The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILUC COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 19-15 Canny, Roberts Face Tough Job Will Attempt To Stop Buresh and Knox at Legion Arena Monday ' "Wild Bill" Canny nnd "Rough Red" Roberts, No. 1 mat meanle tag team, will try their hands at checking the victorious march of Stanley (Bushy) Buresh and Buddy Knox in the tag feature of Promoter Mike Meroney's weekly wrestling show Monday night. • Buresh and Knox, teaming for the first time, have proved little short of sensational In their two appearances as a unit. Three weeks ago they trounced Roberts and Gas Wisbar in straight falls, then followed with a thrilling, exciting defeat of Canny nncl Joe Wolfe. Battle In Trclims In addition to the lag match, which will have the usual hour and a half time limit, two best, falls out of three, Promoter Meroney has two preliminaries of single falls each, and a half hour time limit, down for the outstanding show, makini) it one of the most promising of the New Year. . Buresh and Knox have worked out a tag system that ranks with the best team play shown here, not even excepting the style and cfll- ciency of the Welch Brothers, Roy • and Joe, who have the best winning percentage over a period of ycprs. They are'contrastingly different, both in style and tactics, and the combination has worked to a decided advantage. ...•'•',', Makes Most Count Buresh is slow moving, keen, alert and almost mechanical In his actions. He loses but little effort, makes most of the opportunities when they present themselves, and they have been numerous in the last pair of shows. Surcsh Is highly Skilled; a veteran of; many, years of action under Tire inside the squared circle and this cunning makes him even more dangerous. : Knox is quite the opposite. He depends more on brute strength and roughness than wrestling finesse. He Is tall, strong in his arms and shoulders and makes them work to the best interests. In recent matches he has used the back breaker as a prelude to victory. It has been'used . In two different, ways with equal efficiency. One time he will bodily pick up his foe, rush over to the Tweet Tweet Oma Is Winner Over Joe Baksi Detroit Boxer Takes Hard Clouts But Gets Unanimous Decision NEW YORK, Jan. 27 (UP)—Let; Oma is the Cindcralla man of the boxing world with last night's close 10-round decision over Joe liaksl to add to his other ama/ing boxing teals In the past. ycur. ,-.. The unorthodox tyoxcr.ffrpm Detroit stepped ln(o averj^mngi Bt)ksl had to offer from 'tliefiffra Jtort of tlie fiRht, and weathcr^lffcKhty of hard punches In the flflh'ivnd ninth Keaney's Smaller Inner Circle In Practice Makes Standard Basketball Rim Easier To Hit rounds. It was apparent from the start 'Ilns is «lut \ou might o.ill bunK knocked still, yet Robert Earl v,osn t He got up and fouyhi Johnny Braltqn until towel fluttered „ into Chicago Stadium ring in third round. * of the liard-foiieht battle that Onui wiis In the best condition of his boxing career, nnd that Tiaksl would have a Job on his hands In attempting to beat the Russian. Oma built up an early lead and when tried to come back :n the ninth and tenth rounds the Kulpmount elouter just didn't have enough stuff to drop Omn. Oma Ilrst sprang Into prominence In the boxing world a few months ago, when he accepted a fight with Tami Mauriello as a substitute for the man he has just beaten, Joe That night, after Omn hud luk- cn the tight, on 'IB-hours notice he was knocked out by Mnuticlln. But he put up such a good fight liy SAM. DAVIS I NKA Staff Correspondent NKW YORK.—"Shoot—you can't .'•core unless you shoot. Formations b,. hanged," Frank W. Keaney, coach of the Hlirale Island Stale basketball learn, sirciiidly explains his system which gained for his Rams the title of Kcaney's Aerial circus. Since Keaney took over at Kings- Ion in 1920, Ham teams have won J32. lost 108 games and compiled 23,122 points against 17,533 scored >y (heir opponents. Thus Blue and Wliitbvlons'.hnvc seen a grand total §1 W/>55' points tallied. hc'vlyi'C of ball which ringmas- !er Ke'ancy has developed naturally makes for scoring. Long passes, t breaks and incessant shooting j|) (he ball changing hands rapidly. The skinny Rhodles have the opposition's tongues hanging out with their up-shot, down-shot slam-bang game. This season the Rnms have averaged 88 points per game, ai aiiiii/.liij; performance. Their plaj has spectacular appeal, the fan' love to see the ball sifting