The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 4, 1934 KLYTHEV1LLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CiAfSlf lilt CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING IJNFORMATION Dally rate per aiM ror conwcu- Uw insertions: . (Fin average voids to a line) One time per llnu .......... 19c Two times per line per day .. We Three times per llni per daj . . Ofc Elz Ume> per line per day .. 06c k'octb rate per line .......... *0c Minimum clurge SOC FREE H O I, C EitlmaUs Rooflne, Painting. Repairs THE AUKMO LUMBER CO. 10-ck-ti-lO I'KUSONAl. ran use you In * bu»lm-M Iliiill will pay you tuod hicoiiu 1 , lEoine; > , - - - - - -every night. Handle own unmo.v.: UNCOIL! lll..\b PKNNllSi WANT-' See FlIKNl'I'lJliK roots, pnlnhuii nnd Bcnornl re- EXrEKT Typewriter awl Aditaf Machine Kepatrlnc. V. S. BJank- euhip, UC K. BMC, CaH 1*5-J. Bck6-22 Ads orueml Io» Uirce or su times and stopped before explra- t'on will be coargDC for the number of times tlie ad appeared aaa adjiutmeat of bill made. All cias»iQea Advertising copj «ubmitted by person residing oiat^ «!de of the city trust be accompanied by cash. R»tei may bt easily computed fmm above table. wo responsiollltv will be UKea jot more than one Incorrect tn- tertion of arr» classified ad. Advertlslnu oraeita lor irregu- *r Insertions taki* toe one Urn* rate. Also automobile upholstering. We sfill be elad to refer you to customers as to quality and workmanship. Couiplete line samples. New Loeatii* 118 N«. Stow* JENKINS £ SON fi-ClC-G-5 FOR RKNT .."-""._"__".".". '-- ___ hulls. Wo CUM im-unijv TKIiMS 11 |,.\WX CIIAIKS iloslrcd. E. C. lloniNHON l.UM- . CO. P11ONK 100. >e« by appointment. I F»- Will i>.:y up I" SH.Ui) nidi u m i|i:ilnlcd SI.B5 UKU- CO. P11ONK 100 K. K. BlayUHfc, Hlythrvilk-, Ark. I if mm,' ili-ui n-n jcais old. Or- I>;IIM;.-<| R&O ' Norif'F POULTKY & K«<;s - I l.iin Jr.:li:m 11: ml IVlliilfs j ftijrlli SO.UiK) i-;u-h. Si-nil llli 1 Sell tu yuur poultry. \Vc l»:ty high est price* for hras & fryer*. II. I T. Worthy 315 K. Main, llrlili-lli j <-al:ilC!jru-. U. I v..uikiv, U'l*. Co.. Mil•Ip ki. lic.ul Cimhi-r News Waul Ads. 11OMI-; LOAN - -I'm- •I 111J AKKMU IiUMtlhll CO. I NOTICI. •'jJ-i'k-ti-'V Aiiiiiml mi'vlliiK of sloi'kliolcU'rs . ! l[ipf Hlythevllli' Cutum Oil Mill will l"^™.! *•«"«."" o^-orrs: onK'flyo & Comittiiy, Falls HultdliiK, OUR BOARDING HOUSE liv Alicry MeinphLi, 'iciui. Among other matters to bo considered will be pro- pu»cU change of By-Uiw (irovlillng Inv iiiiK'iidinenU of l)y-La» by therefrom necessity (or of m'oposca ciunigc. w. E. a»gi>, President I, H. ttemlng, Assistant Secretary. RKIiard Halliburton once swam from trie Atlantic to tlio Pacific \ through 1 the Panama Canal; ite paid Uie Bovernnwnt 3« cente for toll