The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS _ TUG DOMINANT NEWSPAPER. OP NOHTUEAOT AllTfANfi^ AM,-, ^.^ - —- . 1 -•-« T? K^ VOI,UJ1K XXXVI—NO- 57; Blytbovllle Courier Blyllicvllle Herald Mississippi Viilloy U'ndcr lilythcvllle Dally News AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU ^'P™_VH^^\1U<ANSAS, FRIDAY, MAY 20, •]!»!)' WOULD APPORTION WORLD COTTON SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' 1 Finds No Evidence Of Carelessness Or Sabotage On "Sub" lormnl stalcmciit today said "there is , 10 evidence at thU lim.o lo substantiate reports of caretessneM 01 sabotage'' n " — one sentence and follows: "Despite certain statements in "espite certain statements ii papers of prc-sb there is no evi deuce at this time to substantiate liny rumor of carelessness or sab otngo." riORTSMOUTH,. N. H., May 26 (UP)—Tlie navy loday began Ill- task ot bringing up the super-sub marine Sqiialus and her 20 deal from (he boltom of tlie Atlantic Salvage operations on tlie newes of the fleet's undersells craft began after an nil night suspension called only when a diver confirmed lhat all 20 men in the flooded after compartments of the submarine had died. Navy divers planned to brave death and numbing cold again bj descending the 40 fathoms to (he -spot where the Squalus sank ii the mud last Tuesday and lay Hit ground work for raising the submarine and her cargo of bodies The salvage job' may take three days, perhaps weeks, but lhe submarine must be raised before iherc can be any explanation why she sank to the bottom during a routine test submersion. New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 20. <UP) - _ Cotton closed steady. open high low close . 890 897 830 892-3 . 81G 828 815 824 . 793 805 792 800-1 ,,388,.,:799,, .188. 795 . 786 -700 183 79I-" 784 794 783 790 July Oct.. Dec. Jan. • ' -Mniv Spot sclosed nominal at 982, off I New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Slay 20. <ur>)_ Gotten futures closed steady today, up 20 to 65 cents a bale. July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May open 898 82« 803 795 7D-1 Sp:ts closed changed. high 302 839 816 808 807 BOG dull low 896 821} 803 808 795 794 at 952, close 901 834 813 B08 802-3 803 llll- Stock Prices NEW YORK, May 20 (UP) — Stocks advanced loday for tlie seventh time in eight sessions and industrial averages readied new highs since March 30. Trading was fl.uiet. A. T. fc T 164 Anaconda Copper 24 7-8 Associated D. G 77-8 Beth. Steel 57 1-2 Boeing Air 23 1-2 Chrysler 69 1-4 Cities Service G 1-2 Ccca Cola I2G General Elect 35 7-8 General Motors 44 1-2 Int. Harvester 593-4 Mont, Ward 50 7-8 N. Y. Central '. 15 1-4 j Packard 3 !-•> Phillips 35 R*idlo ....,..,.,.., G 1-2 Schenley '" 13 7-8 , Simmons 23 7-8 Socony Vacuum 121-8 . Standard of N. J .14 Texas Cor ' 40 U. S. Smelt ' 52 u - S. Steel ;.... « 3-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., May 26 <UP)—Hogst 8,300. Top, B.80. 170-230 Ibs., 6.15-B.80. 140-160 Ibs., 6.00-6.10. Bulk sows, 5.15-5.90. Cattle, 100. Steers, 8.35-9.00. Slaughter steers, 7.50-12,00. Mixed yearlings and heifers, 8.009.00. Slaughter heifers, 7.25-10.00. Beef COTO, 9.50. Cutters A: low cutters, 4.25-5.50. Swimming Pool At Walker Park To Open Sunday Injects Realism Inlo Plea; Slabs Sell' By Mislnke Ojiorallun details of (lie swimming )iool were being completed today prior to the opening Sunday, U was announced by J. Mell Brouks, secretary of the Mississippi County Fair Association, which oix\ates Hie pool at Walker Park. H. T. Schtiee, n member of the faculty nl. Sitdbtiry elementary school. Is to be manager of the pool. Lloyd Plorman, Willis Ford, Dent Browne and Bill Harris are to be life guards with others to be added as the attendance increases later in the summer. Mrs. Sclmee will be cashier. The pool lias been repaired and thoroughly cleaned and Improved sanitary conditions will prevail throughout the season, according to Mr. Sclmcc. There are to be swimming lessons, tree swimming on Saturday