The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE JVLYTITEVILLE (AnK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 26,19-19 fimeRunningOut On Truman Plans Moit of President's 'Hoi' Proposals May Have to Wait a Year WASHINGTON, May 26. OT— Congress seemed about ready today to shelve until 1950 most of tlw political hot potatoes of President Truman's program. M«rked for delay until nest year —when most of the members will b« beating the buslies for re-election—are measures Involving civil rights, larm subsidies, health Insurance, tax Increases and social security expansion. Congress may be voting on some of (hese while primary campaigns are under way. It probably will have written its record one way or the oilier on all of them by the time the voters decide In Novcmlx-r or next year whether lo keep the Democrats in power or give (lie Republicans control of one or both nouses. Senator Lucas of DHno!.*, tlin Democratic leader, indicated to reporters that, the administration will consider it a job well dnnr if Scn- Hte action pan be finished bv .inly SI on three maior ilcms: iCouse- spproved reriproral trade legislation, a substitute for HIP Til ft-Hartley labor law and the North Atlantic Treat v. Time Tno Short "We had a proarum that couldn't possiblv be enacted bv any Con- gr«ss in seven months." he sail! "We have to leave a Jew good thines until next year." Indications that the House may soon to trv Us hand again a Taft-Harlley rcpcnler Voucht a comment from Lucas that the Senale will not debate a similar bill at the same time. Chairman I.esinski <D-Mich1 said the House Labor Committee will have another repealer ready tor floor action in two or Ihrce weeks. Reo. Powell (D-NY1 said a subcommittee will send to Ihc lull committee wllhtn 1C davs n hill to set up a Fair Employment Practices Commission—one of the key polnls In the President's civil rights program. But Lucas said he doubts that the Senale—which always bumps into * Southern filibuster on such measures—will find »nv time to lake up civil right,'! bilk In tn'" session. Nor can he find room on the schedule, he added, for Icuislntion to carry out Mr. Truman's nvooosnl to set up a commit.sory health insurance system financed by payroll taxes. traders of both houses seemed In agreement that nothing will be done In this session about the new administration farm plan. IT"? A n FAN ^WEEP IN HOLLAND—Dressed In Dutch costumes, Ihcsc Rirls polish the streets ',! fuf Son*™. MiJh, m ,p a rklinB shape for Us annual Tulip Festival. With lh< blooming of. tulips each year, residents and thousands of victors make merry in n week-long celebration. move with Big Price Put on Farm Where Carver was Born JOPUN, ,Mo., Miiy 2fi. MV-Or. Da\\son W. Dn'felt, owner of the farm on which George Washington Carver, Negro scientist, wus born, has placed a value or $00,000 on the place. Dr. DeiTcIt, Joplin oslroprUli, testified Tuesday in condemnation proceedings. Congress hnd niiihori/cd the use of 210 acrc.s of the farm as a national shrine. Commissioners hrul awarded Dr. Dcrft-lt $35,000 lor 210 acres of the farm. Several fanners and landowners in the vi'rintly (if the [nun, near Diamond, Mo., testified in support of the osteopath. A Federal Court jury and judge Albert A. Ridge viewed the (arm Tuesday twfore testimony bCKnn. Another defendant tn the .s Is the Empire District Filed fie Company, which has a rijiht of way across (he holdings. Read Courier News Want Ad* Court Order Dismisses Preacher as Manager Of Young Evangelist INDIANAPOLIS. May 2fi. f/T-.—A court order yrstt-ithiy di:> mix-seel the Hov. Knymoml CJ. Horkstrn, Iiull- uiapoIJ.s evannclf-st, a.s maiidfter of 'U'.tk' Duviti" Walkrr's evjniKclist lours brt'au.^p of "unlawful" liHiul- ling of funds. ProJxilr .Indue Dan V. Whilo voided Hot'MvH's con true I as num- pr of the ]5-ye;ir-old boy cvnnBfi- who claims he onc-e spent five hours In heaven. The judge called it ion lUjoiul in granting control over Duvid'.s [iniinccs. Me ordered lloekslra to turn over fill I he hoy'.s rash fi.ssfi.s to Jamo.s M. Divwson Kit;irdiati of Hie boy. The orclfir also Instructed Koek- slra to Rive Dnwson the money srienL from David's funds for a home in Orlando, Pin., held jointly hy Hoo.skM ra and the boy. Judge While ruled funds were spent imliuvfully because the coin! doc.s- Keeping Money in Shoes Didn't Fool This Bandit RUESEI.Mi'II.I-E, Ark.. Mas r 2f .