The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1931
Page 6
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CIIAPTUll I clalter or flylni; typewriter ovo It? He senili her picture post cards." HEART Mclirldc's exclamation and short. "All hot anil bothered lo.Ioy. aren't yon?" Jc-au lister nt desk ;it llie rkht sp»l;e vltliuui; Klanc ii!K up from her stonn^ | pad. Tl'.ero Mere Ihree oilier [Mr!'- i in the large, sunny ofilce of tht :Jr.r , Naimrn KIcclFical H(jui|n::tril <V> ' hut ihey were patheicd al the o;,|.n site side nf tile rncnrj. | "U'liat'a on y..iir miml?" Je.m ( fruv.Tli'd ;it Ihe Hii-el-of paper in (he machine, lure U uut tind reavhi-il tor n Ire.-ih one. "Thai's llie Ihh il time I've riMm-il the same |inse." she s:j|ii iiirfully. "Of co'-irso v.hi'ii I'm tryi'i:; ici huiry Tullle \vuu!d ^\\c me :i^ni\-^ lo liibulate!" She lillv'il carbon IviVi'cn Uiu iwu while khvuis ami ;;<ljusli'il Iht'in in Iho ni:ichine. CHISV'S Up* >;et In . a slralt;!ii. nrlef rrlmsiin line. Wills! a quick, nervous Require she wished back n strand of hair from her forehesid ''Hay —you're not marrying ihe Prlnco of V.'nlcs tnd.iy. are you.' Or llylnc the Allimilc?" the iJlond .\llss . Foster cntitinucd. In suite of bnslc ami ll.e ivuliiny columns of ii&iurcs (!y;isy luiise;! "Didn't >i>n know.'" six- t-i- claimed. "Ainu's coailnsj home!" There was a tensy, ^itialhk-s;; quality ulxiul'ilie Kill. Her pink cheeks burned a slintle itcciii-r as jlie snnki\ coiiliaslin^ litcornliuly wllli ihe iLirL Ivory o( her skln- that \vurm iichry coloring resimnsl- ble fur the name of "Gypsy." There bed liivn another name lint no one. even Ihe Rirl licrfelf, over thmiRlil of |i. Uypsy she «as—dark- skinned, brown eyeil. wllli IOUK urmvs mill l:islies thai made the eyes seem latter. • /' By ciassk: standard.; liijiay Mc- Dridc's re;itiiic.s were irrexiihir. Her lips, Uasllltii; Into n cviii;so:i smile aa she sunkc. were uui wide. Her nosu was IIHI tm:i!l. No -me could deny Hint Ihe lu-avy. waving hair drawn Iiilu a losv i:nnt al the back of her nct-l: w^ a:i cITixllve (rninc fnr the m-al r»ce, hui u heightened the look whlrii r.inAe strangers utten us!; 'lo'iny If she were Knunlsli. She mi.< a small. slim sirl; yr.iitMl nl her Ijiu'v, ri:,T Uj'lwy loukod younger ih:m tier l[i .."V.'ho's Alan?' demanded .l-;in "Didn't \<ni ever tie:ir me mil; about Alan? runt's lunny: Alan Crushy liis lining is. Ilt's euiiis 10 lie a Hreal ii.iinter :un] he's JHMMI GYPSY M'HRIDE "\VIII you mid two tables tt> that list you're working on. Miss Mcriridc?" she snid. "I'd like, to nave them n.-i aeon as possible." -Misr, Tuttic laid livo paws of penciled innnusa lnt nil (iyp-iy'a iltsk. More fisurcs! Miss Tuttlc's rounk'nanci: was Severn and bust- nrss-llke. Khe n-ns n woman In the lato thirties with slim, pointed lea- tnres 111 keeping wllli a too-slim feurc. llark-rllnincd siioclnrlcs on a black rlblion increased the linpres- slrni of fiirnildalile authority. She |-:ui:-c(l lung cnonsll to i:ivo (lypsy exact in.TtrncHoiip nhont the typing. .Miss 1'ntlle In u luiirt. hlch- pili'licd vulcc anil wlthiiiit "(,'i.u-k tin: ulal!?t!.-j after youvu Ijnldlicd." she added. "Yiiu know how serioiw nn error would bo." Gypsy knew— fully. She I'hcro was no time to loso In words. She divided the pages nnil gave the other girl directions. After thai the clatter ot the machines doubled. For nearly 10 min^ nles they worked. Then a shadow fell over Gypsy's shoulder. "Isn't this tho day of the Fond l-cvcr's return. Miss Mdlridc?" Uypsy did not look up. "Why? Do you happen In bo Interested?" she Inquired steadily. She knew It was Clara Howard v.lio was standing bchluil tier. Clara ivas tho one member of the steno^rnplili: department with