The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1939 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1939
Page 10
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< J 'PA'GE TEN BLYTHEVJLLE, -(ARK,)' COURIER 'NEWS _ "Happy 'BirthdayYto You, Your Majesty,' - Colony Shows Growing ' • Concern Over Its Future Safety / , t j By HAfiOU) GUARD United Press Staff Correspond™ HONG KONQ, May 25 (UP)— The defense of Hong Kong nhvnys has been a "hush hush" subjcc bill recent-events .have led to n growing anxiety nnd increasing demand to know what the Biltlsl government and tlie ivnr office propose to do about Hong Kong in tlie e\ent of attack Such probleiris linve not been Ols' cussed officially and n recent question in.the.House of Coiriinons're- garding the''.'government's intentions regarding the future ot the colony was not nnsncietl Locally, houevei, public discussions are becoming moie frequent and views on the subject arc icing voiced in the locnl press -The public has ben the barbed ulre and other elections which obtrude themselves, nnd there is a vague but comforting feeling that, whatever the expert view of the defensiblllty of Hong Kong, there Is 'evidence of Intention not only to ^defend the colony but to keep any enemy at a distance to ensure that it will not be devastated. Various aspects of the question are; being freely : discussed—evacuation, food stoiage. and air raid shelter. : Non-CombalantT "Consideration With regard to the flisfc, It is generally agreed that as many non-cojiibatanls as possible should be induced to leave the colony, nnd views are being c\piDssed in the local piess nsUng that some sign of au official plan foi the whole non-comhatant population should appear. The question of food storage in Hong Kong presents a formidable blomlem because of the abject poverty which afflicts the greater part of the population. It Is a piobiein nhich, all coiiimentatois agree, cannot be soiled indefinitely by lndi\idual eifort^any more than the average Hong Kong householder can supply himself for more than a day or two with water in bottles or pathologically dangerous tanks. As to air raid shelter, the trench system Is apparently most favored, while for the congested tenement, districts sandbag forts ale suggested There is also a scheme for um- nehng into Hong Kong's world- famous Peak. At thc,requesl of the Hong Kong Telegraph a 'consulting mining eii- gineei compiled n. report that discloses the practicability of the scheme for drlung a tunnel through the bssc of the peak. Such a. tunnel would be approximately 4,000 yaids long, 20 feet high and 4D feel wide, nnd iris estimated that the total cost would be $l,lGG,300-the work taking 10 "months to complete. Shelter for 100,000 It Is estimated that It vould afford complete pi election for 100,000 people during air lalds. In times of peace the tunnel could be used to accommodate a double stream of traffic joining the north- Has Censor Date i as Tropic Lady t \ Die majeslic government buildings or Ottawa form'an Impressive background ns a brigade of Canadian ooteuards, handsome' in scarlet jackets, blue trousers and towering bearskins, for tlie first time in Canada's history 'troop the colors in honor ot King George's "birthday." ills Majesty's natal day was moved up to May'.20 although lie was born Jn December. Explores Dark Mystery of Zoo At Night, Finds Animals Wakeful, Alert IfV GEOKGK KOSS NEW YORK, May 25.