The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1949
Page 13
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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 19-lfl BLYTHEVII.LE (AUK.) COURIETl NEWS PAGE THffiTEEN Children Can Enjoy Adult Foods Crackers, cheese and fruH form Ihe idc^l a tier-school snack. to enjoy the food their .stir in IIOHI, und when smooth, stir m milk Cook, .stirring constantly until slightly thickened t tljen add vD<;ctabit^ und the water in which ;hcy were cooked, ^priiiklc; in tlie ehpeH 1 , -stir to mix, and serve \vIUi cracker.s. parents enjoy Ueliw cliiltlren become emotionally stable. The |tsy- chological importance or thLs fact Is being .stressed by <;intUng ohild health luitborltie.s, interestetl in mnking out 25lh annual Child Health T>ay, May l, a day of significance to all mothers and fathers. Whenever possible, they urge, let your children oat the same niHri- tAjnial foods you eat. The child who Jb«3, 7."ill integrate more rapidly into the family world and become more emotionally secure. Milk and other dairy products j are important, in this rc.sircct., of course, is outstanding. It can be enjoyed by both children and a-Julis. Actually, Is a useful form of milk which can be included in the diets of even very young children to supplement the liquid milk and increase the calcium intake. One ounce of cheddar chcese f for example, contains the snmc amonn^ j of c.ilcuim as 8 ounces (1 full glass) or milk. It is also an excellent source of high-grade protein and contains all the other nutrients of milk. Chcesr; compares favorably with other foods in the thoroughness of digestion, and is included In the foods recommended for youngsters by leading nutritionists and doctors. To start very young children eating cheese, ftt first grate it and add to mashed potatoes, white sauce, soups, or use in sandwich fillings. Later, use it in sliced or cube form, f Vegetable Soup With Cheese ' • (For Mother-Toddler Meal) One package frozen mixed vegetables, l small sliced onion, 2 cups boiling water, ^ teaspoon salt, 3 tablespoons butter, 4 tablespoons flour, 3 cups milk, 3*1 cup grated or shredded cheese. Put vegetables in saucepan with onion, water and salt, cover and boil for 8 to 10 minutes, or until vegetables are 'tender. Melt butter Home Economist 1 Gives Hints On 'Twosome' Meals What to do when cooking for two? With a wise selection of meat. homctnakers can easily plan interesting menus without, fear of mealtime monotony. Reba Stages, well known home economist, suggests that homemakers might choose a small |»rk loin for two meals. When purchasing the roast, the market man should loosen (he chine bone from the rib side. With this bone loosened, chops for the first meal can be easily cut from one em], the remaining meat can make a fine roost for the next day's dinner. ' Another good buy is an arm bone pot-roast. Cubes are cut from the round end to go in a colorful summer slew. For the next two meals, the meat Is divided in half with the center cut- for braising as a pot-roast and the other half for Swiss steaks. For the small family, a further suggestion is a smoked shoulder butt. After simmering, the smoked meat can be covered with a Elnze an<i finished cooking in the oven. Fur the meal to follow, the meat can be served sliced, and spread with prepared muslat4 and broiled. Desserts Made Quickly With Homemade Mix Gteon (\pplc dumplings, strawbi'v- ry-rluibarb .sliortcnke—ull (he liis- elous fruits now brightening the markets nrc Jiusl wuUIng to go Into month-wittering desserts. Tli&so ocmblnntton.s arc quick work wlu'n a homcmaker keeps a supply of homemade biscuit mix in licv rc- frlycnitoi 1 . suys Ilebu Singes, home economist. In making this homemade mix, all thi 1 inKi'OiiienU except the liquid lire comblneci, then placed In a covered jar In the refrljtenitor. When clmuplhiK, biscuit or shoi't- I'nke time COLIIP.S, Die hotnvmnkor simply lake* out (he amount of m!x .she needs and adds Just eiwunh milk to make a soft dough, llmnc-mailr Biscuit Mix 8 ni|Vi siftod flour 1-4 cup baking powder 4 tensiwons stilt Hi c'mxs Invd for hard wheat Hour or 1 cup lard for soft wheat (lour Sift flour again with the b:\ktnn powder and suit. Cut in the lurd until the mixture, IULS a fine even crumb. Covor mi.