Independent from Long Beach, California on June 9, 1969 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Monday, June 9, 1969
Page 2
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M*fc cffe MM* JWH 1, iw» PEOPLE IN THE NEWS STICKS'AND STONES WAR Militant Zengakuren students use ffacks and rocks in attack on helmeted not pohce, behind shields in Ito, Japan, Sunday. The radical ^leftists were trying to force cancellation of Asian and Pacific Council ministerial conference, feanng members might draw up anti-Communist military pact l ' * I * Campfires Lead Yanks to Reds Carabine* New* Services SAIGON, Monday -- Guided by th» glow of North Vietnamese campflres, U S forces Sunday night zeroed in on an area northwest of Saigon with artil lery, rocket* and machme-gun bullets killing 40 Communist soldiers The Americans attacked ^the Communists seven miles east of Tay Nmh City 50 miles from Saigon. A few hours earlier Allied sokHers! had driven hundreds, of Communist troops from two outlying sections of the city US helicopter gunships attacked the Communist force with rockets and machine gun fire after they were spotted huddling around three camp fires American artillery salvos were also directed against the Communist positions There were no U S casualties Tay Ninh was the chief target in the new Communist offensive which started Thursday night with ·· ground assaults and more than 100 shelling attacks. Spain Puts Squeeze on 'Rock' GIBRALTAR -- Spam closed It; frontier with Gibraltar at midnight Sun day and sent armed guards to patrol the border in the latest flare-up of a dispute over ownership of the tiny Bn ,, tish colony The border closing barred about 4600 Spanish laborers from en- tenng the 2 5 square mile Rock " Clos ing of the land entry to Gibraltar was Spain's retaliation for a new Gibraltar ' constitution issued by the British on May 30 -- a constitution the! Madrid government ront°nds_ defies a \JN res olution calling on London^to return the colony to Spam by next Oct I N. Irish Militants Arming LONDON -- Bemadette,Devlin;-the Irish girl who won a seat Jn Britain's .House of Commons, claims/Protestant militants m Northern Ireland are arm ing for a .showdown :against·Roman Catholics ' Arms are reaching fojlowers of Rev Ian Paisley by way of Scot land " the 22-year-old civil rights work er "said. "The crunch could come-by the' end of July in our troubled land " Bn tish troops-guard key : ;Nprth.Ireland installations in the wake-of eight'rnpnths of political turmoil and street fighting Protestants ^Air Faith GENEVA -- With a visit of f Pope' Paul VI just two days away, thousands of Protestants assembled in the heart of this city Sunday for an open a r meeting to reaffirm their faith and warn against ' the danger of superficial Christian unity ' The meeting took place before the Wall of the Reformers, a massive stone monument to major re ligious figures who led or supported the ISth century break with the Roman Catholic Church. Red Boat Sunk SEOUL -- South Korean coastal defense forces Sunday lank an armed North Korean boat attempting; to land infiltrators « a gunbattle In which a Communist shell hit a home and killed five members of one family The body of one Communist terrbnst was recovered from the sea after the 10 mm ute "battle and South Korean forces were 'continuing the search for others ^bettered to hive died'off Bukpyong on *"*" vthtiMst'coMt 80 miles south of the 12 in One Fanuly Killed in Blaze PARKERSBURG, 1 W ' Va -- Weary firefighters failed Sunday to find the ( cause of a pre-dawn blare here'which claimed the lives of Mr, and Mrs Charles Bailey and 10 of their 13 chil dren Only Mrs Baileys 63 year-old father, Obie Bailev escaped from^ the eight room frame home winch fire de partment Lt Bill George said burned like a piece of paper ' Two other children Roger 13, and Susan, 15 were sleeping in a two room structure behind the mam house They escaped injury Bailey was asleep with his wife and 10 children and their grandfather in the house wh,en the fire broke out ADA Elects New President ! WASHINGTON -- Americans for ' Democratic Action elected a political newcomer as its national chairman Sunday and heard him pledge the or gamzaUon to work for the defeat of the Nixon Administration At the closing session of its 23rd annual con vention, ADA delegates elected Joseph Duffey, 37, director pf the Center for Urban Studies at Hartford (Conn) Sem maryt as its chairman He succeeded John Kenneth Galbraith, 60 Harvard University economist and former am bassador to India. "· Grenade Tossed at Theater NEW YORK -- A fragmentation grenade was set off Sunday 3,1 the doors of a Manhattan theater shatter mg the glass and injuring three per sons The blast occurred after the thea ter had closed for the night Two worn en and a girl in a passing taxicab were cut by flying glass from the blast The theater was the Loews Orpheum on East 86t.h Street: Rain Soaks Midwest Up to 4 inches of ra'n soaked vast ·areas of the .'Plains;.arid Midwest Sunday touching off flash flooding which closed sortie suburban "'roads and streets in the Chicago area Another belt of thunderstorms caused flash flooding :ln Oregon Frost warnings were posted m "sections of the Dikotas, Iowa, Nebras ka Minnesota and Michigan Rain fell from Texas and the' central Rockies eastward to the Appalachians with the heaviest amounts in Illinois along the Wisconsin border, ^where 3 to 4 inches was reported, The rfin occurred along the leading edge of a cold front which stalled before it could bring heat wave relief to the sweltering Southland Tern peratures were in the mid 90s in ·Tennessee. Ninety-degree readings; were, common south of the Ohio River Pilot's Frantic Plea SAN JUAN, P.R.:'-^r..Coast Guard planes searched Sunday for a light plane that ditched north of the Domini can Republic after a young nurse at the control! had ; radioed a frantic plea for help ''is there an 1 way I can get out of this?' radioed 