The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR 7-rr THE BLYTI1EVILLE COURIER NKW8 IBB OOCRURvNSWS CO, FUBUSHIR8 C. R. BABCOCK, matoc •. W. BAINM, AdnrtWoc Ku*t«r : Bile Nttlwu) Adrertuuig ReprtMnUUvea: Arlunui U«il«* Inc., New Yurie, Chicago,, St. LoiAs, Dallas, KJIVIBJI c,ty,MfiiiDliLa. Published R|rjr Afternoon Except Sunday. • Entered as second class matter nt tiic post oltice at B;jihcvllle, Arkansas, under act o[ Congress, October 9, 1917. oy lire united proa SUBSCRIPTION RATJSB By cirrkr la tne City or BWUiovllt!, lie per wek or $6.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radlius of 50 relics, (3.00 per year, Il£i) lor six months, 85c (or l)Jtc moullu; by mall In postal rones two to Eix, Inclusive, W.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, »10.(XJ per year, payable In advance. We Siill Are Infants in Social Progress The fuel ' that modern civilization lias two fitces, one of whielt IUI.H been modeled with much more skill tliini the other, comes close to being llie basic point of nil our troubles. These two fiiccs ;ire the nuitcjriiil realm of science, invention, and technical progress, on the one side, and the social realm of human relnlion.s, emotions, and mass thinking, on the other. The former is very far advanced; the hitler is a constanl reminder lhal we are rclalively only a few generations out of barbarism. A sinking illustration of this was furnished not long "go by Dr. William E. Wickemlcn, president of llie Case School of Applied Science. • » » Suppose, says Dr. Wiekcnden, thai you translate Ihe history of. the human race, covering approximately u million year?,' into the terms of a man's lifetime. Suppose lhal the race, in other words, is a man 51) years old. How long has Ihc race been civili/ctl? "In terms of personal adjustment rather (turn race adjustment," he answers, "it is as if civilization hud Ijc- gun only iO days ago, as if ;i cumulative science went back to midnight, and a habit of deliberate invention only to this morning, and the age of electric power had begun about the time we readied our offices tin's morning '' • , . : • --'- In other words, we have been out of the wilderness only a very short time, and our Acquisition of those complex tools by which modern society is maintained dates buck only an hour or so. ! That being the case, it is small wonder Ibat we have not yet discovered how to extract the utmost in human values from the machines which our ingenuity has devised. We have marvclousiy well at the job of inventing: tilings, but we have made hardly any progress at the job of learning how to use them after wo liavo them invented. Thai is why wn have starvation in the midst of plenty; why we suffer because we have too much of every- BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS thing, mid not liuciitisu we have loo little. Our task now is to eiluctilc ourselves up to the level of our seienU.stH and our technicians. Until we do »o, their achievements will do n.s nearly as much hiirin as Kooil. —liruuc C'aUoit, Poor Psychology One lone Civil War veteran marched in (he Memorial Day parade this year in the city of Cleveland—one old man in a blue coat, while-haired and xlooiwd, valiiuitly sleppini,' along to honor his departed comratl"^. And u litlle group of Communists, iiK on the curl), hoourl him as he marched li'y. In