The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1931
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t- Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—NO. 300 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER THH DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST aOSBOOTU BlythsrtUe Courier, BlytheviU* Herald, HOME EDITION lil.YTUKVILLt',, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MARCH f>, 193! SINGLE COPIES FIVE t WOULD Measure by Senator Shaver Designed to Prevent Wholesale Failures. LITTLE ROCK, March 5. CUP) — The senate today passed a banking bill which' Is aimed to remedy the banking situation In Arkansas and to prevent recurrence oi failures 'like those the latter part 61 1930. Senator Shaver who was a member ot the' legislative committee which conducted an Investigation into closed banking Institutions In an effort to draft remedial legislation, introduced the measure. • Puts limit on Loans The Shaver bill would limit bank loans to Individuals or. corporations and would prevent owners of chain banks from" obtaining loans from member banks.. It provides further that 25 per cent of a bank's reserve must be kept in the institution at all times. 15. per cent c which must be in cash and 10 per cent in time commercial.paper. .The five day provision lor reopening closed banks is abolishe'. 1 under the proposed act. The senate passed a house bll which would extend the tune fov paying taxes trom April 10 to October 10 with a penalty ol one per cent per month. The bill changes collection of tax paying time as of tlie present, frorr January to May, to Sepember t November. The change is madr gradually over a period of five years retrogressing a -month each year The purpose is to permit payment ot taxes after the harvest .when money is more plentiful. Frovidei Progressive Penalty . The principal other purpose is to provide a .progressive penalty fo- non-paytnenijjon the basis of 12 per '"- cent yearly." "" ---'.-' _;-, This year the penalty of one per cent Is attached immediately after June 1; two per cent In July; three per cent in 'August; lour per cent in September; five per cent in October, and after October, the usual id per' cent. The senate concurred in a house- amendment to the Caldwell highway recodlflcation bill which would place state refiners on an equa' basis with out of sate- refiners wlr transport oil products In the state A bill providing for the election of 'county school superintendents ir certain counties with population; not exceeding 40.000 inhabitant* was passed by the vote of 19 to.O The emergency clause failed. The 40.000 population limit was inserted by Senator B. A. Nelson. Change n TK Law By a vote of 62 to 26, the hou.?: adopted the bill by Day of Clay amending the present highway law levying a four per cent excise tax on common carriers operating for hire on state highways. The Dav measure exempts transfer and taxicab companies operating in cities- farmers hauling sand and gravel stove bolts and lumbar, and includes wholesalers, carriers entering the state from another state and dealers or jobbers hauling as common or contract carriers. The principal effect of the bill, . Its supporters said, would be to correct equalities of the present law imposing the tax on the classes exempted and exempting those which It Includes. Hall of Van Buren opposed th» bill on the ground that It would hurt the small wholesaler, whIV' Scott of Cra«-ford said It would affect dealers In the fruit country of northwest Arkansas. The railroad-motor truck fight was Injected Into the discussion by Permenter of Perry. He was supported by Representative Hall, who said tl-.o bill was a result of a "collusion" between the railroad inter- ess and the highway department. Five new bills were introduced among which was