mornings for children, on Monday night for ladles and "Pal" nights on Saturday night and special rates for private parties as special attractions. Both season and block tickets are being sold at special prices. ST. JOSEPH, Mo., May 20 William C. Cole, an attorney for Frank lae, who Is being irled in Circuit Court on a first-degree murder charge, was forced to Interrupt his argument before the jury yesterday when lie accidentally stabbed himself In Ihc leg with the knife which lhe stale contends Loe used In lalally slab- bing Willie Rosllzky on Feb. 4. The cut was not deep and Cole resumed his talk after an examination, lie wns Illustrating to (ho Jurors how Rcsllxky was wounded Loc testified yesterday llmt he accidentally stablwd Rosllzky whllt attempting to defend himself. CLOSEOJ Alleged Operators And Owner Named In Order Issued By Judge Keck A temporary restraining order ladlocklng Harris' Park, two miles oiith of Blytlieville on Highway '1, was issued today by circuit 'udgc G. E. Keck on petition of 'roscculing Attorney Bruce Ivy. The citations were issued against i. B. Nolen and Elizabeth Kappell is operators of the dancu hall, icer place and cabin.?, and Charles iarris, as owner, atler four bench varranls were Issued last night harging the 45-year-old Kappell voman with pandering. Date of tlie hearing of lhe tem- lorary order has not been set. 'he Kappell woman made bond of 400 for her appearance in'court ml will probably be Indicted dl- ectly in circuit court without a preliminary hearing, It was announced today. The closing of lhe place follows a series of complaints including ! moral charges of as many as seven girls, who are alleged tp have been In the custody of the Kappell woman. She served a' term in the state penitentiary a number of years ago after having been convicted in circuit courl here on a morals cliarge. Sheriff Hale Jackson served the closing order papers at ten o'clock "' morning. Senate Cominiilec Slashes $50,000,000 from Pending Bill WASHINGTON, May 28. <UP)~ Tlie senate appropriations committee yielded to lhe demands of economic minded senators today and slashed $50,000.000 from the rivers an harbors and flood control sections of (he war department's nonmilitary appropriations bill. Tlie commillee restored the rivers and harbors and flood control items to budget estimates, lopping off $25.000,000 from rivers and har : bors, S2.000.COO from Hood control on (he lower Mississippi and $23 - oao.OOO from the general flood control fund as reported to tlie senate. The bill .carries total appropriations of $225,190,000 of which $177'000,000_ Is- seli-ftslde for .'fivers ami harb:rs 'and -Ho:d control;:' ' Gates At Walker Park Torn Down Last Night Late visitors al Walker I'ark last night, left after tearing down two gales, Arch l.indsey announced today. Mr. Undsey is the new special officer placed In charge of the park after extensive vandalism had almost wrecked tlie equipment. Identity ol the motorists is known lo Mr. Lindsey who lias nol ycl decided «lml action will be Inken, It was announced today. The officer said (hat he locked May Resign Because Of japan's Refusal To pn- ter Three-Power Pacj TOKYO, May 2G (UP)—The Japanese ambassadors (o Germany nnd Hnly, Indignant nt the government's refusal (o enter Into n three power military alliance, have threatened lo nvslt'ii rather tlinn convey tlie relusal lo (he German mid Italian foreign offices, it. was snld today -in reliable cimiriers. i At an Important meeting last Saturday lhe cabinet decided "filially" lo preserve neutrality toward European affairs njul to refuse In- vllaHons lo (illy with Germany and Italy. Tills news was sent to Horlshl Oshtina, ambassador at Berlin, and Tosh ID Shltatori, ambassador ' at Home, for delivery lo Joachim Von Kibbenlrop nnd Cqunt Ctalearao Clano, the German and Italian for- according to In- , eign ministers, They replied, formants, that the government decision was iu contravention to their nctivilics, which were 'In favor of a three-power military alliance, and that, therefore they (ell their usefulness lo be at an end, Huron Kiichiro Hiraniuna, Premier, and Foreign Minister Ilachho Aiitu, have been trying all week to i;el the ambassadors to-change their attitude, .so fnr vnlnly, it was said. | If the ambassadors resigned, Arlta might resign also as the mini In cliarge of Japan's foreign polity. In (hat event, it was cxpccied that Shlgonarl Togo, who Is vlo return from his post as ambassaUSr at Moscow soon, might succeed Arltn. . '..