—Too many places in New York are visited tit lie wrong llino. Just as Central Park is most appealing nt dusk and the East River from Sulion Place Is most alluring nt six in the Horning (on the way home), so he most exciting: hour lo, pay a all upon (he wo Is 2 a.m. Tlie zoo. during the day is an iiteresling enough corner to stroll hroiigh with children. Tliey, no iQiibl, are con lent with (jllinpsing he supine form of a dozing lion Ihe circus unties in the monkey ..Hie", The unlllated gawk at Ihe lephant and llirow peanuls into he open Jaws of the Ihippoirala- nus. : But In summer, animals arc viscr thnti people. They sleep ciur- ng Hie lieal of dny, which is n cnslble slesln, nnd only come to lie ntler d(>rk. Then Ihe shy sliver foxes, whose iclls no'Fiflh Avenue furrier passes vitliout n fulilc sigh, creep Into Ihc open division ol Iheir cages and rot nervously lo tlie bars. Hheba, L -lie-Bengal tigress, who oiice de- •ourcd one-of her offspring in a iipmenl ol Nervousness, emerges 'rom semi-comatose loadng and begins lo pad, growling gorily: And wakes the whole zoo up, '-. . NOTHING COY AHOUT; THK COYOTE. After midnight. Hie last of the cnsunl pnrk strollers is gone. There s only one guard on duty. With safely, a fellow might .climb, over he rail and get close lo Ihc more amiable beasts. The raccoons (ire always friendly nnd.invcsligale mi outstretched hand poked between the bars without taking it oir at the wrist. I won $5 from n skeptical friend on thai one. The piece do rcslslancc for anyone who' wishes to pose ns Mow- gli before an admiring young lady s to pet the coyote in the third :ngc fiom tlie end as you come nto the big zoo quadrangle. I ini and southern sides ol the isl- md by a direct route. Tiie scheme has not aroused any official response, but its sponsors are submitting specification and cslimatcs for ojcial consideration They insist that. If n loll system for traffic was installed, Ihe tunnel would repay capital expenditure in a- few years. discovered this animal's fondness for human companionship when I leaned over (lie guard, rail nnd he wagged his tail. This Is most unusual for n full-blooded coyote nnd It's entirely reasonable lo suspect his ancestry. Don't make n mistake with the cages, however. The one next, la lihe coyole's hbusos.a limber wolf and he's a killer. : The zoo clown,1s- a squat little badger who looks as [hough he were' compssed of slightly used shaving brushes. Like all good actors he only works well nl night and before an appreciative audience, ills acl is lo emerge from the interior section of his cage, pause briefly for Ihc cflecl and then,.: hugging the left side, come forward In a rolling gait. Just as lie reaches the front bars he puts his hcnd and shoulders down and docs a complete somersault, whereupon he retires bactelnge to wait for an encore. His repertoire is limited to this but lie will keep it up imiefinllcly. ZOO BOASTS A NIGHT MAYOR Of course, the- nicest tiling about the ma nt (his time of night is the absence of people. Except for the occasional nnlnial noises and the faint murmur ot a passing car on Fifth Avenue, there is silence. The dmk outlines . of the seals arc sil- onctlcd against llieir granite lockhouses. Once I saw another prowler lanlng iigainst the guard rail noking a cigar. I said something' i him nbout It being a nice night. "Yeah, it sure is," he declared. This, is Die only time I like com- Beauteous Hedy Lamarr, whose performance Jn 'Ecstncy" plunged her Into censor trouble, again is heading lor a dale with the guardians ot public moralss ^Reason: ;tht sultry exoticism he displays as "Lady ot the Tropics.'^ ,~ - QUALITY Plus ECONOMY Equals Firestone Convoy Tires Any way yon figure, Firestone Convoy Tires give you lUe greatest value for ll,c money, nuill with all Firestone pnlcnicd •xmslructlon features. Kfmcm- GET 0 rr,A*. bU5 ' 8 " ° Ur Bl3n SET OP 4 FOR AS LITTLE AS C1 Cft PER SM.OW. WKKK PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ellis Snipes, Budget Mgr. 5th & Walnut n 1CT1( , 8 , ( Ri.lpts Royalty "" ion to Montreal Man at llirolllo of. locomotive as. King George and Queen Elizabeth ride train from Quebec lo Montreal on first leg of royal , journey is 65-year-old Eugene ' LcClerc, above, veteran Cana-i clian Pacific railway engineer, i BIJLEH5- DOUBTFUL JUUHIT Rumors Current Around 'Capitol Governor' May Back Favored Candidate BY NED BUTLER United Press Correspondent LITTLE ROCK, Ark,, May 25 (UP) — Rumors were current hi slalchoiise circles Oils week lhat (lie storm of protest which met the summary dismissal ot C. C. Randal! ns head of the state agricultural