The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1936
Page 4
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BLYTHEV.ILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS in The U. S, Department of Agii- cuUufc sutEcsLs cllltln:; lip dlr- nl|):s mill making ".vjucrkrnul" out of (linn, us Is iloni' wltli Young Steele Man Dies of Injuries Sustainec Molorcycle Wreck STEELE, Mo. — Eulas Hobble Johnson, 2C, died In the Blythe Mile hospital Saturday nlglil «L 0 o'clock fioiu injmte sustained In a motoicvcle wreck eaily Salui 1 - dny moinlug. Ho had a crushed chCEl and inlcriinl Injuries, n skull fracture mid a .severely broken' right Iinnd' onO nnn, Mr. Johnson, in company with Jack Mulliiis, a 'friend, were en Joule tg Hnjll where it l<ad been lepoited a ^cHoiis tmck xvreck had occurred. They left Jolinsou'L- liomc about one o'cloct; Saturday morn lug and the : accident occurred only n few minutes"aflerwimls. II is believed Ihat Hie accelenito: 1 on Johnson's', machine' hung on 85 miles an hour and (he accident occurred when lie could not eel Ilie machine la slow down for n curve. Alter being treated ut the; AIcDarilel clinic ho was'taken to the Blytheville hospital in a German ambulance. Mi Johnson was uom al'llic, JolMuon plantation near Gibson! bayou, three miles from Stcclc, and lived in tills vicinity ail ul lib life.'He was 'married to Miss Lois Hoiunr soon after lie finished high school and..they have one small daughlci, Joyce Elizabeth, nge G months lit- «ns owner ol the Johnson Service Slntion lunch room and dance hnll In this city. His father, Tom Johnson, is one of the most. prominent f tinners In the county, Kill! living at the otci home place, at Gibson. Funeral 'services were, licld at the Sleelc Baptist church ycster- day afternoon by the pastor, Rev. J. 13. Cunnhujham, assisted uy licv. Mnmiess, of Gibson. Interment was made at Ml. Zion ccme- tciy Besides his widow, iluiitjlitcr, and father, he loaves i-lghl brother:; and two sisters. Reasons For Voting For | Virgil Greene: \ Ho is Comnelcnf. • !»; He i.s Dcsemiitf. It; He \Vill Ht-ltiin flood Kmiiloyes. it; Ho Will Cai'o for I he Counly 1'ixir. $ He Will Nol Li-use To Private 1'iirlic.s, (lie Coiinly ;«! Convicts !«' His Opponent Kilns CJadish Did. !*; Ho Will Not Till Any Member of His Family on >J the 1'ii.v Roll. ' J; For These Reasons and Miiny .More, Virjjil (JiTcne >! Will He Klertcd For County Judge Tomorrow. >; xx>:>!X>>;>;>'X>;x>!X>>!XXx;p!>ix;o"<>!x>>! »:>! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Jackson Baby Dies Dic-k Jackson, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jackson of llio posncll community, died at 4:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Funeral services were held nt Norlh Sawbi ceinctciy nl 1U o'clock this inoiulng \i>th the Rev. Harmon Holt ofliciating The cobb IMneral Iloi^e was In chaige of fu- neial ariangeincnls He is smvived by his parents and one sister, Peggy Ann.. Club Backs Holland 'Hits Tottnsend club No.; 1, or Blyti c\ille, in a meeting Saturday, endorsed tlie candid ILJ of Cleveland Holland foi tlie United States senate flora Arkansab . . This club lias more than 400 nicmbers enrolled. Greece anJ Albinu have no radia brondc.isting stations. Burning with Fever Sure Relief for Malaria! Don't try homcrna^t treatments 01* hctt Jnnglcd remedies I lake lint j;ood old Groic'a InMili.^ Chill Ionic Soon you JMll IE > ourcl! agim, for drove's Taslc- jess Chill Tonic not only relieves Ihc symptoms of Mahria, but destroys the jnfection ilsclf. — The tasteless quinine la Grove's Tasteless Cliill Tonic kills llic Malarial infco ,tion in llio blood while Ihc iron it contains builds uj> ihe lihod lu overcome the effects of the disease and fortify .ig.n further attack. Tlie twofold effect is ab- Eolutcly neccsjarj- jo the overcoming of Slahria, Hcjides being a dependable remedy for Malaria, Orove'a Tasteless Cliil! 