The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1946
Page 3
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JHURSDAY, JUNE 13, 1946 Taft or Bricker, Ohioans Wonder Two Favorite Sons Considered in Race i< For GOP Nomination By MICHOLAg POPA, JR Stiff fight Exverted COLUMBUS, O. (UP)—Ohio- mother of Presidents—does not anticipate that two "fiuwile sons" will do their AJphonse-Cinston aft In the.,1948 Presidential scramble John w. Bricker. three-time Ohio Governor atitf 194.) OOP Vies- Presidential candidate, will shiuie his political course this summer along lines calculated to la ml him the 1948 race for the Republican Presidential nomination. The white-haired, robust niui handsome Bricker is the O'Op candidate for U, S. Semilor iii the Nov- emUeV finals. His opponent Is the incumbent Democratic nppointe" Sen. James D. Huffman of Columbus. PoJillcal potentates recognize Bricker as one of the leading aspirants for the President!.*! nomination—a distinction shared by ft fellow , Buckeye. Sen. Robert A. Taft. son of the lute William Howard Tuft and one of Senate's ablest. The Dricker-Tiift show holds the spotlight even though observers also consider Harold Stassen. Cornier Minnesota governor; Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York, and Sen. Arthur H. Vandenberg of Mich., as GOP Presidential timber. Indications already point to Presidential ambitions by both Bricker and Taft although neither 1ms made nny official statements— ] probably because the sho-,vdown is almost two years off. But, it probably will not b« Alphonse-Gaston 111 '48. In 1940, Brlekvr stepped aside lo support Tuft. In 1944, Taft reciprocated. What will happen next is th'.; No. 1 question In Ohio GOP circles. Either Bricker or Taft must have tile i-olid support of the Ohio convention delegation to convince im- lioniil purty moguls. To divide the delegation votes would mean one of the non-Ohtoiins would step in mid probably tnke over. That, both Bricker and Tafl realize. Tiie former Buckeye governor proved Ills Ohio popularity when lie polled more than 326.000 complimentary voles in the May primaries, when he wns unopposed for the OOP senatorial nomination. However, he will find stiff op- |X>slllon from Huffman, who was appointed by Gov. Prank J. Laus- olie to fill the current tmexpired lerm of Justice Harold C. Burton, who resigned lo accept the Supreme Court assignment. The CIO-PAC lias voiced Us support of Huffman, whom it could not defeat m the primaries. Hun- man was preferred to Bricker. Organized labor found little to j " BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Many For Paragould Horse Show praise in the micker administrations. Labor's iion-parlisnn league ut. one time referred to Brlcker's social in character." If Bricker does win n Senate seat, it will mean work in the uppar house alongside the brilliant operator. Tart—his Alphonse - Gnston buddy. Brisker will liavc to step lively to keep pace with his fellow Ohiotin in the august chambers, where—it he chooses—Taft can easily overshadow his junior Ohio partner because of his years of experience. Considerable liilrresl Is ' belli shown In UlytheviHe In the So-' cii'ty Morse Show next Moiulav and Tuesday ulglils in faragould sponsored by the Klwanls Club in that cily for the benefit of the club's Underprivileged child FuiKI. Some doubt existed tbdny wlielh- er any horses from UlytUcvlll» would bo interested In Ilie show n.s ovuu.'r.s hcri' niv ii.vslsling with plans ror an auction here Thiir.i- day, June 20, of more thiin ia-1 registered walking horses being ns- sembled here from 10 states lor vhc i:ale. - . .. Heports