The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVIU-E (ARK.) COUIUER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 26,1949 Missouri House Reverses Stand Action of 1948 Session Limiting Term of U.S. President Rescinded Buyer's Chill May Uncover Some Real Postwar Gadgets JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Mny 2fi. I/P^—U all depends on your political point of view. The Missouri House, controlled by tin Democrats, voted yesterday In favor of rescinding its action last session lo limit the terms of the ,U. S. president to two. The measure now fs ready for final House action. When Ihe Missouri Leeislalure ratified Ihe proposed constitutional amendment- Iwo years ago. both houses were controlled by Republicans. The Republicans stood fasl hi Ihf House yesterday bill they were In the minority this time. There has been some question raised as to Hie leRaliiy of such R reverse ol a stale's stand But the Democrats liave snlcl they're- goine to submit the "slate's dinner 1 of heart." anyway. There wns l-'ttlo debate ycslcr- dav. Rep. Charles h. Pulis fD> o( An' drain counly broueht the resolu- lion no for advancement. Mo snlrt the ratification two years ai»o wns not "the will ol the people of Missouri." But Rep. Howard RHIOtt ID' n< SI. Louis County objected. He raised the constitutional question of whether the change would count. The Democrats rejected his motion 54 to 81 then advanced Ihe resolution 84 to 51. By NBA Service PITTSBUHCIH—INfcAl—Now that the consumer has sallsfied his most pressing wants -and lakcn some of the pressure off manufacturers -we are going to ueKln seeing some really postwar" Ejadgt-'lK. Television, of course, lifts come ilong since the war. llul 11 can lordly be called "post-war," There s nothing radically different. Iw- .wccn TV sets now on the markel and those that (lie Incttt.slry could :rave made In 194U or 1911. All that hits happened, really, Is ilml Ihe pie-war Iclevloil has luid :i bit of face-lifllut!—millions havo wen Invested in telecasting facil- illes and In (iefecll operation—receivers have mass-producer, Magnolia Man Heads Bankers Association HOT SPRINOS, Ark., May 26. '.-J'l The Arkansas Bankers Association yesterday elected W. C. Blewsler ot Magnolia to his first lull iernt as President. Blewster filled the uuexpired t«rm of Barry Vaughan of Fayelte- ville, when Ihe latter moved from Arkansas last October. Other officers elecled by the association al the close of Us convention here: Shelby Ford, Springdale. vice president: Jeff Burnclt. Little Roc!;, secretary, and R. J. Rice, North Little Rock, treasurer. Representatives to the American and sold to a win-prosperous public, al lowered cost and more nl- tractive prices. Automobile's, within the past few months, have reacted lo the fasl- approachlug buyers' market. That is why, for Hie first time, H is |»s- slble lo gel from old-line manufacturers n car (hat is really new—a car that is not merely Hie 1941 model wit it rt new dn In the household accessory field likewise, up lo now there hns beer nothing realty new. Stores have featured tliliiRs you couldn't K*'l 19-11 or l!)42, but they liari actually Ueen perfected thl'U. Suddenly, however. Ihe pliieltnc: Imvc become filled with consume | Koocis. The mud rush lo buy al any ! price inis slowed down. So any duy now, out- of tiie mos sccrel laboratories of Ihe munufac hirers you will bCRiil to RCl fcenu inely new badsels—thing that were n'l more thnn drciiins or hopes I 1!M1--^---improvements, somelime.s jiuti oflen actually brand new de pnriure.s. The nation's electric power lead ers were ylven a preview' of some t things at an off-liie-rccor Power Forum s[Kmsor['ci hy Iti Electric Corporaliot Miouse Judicary Group Considering Proposed Abandonment of Alcatraz By Clarke Beach WASHINGTON — Has Alcatraz ontllveJ Its usefulness? Fewer prisoners thar, ever before arc now being held in Ihc escape-proof federal prison In Sun Francisco Bay, and :t's very expensive lo operate—$8 i day lo maintain each desperate gjiist. In olhei federal prisons the "bean money" is only $3. Hul the main consideration Is 'o.ildnt wKh raiUr: A radio lube thai U the hrarl of radar pills the heal it a hamburger In 10 second!. Ill this slove. It's a Im-hinger nf even more udlcal Itoiisehctlit gadgets manufacturers promise lo ward off chill attitude of buyers. The. session was closed, and notli- ed