The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • SATURDAY, MAY 10, 1917 Judge Finds Hope Diamond Too Hot, Lets FBI Store It WASHINGTON, May 10. (UP)— Former ! Judge Thunnan Arr-T^l knows ho»- it feels lo carry the Hope diamond around in his pock- el- like a piece of loose change. But he refuses io' deliver n formal finding or even an obiter dictum on his experience. "I don't even want to talk about It,' he said yesterday. Arnold was among friends at the bedside of the diamonds late owner, Mrs .Evalyn Walsh McLean, when she died at her home licic on Snt- urda?, April 26. He found the diamond, the collector's value of which has been estimated, at $2,000,000, lying among other costly gems in Mrs. Mc- lenn's room. AS an executor of Mrs. McLeim'f will, 'it was inciinx v .".»t- on him to find a safe place for the gems. But bank vaults *-'e are closed at 5 pin. on Saturdays and lliclr' timelocks don't open until the tol- lowiug Monday morning. With a friend, Arnold rode around in a taxicab trying lo figure out what to do with Hie gems before they burned a hole In the former ]judge's pockets. Arnold thought of his former justice department colleague, IJBt Director J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover agreed to slow the Ijope .diamond and its companion pieces in the PIH vault. Arnold refused to say how the experience affected him. He just laughed—nervously. [these Japs Finally Admit War Is Over Head Courier News Warn Ads. Japs who refused lo believe their nation was defeated and held out In the hills of Pcleliu island for 33 months, were llnally convinced when Rear Ad in. Sumikawa (arrow) of Imperial Jap Niivy, appealed for surrender over loudspeaker. Above, Lieutenant YamagucM, commander of the holdouts, bows solemnly after giving tip his sword and flag to Capt. L. C. Fox, USN, right. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 at State Line Phone Hlytheville-714 Dr. W. C. Gricc Veterinarian BACK at Dell, Ark. I don't want to spoil theso children—there'll be plenty of time for that when we're grandparents! 1 * (DauenfioJd Copwfghl by Gwcn Dover Distributed by NEA SERVI^ NC. • xxv 1V/TRS. BAGOT moved right in •"•^-'upon Sophie and Godfrey, forthright and gracious, a hand extended in greeting. "Madame van Eyck! This is delightful--" "So charming ot you to come," murmured Sophie. "You invited the whole clan, Madame," said Mrs. Bagot, "so I have also brought my late'hus- band's uncle, Mr. Adam Bagol. And this is my sister, Miss Cod- manj-and of course you already know my son." Vicky rushed breathlessly dc'.v; 1 .stairs, comlns iBtQ the drawing room in time lo see Adam Bagot bend stiffly forward from the waist to kiss her grandmother's hand. The old gentleman looked frailer than ever beside Sophie's ebullient health. Sophie placed her left hand, heavy v.'ilh emeralds, over the hand.of Adam Bagot which she had' clasped in her right. Slowly and thoughtfully she said, "Adam Bagot—" The white bead carrie creel again! "Madame. H is a great horibr and privilege." Sophie.-relinquished the bony hand. T^Miss "Codman," she ac- knrtwledged, turning to the eager spihsUjv-'-who was taking in al the. dt:ails of the room. "How do you do? Welcome. Mrs. Bagol, Miss Codman, this is Mr. Mans 'bridge, who is—er—who is visit <jig us for the summer." Vicky spoke politely lo Sally' family, suppressing a giggle as sh shook hands with Miss Codmat Her hat, .Vicky thought, looked a if she hid got it out of a part cracker. The guests disposed themselve around the room. Presently S Charles shepherded Basil an Marcel into the room and peared. himself in t\ie dircclio of the kitchen. It was turnin chilly outside in preparation fo the cold August night, and Ma eel was wearing his slr-!;b.v Fhawl. Vicky seized him by an ami. thrust her other hand into Basil's and led them to Mrs. Bagol before anyone else could speat. "TITRS. BAGOT, IhJso arc my ^ uncles—my U;;clc Miu'cel and my Uncle Unsil." "How do yun do?" Mrs. Daj!