'foiiic is also an excellent tonic of genera use. ricssrni to lake ami absoluidy harmless. Safe to five children. G:l. a bolllc today at any drugstore. Now live Eizc<—SOc -ind ?1 1t\r Ji sue contain 2Y> times as much as the SOc size ant guco joa 25% mote for jour money Vilgil Greene bns only one rra cpnijncnt, SiKis Glartish of Os,cc ;0la, make .vciir vote voniii, vol Tor VirgH rircenc. MANLEY- TOURS Win. l.cii Hotel, Memphis All Expense Tours to Dallas ouch Sat., $23.00 Sirs. E. "A. Traford'. Osceola, Ark. Flume 101 VOTER Read What Home Town Paper Says About His Candidacy HON. I1KUC.K IVY l''OH PUOS1CUJTOK ; On .Angus! Ilih, tlift citi/.eiis of Hie Second Judicial Circuit wilt have the privilege of iianiinii- their ProscctiliiiK Attorney. The one honored with this important olTice shotdd be a man of courage and hiluKrity. He should lie well Iniiiu'i) and experienced in Hie practice ol' law; he should fie a man of sound judgment.. . Tlie certainty of tho enforce-. meat of the criminal laws is Hie only j,'oai antee of safely to a cili/ch of his person and properly. Hriicc Ivy fulfills;all of the rci|tiirenienls of this • liijvh oltkc. He lias the energy and inn courage of .a'limiHn (lie prime of life.' He is honest and fail- in his dealings. He will bri«ir to this olVice a baclt- {ri'otind of fourteen years experience at I lie bar of this state, where he lias earned the rcmilulion of one of (he oiibilanding- trial attorneys of the entire .stale. He has always lived close to the people and knows the problems of Hie average man. He is equipped to deal with those cases where the Court rfclic!', upon the judgment and recommendation of the I'rosccnling Attorney. . ......,_ ., •He has conducted a vigorous ciirnpai^n but in Iteciiing with the dignity of the olVice 'which he seeks. He has dealt fairly with his oiiponenls. The volcrs of Mississippi county can niaUe no better choice on August II, than to select for their Prosecuting Attorney. Hnire Ivy. —(Kditoria!, Osceola Times, Aug. 7, !93li.) This Adverlisemont Paid for I>v lilylheville Friends of Uruce Ivy. MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 1 Have A Look At Mr. Cook 9 s "Sharing" Now that Pulask-i County Judge Cook IKI.S been taken over. l>y.-tho bhiirii-Oin--Wealth clique, let's look at his record of He didn't want to sliaru llio tunihadc witli Ihu COUP lies. Chi 1 drill il',', 1 ; Wi '"r '° ""T "" y °.'',, llis " l ««""''y»l«s- with UK. dchtittilc widows who arc without any means of sn^wL. mm,- . th ° s '».'™-Oiir-Wuulth ' ol K ° r"'' "'r t :» l »l' 1 »t'» he's .shared nnlliiiir but ; ol -o „ mlicimis hers will, other onomies K '' CSL o1 ' ll '° One day lie's the business man candid ate, tho next day lie's Vote For Brooks Norfleet of Foiichl City For Attorney Genera! He has \otcd consisteitll.v wilh Mississippi county rep rescntathes to iclicic land taxes. for A Young Man with An Unusual Record HONESTY EN PUBLIC TRUST WINS From every section of tho State comes the word, "It's Jack Holt by a landslide". 'i 'Jack Holt's march to victory is the climax of the 'determination of the voters of Arkansas that honesty in public oHico shall prevail. '. COMPARE THE RECORDS: The only way TO judge tho future is b'y ins past. The public recor'ds of Jack Holt arfd Brooks Norfleet are open for every man and woman of Arkansas to read for themselves. Compare these records, read the cases in tbe courts which Mr. Norfleet has spent his entire campaign trying to defend (Norfleet v, btewart; Francis v. Turner) then cast your vote for honesty and uprighteousness in public trust by joining the other thousands of Arkansas voters who will elect Jack Holt Attorney General by the largest majority ever given a candidate for this office. .