The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1939 Points. Out That' Britain Benefits From E i r e's Slay Out Policy . By MILTON BRON.VER NEA Service Staff Corrospomlont LONDON, Oct. o.-Tlic country 01 Eire, ns Southern Ireland is officially known, is llic only self- eovernlng land j» me British Empire which has proclaimed neutrality in the- present. European war Tins Is not a tad thing f-r the cause or Cireal, Britain. In fael there arc two big advantages- l.-BritLsh people with Irlsli . friends or kinfolk can soul their wives and children to Eire to get away from the dangers of war. So long ns Eire Is neutrn), the 'Nazis will have no excuse to send over bombers. S.—Eire's neutrality also ensiirai lluu. as heretofore, the supplies of Irish Ijacon, butler and eggs will continue to come to England. The Irish Sea Is pretty much of a British Lake in war time. Als», German raiders would liavo no excuse for bombing Irish creameries and other plants which prepare food exports for England. NAZIS NOT POPULAR AL the same time, the neutrality of Eire will not prevent many young Irishmen from joining up to fight Germany. If the general tone of Eire Is rather apathetic 53 far, ' ns regards the cause of England France and Poland,-the fact remains that, Germany has few friends there. This in spite of the fact that in recent years Germans carried out many contracts for public works. Eire is an intensely Catholic country. The-Nazis have oppressed German Catholics, while in England and Prance members of the church, have had full liberty and equality. Moreover, few Irishmen will relish what the Nazis did to Catholic Poland. One of the paradoxes of the situation is hi the diplomatic service. Britain's only official representative , in Eire is an official of the Oversea Department of the.Board of Trade. Britain's ally France, is represented by a Charge d'Affaires and Poland by a Consul General.'" But the Germans, have a whole I flock, of officials sitting right across' BLYTITRVILLR, (ARK.) COURIER NRWS Fordor Sedan for 1940, Here The Ford V-8 Fordor mlau for 1940 Is ol modem streamlined dpsllii, with plMHy of rooin for Mv uci-wn-J to ride comfortably, Tho new njiBor-tlp K earslilH on (he soccHii K post clod's tho IIOIH commitment rnd allows ijvo passcngm- lo ride in front without Innrferhiy with tin- driver. In »5 !»,.SC|K.VU mosfils I mi . ,c,u ms i and a new torsion tar ride-stalillim- help to provide an unusually comfortable CO horsepower V-8 engine also Is available. There is n largo lu B , !fl «e TUB new l ' proved ride. A . Fords will go on display Friday at (he Phillips Motor Company lien;. the Irish Sea from the country which is fighting theirs, in Dublin is a German Minister Plentpolen- liary, a Secretary of legation and a Press Attache. Just how much cr how little information about Britnln they can pick up in Eire and transmit to their home country is a problem. Doubtless the proper' British 'departments have already taken cognizance of this and have dealt with it accordingly. Tile greatest danger in this line is as follows: with Eire neutral there is no censorship of any mail matter gcing to America by such steamers as touch at Irish ports. With America neutral, there is nothing tc prevent :German agents getting messages contained in the mail buck from New York to Berlin by wireless. '' Teachers In St. John ' Take First Aid Work SAINT JOHN, N. B, (UP)—Male teachers in city schools arc taking nn intensive course in first aid work, designed for use should ine city be attacked by enemy ship- ling ;or planes, during trie war. Safety precautions-- have otherwise been.taken in the city ami "Dlnck- outs are sprung periodically, en the people. Iralc Women Threaten Shop Owner When Deposits Arc Not Refunded LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Oct. ,. While Mrs. Betilah Mitchell, 44, of '.