charges, bated'on his tonnage, HI id it was' ixiceettry to put the Krcul locks of Hie canal 1 In operation for him. AU-BV «01> Furnished BEOHOOMS. Mrs. Ed Hirdln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. ick-tl Former Thrasher HOME on Barfield road, 1 mile Irom town. All conveniences. IWasonable. Call Hie Courier News. 31ck4 MODERN 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Kirby Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 764. 30-ck-tI USED CARS HEBE ABE A FEW EXTRA <JOO1> ONES '32 FORD V-8 TUDOK. Good Rubber, Clem as a 1'in— License. Bargain at ...... 53C3 •32 CHEVROLET COACH. Li- ctiKe, Motor A-l, Good Ruboer .................. $ 3 " '33 <;iiF,VROi.t-r COACH. Rubber Like New. A Kcal Bay at ... ................ S** 1 'yl FOilU V-8 TUUOlt. Looks Gocd, «uns I.Ike New ---- $!« TKUCK 1SARGA1NS '32 FORD l!i TON TRUCK. l»ual Wlitrlr. ticod Kuober. Motor A-l ................ ?29* •3t CMC 21i TON TKUCK. Liocd icuuber, Lucge Site Bcdy. A Ktai Buy ...... $189 '30 F O K U I'lCK-IJP. Closed c*u. rtcw lires. Runs Many Olheis J'u Choose From HOUSE. Can be used for 2 apartments. 916 Holly. Call 290. 30pM Nicely furnished APARTMENT, private bath. Lights, water free. 619 W. Main Call 332-J. tl UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment 1013 W. Walnut. Call 303. 5-30 c ktf 4 room house with bath. Nicely furnished. Vacant June 1. Ill Division. Call 650 or 968. 22cktf Nicely furnished cool 3 - room APARTMENT. Mrs. Duncan, 119 Chickasawba. ck6-n COOL BEDROOMS, REASONABLE MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. FURNISHED apartment, 305 Dougan. Phone 870-J. 18c ktf 2 room FURNISHED Apartment and garage. Cool, reasonable. 1601 W. Ash. lie k6-ll Nicely Furnished B E D ROOM. Mrs. Nolcn, 310 West Walnut. 30c k6-30 UIM'AM USl-iU CAK LO'A' Corner 1» & Walnut Sts. Hit) - BU WANTED TO RENT • WANTED TO KENT TJiree 01 four room furnished or unlurnished house with big shady yard, call 282-W 31ck4 WANTED: Sen-ant room within short distance of 1100 Chickasawba. Call 278-W. tl CLEANERS, TAILORS BUSINESS mUECTORY MKS. I.. M. BL'RNETTE announces the opening of summer classes In typing, shorthand, buokkeepir-g. We clean and store winter clotbes and bed covers. Moth-proof, flre- jrroof ranKs. Pay next fall . Unique Cleaning Serrke tali 2c « t >-' : COUNTY WORKEFiS UNION for men and women over 16 Dues, Jl per year 24pk 6-21 Rcady-!*Mic Slip Covers Approved by Hood Housekeeping Choice of good materials. Fit Guarantee!!— '/• Usail 1'rice Mrs. C. M- Gray, agent S^r Cash Prices paid for brass, aluminum, copper, zinc New Deal Trading I'ost, 120 W Main. Be U6-8 Ask us abwit the Ilagen Honey Center GnU Balls. They're Bet Irr. Hubbard lurdware Co. 5ckti- W11EN you iirc fish hungry com to McFall Fish Market, 415 W Ash. Fresh Fish At All Times, lo t6 WANTED TO BUY We buy Chickens and Eggs, high- tat prices paid. Bite trice Oiu- try, j-hoae 234. 