\ closely and .si in tin 1 refrigerator. Thi.s mixture will keep at. lonst a month in the refrigerator. To make R dozen medium-sized biscuits ndci one-half cup of milk to two cups mix. Yield: 10 cups of mix. Missourian Tells Why ^on-l/nion Worker Is "dinting Truman Home JEtYKIlSON CITY. Mo., May 30. /I*)—How come a non-uulon pului- T Is deeoratlnur Hie Pre.slitent'.s iiinuncr White House In Imlcpcnd- 'iicc, Mo.? Here's the slory (old the MLssouri louse of Reprcscntallves today by Rep. Floyd L. Snyder <U> of Indepcndence: Years ago. Circuit Juditt' Allen C. Southern of Indi\|wndence wns lldhiK n house. OrunnltPd labor didn't like Hie fad 1m was usin? unorganized labor. The judRe completed tile house by stltlns out on Ihe front porob with n doulile-btiiTeled shntmm iu:ros.s his knees. Ills s^'U sjM l lled him at (lines. Aflcr that, (he bulldimi trade unions mid the Clly of Imtecml- ence aiirceci union labor would lie used on commercial building bu( resldontlul work could be done by non-uulon workers. "And anyway." Snyder told (lie House, "it Isn't Ihe President's house. It beloiiBs to his sister nuil brother." Read Courlei News Wan! Ads Stuffed Veal Different Enough for 'Specialty' Give (hem something ilifferetit for HitiKlny. A lUlle linatflmiUcm, » lltle extr« cure will product) sin 1 - prLslmjly tine nviln dishes that will :lollBht all the »ssoinbled family. SUiffecl Veal Slrak (Snrvfx ft. 6) Two pouiuls veal, cut \i Inch Iliick, a teaspoons suit. !1 texsiuxm pei. ifiu-llc null, 3 lab!cs|x>ons shortentna. 2 cups Innuito Juice. 4 lablespuons enriched iill-pm IWM' flour. Seasmi venl sti'iik with salt, pep- uer mid (iiirllc snll. SJHTIKI tli'c.wlnu las for roust chicken) jvenly over iik. and roll. Pnslrn ends lo- xT with loollmlfks, skewers, or if nellber Is available, (le wllli string. Hull In flour nnrt brown In hot shortening lu skillet or pan Add \ : j en]t of (he loinnlo Juice, cover Ushlly and simmer nluml 1 to 1'i IKIIIIS. or mill iiicnt Is lender, ft may Ix) uece.ssai-y lo tur sionally. occa- The mnncuvers cm cnu- iluclcd In Alaska by U.S. Nnvy and Mnrlni> forces Involved 40 ships ai some ]8,OflO men. Old Roman Altar Found In St. Gregory's Basilica SI'OTKI.O. Italy -(4V- Tombs mid sculptures of (lie early Clulst- liui centuries wero discovered here recently lu lliu basilic* of Saint OiTicory the flreut. While wmkmi-n demollsliel « bnr- jiie alter In ||i« basilica, (hey dls- rovered a Itoninit marble altar that bore sculptures uround Ihe bnse. and n hollow In the upper parl. it Is believed (hut (lie altar WXH part "f a Uoman temple upon which the basilica WHS built. Kavly Ululstliiu lombs wore discovered lu front of Die .lourlhern side of Ihe bustllca. WAKN1NO OKDKK In tlio Chmirrry Court, Clllfka- uwba District. MlMl»!il|>|>l L'uuntj, J. IJ. Morris vs. No. IOM4 Clnru H, Morris ........ l>efcmli\nl Tins defendant cluru 11. Mori Is is hereby wurncd lo appeiir wllhln thirty days lu the court iinnii'd In I ho cnpllon liereot ami answer (he umiplalnl of Ihe plaintiff J I) Morris. Unled this 11 day of Muv, mil Harvey Monls, Clerk l!y Dotty Bull. D O K t | n. Cook, Ally for pur, OliiiHle F' CVioiwr, Ally, ad Illctn. Polish Minister Ash* Faith in Horn* Science WARSAW, PoUnd - (XI - Hilary Mine, president of the economic enmml(ie« of tlie council ol ministers, s«y» I'ollsh scientists need mart faith In wtml * Socialist* country can do »nd less in Ilir western world. He (old « nntlnnnl conference of chief! called to net new Wens for economies In production Hint 1'ollsh scientist* should Mop ''.shilling (he, scU'iitlflo achievements of tho western world, Mine hnlleri what, he .said were tho nphlcvcmcnUs of Soviet science, ON... DRV IVIII.I\ »<>• He aim credited Pofot with findfaw the proceu for liquid »ir; for UM discovery of radium, vlturtn*. '~> television. ' Mine uld It wm.i rrfcUUe that' the** Pole, I&YI the world Uwtr discover 1 countrlet. throu»h work U> lenftn The United 81»t« hu about H 000,000 telephone*. ELECTROLUX Cleaners Inspected • FREE • Prompt, Kxpcri ••§•!