^ West Sixth street, was.In the attorney's office Tuesday, n mob of angry women milled around her Charms dress shop. 121 We.-il Sixth street, demanding, the return of their money. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney 'Henry Spitzberg filed a charge of embezzlement against. Mrs. Mitchell, and fixed bond at $2.000. Mr. Spitzbcrg literally was "worn nut" when he left his office. All day a steady stream of women had called or talked to him over tele- phone.In mi effort to prefer charges against Mrs. .Mitchell. Mr. Spiuuerg said lie was told that Mrs. Mitchell opened the shop ROXY Hatlneei Fri.-Snt-Sun. Admission liways lOo & 28c Last Times Today nnd advertised for dressmakers Dozens of women applied for tin jobs. A ledger seized by Dcuutle •Stubbs ami Held Indicated Mrs Mitchell had collected a $5 depo'sl from rach of 109 women. Officer said they believed she had securix many clhcr deposits. In return for Hie deposit, llv applicant was given materials tc Everything for your enter (iiinment and comfort. Watch Society Pife Of Conner Newi F« Free Show Guest* Last Times Today Friday - Saturday .... This winter enjoy the comfort and convenience of a SUPERFEX Oil Burning HEAT-DIRECTOR The Greatest Adventure- Romance ever Filmed! ^^\ GARY "COOPER • NEW : BEAUGESTE Also rarfoou * serial "Fightin Devil Dogs." Cnnliniious show Saturday. SPECIAL STAGE SHOW IN PERSON Also Paramount N'cws ,t Comrtlj- Admission Matinee lOp & 2Cc Nisht IGc * SGc M OST heating stoves either CIRCULATE or RADIATE heat. The Superfex Heat- Director does BOTH, and in addition it DIRECTS heat where it is most needed. Shutters can be adjusted to send heat DOWN to warm the floor. This is an exclusive feature of Superior, made by the Perfection Stove Company, for 50 years the leading manufacturer of oil burning household equipment. Superfex burns low-cost fuel oil- ends dust, dirt and troublesome fire-tending, gives just the degree of heat desired, at the turning of a valve. Come in and see these wonderful heaters today. Wide choice of sizes, attractively finished in durable aorcelain enamel. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. PHONE 32 Quality, Variety and Values 5 S S § S $. $ 5 Friday Only 150 Good Reasons Why You Should Attend JSIalinDc or Night § S § '$ 3 5 • <ako home unit sew. For cuch coin- liti'totl lumnoiH lh« xemnsu'css was to recclv? $i nnd nltw she'hud delivered 12 drosses, llio $!> deposit, wax lo ue refunded. Mrs. Mitchell soon hired n coi'iw of workers and a llourlsUlnl; business teemed iimler way. nfp. Splls'.- bi'itf said It njiiicnral that the business Btcw beyond Nfrs. Mitchell'.-, to inaimge It. .'sday 'nicnihig some ol the •u tH'Ktm nsklng for rotunds of inuncy, having delivered 12 PS. Mr. Sjilhliwu; said Mrs. Mitchell was unnhlo lo meet the "IV seemed that she hiul iiiwcied to perfect, n sales ovi'iinl- zatfon. Dresses began piling up m tile shcp, uut customers wurc tew, Officers stikl several Irate women obtained their deposits from Mrs. Mitchell by snatehliur money tendered by new applicants. Mr. Splttej! snld Mrs. Mlti:hcl) dulnred she Imd no intention of wludllng nnycnc lini) ilurlnir qursttoiilng, bcjjcrd permkslDii to Iuin to tho shop and try to rea with tho inllllng crowd cf dit 1 dhln't.d.iro let her do it." K Urn piosceiilor. "Som<; of the \ mill to w)>:m I talked «.... ihreatenhi(f lo do her bodily luinii. 