111 E. alain. 80 tiS-i ALL "RIGHT, \NfilM-J - ? V01 l 'D BETTER GO "(0 SLEEP AN 61-:\ U5 B/XCK ON Tr\ •ROAOD SAVS'WE AvRE HEAX>1N~ MY WORD I ''• AN HOUR GOT YOU TI-\^ , "DIDN'T 1 C ?-.C^OM, I CAN "DRIVE BY TH S1AV,S. A WW "HACK IN ME PART INDIAN /-AN' MOHAWKS CAN WALK IN OUR SLEER THRU A TAKING 6OLD OUT 0V- THE ' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A.VV. WS6W DON'T VOP.NMA ia^W ill FOOXY HAS IUKAS! Head Courier News Want Ads. By Unmti* IF THEY DISCOVER THAT O00S A SPV WE WERE CRAW < • ^,4. mwDOWN ' TO LtV ALllVOOP N, v'fn BtlCHER " ' GO INTO KING ) \ TUWl CCUH1HV { f aff AU MOW.V.H ) 5 "" ^CORPORAL ?y ' 4\ sS^i HtlL PUT OP A BATTLE ANf i^—• - ,-\ HE WAV WIN FREE -IN X' HM«+*- f 1 SUCH A CASE, TO US HEtlf THAT'LL POT US HEE f 80T TW FOOCt$ OF LEW ARE NOT SO « DUMB/ RIGHT ON . j WE DO ABOUT HIS HEELS THEVRE , ]\ THAT — TO COME; frv/ •%^ ^ s WE HAVEN'T ENOUGH MEN TO FIGHT AN' WIN. EVEN OOP IN W THICK OF TH' DIN -so i SUGGEST WE BUILD US A TIWP AN' SMEAR THESE LEWS IN ONE e\G SNftP: 1 CAPTAIN, THAT'S JUST WHAT I WAS THINKING / OF,MVSELF.' COLONEL. FOOZV, TAKE TIC ME:N AN' Bull6 TH' TRAP/ >WR16HT,MHN, Wi'K WORll TO DOf UP 1HOSE N.L OF KNOUGH IS ENOUGH! \11lk fed FRYERS for sale. PICK.- AltD'S Store. 1044 Cnictasawba. n-ck-6-l'i KOUM & BOARD Roomers »cd Bo»rtet»—Heme-Iikt almosphere. rrioes reason»Wt Mrs. 1. f. Sanders. 51« W. Main. Uail Z1B-J. 'c w KOU SALE OR TRADE £ Have some good resident proncrt> in Blytheviiie, Ark., close to goat ociiuoi. I would trade for rcsioen raoperly in Jonesooro, ArK., 01 oytrsonrg. Tenn. W. a. Thompson Box 494, rilytlieville. ^ip s^ OOM'T '. V Vwow GOOD M'WF.U. By M»rti« VOV5E ^GAV'b ? MAWiti soat \ WNOW VCW'Rt BACVi WASH TUBBS AUTOMOTIVE Start A Savings Account With Us On Everything for Ihe Automobile Mdw., Aalomotive Dept. Uatibird rh one 476 SALE National Cash Register. New Dea. Trading post, iisO W. Main. 8 ck6-l FEMALE HELP WANTED HOMEWORKERS-Makc up to $51 weekly listing names—addressing —other work. National Relief Alliance, Bcrwyn, 111. ^ .._._£> RUNNING THE GAUNTI.liT! _ _ [AIL ROAD5 6UAROED. 8ANK ^OgBEK FL€E» RELEAS E WOMESJ HOSTAGES. O^op HOOFI^ TACKS OtJ ROM?. BLOWOUTS CAUSE POLICE CARS TO TURN TURTLE, By Crm» *»>£& \^ C 1^JllT«CmtHVtff.H<,T.M BtC U £.»*T.O»r. IJ3ADRONI CORMERED. MAKES PESPERATE DASH PAST DEPUTIES, WHO RIDDLE HIS CAR wrrrt BULLETS. DEPUTV WOUNDED. SALESMAN SAM JUST A SUCK -SLEUTH! By For Sale—S40 Ijconord Hcfrieorix- tor, like new, porcelain lined, for only *15, Parkhurst Co. 100 E. Mam. Blytheviiie. Ark. 