whom l!y|iiy Jlcflrldo clashed regularly. lAirythiiiK nhoiit the two girls se<!innl nitlnKontslIc. Gypsy was .small, dark, uutapuken. vl^onnis In Tho tone fn whlcJi Clara spoko rando every word ridiculous. Gyp?y colored hut sho did something of which, she «as proud for days. K!io kept her temper. The other girl walled, apparently disappointed. Then Clara aaid slmv- iy; "What'll you do, Gypsy, If ho walks down tho gangplank with a wife and three children'/" There was a tiller from ncri^s the room. Jean Foster apoke up defensively. "We've got work lo gel out. ilura. Don't you think you could [lostpono tho comedy'/" "Oh, my dear— 1 bet; your pardon!" Miss llouard'u voice re^is- lercd a drop lo icy temperature. "Didn't know you were plnyhig lltllo helper, Jean. You musl ei- citae me." Gypsy's "Don't mention It!" was equally formal. Her anger wus tempered by the. thought that, of all tlio girls in tbe offlco, Clarti Howard was tho oue she least wished to know that Jean was sharing her duties. Now Clara knuw. II would be interesting to seo what damaging uso she would try to make ot [his Information. Two llltlo wrinkles appeared lo Gypsy's forehead just above her She looked up at tho clock. Now Gypsy was arranging the typewritten sheets. She got ilu'iu wrong twice, slopped and bs^aii over again. She had them all together at lust. Ten neat pages mid clglit se!> of carbons. 11 was 2D minutes ct 12. With good luck sho could reach tho dock In Ilino lo see the great .steamship let down the Kungplaukd. p Yl'SY glanced down at her . morning's work. "Check tl.e llsurcs for crrom." Sllss Tiiltle hail said. .Why— It would take almust all of her precious K minutes to read copy on those 10 pages! Tutilc had doubled the work ou the dny sho knew Gypsy was In n rush 10 leave. 1'robably had done It purposely. Well. It was too lato now! Not for all the ollice executives 111 tho world would Gypsy miss mect- ^Yl'HY." tho eaid. "you're looking woiKtcrlul! I guess II's boi-iuKO you're >:n hrippy. • Vmi'iv In lovo with him, aren't you?" Tlie curling lashes milicrcd. No use lo try to hlilo llie danclnij light in (hose Inown eyes, the &.;luv, of hutjjiinesri which shone from every feature of Cypsy Mrlirlde'3 lin- fi'-iiliionl littlu 'ace. "\Voll. wh.u ild you Ihlnk?" s:itd '.Jyiisy. "Dli. 1 hope you'll lie so liapuyl I)D you-when are yon Koins lo ucj married?" Il v/as an awkward inoriient. Tlip.n the girl at MIQ door mastered hrr confusion and laughed tremii 1 lon::|y. "I'll —I'll tell yon all nbout It later! Have to run!" hurried down liio hall and *-' caught Hit! elevator car just as It wa:i descending. In another live niiisutes she was in a taxlcab headed for the pier. "Hurry." she tolJ the driver. "I've got lo tucet sotncono ami l'i!i late." . "Do lite best I can. Ma'am." Folded away In Gypsy's handbag, rather the worse for wear, was.a letter. She liad read It several times that morning. The letter nnd been read and ro-reatl frequently ever since Its arrival live days before. Tho address was written in a bold., inasculluo hand and Ihc postmark was I'arls. She knew the words by heart. "Dead Uypsy." Alan had said. "In 10 days I'll Ue home. 1'vo jusl come from the steamship ollice and this Is probably Iho last iiolo I'll be able to get off before sailing. The Drat Is ihe DeGrasso and we set in Salurday noon. Uelleve me, It will seem great lo be hack. 1 haven't realized until these last two weeks just exaclly how anxious 1 am to see New York. Anxious to sec you. too. Gypsy, i wonder it I'll know yoii! ''I've ueen saving the best news until last. Didn't tell you I'd submitted some sketches to the Thomas Advertising Agency, did I? Well, Ihey liked them. We've had an exchange of letters and the result Is Ihat