from Paragould indicate that registrations to date show nearly ico entries • from leading stables in Ihe South, Including the Iliiee and {jve-guXi-d, uncf f|no harness classes from the Magnolia Farms, Memphis, and from the Gerloch Slablcs, Helena. Entries from SI. Ixjuls, also have been listed. The Paragould Kiwanlnns are oflerinir S-UJO In prlxe money I along wilh 2-1 trophies and rib- n Shelves Worries And enjoys Slap-Stick Of Olsen-Johnson Show WASHINGTON, June 13. (U.P.) — 1-ie.sident Tinman last night found surcease ivom the burdens of his high office In the land 'ol the slap-slick nnd corny humor of Olscn and Johnson. Mr, Trumiin and his staff toi* three boxes al the National Theater to wiitc'h two or America's iruulejt cojiu-cllaiis whip throiu'h the hysterical "Luffing Hoom Only." 'Ihe I'resldent's party and tile men who are for some of the rnasl ileclslons of government Joined "The lioss" lu throe hours ot Inughs. Mr. Truman seemed to laugh longer and louder than nny one else In his party. When the chief Executive' , rose to leave, Olsen nnd Johnson' haclr tlielr cast puces ol was stag resiion^blc Importuiu TMKIO buns. A special feature | s lo be a Shetland pony exhibit, jack Slatl- cupp's 10-pii'ee orchestra will piny both nigiils of the show. CHILLS & FEVER DUE TO MALARIA lilm Hood nlulU I rum tile stage with iiiHi- usual "May you live us Ions as you w:ini U> 'mill may you liuii:h us IOIIR as you live." 'I he President wenl home Inueli- On the KhybiM- Pass, iiullii. xlgn- posls aiv made In picture*, elnce "lost of the travelers cannot rend. Automobiles are routed one nay niiit cumels and horses another. ADVERTISEMENT R)K HU>S Sealed proposals will be ivceivnl by the Hoard of Comlssloncrs at the oidct' of Sub-District No. 3 at llnnsy Lake and Tyroiiy.ii IJrr.lnai'i- District No. a, ol Osi'cohi. Arknnsus until II o'clock A. M. (Central sinn- ilurd 'I'lniel. of July 1. 1910. Knlanemcnt of hialnm,- SysU'ln Kstinxnted total yardage Involved is M0.549 cubic yards. At whlrii lime imd place. the propusuis will be publicly opened mid road ulouU. Any bid received alter closing time will U' retunu'd unopened. Copies of the plans, speclflcaUoiw and other proposed Contract Documents are on file In the office uf Stib-Ulstj'lvt Nu. :t of Grassy I.i.he imd Tyron/a Uraliinge District t&. II. in Osceoln, Arkunsns, and u r * OIH.-II for public Inspection, A n-i ol such docunu'iit.s may be obtained from Sub-Uistikl No. :< of Ijiike and Tyronv.a Dialmnjo District No. 9. al Osceoln, Arkansas. The character and amount ol seder are .slaU'O In the ubovi! nr-u unity to be Cuinlsheil by unch u!d- lioned documents. No bid may be withdrawn, i.iter Hie scheduled closing time lor receipt of bids, for at lenst thirty c3i)> ili'.ys. •llie Board of Commissioners re- serves the rliiht to reject any or all lils and to wmve Informalities BOAliD OF CCMMIbalONEllSof HI 111- i •* r O'i' r>»n-i» it- ,. _ . * . LAKE and/TYRONE DftAlN- AOE DISTRICT Wo 9 j v By Q,,B, i*tr»v«i, Ch&innuL Roseland Service Station STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS OPKN SUNDAY _ (;.