The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1953
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JAN. 20, 1953 Eisenhower Takes Oath as Nation's 34th President (Continued from Page 1) all nations prove good faith. Appealing for a demonstration of • Kirch faith. Eisenhower had in m'nd perhaps America's development of such weapons as Ihe hydrogen boinb In saying: "science seems ready lo confer g, on us, as Us final gift, Ihe power i to erase human life from the earth." Here are Ihe "rules of conduct" Eisenhower laid down for achievement of enduring world peace: "1. Abnorrinit war as a chosen 1 way to balk the purposes of those wno threaten 1 us, we hold it to be the first lask of slatesmanshlfi to develop the strength that will deter the forces of aggression and prmiote the conditions of peace. "in spite of (his principle, we stand ready to engage..with any and all others in joint effort to remove the causes of mutual fear and distrust among nations, and BO to make possible drastic reduction of armaments. The sole reo- ulsites for undertaking such an effort are that—in their purpose— they be aimed logically and honestly toward secure peace for all- and thaU-ln their result—they pro^ virie means by which every participating- nation will prove good faith In carrying out its pledge. "2. Realizing that common sense, and common decency alike dictate the futility of appeasement we shall never try [o plapale an aggressor by the false and wicked i . bargain ot. trading honor for se-' J curity. ... !?' "3. Knowing that only a Unite Stales that Is strong and Inimena ly productive can help defend fve dom in our world, we view ou nation's strength and security as trust upon which rests the hop of free men everywhere. . "4. Honoring ;j- l6 Identity heritage of each nation of th world, we shall never use ou strength lo try to Impress upo another people our own cherishe political and economic Institution "KtcoKnlxe Economic Heallh" "5. Assessing realistically th needs and capacities of prove friends .of freedom, we shall strri to help.them to achieve their ow security and well-being. LikcwUu we shall count on them to assume within the limits of their resources their full »nd Just burdens in th . common defense of freedom. "S. Recognizing economic healt as an Indispensable basis of mil lary strength and the free world 1 , peace, we shall strive to foste everywhere, and to practice our selves, policies lhat encourage pro ductivity and profitable trade. Po the Impoverishment of any slngl people in the world menns dange to the well-being of all other peo pies. "7. Appreciating that economi need, military security and polit: cal wisdom combine to suftgcs regional groupings of free peoples we hope, within the framework o the United Nations, lo hel] strengthen such special bonds thi world over. The nature of thes< ties must vary with . the differen problems of different areas. "In the Western Hemisphere, w< join with all our neighbors In ll« work of perfecting a community o fraternal trust and common pur pose. "In Europe, we ask that enllght ened and Inspired leaders of th< Western nations strive with re newed vigor lo make the unity o their peoples a reality. . . . "Equal Reeird and Honor" "8. Conceiving the defense ot freedom, like freedom Itself, to be one and Indivisible, we hold al continents and peoples in equal regard and honor. We reject any insinuation that one race or another one people or another. Is In any sense inferior or expendable "9. Respecting the United Na- lions as the living sign of all peo. p'D's hope for peace. \\- e shah hope for peace, we shall strive to ,.. mnke it not merely-an eloquent JPVj-mbol but an effective force. And - in our quest of honorable peace v-e shall neither compromise, noi tit;?, nor ever cease." Eisenhower called bis nim "rules of conduct" basic precepts, "not lolly abstractions, far removed from the matters of daily living." He added: forces and a prepared citizenry. Moral slamtna means more energy and more productivity, on Ihe farm find in the factory. "Love of liberty means the guarding of every resource that makes freedom possible—trom the sanctity of our families and the wealth of our soil lo the genius of scientists." (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Commodity And Stock Markets— Ntw York Cotton Afar. May Oct. Open 3291 3343 3335 3385 Hleh Low J:15 3309 3281 3235 3361 3332 3335 3398 3371 3375 3395 3375 . 3379 As he did so often during t -\ • campaign, Eisenhower 'said thu Soybeans N«w Orieani Cotton Open High LOW 1:15 ... 