The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1931
Page 2
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. . PAGE TWO (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 1931 y -Calendar MJss MBrfcatj'jrfcrfltt^ll!, present? >hcr piatiq" pupils'.: 'and ' Mrs. Iovlj*Casey Jier violin pupils in a rectfal at Jha-.lijglx. school auditor. iumiljcginhing 'at ~f:MVclock. rrf Friday , Tgj) La'dies BjMb bless . of the Frist', Methodist 'church will me;'. with;- Mrs. AiVC.':NNlyi' at 7:30 o'clpcjt lor the "regular 'monthly. business meetUiEr. Tte; American Loeloli Auxiliary ' wtlljfneet at the home of MIJS. G. G. i CautUll with Mrs. W. C. Hisgtn- ; ioiiJalEO.liasUis. - .,- j — A ,1 • i j|jes 'Ola' Bolj "Harris "Is present- : ing^jier dancing class i>upils,;.Jn i> recfyjl at tlio hlgri school auditor-! Miss Agnes Barton will entertain the*ftlday Night Bridge club;- gi* Salnrday Tfcere will be n! story hour nt the BlyjEueyille library at 10:30 o'clock. Pu^j to Give Recital. . Pupllt of .Miss Margaret Merritt and/Mrs. \f. p. Casey will be -pre- scnj|d in' a" recital -at 'the. -big.; ; Mrs.- Thomas W. Miller, of Hnltles- schaol ton'ghl. Mrs. Casey, who i burg. Mlis., wlil arrive Saturday associated •wllliithc Memphis Own- morning to spend several weeks ser^il'ory.of. Music, has v!ollii''siu- with her jiurcuts, Mr. and Mrs. dentft-whilc Miss Mcrriii is teichei i nobeit E. Lee King. lisfove hsr Bits of News Mostly Personal Mis. n.-nj II. Mi :np!lls, Will Hi :'. shoit vlsfl will A!;cn Vv'ailuu. Brooks jr., of County. Teach'ci's Atl<in<l,(^)llcgc •sCUsS. al .Perry Roiie Will 'Address ' ' ' i •'' Clear Lake News : j ™is!>_Con 8 « e ation! ! The a , y . 1T^ membcrs c , The «=v P O'ROV'I* m,i n ; nf ^ oycd a slx>wcr V^ly-al the horn: the £ Me^sSrS S $£ '^A^S^ j the principal speaker at the iiMet- and Mrs. Travis Ellis. Games were Ilia ol me Jewish congregation at enjoyed ' until a lato hour when ! the Temple Israeli rrlday . uishl- dainty refreshments were served. There will special musk 1 . ! A numlwr of young folks cnjoy- • —: '—• — ^-^-' ed a dinner party at-the home- of Find Hoover'Can Make ; day. ana ^ '?' L; ' Holmes Sun " 'cooked for membc-rs cl the Dyrd '. service or planes, is frorh South Pole Expvdlticn- j y t rh lo Buenos Aires, a clis . The temperature in "Little Am- of 55oO miles. ' erica," 12 degrees below zero,! . ffcro lemcns and oranges so Eolid-1 jV/jvi) Ifni'f f*ni})flpr Jy, Tennant used an ax to "slice" ^ tw 1 wcc rulvu ^> them. Tr-j forty-two men in the expedition consumed almost, three tons of coffee. If an 03? was dropped into water and left, a short time, it would freeze the water/ Tennnnt also accompanied Com New WASHINGTON, March s <UD— If "ybii can't go lo co'le^e' irA! A loop-hole has teen found in the the ." [ ihc college come 10 you county, who are ttiklni of piano. Tti&e will participate: Sara' Lou McCutchen, Alta Kay Simmons, Wa&a Furter,..Mary;.Etta Robin- marriaee a year ago she was Miss Elizabeth Fnuclic King. .. vMarion Tompkins, Betty Lee She • — • ' Mrs. O. W. McCulclicn wns lender. ci/Uj*.fimi lull ium[mu>di ijtvLjr LA.C i oiiL