througl Ilic bucket. Thev drove 18,093 customers completely zany in Madi.sor Square Garden by their cling-clon^ play against St. John's of Brooklyn, even though beaten, CG-58. GOT 1DKA niOJI I'HOS Old-time professional basketball, when Hie buckets had a diametci of 15 inches, gave jovial Prank his DOPE BUCKET Bi J. V. FRIEND that lie was re-matched with Mauriello, and gave the lad from the Bronx a real boxing lesson in winning a decision. He did exactly the same thing against Baksi, as he won what has been called the "civilian heavyweight championship." There seems to be little doubt that these two hard-hitting heavyweights will be matched again, and n the near future. / Even though Oma got a clem 1 iqd from both judges and referee Arthur Donovan, Bnksi put np a very good fight and it certainly was close enough for a return match. SK'.NAI. HONOll Blythevillc and Mississippi County servicemen have figured in a number of "flrst.s" in this current Offhand. I recall Sergt. Charles (t'cck) Hardln participating in the first football game ever played in Australia; Staff Scrgt. Hugh (Tex) liarbcrt and that mcmoriiible two-day sports ring corners and heave him down spectacle In the Middle East, after on the metal turnbuckles. ,On other | previously figuring in Hie. introduc- lo the Then. tlon of the pigskin sport natives over there. . . there was that first Softball at- I tempt in China in which Staff occasions he simply cracks their backs over his knee: Both have brought the same disastrous results. Meanies Hold interest The all-around work of Roberts] Sergt. Nat Carson nnd the late bc- and Canny is as well known as pop-1 loved Captain Calvin Moody took ular here as any pair ever to grace! part. the local Legion ring. They notonly l .A recent letter'from Pfc. Pat are as rough and tough as any who Chitmon, stationed .somewhere In have appeared here, but work well France, reveals that he and Ms as a team and Invariably put on a outfit. Battery C o[ the '250th Field . It has been raining, sleeting and snowing now every day for a long lime, but we arc gradually getting used to it. The Germans are trying like Hell to keep this one army out of Germany but I think it is hopeless for them to do so. ... We arc getting lots of shelling now. . . : Two days age two shells hit within 20 yards of me. . . . Yes, they were diuls or I wouldn't be writing you now. I uasn'l in my foxhole but soon was, you can be sure. ... I was the gunner on the first howltiici :iiST roit VON DLLING • i NEW YORK.—New York Univer-] slly has another crack track team in Emil von Elling's 31st year as Violet coach. The Connecticut Forest Association issued a bulletin on "How to Burn Wood." they are good. J. P., I sincerely hope you are <lo- ing okay and enjoyed Christinas. . . . This one will be a sad one for us. . . . Hope another doesn't, , ....„ j way. . . . Keep up onto German soil in this war, or ; your goot | W ork hV'the "Dope Buck- ihc other war, either. ... I think . c f ... it is enjoyed by all the hut has been '20 years since that Blylheville boys so far away from Hint tired a shell across the Rhine ' fj tl( | l]s ( i,j s WK y_ whale of a show. They are good for at least a thousand laughs during the 90 minutes, or less. Their favorite stunts are to pick on Referee Meroney, and what they do to poor bl 1 Mike shouldn't happen even to a Jap. But the fans like It, even if Meroney doesn't, and it helps in no small way to help carry the freight. • \ The indlvIduHl • matches b e a r ipromise of plenty of :action,;.too. 'Canny, and ^Roberts.; cat) jfept. 'sojne jcdnsolaiiopVxfTOm;-.' their previous clashes-witli•Buresh arid Knox-pvcf jthe.. fact, that'.they emerged Victorious:, in the'^preliminaries...'Buresh r and/ : Knbx have" ihos'b- items down for the revenge clement. Artillery. <APO 15H, ',', PM. iiured in another considerably dif- rent first. . . . Pat is a former lard, serving with the great Bly- icvillc Higli school Chickasaws ack in 1930 when they reached trc- icnrtous heights during that spec- iculnr 30-G defeat of Hiley High : South Bend, Ind. . . . Welghln; 30 pounds, which is considerably norc than he scaled in his prep lays, Put has FCen much buttle iction In the American plunge hrough. . . . Now he finds hiin- elf on the edge of Germany itself. .