The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1946
Page 7
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^VEDNKSDAY, JUNE 13,* 1940 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)'. (COURIER NEWS loot: lim. r Llui II,,, For Safe lltildil.i Cnvl. I ini: lini | I lilt sn.iv ImiUini:. \vilh 7-r II:LI l.'is. On |i:iv,'il r<i,i,l ; H>>i- per liou per d« k per line ~~~~~^1 , vs] l4T» »T«r»(« wurdi- (* th» lla«. I *d» ordered for thr*e or tlx tiriiM » Q d ppsil • tufore frzpfralian will ba ckar^txl t^M Damb«r of tlmefl tbe Kd B^puBred ftdjQHtment of lilll iiitido. ,11 ClftBEiflcii A,lyerllsiin( coyy lub- llej hy [>oriion!i rcsidLatt outtiile of tke • 'at l)t> iccojjiiiftnlcil by ctsb. lUlei emHily coiuputi'd from tbe tfbovH rtlilot ord»r for Irregular laifr- ikei the one time r»te, • lionilbjllty will te tSken formor* For Sale ^'i-Ai'iv I: ar .Manibi mi Ui K l>w.iy. 1 1 l''.'iV.,'"fril.ll<'iii.' I I'll -I...I. r.irm Ir r..l.u'.-:!.l >:|<I Iniih.'i-. IL;CI ni-i'<.« i,. !,.>>„ ,!,.;». ||,, r . ;ui,l cluor. H:i^ II.MV •>-v,>inu unit ri-niiiin limi^i,. li,,-l,ul,.,l U nn V I-' lr:i,.,,r. 2'J »l,,,|,. i I,,,,-... Ill,,I .,:..,,.|l,,,. , ,, f;, rl |, ,.,,,,, ,„„,.,.,. .1. «'.' l.'MA'l'lX MANILA. AUK. !L'],1; 1', rl'. Heavy 10 gallon melal cans suitable for (;i-:i|)L'tlc Ko West Miiin. p;iils. - ('o., 2<U'> (>-12-ck-ir> New stake truck bodies VI H. IWIK for loiijj; wheel base truck. Factory builf Ixidifs. only a few lel'l at the old price. lilylbeville .Motor Company, Phone '122. G-7-c.U-G-H now small c'li'ctric riidios., ICltilill llu-l,it;ll. 'llti i;. M:lin. 11 14. I I MART I'AECMKI:S nr.> In W:ir,l< Vilali/,',1 .M<, i-kK iin.l inu-inrfl ' Vilnli/,,-,1 nil (,,.,..„ i.,,. Services li" p "vi'<l to ni-w ad.lroKS. Willli- lloil ' .»-ii.-i,i ni: ,i:,uv ',;"••,"• A '-'"» s ''••"" """s m .. r i: i (.. „ . i. ; .. ! ^. !-!» K*'. f--|ik.7 :r , - I'OW Kit a,,,l !!AS! Try Vilali/cil ^ VUUK ir.|..|: ..r lla.L.r Iml.ii i -sl oil i,n.i..-y r:ui buy. v.t •V>r Ice Cold Watermelons, liay or ni^ht, call at Ice jl'lanl, O.sctohi. (j-8-pk-(i-l I t'! ri.-w MiilKvuiiy Ilinmin 1'livff tfn;i lenf iliiiin,; ml/lv. ,.XI,.,I.IK tn -' ,1 | 1-'. -112 I:. Ki-n|,,cl<y. . 10-lik-n ill K n<l 'l riinililiiid. lO-ck-l I l upright 1 Call :i:iu:i. I.SVt of CliilrliTafl l,r»iV« lito 1 Ion vis. iiNilniir.,; Uil<,r<>il I*' l.'i'K>l-. I" "• i-JT..!. foiv npxv n-C'iril pkiynrK. .?10.'.l", (.'nil r,wr>. Tdv icniiin Hosj.iiui ''in i: J.^': ' 7-i*-"' iJomplctc sawmill, Infcrnii- (innal power nnil in good contUlion; larjfc carriago I'.ia-y.^itliny, any ni^lil. K,-r,-rem:.'S ll r ,,: IK r ln.,ur. (Jail :ii:j'J or 4il:i. ,^1-ilJi If rt<|,alriiig cnll J'.('J4. All work k'HH awii ij]oH-iTH Eb&ri,i;!toil And ropftirfl. AH triii'i n>il kijnl«. W» B|n.-cl«Hzii in Jioivcr niowor *ljHr|ieiiiun HIM! i,v,,/li«iiliti^. Vf«. ww pick up unil ik-livur. 