Monday c-orning, just about Ing the boat which was lo brlns 4 S boiirs after landing. I'm to her likes and dislikes, blend. Sim wns tail, Ulani was boy IrliKid who's been in Kurope Kir five years. Coming hoine tnd.iv. u her ,\n wiuuler yuu're excllecl!" pVl'SV had ne^iin typing asain t)Ut nuw slu- stoppr/1. "U ish'i i liru years." she said, r'irs ul months, twu week!i nnd itircc d.i.n ' -«Ectlc." she Klanced up al ti.ei electric rlcvk nn >he ivnli. -MIC' bual Isnd» at 12 o'clock and I've mt sot In scl there! Tuilte said 1 «-:ld leave as soon as I've' llnfauerl Its lababtlon. There—!" Tartle" I ihe unnmcb: Dara c by fi::h Misa ElUsbeth Tuttle. ollice er, was known to the em- nndsr her supervision) at I entered tht, room. im]i«:inutly. "Why didn't you tell h'ir you coiililn't do It. Uypsy; Why didn't you say yon were lm=y?" The olln-r Klrl shook her head "N'o use nuMliiK time In UTKU- niriu. Never niliiil ahuut Turtle. I'll cct "TNTEIlESTliU? Of course I'm Interested. Haven't we been hearing every d.-iy for the last'sii months about Ihi.i hamlsome hero her for ihU j of yours who has Hollywood nnd all I'll ] :ct even all rlKhl!" She alanced !iioints e.isl and west bcateu for at tl:c elork. then bent over her looks and lalenl? 1 Tl;e siarcato lap-tap of (lying lyia-writcr kejs urcw fnstcr. A mnuicnt 1,-Jcr nnd .lean's v»!i'e. lower |iii(!i'_:|. Intonuplid- "Gypsy- give me half ol that. I've I;DI lima In help." "Would you?" I Clara turned inward Jean Foster. ".Maybo you hau-n'l heard aluul Gypsy's romance." she said. ".My dear, you dnu't UIHIW what you've perfect lovo af- - — • i OLVJI iui j u,i I a 11 "Sure. I've i;ol to slay unlll l-.SO studying to be an loday anylioi-.-. Show mo what you missed! It's th t.iir! Gypsy hr.s a bean sho hasn't seen for years lieoause he's Iwon artist. In parts'. waul me to i!o." Gvnbv's quirk sulle was gralefuL Living in a gavrot and eating crusts nnd nil <Jie while renalnlng tru» fn GypsY's memory. Uou't you Alan Crosby homo again, Sho jumped up, KatheriiiR lo- gethcr tho pages aud rnslllng Ihroueh n desk drawer lor purse, sieves mid vanity case. She hurried Into the adjoining ollico nnd laid the tnanusciipt on Sliss Tnt- tle's clest. The older woman nodtlcd and tier stralglit lips tightened. Gypsy had readied llie door when she lie.ird her name called. She whirled atwut. "Yes. .Miss Tnttie?" "Vou wero careful lo check your copies wlih the originals on ibis wor!;, 1 suppose? Surely il was a while lie and surely it was forgivable. Oypiy answered without a moment of licsi- lallou. "Yes, Miss Tuttle." "Very well. That's all." Gypsy didn't give the matter another thought. She knew that memoranda for directors' meetings wero important, that prices and nalters of policy might be determined by them. She knew the penalty mich nn error might bring and she furgot all these Ihlngs. Down the hall she nearly ran to Set her coat and hal. Jean Fosler was waiting for her In the dressing room. Gypsy had one hand on Ihe door w'hen soniellihiK in Iho other girl's manner innilo her hesitate. Jean moved forward ImmilslTcly. port for my new job. It won't be muL'ti money at first, hut once they realize the exceptional talent ol Ibis young man known aa Alan Crosby of course things will be different. Anyhow, jobs for younR artists are scarce. It mahcs the future a lot brighter knowing there's a regular pay check ahead. "It certainly will be great to see yon asalu. Oypsy. Do your eyes still have III lie sparks of red gold In them unil Is your hair still long I hope so. Uo you si ill like butter cakes nnd long walks on Sunday nfternooi's?,. There are so many other things 1 want lo lalk aboul but they'll wait. You'll hate lo lell me all Ihe news and I'll try to Impress you