-',•...Aw',.let's not steal his Hum- U. S. Football Too Slow For Bermuda Fans BY-NEA Service NEW YORK— American .footba is too slow for Bermudians, accord ing to Raymond P. Lynch, person riel director of Oie USO Oversea Department, former coach nt S John's of Brooklyn and All-Amer ica guard at Holy Cross. Lynch jus returned from a tour of inspectio during which he referccd the LI Bowl game at Hamilton in whic , Navy beat Army. "Spectators chafed al huddles, Tivere Impatient with times out and believe our substitution rules tend to slow the game," he explains. '.'Rugby, or rugger, as they call It, is their idea of a fast contest." ms been done. . . . Tt sure did us a yrciH feeling on Thnnks- (iving nny to he pouring the steel home. Into Germany. . And then for Your friend, Pat. iHinch to compress the present 18- inch hoop for practice and thus larpen the scoring eyes of his charges. This he did by fashioning smaller rim to fit inside the regular circumference of the basket, nnd which can be bolted on in a minute. In practice sessions the varsity players shoot into the small rimmed bucket, while the .scrubs toss at the standard basket. "If the kids can make goals tluit way, they're bound to find it easier to score when (he handicap is removed — in regulation games," yays tile apostle of three-digit scoring. In the days when he was binning up the baselines and breaking I the hearts of opposing fielders. Ty : C'oub use ( | to wear lend plates in tho soles of his walking shoes. By comparison his spiked shoes on the diamond felt light as feathers, and hew he'd fly! PAID DIVIDENDS IN' GOALS The Keany rim has paid dividends in goals. Brooklyn St. John's hns used one during the last three seasons, nnj Joe I.apchick's boy followed up by winning nationa tournaments tile last two. When Frank William Kcane takes his Rnms on tour, the inne rim goes witli him. in an old well worn cnrput bag. His boys call hii the old carpet-bagger—but not t his face. The Khody mentor indulges in u hobby as an antidote to high- Frank Kcaney's 15-iucli inner rim sharpens eyes in practice. Whirlaway Best, Tear Smartest, Trainer Says liy NKA Service MIAMI. — Without a momcnUsI hesitation. Plain Ben Jones tells 1 you Wlilrlaway was Hie greatest of | them all. "Twenty-five years from now! they'll realize what a wonderful I horse lie was," says the Calumet I trainer. I Jones, who is wintering the War-1 ren Wrlghl string at Hialeah, calls! Twilight Tear the smartest Iho-1 roughbred he ever handled. k O.K. tu Marry Sislcr FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UP)—Uu-l dor certain .conditions, you caul marry your sister. TUis was dc-| cided by Allen County Clerk Dorothy Gardner after a male voice I asked lier over a telephone if he I could marry his sister. Mrs. Card-1 ncr indignantly replied, "Marry youi I sister, of course not." Tlie man I laugrtcd and said lie was a ministcil and wanted to perform the cerc-j mony. "Under those conditions, yes | KO , right ahead," she replied. pressure basketball. He collects early American glassware and pottery, and has quite an aggregation Kcuney is plenty is team. Their play? of the stuff. Right now, worried about 1 No. Ills kids have worn through their ncakers and he can't get enough asketballs. Toc/irane Sought "•or Bout In Miami agcr, are going to promote boxing in Miami. Julie Kogan of New Haven mid Jack Larrimore (if Tampa collide in a ID-round weltei'.vefelit mutch in a Softball park, Feb. 5. Freddie (Red) Cochi'ane, recently discharged from the Navy, is offered $'25,000 to defend the world championship against the winner in the Orange Bowl in late March. American steel plants have broken I all previous records for total steel I production during each of the first | five years of the war. New Theater! Manila's Finest What have you done today thatl some mother's sun should die foil you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— Saturday REPUBLIC PRESENTS 'PRIDE OF THE PLAINS'^ Serial & Short ly NBA Service MIAMI. — Witli horse and do: •acing shut down, Sam Weinstcin, • State, icwsstand man, and Walter Fried- nan, former New York light man- TllltlUv Sl'OKTS SUKVIVE STATE COLLEGE. Pa.