that incident you iiavr llie nuiin reason why Communism has Tailed to make headway in the United Slates. Its adherents! simply f;iil to understand the America^ spirit^ The- Civil War veli'riin, whether he wears hluc or gray, oti'iipies a peculiarly tender and holy spot in American hearts. The man who fails to umlcr- sland thai fails to understand everything. So IOIIK as Communism is in the hands of men who can Ijoo the lasl of llie Civil War veterans, no one needs lo worry about i[. Men st> abysmally igTioruiil of Americiiii iisychology can never con veil many Americans. Encouraging Sign It isn't often that you gel a second edition of a world's fair—especially in this modern era, when a great exposition seems lo slarl under greater handicaps Hum was Hie ease a generation ago. But the Century- of Progress exposition, in Chicago, has now officially begun its second season, and llie record is u rather remarkable one. It indicates, in (lie first place, Hint Chicago i.s pulling on a pretty good sort of show for its visitors. If a large number of visitors were not expected, the fair wouldn't reopen; and there wouldn't bo a chance of getting" them if those who went last summer hadn't made favorable rejwrts. Furthermore, il shows that lite country is in boiler health financially than it was a couple of years ago. A lot of money is, going to be spenl al thai fair lliis summer. The mere facl lhal people have il to s|>eml is. a pretty good sign of re- luming prosperity. MONDAY, JUXK If I could count on six runs every time 1 pitched. I'd win 30 names n .season'. —Wesley Terrell, noslon Red Sox pitcher. An nrintunriils race must hr avoided if it Is lininnnly ])ossiblc. The world rnjino', stand tin: strain. _M. IM,^ uarlhou, French for- C.IEH minister. The youiij; of today have no faiji In th'jlr IMienls. In fact, tlioy obviously cojnttcr Ilieir fntlins utid moihers pitiably lackiij; in common sense, -r. Scott Wlzgctalil. fanLis author. SIDEJLANCES By George Clark war It .should pass awuy in just! i :;hort while, maybe in a month j >r so, but Archibald says the •luirch had nothing to do with It >nd of course rotild not In any vay I* effected, that, ihcre is no ;iii;]i thing as a depression that liingj got in n terrible mc.-.s and broke into scciely, and some one' s'tailcd calling It depression, and : lie looked Hi;, word up i,, i\ K [ dictionary he could and ami ii means Hie falling in of a surface, und everybody knows llie surface Is nil right but Ihe bottom dropped out, iinyvuy you and Archibald will have to settle the question. ' It's like the well too deep for me. Junior has another icotli, I loiind a pimple behind liis ear and took him down lo ills doctor but lie said II was nothing, am! when I got three or four moil- J would not. run lo [he dcclor every day or so. 1 didn't appreciate such talk or siiBBes- u> but he's just an old logsy and I think 1 will change doctors. "My idea is to openile a chuin of from end of town lo the oilier." oni 1 Touring Demands the Best Protection for Your Health b«hi in "'I! 1 of ,, 1 ?" U ' S . . '.'u'" 1 y " U bed. The digestion Is ills rued, and Ihe muscles me cnmiuct by hours of silting In cnnloilrd positions. Children suffer from of the snti, the dust of the iinixvsslbllUy of g riKhl kind of food, in bad meals and water.' . k houtd never be taken vacation, and even chil " to G years of ago art sulfer by such nerfoiiiia OUR WAY I ADMIT IT DOM'T LOO« SC GOOD ; STAMDIN' OUT of? OUR BEAUTIFUL HOME—BUT MA'S AK1D VOUR CARS FILL TH' cSARAQE, AM' WELL— VOU 'ER MA SVDN UHT ME USE VOUR CARS. ITS TH 1 BEST 1 COULD GET FER THIRTY BUCKS, AM IT GETS ME THERE. HEROES ARE MfrDE-MOT of I some of Jhc family's favorite laxa- h-I live, vcsoiint or petrolatum, and a ,,. ., . :- —- - >w i simple, ointment for abrasions, U-l 1/H! liesl retmtlor: and j chairing, and sunburn, Any ordin- HVinPllf Sill I r f iinn» ,-if. ,4;,-.** I „,. ..: • j . J <•"•• nij zinc o.sirto ointment serves this piupose. Tlwc should, lie cold cream for use on dry, chnppcrt lips, and pei- haps a amount of borne m- foiunon that is really ar- on will not T burn. act -as out of ynur vacation. * t J * nv pit. MORRIS FismiEiN Kditer. .fonrnat nf the Aincrliui Medical Association, and of Hyfifia, (be Health Xa^ir/inc usupuc The ix'Oiili; who really liave loi liscptii; orry mast about theii vacations arc ttmse who take to tlic road. It is astounding tow much wreckage 11 family vacition in a motor car can bring about Irani j n tmrrppm-ir^ \r«~"~r~ ,' '""" :. hcailh point of vieii. Driving a "' ",?,,£,< " illulf!lcUlIrcre nmv all days menus Ulat tic calk of i!' ts f ° r "^ ol molor - naturu arc ignored. ; | CiudiTs lly in (he cjc; elbows! XC.VT: Xcrvoiis breakdown • and knees are bumped .and rub- ^ Suds a first-aid kit may save a life and is of (jrciit- help in sccur- mi; cdinlon end relict Irom jiain the glare tlie road, tting the cci bites, A baby ix such a ren from Hkcly to 13LYTI1EVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From (he me* at tbc Bljtbevliii Daily Cowier _= II tntf^l lr \Y//~\ni Pk B > Wl LU/?/OuS WORLD Fergu The Editor's Letter B«z Scientific Viewpoint To the editor:) The search for a solution of Hie present conditions requires a piop- • point of view. The common point of view has ocen created and cultivated until seems real, and even wonderful; a movement, of events toward an end—not understood, nol questioned. My iwint of view required that facts l>e faced, that things be measured. 1 wish to avoid the 'mysterious." Our scientists seek facts. Tiiay me building n new world. Their theories—demonstrated in produc- ON THE VERY SAMfDAV THAT ALEXANDER FILtO THE APPLICATION FOR. A PATENT ON MIS TELEPHONE, fi/SHA GtQAy FILED PAPERS FOR A S/M/tAG. 6ELL, HOWEVEk. WAS GRANTED THE PATENT. '/-VHS1N-CHIANG, CHINA, MILITARY AUTHORITIES COUNT THEIR. TROOP5 BY THEIR. Ol PS... ALTHOUGH THERE AAAY 6E TWICE AS MANY CAPS AS AVEN. SHOVELE , DUCkSO FLY PROM ALASlf TO THE HAWA»AJi ISLANDS eV TALI....A OISTANC —- , Tnc public <Uil nol lake quickly 10 Cell's telephone I'eonl:- Ml ^! Sl ~^ a l^ S * «»> a curiosity. mul could see no practical ,,, for it. ',f variety, comfoii and security, be- !, IO , yond the average belief i • -••• y arc handicapped byj 1 K ' |}L ' opl ° io usc il - Tllis " e oi <' ">' giving a the interests of business, finance uul [lie professions. Thu ccononi- sts say we must wait for normalcy, before we can produce tile 'hlngs we need and'want. did Hell invu'i the nisi rum out.- but lie also and entertainments by teljyhonc. IJoos the mo«E- rise- every day? This influence caused the 11,™^ f.^Z, .Cl'lf.nivi tn tuv.i *l—i _....-.. I 1 wv.