The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 20, 1949
Page 6
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FACE STX ' BT,YTHEVTLT,B (ARK.V COURTER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 194J CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION insTtiona. Minimum cnnrg* ............ kUc 1 urn* p«r Mn» ........ .... JSc 3 lime* per line per <tfty . ....... J2f a lime* pf; ilnr pel daj ...... 9C 6 Mines pel une.pci aay ....... 7c ' A Lanie Advertising oraei tot Lrre^tiiai ins«r. lions iaKc5 tne one time table No responsibility win D* taken 101 nior« than one in cm reel Insert Inn ol any classified ha AU RQf are restricted to then propel classitlcarjon style and type r h r or reject an? aa Rent Mortem 3 room, unlurmsheri apnrt- :iftil 1'ft J6rj5 or 42r>7 8.17 J>k 20 3-room unfurnished apartment w privste oath 401 E Davis Ph ^4«3. 16 pk Two 2-room furnished apartment ronv.-nirnily located Adults only 7 iV. \VniMUl. [lUoiK- UOUO 8 2i) pk Otic room apt I'll 21120 Two room EuriiLshed apartment with private DiUh CoupFe only Pboii* 2408 &W Lake iJt 15 pit 2? 3-room furnished apartment. -107 l.ily. .inquire 517 s. l,ake. 820 pk B 23 J-roorn tnrnlshed apt Redecorated Modern CotipJe acid one clitld con- si dp r en il employ rd :n city 43D a month At JiJ S DJvlslon next door north 8 13 pic 8,21 FOR RENT: Two-room apartment 811 Hrarn St. nrmnl.shed 20 pk 26 Nicely furnished efficiency apartment Only highly respectable slrla need apply. Call 2087 8 18 pk 25 2-room furnished pit. Close In. Ph 2062. 8 19 pk 8 23 Modern cabin A: apt. by week or nioruh. Cafe service. Ph »5l. 8;i9 pk n : iu Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR GO. W« can Illl all jrour needs Uet genuine part* from out complete line EL1S POOLS. OWNER * OPKR.VI'OH South Hlehway 61 at Steete Mo Ptinnt Steel* 49 CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main & Division Plion* ^36J Doa't endangei your ra tally vltb fftultjr tires—BUY LEK HRKS Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection m w Asb sc GL£NCOE HOTEL BUILU1NO Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Hoyal, Smith Corona and Remington "DON EDWARDS Tht TjpwrHer Mmi 110 N Eernnrt St 3333 Loons AUTO AND FUHNJTUHE LOANS 1'ioinjK PerMinal Service Ucrieral Contract. Purcftn.** Corp 106 South 5tb Phont b03 Money to Loan Jo you neea i IOXD co xciniai 01 rm aer/ NO down payment on Diort gage, no reo inpe t'HA APl'ROVfJU HA IKS 5% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor one liUJ-* Lynch BuHdlntt HlytnerlJI* Ark FARAJ LOANS See us for one oi the beat Long time, easy payment farm loans to be had. Low rale ot interest Money to refinance your farm or help in buying one. R1AL.ES LAND CO. Office across from City Hall Phones 3322 or 4139 7-8 ck tJ ATTENTION It you nct-c] in miy. nuLld or r^Iln' .int'e your nnirte v\'lirrc yniu pay men law-ill oe nn more [nan rent, nn IS lt> 'JO y r K rs at 4 *I> $ nd 4', j <% i n t f FOR I Wrne Whltp ftivrr liisiirnnrp and In vest men l Company Bates? I Lie, Ark Hnrt we wil) see you 811 pk 9.11 Services Fain ling, paper hHnt*lnB All ItHer- or anu extrrior om-nraiitju Spr;iy ui onisn it€asouar>lf pncc-s