The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1939 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1939
Page 10
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iPAGETEN fARK.y COURIER NEWS .As'European War Enters Second Month ^Soviet, .Technically Si ill A " Peace With Allies | Watched^Closely ' By WI1US THORNTON rNEA Strike Stiff I/Ma f. The war behind tlic war—tlint is ,Me Kordy war or (he diplomats— :•' enters a new phase at (lie cn<! o the first month, just as decs th military war. With the conquest of Poland ui 'accomplished fact, Ihe way is oner Jo shifts m the lineup (is riulica as that which opened Ihe Oo-r t •war on Sept. 1—Ihe tjuicK slnft o Russia from the British-French tc . the German side. The outstanding diplomatic fact, of. Die war thus .I'm- is Dial tlic -dominant factor Is n country which Is nol even at war. It was Russia's ' pact with Germany on August 27, , arranging mutual iion-aggression nnd n tiacle treaty between the countries, which gave Germany the green light for the invasion of Po- 'land'cn Sept. 1. It was Russia's armistice with Japan in Outer Mongolia Sept. 15 ''and,, her sudden invasion of ensl Poland and quick agreement on division of Die spoils with Germany that gave Japan the green lifht in resuming [lie conquest of .China, And !(, is Russia's now-dominant position in the Balkans which will determine any changes in lineup which may follow the complete conquest of Poland. Thus a country technically neutral and nt peace dominates the diplomacy of the Avar. The European War, entnnsias- tlcally called World War No. 2 by some, is scarcely ihat as yet: Britain; Prance, and Germany are the only countries at war. True, her nssucintes.vAuslralla, New Zdaland, Canada, Egypt, South Africa, and Uorth Ireland, have joined Brit- ain.There ha ye been none of the world-wide actions on separated frcnts like the World War campaigns in Afric«, Turkey, Arabia, : Chlna : ahd Russia. ' Old lineups were Immediately shattered, on Sept. 1. The German agreement with Bussia broke the Anti-Comintern Pact which . .was supposed to have united Germany, I Italy, and Japan in opposition to • Scvlet Communism The latter two immediately became neutral. The same frtmlic pressure from both sides immediately was applied to Italy and the neutrals' of southeastern Europe. British Ambassador Sir Percy Lbralne and French' Ambassador' Andre?; Frah- ocis-Poncel were constantly'at the Italian foreign'office. Brillsli pressure on Turkey helped hold her firm as a neutral despile the German campaign of Frnnz voii Papeii, sent there by Hitler several months before the crisis. RUSSIA GETS IN ON SPOILS ;By Sept; 15, when it was clear that. Hitler's armies coultl go through Poland clear Io the Russi t an border In-short,order, Russia )nado her hurried truce with Japan ,aiid moved in Io assure herself of her, share. iProbably by prearranjemcnt, Russian and German representatives met at Brest-Litovsfe, the same town In which Germany , once -dieluted a humiliating peace to Russia, to divide the spoils. Russia get a frontier' as fur west as ihe . Warsaw-Vistula line, in temtory which Hitler can defend from the west scarcely better than the Poles could from the • enst Stalin wan a larger Russian border, along Hungary and Rumania, thus giving him a virtual veto power over further German expansion (o the southeast along the Bcriin-to-Bagdad route. Any further Hitler sains in ihat direction must be either by arrangement .with or in despite of Russia. The 'small Baltic states, EsUnln, Lithuania,', and Latvia, by extension of the Russian frontier to East Prussia, i\ere placed completely al Russia's mercy. On Sept. 21 the assassination 01 Premier Armand Colincscue in Rumania, brought that country to tension, with ruthless reprisals .against the quasi-Fascist Iron .Guard organization. On the same day President Roosevelt of the United States put 'e;u9i|iY j»ui| 'in0*6 •0*1103 fjii'g Guipn|5Uj ' 01 '^ ui nujnjjui jo Miijdt Ko]i c 0) UDdDf 'DlpU|.pUDUl After a montl. of war: nepm.issions a re felt In almost every section of thc. icforc a special session 'of Con- 'rcss his lironosals io repeal the rms embargo, a ineasuve which vould grcnlly help the British- Drench lorces. Two days later there met nt 'nntimn a united conference cf 21 -merican republics inient on dc- ising ways Io stay out of war to- ethrr, yet defending ihelr com- lon rights and cushioning the hecks of war to trade. TURKEV REASSURED BY ITALY On the 24th, Italy made a slg- ilflcant move. She withdrew garrl- >ons in the Dodecanese Islands, de- nllitnrized the Albanian border, 'his looked very much like a tan- iblc move Io reassure Turkey and lie countries of the eastern Balkans nd to give Impetus to a Balkan bloc to be backed by Italy, Turkey and Russia. Such a bloc might be strong nough 1 to prevent further nggrcs- Icn , in that dtrectlQn by Hitter hrough .Hungnry.