-vulllt . of science to turn their attention I measured fp.ct as t!iu b:i- OP PLENTY. They have shoivn Ihe poi:it of (departure for dealing v,\i)i' a sit- i to the field of business ince, to Ilnd the cause oi diet. This study lias gives us . * o-'-" .w n jn ,1 iiiitt.L'-oenevc point: of view, a position that tic- This is treated in THE PLAN „ Zcph U> '!?: con- ( nation (hat is ur.o'ndimible; ami have revealed a envious "World ol Tiie Now 2 had an eye in the middlj head; a rudimentary eyef seen in its brain. bu BEULAH ni:(;i\ HKIII: TOIIAV Ill)\.\.\ <;.M;:UKI.. clrrn% pi-r- funiikT. tall* trmii the 1ra|ir/r anil Is Injiircil. T« plc:i-.c fccr intrteirr. .M:iil>'llne-» liiiiiu- In nil .IT i»rrl,'iiriin^ In Ijr tlir otlirr clrl. | l lut - [ - 3*'ie U nslirtmcU nt IkN di-i cpllnit | lt'.el>l:C '. rlijlil iir-i:-:. Is.'le: r.ul sli-..' liul SII>1. lii-r l . 1,. llnilcllnr'. marry him. iilt .Minlrli n maiic Furliinalely, most of mir slates have laken ever control 1 .of molor eiinips. so [hat. you call be rca- jonnbly .MIre ill it : eh camps of suitable water and milk supplies Smart tourists nowadays carry along 20 or 30 yards of mosquito noilhm to fend o!r in.-eciG. There Tuesday, June 3, 1921. Members of Hie Mississippi Comity Taxpayers association, meeting in Osccola Monday, voted unanimously against, any altcmpt to re- l»al the comiiy officers salary bill. H. E. Lcc Wilson presided. Amnng those who spoke in behalf o_f tlic .salary bill were Hugh the south end of in 1.1. __ . nsks A>ins sil)- MI'.S. I 1 -"-'"-' "••->• " i::- 1 i-lii'.l.- ivilli lullic™. It .Mrj. t'lavt.T wiihE yu ."' ? '. 1 lo save liim money lie cmrlf "\\liy r:iru!;; \':" lorji; ^ I)rr;icb of rule:;. "1 (luiiiii!. I'.-.u '.•,.•::; H'.- :;inijcr j eil liis S[ieclacles on his i yon ii?in l:i-:f. :::m I Hi nigh! I nr.jj and peered a[ the pj '"•>:• n-.i rilie's! njfc-rcil. Aril'be said iiotliijL.. A!:!ilrl;jic is. uin'l. ;."ie nccounls were added lo L? ~ .... •. _ y— j isfaction. w'licii the wom.-i . . iiii n\vn» Ihr f:irm. Is hlitti l't.AM't:i{. hOD^fkcr - chnr^tri b7 Ilanna. fa her t UTMIT. l>»nn.n mill 11111 :irr ni:irr!nl. MrMniThllr llndc-llnc li:ix mnrrlrd t'OS IIAVIII. ciri-ii, :ni!,,,:,l irnln- cr. nMd lakr» pare In llie nalm-.ll ai-r. Am,.< St,l,l:,l ha, , »( Jn Xcir Orlrnn;* .•Uailrlliir Eor* Snlu 4hr VMRP i\lni Ihe Itcncnl IlKcr mid U klllril. Cun In Uln- di^rcnL UnaMe n> «ot »Tork. kc iln-Iilr, to P o in the Innn. l-'rora llie ncarlijr i olv n fcc /imd^ n nrilr lo lliinnn ivlio Hi;rcri» to frU'iiliunc Mm Inlrr. air.n. Plrml- t-r, no\y nurkbiK al IIic Li»u-I. Irnrn^ ,,r fonN arrival. SOW CD ox WITH TIM-: STUIIY CHAPTER XXXIV WI1ATKVKR Mrs. I'lantcr's motive for telephoning to Donna may liave l>ecn, sbe was smiling as fibc marrioil Hill! /. r. OIT will BO to Jonesnoro made out liis will in favor of Bill M young m cn who ami cut her off. No. that wouldn't do her no ROOI! If liill found out ho wasn't her husband liave been commit- I wonliln-t put nolhtn' ANNOUNCEMENTS T)ic Conner Ne*r, Has been nu- to nnnounci the following a." candidates for pi.bllc office, subject to the Democratic, primary t'txt August: For Rcprrsrnlativc IVY W. CRAWFORD For County Judge ZAL n. HARBISON GEORGE W. BARHAM I'or Member of Congress CLINTON L CAI.DWELL, I'nr Sheriff and Collector ; OLAKEN'CE II. WILSON For Ue-clcction for Second Term , ....