one which would prohibit playing of Sunday baseball in counties with populations of less than 50,000. FLASHES WEAI/TIIV MEMPHIAK SUICIDES MEMPHIS, March 5. (DP) — Inability to realize cash on real estate deals wiih which he was connected and worry brought un by the business depression were reasons jriven by close friends today for;the suicide b«» of I. D. Block, wealthy property and pioneer department store owner. Block's body was found shortly after noon today in the oftlce of a friend, W. H. Bell In a downtown business block, A rr- volrer waft found beside (he body. CARN'EEA MALONEV WEIGH IN MIAMI, FU_, March 5. (UP) — . Prirao Camera weighed 273 pounds and Jimmy ' Malonty 199 V\ pounds iihen they wwe examined today for their Un round bout tonfeat : Cool wcatber wu forecast The Urfnt estimate of probable receipts Is between f$8,OM and $15,000. INSELFJEFEISE Crawford Drew Gun First Finley Cartwright Says in Public Statement. OSCEOLA, Ark,, March 5.—Pin ley W. Cartwrishl, 43,. wsalth hardware merchant of Osceola charged with the fatal shooting o M. L. Crawford, his 59 year ol neighbor,, on the laUer's door ste here Sunday night, fired the fata shot In defense of his life, accord ing to a statement made by th accused man here yesterday, fc4 lowing his release- from custody o officers after he was granted $10 CCO bond at a habeas corpus hea Inj.before Circuit Judge Nfli.Kl tough in Harrisburg,. MILS 10 VOTE ELECTIBONO! 'ify Power Plant Gets Ma- iority But Not Necessary Two Thirds. CARPTHERSV1LLE. Mo. — Dc- pite a -majority of 76 voters. Hie wopotal to issue $90,000 in bonds or the. erection of a municipal ight and power plant failed to| muster the - necessary two thirds! :ajorlty. required for passage at he special election held Tuesday. The proposal failed by 21S votes to w.ln,..790 votes being cast for the "end .issue and 7H agansl it. Blame Campbell Decision i Proponents of the municipal >lant"plan, including all •members f the city council, attributed the defeut of their proposal largely to a recent decision of Federal Judge r nrrls In St. J.ouls, granting an in- unction against the municipal plant at Campbell at the request of r the Arkansas-Missouri power company. The' Arkansas-Missouri power company' has a franchise to furnish Canittiersvllle with light and| power'which does not expire until 1933. A similar franchise is held if the utility company at Camp- iell and the federal judge held that the Campbell muny plant could not operate on competition to the franchise holder but must await the .expiration of the fran- Goes to jilnio SHORTLY OHSITE Treasury Department Will Advertise . for Location for !A crate of apples became a sidewalk pulpit • for the Rev. Eliot White, | as this unusual picture shorn, after his resignation from the staff ot was'voted', fashionable Grace Church In'New York had climaxed a'dispute "with down here called for a bond issue,: Bishop William T.: Manning over marriage .views. Now, deprived of a chlse. It Is understood. Will Try .' The proposal which of £90,000 to sustain the, cost of erection and installation.of a.dis- trlbi^on system. The entire plant, according to estimates, would cost pastorate, he designates himself as a "clergyman at-large" and Is seen here forking', during the' lunch hour for an unemployed apple seller in the mid-town • buslnus district of the- metropolis. He has WASHINGTON,'.Maxell B.