ranges wilh automatic surface Ing was Riven out from It. Spcakjug i cooking. You merely set, the pan and more freely under such circumstances Aslibaiigh told the power men: "Tomorrow the American housewife 'will be offered a refrigerator that Is completely automatic—which will need no controls—which will automatically defrost when the frost builds up lo a predetermined amount, and do It so fast it won't even melt the ice cubes in the process. "Tomorrow you may -nave a re- frlRcinlor so designed and controlled that II will hold fresh vegetables from three to six months. "Tomorrow the housewire will be offered an electric range that will be offered an electric range that will conlcnts on the range, and Ihe •ange automatically controls the :icnt lo do the cooking properly. "And we have built, ranges that cook with infa-rcd and high frequency. "Surface elements will be made so fast that ttiey v;ill come up to red heat four limes as fast as today's .1. H. AshlmiiRh, vice-president, tie- ^ m] t-pcrform anything she ever ' dreamed of. This year, we can make biscuits in any part of the oven— an unhend-cif thing. We have already built and successfully operat- scribed some of the Rndycls his coin- puny, second largest producer of household jipplliinccs. is perfecting "in the I'oniu wilh the 'Keep Out' si(-n on Ihe duor." thc restraining effect of Alcalrax on Ihe Inmales ol other Jails and on men un'-ilde who might be plotting a great crime and yet decide a- galnst It because of their dread of 'The Rock." The Issue is now being pondered by the House Judiciary Committee. James V. Bennett, director of the U.S. Bin can of Prisons, has made no firm recommendation, He has only pointed out that one or more federal prisons must be closed to keep within Ihe proposed budget, that operation costs at Alcatraz are erces-sively high but that the psychological factor behind Alcalraz Is the big question-mark. Abandonment of Alcatrav. wouldn't be tu total saving in any case. The Federal government still would have to establish in one of its 25 other prisons a "maximum security block" whcie Incorrigible prisoners could be kept safely and apart from other prisoners for whom there is sonic hope of rehabilitnlion. All large penal institutions have such dungeons—called by criminals "Klon- rtlkes." "Siberias," "solitary" or "deadlock." Alcatra/. was established In 1934 when the government was at the peak of its battle against kidnapers, racketeers, bank robbers and linper- system Is the only system we know." Ol one thing he Is lure: That all hardened criminals live In mortal fear of winding up on Alcatraz. He permits no brutality against tn- matcs there, but prisoners are allowed a minimum of privelcges, and the discipline is more severe than In any olher American Institution. Those who enter lUhave no hope of delivery or paroleT No^one has ever escaped, although two men once did dive Into the cold- swift currents that sweep the rock. They are believed to liavn drowned. No one has ever been paroled from Alcatrau. Men can, however, work Iheir way back U> some olher prison by years of good behavior. Alcatraz now hat 228 prlsoners- nearly all of whom Bennett know personally. This is 26 percent fewe than the peak year, 1938. The tota population of all federal prisons I now a smaller portion of the hard ened, Intractable, desparate lyp who need th« Alcatraz treatmen The chief reasons Alcatraz Is s ostly »re that It requires one uslodian to every two prisoners instead of one la live as in other rlsons) arid that there Is no water n th»'lsland. All water has to be raiuporkd by barge from the mainland. Even soil has to be ship- led to the Rock If a warden decides o raise a few flowers or vegetables. Alcalraz cost $3,000,000, and It would cost »7.00fl,000 to replace It. other government agency wants t, says Bennett, so If abandoned t would soon detrelorate in the jrlny air. If the doors finally swing open, the sea gulls and the fog will soon take over the dank halls where Al Capone and his henchmen lived their longest years. Arkansas's gross farm income from chickens and eggs (including commercial broilers) hit a new all- time high In 1948 at $57,392,000, up 23 per cent from 1941. Forty-two per cent of the gross came frorr commercial broilers, of which Arkansas produced more than 24 million, or 7 per cent of U. S. tola production. Re?d Courier News Want Ads $ 25 or