•Vi Tip to taxlcab drivers, don' lide your money in your shoc.s. Cabbir Guy Ho wen had bee 1 rvCfpiiii; his money in his stiot',s. Jin nishl a bandit held up Bowev iook his wallel, and then on .sccotv thought orticrcd the driver to tak off his slioe.s. Jnv.^ti reported to Popp Count Sheriff Guy HR-kmcm that $200 taken from Die slioc-s. Road to be Blacktopped LITPI,E ROCK, May 26. (fl»>—Re surfacing of thn gorge cutoff no: Hot Hprinus .Ark., will get mid way in the near future, Arkunsn Highway Director J. C. Baker sa: yes ten! ay. The road will l>e bhuiktopped wil highivsiy depurtnicnt equinincnl,. n't. permit tningllit pa ward's fun: wlih those of other jier.soiis. Arson Charge -\\ed Against Missouri Co-Ed COLUMBIA, Mo., May 26. (/T>— 2:i-yDar-old University of MIs- onrl co-ed lins been charged with ison In connection with a 130,000 re which damaged a women's owning house May 14. Tlie co-cd. Mrs. Margaret "Gj'p- '" Waters Horn, pleaded innocent t her arraignment. Prosecutor Howard B. IJIIIR, Jr., ho filed the charge alter a five- ay Investigation, said a bottle of asoline was found in the basement the cooperative rooming house ndcr clrcmnsfjmces suggesting ar- on. He snkl Mrs. Horn recently had fikcti out $'2,uoo insurance on her Msxessions In the house. Mis. Horn said slie is the riaiiKh- •r or Mr. and Mrs. Don Waters writers, who she believes are tiav- 'ln(4 in Mexico. She Is the widow of Oliver Horn, on of Mr. and Mrs. wilbcrt A. lorn of Labaclie. Mo. She met and nnriicd her husband, she said, while ic was In a conscientious objec- ors' camp in Sevierville, Tenn. Fire Ui the cooperative rooming: ,:»jse broke out in tlie basement vhlle most of the 26 occupants were uvay on a picnic, Prosecutor Lang said Mrs. Horn was the only one of the women who had an opportunity to set the fire. Contents of tile house were almost a total loss. Mrs. Horn, a blond, salt! he husband's parents sent her to the university last fall as a memorial to their son. She is a special student In art. Missouri House Ha Its Attempt to Accuse Governor JEFFERSON CITY, May 26. (/P)— The House Democratic Majority sidetracked yesterday » Republican attempt to accuse Gov. Forrest Smith of trying to "junk" the state merit system. Rep. w. Dl Cruce (R) of Cedar County, minority llcor leader, offered the resolution which said department heads should be notified they would to abide by the merit system in hiring employes. He asked for Immediate consideration of his resolution, but the majority floor leader, Rep. C. P. •nirley <D) of carter County labeled It just a "little piece of political propaganda." Tin-ley said the resolution would be referred to committee. Another Republican, nep. Hoivard Elliott of 31. Louis County urged Immediate consideration because, he said, this Is "R four alarm emergency." The resolution was based on a story in the Kansas City Star. The Democrats cut off debate on the resolution then voted strictly along parly lines to postpone consideration. Thus It goes to committee. On* Killed, Three Hurt In Car-Truck Collision FORREST CITY, Ark., May 26. —An automobile and a large truck collided near here early yesterday, killing one man and Injuring three others. Victim was Charles. T. McKemy, El paso, Tex., who was driving the automobile. MeKemy's brother, Jack, also oi El Paso, suffered minor cuts and bruises. Another passenger In the auto, Robert Hawkins, suffered a broken leg. ' State Trooper Gordon Bessett aid the truck was driven by Lanza ). Cleveland of Moulton, Ala., who ;uffered minor injuries. By an ancient superstition testing a lover's faithfulness, girls used to pierce a lighted candle with a pin, then let the flame burn down around it. If the pin remained in the charred wick, the boy .'riend was faithful. If the pin fell from the burned wick, he was a two-timer. 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