111,11,uvillo il'i.Li:,,, Shop. 4112-eb-tf Tractor repairs and service. Klcctric and acetylene welding, lilacksmith work. Delia Implement Co. Phone SIM. 3-15-ck-tf for Rent riiuiii (u rnitln'il np.irluirnt. Sink ii kit-lifii. ]l:itll nnil slunn-r. 1TJ.J Sy,M Boiln.oin^ cloRO in. AUiu far Walniil, and ecltcer. 20" planer. This '" lr01 ""- ;l " mill sold nil lordlier. Four trailer wagons; 8 heavy young mares; extra mill parts; 2 saw manels; extra carriage and other mill parts; small Tntcriiationiil motor. This mill is .running in Pride Addition, S. 21st St. O. S. Rollison. li-T-ck-fi-l-l |Jsed Underwood Sun.strand electric posliiiQ machine. Can be used for adding njachine only. In Hie very st ol' cone!il ion. Hlythc- 'le AI o t D r Company. Phone 422. f>-7-tk-(i-i |ihccl music and all kinds ol musical inslrumenls and supplies. \Vu also have heen appointed dealers for the famous well known line of Century. Retails liic copy. Over ICOD selec- lions to choose from. Now in slock. Parkhtirst Com- jtany. (i-4-ck-(i-17 |3uy your Gould's Electric Pump now hcfore they he- come scarce again. Planters Hardware Company. 5-28-clc tt ^tlun Motor Tune-n^i niachioc (tti- pry rrv'HKlittonnr. Li>e Molrtr K^lc? 'lf.l Main. r.()9. 4|'20-ck-tr r<jr Fine Pon rails It's O'STKHN'S STUDIO 5-2f>-ck-tl Wanted to Trade iVill trade -11-42 model cars for ,'iS or 3<) models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 51 h and Walnut. (i-Ii-ck-ti v:i|> wlml ynii tiavi. mill'l \vnnt fur vlnil 111- liiivi. yen! I.. w:int Sin- i^fex'ir.i!! K ii;irKnl I. Wli'-rl llnlfitian Kwa|> Sh<i],. 1CI1 Kasi .Main Sir.-,'!. I'lmn.i .-i.lll. il-i-k-tC Wonted to Buy I'lmiif I.SJ, O.scrola. " ll-pk-l's TAKr:A LOSS. Gel the fop price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS iMOTOH CO. Today. G-3-ck-lf Old fcodnVs Bru] cniiiiiraa tor part' 'Sl.-.-n's Stti,lif>. -1^7-ck tf •Ye pay rash for usi-ii furniture, on* IMC re r.r n hons» (nil. Call u:tO2, Al vin n»i\\y Ktirnitiiro ('«. -111 0 ck-tf Wonted to Rent Small linn.,, .in farm nrnr i.r in 1.. <,::<•.>.;>U... Wrii.. Ann I'arslcy C-n. i-l.. la>:ii-livillv. .\rk. H!.|.k Help Wanted |Vew Phonographs, automatic record chambers, ampli fiers, microphones. A ! I makes to select from. Parkhurst Co. 5-17-ck-G-17 .,-1. II ....... hr.1,1 M,.,li<-in.^ - .Pin.l ['n.c!ni-t<~KMrnols 1'nr ..... r- Sawlir^ V.-- C ..... I i.rnrit.* V\'i-ir.' f..» |.:nli™l.,lv. ll;lu-|rit!l-s l>:' t .\ \K-K ^7-Ml I. M.' '1',-nn. T.f ]ik 1 .1 li:.V \VANTKIJ. lt.-t-.v< ..... lli,> ac'^ n( 11 :iii'L :tl. Ci.nlrul r. S. .\rpav Krfniil ini.- SITLVHII in I'lul Otficc- IttiiMiiii; lllyili.'vill.-. Ark. r. ! ll rk tort .iclii^ Cul,I J'.'n «!>.!],r nf |,i<-V »il «'|ii:l >I"H">. I."" in virrnily .if Ilm,Null].-, lli.uiinl. I'liinu! 