24 year-old Carolyn Cascio'.of Miami Beach as she circled over darkened islands south of the Ba hamas trying to find a place to land with her instruments out and her rutl running low Then her last transmis lion- "I'm out of fuel, I'm sinking " » I Combined News Service* ' Mrs. Richard NUom and her two daughters attended *. special Hawaiian church service Sunday to honor King Kamehameha, conqueror of the islands Much to the delight of'the congregation, Mrs. Nixon, Tricla and Mrs. Julie Ei- tenhower sat among the worshipers, at the ancient Kawaiahao church iri downtown Honolulu, Afterward, the First Lady · gave Secret, Service agents a few-anxious moments when she exchanged hugs, kisses and handshakes with of Hawaiian women. The Rev. Abraham K. Akaka, I pastor of the church,, took special .note of the Nixon family's choice of pews in his ser m'on. He- said that when Kamehameha . ' began ;fo westernize Hawaiian culture, he made it a practice of sitting ' behind the peo pie" This, he said was ·what Mrs. Nixon. was ^doing by placing herself mid way up the aisle instead of sitting in the front row Secret Service agents were caught by surprise after they had safely locked the Nixon family inside the special car fol lowing the service Mrs. Edith DeraatU, standing on the sidewalk fronting the church, yelled at Mrs Nixon ' 1 m a Democrat ' The First Lady rolled down the car window, ex tended her white gloved hand and replied 'Well, come on over and say hel lo ' With the invitation not only Mrs Dematta but a dozen or so other women swooped down on the open window In Hawaiian style, they hugged Mrs Nixon and kissed her on the cheek POLYNESIAN WELCOME FOR FIRST LADY Tahitian Dancer Places Piumeria m Mrs. Nixon's Hair in Honolulu 1 THE JUNGLE A 19-year-old youth who sought to expose With a camera the futility of gang warfare has be con\e 'Huladelphia's 20th victim of teenage gang violence 1 in six months T}ie,, yoting cameraman "Garfield Peacock, was a member of the 12th and Oxford Street gang and wasi-kilted by rival gang members Peacock filmed most of the scenes ,m The Jungle, ' a 22 minute look into North Philadelphia* gang life 'The movie made the circuit across the nation and had select showings in several foreign cities None of his friends from the 12th and Oxford Street gang * was around when a shotgun blast out of the dark of the ghetto took his life early Sunday ENEMIES Charles 37X Kenyatta, the leader of the Harlem Mau Man organization \yas shot twice and criti c^lly wounded Saturday night as he sat in a car parked outside a home in the Bronx A detective said Sunday Keijyatla had so many enemies that no one can speculate about Who did it i ' The detective listed among Kenyatta s foes the Black Muslims the Black Panthers' and narcotics pushers against whom Kenjatta had waged a vigorous campaign in re cent years TABOO PAINTER Pablo Picasso, the Spanish painter, is now taboo in Soulh Korea Anyone praising him publicly or using his name commer daily ;s likely to wind up in jail The Seoul district attorney s office has de cided to prohibit such ac tions on the ground that Picasso is a ' Communist. Remarks or acts praising Communists are prohibited by law A local businessman. 1 -- who -manufactured water colors and crayons under the Picasso trademark has been booked on suspicion of violating the law A comedian also has been picked up for ques tlpnirig'after praising Picasso's art work/in'a televi: sion drama. SUPREME DOGS Pap singer Diana Ross of the Supremes caught a plane to Los Angeles after two pet dogs died of rat poison, and it may cost her $27000 One of her aides .said, "She, couldn't' ; bear." to go in to. the dressing room where they died" And she vowed never to return to the supper club in Cherry HiU, N.J. One dog was a Maltese poodle called Tiffany, the other a Yorkshire temer named L'll Bit 'I've been in the business for 19 years," says David Dushoff, operator of the Latin Casino. "Stars take a day off When they get laryngitis or if a relative dies. But when her dogs died she just canceled the show. 'It's all Greek- to me." Dushoff says their- contract was worth $27,000 and that he isn't going-to pay. Dushoff said the rodent crjstals were put in the building by exterminators. He says the club Us' surrounded by nine acres pf 'open, territory" and the poison was meant for field mice. QVADS Quadruplets one of them' dead : at birth, -were bom Sunday to Mrs Ehz abeth Holtzman of Lyme Conn The were her first children The 25 ear old mother and the three sui vivmg babies were in good condition MUSIC RIFT Guitarist Brian' Jones said Sunday he has quit the Rolling Stones pop group- in a dispute' over what kind of music it should play. Mick Taylor, 20, former lead guitarist with the John Mayall group, will replace Jones. WE* SAVER A Texas i AMUniversiq-l ty research engineer, wbo^f 1 was credited with sav}ng-«'l numerous lives in automc-,1- bile accidents and high--*' way mishaps, was killed Sunday iri ^ car pickup^'; truck collision ^ *.,,,£$ J Dr. Thomas G. EdwwK^ * 33, engineer at AiM't},, Texas Transportation Ini.-; stltute, was killed whe(Vj* his car and a pickup truck '·" collided near Colteg* Sta ,,. tion Edwards played a.^ key part in development.^ by the Texas Transporta^ tion Institute of break t away signs and light ^ standards f (.wi tS LAND OWNER 1| John D. Rockefeller IV ^ has acquired 3,000 acres fr in the Allegheny Moun tains for a home site and he invited his neighbors to a picnic there Sunday 'Land in West ; -Virginia;really means something and it means something very important to mt psychologically," said-.Rocker feller, a Democrat who is West Virginia^ : elected secretary of state; The 32-year-old nephew of two Republican gover nors i considered the front runner for the Democratic nomination for governor of West Virginia in 1972. His wife Sharon rs the daughter of Sen". Charles Percy, R-I11. 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