—Property owners of Blytlievllle will bs requested by th*:government to quote prices on' available sites for the new poetofflce within two weeks it was unnounMd today at the treasury deportment.. . Passage of the second deficiency appropriation bill,. carrying n spc cine »95,000 appropriation" for t)ir Blylhevllle building, leaves, the supervising architect "of.Vine, treasury free to take .immediate .action in the matter,. officials sold. Speclrlca- tIons arc now being drawn up, .to Incorporate the requirements of the postoflke department, as to. space and location, and aslsoon as these are completed, the fall.lor sjtc bids will be sent .to. newspapers for publication,. '.;.... usually for twenty days, although .the assistant secretary of .the treasury has (he power to shorten. this period in cases where riot more than two or' three Bites are: considered. At the expiration of the publication period the bidding, will be closed, and Inspectors will:be. .the post- office and treasury departments to look over. the sites ottered, Upon the reports, of .these. Inspectors the Interdepartmental.: committee . on postofflce sites will base Its' selection. In the case of.B)ytheylUe, this procedure should take from two U hree months, officials estimated today, andj it is expected that a defl nlte site, .selection, will' have 'been made within thtt. time. , . The Rev. E. Z. Newsom, pastor of tlie has Mo., Baptist church. 1 Advises, HqweveiY-Agairisi.- I j Attempt 'to -Fix^Dernok cialic Policy Now. '.-.•,'•,'•'. WASHINGTON; Maf;."6 .tupi—A I proposal (or on .'tvdltlbhnl rimeiidi I nicnt to 1 the constitution permit-, tin? states -to maniifacturc,*tran's'r.' port and s«11 lirjuor ' within • their '. own borders 'v:as 'put'-fotwird .hy. John J. Rnskob, chairman'.of'the Democratic national com mitt ee, 1 for : the party's consideration today.-:vi..-1 Chalnmin Rcskob' told- : 'pirij'T.-l lenders urilhered' here' at tlie c'onij'-..,~l mltlee meeting - that .'..lie roposeq'i'l CartlFrl&ht's ease • will' dome' tiW the jjlrand.- Jury when it-.conyen here March'Ifl- ''" Cartwright, according . to h statement,- Joined • officers: at Craw ford's < dbor Sunday' 'night •"• as they were -'servin g a - warrant-' previously sworn out by. him" 'for. Crawford's arrest, "arid spoke to his neighbor who returned his salutation vtlth.a drawn .' pistol.'. Cirtwright. 'states that he drew his own -plsql .and fired,!" the' shot'/ that'-. penetrated Crawford's stomach and resulted in. his death, only'after Crawford had drawn his gun and Cartwright feared for his own life.-. ./.The shooting took, place in'the presence of City" Marshall .Dave Young, Constable J. W. Cox, Deputy Sheriff Baker. Turner, and Cartwright's nephew. J: W. Cartwright Jr., who it is" understood also ho'ds an olfice'rX commission. - ; The warrant which officers Cox and Young were in the process of serving had previously been sworn out by Cartwright and charged Crawford with disturbing the peace and with assault with a deadly weapon. The charges are said to have grown out of Mrs. Cartwright's allegation that Crawford had allowed' the bond Issue. According to proponents- of the meas-! life -the taxes of the city would! not-have been raised' by the bond issue, the maximum limit already being.paid.. , ... Advocates of the'bond -Issue re-! fused - to accept -defeat and an-j nounced that .another 1 election! would ; be called at', the" earliest pos-j sible" date "at wtilch time they be-! T m1 ,klft' ileve-the necessary two-thirds vote 1 11UUL>1C! can be-mustered. IESHE After Alleged Attack on ! White Woman. at least one occasion threatened •r life with a pistol when she persistently resisted his advances. Drum and Bugle Corps Will Rwume Activity The Boy Scout drum and bugle corps, sponsored by Dud Casonpost. American Legion, will resume its afctivities tonight after se\(:rnY months vacation from practice and other duties. Jack Bishop, instructor, will meet the boys at the le- KENNETT, Mo.—Tom Brown, ne- gro accused of attempting a criminal attack upon a white woman near, here Tuesday morning, was removed to the Butler county Jail at Poplar Bliif! Tuesday night after a crowd of 60 to. 75 men had gathered at the jail here. No actual demonstration ot violence was made, but officers feared Ihe crowd would grow and that trouble might follow. . • : .