^ miles each jr.uriunfj ne- :for (: hieakfasl. has been notified 'b> Us challenjcr that the match >•» o,[ forever. Jo? took his adver-- •'iy in a nine mile hike .several morn,, 53 . then the complaint came 'me *!rc. chaUcnser that "»s feet The latest word fiom Ihe Rio "' 1 ' V iCy '" Tcsas wa5 to "'c Unless— cruel to- pore dumb bcisu even if Uiey arc wild. nn<1 n woni.ui who shows her fig- p. n ;e.fcct that Simon P. Lee was en •Mite home. exiKCting lo land 'bonl j m ,c i. bu[ 110 , vor( , h n received fro:n lli[n sjnr ^ .uen'ay Mrs. Lcc is CSC rcised er his non-a Kor Coanlj Treasurer JOK S. DILLAIIUNTY ROLAND GREEN Tor Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRMO ADDISON SMITH It. D. (SKEETi STOUT Vor Coiillly Court Clcili I'HEB CHURCH EXCUSES Bj Gco. W. B»rhara Archibald My.- the last Icltcr I hat Von. mv rioar aunt, wroie us 'im;.c-.u; sor.-'thing he hardly i knows Mint. inmi;h it seems lo ., <.••»« , mn 'o I* 1 plain enough you undor- I'or Ke-Elccliou for Jnd Tcrru : 'cok lo tell us just what is wrong For Assessor '• Wltl1 ""' chll|1 cn and you had a Ii. L. <BILl,\->"oAINF3' i ;, '," fily alx> " 1 somclhin? you O. C. (IKE) HUDSON I " llcd ''fPrfsslon. and raid Ihat F«r r «, M ; i V ' hCn th! lhing ' »'h="«r It ii, Cc ? stib! 6 of ] it ever .th* chuhc'n will pick up JA.rlr'^nu-n 0 -^^ 11 and te : ' ke " '^1 to te. and JACK ROBr,IVreON you stem to think, from all you - nakedness." Tin spenl a dull afternoon and a liniler evening. When I'elc re- nn norl anil rejieatcd what Donna hail saiil COTI decided bo would fitay in ilio Imicl until ilio tele- pbonc niejsa^n came. Tiir> afternoon hours rolled around but tha call diil not come, fie went down slalrs 10 ibo office, and engaged Itarler in conversation, but [he hotel nrn;irictor was an inarticulate man, more given to asking rptes- lions Ihan answering them. Supper over. Con stood outside on l!ie iiorcb and i-aiokcrl a cigar, vainly walling summons to Ibo lelc- "phone. What little good nature ho possessed was sorely iried. Ho rc- ^vellcd Ibal he bad not driven to the farm nnd confronted Donna ivlihouc preliminaries. "If she Irfes lo make a nion*;"y of me." he muttered. "I'll show her where she cetF oftl" OKTK'S hero worship can.-jil him 'S hero w lo join \he animal trainer. "Arc you Eoir.K li.irk to ibe circus?" the boy as-kcd timidly. "Yes." "D'ye reckon Madeline Sidilal will ever join up with n circus again?" "I'm sure I don'i know." "Mis' Planter F.nya '(.Tint natura . . for a show girl lo unit ami stay quit." "Who ts Mis' I'lanler!" "Cvr c:ii. c^o ^»ii ;c T.«7i for the Sidrhlf. Aticr Bill Sidd.'.l up . fired J.ii«- , to Iry end the? Ar? von join; ". Martellce t ( ^ uljc '•' j to iho window and, ,..,„., "Yeah, stu'-l: up. -ovt of. Don't. of looking outside, stood .. M ,_ pay no ii;cjnii):i in anyone aiirtMo what C'ou said over uRjl ilon'i ever vi;u inii:». Arc all jitione. '"' show [icniile lh:u wayV j ".N'ol all." Co:i ;:n>veil lowar.h |;,,, the i-ailinr. ami il'cknl tlie ashes' ± from liis ci;;.'ir. "He, sbe bconis 'lit- j fereut tlir.n she did before she left j, homo?" "I diiiino about dial. I don't recollccl her befoie sb; wenl away. Mcbbu iiiarryiu' blood bin mails her diiTerem." "Perhaps." Con shopped off the.