The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1939
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1939 BlATHEVlliLE, (AUK.) COUllIEIl NEWS OPPORTUNITY USES THE WANT-AD5-/M(ANTAFFORD TO MISS THEM '" "• ''" '--'-''"-- : ' 1 '> ' ' ' < PAGE 'NINE* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uitlly rate per lliic for consecutive insertions: One (line per line* lOc Two times per line'|>cr ilay....08c Three times |i«- line per cl;iy...0<!c Six limes |wr line per toy 05J Monlli late per lino.^ OOc Cards of Thanks 50o & 15o Minimum clinrue 50c Acts ordered for three or six (iincs ami slopped More exjrirn- lioii will be dunged for llic number ol Alines the iiUd appeared and adjustment, of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of (he city must lie accompanied by cash, liates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one Ume rale. No responsibility will be taken .(or more tliau one incorrect insertion of any classified ud. For Kent Two large bedrooms for rent, Mrs. Noleh, 310 W. Walnut, -24ck-lf 3 room unfurnished apartment mid Iralh, newly decorated. 4)9 Cliick- asawbu. Call C10-W. 23-ck-tf 3 room furnished apiii'dnent. Mrs C. It. Wheeler, 600 Henrn. 2Sck;iO 1 room furnished or 210. W. oherry. ; Room and Board Comtoiliible rooms. Reasonable rales, 112. E. Clicrry, phono u02. 8-ck-U Redecorated south bedroom. Couple preferred. 1'lione C2B. 2-cktf Lawn Mowers BARGAINS ~IN~~~~ Used Lawn Mowers 3OMH IN i;,\Clil,l,HNT CONDITION SHOUSE-HENRY HAUWVAKK.CO. I'lionc 35 Minnows For Sale Minnows and fishing- canes. 300 E. Muiu. Phone 800. G. 0. Hawks. 24-ck-5-20 Goldfish Minnows II, F. Hrogdon; 310 XINNOWS & COCK ROACH'ES i&rl Damon. Cor. Railroad A Ky. For Sale or Trade 1C30 Plymouth four-door .sedan. Call 53-1 alter live P. M. 23ck27 2 or 3 100 mftmiished apartment. 700 W. Walnut. 22-ck-tt 2 unfurnished rooms. Light and wnter. 516 Cliickasawba. 20-pk-27 4 room furnisbcd house. Reasonable. Call between 4 and 7 P.M. 1413 W. Main. 20-ck-27 Bedroom. 622 W. Main. Mrs. Me- Mlillin. 15-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom, C25 W. Main. Phone 277-J. 15-ck-B-15 2 bedrooms. 102 Davis. Ph. 385. 13-ck-t( Store building and residence uom- blncd. Good location for grocery am 1 , meat market. 040 Lake St. See Dr. .1. A. Saliba. Plume 410 or 418. • -. 12-ck-C-13 Attractive front bedroom. Beauty- rest mntlress. 003 W. Main. I'll. 642. 10-ek-tf 2 room furnished apartment, downstairs. l'J15 W. Main St. B-ck-tf For Rent—Comfortable furnished home for the summer. Mrs. Gco. Cross, 300 South lake. ,, Q-ck-tf. One" fj'^ut 'bcdfodiii. Twin beds.. 1000' W. Ash. Call 445-W. 3-cktf 2 room turiiisncO upartinciit and 'J ioiith uedrooms. 102 Davis, ))hone aiso. . l-ck-tf Furnished room entering into bath. Bcautyrest M-.ittress. Will give 2 jneals a day. 818 Chickasawba, ]>honc 030. )-da Office rooms, Sudbury Building. Sec Graham Sudbiiry. 27tl For''Sale $20!) electric range. Used 4 months. $05 cash. Call Al. D. Tullos nl «7. 21-pk-31 One 5-room IIOUEC. George M. Lee. Plionc y_'0. 10-ck-ti Hccrmditioncd motors. Ford $30.50, Chevrolet 557.50, with exchange of old motor. D. W. Crauford, Dell, Ark, 3-lik-C-S Mules for sale cheap. Delta Implement Co. 24-ck-tf Ice ICE-ICE . Phone 107 JOHN Prison Stone Will Mark Anna Marie Hahn's Grave Tipplers'Friend COLUMBUS, 0. (UP)—The grave of Anna Marie Halm, prison murderess and only woman ever lo be electrocuted in Ohio penitentiary's electric chair, will be marked with a pvlson-mnde tombstone. 