-..,< -,.', 'vS'' Disclosure thai; (he, niiibassado're nad declined Jo inform nibbcn- trop and Vlano of their govcrn- Graduating Exercises Toniht To Close 1938-39 School The Tllylhevlllc city white schooh were closed for (ho summer months loday when sliidcnts In Ihe tiivee grade schools, the Junior high school and the senior high school received Ihcir report cards. Finul exercises lav jhe high whool group win be held tonight n( Hie city undltoilmn at eight o'clock when a program on "Uvlne In « Democracy" will tie present?il. Sixty-eight students will receive liplomas, The Mrs, K. p. niomoycr. Is tho llrst s tident in (he history of Iho lily- levllle school ever lo win all three awards.made nt commencement time. HC was presented the social celenco, English and mathematics medal. Phillip Ilced, son ot Mr. nnd Mrs. Neill need, wan awarded a certificate of excellence given by the American Youth Forum tor an essay on "American Nomocracy," The ctsiiy contest wns n national 'me lleclhovc-n'o "Adanlo" w«» used Wallace Plans Parley f^ • - v ' ' ' ' * Sometime In Summer; FavorsExportSubsidy 2 conference lo. apportion world cotton cxpor 3 S be licit! in Washington in Into summer or enrly fall and declar eKhcJnitedS adust its " Blomcjw received the (iirce ii'ied-' B ' rls ll '° col »P<«cd of LiiRny Ford, ' ' - LaVomie ncdnmn and Uarbnrn ils awarded annually. Life's problems, both present and IJobo. The main address was future, wore discussed by U,e Rev. , )y in »H "'« S «™' he eighth grade (hey should have aid ccrlain foundations to build an which would aid them In suv- iiouiitlng ' these problems. Tlic peakcr vns nble to Illustrate his alk with experiences drawn from ils lite at tlie lime when lie was in instructor in a private school n New York. Young nlomcyer, sou of Mr, nnd Mr. Curry hnd spoken, 8. K Clnr- I'oll, principal of Hie school, presented the awards, nnd 0. W. Af- fllck, secretary of tho school board, presented Ihc diplomas. Gounod's "Mi\rcho" wns playod by Miss Clrear as lhe recessional for this clnss or 100 slurfoivU, the largest grndnnllng class In (ho history of HIR scliool. Rising Stages On White, Black, Arkansas And Ouchita''Rivers,.' LITTLE ROOK, May 2(i "(UP)— A general rainfall throughout the " U |, u.«i viuiiu ui meir govern- tale for the prist 24 hours will nenls decision explains the delay,bring rising stages on lhe White in announcing the new policy. | Black, Arkansas and Ouachllii rlv- Wlicn lhe cabinet let it be known t ers is predicted today by the Unlt- ast Saturday that after months of sometimes angry discussion. In which army and navy leaders joiin ed It had decided on n policy of cd Stales weather bureau here. Thouish higher water is expected on the four streams 11 will probably not reach 11 stage (o do ap- icutrallty in Europe— which meant-, precinble dnmiigc hat It had refused Gcrman-Ital- an Invitations lo join with them n a military alliance—it wi\s In- Imalcd that an announcement would be made shortly. The Arkansas nl Dnrdniielle Is expected to reoch )2 feet tonight. The While Is expected to rise rapidly at Balc.sville and Newport with no predictions for points low- Chicago Wheat open high low close July 763-4 191-4 765-4 185-8 Sept. 763-4 791-8 165-8 781-2 Chicago Corn open high' low close July 51 1-4 52 51 515-8 Sept. 521-2 531-4 521-4 53 Nelson Named Official Of TVA Power' Group Roy E. Nelson, Blylhcvillc cily attorney, was chosen as a member of (lie board of directors of tlie Arkansas Power Development Association at a meeting of advocates of lower power rates for Arkansas at Memphis, Tcnn., yesterday. Forty one towns and cities In easlcrn Arkansas are included In the association organization which has for Ils avowed purpose Ihe aim of forcing private utilities to meet TVA yardstck rates or supplant them with TVA power service. Butler Awarded "Best Sportsmanship" Trophy MARION, Ala., May 26.