-i Brojrn U alleged to'have "accosted <UP>—' a white woman as she was return' coun- (nj from this city to her home near terteltlng ring believed responsible Kirlc tt .^11 settlement four miles Secret Service Men "Oiey Have Makers of Bogus 25 Cent Pieces. DUQTJOIN, 111., March 5 for the circulation of bojus twenty- ea j t Ol Tnc negro, it is stat- Pob- 1 Dan Cupid Hard -, Hit by Hard Times «.The marriage'business here IE about to 'go Bankrupt; Ministers and justices .of the peace say IS terrible arid clerks at' the marriage bureau cry, '"it's .never .been, worse." '-' In February • there were only 21 licenses issued which, is the smallest" number issued here ir one 'month, since Blytheyille was a-small town. Last year in the same .month- there : were, 7G couples married here." ' ' . '," The' number "of "marriage licenses sold by the county court clerk has been on the decline since .the economic ' depression started in Hie early winter. Second Biiptllst church, who j forcing nctlon on nny policy at this : I accepted a call to the Ilhno, mcisllng. . . -.-... '. .:'.:'***' . Baptist church. BROTHERCILED TOLOMtPlllPIT . session held: behind '" five cent pieces and half dollars ed; first saw her in the office of the in this district were held In Jail Thrower Printing company here, here today for questioning by U., where sne had gone to obtaln 0 S. secret service operatives. ! veterans bonus loan ' application Those- held are: Oscar Orlof, blanlc i or j. CT i, V sband, who served Stnunton, 111, William Lloyd. John ln ^ \y or i[j ^ar. As she left the Bailey and Elmer Buck of Du- offlce ne followed "her and about a I quoin. They are charged .with nal , mllc {rom tnD C | ty acc osted conspiracy, manufacture, possaS- nerp (mocking her to the ground slon and passing ot counterfeit , 1th a , c i ut , after she repelled his \ money. • . • advances. -. The woman screamaJ,' Orlof was arrested, first and ac- M ghtenuig the nego, who left af- cording to Operative C. J. Haubner Ur threatening her with death It mode a confession implicating the sne returned to Kennett antd re- T Senate Acts Favorably Al ler Secret Session: .Lan . Williams.' Reappointed. ; LITTLE 'Rock, 'March 5. (UP)— Walter 'E.- Taylor, state bank commissioner,. was rea'ppolnted by. ; Obv- J em or Harvey ' Parnell late . yes tcr- 'dny and ' confirmed by the -senate after .a^.lon closed doors. Tlie 'chief executive's action was Rpp'rovcd'by a vote of 30 to 5. Utmost secrecy Surrounded, the senate's consideration of Taylor's rc- appolntment. The senate also plac ed Its stamp of approval on. A. D. Dulancy, deputy state Insurance commissioner, .named Tuesday by Governor Parnell' to succ'cfrd William E. Floyd as head ol the insurance department. The vote to confirm Dulaney was unanimous. ' A score of minor appointments to fill vacancies on state boards caused by expiration of terras were approved by the senate during tlie two hour session. . L. Newsom of Tunica 1 ! Will Succeed"E..Z: New-' som at Second Baptist. The Rev. E. Z. Newsom, pastor of lie Second Baptist church for the last two years, has acccplixl the >astorate of the Illmo, Mo., Bnp- ;tst church. . Shortly after he had mode. the announcement at a meeting, of his congregation listinlght his brother, the Rev. J. L, Newsorh, ot Tunica, Miss.,, was .called for. the local pas torate. . ' •. •,;.--.•-; Since, comlrtf hire from Para- gouM the R«v. Mr. Newsom has bad. 100 additions to the church.and the Sunday -Khoo)V-ht3-:)nare"av;d troto- «2 !,MW^eM:tj>'^;w?