1 Two negro convicts, whose prison vocations have been stone cutting, have cut the marker from white sandstone. It will be placed on the grave at a cemetery here. The practice of marking graves in the state tartar ground with prison-cut tombstones was started three years ago. The nine m:ons of Saturn are known a's Dlcne, Eneeladus, Hyperion, Japctus, Mimas, I'hqcbe, HOLD EVERYTHING - % Clyde Lewis "Wi\ke mo up la sec Ihe sunrise, Theobald—itny Iftinnrrmv " '< Knglmid grows more Ilinn any oilier coiiitlry lomorrow," <iu(fuiilis" ill the The alcoholic excesse's of T;il)i- iclowi) tipplers mean a neat profit lo Mrs. Ken Mnynard, former wile .ot', cowboy hero. Shu vents her 29 tcelolallini; 'Cavaliers lo drunks and expectant inebriates' • lo protect them from nocturnal pitfalls. LAWN MOWERS Sliarpcncd, factory method, adjusted oiled—Picket! up & delivered 51 ATKINS •./,' « iU'tchmc Shop & (liirhcc '•' »0 S. 2nd. • p|,o nc 28-t Wauled Used 0 or 8 tool ylass showcase, j Musi be in (ir.cil condition. Phone 121. 23-ctc-29 \ Copies .of the Courier NC-.VS of 'April 3 and 13. 5c paid lor cacn paper of the dales staled. Courier News office. Personal MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. New Oslrex Tonic Tablets contain raw- oyster invigorate and ether stimulants. One (lose slarU new pep. Value -51.00. Special price 89c, Call, write Kirhy Bros. Drug and all good drug stores. world. 1 i WliM 1 !- Uses flfn'n Tost 01I.DAWJ, 'Crtl. (Ol'l— Lowell Cillstriii), IOHP, isoiuted miner und pnxspci'lor l,\ ||,o nisi) Blcmis, no I'liimces of bclDK cut oif by ucfWeiit wltliuiil nimns of rotnmunlcnllou, Also ho does .not dupitvo hlmsclt nf « dniiy loiter fivni Ills ttlfo biick home. Ho ivvi a f.tet, of 5') cnrrlcr iilgeons, .ior- cin) of which lie cuii.Vs wllll liim »t nil tliiiw, nml IWDJM up coiii- nuin'cnllons with hl,- v • "t'lijnlii 1 ' Ti'.ii Kill, (UI'J) slmU'iils of Hlmsla hljih stliool took over the oily und county ml- FOR SALE 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers $80 Each Delta Implements, Inc. . .'!I2 Suufh 2ml I'hniie 802 N<m l.m'iilnl at 101 North Smimt ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER •' .' . .SERVICE BUREAU DON r.tlU'.VHUS, I'loiu-lctiir All Jliilies of KctiiilU -Tyiii-wrlli'ts, Aiiilhii; Bluclilnra unit s—ItepairiiiR—I'lirts—Ullihiins Allied tempi uf court r,mt to JsAiie nil InjiiMCllou forblilrlltii; Iho $10 for con-L If, tsAim niiftOm I- ' 11 ? 0 New 23 >con|o chiefly liluli school nihiclpnl fiom giving cxntnltmllons foi Unco \\ccks. Scouls To Visit Montreal • MONTKKAti (Ul 1 )—Scvornl liiiri- dicd Amcilcim scouts 010 oxpcct- ed to nllcml the intcriiiiUdiial Hoy J. L, GUARD Optometrist Only (IriuliMto Optometrist In llljllicvlllp, (II vises I lltril C'urrcUly SEED CORN Suvcrnl buslioln of hybrid suod coi'n icrowii in Now Mtuln'd County, Mo., Iowa J!i vurioly, )iricc<l lo closu out ui $3 lier bushel Also Huvwiil bushels of ru- dwinud Ol per V« iHibliel PAUL BYRUM 122 F/. Mitiit SI. HOW LONG' SIIS'CE YOUIt CAR HAI> AX "Animated Forii I,ub(l<;a(lon?i YFSI There Is a. dlttcrenco )j lubrications Every ' place doc4 not Imio (he t>au\o<it>ian<lnrdf>. . , . lior can (hoy give, you U» bprelnl Kmd Lubrlcunls inada cspculiilly for 1'oul cars. Qpl tlio following: , „.., lf SPJ5CIAL CHASSIS s MJHKICATJON AND WHKKL, I'ACKING (1'or TO lUys Only) COiMPLKTK CHASSIS . t J.UimiCA'nON Pressure aim dic-asc In all nres-S •aiie Clun lltliiujfi. Springs, Iloodj Uiclngf,, Dooi Stilkcr liates.' waxed, Dooi Hinges Lubricated, Special Qi cases in