Free e.itt mate UJvr- us n ring Cat! Pat Patterson I'd JB46 16 pX 2. riano inning Factory trained Ger aJd W FoBle. ^08 U Kentucky Pli ;»43 39 pX 2. ;M noLii roll film Mrvirp tudio \yi so KUM Ph 60M We wiU cnre tor your children' in OMI nome Dy liie week, day or nLRht UalJ UJ21 8,3 pk 0,£ PLASTF.RING BOB MALONE Call 4159 BJytheville or 407 Osceola 8-3 pk 9-3 I.awn Mower Service Welding Ol AM Klnd.i Westbrnok Machine Shop Make your dome prctly lor spring t;.xpprc Rug Uleanlng Service !-• yfur* PEERLESS CLEANERS Phont 2-lil Blyrhevllle for Sale, Misc. LUMBER FOR SALE Uy press rn vigli. oak. mixed cut tn order Hmsfieri pine ot all grades Torn Sawyer Paints O S ROLLISON LUMBER CO. North Ten and Camp MouL- ure Drive R\n ck 2^ FOR S A r. E — H V E FR YEItS S1 22U4 Krnwood Dtlvr City. 8-17-20 OAFE EQUIPMENT Castle <-tl Cigar Case, 4-sllce rnasim aster Electric roaster, silverware, all tliidf ol dlsn- (?5r. a-Spol, Cory Electric Collie Maker W Himtei attic t-nn ibrand new) 18' Attic Fan. iialnie.w steel Ha] I Trees l aftlps Ann Oh airs iJppp Fat Fryers NflpKin Holder." fsiamres« iteell. Wntt-t Fitctiers. Ulsb frays. 16 eu ft Deep Krrere. 1 menu nlarkhonro menu folders. (Jaoce 4: Nelson Piano. I Baby 1 * HlRti L'hRlr. Fiench Fry Potalr Sllcei CALL 267 4 712G-ck-8:2Ji v. r ostlni!house electric rant:r. A-l ron- dltion Ph 63U6 B.17 pX 3^0 OUR Customer* ouy Flna Foam Again and ngaln II cleans mgF Mkp ne'Jk- DEAL'S PAINT STORE Tilt ck 8:26 6, .YOUR CAR ACCIDENTS DRIVE IN NOW FOR THIS 10 POINT SAFETY CHECK RECOMMENDED BY THE NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL • Cluck • Ch*di kroliM • Clixk ll»M. • CkMkluri • Ck«k flni • Ch.<k wlndshltU I • C)«<k rear vl*w m\nn • Ciierk ri.-» • CKeck mMt, 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 for Sale, Real fstate HOUSE KOR SALE BY OWNKR 2-bedi'oom on Hcarn Street, jiewJy decorated. Corner lot. CALL 6228 8-18 pk 25 Position Wanted Vnung lady, experienced in »hort- jifl. typing, general office work Job. Wrlle Courier Newt WXV. 21 Married man 23 years old wants JOkkrpplnK Job with reliable firm j UooU references, Phone 2406. 19 pk 2S 480 Acres. 4Ti LncntUvatlon 1^ tcnent douses, tug barn, cow slicds, toot >.hed, big seed house with runnltiB water, I ro m eleclrtc pump Kleclrtclty 1 n rionne. Main house wilh all modern lixtxireft 400 acres this year In cotton Hale to bale and half to the acre. No Oole wcavils No water hazatd. lx)cat- ert on nardtop road- ai 1 Box 147. Manamia, Arkansas. a 16 pic 3 2U 3 rooms and oath. Furnished 1601 West Main at. fire Owner ai 1TOO Wesl Walnut. W. G. SainpJe. 16 pic 23 For Sale, Misc. iors-nll top brancts. Priced to 1 i ic k suit; Kn sy Terms n^rrt kerosene ranges, good con- "1'wo used U:e boxes, «oofl conMlllon -1'rlcrd R TWO tised electric "Sleep cool every night. Drive out all hot stifling air from your home with a "cool- aii-e" fan." UUILDKUS SUP- niV .. . PI V IVf Ph y.t'J.1 Q.Kit ti 1 Une tjooilyc^r eas lawn mower, dein- IL.1, IAL/. 111. Z'lo'l. bOUln ollslriuor ^rrics original guarantee Gl Highway. 