<>l said. Sho turned to Sopliio. "Yon have quile n houseful, hnven'1 you, Madame?" "Sophie never played io less thai? a lull house," said Basil. Mrs. Bagot laughed politely. Vh, you;- brc'.' ::: very villy : adame. Ko wonder he is proud you, thoxigh. Of course, \vu ore 1 proud o£ our distinguished eighbor." Let us all sit do\vn," cnlk-rt ophie. "Mrs. Bagol. will you he omforlablc there?" She ensconced crsclt behind Ihe tea table. "We hall have some lea presently." Snlly and Vicky sal together on little settee al the hack of the oore. A lew small conversations K'outccl. "Sit here, Mr. Mansbridgc, do!" egged Mrs. 13»got, indicating mall gill chair near her. "Many a imc as a young girl I stood me at the box office lo sit al your eel." Godfrey calculated her ai;c al oughly 50, wlOli was Ihe age he Kid chosen always to think o! lihiself. "I must have been just larting out then." Sir Chiirlcs came in with the ragrant tea and the little ho :hccse /oils, papery sandwiches pulf pastries and petit fours. "How do you take your tea Mrs. Bagol'.'" asked Sophie. "Lciu on and one lump'!" "Perfect," agreed Mrs. liagot. "Miss Codman?" "Just as it comes, thank you." "Mr. Bagot?" asked Sophie : 'Ho\v do you take your tea?" "None for me, thank you." "The rest o£ you I know. Charlc you forgot Godfrey's saccharin." "Right there, Madame/' said Sir Tharlcs, "on the .corner of the ray." Marcel leaned hack with a con- .cmplativc air. "Often 1 think how easy it would be, it one were a kvriter of detective fiction, to murder someone who takes saccharin. It would he simple surely to substitute a few tablets of cyanide ot .iotassium, say—" Godfrey glared at the little Frenchman. "I'll lake my lea unsweetened today, Sophie, if you please." Read Courier News Want Ads. "VOU know, I've been tbink- ing." Miss Codman said laptly. "When I tell people I've actually had lea with Sophie van Eyck and Godfrey Mansbridge, I don't think I'll tell them the truth. I mean aboul your being related, sec, \vc always thought n? ou both as such a romantic team." "But we are not related!" God- cy exclaimed. "\Vhat ever gave on that idea? It has incestuous nplications—" Mr. Miinsbridgc is visiting us, liss Codman," Vicky put in hasti- fIc's a very old friend of the ainily." Bnsil dropped his teacup and roke the handle. In Ihe confusion hat followed he went over to Godfrey and gave him a long, vicaningful glare. Godfrey closed lis eyes indilfcrenlly, raised his ji-ows and sipped. Sir Charles etched a lea towel to wipe oil the able and brought Basil another cup. Under cover ot the general inbbub Salty leaned close to Virky, whispering in her car. "We're going lo have lo be mar- ied right away, Vicky. After all, it's not as if we had all !he lime in the world. Mother's cra/.y about your grandmother »and so that's all right. What about next Saturday? If I can gel off? You can move nearer to the Yard, we'll find somewhere to live—" Vicky could hardly believe what she heard. To have in the space of less than a day from a state of utlcr uncertainty about one's whole future life to a sudden stale of being Sally's chattel, for him to own and rtlspose