—Special —Capt. J. T. Murfce, director of atlileltcs awarded Ihc following athletic honors at Ccmmercement exercises here today. The Judge Irby Pope Medal awarded by a vote o'f the student body to the athlete, showing the best sportsmanship and exemplifying most the spirit : ot Marten Institute was awarded, to Cadet Frank A. Butler of Osce- I Ola, Ark. . j the Davis and Kentucky arenue "niioiince "-s policy at the same gales at 10:30 o'clock after riding lime Germany and Italy signed over the park roads nnd warning lllolr own alliance, last Monday, all visitors lhat it was time la go.' Today, however, H was disclosed It is said that the cars were parked "'^ when the decision was con- so far away from the road that ve y«l l » the ambassadors at Berlin they could not be seen. and Rome over tlie week end, Ihcy Mr. Lindsey also announced llmt l clicl " ot forward It lo lhe foreign n number of the young willow tries ° l!1 «s concerned. They told the mm v,ii,, n ,i i ...... government, at first, that Rlblien- trop and Cinno were otherwise engaged and thai 'conferences could nol be arranged. Japan's policy, as understood here, was not only a severe dlp- iomalic defeat for Germany and Itnly. but was a set back for lhe Japanese ambassadors themselves, who had favored Japanese collaboration with Ihe Nnzl-Fnsclst powers. There had been considerable friction between the embassies and the foreign office, here, and il had been predldrd weeks ago that If Japan did not ally herself with Germany and Italy, Oshlma at least would resign. Tlie army had favored an alliance, i The iiavy had opposed one on the ground that Japan had nothing lo gain and everything lo sacrifice. Government officials disclosed lhat the cabinet decision upheld Baron Hiranuma, the Premier, in Imposition that Japan should avoir! European entanglements unless Russia was Involved. It was Hlra- inima's idea also lo continue participation In Ihe Japniiese-Oeriiian- Italia n-Hungarian "anti-comin- tcrn" alliance aimed ostensibly against internallonal communism, bill wilhoul furlhcr inllllary com- Therc had been some exnecta- ei on tlie stream, ion that (he government would The OunchlUi will rise slightly hod been ruined by persons stripping them cf limbs. Tlie Mississippi County Fair Association, which operates tlie park, announced some lime ago that the gales would again be locked at 10;30 o'clock because of lhe vandalism practiced there, and Mr. Lindsoy was hired as a social officer. Driver Of Steam Roller Accused Of Drunkenness BIRMINGHAM, Ala., May 20- W. H. Byrd. 41. ot suburban Ensley, was arrested yesterday and charged with driving a steam roller while intoxicated and reckless driving. Motorcycle Patrolman Charles Price, the arresting officer, said Byrd was "ambling from curb to curb" on First avenue, one of Birmingham's main thoroughfares, en route to East Lake where he was sent lo deliver the steam roller. He had in his possession a partly-consumed bottle of corn whiskey. Suffers Burns While Lighting Water Heater Mrs. J: a McDonnell received miner burns from names of a water healer at the family residence, 405 last night. North Dehnar slrcet, In (lie southern part of lhe sliilc, The state its n whole reported raliifiill last night and this morn- Ing of 1.C7 inches iiccomllng lo recordings here. ment and later removed lo Her home where her condition Is very good loday. Her left arm was burned when the name flared up as Mn McDonnell was lighting Die stove about seven o'clock. smoke damaged the kitchen. Mountlc's Uniform Stolen LIVERPOOL, N. s. (UP)-Car thieves here have no respect fcr . She was given emergency treat- ''^ f T fcM ent at the Blythevillc hosnital siby " " nc H '" h "° """' "" Since the army was all In favor of -an alliance, there was speculation whether nrmy leaders might action, pos- «'«»• Cana.