8-1 ck tf 5(1 cabinets mildly low. stilnn Lumihlnt-s prices you caii- (.Meaner Baldwin Conibliip. -18 mode] 6:l cut air t-ool motor With extras AS yood as new Price (1.2110 Contact Al. C. WCSB, City Super Market. B\y- theville- 8 15 pk 22 ow nnd save . UOOUYtAR SEIIV1CE STORE Ph. 2192, BlythevilJp a 19 ck s 23 FENCE POSTS Locust Black Walnut Mulberry Red Cedar Chestnut <IOc 3f>c 35c 3()c 28c Write Jim Swift I'ellvered ai shove prlcw Clenoral Delivery Clifton. Tenne^scr ti,\ pit 9jl lf3R Mn.vspy-Harris Combine. Has hat vested less than 200 acres. A. H WEBB Hwy (51 at. Stale Mnf K3 IT) pk 2fi Fivo hnrtier Florence conk stove, pirn- mr rclMReraior. oil healer, room suite, roal stove, radio. Bow; nil rook stove (tahletoru platlorm r.irker. baby buggy all I'll, -1U21. Uin Charier Oiiri wood or coal range, good s new. Ph. 2265. 504 E Mo 3 11 pk S 21 Real Estate Farms — City Projxirty LOANS if Interested 'n Buying or seJling **« Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls —— F. B. Joyncr Icucoe Blclg. Ph. 819 BOOST VOUfl INCOME Bell now I'laslic CkiirLstinas Ciurts and :he Jainous southern neauly Christmas Assortment, you make up to Me on each box. Also EMBOSSKD Per- soiitu Greetings 50 ror $1.25. Get Samples oil approval. SOUTHERN CHEATING CARDS. 216 S. Pauline Detu C-l Memphis t. Tci:n. ' 8 20 pk 21 «l2U-CK-tl J acres land, nicle and quarter from KKartouL, Alo f:i[. CLr i(-Hy, sclioo] bus route. See owner at farm G M li)<'kcs 8 12 pk 19 KOR SALE: 308 acrc-trHcl, Mls.slssl- ;ip! county Farm lund. average yield one aitcl one naif nale coitoi^ per acre. Level tractor fana. not subject to averflovv. Ten tenant Louses, three rns. «ra% - el road through tnlddle ol larni and through Kldes. Convenlenl t" hifinime, telephone, school b\ls, and mall route. Cash or terms Jack TLptOH. .Manila. Arkansiis, Phone 69 or 72. 8,20 pk 22 Duplex lociited in liijjh clas neighborhood. Low Uix and insurance rule. Will net 8'/o. Reasonaule down payment will handle. New and modern, 5 rooms anil bath. Has automatic hot water heater .and Venetian blinds, beautiful hardwood floors, 4 spacious closets. Located close to high school and business ditrict. Can he financed through F. 11. A. or G. 1. loan. See or call MAX LOGAN, REALTOR Lynch Bldg., Ph. 2034 8-12 ck 19 Found Pictures you will like al Kauehl'f Studio, in so First Ph 6011. 8;2 pk 9,2 Female Help Wanted ATTKNTION HOUSEW1VKS with sales experience. \\' e are taking applications for extra sales people for the fall season. Montgomery Ward. 8-18 ck 21 WOMEN to sew our rparll-cnt "Rap- A-Konnd." Saj>are time. Easy profitable business. Hollywood Mff. Co.. Hollywood 46. Calif. a2 o plc 2 1 Young lady for assistant bookkeeper. Jlust he experienced, type, and knowledge ol shorthand preferred. Apply to IIr. Mauley, Planters Hardware. 8-19 ck 2;j SELL CHRISTMAS CAHDS! FaHtTnro- II1S. ARTISTIC and HARRY nOEHl.A Lints. Supplied liorn Dallas SO & 25 lor $1 name Imprinted. 50 different Christmas and AU-OccasLon Assortments Your pro.'jt to 5flc on si bos New Plastic Cliratmns Cards. Child, rrn's Hooks. Personalized Stationery Book Mau-he.s, Napkins and other Kilt items, liequest Samplc.s On Approval COLUMBIA. Dent. N. 1802 South Atc- ard. Dallas. Texas. 