1 wouldn't Id her BO unlll Sheriff premised to send of dn|)iilli's ID nievcnt vlo- When l))i; deputies returned with MIS, .Mllchcll. (hoy .raid she Uccn unnWc to dn anything wlili two nngvy wtmon In ii rr s || 01) •< A womnu uppenred n i noiieo liwdriuwors nnd nsked to .sec Mrs. Mitchell, since (ho "1 was goh! E to jnill ) W linlr." wns Iho prompt rosuonw. Mr, Spllrtwg snld.Umi CUSPS of scimi ol tin; women w i, ( , ,i|,,,, m .,,(|y Hnvc lost their nioiioy wore A WOlllllll WhO SUIH tllUl. Mi her inisland In an n tiddlllnn to lti«lr chlldipn. snid unit lior fiuully lincl gone wlili;nt fwxl In order to save np llv,. ,i<,||, irs . Hho hnd lioixxl lo not n .stmrtv Job nnd kecyi her family logctiin-. ' Tho s))C|) wn.i locked ntul Mr Sj)H*fvir snld that chuiKW will uo ilskcd lo ii)>|»lnl ;i for It. or )IO i-*•on ss- lid v«- ero 'IH Iff 11 lo- icd j,_ *nc »K Save Your Soybeans .See IIH about it Mnssey Hnrris Clipper Combini) Full 0-foot cut. Filll width, straight Ihroiieh KCunrAllon, Power lake-oil or 1 motor driven. 'Hnsy tcrnw nrraniiril. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Su. St. I'lione C55 \ \ I m \ i m mm 'Anti Peddler' Law Costs Tennessean $25 11. H. tesh, salesman or n Jackson, Teiin., windy company, was arrested Bt Jlufr.njiii oil n cterro of ptxtdllnir wlllioiu n license He forfeited u bond cf 525 (or his appearance hi municipal' coiift > today. . , ' Demy SlwrltJ irvln Hanlvm, ol Huffman, made the arreH after the salesman is f,ald to haye called , on a number cf merchant Jn the . 1 Huffman section. . than ?5,000,<XX> has bw dWilbutcd In Nobel prize awards. 'I FORD CARS FOR 1940 22 important improvements, added to fundamental Ford features, represent the most advanced engineering in fhc low-price field WH, Sec Him shoot the band off a cigar with a gnu! Sec Him split a rani in hio will) his rifle! Sec Him shnot a small anplc off a [lioy's head! Sec ffiin balance a liny and two clialvs on a 10-fcot slcpladder cm his chin! AND JUS IVONDEfinOG TAR-j jZAX—THE WRESTLING i>OG! ! With a Human Brain. 8 out of 9 New York critics vote it one of the "10 Best of the Year"! Also selected Shorts. Admission Matinee lOc i: 2Gc 3Gc rHAT do tlic Fonl cars for 1940 offer to tnalcli their brilliant new beauty? New cmnfort, convenience, qnlct, safety — and tlic roomiest, richest interiors ever designed for n Ford car, * They have many interesting new features. Finger-Tip Gearshift on the steering post. An improved trairsmis-, sion, unusually easy to'shift. New Controlled Ventilation. Improved shock absorbers. Softer springs, improved spring suspension and a new ride-stabilizer.* A combination of new features makes the new cars quieter in operation. They have big, powerful hydraulic brakes. They have new Scaled-Beam Pieadlainps that arc safer, stronger and stay bright longer. They linvc the famous Ford V-8 engine (85 lip in,the; DC Luxe Ford. Choice of 85 or 60 hp in the Ford)—which blends 8-cylindcr smoothness with economy. You've never seen cnrs with so much performance, style and comfort at such a low price. Get acquainted. You'll enjoy the experience! 22 IMPORTANT FORD IMPROVEMENTS FOR COMPOST -More room inside. New Controlled Vcn- lilatioii. New lorsjon bar ridc-st.ibilizer.* Improved spring siisptusion.* Self-scaling shock absorbers. Two-way adjnst- nUe driver's seal. New-type rcsillcnl front seat backs. New "Floalins-Eilge" Scat Cushions. FOR CONVENIENCE - New Fingcr-Tip Gearshift. Engine more accessible. Two-spoke steering wheel. FOR Sf!EWCE — Improved soundproofing. "Easy-sfiifV'trans- mfssinu. Curved disc wliccN. luiprovccl drums for big Ford hydraulic brakes. FOR SAF ETy - Scaled-Beam Headlamps. Dual windshield wipers at base of windshield. Larger baltcry and generator. li.iilcry Condition Indicator on all models. FOR STTLE— New exterior beauty. New interior luxury. New instrument panel. r *<>«•/ i r * *S5-llp models only MORE THAN EVER "THE QUALITY CAR IN THE LOW-PRICE FIEID 0 N , 70 M ° R R0 w AT ALL FORD DEALERS New Cars and Trucks Ready For Immediate Delivery PHI1L 1 i 1 I EH I* Open 'Til U P. M. Phone 810

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