- porch mid Pete ful|<i'.vcil. U'ben Con saw ibal llie smalt l>oy was determined lo slay with him he was no uceil rcppcr to hear r Con's replies startcil off .at a brisk slriile dcwu the- slrect. I'cte trmlscil at his heels, hopins Ibal some ot bis cronies would sec lliein. Uul Ihc streets were tlcscrtgd. • • * IT was after 11 next day before Uoiina found an opportnniiy to pm tlirongh tiio call. The excilo- ment of the holiday, llie beany meal, and later hours than usual bail brought about a rcaclioR In Grandfather Siddal's ronililioil. He- fore daylight Miss Perkins awakened lilll to ask him to call the doctor. To save tilac Hill liuiUr.l Into his clothing, (nol: (lie car and drove iinst-hasle into ln\vn. During the lin-iis thai fullni\ed I)->n- na hail bcin loo worried lo tiiiuk of f.'nn navid. Uul by 11 tbc 'loi-tnr bi'l departed. Grandfather Siihhl wns . Mis:- I'crkin? had for walk, and Rill Mas doins belated chores. Donna went Ir.lo tlie hall- 10 information she needed "Con?" "Yes." ' "Tbis In Donna." ' "It's about lime. Whaj iilca of holding mo up?" "I couldn't phono bcfc wasn't alone anil my husbai "Jealous, cli: V/ell, lis want lo ECO you. Shall I co tbere?" "Ob. no! What do you What brings you to l.ebauoi "You, nf course. If I ran In ynur boiito where will yrj me?" "f—I don't know. I r shouldn't meet you at ali s:i don't want tn seem iinrrieii'ljjf! bill—well, yon sco GranrllK er-old Mr. Sidihl IT very iiM "That's oi;o of (he reast here." "I don't linderrtami." "I tbink you do. I'd 1 tlio old man." "i dnn't ECO hr.w It "Why c.iii'i it he an: "Ho doesn't know any,.., you. Co:i. And Hili_ my ,. doesn't like circus fnlks . : ,.,,|l "I FCC. expert IT a wbilo. Jlaylic he'll li ,f be knows mo." "Con. wbal's C-.HIO „., nirln't M.'irieiinc trll you — ?'! •s. uoaiia weal Ir.lo tlie hall- nirlu't Madeline trll vou —''S way and look down ihc receiver. "Si.o lold me a lot" .N'o-.J Pete P.arlcr answered tlio lo!e-' I don't want lo 1" rr-iv " - r phnne. Whe-r. Donna asked for ^!^. I ahvavs bee ' " pnne. e-r. onna asked for ^!^. I ahvavs been ^ P hirh «David he chirpc.1. "I'll «t him you "know i!n't- C v cn If ' " hirh «-i,i 3 . nslit av.ay. lie's upstairs." throw me over booth Ibe dnor ili>! nut d.;:e prop-; f haven't corro n || n,i'- „' eiiy aad anycn; l:i il:o njr.ce could | out a ||,n e Vo.-vV !,-'• bear a iini'tion n: the ciavcrsallon i me an-l yro " n .,. qi | jrk . ' ''""'"•'"e-ini^oinibcic. do v;<; ir;r.-.|-;" "I — ian'1 !n~, t yon RO-.V 1 .5 for! wall—" place. Since Ihc il.iy before Mrs.'T ha-1 niiile frequent o|ipo:ti;n:tic.> to ho In iim froat I'.allwiiy r,r a chance to n!k to c, ln nr'nt 'least i . . v ni:c::lly a= !V:o ihvtcil out ot'tbc I "Ti.oi ofTitc he a;i;:i will, the fn ;il ,r ; - f. nf e to faccl'h .u-kcr-p^r th- v . hcrff you're I , ;; rilj. i li.nry. Mr N of lier "You llli.;i.f 1 goinp." she ia::i!.!,;r. c i "Couldn't. I'm In a David's] ,,;, i;.., jirs. i-b : ,ir r ,':i,.-;c.i"i;;r"f!; 1 r.;,- i i led.I tr.r.vljrr an.l went Imn tb' j oflK-C. "Mr. li.nif r .» ;hc ,.:,„)_ ,.,.„_. I !nc m iho ,(^;^ ..,[ you'vo cot a • nit in'o I vi ];^n [ 0 d-rrk -, ,i here cr^-ety li,-.. s',crr 3 io K.' '• Nanol,' I-,,., rharpeil f,,r more 11, n, i 1 ••"•*_00'vii vagB anil that ibo tui " od si: sioacj iLe r •!. "A cem" •.I.! A ly|,:,-r.! ,, k I'.voi i. \Y|.., '• If I IJll IOTI'M' " II'I II ll'J.V. • HIT,." |' yon at tl:rr« Vn-'i-iy. Iliill'l f.Hl urii- iiji tlio refc-iver. r,i Mrs I'lanior durknl ,-,i ill" t^Mb. (To l!c L'onilii!,, i. "I II

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