with my French. All 13 words! We'll have a party. Thinking about noma Is going to maki. theso nest 10 days harder than ever to wait. Guess I'd better slop before 1 burst into poetry. So long Gypsy. I'll be seeing you! As ever —Alan." rpo oilier girls It might not seem •*- much or a lovo leller. They would be youiiR women ot cours wiiboui ihe memory ot Alan Cros by. tall nnd handsome, bis black hair lossed carelessly back from his forehead as he glanced un from his drawing board and good-nalured. leasing ioo weary to ink. Ilesidcs. . ::»T Aln.Ji had *{>i.. (led down ti' wink :.t au ^-aool and le-:crit,cd Ihe sliaii'ie lliil:-4s aliaut living in France am) the i.coplo [1.3 met, there v.'as k'. ; s in write. There had uovcr liron any cliauua in the friendly way l:c wtule. There were few isffcctlnnaie phrase;;. Mn was not Inclined 10 s;nt;me:ilaliiy. Vet on each hastily fcrawlnl j;aso Gypsy read merges -.\iikii were Infinitely tender. - For a year am] a half s!io had treasured her letters, answered promptly whenever th? kft an envelope with :i mark, ami made It C-IIMI- men hinting at dlnuer dates that her evening postman ils \t:iA- o young r dance re occu- JAMES WALLACE wuntry. swinging along tlis- road ir.nd so long as he was watching slic vlth tbe best o( companions— .M«n; ot gay and Impromptu psaiics; ot BuuJay morning breakfasts cooked over tinned leal; ot sketching ei- pedltlons; ot long, long talks tliresbing out all ot the. world's problems. It was ho wonder that to Gypsy the six months that she tad known Crosby deemed llie happiest ot her life. There was nothing at all unusual about the friendship. Uypsy saw him for the first time on the stairway of Ilia Twelfth street rooming house which was her home. She harely Blanced' at him. Another day .lira. Callahan. who roomed across the hall, confided to Gypsy that the new lodger was an artist. Mrs. CallaUan had got It straight from Mrs. OTIare. the landlady. I ho fourth tlnie Gypsy passed the- young nan in the hallway he stopped hpr and asked if she would pose tor a sketcli. She agreed. From the very first the young couple liked each other. Gypsy learned that Crosby attended . night art classes and worked (lays in a dry cleaning shop. Ho found her a splendid subject for sketches and made dozens ot drawings o! the girl. Evenings when 2,'anaged to smile. Fondest of all of Gypsy's memories was the evening before Crosby's departure. It was late August and because ihey wanted to be alone they had souglit out the most crowded place they could find—a boat for Coney Island. There had been moonlight; the wheezing, tin-pan tuucs ot ferry boat musicians; anil the coe.1. fresh night wind. They stood iu shadow, leaning agnlnst the boat's rail, and Alan's arm was pressaC about he Crosby was not spent together. at classes Week-ends they they smiled thai smile. They would be youms women who knew nothlnc -A tu> dor? IB tho open read or walked or.went to Inexpen sive movies. Mrj. O'llara with un heard of generosity allowed them to use her gas stove to cook occa slonal lato suppers. When Crosbj won the scholarship which took him lo I'arls Oypsy was first to hear the'news, loudest In her congratulations. It didn't relieve tha panga of parting when (ho final separation cnma but Gypsy was BO sure Crosby' was a gcuiiiB she waved goodby gallantly close. "Gypsy." lie had wlilsj-ercd. don't want to leave you. Marry me tonight aud let's forget aboul Paris!" A hundred times Gypsy Mcliride n'ntf lived through the spell ot that moment. Often she wondered how she had had ihe courage to answer: ."Bui 1 can't, dear. You know 1 can 1 !! A year and a half isn't so long." It's going lo be wonderful for you, Alan." And for nie. too. because you know I'll be waiting for you. .You must write—write to me often, Alau." • • • LTE didn't want to v:rUe. 