329! 3306 3280 3283 ... 3343 3359 3329 3335 ... 3281 3395 3369 3374 ... 3381 3391 3381 3385 Mar May July Oct peace IKe world seeks is "nothing less than the practice and fulfill- men! ot our whole faith, among ourselves and In our dealings with others." Then he said: "It signifies more than stilling (he guns, easing the sorrow of war. "More than an escape from dealh, it Is a way of life. "More than a haven for the weary, il Is a hope lor the brave. "This Is the hope that beckons us onward in this century of trial. This is the work that awaits us all, lo be done with bravery) with charity—and with prayer to Almighty. Ood." Open , 292 . 293',!, July •; .. 295 Jun Men May High 291 !i 288 298 ,297-H Chicago Wheat Open High IKE . "They are the laws of spiritual strength that generate and dellne our material strength. "Patriotism means equipped NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" » MANILA, ARK, Matinees Sal."* Sun. 1'hone 5S TUESDAY. "PAROLE" All Star Cast WKD-THUKS' WAC FROM WALLA - WALLA .lurly Canova (Continued from Page 1) Capitol Plaza, us the Texas-born Kansas-reared Elsenhower accepted Ihe honor nnd the burdens conferred on him by overwhelming vote of the American people last Nov. 4. • "1-Day," with Its administering of Ihe presidential oath by Chief Justice Fred Vinson, brought elevation to Richard M. Nixon too. A fellow Californlan, Sen. William p Knowland, arranged (o administer his oath as vice president, Just before the swearing-in of Elsen- hower. • Military-Political Problema Today's ceremony came eight years, seven months and H days ifler another peak In the career of the incoming President. It was on June 6, 19-H. us supreme coin- that. Eisenhower set In motion the D-Day onslaught which was :rush Nazi Germany. Now, as commander to in chief and ; chief executive, the former five- star general must cope with t 1 military-political problems of world again divided—and first nil with a .ravage, seemingly gtal mated conflict In far-away Kore He knows the score. He has tee to Korea. He x has worked as hea of the North Atlantic Treaty fore to weld the defenses of the We Into a European wall against Com mumst expansion And fitting,, enough. In Ihe lie > the ,iob facing him. Eisen'iowe Planned to began with praver th "ale 3 ™" 1 '° tllE ?' rcsidenc Presbyterian ^nurch, '"where""^ will .worship while In the Wh' House. was the first Ken? on day s program. Only the Presiden elects own fan" :ials of the new administration with members of !heir , aml|1 ship '° J ° ln hlm ln w ° Afterward, In ql ,j ck s ,, ccess i on he program called for Eisenhowe o be: Picked , lp 8t h| s hotel bv h , escort Senate President Pro Tern shire and^Housf s "«' "^ ^ W Martin Jr. of ^ss^ull^s Driven to the north p or ti co o he Wute House to pick up retirln "resident Triimnn, who had hi '«ss all packed; Driven to Capitol Hill for th nauguration and his 2,250-wor naugural address; Treated to l.unchenn Tre-ated io luncheon (creamec hicken In patty shell, baked sugar ured hnrn) with Nixon and olhe igmlaries af the Capitol; Driven to a fancy, henled'review ng sland in front of the White louse to watch the Tnaugura •arade with its 18.000 servicemen s slate and territorial floats ||. ovcrnors nnd other VIPs, its hos f bands and bugle corps, its threi ve elephants: Allowed, finally, to enter the raceful mansion at 1600 Fennsyl ania Avenue which will be hi ome and headquarters for lh ext four years. T ""'g'"' he'll don white lie *ni Mch . May , . 232 :1 i. . 2353i 232 U 235?; Chicago Corn High Mch May Open 163 Low 282 295'1 205 >4 295 Low 231H 23454 LOW 183 165>i 1:15 !92?i 296 296 293 1:15 23 Hi 234 Ti 1:15 153V. 1655= N«w York Srocki N Y STOCKS, .. A T anil T ',', Amer Tobacco '.'.'.'.'. Anaconda Copper Beth steel . Clu-ysler '.'.'.'." Coca-Cola "[ Oen Electric ...'.'..'.'.'.'.'. Gen Motors ..., ; Montgomery Ward ".'.'." N y Ccneral . " Int Harvester Scars ][][ Republic Steel ' Radio ' Eocony Vacuum .\ Studebaker "" Standard of N J '".'.'.'" 160^ 93 V, 114J4 67?| 24!^ 40 Sou Pac .. s steel MOX Show Starts Veekdays 7:00 Sat. Sim 1:00 Mwayi a Double Feature TUKS-WEI) Double Feature A Ufftii Pkhirw Fre 1'ltis Comedy Livestock NATIONAL' STOCKYARDS 111 <fi - (USDA)-Hogs 11.000: fairly active, uneven; weight,"! 230 Ibs down weak: to 25 lower than Mondays average: 25 to 35 under best lime; heavier weights steady to 25 lin I"™ S ,°v, WS 25 '° 50 loiver: cho '« 180-230 Ibs 19.25-65: few loads choice mostly under 220 Ibs 19 75- ™-"01t» 18.50-19.oo; odd lots W- 300 Ibs 17. 75-18.25; J50-170 Ibs 1775!