extension service hud cooled the desire of Governor Carl E. Bailey lo make a campaign for n third term in 1940. One usually reliable source said Governor Bailey's advisors had painted a black picture of the store of ammunition which prospective hnd without - a doubt gathered Jrom Ihe bitter public denunciations of administration policy. It was said the current plans of the governor call lor Ihe selecllon of a faithful follower to front for the administration In the gubernatorial race, while Gov- emor Bailey opposes Congressman Dave Terry from this district. As undercurrents of speculaiion eddied about the capital, former prosecutor of .Pulaski county Pjed Donham was most often mentioned as a probable administration candidate. A clean record, a two- year rest from active politics, nnd tlie latent power of the governor's organization were all pointed to as points in his favor. With reference to the governor's chances of defeating Congressman Terry, it'wns pointed out that the governor is stronger politically Jn Pulaski county than any state executive has been for a decade. The Pulaski county delegation to the 1939 General Assembly was said to have been hand-picked by the administration. It was recalled, however, that the local delegation failed to go to bat for theii 1 sponsors throughout the assembly.- Notable examples of the wayward spirits were the two Pulaski county senators'— Dillon and Pagan. Time after time. Senator Dillon came to a morning session with a handful of amendments lo be offered in order lo delay administration measures marked "must. 1 In the closing hour's of the 1939 assembly^, Fagan, coached by .Ihe older and more experienced Dillon filibustered for nine hours, talking Governor Bailey's pel bill mlo ob- THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1939 Bee-utiful Bonnet That's not ^ new idea in bonnets which Mrs. Franklfn Roosevelt is wearing, but a beo net. She put it on dtirin'# a visit to .ihe Agriculture Department's experimental apiary at Bcltsville, Md. scurity. . The outcome of (he current sales tax nnd workmehs' compensation controversies are rapidly waning in importance as passible barometers of electrical sentiment. At first a general election on the question.of the sales levy was seen as likely to indicate the outcome of the 1Q40 gubernatorial election. It has since been pointed out, however, that widespread knowledge or what the $5,000,000 loss of revenue caused by suspension of the levy would mean to the state would-help the administration to vyiu the fight. School Board Seeks To Oust Kitchen Occupant Gosncll School District, No. Six, 1ms filed suit in circuit court to recover possession of a community canning kitchen on the'Gosncll school property which It charges is being occupied by James Neirs theimer without authority. The complaint alleges that Nierstheimer claims to be the lawful occupanl by virtue of authority from ;Green Lcdbellcr but that Ledteltcr has no such authority. Parllow nnd Bradley are attar neys for Ihe district, I!ig Plummy At No Cost CLEVELAND, O. (OP) _ y/hen Judge Prank J. Merrlck, re-elected to a six-year tfcrm on the common pleas bench with more vote— 241,393 — than any other county candidate, filed his campaign ox- peii'c account, he listed total cost including contributions us: nothing. The Job pays $12,000 a year Mor.ifoY'iinn "TirJciT" TOLEDO, O. (UP)-The world's geography is changing so rapidly KILL WORRY 'o to s Glasses of MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER May.,Eo It Xol onllnavy taji tta. r — hut Mountain Vnllcjr Vtalvr, l)n> liiiu> tc-klo<l, slit'liily nlkalliu. water iisr-d !,;• millions ll« i.ssl u'o years. Iwjnscs ot sliar|i rl.tu- nlatie, nMhritic itoi! m'lirillc /;.'iiiis at'cu sutrl worry 1 —ami \vhy slumliln't thi>y! Warn»»« .siyris :ir(f tlu>y. 1'oxiriR nrul wastes t'n Hie lioily pan ln> u-usli- cil JUvii)-. 