••ELECT JACK HOLT ATTORNEY.GENERAL IIW " : ,, ,tth nueU interest , read -rofuU^^^ i,n to pr f IAV * } counties of tne t lhe land" ent diairlct l^- 1401 .' £o» r«° elo6U !*$ to *oir wrier, of oititens from hoxlt 0 drtVnc «> lve -tolAe.^ cos ion, » 1UC1 i! *''." p'4'i-"" ',"»"'><" ""*'" V the Slmre-Our-\Veaitli candidate. That's eliiMighif* front almost as fast and as completely as the Futrell administration has tliis summer. i'ulaski County Judge Cook hv. been consistent in one tiling only—his habit of trying to take everything away from those who need it. During the January (li)Sl) special session of the legislature, Ccok did all be could to have tin; highway fund turnback from the slate treasury taken away from Ihe counties. This letter proves that he wanted the turnback taken away from your county. irn i 5 rpi it* -i us lake That Failed! Cook wasn't able to put over this "lake." Cook predicted that continuation of the turnback would cause the old row; district dobt to fall back on the kind, lie was as wrong then as he is now. • How Much Would Cook Have Taken From Your County? Cllance at the accompanying- tabulation of the turnback which the counties received for use on farm-to-market roads year, and remember (hat if Cook hud had his way in 11)0-1 your coiintv wouldn't have gotten any of this money. Cook has never said that he has change;! his mind yljcut the turnback. Of course, now that the,subject has been raised he may attempt to reverse himself—hoping (hereby lo get voles. It will be observed that (he Pulaski county road fund didn't got any of the turnback. That was because improvement di.s- iricts took it, all for bonds. Total in highway fund turnback paid info each county road fund in I !)35. . .% 9,905.57 .. I.RK.fA .. 3,950.45 .. 13,331.20 .. 15.045.C1 5.o;n.<K 11.703^14 5,358.1!) O.f>77.fvl 8.105.1)3 7.557.79 •1.241.40 •I.155.S7 6,1)88.20 0,032.01) 12.4eO.a3 6,962.12 G.U32.9D 5,403.35 5..1U3.35 G.705.M 7,817.50 5,OG2.88 4.311.48 , 12,684.10 Gnimiul ____ Grant ...... Greene ..... Hcinpslcad . Hot S]irini;. . llowurd . . . : IncbiicniicnL'c I/.ird ..'.'.... Jackson .... Jellerson ... Johnson ... Lafayette ... L:\wro ice . . Lse . ....... Lincoln ..... Little River I/jgan ...... Lonokc ..... Marion Mil|er Mississippi . Monroe Montgomery Nevada ; 4.2G8.05 7.U09.05 8.742.5:! 4,300.93 5.H37.M •1,209.76 7,142.75 17 K 25.78 7,142.15 17,325.78 5.359.01 •1,013.78 5,350.04 0,555.48 4.J09.80 4,108.20 7,268.76 8,830.18 4,9lifi.a8 3,790.43 10,501.51 . NONE 5,143.46 G.048.G9 Nnv.'ton Ouacliita . Perry .Pbillim .... Pike Poinsett ... Polk Pope Prairie .... Pulaski .... Randolph . Saline Scott Searcy .... Sebastian - Eevlcr . Sharp ..-.., St. Francis . .Stone ...... Union Van liuren Washington White Woo cl i till . Yell S 4'351,3S . 9.27G.20 3.U08.40 10,232.91 .4,114.50 7,fi78.0D 0,783.71 H.205.44 5,221.70 NONE . 5.384.03 5.G38.01 0,060.28 '!.3n4.4'i . 18.080.83 . 5,402.41 . 4,243 .OD 8,308.73 . 3,554.28 . 20,551.47 . 4,805.5; 14.427.55 . 11.W2.42 . D.014.94 . 7,072.76 Elect Your ONE "TAKE" GOOK PUT OVER! Exact reproduction of a Cook campaign atl in Arkansas Gazelle', July 2(1, 1932. Cook couldn't put over liis turnback ''Inke," Ijul he did put over his "take" from widowed molhci's. Here you sec reproduced an adverliscmciit which lie published while running for cii'intv ilidge in J032. Ik: promised to 1NCUKASK ihe MOTHICTVS PKNSION KUNU, but not one penny in mother's pensions has been paid by Cook since he Ijccama county .judjjc. Ho broke his pledge to the widowed mothers of Piilaski con nly. He took the money that ought to have gone to them, and that had gone to them under other county judges, and what did lie do with it? He hoarded it in a "surplus" to point to in his race for governor. iSa»^^ SSEBESS2S333SJ3 J

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