'l-ck-7-4 For Sale — Repossessed large size Maytag vnslilng "machine, iibed only about ao days, tor balance due' $60. Terms. Parkluirst Co.. 100 E. Main, Blylheville. Ark. 4-ck-l-* Second hand furniture bought and sola. Inquire Parkiiurst Co.. 109 E. Main, Blythcvtlle. Ark. 4-ck-7-4 Second hand WINDOWS and DOORS. J. W. Shouse, 815 W Walnut. 30pk4 BARGAINS in good, clean, used ic« boxes. Everett B. Gee Sales Co 22clc6-22 CHEAP—25 acres growing alfalfa near Blytheviiie, Everett B. Gee Ftffb, Hiwr, Groceries & M*»U • t B«it Prices. We DHiver. Ph»oe 231, Kite Price Grocery. 9c For Sale—1 good used Dclco ligh plant. I battery radio set, 1 use electric refrigerator, new & use< electric fans. Everett B. Gee Sale Co. 22 ck 6-23 K" WANTED jo\i Wanted by boy ja^l graduate froiii HiRh school. Nol afraid o work. Will d& anything. Wrl Box J Caro Courier News. 28sx HEAL ESTATE A GREAT OPPORTUNITY own a nice suburban home. room bungalow, new and modern, nc acre land on gravel highway corporate limits, very low taxes, no garden growing now, cost ear $3000.00, owner us leaving, ill sell lor less than half price, ake good used car in deal, some ash, balance on terms. W. M. Burns, Agency. See me Tor 3. 5, 10 or 15 acre tracts fronting on Kranktln Street be- ginninr at Msso»1 Arenae, north. E. M. TEKRV Phone €17 or 316 For Sale w Trade I acres well Improved In roost beaitlfiH section of Ozarks, 10 jinnies Irom dandy town, !5 minntes from best fishing in state. Good hnase, pknty frmit. Will sacrifice fm- »75», part c»sh, balance cwy. Will c»nsl*T trading for slotk ot merchandise. J. C. CHAPIN, Manila, Ark. iOS,H, CHIEF 1 . WHW'S GOME OROMG ,TA START Vft WXlLWM' RO'MO IN CIRCLtS? /cxjT iKxoov, aes'TftSs= j •'HOW Goco A DGTecavjt; , eAoflM IM AM' CALL HIM OUT HERE - ~^^rz^r^£-t^Z cr-T-^r^ .?-.' Mfe .|OW,LIS66N,HOWDVl THEfieS /\ :LOCK OF FRESH FOOT PRINTS— flw 1 HE 1 / WERe MAl£ BV SOMEOWe (M THI V6R GLASS AW HOW QCJICK ft 3QB W KIM DO AT OWNER 1 ") -* 7 ' H i ^ ( OOM'T TH' THOS6 VOUR , FOOT PRlWTS' ep.EAr WORK, M'eovJ HOIO TH'-(HECK15IOJA DO IT? NUTHIM 1 TO IT, CHIEF ' ^ SALESMEN WANTED Man wanted to supply customers with famous Walklns Products In BIythevUle. Business established, earnings average $25 weekly, pay starts Immediately. Write J. B. Watkins Company, 70-88 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS r— N, ~" FRECKLES TESTIFIES! By blMKl . TRIAL IS OrJI! FRECW.ES IS CALLED TO THE V/I1SJES5 If yon own a car, have some money to invest, had sales ei-1 jwricnce (nol house lo house), I- • YOU A5E FRECkLI.S M-COOFSr, ^5C YOU NOT? Af:P ARcl-IT YOU IM 'THE; EKPLGY OP MR. EDV.'ARO MA3OH, IMS JEWELER '• Y-YES <3iRl L ; DID M3.MASOM, AFTER ArCEPTIiNfG A CHECK FROf" MP. D!5K, tM PAYMENT roR A DIAMOND RINfG, HAVE MR. DIRK ARRESTED BEFOBe HE LEARK'ED WMCTHER OR NOT THE CMECk V/AS GOOD ?

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