2IC.7. ll],kll |lnsl arrived large shipment. Traveling hags and accessories. Parkhursl Co. S-l7-ck-6-17 PIC I nrc frames made to order O'Slcen Studio. 4-2'1-ck-tf llr, Inir.lcly ^ arrrs nl Innil >>, lt i[^ i -i "«•>-. 61. linnlrrl iin Onion Holt R.I!., i.lrivl lo<-»li(,n fnr in.Inslry. Soo Ililcliilnnn's Cnrcrry. N". flvvy. <\l 2 used (il International combines \\idi motors reconditioned. Price reasonable. /'ompany, Phone 401. n-ck-fi-K5 WAIXNIN« oiini:u In the Cluinrcry Court, riiio -sn\cl);i Distrirt, ^Tissimtppt County Ark;uis;is. J. A. Dcnton Plaintiff, vs. No. 05E17 Esther Dcnton Defendant. The [Ic-reiuUint lOsltirr Dcnlon is hereby warned to appear \vi[liin thirty days in the courl named in (he rapt ion hereof and answer the complaint, of the plaintiff J. A. Denton. Dated (Ills 31 day of May, into. HAUVF.Y MORRIS. Glei'k By Freidn RriRht, D. C. Pcrey A. Wiisht. Ally, for PHf. C. F. Cooper, Ally, ad Litem. 6:1-8-15-22 |F<"i-tichaiif g.i.s(»linc trailer, 1^50 gallon with 3 com- part mcnls, landing gear, 1000x20 tires painted white in perfect condition. Priced to sell, Terms. lilylhevillc Motor Company. Phone '122. G-7-ck-ll-H (Used Trailer. 21 ft. Nahors Trailer wilh 1000x20 (ires in I he very best of condition, Terms. lilylhcville Motor (.'ompany. Phone •122. . "G-7-ck-6-M In the Chancery ('nurt for the Chickasawha District of Missii- Cnunty, Arknusas. Eiigciie Carroll Plaintiff, vs. Mary Carroll Defendant v WAiiXlNO OKIIKIC The defcndaut, Mary Carroll warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chlrkasavvba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Eugene Carroll. Witness my hand as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this 2!)th clay of May. lt)!G. I1ARVKY MOIIR1S, Clerk By Frelda Bright G. W. narham. Ally, for Pllf. Kd II. Cook, Ally, nd 1,11cm. 5,30-0;0-13-20 The STRIKES AR Manufacturers will soon be in full production and the value of your car or truck will take a substantial drop. SELL YOUR CAR NOW! GET THE TOP DOLLAR at PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth— lily the ville. Ark. Tel. 453 _ 1R4 L>-ni WttH Political Announcements Th« Oourtor N*vi hM „_ Aitborlted to *&nouiie« th« follow- t ^Aiulltlatc*. mb)*cl to th* :niu<rallo primary; •.Hr.KIFF AND COUJKTOC JACK riNIJY ROBINSON WILUV.M UEKttYMAN COUNTY jiinue QKNB B. BRADLEY HO1AND QUEEN FOK VAX ASNES8O» DOYLE HENDERSON W, \V. "WINK" WATSON CIKCV1T CIJtKK KAIIVKY MOilHia COUNTY COI1KT CI.KU EUiSAHKTH UbYTlUI COUN'l'V TKRASUHU DELIA PURTLB STATE ItiU'KKSKNTATlVB ALKNE WOIID E. C. KLKEMAN UESLIE "DUKIB" Sl>BCK U H. AUTRY W. J. WUNDrSRIJCH (I'or re-t'trctloD) STATE SKNATOB J. l.EE BBARDEN JEFPlvUSON W. SI'HCK CIKCDI'I' JIJIHli: K. O. WAlll) I. M. CiHKKR lili'li IMrt Tin 1 |inri i>r Niv.v Oi-lonns Is siilil i) b siKinstblo, cllhiir illivclly )r imlinrily, fur 10 (Tills of evury urnilntlni' in Unit