* Merrlre at All TIlHa Phone 6138 Guy Wright 1U East Davta Am N«w i American Fish Wed In German Ceremonies HANOVER. Germnny — I/1V In R rcgi.slrnr office wedding here VYnu- Ipijj An] irmcrJeil Heir Hechl. 'J'lietr were Herr Znnder nnd Ilcrr Wei.ssfisch. The rcretnony was performed by Herr Angler. What's so unusual atxmt that? Here are the Etigltsh Irnnsln- titnis of their names—eel, pike. perch, whltcbnlt and flsherninn. ReporLs on egg laying by American hens show that on the average the hens in large Hocks of 400 or more lay more eggs than hens in smaller flocks. ~~~ tempting, m r quic-to-fix Mayrose Ready-Serve Meat S ! i I I E X I X f I Choose your favorites from this wide variety Mayrosc Pork Loaf— Barbecue Sauce Added Mayrosc Braimschweiger Mayrose Baked Meat Loaf, Stuffed Olives Added Mayrose Now England Specialty Mayrosc Baked Meat Loaf, Pickles and Pimentos Added Mayrose Luncheon Loaf Mayrose Headcheese and Cooked Ham, Minced Specialty, Thuringer, Salami, Bologna and many others. FOR MEATS THAT ARE GRAND . . . CHOOSE MAYROSE BRAND ^ St. Louis Independent Packing Company PACKfSi O 1 HIGHEST QUAIITV MAYOOSE MIAT PRODUCTS Read Courier Newi> Warn Ads A WEEK OF OUTSTANDING VALUES ON AMERICA'S FINEST FOODS Stokely Week FREE! On (he 5 Items in the center column, you &et one can free with each nix you buy. Check tliem over and stock up now! SALE Stokely's Creed Thr wurrt "flnrsl" on rvcry HUkrly Ubel means Just whwl U »*>». Slnk«- ly 11neks only one ftritdc— the very (inriil urimn. Vet Slokely'i arc nmi1«rwlrly priced, I THESE VERY SPECIAL PRICES ARE GOOD FRIDAY, MAY 27 - SATURDAY, JUNE 4 I Sure IK a pile of bargains! Medium WHOLE BEETS No. 2 con 18c I) nn' I want to pa,ss this up! TOMATO JUICE No. 2 can 13c at Blythevilles Leading HOME-OWNED MARKETS FREEMAN-HENLEY GRO. 8, MKT. 2016 W. Main Phone 2231 Smooth & Tasty as only CRf AM (an mokt if Looks swell to me! Vacuum Pack Golden BANTAM CORN 12 oz. can 18c CITY SUPER MARKET NABERS GROCERY & MKT. 3. Division Phor LIBERTY CASH GROCERY 109 West Main 105 So. Division Phone 2668 Phone 501 <j*e . . . make* m« hnn|r7t SPINACH No. 2 can 15c VAN CAMP'S Ready Prepared Meals All You l)o Is H K AT—KAT—KN.TOY a lot for llttlel FRUIT COCKTAIL No. 21 can 40c Country Gentleman Cream Style CORN No. 2 can 21c BLANTON reamo 5% CREAM MARGARINE Golden Bantam Whole Kernel CORN No. 303 can 18c 501 West Main Phone 4973 GAINES MARKET 118W. Main Phone 509 FORSYTH'S GROCERY & MKT. 621 Lake Street Phone 2137 Wall 'til I IcII Die Wile woman! Extra Small School Day PEAS No, 2 can 19c VVIul a break for onr lown! Honey Pod PEAS No. 303 can 19c No. 2'/2 Can Halves or Sliced M>. J.</i can Halves or Slicvri ^^ •• PEACHES 35 liny fi and Get 1 Krcc! No. 303 Can Country Cen(lem;in ^^ ^ CORN--- 21 Buy fi ami (iel 1 Free! No. 303 Can Sweet Tasly King's ^ ^^ PEAS - - - 19' Kny fi and f.'el 1 Free! Big 11 07.. Not tie CATSUP-- 18 Buy 6 ami (iel 1 Free! No. 300 Can Van Camp's jm ^^ PORK & BEANS 13' Buy fi and Get 1 Free! There'fl a value for 701 1 ! In Halves. Freestone PEACHES No. 2? can 41 c My lummy can't wnltl Whole Unpeeled APRICOTS No. 21 con 25c News for bargain hunters! FRUIT COCKTAIL No. 1 can 25c (ire . . makes me Ihirstj PINEAPPLE JUICE No. 2 can 18c 46 oz. can 44c The f*r STOKELY'S flnnt CHILI SAUCE 12oz. bottle 26c Com* en . . th« f»IK» «M Whole I'eeW APRICOTS No. 2^ can 31 c

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