820 |)k 21 Wonted to Buy We need good used planns Ph an 8.16 ck [I Hlsnesi price paid rnr CHlrKENS- tuus Asn street Grocery t; Markei "' W As " 6|7 ck tl Gov. Alexander Spot-wood was partial!} responsible [or the construction o( the first ironworks in I Virginia in 1710. FARMS 2 male Cocker Snacilel puppies three months old. E hlnrk. 1 red. Subject to registration, Reasonable. Call Mis CJeati Atkinson, ph. 2:i6S. «,19 pk 26 8-loot Meat Display case, and compressor in excellent condition. See HI Cecil Lowe Grocery. Phone 597. 17 pic 20 RKSTA U R A NT KQ U IPMENT 15 It r.iblncl 8 it relrlyerator ;iu in rxnnnsi Ian National cash rcKLs OarJaiid re u nrired rl"ht ) AIL otm 3 18 pk 21 "'sims, ct. loom snlie, nine ;)lrccs Wai- Hardware, SlceLe. Ato a, IB pk 21 BRING YOUR BUICK HOME FOR SERVICE Home To Your Dealer Langston-McWaters Buick Co. Hi: sui-e lliut your car gets the )WiuiiHl attention of a litiick 111:111 with Uiik-k Know-How. Our service maiuij-er. James \\'ren, has a staff of al)le inecliaitics who know what makes a Rtik-k i-iin. . . and wliKt makes a Buick not run. Yes, you o\v e it to yourself to get the iimst out of your car—with Buick care. Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. Walnut st F!road«ay Dial SS5 for Service Elberta Peaches llJinoix Finest No 1 rjualliy at very i i-AsonabJe prt-io.i now Hnivlny daily P[ 35117 or roine out to BLVTHKVU.I.K KRUIT MARKET Just North ot the Rnvorbark a 15 pic S 21 'J compan in rnl rc&tnmnnt Kink -1 sets tallies A: rlmlrs •2i} yrvs PUishuryh gas hoi water hcnl- All otlier en. n] pin en t. roflne makers, sell together or scp- •atcly Intj Litre at Poicct Drnthtrs 400 acres 4 miles south of Dexter, Mo. On state road. Good land as profit will .show. SI25 per acre. 1;3 cash, terms on balance. :tl5 acres cast oT Bptnle. Mo. $tDO per acre. 1 J cn. c h. terms on hntance. ail acres. 3 sets of buildings. $60 per r*rre. Can take In house or small . tract of land nn this farm. 55750 loan j now tin (arm. i 300 acres 15 mites of Campbell. Mo. (Joocl buildings, electricity. J30 par [ acre. In Stodrtard Counts'. -KI2 acres near Wilson tn Golden l.r^e nplyhbnrhood. This farm has 127.500 20-year loan. This land La worth the money. Come In and have a look. Several 40's and 30"s Jin Pemlscot and Ounklln County. Mo., and Mlss- l.^ippl Connty. Ark, See me If Interested In buylnp any si?p farm In Mississippi County. Ark. or Southeast. Missouri R. Al. BECK Lynch Bldg. Office Ph. 203-1 Res. Ph. 2390 2«u acres of land, approximately 200 acre* in cviltivaiion. very few improvements, located near Aivln, Mississippi, oetween the TaLJahatchle ana Mississippi rivers Foi furthei Inlnrma- tion contact s M. Thompson Enid 8:5 pk 9,5 For Sale, Real Estate New 4 -room house nn North Tenth Dixie. ReahOiinhly priced. Jewel Oiti St. 3 I» pic 26 . commons. N. -i-rooin hO(is« with ha til Cor tier lot m HulJy. Newly pill tiled Call 20:tl klter 6 p.m. 8,16 pk 2J C-r(^rt I ! 5-rooin hoitsr W 2:i\l Mnctiaret St Price K.UHU. Ph. 4JW 8l tl pk 8,20 SEAY- Before You Buy USED CARS-TRUCKS 19-17 Chrysler Windsor 4-door Sedan, green, radio and heater, white sidewall tires . . . special low price, 11)16 Nash "fiOd" 4-dnor Sedan, black color, new tires Don't miss seeing tliis bargain. l!)ll Chrysler 4-dnor Sedan, completely reconditioned, new (ires, new paint joh, radio, heater, and scat covers 19-17 Plymouth Special Del.uxe 2-door Sedan, has all (he things you want. .. .brand new tires, seat covers, radio, and healer. 