univoiwl; JolnU. special lubilciml lir steei- Ini! gear and distributor cani. PACK KHQNT WnsU out hub und r pnck wllh .special, Fold Short Hbci Sodiiuit Soap utease. Adjust \\heel ucarltigs. All Ahovu Service Uought! Ii\ Combinatiun. Only $1.39 PHILLIPS ; MOTOR CO. 1'hone 810 Aronjc Slujfish Liver, work oft the bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains . tmd that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KlfinV'S ACTIVE LIVER I>HJ,S 25o at all Kirby Swres. Dairy Sstlstactory quality and service in D«lry products. Cattle free of Bang's Disease, In best ol physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Ixwery. 002-J, for Halscll's Grade A Riw Milk. Cream,- Country Butter, Buttermilk, exlra or holiday ordera. Inspection encouraged anytime. Halscll's Dairy Promised Land, .Route 2 KRD ItYDKU VEOOOOO.W/ «Y KREO HAUMAN WHERE You ARE, GE/\\/ER.' HERE'S fWIM Ct-OOD WITH TH 1 UG SHAKOrA PUNTS Hhca, Tethys, and ' Titan. WANTED TO BUY SURPLUS SEED & SOYBEANS Full, Market Prices Bring to Our. iilijtheville or Gosncll Gin BV GUM, THIS SURE WA,LKIN A LOT FASTER, THE POSSS^REACMEl WE CAVE HERE OOP SPENT THE.MIOHT HUWKEDS JOIN TROOPERS IN SPELL, My TSTOCTCH MUSCLES A BIT,' / R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. SCHOLARLY JURIST IIOIUZONTAT, 1,7 Judge—— of Hie U. S.' A. Supreme 'Court. 12 Dutch coin. 13 Constellation. 15 Hcmuncratal. 16 Evergreen tree. J7 Enemy of Ihc gods. 19 Snare. 21 Eggs of fishes. 22 Radio wire. 24 Since. '25 Mystic Answer to Previous IS He wns school ttiiclier and linv — — , 17 Some. 13 Indefinite Article. 20 lie also worked in -government, ND HKR I«.II)I)[KS 22 Divorcee's allowance. 23 Spur like .'vinegar. 20 Collection of • facts. 28 Native metal. 30 To. siiiiuUito. « South America. •15 Toward. •IG Stratum. 48 Well-skilled. 51 Boisterous outcry. 53 Honorable. 55 Spinning toys. 5 Neuter 57 Palm lily. pronoun VERTICAL 2Cnsl of a bngunge. 3 1 ! word. .35 Primped. 2C LiJic ;ilc. 27 ComiKinv. 2D Elcclrk-al Icrm. 30 Cuckoo. 31 Before. Slfnfrcquenlcd. 37 To di •12 Kowiny fool. •M Suitable. 4(1 Beast's home. 47 Tabvilons bird. 4B Singer's voice. To opine. 50 Precept. 5- Indian. WASH TUUHS Hc'.s Desperate IJY ROY CJ{ANK 1 i \ \ / •-' -- , V ASA LITTLE 61RL. IS 6EIMS C ABED FOR BV THE SHERIFF'S WIFE ' WHILE,'PAPA" (S IU THE COOLER. 33 To form into a 68 Recounts. I HAVE A MICE SURPRISE FOR DEAR. TOMORROW toll'RE GOM6 TO A V.OYELV BIRTHDAV " VOu'U PLA.V DROP-THE- HAVOKERCWEF AMD HAVE |<1E CREAW AMD CAKE. . ISN'T THMWONSEHFUL? ALL RISHT, 6WEHDOLVW DEAR, COME B16HT IM, I'M JUST CHAVJ&VJG m DRESS C Spar. 7 To mend. B AI)o\'C. 3 Gun. 10 Italian currency unit.51 11 Axiom. !>G Duller lump, tt M To sulTcr 58 Musical nolo. remorse. 59 Tone B, MOT 606000! STILL, SO Egyptian deity. 01 He his way through school. 02 Ho was recently to the camp. 3C Dogma. 33 numkurd 30 Either. •lOCeipuchin Y.ionkcy, •11 Street. •12 Unit. ICAUfWDWHERE THE Slrt! VX BUT, ANVWAV, I,' WJAILISJUST/. ABOVE VJHERE / ND HIS FRIENDS Reason Enough BY MERRILL BLOSSEK I TELL YOU I SAW HIM WITH MY OWM EYES ' HE STOPS EVERY CAR. OM THE HIGHWAY AMD HOLDS UP A LANTER.M AND A CLOCK .' SEMO SOMB MEM OUT ID CONFOUND IT, I've -oor Five MINUTES TD • CATCH A TRAIN I ARE YOU. TALKING ABOUT P X OWN THS RAILROAD/ MOW COULO THEY STOP THE TRAINS ? NO TRAINS ARE • RUNNING i THE BRITISH . SAW TO THAT/ THEY PUT 'THE RAILROAD OUT OP COMMISSION/ THEY TORE up ALL THE TICKETS / MEANWHILE HIM DO YOU THINK, ' ON THE OTHER SIDE OF

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