^ 25 ,: "«-!« Ibs 15.25-17.25; sows 400 Ibs down 16.25-75: few 17 00- rfo&y 0 ™.. "- K - 1 ^ honr ' s Cattle 4,000, calves 1,200- little done on steers although shippers n$ £, A - " high c ?>?"T5?«lal, to lo*/. choice kinds •«' "Hf.So-ZKSO steady; moderately active demand lor heifers and mixed yearlings at fully steady prices; cows openln* steady; utility and commercial tails,, the new first lady will slip into n pink peau-de-sole gown sprinkled with thousands of glittering rhinestones, and oH they'll go to the ball. Or, rather, to th, two Inaugural Balls. This windup social event, of the first real OOP Its land since Herbert Hoover's day got so bhr thnt o one hall in Washington could :ontaln It. Tomorrow? It's nos« to the rlndsione lor President Elsen- hower. Some of hfs work he inherited om Harry Truman, who vacated the big ovnl-executive office at P.m. yesterday, other problems were sure to arise daily—as they have for every president RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. ST TIMES-TONITE WED-THURS 'MR. WALKIE TALKIE" William Tracy Joe Sawyer WILSOH (Continued from Paire i) enough (o win approval lor Wilson. These! senators said the alierna- llve either Is for Wilson lo dispose of his slock or io ask ihal Ms name not be submitted. If Wilson has any. (bought of withdrawing. It was not publicly apparent. He said in. a New York City speech yesterday he Intends to re-examine basic national secur- w rt £»f MmltaB the Arriving here last night to take art In |] le Inaugural ceremonies. Wilson declined to comment on speculation about whether he might asfc that his name be withdrawn. "I'm on the spot, boys," he told newsmen. Chairman SaUonstal! (R-Mass) said Herbert Brownell Jr., Elsen- hower's choice for attorney general, had been asked to testify before (lie armed services committee tomorrow along- with Wilson Republicans checked ui> to Brownell Ihe task of trying Io rind spins way to clear up Wilson's status. When his own prospective nominnllon was before the Senate Judiciary Committee vcslerday Brownell said he doesn't believe In enacting 1 special laws—that all statutes must dca; with all persons equally. Ilrrmnrii sold Interests Significantly, perhaps. Brownell sa d he had sold out his law firm holdings for his own "convenience and peace of mind." Sen. Byrd <D-Va), who first raised the question of Wilson's financial holdings in a firm which 1.1 the Defense Department's largest contractor, has reminded other senators that the law in question applies to all federal officials down 53,000 March Draft Quota Set r WASHINGTON M>j _ The armv wnnu 53,000 men called through Be-. Active Service in Marcli-aud the Defense Department lies Indicated monthly calls may continue at about that level through June. The army' dralt call was Issued late Monday. The liture Is the same as that announced for February and ™"£" M wilh "•OOO i» January, 17,000 (or each of the lhr« preceding months and 30,000 In Septcm- CHERRY (Continued from Page 1) bill Introduced In Ihe Senale yesterday. Authored by Sen. Wiley l T ° f Clnrks vllle, it would MM , pe '' Cenl "' lhe v ° ler s '0 petition (or a special election on a track, if approved, the racing commission would be obligated to accept bids, The governor Indicated lhal he thought a local vote on a track woud .be an appropriate prere- ni*i, 0 ," s locallon - b <" <lfd not nk that a vote should make construction mandatory Snfd Cherry: "t don't think you c'an say that because 15 per cent of the Voters petition for a track and 51 per cent vote for It, that the „„', con m ,| SS f on shouw , mve lo the franchise." the line. Byrd has told colleagues he believes (hat even If the contention could be sustained that Wilson has no direct connection with cont- tracts, the prospective defense secretary's aides would be directly Involved. LEGISLATURE CConllnued from Page 1) or In case' of persons previously convicted of a crime as much as five years, Toll Bridges Sought ,,nep. Paul •Van Dslscm of Perry County submitted a bin w |,| c h would permit the state Highway Commission to construct and operate (oil bridges, He said It VMS almcrt primarily at construction of a third bridge across the Arkan- Obituaries PAGE FZVB A bill to flx salaries of p ros c- cullns attorneys at maximum* of J5.WW lo $7,200 within r our classifications, depending on population and tax assessed value O f property r,??:', 1 ,.^J. ud ! cla . 