^. *t-- tendince of 150. IhctcatM interest In the affaire of the church has also been predominant since, he as-. sumed.charge of the church..; - The" i Rev. Mr. Newsom .will go to fflmo next week and his family- plans to go later. - - . The' new pastor,,- who preached here,Sunday night, will arrive noxt week. He Is'.well, known'In' the southern part of Mississippi-county,' having formerly been pastor of the Luxora. Baptist'church. ITie Rev. J. i,. Newsom is a wld- I hope no attempt .will be -mad4';' to force any action on. policies 's r - V this meeting,' he told.the members.., . Smith Still Wet . ;; Alfred E. .Smith, here, lor : .the..v committee meeting, declined .Ip.'cxV-: press a preftience for tho pcino-- .crntlc nomination In 1932, decliy-; ing that wns n matter for the ria-. tlonnl convention to decide. He. said that he would attend tlie con-. made" It clear that' he.^viis r.o more ili favor of'nation a j prohibition than ho was"when )w_:niado Ills race for president. .: -.-....-.<'•',. For State Option :"-,-?; He said he still : believes the que?- ;- tlon was one for the states to ?-t«'tt< nml that-'he' Eighteenth amend-.; m'ent 'should he amended to; allow .• states wanting . liquor to have'.It./I He said the demand for.-modlflca-. .1 tion was increasing 'anil he'-had/-"j noticed "no enforcement.' 1 '• "'•••••(.-•V;L • As for'tarlff, he said'the'.Smopt-'--' Hawlcy act "certairily.'does not .car:.?; ry out --my. attttude' expressed^-/ Louisville." >•'-:<;•''. • ' - - ' •> -U^iM/: Memphis Political Leader ' Answers Attack-by Gov-,-^ ei'ilOl" Henry Horton, of the Board of Trustees of the Uni- The local post of. the ol Poreig'ri Wars announced .toflay thaf"offices io' assist .veteranif'of'the-: World -War in • appjyteg- for; fteir .-, botius. advances "hav'e' been opened:; at O'sceola'; Luxora,' I3ell, -Manila",: and Leachvllle.. . •' • '-.-:-:..--'• •:• lllss 'Nprai" Wise. K '• iri • charge 'ot the Luxora. office at thb:L\ix6r>'5r. ': 10-25.cent Btorcl'Application blanks • and assistance rtiay be obtained at •-. Osceola In the'office'of the-Bank-.' . . . . . .._ .... . .. ... of Qsw'bla. At"Doil,'B.'H'.,Scc=y.;ls . ower, rds .wife .having idled a \ asatst-lveterans atr,his: ago..He has'tvo grov.-n sons, one in|store. At Manila, '. Floyd Gvirnjj'Ic ; Business at Tunica and Shelby. I in charge "of the work "at Stewart's.: Miss., and .another In -the United Drug store. A member" of (he-local States army. . . • : - post is at Leachvllle toaay. ; .:•-." A mcetin'!?" of the'locKl pb'st of. i Veterans, of FoVelgn \ynrs--\yill :bc held at trie post office:In the "city hall at 7:30 o'clock tonight.'. Over.]-"i seas men, not "already membsrs .of.. the post, arc also urged fo; attend. Arrest Mother for Sale ' ft.' oi Liquor to Children CHICAGO, March 5, CUPJ^A 45-year-old mother of ten children was in Jail here today on- charges of selling moonshine liquor' . to Berkley, were in Jail today on. hlgh Echoo i students . including charges of attempted conspiracy. ] g [ r ; s .. ' An clleged fake, ajreement was ^ -nie'woman, Mrs.-Louisa Barieto, Arkansas, succeeding Hold Two at Springs For Confidence Game HOT SPRINGS, March 5. (UP) — Jay Bender, 65, of Coldvvater, Mich., became nervous when two men produced "$30,000" to show they were able to pay for a horse race bet. and notified police. . • Two alleged confidence men,' H. Tubbs, alias Howard, alias Thomas, and H. C. Benton, alias George! gion room In the armory at 7 o'clock [ other three. He was quoted as ported the hidden!. She continued tonight, and regular practice ses-' saying the ring had operated in to her home and called Dr. U. A. slons are planned for the spring | Little Bock, Ark.. Paducah. Ky., v.,Presneil of this city, who found months. i St. Louis, Mo., and Marshal, Texas. ner suffering i rom R decp scalp lac All boys formerly active in thej • . .eration,'bodily bruises and nervous corps are invited to report for prac- [ AJjeged Hen ThieVES I prostration. The negro had not been tlce. Any