\S 2«<- Gcorjfe Duvi.s, Manu^er Hi way IS West FELIX A; CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 324 E. Main St. Phone 2407 For Here's the of Perfection DELICIOUS, SATISFYING ... INVITING IN AROMA Admiration Coffee is regularly enjoyed by move people than any othci- blend in Uic Southwest. Its heart-warming goodness, luxurious flavor, and eiicruv-uivinjj 7 CV O C3 richness have made it a best-seller everywhere. No wonder il*s called the "blend of perfection." No other coffee in America will ever again completely appeal lo you once you've become an Admiration user. No other coffee could. LUXURIOUS FLAVOR IN EVERY CUP COFFEE KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS H»lp 15 MIU. of Kldn«y Tub.. Fluih Out Poi»onou. W.iu If y<riih>i'«iint>i nu«f<tl ilt In yonrkloaL your If mlk. of luWs nuiy to ovS wiitttil.'ninttliiy mini ma t\i W. urowork- iuf J«y and nltU to hrlii Nnlm,. i|d y 0 ,i r "Sif" Mi* M 1™ " ci ' u utlj poligiioiii Vi litu dfwnUror kUlntv function immlu tclxmou. matter lo rcnuiln In your blm.,1 It ni»yc»UMMimliwl»rl,«rli«,i-)ivuiiMtlei>aln» I«K Mini, lo»to( iwi> >iu| mtrm, lttUln K in iillihl.. i»rltlni;. imlnnm lm j,r tin- tyn k««iUch« «nJ iltirhu-x. (Vxi U»l««B>.i with ;raarclilir uml tun;,. « ,imy „„, k your il , i-ii , e „„„ „, row . « ?• •« "k your ilmnhl f.,r I) nan'. I'lll, » • Umulm.t Jlu, dk-. n M ,| succeslfully by n,'|U llan» for uvrr JO yo.n. IWn'n ilv« l,»|,,,y l-.lirf iiinl will 1,J,, the 16 m!k< of .kkliwy ti ° u§ SATURDAY BAKERT ^SPEC/A IS i t .2 -Layer £p Date Nut Cake\-> jt ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY Sorry. —Just I to a Customer Father's Day Cakes Made to Ore/or HART'S BAKERY UlytheviHe Owned — Employipg Bly(hevin« People KROGER'S SPECIAL BLEND OF VARIETIES BEST FOR ICED TEA CEYLON for ^ROGER'S SOUTHERN INDIA for flavor NORTHERN INDIA for color Throe fin« t«ct specially blsrdeci fcr more fragrance, ,fu*!or flavo. -t richer amber color. ti>;cy belter icecJ tea from Kroger'v 2 package 35 e Makes 132 flitws •I kid IM. SPECIAL PKINCESS PAVTERN •' TEASPOONS FOR 25- WITH KROGER Muil 25c and bux top to: KROGER Bok 1122, Cini.'nnati 1,O. CIGARETTES Advertised liriiiuls Ctn. Ill I'kK's. CANE SUGAR Use S|inr« Stamps Nets, i) mut •!)>. 5 Lb IJa^ VEGETABLE SHORTENING; 19 PITAyC V:l " *'nni|)'s iii 'I'omiilo Knucc -|O( DLMna No L 2C.m BO GRAPEFRUIT C'ounlry (,'liih Si-jifments ___ No. a Can MUSHROOM SOUP (;«n(cr Hraiitl IP!/; <)•/. (.';in PRESERVES Embassy. Apficot, !'c-i:»!i AAc Ifi OK. ,lul- OU | TEA BOX TOP Uni. nnoti I, MESHLY ROASTED see the Hot-Dote COOKIES IVInr.s'hmallow 1IC C Vanilla Simdwich Truv 10 FRESHLY GROUND see if grci'iid to your order .lack Kru OI,IVES i) .'(-'I ()/.. 50' Coiinlrv Club ASSORTED CEREALS ASSORTED CEREALS Unity Crocker HRE'AKFAST TRAY Embassy PEANUT HOTTER 8 Ox. 16' Star—Hi Ounce CORNED HKKF HASH . 23 U>>]>>•—M Ounce DEEP ItROWN IJEANS J25 Keel WAXTEX WAX PAPER 15 1C Ounces R ft F NOODLES 18 Packers Labtl—10 Ounce GRAPEFRUIT JUICE . . 30 Sunswccf—32 Ounce PRUNE JUICE 29 4-fi I,B. AVEItARK STEWING HENS SKINNEIk WEINERS PA RAFF INK 8OLOGN A 1--I.R KOI.I. SAUSAGE YOUNG an* TENDER PORK LtVER PICKLE ANI> PIMENTO LOAF SKINNED HAG WHITING FKES-SIIOKE COD TENDERLOIN RED SALMON Ib. 43c Ib. 37c Ib. 28c Ib. 39c fb.2Tc Ib. 45c Ib. 20c Ib. 41c Ib. 39c 8'/j Ounce—Q. T PIE CRUST MIX 14 KlUXiER .FIT.M All lackers J-iihle-iNu. iv, KIDNEY I5EANS STOCK ~15 C No. 2 Cans . «AC STOKBLY'S DICED KEETS '. .. . 1<I Hi Ounce Iftc CALUMET BAKING POWDEK . . I™ IC.E CREAM SALT— 1 Lbs for ...... Re fM.O-COAT, Qm.rt 59e PUREX—1 DIAiMONO MATCHES—<? rk>xes .. 25c A & H SODA—12 Oz., 3 for IQc OLIV-ILQ T01LKT SOAP 6e 'I'winke Vanilla ^c ICK CREAM POWDER ?! Avondale—3 Or.. V_ANII.I.A EXTRACT Country Club—11'/ 2 Oz. SPAGHETTI DINNER 25 TIUJMP FLY SPRAY FIRM. RIPE FOR SLICING TOMATOES , 2 Jbs. 29c NEW CROP GEORGIA PEACHES 2 Ibs. 33e WATERMELON ib. 5c CM.IFORNIA WASHED WHITE POTATOES 10 Ibi. NEW RED TRIUMPHS — WASHEI> POTATOES 101bs«c .1UICV CALIFORNIA SI1NKIST POTATOES 10ii»s.S9c SWEET, FANCY RIPE CALIFORNIA CHERRIES Ib. 49c IiOKClOUS VINE RIPE CANTALOUPES Ib.-lie KROGER PIGGLY WIGGLY

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