— Police Constable W. H. David parked his automobile before a hotel, when he returned, a suitcase containing his best dress uniform was missing. tion as Ilicy nre L responsible to lhe emperor direct. It was understood, however, that though the government expected some dissatisfaction, and possibly, intriguing among dissatisfied elements it dkl not expect serious trouble. Quebec To Spruce Up MONTREAL (UP'—Tlic Quebec government Is going to modernize the province's road markers. The design of the new signs has not-yet been decided on, but It will be Intended to typify French Canada. The present blaclc and while signs are considered nntl(|Uatcd. Defers Sentencing Of Clyde McElvain CARUTI1ER3VILLB, Mo., May 26 —Passing sentence against Clyde McElvain, local youth, who pleaded euilly lo manslaughter' In lhe New Madrid county circuit court- on a change of venue, has been deferred II wns slated hero yesterday by Circuit Judge L. II. Schlllt of this city, pending Investigation by the stale parole officer. Young McElvain was charged In Xhe death of Ed Marsh, Steclc street worker who was killed December 22, 1938 while work- Ing waist-deep in a manhole at (he Intersection of Main Slrccl nnd Highway si, when McElvaln's car was alleged to have run through a red-light barricade around the manhole and struck Marsh, almost ripping his body apart. SWIET Bll[T Delegate Points to "Another •Cluingkufeiig" In , •Proposing Increase MOSCOW, Mny HO. (UP)— A .defiant warning lo Japan was sounded In tlie supreme • Soviet of ,Russia loday during debate oil a GO [ier cent budgetary Incrcae for defense measure.^. "It necessary, the experience of Chunskufcng will lie, repealed," I,. Nlkclayeva, trade unions delegate from Aucrbnldjan and biidgel reporter, declared'In'moving unanimous approval of the budget. The reference wan lo tlie battle of -Climigkufeng on tlic Siberian __ __ ....... ...... troops clashed last year fcr pastes Birthday Finds Boy Hospitalized With Broken Leg Hurl Itee Is a years old today but ho didn't have » party, fn- steiul, ho Is lit Die UlythovlJlo IKW- pllnl following an mUouiobllo accident lalo yesterday afternoon in which his lelt lea was broken below Ihc knee and wns nlso liatlly lacerated, Tlic 'youth wns riding In • n car driven by his father, UIIIT Rose, and accompanied by hl.-i 12-ycar-cjld brother when It was struck by a truck owned by 0. M. Abbott, The accident occurred on Ihc Uarfleld road a mile and a half cast'of iilylhovllle. Mr. Hose was .making a right hand .turn Into the Lynch farm, enroiile from Armorcl, when the truck struck tlie right front side of the car. The child's leg, which was dangling out the door of Ihu car, WII.H slruck by Iho bumper cf the Iruck to cause the Injury. Nclllicr machlno was badly damaged, (lie doinaBtjs lo tlic cm ihnv- InB llcoii confined lo n bent fender niitl one front light of the truck was broken. ' Administration. To Make Congressman Go On Record On Proposal „ „ .... „,,.„„,„,„„ WASHINGTON, May 28.' (UP)— frontier where Soviet and Japanese , The house rules'., committee today slon hill In , rlglil of way to the Town- -- *•• *-"*V **'«» «Jiu ucclai" must adjust its export price to a level — - that will be fully competitive Jn the world market at all times, ! - lle asserted lhat President Roose.- vcll's subsidy proposal is the only piactical immediate solution to the situation. •'-, Not until there Is an agreement iimoiig (lie cotton producing na- llons of tho world on sharing tlie ft 01 Id's market will the cotton situation lie solved he said. * -a Wallace announced Ihst nil in portjuit cotton producing and cb.. ton exporting counliles have fel spondcd favorably U> an Internal tlonal confeience- on cotton out' wlilcli is expected to come,.!, agreement to assure each countt- lls fair shaio of the export marlce, and lo support n reasonable ley<S of woild prices, . „! lie said stale department official] hnd Informed him 10 vmldentlftei nation!, had accepted preltminar bids to tho meeting. ' •?