other boy scouts who may j 6 - • «ic™«fiii in iii= oifarv nmnrHin? be Interested will also be given an opportunity to tVy for a place in the I corps. n . fi m suucesbiuj in his attack, DOCnd Over tO Jury to Dr. Presnell. John Wilson and William Later in the afternoon the woman Lang- returned to Kennett and gave of- Last Rites Held for J. A. Enochs at Gosnell Funeral services were held Saturday for J. A. Enochs, 43 year old farmer, who succumbed at the • family home In the Oosnell community. Interment was made at the North Sawba cemetery with the Rev. J. L. Newsum of Tunica, Miss., officiating. The deceased, son of the late Calhoun city, by his widow, four children, Rosle, Modena, Mrs. Lee Powell and J. A. Encchs, Jr., and three step-children. Also a brother, W. 8. Enochs ot Turret), Ark. Charged With Attack On Young ley were bound over to await the fleers a description of her assailant, action of the grand .Jury this and Brown was at once taken into MEMPHIS. Mar. 5 - (UP)—Advis- llc servce was .without, a blemish and suggesting "let's go Into a vercity of Walter L. M. Andre O. Ragsdale of El Dorado, appoint ed as members of the Unive:slty Board during the past two years. drawn up and was signed by Tubbs and.Benton, but Bender had not yet affixed 'his name when police took the pair into custody. Thf said-her husband was out of worS arid, she was unable, to furnish . the S2.5M bond demanded . after j her .arrest on testimony given by. Pope of Pocahontas. John j agreement called for a huge bet o-. ciltlord Brown,. 15; Clifford whose ws of Port Smith and J I ft nors e "Title Oak" now running. tBtnfr ma a 2 him tell the' story truth telling contest," E. H. Crump. »« re confirmed. congressman- at large from Tenn- Amtm & ' ne otl! « r appointees con- essee and political leader for the were J - Lan Williams of Os- Shelby county delesaHon, today is- ceola *s a member of the stnt? sued a vltrolic staterrfnt repiylns highway com^Usslon for a 10-year to one issued last night -from 'enri; Parker C. Ewan. to succeed .Nashville in which Crump was bit- himself as .commissioner of conser- terly assailed. • vatlon' and Inspection for a 'two- The governor's 'statement' last *« • torn! Ed -Harper Camden night described Crump as "an im- and R ««e A. Caudle. RussellvUls. pudcnt political boss" and was is- '° f four and six-year terms a.- at Havana, Cuba. Bender was tr i to police after the boy had g place $15.000 as Ms-part of-the bat. I home drunk, testified'he-arid other ~Z ]students had bought liquor^.the i Baricto flat. • .----Police raided the fiat.but found Pay $1 CO a Plate to Dine With Einstein > sued In reply to or.? made by members of the Arkansas railroad Crump earlier in the week in which commission and George C. Branner . P.OCf/ .w: ', v.K "iHS 'SaiC Tom Enochs ot Miss., is survived Tommy Thompson will face preliminary hearing before Justice Oscar Alexander- tomorrow rnorn- tag on a charge Intent to kill. ' Thompson is alleged of assault with struck Jimmy poker during Boyd, Jr.,' with a an altercation bs- mornlnj on charges of grand lar- cuslodj' Elbert Ford, prosecuting j It was suggested that Governor &s state geologist, ceny and Russell Gray was bound attorney, has announced that he I Horton bo Impeached and. other _ -,.,». over on a charge of receiving stol^wlll ask the death penally, if he MB" s'a'e officials forced from of- Marion Cnder, 54, UlCS en property. 