1916 Mack Truck. 2-Ton Model with Ifil inch wheel base, excellent condition, very good lires—see it yourself. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phone 2122 Two houses on 1 lot. One 6-room nouse with hath. 2 porches, electric no 1 , water neater; one 3-room house with nail b.ith. and fiont porrrh Block Trom business dlsirlct. Call 3130 Odlc Frrrnmn. U7 E. Ash. 818 pk 21 ISO acres bottom Innci. corners with black top highway, on mall and school bus routes nnd RCA ISne. 120 acres in cultivation, 40 acres timber, all ten red antl cross fence tl. hos fence Deep wrfJ. electric puinp. 5-room house. ncJit. 1 ! and water. 3-room tenant house l-nr^e barn, hen house. smnKr house* 3U.4Lflt may be paid out at 5500 nnd J'- mtcre-st annunlly. I'rice * 16.000. 241 acres oo blnck lop hl^luvay. mal] anrt school bus routes atid RE A Hun A soort stoclc and dairy [arm Ideal location 160 Acres In c Lull va Hon. BO acres tlmtter. Home orchard 100 acres rolling, balance level land Large stock rmart. Deep well, elrcirln pnmp 6-rooin House, onin. composition rool ^-room tenant House. Garape with 2 living rooms. ;( hartis 59.000 may he paid out at 51. IKK) and 5% annually, Price Unke A; Braden, ParaRoxild. Ark 818 rk 20 Bti.sin^ss lot on North HI way 61 iear Corner Ph 2951 1,9 c x tr For Rent ash i-atneras t o r U STEE-JN S STUDIO ocaslone <]5-ck-tI One 2-room furnished apt upstair.-: Une bedroom Parking spare for 2 at mners. Pn «^7 813 pK 8''O fi-room house b:\th A: garage. S75 00 mo. Lwrse loi. Hlway 61 North Aridre^ P-0. Box 914. 8.13 ck 821 Persona/ Thirty minute phntostatlc service ' tJTfcfciN y STU1J1O lia-cle-Ll VETERANS Are yon deriving a ll your educational benefits under the G.I. Bill of Rights? Earn while you learn by enrolling in a trade school to be established in Rlytheville, Ark. Report to the American Legion Hut and learn what your ben- fits are and where you can enroll. See Aubrey Adams at the American Legion Hut, Blytbe- ville, Ark., from 9 a.m., to 'I p.m., Thursday, Aug. 25 through Aug. 27, 1949, or al his home in Osceola, Ark., before 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m. _ 8-1!) pk 2G for Sale, Cars and Trucks Unusual 49 Buick Roarimaster four door scrtan with whltp ci\nvns lop i-listoiTi upJinMcrlriL:. r1yn;ifLow. white side walls, mcllo and heater Leaving lo\vn. i'h. 6767. 825 i t'cml Co rtible, with all Before you buy. see these USED CARS REAL ESTATE Beautiful 5-room house and '>ath. Choice location on Hollv Street. Fireplace, gas heat, spacious closets, large, well arranged Youngstown kitchen, screened in back porch. On corner lot. G-room house and balh. On '.illy Street. Price §5,000 lOO^i GI loan. Perfect location for that lew ranch type house you are •foing to build. See or call JOHNNY MARR 112 South Second St. Phone 41.11 or 250G Russell JIarr Ph. 807 8-18 ck If Private Rooms frrcmt Bedroom for rent, 313 S Lilly 817 pk sit Rooms with f An5 Blj-thrvllle Hotei R.15 rk 9 [5 1!M7 Kaiser Sedan, has radio & heater. The price is low 19-18 Jeep with -1-whceJ drive. Just like new. 19-11 Pontiac 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. Very clean. 