•. Speaking at n meeting of Ark-l (tnsni fanners here today, Wallace's nddiass was broadcast over''s nationwide N. B. o. hookup. -in offering n solution to the coE-j ton pioblem Wallace urged: ,< 1. CouUniiaiice of the colto,- loan, a protection lo growers. •''"] 2. Coiilliniatfco of benefit .pay'J incuts for production adjustment! nnd soil canseivatlon. ..-, ' -':J\ 3. E\pniislon, vlggroiisly im'dj lliouglitfiilly, of lhe domestic bimiuilon of cotton: •> • ,,'--,. , 4 tiegalnlngf^iind holding\burl fair share of the woilrf exports otl cotton. . • • "We must look lo „ _., „„ as price If wo are to have good] income," he declared "We must! keep not only ow, domestic but! also our foreign market".' ''" I Wallace said he did not beli'evel cotton Blowers want to give upl the foreign market without flght-l Ing lo keep 11. . I 'The south,"'he declared, "can-l not afford to lose its e\port market! fot cotton. Neither can the .rest! of the cotmliy nfford such a loss.l Destruction of the south's -buying! power means Idle faulorleji, unem- , LIUMIUO nisi, year lor posses-I b'«i,iit.n n^ni. ui \vuy tu mu uown- of a strategically Important. BCIU 1. $ 201 ) W month old age pen..... ui disputed territory'(both Ja- sl(m ul11 midc-r a. "BaB" rule bar- pan and soviet Russia claimed com-'''''"£ amendments and limiting de- lilcte victory in the Cluinukufcng ' )nlc *° f° l| r hours. battle). Under pre.ssurc from house Democratic leadership (lie committee liloymcnl , destitution In the! Morgan Assets Sale Confirmed By Court Paderewski May Never Play The Piano Again NEW YORK, May 20 (UP)— 'rlends of Igiiance Jaii'Pndercwskl 'eared loday lhat he- would never ilay Ihc piano in public'again, Plrtccn thousand persons were n Madison Square Garden last light. The great piano on Ihe sluge was open, walling for lhe old- master's fingers. The audience wzzed with anticipatory' conversation. The Hour for the concert lassed. 'Die audience clapped lands Impallenlly. A voice boomed OL "i L ' s ulrcvl "' uollrl OI A M )C <" S "since lhat out over the public address system, ; con » rt ™ (l yesterday sale of the as-' chlmgcd _,, "Mr. Paderewski will be force,! In 5 . ets 0[ tllc l>[11 *™l>t Morgan Utlll- Indiislilal aicab. Every part of ourl coimliy \ylll lose U we lose ourl export markets for cotton—every! pait will gain If we keep that miirket." .'. President Roosevelt,- the secreta'ry ,. ...^ uuinumu'c -^.".«.. v ..U U .,^TCI^, me c,t;utc:Luty reieracd Its action of yesterday and.°f at'ilciilturo snld, proposed "the granted tlic restricted rule, which' 011 '? Hectical immediate solution also bars points of order during for tll ' s emeigeiicy. ~ ^ liousc consideration. "E\iiorters would be paid the The rule Is purl of the Demo- amount, necessary to allow them crtvtlc leadership's strategy lo ."put lo c*porl cotloii at the world price Oi\ Ihc s|»l" congressmen who have without a loss", Wallace said, flirted with the Townscnd bill by "T'" 1 P r 'ce of cotton at r forcing them on ngalns't the bill. "Mr. Paderewski will be forced lo wstpone lhe conccrl because he IBS been subjccled lo ti slight heart attack The 78 year old pianist and statesman was taken from his dressing room to his private rnll- oad car )m Grand Cenlrnl term- i t D ~%-—,7 .,j,... v , WIIM mi /ji> vriUIlQ L.L'llirill ICritl" McEivaln had secured n change Inal and will be taken to a hotel ol venue from this county, this suite today. During lhe night his week entering his plea of guilty *— . . . ' at New Madrid before Judge Sclnilt. Clock Turns Back 20 "ore uumiam Years ror Bergdoll tlo » ••« "fair." representatives canceled the rest of his tour and his attendants made plans for an early sailing.U> his home In Switzerland. Dr. Theo- 'dore Dunham described his condl- NEW YORK, May 26. (UP)—, Tlie hands on the clock turned back 20 years today for Grover Cleveland