'obtains evidence to corroborate the flcj ' - • t,e. r;- t* •! H7_... The three and R. S. Pillow, who facts as given by the woman. Brown Alter FlVC MontHS lllnCSS Is yet to face trial, ars alleged denies the charge but the victim is to have, been implicated In the. Very positive in her Identification. theft'of 28 chickens from the farm, .. ot R. O. Caldwell, near this city I to have j n January. Special officers - Stewart and Women Impose $100 Fine Indian Congress' Orders Observance of Trace NEW DELHI, India, March 5 NEW YORK, Mar. 5 (UP)—Drll Altc'rt Einstein was on his way.' homo today on the Hamburg-Am:i. crlcoin liner Deutschland. " ! . .. — His last day in America was a! SAN QUENTIN' PRISON, Cftl, busy one and ended with a grand." Mar.S(UP)—W.L. Bonnety who be- flnale at the Hotel Astor where 800 came Ssri" QuaVln's poet laureate persons, most of them promtnont after 'he was ccnvictsd of having In the Jewish community, attend-1 too'many wives, held a -Yale Unl- ed a faxesrell dinner at »100 a plate varsity Poetrj 1 'Guild fellowship to- to greet the departing scientist as day as the latest tribute to his "a great Jew,- the possessor of a talents as a.. vcrsifler, _. warm and beautiful heart." . i •'•"•— — — '" '' LUXORA, Ark.—Tuesday night, March 3rd, Marlon Crider, 54, died at hli home in Luxora, after an Illness of about five months. Funeral service was conducted from the tween the two at the Radio Sales force testified at the preliminaries i 0p€L.itU WlllVCt O vjkt n«4 v u>iu ; - 11 Ci \1 Ut-iLJlilf ^liuia, ivitu Vli J OC* T1WC nHO VUtiUU^l^U li vwi vnt Rainwater ot the-Memphis pollcei OH- Feminine DrUnkard (UP)—Orders for all independence, home Wednesday altcrnoon at 3:30 company works. office where Thompson . A charge of aggravated assault this-morning. They recovered the stolen chickens. I - SEARCY, Art:., March 5 (UP>- Oray by Justice- McKnlght. „. .- . „ .. -. tangley was (bound over by:Twelve women set a precedent was orlslnally Wed against Thomp- ] justice Alexander and Wilson and : here_ yesterday which might prove son In police court but the case" was transferred to the state on the city attorney's request this morning and the charge was the felony charge by Nell! Reed, prosecuting attorney. | ominous to future lawbreakers. The first Jury of women ever to French was the native language! sit In Judgment in White county ol the British kings for many genr frauds otter the Noman conquest. found .• Mildred. Stark guilty on charges of drunkenness and flsed her fine at $100.. j workers In India to observe the o'clock with Rev. 0. C. Hall, pas- peace truce signed yesterday by tor of the Methodist church, offlcl- MshatDia Gandhi and lard Ir- ating. Interment was in Calhoun win were Issued today by the All- cemetery. Indl* congress working committee. -. He is survived b" his wife, Mrs, The committee passed a rcsolu- Minnie Forbes Crider, three sisters, tlon approving and endorsing the Mrs. Bob Owen, Mrs. Charles Tur- Oandhl-Irwui agreement and dl- ner of Luxora, Mrs. Roberts of Hel- recting the all congress committee ena. Art., and two brothers, Char- to act immediately in accordance [ lie Crtder of Luxora and John Crl- wlth the pact. [der of Monroe, L». Osbron Establishes ^WEATHER Modern Machine Shop 1 b =!or freezing. ARKANSAS-^ Gioudy, probably ; rain in south portions and rain and _ . — ~T~ . ..snow In north portions tonight and The opening of. a modem ma- f^ iAa ,. colder In the northwest to- chine shop in connection with the , h . and , reelta j Ul -, northc9S t blacksmith and welding plant of*; !on coldtr'FrMay with ten- the Osbron Blacksmith Shop vrss announced by Herman Osbron to-1 day. - - ' According to the oiflc!'! weather The new department, will te lo- 1 observer, Charles Phillips, ths mln- cated in the building on North imum ttmr^rature here yesterday- Franklin street now occupied by was 37 degrees and tie maximum the Osbron shops. Dick Hall, well 50 degrees; clear. On tho same day known local machlnest, is'to be a'year ago the minimum tempera- connected with the ihop in. the.we was.36 degrees and the maxl- future, according t» Osbron. . . jmum 64 degrees; clear.

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