yn*i: .1 irdumi. ui luu mr Mcc'utclicn,. Eyelyn Smart. Virgin- ( hcfcre Hie (litcusson of topics, Virginia Misses-Virginia'Haync-3-p-nd La- whlch will permit, President. vernia Childcrs were gucsls of Mrs. Mississippi j Hoover to appoint all of the 300. Gray of Recce Saturday altcrnooi.. tuursc-s in! postmasters who failed of con-- Mr. and Mrs. j. A. Canada were I was ] Blythevllle shoppers Monday. gucsl . mander . Byrd on* the North Pole expedition. He'-now ' is traveling rcprcient'ajtlvt'.'for' a chain of gro- Smooth au Satin lovely, natural bloom of Find it in MELLO-GLO. smoothest face pander Now Fro:icii process makes 11 stay on longer. Cx-lcrinj, That youth! Purest, knot', n. approved by, Unit/ed States government, blends perfectly witii any complexion. . No llsky o: 1 pasty eery stores. " .' look. No ugly shine. J.'iI^-LO- , :>'! 'i —, .r'. : , : ' [OLQ prevents larsc pore:;, never The Jongcst air. route in Ihe | irritates skin. Klray 15rua Co. tvcrld if'.prCEcrit, with a regular' —Adv. fi MI... will! ii.-.ll, ci Monvj>])is,-'iire lioiiAVUHU Kl Mr. ajid M'rS.. Har- vi'y \V. Btev..irt yi'Stcrilay^and'lo'- day. Thuy will bu !iOcoiiii)ar.kJ i.n.i:: by Mr.- J. II, ytewart, "who •\'*] 1 * vi- 1 :', '.iK'in lor ten days. Mocmir.'; C.iiTull Uliihcmnre. Hlus Jo,-: Vcn Almcn nnd Mi'.i M.u'sarel L'rois arc In Memphis !u;bs'. Mrs. A. Ccmvay rrturned toiluy from OM-'jfiln vthert 1 she hjx'nl scv- oial dp.y.s ',vhh ]:er niece, Mrs. Gal- frcy Wliite. 13. A. l.yiKh has .returned fiwn a brief business trip lo Ulllc Ha-k. A Cumvay is attending lo Inisi- ness In si. Louis. Mr. am| Mrs. Jmnes B. CiarX have as their Bucst Mr. Clark's jl. of hert,'.ofi ;• Wprk;'dqn?-'(jaily • Ati 't>\ 'FlhXf lVtjS L -iT^ tinned or. rejected by the senate •- j ni-xi December. Of the 300 not i&nltnncd, 111 are reappointmenls re .new. proving. Walter Holmes of Calumet' wiis the week-end .guest of Henry After Colds, Flu and rebuiid your f)f Iho year's'course just '. nsi If tlic. le.-tchcrs.wcre in. toios- ];oro- collCBc, . ' ' __' , ',' Flames . | Ax Was His Lernon Destroy Bunkhouse _ Slicer in Antarctic nephew, Wilbur True-Ullls.'.ol,Los Angeles', Cal., who is cnroutc lo Boston. Mrs. 11. J. Dodson nnd Miss Cllf- .CHICAGO. Miircli 6 (UP)— Two . This citihs was sfjytcd Jaiinarjv'-t. ; men and a girl perished today ! ••• ,; -- - • '• ..' ' - — . •.,)•[] when an overheated stove set fire ' "i •' '., j.-j .to a biinkhoiise . colony along a Baptist Mission I. , railroad .lACicerd.:; Union Holds Meeting iWaa.'.Courlci News Want Ads. KANSAS CITY, (UPI — Housewives who Ihinh they have a hard time preparing dinner tor one. man in an aparliiKiil kitchen | should listen to the culinary talcs! brought back -from the antarctic I rcgion by George W. Tc-nnant, whojt V 6.f y D p '( I fl 3 Every spring countless thousau'.is take S.8.M.— the purely vegetal/It •f-nic—tn build back their rcd-blood-cclls so that they may have that new st-;cf.ulh which makes for a keen appu'.itc-, "irr\ flesh, a cleur skin nnd greater reMSl- once nRainst infection • and (lis.