city's We Have Moved! Riales Land Co. '""J Now Located in The Hale Building /cross from City Hall Call or see RUSSICU, F,. WALKS if vim have a Farm 1'or Sale or Trade in Northeast Arkansas or Southeast iMissonri. SURE- eit OUT AND GO! If you are troubled with Johnson Grass on your land you need ATLACIDE It's a Sure Killer Oc(. a Supply Today Special Prices On Qnanlily Lots! PLANTER'S HARDWARE Phone 515 CO., INC. 126 West Main St. * For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Gkncnc Hotel CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" I'homiKraphs — Records and Accessories. Ilaltcry and i Electric Radios 219 W Main Phone 3413 BE SURE YOUR UR IS SAFE . . . Drive that car in here. Let us give it a complete check-up now . . . Avoid Spoiling your trip with untimely and expensive breakdown while away from home. DRIVE IN TODAY! HO DELAY! Loy Eich Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Texaco Gas and Oil- Phon* 578 Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main Local A l.onj Dlilance Moving OulnlieteMt Help *ud eritilvitiout. A(l«- (|uat«l7 Iniurvd. contract Uaullui >n<l Mile. 8«i>l»i. Home Service & Ktorare Co. fhon. a«ril Orfrct repulrliir for tndaj'd «T- tiulslttt ftM*lw(Mir as^urnl when inbuilt In »ur vtodrra ihup. -H-FTLT >U«tLITY SHOC SH'OI lir w MCIIN ' DON EDWARDS "The Typewrilrr Man" 1EOVAI,, SMITH, COIIONA l-nil ICKMINGTON 1-OKTAIIU: 111) N. SKCOND ST. ITIONR ^KH (Kvcry Trnnsnctlon MUST RE SATISPACTOIIY) PRESCRIPTIONS Kills Rats- Krcsh Slock Guaranteed Itcsl Prices Kirby Drug Stores Roaches Bjddle Exterminator* Member NUT. P«« Onlrol Amf*. US a Thlnl 81 n»m> nt> Sec us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. I Have your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Storks of I'.irls For Chrjuler Product* 121 E. Main Phone lite BOOTS AND IIRR RUDDIBS Kxcitcnienl Hcfore you starl out on that summer vacation I rip. . . let our mechanics check and double check your car. Test IJatleries! Cbanifc Oil! Re,se( engine' liniini,''. Tuitc-iii) motor! Adjust carhurelor! You're assured t)f smooth traveling with our final "ok." Langston-Wrolen Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & liroiidway Buick Service Mobilgas WRECKER SERVICE Telephone 55;! BY EDGAR MARTIN FRKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS I-(E WORKED WITH THOSE MEN BEFORE HE PASSED AWAV--- AMD THEY HAVEMT FOEeorrfM OLD FRIEWOS.'---BurSOiWrriMES I WINK. THEY jusr Buy FROM WE BECAUSE TMEY FEEL SORR/ FOR ME .' /TfTTlT—-' ^ v_X"» L&^'r ftH..^* 1 VVCH,. nCX-C "" KANE—THESE TRYA FRESH Tasly Tid hi I ^\ BY MERRILL BLOSSER '^ DO THOSe RAILROAD MEM ^, DOLIGHNOTS FROM VOU EVER 1 / NIGHT. MRS-KANE? BE A BR&KEMAN ON THIS RO»Df" iXLU'TY- OOP "WHAT Wrench in the Works BY V. T. HAMILTON

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