Bergdoll, Ihc draft dodger. He was back where he slnrtcd, In military prison, awaiting courl martial. Sues Farm Partnership As Result Of Accident Charles Noblln has filed still, by his father, W. H. Noblln, against Otto Kochlcr, Dr. J. T. Polk and If. P. Dunavanl, allegedly operating a plantation ns a partnership, and Joe Clark, seeking $10,300 damages. He charges that he was Injured on Sept. 12, 103B, when n. truck driven by Clark, employe of the partnership, collided with another machtno on the floodway road south of Manila. Pafilow and" Bradley are attorneys lot the plaintiff. Prisoners' Conduct Grows More Disorderly in Jail DILLON, Mont. (UP)—The traditional "bull in a china shop" was a veritable Ferdinand, compared to Jcc and Buck Wilder, In the city Jail en a charge of disorderly conduct. They pulled out a steam radiator by sheer force and with it knocked out the doors, windows and walls of the Jail. Rc-arrcsted on a charge of malicious destruction of property, lo which they pleaded guilty, they were sentenced to 90 days In lhe counly Jail. Gnrdcris Ordered for Idle KENTV1LL.E, N, S. (UP)-Jobless men here have been ordered to take vip farming to help the town's nuances. Tlic town couiuil has de- ciecd that all relief recipients Townscnd bill by 'The pr— „. „„„„,„ „„ ,,„,,„;. record for or m>M remain protected regardless! of what happened to the price on I sales abroad. This is tho cheapcstl practical way foi Ihe government! to reduce the cotton surplub." Wallace admitted that last !„... lie did not feel that export sub-1 sidy payments would be necessary "The president's export subsidy I The pro er io , order of ' and warehouses located at Lltlle nock, niylliDVllle, Jonesboro, Lake Village and Conway. Tlic sale was confirmed by district court. Charges Two Attempts' On Life Of Mussolini PARIS, Prance, May 26. (UP) — The newspaper Paris Solr, in a dispatch from Nice claimed tcday that two attempts had bctn made to assassinate Premier Benito Mus- scllnl of Italy. The dispatch lo the newspapers said that the first attempt on the Fascist premier's life was made on April 27. The second attempt, according do eveiytiling In our power, with regard for the total national ec- , onomy, to maintain our fair share] of the world cotton market." " Inspect FSA Project LITTLE KOCK, May 26. (TJP)- Desplte a driving rainstorm, Secretary of Ajrlctiltura Henry A. Wallace left shortly sftcr noon with T. 1 Roy Reid, regional director ol the] Farm Security Administration, for an InspcctUn ttur of the Plum I Bayou PSA project in Jefferson I county, which he helped dedicate f two years ago. ^.t I In a press conference, following his speech at the Little Rook higfi school auditorium, which was at-1 — «...,.,. ...*„.,,,, L , u^^v,u.i.g otiiuvi uuuiLvrium, wmcn was at- to the dispatch, wns made early la tended by more than 3000 Arkansas I May before Mussolini began his farmers, Wallace was noncommittal tour of Piedmont, which carried on the recent ouster of C. C. Randall him close to the fortified French, as assistant director in charge v of frontier. WEATHER Arkansas—Showers tonight and Saturday. Memphis and vicinity—Occasional showers, local thundershowers f.night and Saturday with little change In .lempcralure. The maximum ! temperature here -.— —. —. .„..*.. n,v.j*iti,io - IILU umxuiiiun lemperaiuro nere must grow their own vegetables for yesterday was 87, minimum G6. the fr.ll and winter months from I cloudy, according to Samuel F seeds which tlie town will provide.' Morris, official weather observer. the state agriculture extension service, ici It was thought Wallace wo\il(l proceed to Greenville, Miss., for .an overnight stop before going back to Washington. • Apple Queens To.'Mctt —, ANNAPOUS'VALlaEY, N.S. <UP) L —The "apple queens" cf Greall Britain and Virginia are expected f to attend the apple blosscm lest!" I VB! here. Miss Florence Wall will I be sent here lo represent the Brit- I Ish apple growers. ' ,

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