—Baseball, track and lacrosse 1 arc retained on the 1045 spring calendar at Penn Read Courier News Want Ads. Saturday OWL SHOW COLUMBIA PRESENTS "TAHITI NIGHTS" Selected Shorts del'., : After nil, it's his story. . Let him tell it in his own words: France Dec. 13, 1<M4. Dear J. I'.: Just another word to say two Joys from the ol' home town are chow we had turkey and all the j trimmings. i We soldiers of this outfit were proud to hear the outcome of the Army-Navy football gume. ... Of : course, we know we were glad that Army won. . . . We can keep up with sports pretty well by reading the stars and Stri]>cs. . . . It's i pretty fair little paper for the erviccmen overseas. ... I sent you one a while buck.., . '..Hope you received it. ... (Sure did. fella, and put it away with the others that iwve ueen sent by .the boys both • overseas ;and, here >ln camps on this -side). ... i.osi:s TRACK My Courier lias just about unit coming, and a month or two behind. So I do not know hou* the Cliicks iHlyllicvlllc High School) doing o.k.; Jess Dnvis and I. TWO WORH1KS We have I wo things to worry about over here now, which haven't been so bad before. . . . The Germans and the weather. . . . The Jerrys arc more stubborn every clay. have been doing this season, Eveiytime I rea ( | the "Dope Bucket" it seems lh:;t Captain James Ace Puckett has returned home again. . . . That guy sure has been getting around in this man's army, hasn't' he? . . . I'd like to be in on Ills experiences. ... I know Read Courier News Want Ads. Visit Us In Oar NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Farts * Serrlce 121 E. Mala Phone 2l2Z Choose Your VALENTINES While stocks are new and complete! Priced lOo to 51 The Gift Shop Modem * Antique GlfU MOSS BRYAN WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Jan. 29, 8:75 p. m. Lowest Admission of any Wresllmc Arena In America. Adults, 3Gc, Tai 9e—Total, 4Sc. Reserved Scats He, Tax 3c—To- lai, 15c, Children's Scats 12c, Tix 3c, Total, I5c. Reserved Seats On Sale at Ilic Legion Arena Every Monday from G p. m. on TAG MATCH Buresh & Knox Planters Hdw, Co,, inc. home of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAIN? DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE Phone 515, BlytheTille, Ark. Full Stocks of DODGE & PLYMOUTH TRUCK PARTS- We luivc a completely equipped service department and efficient mechanics. We service any make car or truck. 119 W. Ash Earl Slone, Service Mgr. Phone 422 Sunday and Monday 'ARSENIC AND OLD LACE" with C'ary Grunt and Raymond Masscy Fox News & Short VS. Canny & Roberts 2 30-Minutc Preliminaries Stan Buresh vs. Red Roberts Buddy Knox vs. Bill Canny Recapping Vulcanizing FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber • Osceoid Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 Osceola, Ark, The Hawkinson Method "It's MORE Tfian A Re-cap!" PATENTED , . EQUIPMENT 'K yf MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Highway 61 Norlh Thorn; 2201 SEE... CALL... or WRITE me for your STONEVILLE COTTON SEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . . *-, Also Seed Sacks J. L. TERRELL 111 S. Bdwy. Blylhcville, Ark. Ph. Z631 The Navy Dept. hai called upon Arkansas people to construct the most important United State* . . . NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Production of newly developed and vei'y essential weapon of World War 2 . . • CH1CKASAW] West Alain Near 21st St. Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:*5| Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature 'ROARING FRONTIERS'"! with Bill Elliott.& Tex Kilter and 'COUNTER ESPIONAGE] with AVarrcn William Serial "The Batman" Comedy City Automobile Licenses Are Due By TO SAVE OUR BOYS' LIVES! Sunday and Monday 'HAPPY GO LUCKY" (In Technicolor) with Mary Marfin & Uick 1'owell Universal News Comedy UY NOW & Avoid Penalty FRANK WHITWORTH City Clerk Enroll NOW! WINSTON, IIAGLIN, MISSOURI VALLEY AND SOLLITT (Prime Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Tima and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the joh for workers at $1.00 per day. Excellent working conditions . . . Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring on the Spot and Free Transportation Furnished at Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS RITZI THEATRE .Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAT NIQOT8 Box Office Opens 7:15—Show SUrt I at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Boi Office Opens 1 Show SUrU 1:15 Saturday "MYSTERY MAN" ,vith William Boyd as Hopalone ] Cassidy First Chaplcr of "The White Eagle." Comedy. • yon art now enraged In »i MientUl activity at your highest •kill, do not apply. B[cn under 21 must liav» mlnor'i release form slfrncd liy parent! which can be obtained at Employ, mcnt Office. ROCKETS WILL SAVE LIVES! Saturday ' OWL SHOW "FLY BY NIGHT" willi Nancy Kelly, Ilichard Carlsoi I COMEDY Sunday and Monday "THE HAIRY APE" with William Bcndix and Susan Tlay\vard RKO News and Comedy

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