-aso. You, too, will want to take S.P.S. for this very reason. Select Ihe larger siia as it holds double tlic quautiiv and represents n price' saving. © s s.3. Co. take S. S. S. To hie la Little, Huby Nell.OjIe, JMarjorle Wafijsn, 'Jane' Mc'Aiiams, Mary ElbySieth -Borum, Elaine Anderson, Polly-')Buck, Alice SnlitD, Mildred Bunfclj, Lavellc ^Dcaetlo, Frances LltfK,- Louise Dotyns, Virginia Terry, pAnna Mae Jones, Virginia Tompkins, Virginia Martin, Miliiren Jud^ ( yHildred Bureh, Roberl Herrick,; : Charles Joseph, .Woodro Work," Mrs L. N. Mathls; "Study 01 Konihrnndt, Do Hooch, 'Mac-j and Piiulus 1'ottcr," Mrs. R. N. Fisher, carlyle Hancock, Jerry Co- [ Ware Jr. Copies or originals by hsr^ond Don Wilhclm. • • I these maslers were dibplnyed. Trie public is qordially in^•ltci • ... ' L'liih Enu-rtaincil. f.!;^. E. 0. Pititcn hostess to members of llio Wfdncsduy Bridge c!ut mid several guctts this .week. The bdies enjoyed five games of contract at nttrnclivcly arranged Enterialns Club.;; ; , '•'.'':. A^sl B. Rilcy'jpncs was hostess to the new Wednesday "Contract club'/this week when Miss Juaniln Smith .and Mrs.--]-. Joe'yrirlescliman of Ihc subject fto Webb have returned from a l\vi) 1 weeks visit In Little Rock and Cam- There '.vcrc Ink^n up: "Kem-l ( ] en brantlt, Ihc Arlist and His Works 1 ',! M ' rs B . j. Allen Is til at her Mrs. Gcort'c W. Uillulnnty; "The! | 10KI( , 0 ,, uavls avenue. Dutch Ciemc L'mlui-e." Mrs. J. Nick, _ Mrs n n. H 0uc h| n s, of Link' Thomas; "The'.lc Dutchman."! nock b Ulc ^sl of her sister. Mrs. A. J. Cole; -The Life of Dutch Mrs Gcor .. e ,, Mlllri nnt i j n , nllv . Uindscaiic Pointers and Tliclr clAudo „ 0 , ap rlll gn c i rti .\i, nnd lloy Ifossan, fompanlccl the .LUXORAi :.Ark.—T/uesday ,, nodv^Uc BaptL^'.W.'M. U.. met til j the, church lor (he rei!iilar!:l:j(-.' monthly' ineetlnij nnd .RiyalvSer- vlce pi-ogram. The meeting was opened with the singing of the! hymn, "Have Thlno- Own.;'-.-Way I Lord," followed by the scripture' reading by Mrs. C. B. Wodd and j prayer by Mrs. J. M.. Landrum. j Routine business was conducted! anil reports from committees sub-'. mltted, after which tile lloyal Her- i vice lesson was conducted, wilh] Mrs. S. J. Smith as.loader. The -fol-.: of this city nc"! lowi " B members .took pafl-en ' the : remains i>r ' Mrs.: Progruin:| devotional "Our Refuse,". Boyjes-Mcacliani, &&^ % SalUc Meachani and .Mr. J, T. BoyicsV both" bf'hcre.'obtaincd a marriage license today. '-' ' ' ' very-also guests;.,i ii ..','• • Atter the bridge. Raines,the Inclles tables which emphasized tlie spirit of St. Patrick's day. Mrs. Harry Kirljy won tho club prize, • hosiery, and the guest award, beads, went to Mrs. Lawrence Foley. A delicious salad course was were.l-Eerved chicken sandwiches, served, cnk|s,and hot tea. Mri. f. B.-jpyner received the clii6r:iprlz«, balh irowder, and the 6ii«it;prize, a handkerchief, went to Mri'-'Trieschm an. '?,' '.:•'? '-.I' • • Special Services Attended. The conference in session at the Late-:street this 'V^ • . . , I,'-'. ^...