1 .''Wrict s , P wa 5 membm headed by jock OalcM of Woodruff County, Prosecutors, Lloyd licnrv of Augusta II. a. P a r t, os , of Blytl evi lie and Tom Doivnle of Little nock now represent tl v districts In which fe'cth"' 200 " ln! " m . ul " would be e" The two While Comity representatives, John Ferguson and J it Moody, brought in „ bill Koitlrt appropriate $50,000 annuallv for operation of the Junior Agr- culhiml College 'at Beebe The Ar kamns LciisliUlve Council has recommended that no more appropriations be made for (he college Rep. Lawrence Dawson of Jefferson County proposed a biu which ivonk! remove from county Judges authority to waive the 3-day V n it- Ing period for Issuance of marriage licenses but would retain the power lor circuit Judge, and chancellors. i jntcr House Judiciary Com- the bill* rccomme " dcd rejection of Southeastern Venezuela's Angel Falls drops more lhan 5500 feet in a single unbroken sheet of water Rites Tomorrow For Mrs. Pounds Services f,-,r Mrs. Tenny n. Pounds. 81, who died at the home of her daughter Mrs. a. c. Wilson, at Hol- .12 5 nn, = ''? ayi a ™ '° be ""durted "I •! p.m. tomorrow at Churrli /ir " Burial will be In Holly Service, J7.900. She Is also siirrivecl by anol W"'. M«. Newt Hendrt^ chc- PaJlqearers will be o. V Work "'^,-Cal.oon, De^wey Rente v. PROI'O'SEIJ 1IUI10ET OF EXI'KN'IMTUBES TOGKTHFR VKtH ™ X " !VY F °R FISCAL «r./lK BFXJlX.Vlls'f! nj[ y . law. TO AND ixcRjm.VG ' JUNK 30, 105J The Board of Dlrcclors ; o|-Armorel School District No. 0 of Miss ?»','",,'• Arfcllnms . '" compliance Mth Ihe requirements of Act 403 of 1M1 and of Amendment 40 to the Constitution of the Slate of Arkansas, have prepared, approved, and hereby make public the proposed budget of excndltiircs together with the tax rale as follows^ General Control, 1500.00; Instruc- on, 442,000; Operation of School Buildings, M.OOO; Maintenance of School Plant and Equipment, $SOOO- Auxiliary Agencies (Including transportation). S8500; Fixed Charges, $400; Capital Outlay, $2,200' Debt if,* this 19th day of January, BOARD OP DIRECTORS Armnrel School District ' No. 9 ol Miss, county. Arkansa. E. L. Hale, President Arthur Vance, Secretary PKO POSEO nUIMJKT OJ^ EXPENDITURES TOGETHFR WITH TAX LEW FOR FJicAL rMR HEGINXING JULY 1 > 1954, TO AM) INCLUDING JUNE 30, 1955 ?1 C !'^ of Dlrec '°«i of Manila School District No. 15 of Mississippi , m" {' Ark!msas . In compliance wit i the requirements of Act 403 ot 1951 and of Amendment 40 to'th* Constitution of the State of Arkansas, have prepared, approved and hereby make public the proposed budget of expenditures together with the tax rate as follows; General Control, $4,200; Instruc- Uon, illo.OOO; Operation of School Buildings, $8.075; Maintenance of School riant and Equipment, »9,500; Auxiliary Agencies (Including transportation). $12,600; j-j S ed Charges, $2,600; Capital Outlay $9 SOO; Debt Service, 512 802 ' • To provide for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures tha Board of Directors proposes a tax levy of 50 mills. This tax levy Includes the present continuing levy for the retirement of present Indebtedness. GIVEN this 16th day of Janutry, BOARD OP DIRECTORS, Manila School DIterlct Na.. 1 15 of Mississippi County. - Arkansas . C. W. Tlpkrs, Prseittent O. 13. Chlldrcss, Secretary VouVeGottoDnVeft io Believe \b! Sfeihe New/ OodgeV-Bghfr You've heard talk about how thi, new Dodge performs. About the new 140-h.p. Red Ram V-Eight engine. About the new design that doe. away with "deadweight." And about the new feeling of mattery; So you say to ug, "How about that 'Road Test Ride' you're offering?*' You step in. You take over. And from that moment on, all you, . Ideas about motor car performance are changed. Your own Road Test Rating will convince you. Come on in ... todayl ' ! j Roominess Check on the «tr« leg-room, he»d-room. More •pice, {reiter risibility. Feel the surging power ewRed-R»m V-8cngfne. Am« zingGyro-Torqu e Drive. 3 I Maneuverability Check on the feelinjrol complete control In triffic. Tnenimblufttrof *ll. ' ( 4 | Cornering Discover how Dotff« •OURS down" on cur»e» for greater "Readability." Snorter turning radius let» you U-turn !n limited space with lesi effort. No "de«dweight" lo htul. Outstanding perform-, •nee witt power to spue. sr *sB igsm lor added power. for cuslery of the ro»d. See how Onflow ride control tames bumps. Rotd- !evelin| action ahviTi. Two b«ke cylinders In tlth front wheel. S«fer Jtopi «t til timea. ^ im, « imum effort. hor - e cieccy at your comiund ROAD TEST AMERICA'S ACTION CAR BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Walnut & First • Phone 4422

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