'He . didn'i want to go away at all Repeatedly li« begged Gypsy to change her mimi. As repeatedly she refused. It had been a delightful fantastic boat ride. There hail been kisses which each ot them, happily deluded, thought to bo unobserved . Yes. It wns all spcct. Aad after sweet in retro Alan had gone nway there had been letters, just as he had promised. At flrst a con stant stream ot letters. Then one each week. Gradually the letters had come less frequently. I)u Gypsy could understand how tha happened. She herself, tired after a looz da? in tho oulee, often fel pied. She stayed on HI iho Twelfth street lodging house. A sandy- haired bookkeeper who h:nl moved inlo the second floor rear was iiv 1 *^ usually [lerslstent wllh Invitations. ^ A bookkeeper at -AhicNnmara's i:oru up so faithfully under snulw that out of Christian charity she relented and saw two plays with lilm She did not enjoy herself, (loins abaul with Alan, who was winy mid handsome, had mndo other young men seem commonplace. A year and n half—10 months, two weeks nnd three days lo bj exact— sho bad waited for this meeting. Suddenly Gypsy found her hands were clammy utul that she was shivering. She 'was happy am] nt he same timo frightened. Ono dock ahead she saw the French ino pier. With one eye un the a.vimeter she bexaii fumbling in :er purse. The cab hailed. Cyysy vas outside Immediately. Uirusling bill Into the hands ol Ihe driver. •She was gone before :^.c could hear ils Thanks, Ma'am" for tho ex- •ravagaiu lip. Gypsy hurried up (ho long flight of siaira. She saw a crowd of men intl women and made toward them. An oIQcial was refusing to let them nearer. Sho pushed forward aud presented her permit, and was ml- miltcd past the ropo harrier. The long, barn-like pier seemed to stretch on for blocks. And iheni was the boal! Ulgully was forgotten. She ran. Past Iho neai boicd booths of customs officials, fast waiting messengers. Past steamship employe.-- Oypsy ran until, breathless, Xlifl reached the siroun at llie railing opposite the gleaming white boat. There were cheers nnil cries :m<l waving handkerchiefs, rncea on tho deck of the steamship, only a few :ne a hazy blur. Everyone wag smiling. Gypsy cl- uowed her way nearer, to the very edge of the barrier. She forgot these others had an equal right 10 ba there. She squirmed and unshed, ruthlessly to reach the front line. Where was he? Where was Alan? There was a new commotion go- :ug on at Gypsy's right. They were lowering the gangplanks. Tassen- :crs began trooping over. Stewaru scurried this way aud lhat wiih baggage and men and women hesldt (Jypsy rushed forward for clamorous, offecllonale greelings. Laughter and tears. A couplo beside tio girl were embracing. More faces. S'.ill more faces. Then sho saw him. He was part way down the gangplank before she recognized him. Alan looked more hnndsome than Gypsy remembered. He was glancing from letl lo rigt.t. He had not .seen her. Tho girl pressed her way forward. "Alan!" she cried eagerly. "Alan —I'm here!" (To Be Continued) Oscar Fend-ler One oi 20 Out of Class of 600 to I Gain Sc-iolarship. MANILA, Ark.—Oscar Fer.cller. • former student of the Manila Hi-h ; school and son of Mr. end Nirs. A. i Fendler of this place, has a^-n • brought scholastic honor to himself by winning a S400 schol.-iv.iiiip at Harvard University, where he is a student in the law school. According to a letter just received by his parents, ou'. of a class cf 600 students, approximately 2501 took the examination- for 20 sens!