^ v,cqt had an Interesting program Jask'evenins «Ui Harry Taylor act- ingvas presiding el.der..arid P! B. Jarjftt and "Homer. Davis as pas- torfc.. ,-. . ;.': \ . Jtllpwing .the'' scriptural reading Mrs; Bert Mayo and Miss Snnshlnj Burjjs sang a sob,'members of the Has Club. Members of the.Mattnce Bridge jElhl'M. Wilson to Willow Springs, Mo., lor burial loday. Eil Markliam, of Caiw Girnrdcau, i Mo., is the guest of his brother, W. j C. Markhnm. | Mi 1 , nnd Mrs. 0. S. Stevens nntl Mrs. J. R. Hancock spent yestcr- !ay in Memphis. • ..'"•'. James Curtwrlglil jr.. of Osceola, vas n visitor In Hie city loday. Mr. nnd Jlrs. Marvin Clinpidle lave returned from Forrest City, vhere tliey attended to business for wo days. Eric Taylor, of Carulhersvillc, was v 'visitor in the clly yeslerday. Trvin E. Helms, of Rectur, and Veran Slnttunr, of Minneapolis, \tlio ire In the United ati-.i'cs army stationed at Fort Suclllng, Minn., orj club met Wednesday afternoon Nvith' f ^frsi'Iiub{rt L. Vottsr when. Miss'Margaret Cross, Mrs. Clarence Vi>i:mer and Mis. E. J. Browne wen A compact went to "Mrs. Harvey W. Stewart for high club honors and Miss Cross won a double dec!; of cards for high among tlw guests. Tho hostess served a delicious fruit salad course wilh sandwiches, cookies and coffee. Mccliiip Postponed. AtBns and Riley quartetV'r'endere-'i T , l!c 1MMne Ol tlio llt£rar >' dc - vol&.-Belecttons, Paul Rorie jr 4n'-> p;ir " lK ' llt ' or tllc Woman's club, an- u ^o, Ei'rl.Snyder and h^slster'; nollncKl Ior Tllcst1ily ' has bceu Ma'jbelle iSSiyder," : played piano "selections, and Claude Alexander gave a reading. Members of the "Searcy" district, onrfrgroup of.members in the local postponed because of illness among the members. congregation, will be in charge of the-^prograni tonight. Plans Made for a- Benefit Party. TKe Altar society of the Church of toe Immaculate Conception held a special meeting at the home of MrlNT. G. Seal yesterday afternoon when .plans were formulated for-thc Saint Patrick ; benent bridge anctycok party.'The aflair'will be he!4 at the."social-hall. IJrrjpe Club Elects The Entre Nous Bridge club met at tfcc home of ^ir=. Tliurman Clemeijs: Wednesday aflcrnoon when £he,. ; also entertained Mrs., E. B. Thomas, Of Paragould, Mrs. Jtic Kirta, of - Paragonld', .Mis niith> Bljfltie, Mrs. Jess White 'and Mrs ' WiUiara Trotter. In'.the bridge^ games Mrs. Trotter ^on-.the prize, a relish dish. The hostess served delicious ra- freicp.cnts ;n which the St. P-itnc 1 .: holiilay was emphasized. Dutch Painters Studied Dutch paintinss were studied by; members of the.Delphian society at! the^-.Hctel ;NobiE'.' yesterday .when j NEW BERN, N. C., (UP)— B. J Coleburn and his son Clyde Iw escaped alive when (heir house burned ut night. -They were awak ened by the barking of their dog. rendered by Mrs. Thomas 1'.: [Hudson, taking the 23rd Psalm'us i Ihe basis of her remarks; Mrs. B.' O. Wilklns gave a_ very-interesting! report of •' missionary work : r/riris I done "for." the. mouniairieors,. rind | Mesdames •• Win. -Wood andi'vAvil! I :Howavd;;d,bciisscit "(tie work tsihg | ,dc.ii6'for/the";Indians and.Jili-s. C.i B." "Wni'xl read-h : -most 'interesting story of >thc "Forgolton Flo'-.vors." : This concluded the program and i the meeting wns dismissed by pray-' er by Mrs. Williams. • '••• i Hospital vislllng Mr. and Mrs. Jotlle Brc-edei! teretay.' 