-'yct: keep the icubrals at peace. Turkey, though loyal to its British leanings, has nlso 'gone to reat pains to stress friendship vlUi Russia. Both Britain and Russia nre vitally interested In xntrol of the all-Turkish Daida- lelles. Italy, which avoided the danger of being forced Into 1 war nt he outset, basks in a profitable rade with England and France, vhich those countries have been it pains, to keep profitable for her. Italy has hinted at new policies alter the conquest of Poland' wns ompletcd, nnd might strike liroitgh Yugoslavia at Britisli- doininaled Greece, throwing in her ot with a Hitler invasion of Rn- nania throueli Hungary. It is un- ikely, as sucl\ a blow would bring Turkey, the rest of the Balkans, anti.perhnps even Russia in against iermany and Italy. But as the irsl month cf the war entls, Italy faces some soil of n decision which will no doubt depend on vhether Hitler tries to go farther east, or turns .west toward Franco. "Diplomacy has to adapt Itself :o what h'appcns on the battle 'ront," once said Urd Grey, British wartime foreign minister. Tlic virtual end of the Polish war within 30 days has confronted the diplomats with a nuw situation. Spajn, Pcrtugal, Italy, Yugoslavia, Rumania, BulgnrJn, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Holland, the Bnltlc state.-,- and the Scandinavian states, all still cling to neutrality, breathlessly awaiting what new lineups the second mouth of war may bring forth. • •COURTS Numerous cases liuve filled inunl- cli)nl court sessions ot the past few days with 20 of them charges of public drunkenness. Pete Shafer, arrested on n charge of assault and battery, will be given a trial tomorrow. The case of Willie Mae Young, negro woman, charged with assault with a deadly weapon, was -. con- tinned alter another negro "Black Annie" whom she is alleged to have -cut, had left town. .The ar! rested woman was placed in jail after a $250 bail bond was sot pending return of the other woman. . An Alleged "family fight" led to Four State Officers Are Headquartered Here Thn number of slate policemen headquartered In Blythevillc has been increased to four with the arrival of John Faulkner, late of Helena, who will be one of the (wo policemen stationed on Highway Gl. Mr, Faulkner nnd Howard Archer, late or Walnut Ilklge, have been sent'here for patrol duty after the district between West Memphis arid the Missouri state line had been without a regular patrolling officer for some lime. Kugene Dickinson, who recently had been doing work in other parts of the state, has again been assigned here for investigation work and Eddie B. David, who Is in charge of the paroled convicts of this district, is also headquartered here. THURSDAY, OCTOBflK 5,-1989 Fire Causes Slight Damage To Gymnasium OOTEJl,/ NI(W~9<)1. S - Rllehl. age, .was' 'don'p to''Cooler Gymnasium :wheji it caught fire on Die roof ; rnesil:iyy:Thc (ii-c was cdiiscd by Ellis • Qluimbers, janitor, .scttitiB sijine papers in the :slovc on lire nnd .some of which blew out on Un- roof. Tlie new gym .which fci beinf liullt nearby is progressing nicely' The $30,080 structure will be similar to tiic Steelc gym. the arrest of Lonnlc Beard, of HufTmnn, on a-charge of carrying! n concealed weapon and the arrest of Ws brother, Gordon Beard, on charges of disturbing the peace and driving while under the influence of liquor, all of which nre slntcd for trial Saturday. ' Vill cope was fined $25 after entering a plea of guilty to" 'n charge of reckless driving. . . Hnrley Creira, .' of Ketscir, ^'-vjias fined SIM on a charge of driving while under lue influence of II mior, to which he pleaded. guilty, but $25 of his fine was suspended. His driver's license was revoked. R. H. Clarke wns fined $100 on a charge of driving while' iiiidei the influence of liquor and his appeal bond set nt {250. Robert Snyder, negro charged with petit larceny in the alleged theft of. n suit of clothing, was fined $25. . i Hornert Magors and his wife. Gladys Irfagors, were each fined $10 and granted appeals to circuit court- with ball bond set at $.5 each on charges of disturbing the peace by fighting. They are alleged to have been fighting side by side in a beer garden. distitrb- tlllcc -- •'• • ii' GREATEST American Whiskey^ WHITE LABEL 100 PROOF Bciti'-d In BONO BLACK LABEL 90 PROOF 4 Years O L iolo5inlcrj mith - OF COMFORT WITH A .. FOR SALE! 51 HEAD ? Yr. Old Steers X READY FOR FEED W. H. Minyard HOLLAND. MO/ " DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? t's dangerous and expensive to rive vrilli Steering Gear and >ont Wheels out of acljnst- icnt. Keeping flicm in' Rood rflcr Is so simple and incxpcn- ive you should never tract to hanccs. 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