-' arshlps to be awarded. Of these 20 Fendler was one. He v>1ll lake the work in law. i This is not ihe first hsnor re- j celved by Pendier In his studies, hs ! having graduated from the Unl- j versity of Arkansas last spring as the highest ranfclng student In the largest senior class in the instltu-1 lion's history, where he made nn | extraordinary scholastic record, asj well as being a leader In man extra-curricular activities. Among the honors tha,t came to! ma Upsllon, played varfUy ' i -u r tjnfue him at the state university during • an d «««d on the editorial slafl' dl 'v,; tn r^t his four years there were the pres- of ths Arkansas Traveler, s'-jdentU^i-i,,, fTi™ ' - ' Tau Sigma fra- Publication, and of the R^J->.I C -- i 4 "'""* Lone Oak Items ter.atncd a number of their friends night will . r.lth a party Friday night at their Qvericn. Mrs. linrry ShaneyfeH ami Mrs. | nome - , Mr an(I Earl Shaneyfclt of Half Moon i Buford JarretL spent Friday ' were guesU of Mrs. J. W. Tomlin- night with Harold Wnkefield. Mr. and Mrs. Cris.i Mrs. Ditsel TomiliHofi* were gucrts of .Mr. and .Mrs. Erby Hodge \Vedr:c=(!?.y evening. tlllfl WC Mrs. ,s Lydlc Hawkins was the! day night with Floyd Davis. ! Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Kinnard Walters and .VyOJrlfN-NE:ED '£&} !^?.,° f ""• &by HOd8C WErt - Miss ^orleneDavlsaUended the basketball games nt Blythevillc Friday night. Miss Alma Needham spent Tuesday night wllh Miss Hazel Wr.lker. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Colliers ot The Eiron basketball teams played Lone Oak, Friday and ' lost both games. Lone Oak boys basketball team ; played Yarbro boys team Friday night at Ihc Armory with the Yarbro tram winning 17 to :>. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Huey en- Piggott, Ark., spent Saturday > His Piles Healed After 35 Years! Mr. John A. Raab, Dallas City. I 111., vns entirely healed of Piles] i nnri ndifr IJectnl Trciible after suf- ' I fcrlng for 35 years. He urges all i suflfrcr-, to write -The Thornton <fc I Minor Clinic. Suite -110. 026 McGce I St.. Kniis.--. city, Mo., for a r.ew free copy.-lghted book which explains a mild, sure tteatment for • hcmorrlioida (piles) and all forms cf rectal diseases. This treatment has re:',crcd more thnn 40.000 pco- Alpha Tlictn. He was a mc-mhir of tho "A" C/.ib. Press club. ancTsie- Ekron News Notes I tci '' ;oin:pc t - an:| - Thursday. friends.. ,>,' SCVerl i ° Pa51 wcek Fred Mason and small dan- of Mrs. Tom Hart. Tiusday. Mrs shier, fjjcn; Friday at IVarn-.on Mr. Tom Davis nnd fainllv*moved *il.i re.alivcs. Mr . Portf;r Smltn and N ' !r Tom Smith and Miss EH- '• Hart went to Caraway Sunday to spent Friday at Dell ; spend several days with relatives. , r ..... i The monthly ~4-H Club paiTy .\i"s i.ill:an Franks attended the was enloycd at the homo of Miss M-Th -n l "?<;. Citholl <: «-•>" 1" "la Olovtr on Twenty Nine. HKinmlle Friday ovrnin K . .Thursday nvcnlnf. Mr. nnd N'rs. Pnul i-'ord spent Ihc week-end on Twenty Nine with, Stfld Courier News Want Adi . | pie to rcnsRCd health in the past | 53 ytars. In writing for the i there Is no cost or obligation. —Adv. v.ith friends. N, •ReagSfSi p - c« FAY O.DAVIS fhone 421 mato . , .,_ c « should insist upon Canncrssupply- ing them wuh Tomato Seed grown by the reliable firm of Landrctn. \Ve have a repuutjon to sustain, built upon 147 years of '"ccessful growing for the American public. Undrctln Red Rock,"Thc liloomsdale" Delaware Beauty, "The Undteth" and all other Standard Varieties. CERTIFIED SEED of M»rglobc-Gr«tcr Daltimore-Bonov Best Our Tomato Seed sold only i n Cardboard Lithographed Packages of» and n pounds. All certified Tomato Seed scaled with the Government seal of Pennsylvania. Gnutn if all Verittic, o/ CarJtn SieJ, D. LANDRETH SEED CO. BRISTOL. PA.

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