Wall Batesville, Ark. Ona Rockwell Benton, Ark. ^•H^HIHtaMMflM^AMBMBMHNMI Margarine Coldbrook Solid Pack You Save 34c on This Big, Big Buy! $ I-Lb. Pkgs. Loins Pork Sausage Sliced Bacon i Save Gold Bond Stamps Everyday! Full Quarter Pork Loins, Sliced lor Chops... Buy Several Pounds & Save! 49' 98' 236,000 PRIZES to be awarded! START PLAYING TODAY! .**.. l iSi GUARANTEE If ever a purchase of Safeway Meat fails to please for any reason whatsoever, just tell us. We will refund your money promptly, courteously. There's no need to return the meat. Orange Juice French Fries Lunch Meat White Bread Fresh Ro!!s Can Biscuits Scotch Treat 6-Os. Frozen Tin UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF IKE WORLD Volume No. 8 on Sale This Week at Our Low, Low Price E,, Skylark Brown and Serve Rolls Meat Pies Manor House Frozen Pies Assorted Varieties Save 50c! 6 $1 8-0*. • «••. I Our Low Price.' Mrs. Wright's, Low Priced Appl Rome Apples. .. Lb. Big, Big Buy! Grapefruit 3-35 ( Fresh Turnips •S5-. 3-25* Turnips .. . ^f ^fa ^f Prices in This Ad Effective Through Wednesday' at Your Safeway Store. Detergent £#£«*,.*. ...':"!£* 64c Toilet Soap £±: r n d t 2 3 £?'35c Salad Oil S°^: he ........... 5 *r-95e Cheer Detergent fed .. 3 :X 0 '77c Bath Soap s*™ ^ a ^ * ..... 2 *»**' 43c Hi-Meat Dinners^ ... .2 4 'C'57 Condensed Milk S^ ...'E* 37c Dow ' Bathroom ft., 1-0*. "TQ- Cleaner . . . All Purpose ...... Tin / xfC Detergent ^ ... ..... 2 : Lb 4°' 83c We Reserve th« Richt to Umit Purchases SAFEWAY « copTBioirr two. BATEWAY rrosw. WC

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