more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Js Your Chance for Heal Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. elements." Convenience, aulomaflc operallon and glamour are the three tilings lhal the industry keeps in front of its eyes, Ashbaugh said. By improving on these, every lime it seems as Ihough the market for an appliance wns sold out, a new one can be opened up. »» The markets for ninny consumer items are lagging, so now, in almost every consumer field, ihe long- delayed, post-wnr improvements are being hauled out. Bunking Association Include: Louis Hurley, El Dorado, vice pic.iidcnl representing Arkansas; Mcbourt Siranl, Foq Snillli. vice | pl-esidt.nt of the National Ranks ' Division, and J. W. Hcllamy of Pine Blurt, vice president of suv- iiig.-; brink.;. Population arable land per square mile of 68 in Russia, 102 in the United States, 500 In Italy. 587 I nGermany and 2,430 in Japan. The stale flower of Louisiana Is the mngnolia. Wages and salaries normally account for at least half oC the total casts of retailing, according to the Twentieth Century Fund. Confucious was born in China in 551 B. C. ious gangs. Hosts of the underworld were slain or imprisoned. By 1939 J Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of investigation,-was able to srv;? that not one nationally organized gang was left. What part did Atcatraz play In the victory? Will criminals become bolder if there is no more Alcatraz? No one really knows. That's why Congress intends to do a lot of thinking before it lets Alcatraz go As to whether Alcalraz. or any olhcr prison, deters criminals. Director Bennett has onlv two broad convictions: (I) That : iy do not deter those who commit accidental crime or crimes of passion, pscho- paths or alcoholics', (2) That they -do deter many persons who are temped to do such things as steal or file fraudulent tax returns. "Bui whether it deters the average criminal," says Bennett, "the prison "I r can slop on a clinic," the salesman promised you, "—and leave nine cents change!" And your Buick did - when it was new and brake linings unworn and everything factory-tight and fresh. But brake lining's wear - lights grow dim with time — tires can lose lheir bite and traction. And with a whole summer's driving ahead, what hotter time than this lo bring your Buick back to new-car peak in all those details that mean so much to safety? Check your car— Check accidents! Truev gre«T MrvTee ond lafely organizations acroil the counliy are alerting car-ownen every. *here Ihii month on lately-ched:. mg their cars. Re lure your (amity lately — aA your fcukfc iervlce man lo Took over Ihese chcrk. poinll lhl» month — nr\d Join tn« gteal drive for driving lafely! They lilt len vital quetlion for you lo tnink about — How ore your Brain? ligMi? Tirel? Wheel offanmenf? De- Onr men, trained in Buick ways, will give you brakes that stop you as Buicks should, with new brake finings that are right in siy.c and brake drums turned to perfect round. They can replace sealed-beam headlights to give you new-bulb brilliance — and while they're at it, check battery, voltage, wiring and hcadlump- aim to boot. They'll check lircs, switch them as needed, look into wheel alignment for easy steering. In a word, they'll renew your Buick witii the same- care and interest they would lavish on their own — and do it at no greater cost than for just ordinary service. So drop in. Get set for sonic summer fun that's up to lively Buick standard. guides n Buick LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555 IMAGINE! This Korton Ironer, Worth $49.95, Is Yours Absolutely FREE When You Purchase a Brand New Horton Washer at the Regular Price $ 139 50 2 For The Price of 1! THE HORTON WASHER You'll like this full size, full capacity Horton washer double wall tub, aluminum agitator, and powerful 1-3 H. I', motor. Be sure to see the "Kleenctte" which fits inside (he tub . , . it's ideal for small washings. THE ROTARY IRONER Now you can sit down to iron! You can say good-bye to the back aches and leg strains of ironing while standing, because this Horton Ironer makes the job so easy. It's portable, operates either by knee or by fingertip, does beautiful work. And it's free! \ LIMITED TIME Be Sure .To Stop In Tomorrow ZI3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2015 h '*'i. -».«

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