1 ' Try ' liotite ttc-ftliiipnt. Slrtrt . Unlay. Distributed by Crosstown Whiskey Shop 103 S. Division St. Dollars Saved Are Dollars Made A _ it I T/~_,. _ I ^ /"I _ ft -t ' . _ Genuine Efhyl SO Oc(;me, fikl. Anti-Knock Gas 73-i- Octane, Gal, 13.5c 14.3c (All Taxes Paid) SPECIAL' LOW PRICE—100% PURE' PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL—TAX PA IU 2. GAL. CAN '•. !)y c Highest Qualitv Products at SAVEON GAS CO. 4 Miles From State Line Holland, Alu. ing down here." , Even before his face was revealed, In the. halMlglit I .recognized tlie rasping tones of former Governor i At Smith, self-styled Night Mayor of the Zoo. At birth, the approximate weight of a baby elephant is between ICO nnd 200 pounds. utandsio REASON NOW 3 YEARS OLD first tasle cxpLiins wliy so many are switching to smoolli, rirli-l.isiitig )!otloms Up. Tlie generous, flow niatili v.iy it is made ex. Iil.iins wJiy it '13 (lie finpst jios- eililo the price. /s 3 YEARS OLD VSLOW MASH'f KESTUCKYTHMGrlr BOURBOH WHISKY T/it mvJii illtulrateJ ii Ilit BuM SI'KCML ineJtl -II faar-Jmr touring itJan fW6 JeKvirtJ at Flint, ^17OU spot it for its beauty-love it for Your view's the view from scats in first* its easy-going gait - buy it for its row-ccntcr-llirough tin outlook stepped value. But there's no question al all about where the thrill lies in having this quick-stepping Buick for your own. 'Action is its middle name—ficctness out where the roads are clear, agility when the traffic's thick. up as much as 412 extra square inches. All the time, of course, you ride assured that you've bought both smartly and well. For this roomy, ftill-powcrcd, silken- riding.Buick is priced tfotvii bclaiu lost v ,,..„..,, • i year — tloian below some sixes — down You vc literally got the hurricane liar- , , M , , . , • t -.1 beloto your own idea of what it ought to ncsscd to your service—tor with every , six inches [his great car travels, n liny cyclone lets go in the cylinders of tliis Dynaflash slraight-cight. Your hand on that steering wheel guides a big and roomy carnage—yet a finger movement steers it. On curves, its Knee-Action "banks" the - road for you — on gravel, washboard, loose stone, or cobbles, giant coil springs 'blot out the bumps. Yes sir, here's (he one for your nioney and it's tuned to go-why not see your Ihiick dealer now? AiVI» !)!• JflirrrfJ at Flint, MtVA. •J'ncos sntijrd lo «(»t;s,-c ivilhmit no- lift-. .SIM,. nn ,1 !„. "1 I»*M <if »ny). "J&etter huii ttuickr 9 9J EMWflAll Of GENtSM. M01O85 VMOE LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. \Valnul & Broadway Blylhevlllc, Ark. YOU GET A BETTER USED CAR FROM A BUICK DEALER « » * » is I I FRIDAY, MAY 26 75 GOOD REASONS Why you should attend th» show Matinee or Night that Us study may be eliminated the'-seventh grade' 'vuu.lcu- liv Toledo schools. -A recent IndiKils' conference i sii at the year's geography uv placed with a science course. from I um print that The Bible has been reprinted more than any other lx»k. Each of (he early printers Inaugurated Ills career by running off a few copies ol the Bible, ns if to Insure In his future publications. Byerylhing for your enter- (ainment and comfort. Witch Society Page Oi Courier News Far Free Show Guett* Last Times Today, Davis* Wark Victory" , OEO. BRENT-HUMPHREY BOGA11T 1 GERALDKE FITZGERALD. HENRY THWrJiS ,RONALD REAGAN-CORA WITIUIRSKXM Uir,:liJ Ij EDML/ID COUtDINC . Sows PUf Ij Cmj Xcbiotpa • Fiom ibe ft.j bj GEOJJC tauloa B«*rt.Jl. lad Btniui BUM!, • Hulk by MJI Stnan Jt RfiiWuwr.J R/TWC - fttxotcJ t| U'ARKEK EXOS Also Paramount News ,t DatTy Duck C:ii'ii]oii Admission Mntinre lOc & 2Gc Nijlit IGc &. 3Cc Also March of Time * .Comedy Coming Soon: Htif. Mr. Lincoln Juarez sp of Washington Square Captain Fury East Side of Ifravrn Union I'ncific Hardy's Hiilc High It's ;i Wonderful World llcxamlcr Graham Bell ROXY Admission always lOc & Z6c Matinees Fri.-Sat.-Sun. Last Times Today PAL NIGHT! Two Admitted for.(he Price of I CAN MR* CONVICT B1AME SOMC WOMAN? Also Comedy . Friday - Saturday TEX RITTER "DOWN m WYOMING Also cartoon & serial "Lone - cr Rules Again." Coiilimious show i,-

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