1 ' ^ere for several dnys. Breedesi, wlio is smtlonecl 'hi .'ilie same fort, arrived home recently with his nlfe for a furlough unlll April 1. Virgil Greene Is attending to business in Harrlsburg tills week. W. D. psborn. who underwcnlrm operation at Ihe local hoipi'.al Sunday was reported improved today. Ida Thomas, cily, was-" .dlsiufss^ from the- Blythevillc. hpspit'ar ye) Wilh P. mouth laiw encugh to: take in ,111 elephant ,the \rhalc [ cnnnot swallow anything much lar£?r than a small lisli ! WANT TRAVEL? \™ 3 - m 50 ccnh set jiTdc diily will providi i-oild ciuin for two pcgplcl l.nvcsl Syndicate otoisyo;! a Dc/jli:;: Plan Hoji/iincM, usid by 200,000 INVESTORS 1 Explanilcty booklet on request. STORS SYNDICAI FOUNDED 1894 C. 5. LEMONS, SXSISICT MAIIACER BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS SHRINI BUILDiMG, MEMPHIS, 1ENN. Crystal^ ^lendofmine" "TT lias the true, old-tinir, A siigLir-liousi; flavor, T karncd this' bleml iu t\v Ok! South nearly'fifty ycnis ngo," says Kill Hctr. "It's flavored .with tlic finest v;t- Jiilla and cane sugar syrnp-;. But the real knack is lk-n-1. ini; :\t just the right tWa nnd temperatures. ]t's surprisingly inexpensive tool . STALUY S.\ms COKTORATION' ANOTHER FINE RECORD. "ilr hosband cr.d i .aro'lsolh ' glad to nrais-3 Konjol.V, "said ^^ra. Tbon-.ns J3allci\ .97 Jchnaon strict. Brook;- lyn. . rwo both cuffcrtJ yf rightfully frora stomach ^trouble and-bloatingr. \Vith- /1ft a, few- v,-^ekr, alter we r'.bfrgatt' taking K6njola wo • were both eatlnjr' nr-artily ,'WithQut-ftrUiOught ct after •• tulBery ot" distress, consil- »potion, too. was entirely .banished". Special Coat Sale i I do not mean to i-;>.ny Ot - A.-; Jins been our policy wo over 11 cotit, and for FRIDAY, SATURDAY & MONDAY We jirij ottering somu' extreme values in coats dress and sport styles, in fur and fabric trim. 829.75 value* 822.50 S19.95 Mihua 814.75 and 814.75 values §8.75 Conic and Sec Them Tht economy. Building. N\;\l Door to Parkhuvsi's p Tor -17 years BiU l!:cr Wci\!cd nTul.tested ?yn:[< ti.ivors. A S.KT.J-[C frotp t.ich l>^tch r.f''s Synip? inust p-iss the t-;st rf hi:, cducjce.l lu'aic at each step in its nuking. LUCKIES are always to your throat shincj'and liai'Cti/jjrJojji; check up on lU 3m^ Everyone knows that sunshine mellows - that's why the "TOASTSNG" process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rtiys. LUCKY STRIKE-mode of the finest tobaccos-the Cream of the Crop-THEN-"IT'S TOASTED" — an extra, secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in oil raw tobaccos are expelSed by "TOASTING." These irritants are sold to others. They are not present en your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. 'If TUNE-IN- ThcLuclyStriJa; Dance Orclici- irfli'ei'Cry Tltd' day; TfiuraHtiy anii'Saturitay ci-cning ot-cr N. B..C. ncl- " Your TSiroaf Protection — agamst irritation — .4gainst cough '©I5JI, The Arr.ttleir. Tohicco Co.. Mtr;

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