of, was upsetting, lo say the Icasl. ITo He Continued). RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OB MODE!, RE- UAISLK WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authori/fd Motorola Radio Sales and Service 100 South First St. Today's free MCJl Record Mr. and Mrs. Kosi-n Craftun FKECKI-KS & HIS FRIENDS Bv MERRILL BLOSSER Imported SI tiff Boy,on BOY— ' •. NOT A MAM IN THE JOIMT.' THIS is W/HENTM6 GIRLS US TO GOME IN , WE'LL jusrewe BOATS FOR SALE Made in Blythcville by MIKE MERONEY CYPRESS and PLYWOOD The ideal boat for the Bit' Lake area. Handmade, sluiclj construction—only the best materials are used in these Imnls. See Uiem NOW! Now on Display a( The BlythevHIe Motor Company Dr. Jack Webb Physician & Surgeon Announces the Opening of His Office Lynch Building Ulytheville, Ark. For the General Practice of Medicine Office Phone 2131 Residence 2<Ki5 Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. RITTNER INLL WILSON CHAMBLIN SALES CO., inc. STUDE8AKER Sales Cars and. Trucks of Outstanding and Economy Service Quality Expert Painfrinq and Body .Wor Skilled craftsmen insure dependable service, keep your cars and trucks in Up-top condition. Bring your car to us for be.-.t ;:1! :>rouml work anywhere. We specialize in trucks. ANY MAKE, ANY MODEL k Complete truck repairs, electric welding, complete motor overhaul. radios and seat covers, tires, tubes, batteries. e,jjoLiish(s. fog lights. We carry a complete line of Studebaker parts for c:us and tnicks, Climatizers, Bumper Guards. We Have Several Good Used Cnrs for Sa!e — Cars and Trucks — CHAMBL1N SALES CO., Inc. Your Shuiehakcr Dealer .............. "First by Far With a Postwar Car" ............ Rill Clmmblin i^l & Ash St ......... Lex Chamblin ........ Phono 2105 Our Bocrdinq House with Mai. Hoople Out Our Way N ViO.RO.' I SELECTED TUESE FAIR . LIES. f O R. -toti, M F\RTH &,, ] r ~— ^ ( TALX 8ECA.USB UM.' S\ 1 DOSST F£EL AS ] f -MW i i MUCH LlKS A LOOK)/ LILY ASXTX) EST >bUR FEET, WHILE Af?RMiG&Tt;& FLOWERS IrtAVASe.' FOR. • HER," 661MG WELCOMED! EVA ' i'M STUCK/ I'LL HAVE TO RUM--1 ME AW EASE--OVI-R AMD GET MRS. CARtZ TO HELP ME OM WITH THIS DRESS-.' THIS Sll K DON'T GIVE AT ALL.--AMP I'M GIVE OUT.' By J.R.Williams VIC 'FLINT _. BORM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOCM WARR Snntiinsr llic Sijrnn'r. VUKNKJF OTHERS HWIE kM5TMiEN US, LEN. WD HE WON'T BE ON 1X6 M.EET FOB. THfT, SINCE HE N COLD TODW...TM.KED IH THE NND THIS BM1PAGE WLV CONCEM- SOUE RECEDING rlWG. UNE ! RYTIh'H Surprise 1'arly V T. ? r\aME OF REO Rf D£R'6 WORK 16 HE, CLONtX' WHILE WE'VE 6EE^ GA5SIS3' WITH CLOK'D, KTPERS PR00A&LT SOSlE To THE i^to USE KEEPIS5 1 TOD ti£D LOGGER, f-M65' Hciidv for the |ii K BY MICHAEL O'MALLRY nnd UAI.I'H LANE ike a dutiful best man, I saw that Cy got safely home from his bachelor dinner. GOCD OL FlIHT.' NSVER TOUCHES A OROPj H sow WHAT i warn;* co, DRIVER-- t V/ANNA THROW BIUI^RD BALLS AT TH' MOON.' And then came the afternoon of Vtie vied- ding,with Cy, clear- eyed and handsome, waiting beside me for his bride. COME on, CY, YOU'RE HOME. CON W&NSiA GET OUT, VIC. VERY COMF'ABLE ALLEY OOP I.cad LaHv WAT MISS... IVE'RS LOOK- IMG FOR THE BASHAW'S TREASURY THEN VOU COULD DO WITH A GUIDE... VOU'RE 'WAY OFF THE BEAM.' DON* iV DO \OU H LIKE THE 1DCA \ A BETTER IDEA OP 7RUSTING A ^v^ EMBER OP T HOUSEHOLD MEMBER Of=THIS ] '. ~J \S-IO : By V. T. H AMI-IN T CAN'T SAY 1 HAVL-?> v OKAY, SISTER... . BUT YOU'D BETTER DELIVER-' BOOTS ANT> wtu. R1SW Or VOU.HWS.^v? \y Wilfred Again

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