19-10 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. Priced to sell. 10-16 Chevrolet Hi Ton Truck. Completely reconditioned. iy-18 Uortse ?* ton pickup KvrfLIe condition Trice right. Several otrtrr fjcfll buys to choose from 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 8-5 ck tt Just A Few of The Many Choice Used Cars and Trucks YOU WILL FIND AT SULLIVAN-NELSON'S: 1!)1S Chevrolet Fleet line 2-door Sedan, black color, equipped with heater, defroster, outside visor. A beauty. 191S Chevrolet liusiness Coupe, black, radio, heater, and seat covers, low mileage. A sweetheart. 1917 Chevrolet Fleetmasler -1-door Sedan, maroon, healer, and radio, 19,000 miles. A honey. 19:ifl Chevrolet -I -door Sedan, radio & healer ____ $589. 19;i9 Chevrolet Town Sedan, heater. .. .$115. 1'JIS Willys Jeep ____ a steal at $715. 19-17 Willys Jeep, see this one today ... .$(i95. 19-1-1 Willys Jeep. . . .for fishing, go any place. . . SIS9. Trucks, large and small, 2-spced short and Inns', '/j-Ton Pickups and Panels, 19-10 to ISMS models. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always *!ake a Good Deal al HfMroom. private bftth I'h 46-13 8 IS pk 9 l!> i-argc. cool rjedrooro close in Mm 'my aiu w w&inut !\2i pk 8.21 Bedroom with kttch«o prlvclespji uirts or Couple Pb 2H23 /J30 pk «,30 Comfortable room 8 134!) riouse-krrplng rrw (Continued on Next Page) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best I'rices Kirby Drug Stores SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company ;il)l Wesl \Valnut I'hone 57S RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & MIES IAII I'vpca txrept Cancer) Clinic 514 Main BlvttirvilJe Ark Pbonr YOU CAN'T MISS AT BLYTHEVlLLE MOTOR CO. 41 Ruick 1-door Super 4(i Buick 1-door Super, RHWWA 37 Buick -i-dnor R & H, new painl, new lires, R & H Seat Covers, how mileage. Not a scralch on it. 48 Ford For dor, Super Deluxe 48 Studebaker J/ 2 Ion I'ickup, new condition, low mileage. 47 Studebaker \'i Ion I'ickup, A-I condition. 41 DeSolo Pornor. R & H. Plenty of Used Trucks and Cars to Pick fromJ^ All Makes and Models. Priced for Quick Sale! Blytheville Motor Co. "South'* Fines; Service" Broadway & Chickasawha Phone 4422 HARD TO DECIDE WHAT CAR TO YOU HAVE A TREMENDOUS RANGE OF CHOICE AT STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. 19 r i7 Chevrolet -1-donr Scd;m, radio & healer. liMG Chevrolet Coupe li)16 ('online 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. L9-I7 Kurd -l-d,,,,,. Sct\nn, radio & healer. !9!fl Lincoln l-rioor Sedan, fully equipped. 19-19 Mercury .i-door Sedan, has radio, heater, and overdrive. 1935 Kord Coupe Special Jl.-ir,. 19ID Mercury 2-door Sedan, has new motor. 193S Buick I-door Sedan Model "A" Pickup Truck 19.3fi Ponliac 2-door Sedan 1910 DeSoto .I-door sedan, has radio 1911 Ford I'ickup Truck 193!) Plymouth 2-door Sedan 1912 Ford 4-door Sedan STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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